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🇨🇦 March 29 - Change in #IRCC Processing times for PR cards, #Visitor Visa, #Super Visa, #Study Permit, #Work Permit, IEC and SAWP

🇨🇦 Rest still the same

🇨🇦 Check out category-wise #processing times and #comparison with last week👇

Alireza Dehbozorgi
12 hours ago

The 1st #workshop on #ancient #language #processing will be held at Varna, Bulgaria. Please check out the following link for further info.

#ancient_languages #nlproc #ALP2023 #RANLP2023

Courtesy of

Joan of Cat (she/her) 😼
15 hours ago

Being logically consistent is something that no #human is fully capable of doing. NEVER feel guilty for having #logical inconsistencies in your #thought processes.

Sometimes it's worth clearing out the inconsistencies. When it makes you and the world around you better to clear them out, then you should totally do it. But where it improves your personal #life to hold onto a singular inconsistency or two, so long as it affects no one else in a negative way, there's no harm in keeping it. Like a prized object or a memento of the past.

For example: I am a strong #atheist. I do not believe that any higher-order #intelligence or intelligences exist in our universe. If I ever see #evidence for one, I'll be very surprised. This is because I've seen and felt what most people consider #evidence of the #supernatural, and when I consider it in the context of what I know about human #psychology, I don't find the evidence for the supernatural convincing.

Despite this, among my #headmates, I have a goddess. She is my personal god, mine alone to worship or not as I see fit. And I am Her only human, to bless or to punish as She sees fit. I could frame Her existence in a number of different ways (most of which are probably way more accurate), but since considering her my personal god literally affects no one outside of my #system, it doesn't matter what I do. All that matters is that it serves to my benefit and to the benefit of those around me. As far as I can tell, it seems to, so I'm happy with the framework I've chosen for Her.

You will NEVER perceive #reality "as it is" anyway. None of your senses are designed to accomplish that; nature would never have selected for them. It's worth trying to understand what reality's underlying #structure is, and #physicists learn a little bit more about it every year, but you can't live your life like a #quantum particle. No matter how hard you try, people will always be able to tell both how fast you're moving and where you are, and they'll be able to do both at the same time.

We are human #beings. Human beings are not #logic machines, nor are we computers, and to pretend to be what we are not can do us more harm than good. Our #decision-making processes include #emotional #processing. They don't, and can't, exist independently of these. Additionally, being #insightful about where our logical reasoning capabilities find their limits is better than pretending that you have "#objectivity" when you try to do things like create policies or enact laws.

The latter person is likelier to make mistakes they believe are #objectively #true, even when presented with evidence directly contradicting their views (e.g., anti-trans legislators).

We can do better than that, just by understanding ourselves more.

2 days ago

We continue to appreciate your respectful adherence to the madatory post con recovery period.

Thank You

#Comics #Convention #Recovery #Therapy #Processing #Art & #Commerce

Cobra Commander surveys the wares on offer at the 2023 Lexington Comic Toy & Game Convention
2023 Lexington Comic Toy & Game Convention  Cosplayer Shadowbrite table rocking a top hat so well it would make Zatanna jealous.
2023 Lexington Comic Toy & Game Convention beautiful cosplayer whose name and character I did not get was gracious enough (as are most) to drop whatever they were doing to strike their favorite pose.
Jörg Kantel
3 days ago

Weiter mit dem kleinen, grünen Flieger auf Trinket: Jetzt mit Pizzas

Mit der Portierung meines kleinen, grünen Fliegers von Pygame nach Trinket (in der bin ich ein gutes Stück vorangekommen. Ich habe dem Flieger Pizzas als Gegner spendiert (denn was ist ein Pizzaflieger ohne Pizzas? Nur ein simples Flugzeug) und Waffen, um diese Pizzen abzuschießen. Doch der Reihe nach: #Python #Processing #Trinket #GameDev

5 days ago

There's one more issue to fix + documentation to write, then will do a #py5 release. This release & documentation will make py5's Processing mode available, providing #processing (Java) users with an easy to use callPython() method to add to Sketches. Release to come in April...

