Ellane W
4 minutes ago

I’ve made some #analog weekly and monthly planning #templates that are so simple and generic, they’re symmetrical in two directions.

This came about because my only working printer can’t do double-siding, but it turns out this kind of #simplicity is also good for stopping my #productivity being derailed by endless iterations. A trap I’m prone to.

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Josh Bruce
30 minutes ago

Things continue moving along and I’m still trying on this self-promotion thing; pardon the bumps.

1. Support me directly and 8fold indirectly via Open Collective:

2. Support and help prioritize any of the 8fold projects:

3. Sign up for notifications on various books on Leanpub:

Will start lean publishing chapters for Master the Mundane in January.


7 hours ago

💡 What Successful Programmers Do That Others Don't: Dave Cutler | Dave's Garage

#Programming #Productivity #Testing

How-To Geek
7 hours ago
Estelle Platini
8 hours ago

Behind any aircraft that takes off for an attack, there are thousands of soldiers, men and women, who make the information accessible to the pilot. "They produce the targets and make the targets accessible. To set a target, it’s a process with lots of factors that need to be approved. The achievement, the collateral damage and the level of accuracy. For that, you have to interconnect intelligence, (weapon) fire, C4I [an integrated military communications system, including the interaction of troops, intelligence and communication equipment] and more," said Nati Cohen, currently a reservist in the Exercises Division of the C4I Division of the army.

Published in 2021 on the army's website: @military

#data #analytics #planning #intelligence #MilInt #military #army #C4I #ES2 #IDI #productivity #ethics #AIWar #AIWarfare #AIRisks #collateralDamage #casualties #civilians #airStrikes #bombing #weapons #arms #terrorism #counterTerrorism #israel #israelGazaWar #warCrimes

10 hours ago

Here is a short post about the approach I use to organise tags and priority flags in TickTick to-do list manager.


Personal blog:

#ticktick #productivity #taskmanager

How-To Geek
10 hours ago

What's the Difference Between Business and Consumer Laptops (And Which Should You Buy?)

Check it out! 👇

#Productivity #Business #Laptops #Hardware

10 hours ago

Tip of the day: Apple’s Reminders is a great application for keeping track of what’s done and what still needs to be done. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could create a reminder for items in #DEVONthinkToGo? We created a shortcut to make that an easier process. #automation #devonthink #pkm #productivity #tipoftheday #workflow

Adrian Segar
12 hours ago
working productively: a photograph of the view out of my office window in early winter
ITF Tech Ltd
14 hours ago

Have you tried Read Aloud in Word or Outlook yet? It saves time and improves comprehension by letting you listen to the text. Select Read Aloud (under Review in Word, or Message in Outlook) to get started

#productivity #Microsoft #ReadAloud

Best AI Tools
22 hours ago

ChatGPT Writer - Generate emails/replies based on keywords

Category : #EmailAssistant #Productivity

Explore ChatGPT Writer AI Tool User Reviews, Tutorials, Pricing and Best Alternatives in 2023

Keith Böhler
22 hours ago

Does anyone have any tips on how to #rebuild #confidence to be a good #student or self learner?

I used to be pretty good and disciplined about it, but I have been feeling dread to pick up books and projects that I used to not have.

#study #math #physics #programming #productivity

Jeff Fortin T.
1 day ago

I keep missing important emails and appointments because of the permanent nature of #GNOME Shell's "Do Not Disturb" #productivity switch.

If you're in the area or we meet at some point, I'll pay beer or dinner to whoever the hell implements this "temporary notifications snooze" & schedule mode for DND (and I think many #ADHD folks would be grateful for this too)… even better if it has a notion of "prioritized apps":

Zsolt Benke
1 day ago

These apps can edit OPML files, or import and export OPML.

Best AI Tools
1 day ago

Circle Chat - CircleChat - AI-Powered Group Chat with Unique AI Personas

Category : #Productivity

Explore Circle Chat AI Tool User Reviews, Tutorials, Pricing and Best Alternatives in 2023

1 day ago

Tip of the day: #Markdown is a file format continuing to gain popularity in many circles. And even though it is a very simple format, there are also some extensions people have created to add additional features to rendered #Markdown. Currently #DEVONthink supports extensions for mathematical equations, diagrams, and syntax highlighting. #pkm #productivity #tipoftheday

Estelle Platini
1 day ago

The first AI war was in May 2021.

