DuckDuckGo Browser: Privacidad y seguridad en tu experiencia de navegación

La privacidad en línea se ha convertido en una preocupación creciente para muchos usuarios. A medida que surgen preocupaciones sobre el seguimiento de datos y la recopilación de información personal, más personas están buscando alternativas de navegación que prioricen la privacidad y la seguridad.
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Miguel Afonso Caetano
2 hours ago

#Apple #VisionPro #EyeTracking #Privacy #Surveillance: "The specific privacy implications of eye tracking have received much attention by both researchers and in the popular press. At a basic level, eye gaze can indicate our general level of interest in what we look at. Eye movements can be used to infer a person’s age and gender, as well as medical conditions, fatigue, or other impairments. While there may be other ways for companies to learn this information, gleaning these insights from eye data is problematic because of how involuntary many of our eye movements can be.

We often don’t realize how little control over our eyes that we have. Companies may argue that eye tracking should be treated as analogous to mouse movements, but we don’t realize how little control over our vision we truly have. Eye movements are also harder to disguise. For instance, my mouse was hovering over my desktop menu when I originally typed this sentence. My eyes? They’ve not just fixated on the last letter I typed, but have darted over to my television and plenty of other places I cannot consciously recall."

2 hours ago

There is another issue with Ring security cameras which apparently allows attackers to take them offline with not much effort.

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Bounded Space Differentially Private Quantiles

Daniel Alabi, Omri Ben-Eliezer, Anamay Chaturvedi

Action editor: Gautam Kamath.

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Steve Thompson
4 hours ago
Ben Waber
8 hours ago

Next was a panel on the future of #privacy at the #LSE with Orla Lynskey, Elin Palm, Alex Voorhoeve, and Thomas Ferretti. This panel directly commented on my company, which I would have been more interested in if it was an accurate characterization of our work. There's a lot I could write about the inaccuracies here, but I will say there's a fundamental misunderstanding of the concept of aggregation that's applied in our case amongst other issues. (cont'd) (5/7)

jbz :catjam:
8 hours ago

:perfect: Microsoft Essentials

"The federal consumer watchdog said Microsoft violated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), the federal law that governs the online privacy protections for children under the age of 13, which requires companies notify parents about the data they collect, obtain parental consent and delete the data when it’s no longer necessary."

#Microsoft #Privacy #COPPA

Microsoft, #MSFT, to pay $20 million to settle charges from the US Federal Trade Commission that it illegally collected personal information from #children without a guardian’s consent.

#Surveillance #Privacy

10 hours ago

I received an account confirmation email from TikTok -which I absolutely did not try to create. I unblocked their servers from my private DNS server, clicked the "not me" link and filled out their form.
Today, they get back to me wanting screenshots of my email profile.
Uhh, no. I told them no. Not even after hell freezes over. I don't know how that will be received but if it's badly, what can I do from there? This is beginning to piss me off.

#TikTok #Fraud #Privacy

10 hours ago

I highly encourage everyone to read @eff's current series of stories called "To save the News", which is currently ongoing with 4/5 articles published. It's a set of opinions that I can wholeheartedly support

The series can of course be found on

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Miguel Afonso Caetano
12 hours ago

#USA #PublicHousing #Surveillance #Privacy: "Well, in many cases, I've found the residents are not aware of the cameras or any kind of policies around them. And most of the cases I found the housing authorities haven't really kind of laid out policies around how they are going to use these cameras.

So I think what you could see for going forward is more of a dialogue about, you know, what should we allow these cameras abused for with should they not be allowed to use for. But yes, the consequences can be very severe when people lose their home in public housing. Oftentimes, they end up homeless because public housing, they're often at the end of the rope, and they don't have any other options. That's why they are living in government subsidized housing.

And when they are evicted from their home, they often not only are homeless, but their future opportunities for employment and housing are severely diminished."

Miguel Afonso Caetano
12 hours ago

#XR #VR #AR #AI #Privacy #DataProtection: "Extended reality technologies (XR), which include Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), are rapidly maturing and becoming more prevalent to a wider audience, especially as the pandemic drives more people to virtual activities. This technology provides the promise to entertain and educate, to connect and enhance our lives, and even to help advocate for our rights. But it also raises the risk of eroding them online. The headsets and devices can gather deeply personal information about you and the world around you, and the XR services often store this data within their servers. And by introducing artificial intelligence to XR, the privacy and security hazards are augmented, too, as the devices and services gather and analyze data at an unprecedented level."