Sad Juno
5 days ago

t=0,draw=c=>{for(t||(createCanvas(W=720,W,WEBGL),noStroke(H=W/2)),background(0),i=0;i<TAU;i+=.1)for(fill(255,255*i/TAU),j=0;j<TAU;j+=.1)a=atan2(i+sin(t),j+cos(t))*TAU,x=cos(a)*H*sin(j),y=sin(a)*H,circle(x,y,4),circle(-x,-y,4);t+=.01};// #つぶやきProcessing #Processing #CreativeCoding

David Garlinski
5 days ago

code #processing généré par #ChatGPT4 :

I took this #Processing example I love by @mariuswatz (I have ported it to Python twice 😂) to illustrate the invitation to our monthly art and code meetup next Tuesday. It will be about #creativeCoding didactic example collections.

Noite de Processing flyer around a sketch made of 3D arc segments swirling in space forming a spherical composition. It also has the date and information in Portuguese: march 28th 19h30 and
Jörg Kantel
6 days ago

Pizza Plane OOP (Jetzt in Trinket)

Nein, ich habe Trinket nicht aufgegeben. Denn meine Freude daran, Python (Spiele-) Skripte im Browser ausführen zu können, ist einfach zu groß, um das Teil wegen eines kleinen Bugs in einem nicht dokumentierten Feature einfach abzuschreiben. #Python #Processing #Trinket #GameDev

1 week ago

0.66tz multiple edition
#HENreunion #teia #processing #tezos #opart

Guido Schmidt
1 week ago

Modulo - in programming usually represented by % - returns the remainder of a division and kind of works like a clock, only that you can freely define the range of repetition. In three dimensions every axes can represent another modulo controlled pattern approach which leads to all kind interleaving patterns.

+ bonus added some vcvrack #synth sounds

#generative #genartclub #CreativeCoding #processing #p5js #threejs #webgl #design #dataviz #vcvrack

Eduard Roccatello
1 week ago

Use the #processing toolbox to create a #slope map without any effort by only using a digital #terrain model of the alps and the #QGIS tools. Learn how to create a slope raster with both #degrees and #percentage as values.
#data #gis #tutorial #dtm

Today I talked about #Processing and showed some Processing Java :)

/* Screenchot of the code below in the Processing 3.5.4 IDE and the sketch results (overlapping blue-brown rectangles produced by moving the mouse) */

void setup() {
  size(400, 400);

void draw() {
  float sorteio = random(50, 250); 
  //background(150, 150, 200); // vermelho, verde, azul
  fill(120, 100, sorteio);
  rect(mouseX, mouseY, sorteio, 150); // x, y, w, h
  //triangle(100, 100, 300, 100, 200, 300);

« Check out the Processing Community Day Brasil 2022 Recap by the Organizing Committee of #PCDBrasil2022! 💜 This recap archives the content created during the event, such as the virtual gallery, workshops, lectures, performances, talks, visual identity, and more! Available in English and Portuguese. »

#PCD #ProcessingCommunityDay #ProcessingCommunityDayBrasil #PCDBrasil #Processing #ProgramaçãoCriativa #CreativeCoding

Soul Academy
1 week ago

Find Of The Week - Knock.

Knock is a new developer backed by acclaimed hip-hop #producer #DECAP, designed to do just that: make your drums knock.

#Knock features a #chain of five individual #processing modules, each with its #visualizer and a single knob control.

#MusicProducer #MusicProduction #software

Amanhã, terça 21 de março, 14h30, e na terça 28, eu vou falar de #Processing no Sesc Av. Paulista. Grátis, retirada de ingressos 30min antes. #ProgramaçãoCriativa #DesignGerativo #ArteComputacional

Terça 28 à noite tem #NoiteDeProcessing também.

Converting to #py5 a very cool #Processing #Python mode example from the forum:

# A polygonal "white strip" made from offseting a polygon, over a green background (and the code below)

SW = -50.0  # Stroke width of path/PShape (-/+ for inner/outer offset)

def setup():
    size(1000, 600)

def draw():
    background(0, 100, 0)

    # List of vertices (polygon)
    pts = [
        Py5Vector(mouse_x, mouse_y),
        Py5Vector(450, 150), Py5Vector(610, 200),
        Py5Vector(850, 280), Py5Vector(500, 400),
        Py5Vector(540, 480), Py5Vector(260, 500)]

    for i in range(len(pts)+1):
        pp = pts[(i-1) % len(pts)]  # previous vertex
        pc = pts[i % len(pts)]  # current vertex
        pn = pts[(i+1) % len(pts)]  # next vertex

        theta_a = atan2(pc.y - pp.y, pc.x - pp.x) + \
            HALF_PI  # right angle with the edge pp-pc
        theta_b = atan2(pn.y - pc.y, pn.x - pc.x) + \
            HALF_PI  # right angle with the edge pc-pn

