7 hours ago

Here's my fourth illustration for June Toons!

It's not meant to look like the Disaster Girl meme, but that's just how it ended up. 😆

#drawing #illustration #cartoon #art #digitalart #procreate #ipadpro #junetoons #mastoart

A man in a hat and coat is standing in the right foreground looking away, and smoking. In the background, a fire ravages a building.
8 hours ago

Need to make money to buy groceries for my mother and I. Would appreciate if you could share my Kofi around to anyone who may be interested. I haven't had much luck these past few months. 🙏

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skrbly :verified:
8 hours ago

Creating a Fading Effect in #Procreate Using Motion Blur

12 hours ago

I'm streaming today on Twitch, 6/4/23, 1:00-3:00pm PDT (GMT-7), where I'll be doing another bird. This time it's a Red-billed Leiothrix!

Come lurk if you'd like!

#livestream #DigitalArt #procreate #bird #BirdArt

When I use a digital ink or marker brush that looks *very* realistic, I get wafts of the smell of ink & paper, like when you use too much marker and the paper is saturated and starts to break down. Any other #artist experience this?

#DigitalArt #Illustration #ClipStudioPaint #Procreate

Will Morris-Julien
1 day ago

The meeting (fever dream version rough sketch) #sketch #gamedev #conceptart #indiegame #procreate #gameart #art #MastoArt

Will Morris-Julien
1 day ago

The sunset was reflected (rough sketch) #sketch #gamedev #conceptart #indiegame #procreate #gameart #art #MastoArt

1 day ago

#drawing / #sketch of Kate (E. Lily) from #lost on #procreate

A pencil and ink digital drawing of a woman’s face 
1 day ago

Throw a rat in your carafe - my third June Toons illustration is ready for viewing!

#drawing #illustration #cartoon #art #digitalart #procreate #ipadpro #junetoons #mastoart

A rat is sitting in a carafe full of coffee. He is angry and cursing about it.
Jon Gary ⌘Z
1 day ago

Please enjoy this tapir.
#art #Procreate #tapir #cartoon

ᛉ Melissa ᛉ
2 days ago

Here is a melanistic fox and black eyed Susans concept. I asked folks what to draw on twitter and foxes came out on top. Unsurprisingly 😅 #wip #sketch #fox #art #procreate #illustration

Will Morris-Julien
2 days ago

The meeting (Alt colour rough sketch) #sketch #gamedev #conceptart #indiegame #procreate #gameart #art #MastoArt

Fever dream YAMI poster
2 days ago

How about a curious cat for today's June Toon illustration? 😸

I'm posting all the time-lapses for these on YouTube too, btw - so check that out (and subscribe, if you like) too!

#drawing #illustration #cartoon #art #digitalart #procreate #ipadpro #junetoons #mastoart

A yellow cat pokes around from behind a purple tree, curious about what's going on with the viewer.
3 days ago
A risograph-style illustration consisting of images of Spider-Man’s head in various postions in three different colors (red, blue, yellow). Spider-sense is tingling!
3 days ago

My new Dinosaur Creature Kit is now available on Gumroad! Find it here:
#assetpack #procreate #procreateart

3 days ago

Alright, here's a late start to a new (well, revived) illustration project: June Toons 2023!

You know I love drawing robots!🤖

#drawing #illustration #cartoon #art #digitalart #procreate #ipadpro #junetoons #mastoart

A robot waving its arms around crazily as a printer on its chest prints out a ream of paper which says "June Toons" in large lettering.
Kinetic Fox
3 days ago

A snazzy new icon for a very good fennec! I wonder what he could be plotting… #MastoArt #Anthro #FurryArt #Furry #Fox #Fennec #Procreate

Another repeating pattern, this one from my own imagination following the Bardot Brush repeating pattern method. So much fun! #Procreate #DigitalArt

A screenshot of a split screen interface. The right-hand panel shows a Procreate window with a drawing of stylized 5-petal flowers in purple, blue, and red over a background of lavender ovals. The flowers are in differing sizes and are slightly transparent so the ovals show through a little bit. 

The left side of the screen shows a website that lets you drop in an image to see how it tiles at different scales. The design tiles perfectly!
Doctor Popular
4 days ago

Inspired by @csilverman's #notesArt project, I tried drawing one of my #SidewalkFriends sketches in the iOS Notes app.
The source photo was of some sidewalk cracks from a few blocks away. I imported that image into Notes and started drawing on top. Similar to how I usually draw in #Procreate app, but without layers and things.