Miguel Afonso Caetano
12 hours ago

#Snowden #MassSurveillance #Surveillance #NSA #Privacy: "The legacy of Snowden’s leaks is mixed. Bulk interception and surveillance hasn’t stopped, despite there now being greater transparency and more oversight. “There are a few more safeguards, but mostly it continues,” Caroline Wilson Palow, the legal director at Privacy International (PI), told me. The greatest legacy of Snowden’s leaks are the legal challenges they have made possible. Until these revelations, it was nearly impossible to bring a legal case challenging state surveillance. There have now been several successful lawsuits."

Miguel Afonso Caetano
12 hours ago

#USA #GeofenceWarrants #Surveillance #Privacy #PoliceState #Geofencing: "The unexpectedly bipartisan efforts against geofence warrants provide a rare glimmer of hope that perhaps the fight against invasive surveillance could be a more collaborative one. Conservatives and progressives alike both worry about the dangers of government overreach enabled by dragnet searches like those facilitated through geofence warrants. And while protecting Americans from surveillance abuses has rarely been a legislative priority, geofence searches are so offensive to the Constitution that this campaign could provide a playbook for bringing both parties together on other privacy issues."

Ellen Timmer
13 hours ago

#Amazon’s Ring doorbell was used to spy on customers, ⁦‪@linakhanFTC‬⁩ says in #privacy case | The Guardian
13 hours ago

Díky, ale raději zůstanu u Ten nabízí soukromí, anonymitu a mnohem lepší výsledky vyhledávání webů. 😊 Díky podpoře #opensearch jej lze nastavit jako výchozí vyhledávač do #Brave, Bromite a dalších prohlížečích na desktopu i mobilu.
👉Návody pro výchozí vyhledávač:
👉 Více o vyhledávači:
👉Česká instance:
👉Slovenská instance:

#Xoogle #privacy #opensource #LibreX

Ellen Timmer
13 hours ago

"Consumer goods like TV's, cars and doorbells turning into cloud-based services is probably the most pressing consumer #privacy issue for the next decade to solve. As the #GDPR and similar data privacy laws are designed around the digitization of organizations' back offices ...

Anonymous :anarchism: 🏴
13 hours ago

In a recent #cybersecurity incident, hackers have claimed to have successfully breached the admin credentials of #i2VPN, a popular freemium #VPN proxy server app and leaked it on Telegram.

#Security #Telegram #Privacy #Breach

Brian Beeler
13 hours ago

privoxy-pilot-macos is an open source project that allows Mac users to easily install, configure and monitor Privoxy, an outstanding proxy server that's built around protecting one's privacy.

Added to Privoxy are easy to configure filter lists and groups of lists based on the Block List Project's lists of advertising, tracking, fraud and more websites many would want to avoid.

More about privoxy-pilot-macos:


#Privacy #adblock #macOS

Screen capture of privoxy-pilot-macos' status screen showing PID, user who started Privoxy, up time, date when the configuration file was last changed, the current filter group and the filters in that group in effect. Lastly the ten log events.
13 hours ago

A major tool in my web #privacy & browsing sanity box is this little gem: blocking at a low level with #hosts file:
Unfortunately, this has not been actively maintained in the last couple of years. (See site for details.) Now my question: Anyone out there know a newer and/or actively maintained list of comparable coverage?

Helma 🤗
14 hours ago

@cazencott @signalapp Same would be arguing closing the curtains at night makes you suspicious of stuff like that. It is utter BS, but they just want easy and cheap mass surveillance. That's all. Encryption is key for GDPR btw. Encryption make us all safe (also politicians).We need encryption for security purposes. #Encryption #Privacy #Security

Luke :hlr:
14 hours ago

„Du hast ja gar kein WhatsApp. Was ist denn mit dir los?“
„Verwende ich grundsätzlich nicht.“
„Wieso? Ich hatte noch nie technische Probleme.“
„Die verkaufen Nutzerdaten und Sicherheit ist ein Fremdwort.“
„Macht doch nichts. Ich hab ja nichts zu verbergen.“
Einwurf von außen: „Du benutzt doch dieses Threema und Signal.“
Mein Gesprächspartner: „Klingt ziemlich unseriös“


#bigtech #datenschutz #privacy

Tech news from Canada
14 hours ago

Ars Technica: Xbox COPPA violations cost Microsoft $20 million in FTC settlement #Tech #arstechnica #IT #Technology #microsoft #children #privacy #Gaming #COPPA #data #XBox


🧐 Let's see:

A $20 Million fine on 2021's revenue of $16.28 Billion comes to ... not even worth calculating. And likely not much of a deterrent.