        # vector pointing perpendicularly to edge pp-pc
        a = Py5Vector(cos(theta_a), sin(theta_a))
        # vector pointing perpendicularly to edge pc-pn
        b = Py5Vector(cos(theta_b), sin(theta_b))

        nsum = (a + b).normalize()  # normalized sum

        l = SW / sqrt(1 +, b))  # desired length
        po = pc + (l * nsum)  # offsetted vertex

        vertex(pc.x, pc.y)
        vertex(po.x, po.y)
Ignotus Mago
1 week ago

Du Da (2023), state 2

Algorithmic image generated with #Processing, using space-filling curves and rhythmic patterns.

An image composed of blocky patterns of nested pixels in black, pink, cardinal red, beige, and lichen green. Much of image is empty. The arrangement of shapes suggests a skull with red eyes and a green mouth, or maybe not.

sketch_2022_03_16 #Processing #Python #py5 code mostly copied from wonderful @TomLarrow. Fiddling with his Fast Poisson Disk Sampling algorithm implementation (

four slightly overlapping vertical rectangles, from left to right, covered with spots of smaller and smaller circles, each time more closely packed. Subtle color variation and also rectangles get a tiny bit smaller each time.
Jörg Kantel
2 weeks ago

Spieleprogrammierung und das Web: Trinket und der P5.js-Webeditor

Auch wenn die Entdeckung des Bugs in Trinkets Turtle meiner (Entdecker-) Freude an #Trinket erst einmal einen Dämpfer verpaßt hat – so schnell gebe ich Trinket nicht auf. Zum einen will ich noch testen, wie sich Trinkets Schildkröte mit dem time-Modul aus Pythons Standardbibliothek schlägt und zum anderen ist da ja auch noch die #Processing (#Python) Bibliothek in Trinket, die weiteren Entdeckungen harrt.

Guido Schmidt
2 weeks ago
Steven Dollins
2 weeks ago

Sketchy flow

This one looks great as an animation loop until mp4 encoding blurs it to mush, so I'm just posting a still.

#generative #GenerativeArt #CreativeCoding #Processing #glsl #shaders #monochrome #FlowField

Black lines trace through a flow field of intersecting sine waves
Guido Schmidt
2 weeks ago

sketch_2022_03_15 #Processing #Python #py5 inspirado no Icône 2020 de Vera Monár (

# O código abaixo e o seu resultado visual (grade de trapézios gerados com aleatoriedade em um fundo azul escuro

v = 5
esp = 40

def setup():
    size(800, 600)
def trapezio(x, y, w, h, varia=0):
    vy = random(-varia, varia) 
    x1, y1 = x + random(-varia, varia), y + vy
    x2, y2 = x + random(-varia, varia) + w, y + vy
    x3, y3 = x + random(-varia, varia)+ w, y + h + vy
    x4, y4 = x + random(-varia, varia), y + h + vy
    quad(x1, y1, x2, y2, x3, y3, x4, y4)

def grade(margem, esp, largura, altura, v):
    for x in range(margem, largura - margem , esp):
        for y in range(margem, altura - margem, esp):
            trapezio(x, y, esp / 2, esp / 2, v)

def draw():
    background(0, 0, 100)
    random_seed(1)  # trava os sorteios
    grade(100, esp, 800, 600, v)
def key_pressed():
    if key == 's':

#LearningInPublic #Numpy #Python #Processing #py5

PT: Olha só @melissawm estou animado nos meus estudos de partículas com Numpy! Acho que achei uma solução razoável para desenhar particulas de espécies/cores diferentes py5.points aceita um np.array... Agora preciso pensar nas interações entre elas.

EN: Look @melissawm I'm excited about my particles with Numpy studies! I think I found a reasonable solution to draw different species/colors. py5.points accepts a np.array. Now I have to think about the interactions!