#IDI stands for the Intelligence Division of the Israel army. Here is some praise of technology usage:

May 2021 "is the first time that the intelligence services have played such a transformative role at the tactical level.

This is the result of a strategic shift made by the IDI [in] recent years. Revisiting its role in military operations, it established a comprehensive, “one-stop-shop” intelligence war machine, gathering all relevant players in intelligence planning and direction, collection, processing and exploitation, analysis and production, and dissemination process (PCPAD)".

Avi Kalo:

(to be continued) 🧶#longThread

#history #BigData #analytics #planning #CrowdSourcing #intelligence #CROSINT #MilInt #military #AIWar #AIWarfare #israelGaza #israelGazaWar #israelHamas #Hamas #Habsora #israel #army #productivity #ethics #bias #AIEthics #AIRisks #organizations #engineering

Graham Downs
2 days ago

There's been a lot of interest globally in the whole #FourDayWorkWeek thing, and companies all over the world have been trialling it.

Here in #SouthAfrica, we've just completed our own such trial. And the results were... rather different from what we've seen globally so far. 🤔

#Productivity #Work

Estelle Platini
2 days ago

A person who took part in previous Israeli offensives in Gaza said:
“If they would tell the whole world that the [Islamic Jihad] offices on the 10th floor are not important as a target, but that its existence is a justification to bring down the entire high-rise with the aim of pressuring civilian families who live in it in order to put pressure on terrorist organizations, this would itself be seen as terrorism. So they do not say it.”

+972 and Local Call investigated:

(to be continued)

#airStrikes #bombing #weapons #arms #terrorism #counterTerrorism #israelGaza #israelGazaWar #israelHamas #Hamas #Habsora #ethnicCleansing #warCrimes #tech #israel #army #productivity #ethics #bias #aiEthics #collateralDamage #casualties #civilians

Photo of persons searching for the wounded after an Israeli airstrike on a house in the Shaboura refugee camp in the city of Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, Palestin, on November 17, 2023. (by Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90)
Marco Serafini
2 days ago

The essence of true efficiency lies not so much in speed but in dedicating more time to what truly matters.

Quality over quantity is key.

In a world obsessed with quick results, this reminds us to prioritize meaningful tasks and invest time where it brings the most value.

#Productivity #Efficiency #ProductivityMindset

🎂 Linwood
2 days ago

The first 2.0 release candidate was released!
This release improves the connection system.
We are now in the release candidate phase. This means that we will only fix bugs and not add new features. If you find a bug, please report it on GitHub.

Read more here:

#flutter #flutterdev #opensource #productivity

Estelle Platini
2 days ago

‘Mass assassination factory’

“We prepare the targets automatically and work according to a checklist,” a source who previously worked in the Target Division told +972/Local Call. “It really is like a factory. We work quickly and there is no time to delve deep into the target. The view is that we are judged according to how many targets we manage to generate.”

A separate source told the publication that the Habsora AI had allowed the IDF to run a “mass assassination factory” in which the “emphasis is on quantity and not on quality”. A human eye, they said, “will go over the targets before each attack, but it need not spend a lot of time on them”.


#militaryAI #Habsora #AIRisks #IsraelDefenseForces #IDF #army #productivity #tech #techCulture #ethics @ethics #bias #AI #aiEthics #generativeAI @ai #StochasticParrots @dataGovernance @data #Gaza #war #israelGaza #israelGazaWar #israelPalestineWar #bombardment #bombs #Habsora #ethnicCleansing #warCrimes

Jon Tromans
2 days ago

Evernote have added restrictions to the free plan for all users!


- Whats happening
- Short history of free on the internet
- The entitlement of free forever
- Do you want a cheaper plan or just free?
- My own ideas for a free plan
- What to do next?