(FTA: "the $20 million fine represents 0.03% of Microsoft's total revenue")

#Technology #Privacy #Microsoft #Xbox #Consumer #BigTech #FTC #Consent

IT News
14 hours ago

Xbox COPPA violations cost Microsoft $20 million in FTC settlement - Microsoft will face new restrictions on what it can do with this young ... - #microsoft #children #privacy #gaming #coppa #data #xbox

Frederic Jacobs
15 hours ago

Ready, set, relay: Protect app traffic with network relays

Learn how relays can make your app's network traffic more private and secure without the overhead of a VPN. We'll show you how to integrate relay servers in your own app and explore how enterprise networks can use relays to securely access internal resources.

#Security #Privacy #WWDC23

Juno 🪐
15 hours ago

La privacidad brilla por su ausencia: hace unas semanas que me puse a estudiar francés y ahora me salen algunos de los anuncios de Instagram en ese idioma.... sospechoso....😑​

#français #languages #privacy #nope

16 hours ago

BloatyNosy - a opensource tool to customize, improve and debloat Windows 11. It also makes it more secure and private.

I used it myself and can highly recommend it.

#privacy #security #bloatynosy #opensource #foss #windows #windows11

Aida Akl
16 hours ago

Enough said: "AntChain is a blockchain technology brand of Ant Group, a Chinese company owned by tech giant Alibaba."

AntChain, Intel Create New #Privacy-Preserving Computing Platform for #AI Training @SecurityWeek @ekovacs

IT News
16 hours ago

Why I Can’t Bet Against Apple’s Vision Pro - There are plenty of reasons the Vision Pro could flop. But we shouldn’t forget that Apple... - #virtualreality(computers) #computersandtheinternet #headphonesandheadsets #mobileapplications #wearablecomputing #appleinc #privacy #iphone

IT News
17 hours ago

Why I Can’t Bet Against Apple’s Vision Pro - There are plenty of reasons the Vision Pro could flop. But we shouldn’t forget that Apple... - #virtualreality(computers) #computersandtheinternet #headphonesandheadsets #mobileapplications #wearablecomputing #appleinc #privacy #iphone

Aida Akl
17 hours ago

This was "based on conversations between physicians and their patients," which are supposed to be private and subject to HIPAA. Hope they get sued out of business.

US healthcare group Carbon Health with over 100 clinics uses OpenAI's GPT-4 to write medical records #AI #privacy @theregister

The new Safari in macOS Sonoma removes tracking added to URLs in private browsing. It's a very promising feature. However, it didn't remove the tracking that Twitter recently introduced. It would be great if it covers all popular websites.

#privacy #macos #security #WWDC23

Opening a Twitter URL with tracking added to it in Safari, macOS Sonoma
The intercepted call shows that Safari has called the URL without removing the tracking
Enhanced Private Browsing
Private Browsing now locks your private browsing windows when you're not using them, completely blocks known trackers from loading on pages, and removes tracking added to URLs as you browse.
18 hours ago

One thing about me is when your day is going terribly, I can cheer you right up with a story of something worse I encountered this week in my job.

#security #safety #privacy #infosec #tech

20 hours ago


No conspiracy needed: just human nature, economic incentives, and poor regulatory oversight.

No company has an incentive to respect #privacy; only to make everyone believe that it respects privacy, and to avoid being caught.

You presume innocence just because #Apple is seems an outlier among big tech. What is more likely: that Apple alone is unique in its strategy and goals, or that it’s better at doing fishy things surreptitiously? I say we can’t be reasonably confident it’s the former.


Jim Parsons
21 hours ago

@profcarroll I’m a Cupertino alum and #Apple centric individual, family and patient #HealthTech startup founder (#PrivacyCapitalist) +6 years, blending WATCH + #EthicalAI for #MentalHealth #PTSD in Civilian & Military #FirstResponder populations. Apple doesn’t guarantee #privacy, they simply enable it for those who care enough or recognize the value of 100% agency over their #PersonalData. #AppleVisionPro privacy is consistent w/their ecosystem approach 👍 #Health #MedMastodon

#apple or #BTC, perhaps even some #XMR - #privacy matters

I came across Bunny Fonts today (via @karlemilnikka) and am quite impressed.

A privacy/GDPR compliant alternative to Google Fonts that I had never heard of until today.