A screenshot from the iOS Notes app. It shows a photo of the sidewalk, with a digital drawing on top of two men talking to each other. One is drawn in all red, the other is all blue. Above the red person is a word balloon, but instead of words it shows a drawing of a green hill with a red person standing on top.
The original photo of the sidewalk. Some wet areas and cracks are the inspiration for the two faces in the final Sidewalk Friends sketch.
4 days ago

Practicing hand, female body, and braided and messy bun hairstyles

#study #sketch #anatomy #female #hand #hair #messybun #braid #MastoArt #procreate

Body studies by zizudraws
Hand studies by zizudraws
Braided and loose hairstyle studies by zizudraws

Seamless repeating pattern! I had to do the tutorial twice, but now I’ve got it. #Procreate #DigitalArt

A screenshot of a split screen interface. The right-hand panel shows a Procreate window with a cartoony drawing of cheery pink strawberries over a background of pink quadrilateral shapes. The strawberries and their green stems are slightly transparent so the pale pink shapes show through a little bit. 

The left side of the screen shows a website that lets you drop in an image to see how it tiles at different scales. The strawberries tile perfectly!

A couple of “Calvin at DrifterStudio” watercolor tutorials in #Procreate. I bought his $16 set of watercolor brushes on etsy. Excellent brushes! #DigitalArt

A watercolor sunflower, one big sunflower head in the center of the textured white paper. Shades of yellow and orange with the center in browns. So cheerful!
A sliced-open kiwi fruit. Streaky green and white interior with speckled back seeds. Brown skin around the perimeter. Loose and watercolor-ish
5 days ago

Time for more art. Here's a little #conceptart piece I made today, I fell outta love with it once I started adding colour so I reverted back to the sketch.
Made in #procreate .

Jarom Vogel
5 days ago

A few little fox sketches I snuck in this week 🦊

#MastoArt #Fox #Art #Sketch #Color #CharacterDesign #Procreate

3 fox sketches using color gradients and textures. One fox is jumping, one is sitting, one just shows a head looking intently.
6 days ago
Illustration of two cute peas in a pod
Andrew Browne
6 days ago

Sapporo TV Tower variants. Wrought iron structures may be a new favorite to draw.

#MastoArt #architecture #retro #art #procreate #drawing

Sapporo TV Tower in red with a white background.
Sapporo TV Tower in red with a night sky background.
Sapporo TV Tower at dusk.
1 week ago

Si eres #Arquitecto y usas un #iPad con #Procreate, seguro encontrarás este sitio de lo mas interesante:

Plantillas, pinceles, paletas de colores.. y tutoriales.

Jason Nature
1 week ago

Red panda doodle :blobcathearthug:
#doodle #digitalart #doodle #redpanda #procreate

Doodle of a red panda
Will Morris-Julien
1 week ago

Path finding in ice caves (rough sketch) #sketch #gamedev #conceptart #indiegame #procreate #gameart #art #MastoArt

The wanderer illuminates a path ahead
Monsieur G
1 week ago

On est lundi, c’est donc le jour de la rediffusion de la pin-up du dimanche directement dans votre flux pour celleux qui ont la flemme de cliquer sur les liens #pinup #MastorArt #Procreate

Dessin d’une brune déhanchée en sous-vêtements noirs.
1 week ago

was recently with some friends and a drawing prompt came up that was amazing. "draw the virginia flag, without ever seeing it, from a short verbal description."

They were all of them amazing. Best I can do is share mine. You can imagine the rest.

#procreate #flags #virginia #cartoon

Traci Van Wagoner
1 week ago

So this month has gotten away from me. I better post a few more of my past #Mermay paintings before the month is over. Oh wait, I painted a new one and forgot to share.
#Mama #Mermaid #Mermay2023 #PaintPlay #Art #artmatters #artists #fantasyart #ArtistsOnMastodon #mastodonart #DigitalArt #procreate #illustrator #illustration #KidLitArt @Curator

Mama and baby mermaid cuddle deep in the sea
1 week ago

I call this one 'can you hurry up and finish the side quest, as it's my turn'

#zelda #procreate #mastoart #nintendoswitch #drawing

1 week ago

New #portrait #drawing. :bunhd:

Made with #Procreate and Lane Brown's Pastel Pro brush pack (mostly GRANDular Pencil).

I made swatches of all the 120 Polychromos colors and picked some of those for this drawing.

#Timelapse GIF with potato quality attached as well.

Reference photo by Sam Pineda (Pexels).