Read for free & sub if you want👇

#Evernote #Productivity

2 days ago

Tip of the day: #PDFs come from a variety of sources but not always in the perfect form for your work. Sometimes you may have pages you don’t need. Maybe you had a marathon scanning session to one big document but need individual documents now. Whatever reason you have for splitting a #PDF, #DEVONthink has a few special options available. #pkm #productivity #tipoftheday

Jim Salvucci
2 days ago

How can we boss less and lead more?

The Paradox of Lack: What Happens When Subtraction Fosters Growth

Listen or read at On Leading with Greatness!

#leadership #productivity #badbossing

If recent adjustments in #ONS #GDP data & the ongoing reformation of its #labour statistics continue, then as #inflation falls, the UK may look less of a regional economic outlier than it has in the last few years... but the Q. is will this have a positive impact on inwards #investment (or any investment for that matter)?

The problems of #productivity stagnation & the UK's ineffective #management persist, which may mean investors will continue to have reasons to look elsewhere?

3 days ago

Apple Notes has let me down!
Notes are blank when I open them. Not just one, but a load of them.
This is not good.
I’m trying Goodnotes as an alternative.
#productivity #AppleNotes 📚
3 days ago

Apple’s macOS operating system is full of helpful ways to boost your productivity, and one of the best is Split View. Here's how to use it.

#apple #macos #sonoma #productivity

3 days ago

Focus matters, especially when distractions abound. Let #QDAcity be your ally! 🧠✨ Our coding editor offers a toolkit, allowing you to configure it based on your needs. Save your task-specific editor for easy access whenever you need it. Ready to enhance your concentration? Give it a try: 🚀💻

#FocusOnTask #ProductivityBoost #qualitativeresearch #workflow #research #phd #phdlife #CAQDAS #researcher #qualitativedataanalysis #dataanalysis #webapplication #productivity

3 days ago

Tip of the day: When it comes to syncing in #DEVONthink and #DEVONthinkToGo, some people wonder or get confused about how to “get my databases on both devices”. Here are some tips and things to understand about syncing. #cloud #pkm #productivity #sync #tipoftheday

Marco Serafini
4 days ago

Time-blocking, a versatile and effective productivity technique, empowers individuals to take control of their time and accomplish more.

Read my new article on @medium!

#productivity #pkm #time #timemanagement #timeblocking

4 days ago

#labor #productivity

  1. Capital increases labour productivity eg shovel vs mechanical digger. Chatgpt...
  2. Capital requires investment
  3. The cheapest investment $$$ is savings
  4. Artificial Low rates for 20 years discourages savings
  5. covid money printing leading to price #inflation

A. Raise rates. Done.
B. Increase taxes. Cut spending. Opposite in progress.
C. Cut immigration.
D. Reallocate social spending to infrastructure like fast rail done in a globally.

#austrian #econ101

Zsolt Benke
4 days ago

Follow-up on Liked “MailMate”:
I just bought MailMate a couple of minutes ago. It turns out I love to use plain-text email for writing and reading. It’s just way easier to edit my emails in MacVim than to fuck around with the compose window.
The Things integration is also pretty cool. I can get the complete plain-text email in the to-do note, which is […]

Venkatesh-Prasad Ranganath
4 days ago

Here's how I use probability distributions to effectively and efficiently test fixes that address test flakiness. If you use other approaches to test such fixes, then please share them via replies.

#software #testing #flakiness #probability #productivity

Programming Quotes
5 days ago

Nine people can't make a baby in a month.

— Frederick P. Brooks

#productivity #programmers

[I don't normally post from the Times, but]

Here's David Smith offering a concise summaryof research on UK's record of low (or zero) #productivity growth.

Problems include:

investing in things where productivity growth is difficult (including services generally & #financialservices particularly);

Events (from financial crises to #brexit);

Policy churn & difficult to navigate (overly complex) #regulation of economic activity.

Result: low (relative) productivity!