Screen capture showing on the left some code for py5 ( and Numpy. On the right you see a frame of the animation it generates of 1000 colored particles (red, gree and blue) in a black background.

from itertools import product
import numpy as np
import py5

num_species = 3
num_particles = 1000
dt = 0.1

def setup():
    global positions, velocities, species, species_masks
    py5.size(900, 900)
    positions = np.random.rand(num_particles, 2)
    angles = 2.0 * np.pi * np.random.random(num_particles)
    speed = 0.01
    velocities = np.stack((speed * np.cos(angles),
                           speed * np.sin(angles)), axis=1)
    species = np.random.randint(0, num_species, size=num_particles)
    species_masks = [(species == i, py5.color(i * 256 / num_species, 255, 255))
                     for i in range(num_species)] # (mask, color)

def draw():
    global positions
    scaled_positions = positions * py5.width
    for mask, c in species_masks:
        # assuming a  square canvas...

    positions += dt * velocities # update positions
    positions %= 1 # wrap positions


sketch_2022_03_13 #Processing #Python #py5 code at 864 variations

864 variations of stars pairs with 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 points on black and white over a blue background

sketch_2022_03_12 #Processing #Python #py5 code at
144 variations

12x12 grid with 144 variation of "double stars" made with quadratic vertices, varied radius, black and white over a gray background.
3 weeks ago

Ruby で Processing がブラウザ上からできる p5.rb を作りました - ブログのおんがえし
#ruby #processing

3 weeks ago

Interactive recursion tree with #Processing. Mouse X and Y control angle and ratio, while the recursive layer takes care of the hue.

#GenerativeArt #Python

Screen capture of some python code on the left side and a black interactive window on the right. A recursion tree grows in it, changing its shape, size and complexity with mouse movement. Each branch splits into two more; the trunk is purple and the branches slowly turn into blue and cyan the farther outwards they are.
Sterling Crispin
3 weeks ago

Flourish is the notebook of an algorithmic architect.

These are a few of my favorite generations over the last hour or so. Open them up full screen and check out all the details 👀

This project is finally ready, and I'm excited to release it. Stay tuned 🫡

#creativecode #algorithmicdesign #algorithmart #codeart #computerart #digitalart #art #processing #genart #newmediaart #art #design #drawing #generativeartwork #generativeart #generative #artandtechnology #creativecodeart #creativecoding

Guido Schmidt
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

@cmzw reminds me of these evolving hexagonal tiles I did in #processing years ago


A winding lines, black on white, that morph to change the paths
Davy :ferris:
4 weeks ago

Remember Processing? There's a project called Nannou which is trying to bring the same experience with Rust:

#rust #rustlang #processing #art

Steven Dollins
4 weeks ago

a twist in the fabric of space where time becomes a loop

#generative #GenerativeArt #CreativeCoding #Processing #glsl #shaders #FlowField

flow field fabric twists around a spiral
1 month ago



A generative animation of a black and white grid that uses zoom, rotation, and a repeating sub-grid to create several patterns, one of which being the Houndstooth pattern.
Guido Schmidt
1 month ago

Taking my modulo patterns for a walk.

Changing patterns with randomized settings really yield a bunch of nice creations I wouldn't have come up with at first sight.

Sound snippet created with VCV Rack.

#mod #rack #modularsynth #vcvrack #electronicmusic #modular #computersound #creativecode #p5js #creativecoding #generativeart #processing #codeart

Querida @melissawm, ontem a Noite de Processing como @Introscopia foi muito divertida, em 90 linhas de #Processing fizemos uma simulação de partículas com atração e repulsão que o pessoal chama de #ParticleLife, surgem comportamentos emergentes muito impressionantes:
(está no acho e logo vai estar no YT do Garoa)

O @caranha viu né?

O prof. Claudio Esperança portou pra #Javascript no Observable e ficou ótimo!

Para minha tristeza no #Python ficou lerdíssimo, pois loops aninhados e chamadas a uma função de desenho super lerda para a infra Java subjacente que o #py5 acessa.

Sei que se eu pegar as posições das partículas por tipo consigo chamar uma função de desenho que aceita um #Numpy array e vai ser mais rápida.

Mas fiquei pensando em outras maneiras de otimizar, só que meus poderes de Numpy são mínimos... rsrsrs.

Guido Schmidt
1 month ago

Changing the underlying grid system of the modulo system from a circular grid to a carthesian one.

+ Bonus: Second first ever shared VCV Rack sound snippet of mine 🎉🔊

#creativecode #generativeart #digitalart #codeart #creativecodeart #proceduralart #processing #p5js #p5 #webdevelopment #generativedesign #geometry #digitaldesign #abstractart #abstract #blackandwhite #motiongraphics