#PortraitDrawing #DigitalDrawing #art #MastoArt

Digitally drawn portrait (shoulders up) of an Asian woman with long black hair. She is looking directly at the camera, her head is tilted to the left side of the image. Some stray hairs are flowing in the wind. She is wearing a white top of which only the shoulder strap is visible.
Procreate timelapse GIF of a digital portrait drawing depicting an Asian woman.
1 week ago

#MastoArt #sketch #procreate


I’m always trying to figure out how to do mock-watercolors in digital art. The flower isn’t bad but the leaves look more like oil pastels, eh? But that’s also a natural medium, anyway. #DigitalArt #Procreate

A yellow flower. It is not based on reality, just a stereotypical daisy-type flower. The petals are two slightly different shades of yellow and there are a few brown dots in the center. The stem and the two leaves are in two shades of green with some white highlights. A loose pencil-like outline gives definition.

Here’s what I drew yesterday in #Procreate. I followed the technique from the stained glass #tutorial that I posted yesterday, but used my own imagination for the Frank Lloyd Wright-esque design. I love it! #Art #DigitalArt

A diamond-shaped stained glass window. This is the one from my imagination. The inner diamond is divided and subdivided with straight lines into a Frank Lloyd Wright style pattern of diamonds in differing sizes. It looks random but I balanced it carefully. The colors are muted purples, greens, blues, and ochres. The edges are shaded and the center is lighter, to give the effect of sun shining through the glass.
1 week ago

Been working on this for a long-ass while now, but have been in overdrive the last few days.

The way I work is basically backwards, which means it's slow as heck, but I get it looking how I want.
Since I wasn't sure on what exactly I was doing, I just started rendering the sketches I had, so worked over some parts several times until I got the flow looking how I wanted. Then I did the lines and flats over the finished render. XD
Just a few bits and bobs left!

#Procreate #wip

A straight-on headshot of a bear druid with maw open and tongue hanging out over the front bottom teeth.
The head is a skull with spikes on the cheeks and wooden horns on top, stretching out to the sides that blend into wood at the ends.
A ghostly blue glow is emanating from the eye sockets, nose hole and back of the throat. A scar is etched over the right eye socket.
A white, scruffy mane encircles the head.
A front, back and side illustrations, a lined flat colour style images put next to rendered and shaded versions of the same character.
Character is a bear druid, with a skull head and wooden horns. A scruffy white mane extends around the head and shoulders, then running along the back to the tail. Five bone spines of varying lengths extend from the back along the spine, first and last being the shortest, and middle spine being the longest.
Arms and legs are wooden, blending into dark-blue flesh after the elbow/knee joints.
A leather strap crosses the chest and back as well as wrapping around the waist, with a silver moon emblem sitting on the front cross part.
A ghostly blue light emanates from the eye sockets, nose hole and mouth.
Doctor Popular
2 weeks ago

New #SidewalkFriends sketch. Photographed at a nearby park, then digital sketched in #Procreate on my iPad. #kite

A digital illustration of a kite flying as seen from the ground, with the string coming close to the viewer. 

This is a timelapse video that shows the final kite painting, then goes back to the original photo that inspired it. The photo is a close up of paint on an asphalt, with some shapes that are used as inspiration for the final illustration.
Nilly Robot
2 weeks ago

"There's always a lesson, if you choose to learn it."

-Seventh Beacon of Jupiter Lane

#MastoArt #DigitalArt #procreate #Horror #CharacterDesign

A stone-like woman with long red hair stands tangled in static wires in front of a broken cathedral window. She holds up a stone that glows red.
John Washam 🎨
2 weeks ago

"Core Conservator"

I did this as a tutorial from a Renderwave Colorpedia book I purchased a few years ago.

The idea was to make backgrounds really quickly with big shapes and clarify somewhat to give a good impression without all the details. This took maybe 45 minutes to do.

#digitalArt #digitalPainting #procreate #art #MastoArt #ArtistsOnMastodon

Deep inside a cavern we have a bright fiery light source behind a land bridge with a lone person walking along it.
Jarom Vogel
2 weeks ago

Pretty busy over here taking care of a new baby girl! 🥳🌈💃 BUT here’s a colored version of one of my sketches from a couple weeks ago along with a dumb Zelda joke.

#Illustration #MastoArt #Procreate #Drawing #CharacterDesign #Color #Art

Sketch showing a young danish prince in Victorian era clothing holding a skull and looking skeptical. A caption underneath says: “‘Yahaha! You found me! ‘ hissed the skull.”
Reinder Dijkhuis Does Art
2 weeks ago

Holy crap, #Procreate is back on its back on its battery-slurping bullshit. 30 % down in less than an hour!

Iris Luckhaus
2 weeks ago

Weil ich seit Monaten eine Großbaustelle direkt vor dem Bürofenster habe, die Kopfhörer nicht immer ausreichen und das Umziehen meines Arbeitsplatzes größere Umkabeleien erfordert, habe ich mich gefragt, was Lily Lux da wohl tun würde bzw. wie es wohl aussehen könnte, das Beste daraus zu machen?