5 days ago

I've replicated my #GTD worklow from #zim perfectly in #Obsidian using the Dataview and Tasks plugins. All lists are generated automatically, including adding links to People Notes for tracking deferred tasks. Loving this! #productivity

A screenshot showing the auto-generated Inbox, Next Actions and Waiting For lists as defined in GTD.
IT News
5 days ago

Amazon Introduces Q, an A.I. Chatbot for Companies - Amazon has been racing to shake off the perception that it is lagging in the push to take... - #computersandtheinternet #artificialintelligence #cloudcomputing #amazon.cominc #productivity #software #chatgpt

5 days ago

If you use a Mac and an iPad at the same time, Universal Control allows you to control both devices from a single keyboard and mouse or trackpad. Here we’ll show you this convenient feature. #devonthink #devonthinktogo #macos #ios #productivity #universalcontrol

Proton Mail
5 days ago

At Proton, your voice matters.

All of your feedback – be it on social media, in support tickets, on our UserVoice forum, or in user interviews – guides our development.

In recent months we’ve added 38 of the most requested improvements and #productivity features to #ProtonMail and #ProtonCalendar.

This includes:
🧲Attachment previews
🔍Event search in Proton Calendar
🎉Public holidays in Proton Calendar

➕ Discover many more on our blog:

Proton Mail and Proton Calendar icons surrounded with symbols of newly added features (magnifying glass for search, paper clip for attachment previews,  Apple logo for iOS app improvements, sun for UI updates pertaining to better visibility).
6 days ago

Balancing the analogue and digital

People who know me well are frequently surprised when I pull out my notebook to write something down. After all, I'm the guy they go to for tech support, and advice on buying new devices. I'm the guy who bores them with tales of achieving things with my iPhone, or the latest app that makes my life easier. Who waxes lyrical about Apple live events as if I was there.

#Productivity #BulletJournal #Things3 #AnalogueProductivity

6 days ago

New software review on my website!

Thunderbird (Email and Calendar)

Stable, capable desktop email application, works well with multiple accounts including Gmail, Nextcloud, easy to set up and use but with advanced settings when you need them.
#software #email #calendar #macos #linux #windows #productivity #nextcloud #review

Programming Quotes
1 week ago

It's better to wait for a productive programmer to become available than it is to wait for the first available programmer to become productive.

— Steve McConnell

#productivity #programmers

Nils Weisensee
1 week ago

I often draft notes in #Obsidian but eventually need them in Google Docs to discuss with colleagues. Does anyone have recommendations for a quick workflow to move a #markdown note into Google Docs while preserving existing formatting?

I currently export as RTF and then copy/paste into Google Docs. That can't be the best solution.

#productivity #workflow #automation

Jeff Fortin T.
1 week ago

Suggesting toned down, less blinding/glaring background colours for the task details view in #Kanboard (the Free and #opensource #kanban web app) when running the operating system's #darkmode.
This would improve #accessibility and general #UX for light-sensitive users and night owls #productivity beasts:

Kay :heart_bi:
1 week ago

@Niall The new NZ government (says it) is committed to improving New Zealand's #productivity. It's also disestablishing the Productivity Commission to fund the work of the Minister of Regulations.
#nzpol #TrueFact

Paweł Grzybek
1 week ago

@StevenJackson Some time ago, I published an article about using RSS for YouTube and GitHub content. Today, I updated it because I just learned that YouTube generates feeds for individual playlists.

#rss #productivity

1 week ago

Perhaps the emphasis on mateocracy and corporate welfare has undermined the focus on #productivity , IMO.

If 13 years of #Tory leadership and a chance to completely rewrite trade with our largest partner results in zero growth, the problem is coming from inside the house.


Yes, I think that's fair enough but the Sunderland plant remains world-leading which I always thinks indicates the problem with #productivity in the UK is not with the #workers but rather lies with UK (or perhaps English) #management

Zaelyna (Zae) Beck
1 week ago

Kanban for @obsidianmd -- 😍😍😍!