#GDPR #Privacy #DeGoogle
1 day ago
1 day ago

L'Angleterre et les USA veulent exiger des applications de messagerie cryptées de bout-en-bout qu'elles "passent au crible les messages pour s'assurer qu'aucune pedopornographie n'y est diffusée".

Lol, lutter contre la pedopornographie.
Commencez déjà par légiférer sur le mariage des enfants à partir de 12 ans aux USA, then we talk.

#anonymat #privacy #signal #telegram

1 day ago

#legal #Illinois #Google #lawsuits #LawsuitSettlements #privacy

'Illinois Google users who filed as part of a class action lawsuit can expect to see payments of about $95 each. The Chicago Tribune reported more than 687,000 current and former Illinois residents are eligible for the payment.'

Caleb Hearth :d6:
1 day ago

“Pregnancy apps can do better for those who have experienced miscarriages, terminations, and child death.”

#pregnancy #tracking #privacy
#design #parenting

The fact that #LibreWolf doesn’t provide a mechanism for importing #Firefox data considering it’s a more #privacy focused #fork of Firefox is peculiar and disappointing.

LibreWolf import data window

There's a new privacy feature in iOS/iPadOS 17 that detects nude photos and videos before they are viewed. Sensitive Content Warning seems to be available to third-party apps, but developers need to add support for it.

#WWDC23  #privacy #iOS17 #iPadOS17

Screenshot of the new privacy feature settings
1 day ago

Vanadium version 114.0.5735.61.0 released:

See the linked release notes for a summary of the improvements over the previous release and a link to the full changelog.

Forum discussion thread:

#GrapheneOS #privacy #security #browser

Em :official_verified:
1 day ago

Them 👉

“Do you use encrypted messaging (WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, ProtonMail)? “

Me: Yes! Of course! Don’t you? 🤨

“For your personal data, do you use an encryption system? “

Me: Yes! Of course! Don’t you? 🤨

“Why do you use this kind of encryption and anonymization applications on the Internet?“

1. Because Privacy is a Human Right 🔒✨
2. To protect from thieves
3. To protect from stalkers
4. To protect from phishing
5. To keep my personal data away from surveillance capitalism

Why don’t YOU want to protect yourself from that? 🤨

#Privacy #EncryptionIsNotACrime #Encryption #E2EE #RootForE2EE 🎉

omg! ubuntu
1 day ago

Firefox 114 released with DNS over HTTPS tweaks, FIDO2 support #linux #opensource #privacy

the purpose of this screenshot is to show that Firefox 114 is out
jbz :catjam:
1 day ago

🪂 Progressive Web Apps 'Don't Spy or Clog Your Phone'. Do You Use Them?
➥ Slashdot

"Web apps look and function pretty much like the conventional apps for your phone or computer, but they clog less space on your device and are less pushy about surveilling you. People who make web apps also say they are easier to create and update than conventional apps... But web apps have been around for years, and most people don't know they exist..."

#PWA #Privacy #Security

Annemarie Bridy
1 day ago

My recovery in the Zoom privacy class action is the second biggest damage award I've ever recovered for being a member of a certified class in litigation. (My biggest award-- about $150) was the BarBri bar prep antitrust class action.) I was expecting, per usual, something of no actual value to me -- like a coupon for a free month of Zoom. #LawFedi #privacy

Screencap of my email from the Zoom class action payment processor:

Zoom Video Communications — Your Payment is Confirmed!

Dear ANNEMARIE BRIDY, You have received $32.32 in the Settlement for the matter entitied /n Re: Zoom Video Communications, Inc. Privacy Litigation, Case No. 3:20-cv-02155-LB. Your payment was completed via the payment method listed below. You will receive an email from our payment partner Tremendous or the funds will be in your specified account.
2 days ago

La Electronic Frontier Foundation ha pubblicato un riepilogo dell'ultimo decennio in cui si parla delle cose che abbiamo imparato, delle battaglie per la #privacy che abbiamo vinto e di ciò per cui stiamo ancora combattendo: 10 Years After #Snowden: Some Things Are Better, Some We’re Still Fighting For : #EFF #NSA @informapirata @quinta @dataKnightmare @devol

10 Years After Snowden: Some Things Are Better, Some We’re Still Fighting For
2 days ago

#Apple finally copied #Firefox’s Multi-Account Containers extension with the newly announced Safari Profiles. I don’t think any browser on iOS comes close to this kind of compartmentalization so far.

#WWDC #privacy

Hasani Hunter
2 days ago

Did anyone pay attention to the privacy section of the #visionpro portion of the keynote?