@Curator #illustration #procreate #illustratorin #superheldin #photoshop #superheldin #superillustrator #lilylux #superheroine #supergirl

Illustration einer Superheldin bzw. Superillustratorin, die ein bisschen wie @Lily_Lux aussieht, mit einem großen iPad und von einer Schwalbe begleitet über eine Stadt mit riesigen Baukränen fliegt und ganz eventuell ein klitzekleines bisschen selbstironisch gemeint ist.
Will Morris-Julien
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Ich probiere mal einen anderen Stil.
#procreate #procreateart

Zwei Typen rasen auf einer roten Vespa am Strand vorbei und johlen und lachen weil sie den Mädels die Bikinioberteile geklaut haben.
2 weeks ago

Naturalist Heart

version 2 because green and orange fits so well ;v;

#Art #MastoArt #furry #furryart #Anthro #SpiritualArt #Natureart #Procreate #digitalart #occult #vultureculture

Paul Caggegi
3 weeks ago

Art by my 8-year-old daughter. Done in procreate. She gets it. #procreate #idahobit2023

hand reaching out with a rose. hand with a rose tattoo. love hearts. price flags. Illustration.
Lughaidh, the 🐅
1 month ago

Love playing round with papercraft ❤️

caffeinated bull boi (char not mine) #furryart #procreate

Illustration with some papercraft with an anthropomorphic bull in half tone print holding a coffee cup. The text beside him reads “once I get my coffee I get mooving”.
Will Morris-Julien
1 month ago

Across the desert they flew (rough sketch) #sketch #gamedev #conceptart #indiegame #procreate #gameart #art #MastoArt #noAi

Christopher Bretz
1 month ago

The Bride of Frankenstein. I did this for Halloween a few years ago. #illustration #mastoart #procreate #halloween

A black and white illustration of a sexy Bride of Frankenstein holding up a human skull. She looks to the viewer.
1 month ago

FINALLY i finished this one!

If i remember correctly the background/overall theme was something i saw in a dream but when sketching it awake i thought it as somewhat empty and just put in my oc manon. :lies_down:

i think i'm gonna call it "nursery stroll" or something. not good with names :lies_down:

#illustration #fantasy #MastoArt #DigitalArt
#DreamArt #procreate

woman in floaty violet dress strolls through something that looks like a tree nursery. the trees grow out of transparent teal colored bulbs. something warm coral toned is glowing inside them. the trees themselves have teal - blue bark and different hues of pink tones as leaves.
1 month ago

While I’m taking a break from posting and engaging everywhere else online, mastodon has been chill enough for me to stay active. My audience here is much smaller. It’s nice.

I’m still in the rudimentary stage of understanding bulkier forms. They still turn out a little stiff and muddled in their anatomy and spatial awareness, but I’m slowly improving. This guy was from a few weeks ago. I love turning figure studies into weird guys.
#Anatomy #FigureDrawing #illustration #Procreate

An illustration of a winged beast with a long nose and a muscular figure
Fractal Kitty
1 month ago
Sparrow singing on a branch. Photo is textured to like painting-like with a vignette.
1 month ago

Die Entstehung der heutigen Folge im #Bärenabo.
In #Procreate zu arbeiten macht mir wirklich Spaß. Es ist kein Ersatz für traditionelle Werkzeuge, aber es schlägt Photoshop in Sachen #DigitalPainting wirklich um Längen. Und dass es während des Zeichnens automatisch einen Clip mit dem Arbeitsprozess speichert, ist die Kirsche auf der Torte. 🙂

Ira F. Cummings
2 months ago

Feeling the environment around here. Cape Ripples

#capecod #massachusetts #ma #mixed #procreate

Mixed media digital collage
2 months ago

finally FINALLY getting back into drawing again….

#procreate #sketch #breathofthewild #nintendo #zelda

a screenshot from the art app Procreate containing a sketch. The scene shows Link cooking surrounded by Bokgoblins and a Korok that seem to be chilling and helping him cook.
André Rodrigues
2 months ago


Here are some fun designs I did recently for Big Green Pillow.

#conceptart #procreate

Karyl :godot: :procreate:
2 months ago

Decided to go a little wild with my tooltips for #Mercantile. Not done yet, but have some flat colours in. Man, hand animating things is hard work! Done in #Procreate.

#GameDev #IndieDev #IndieGame #MastoArt #BuildInPublic

A hand drawn animation of a parchment scroll unfurling
Isaac LeFever
2 months ago

Silkscreen poster I illustrated and printed myself a few years back while taking a screenprinting class.

#screenprint #art #drawing #procreate #mastoart #poster

Screenprinted poster of a skill saying "meow" in a talk bubble