Apple listed a whole bunch of shit that Meta is probably collecting with their quest VR goggles #privacy #WWDC23

2 days ago

regardez-moi préparer un article retour d'expérience sur l'usage de mon smartphone & de mon PC sans GAFAM 🤓 puis faire assimiler mon militantisme #openSource et #privacy à un comportement terroriste 🤭

votre admin en prison 🤪 sans passer par la case départ 🚔

2 days ago

"In one example, the FTC says a Ring employee viewed thousands of videos from at least 81 different female users. The employee allegedly went looking for camera feeds that suggested they may have been used in the most private of areas, such as "Master Bedroom," "Master Bathroom," and "Spy cam". " #privacy #amazon #ring

Em :official_verified:
2 days ago

“Why do you use Signal and all this Encryption!
Do you have anything to hide? 😡“

Yes! I do!

- The color of my underwear
- My friends’ cats photos
- My failed gym class grades
- My first attempt at "portrait"
- The outcome of my last meal
- The weird mole on my left toe
- How much I cried watching Star Trek
- How much cheese there is in my fridge
- My failed knitting experiment
- The horrible poem I just wrote
- My bank card pin number
- My social security number
- My main password
- The web search history for your birthday gift

Privacy is a Human Right! ✊

Not sharing publicly what you do not wish to share is your right! 🔒✨

#Privacy #Encryption #E2EE #RootForE2EE 🎉

2 days ago

Auditor app version 71 released:

See the linked release notes for a summary of the improvements over the previous release and a link to the full changelog.

Forum discussion thread:

See and for info about the app and optional monitoring service.

#GrapheneOS #privacy #security #android #attestation #VerifiedBoot #MeasuredBoot #HSM #SecureElement #auditor

2 days ago

GrapheneOS Camera app version 63 released:

See the linked release notes for a summary of the improvements over the previous release and a link to the full changelog.

Forum discussion thread:

#GrapheneOS #privacy #security #camera #android

Open Rights Group
2 days ago


Join us at 7pm BST for the online launch of our report, Data Privacy and the ICO During a Crisis.

Register now to find out how your medical data was handled during the pandemic and what the future of data protection looks like in the UK.

#GDPR #dataprotection #ukpolitics #privacy

Jan Penfrat
2 days ago

If you want to be asked for your permission before corporations get access to your private #medical records in the #EU, there is a big petition for you to sign that demands exactly that:

#WeMove #EHDS #healthData #medicalrecords #health #privacy #dataprotection

Why the hell can't this "which #cookies do you want" thing be a *#browser preference*? Am I really going to be forced to answer this question on every website from every platform I visit? Make the madness stop. #web #privacy

3 days ago

There are 5 things you need to know about me:

1. I'm into #privacy

jbz :catjam:
3 days ago
3 days ago

Super enlightening interview with the CEO of @Vivaldi

@hen and @jon discuss #privacy #security #FOSS #opensource #federation and a LOT more!

Watch it now:

4 days ago

#introduction post


I'm a #Gentoo Linux and #SwayWM user. I'm learning to program and I selfhost a Nextcloud instance.
Digital #privacy is important to me.

I enjoy reading #scifi and #selfimprovement books. I'm always looking to improve my self.

I love drinking #espresso and play #tennis regularly. I've settled on playing #CounterStrike from time-to-time too. #StarWars is my favourite movie genre.

Hope to interact with you soon 😀

4 days ago

GmsCompatConfig (sandboxed Google Play compatibility layer configuration) version 56 released:

See the linked release notes for a summary of the improvements over the previous release and a link to the full changelog.

Forum discussion thread:

#GrapheneOS #privacy #security #gmscompat

"A free-to-use, locally running, #privacy-aware chatbot. No GPU or internet required."


Future of Privacy Forum :vf:
5 days ago

@aral @batalanto Oh just what is "privacywashing" anyway? Or " #privacy ?" These terms are contested, and difficult.

Maybe we should give them all up. We think "data protection" applied to "personal information" is much more useful.

With consent, we can support #innovation fueled by data without being hamstrung by vague, expansive worries about "privacy!"

Dave Mackey
5 days ago

interesting move by #Brave in releasing an #API for their #SearchEngine with an emphasis on it's use in training #AI. I expect this to be a controversial move, imho, it rubs a bit against the grain of the #privacy / #security centric ethos of the Brave ecosystem.
Full announcement from Brave:


Future of Privacy Forum :vf:
5 days ago

@aral @ellenor2000 It can be hard to tell what is satire with the " #privacy -conscious," who we think can be somewhat tiresome. But we think our message is clear. When you have to face the real world, you have to compromise---including on core values, sometimes. You have to work with the system, /collaborate/ with it as it exists today. All funding is dirty, in the end, isn't it? We can't really afford to discriminate.


Future of Privacy Forum :vf:
5 days ago

With regard to the growing controversy about #RightsCon sponsorship, we would cite @aral, a #privacy advocate, who came to his senses on similar issues. We couldn't agree more! There's nothing wrong with support by Facebook or Google!

#nolimitsfunding #freshprivacythinking

Wendy M. Grossman
5 days ago

This week's net.wars, "Microsurveillance", visits the world of workplace #surveillance and finds some pushback: #NetWars #privacy #workplace

CryptoParty Berlin
5 days ago

Swap an old password for a new passphrase.
“Accept all” for “More options”.
A strange gut feeling for hands-on tips.

At our next FLINTA* CryptoParty

for female, lesbian, inter, non-binary, trans and agender people

on Wed, June 7th 2023

at 7 pm CEST

online via BigBlueBotton

Find more info here:

#Berlin #privacy #CryptoParty #password #workshop

Jørgen fra Europa
5 days ago

Reading about governments different digital strategies, or lack thereof. So many go to #bigtech for their systems, like #M365 with risk of lock-in and privacy violations.

Others, like Schleswig-Holstein, develop digital strategies based on principles of #privacy and #environmental impact and the use of government funds and data in the public interest instead of giving it to the tech giants. Actual fundamental policy-building in the digital arena.

Luis Falcon
5 days ago

It's been years using #Cryptpad and I love it. ❤️
It provides a Libre, privacy-oriented collaboration suite. A great alternative to the existing corporate spyware crap. @cryptpad #privacy #freedom

Screenshot with the Cryptpad logo  and the differnt icons depicting the type of documents to create.
Flagship instance of CryptPad, the end-to-end encrypted and open-source collaboration suite. Administered by the CryptPad development team.
Open Rights Group
5 days ago

The Data Protection and Digital Information Bill threatens to weaken our data rights.

Our report into data privacy during the pandemic points us in the other direction: we need stronger protections and accountability over our data. #DPDIBill

Have a look:

#GDPR #dataprotection #ukpolitics #privacy

Typographic image with a patterned background with a quote from Abby Burke, ORG Policy Manager: "With the government attempting to weaken data protection rights through the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill, it is more important than ever that the UK has a strong and independent data protection authority that is willing to stand up to the government, public bodies and corporations."
5 days ago

In today’s world, AI systems are used to decide who gets hired, the quality of medical treatment we receive, and whether we become a suspect in a police investigation. While these tools show great promise, they can also harm vulnerable and marginalized people, and threaten civil rights. Unchecked, unregulated and, at times, unwanted, AI systems can amplify racism, sexism, ableism, and other forms of discrimination.

The Algorithmic Justice League’s mission is to raise awareness about the impacts of AI, equip advocates with empirical research, build the voice and choice of the most impacted communities, and galvanize researchers, policy makers, and industry practitioners to mitigate AI harms and biases. We’re building a movement to shift the AI ecosystem towards equitable and accountable AI

#ajl #privacy #AI #Algorithm #Discrimination

5 days ago

#Business #Releases
Blacklight updated with new tracker lists · The popular website privacy inspector now detects even more trackers

#Privacy #Scanner #Advertising #Website #Blog #Development #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Frontend #Tracker

Jeri Dansky
5 days ago

Reuters, slyly making a comment on the effectiveness of most fines to companies the size of Amazon:

“FTC Commissioner Alvaro Bedoya told Reuters the settlements should send a message to tech companies that their need to collect data was not an excuse to break the law. ‘This is a very clear signal to them,’ he said.

“The fines, totaling $30.8 million, represent a fraction of Amazon's $3.2 billion first-quarter profit.”

h/t @coolgrey
#privacy #Amazon

Topher 🌱🐧💚
6 days ago

Also, feeling safe and like your privacy is respected is absolutely 100% a part of #UX.

Disrespecting and/or disregarding user #privacy is an insanely fast way to instantaneously decimate user experience for a large portion of your user base.

It also brings you a bunch of negative PR and repels a good deal of existing and prospective users essentially forever, no matter how good your product may be otherwise.

Respect user privacy.

The Calyx Institute
6 days ago

Happy #Pride Month! Thank you so much to all our #LGBTQ members, staff and community members for working with us to make digital #privacy more accessible for all worldwide.