I've wrestled for years re: handling "important but not urgent" to-do projects. Analog bujo collections are a chore to manage vs a tool. This plugin keeps it all sorted on one board + backlinks to any other related notes. 😄

#BulletJournal #Productivity #SecondBrain #Tech

Max Leibman
1 week ago

You can’t. That's word salad. You may as well write an article entitled, “How can you use lucid dreaming to ensure accurate print output of data visualizations?”
#LinkedIn #productivity

Snippet of LinkedIn article notification: “View collaborative article in Time Management: How can you use mindfulness to monitor progress when delegating tasks?”
1 week ago

📄 LibreOffice 7.6.3 Office Suite Is Out Now with More Than 110 Bug Fixes | @9to5linux

"Coming almost a month after LibreOffice 7.6.2, the LibreOffice 7.6.3 update is here with another layer of bug and security fixes in an attempt to beef up the stability, reliability, and security of the latest LibreOffice 7.6 office suite series"

#Libreoffice #Productivity #Opensource

Ellane W
1 week ago

Whether or not you are suffering from digital overwhelm, the concept of simple task management in an app like #Obsidian or @ia Writer is worth looking at. If you're not sure whether a simple system using links and queries might work for you, check out my latest article on the subject:

Medium members:

Free (for now) on my blog:

#productivity #ProjectManagement

shrimp eating mammal 🦐
2 weeks ago

the year is 2073. there are more todo list apps than there are people living on earth. uses more electricity than the top 20 energy-using industrialized nations combined. people find a way to use it as a social network, sharing entirely new todo list apps with their friends instead of posting to a feed. #dev #tech #foss #todo #productivity

2 weeks ago

Just signed up for Raycast Pro to test out their integrated AI features. It seems promising for finding information and generating code snippets. Worth considering for a productivity boost. #RaycastPro #AI #Productivity #llm

Linux TLDR
2 weeks ago

#JeremyHunt has drunk the Kool Aid on #ArtificialIntelligence;

In the #AutumnStatement he'll justify #tax cuts with the prospect that #AI will so increase #civilservice #productivity that the proceeds can reduce taxes.

Of course, he's not going to wait for that to actually happen, oh no; he's going to reduce the taxes now, because if the 'efficiency gains' don't appear (they likely won't to the extent he predicts), it'll be someone else's fiscal problem

Or he's just using it as an excuse...

2 weeks ago

"Can #developer #productivity be measured? Better than you think"

Ooo boy, this should be good! Knights Templar gonna dogpile this so bad.

/me grabs popcorn

@McKinsey via @CIOonline


Today, I (re?)learned the value of breaking down tasks, even after I do them. Progress throughout the day is immediately apparent, even though I’ve been doing the same thing for over two hours now, in chunks. #orgmode #productivity

Alarmingly Bad
2 weeks ago

COMIC VIDEO: Productivity

Every freaking time.

#comic #webcomic #productivity #funny #video #mastoart #alarminglybad

Alarmingly Bad comic video where a man uses his free time productively
2 weeks ago

New #Renault Master revealed today at the #Solutrans motor show in Lyon.

⚡ Highest #efficiency in its category, and a 10" screen to take your #browsing game to a whole new level.

Unblock a world of #entertainment and #productivity with Vivaldi in your car! 🚗

Get all the details in Renault's press release:

More about Vivaldi in cars:

Front picture of the new Renault Master van connected to a charger, under the logos of Vivaldi and Renault.
Interior image of the new Renault Master showing the 10" screen with some apps on it, among which the Vivaldi logo is visible.
Artem R 🇺🇦
2 weeks ago

In the last few weeks, I made a simple Pomodoro timer app using Penpot to design and Expo (React-Native) for coding: that helps to stay productive #indie #app #apple #productivity #gtd

Marina Kraus
2 weeks ago

I tried a lot to find out what works best for a daily working routine and after lots of different approaches I ended up with noting down all things I need to do during the day in a paper notebook. Just this - and some calendar reminders that pop up on my screen to not forget the time. 😊

Do you use a daily to-do list?

#productivity #ToDoList

Ruth Mottram
2 weeks ago

Things I can do with #LLMs - help students with #coding questions while *also* attending kids activities.


2 weeks ago

It's very easy to say that "#AI" is a #productivity multiplier and for some people in their work it is.

But we don't really have any studies to see if that's structurally true or whether for example the quick wins you gain from using generated scaffolding are eaten up by extra costs for reengineering, bugfixing or general maintenance later.

And that's just the pure "productivity" (which itself is _very_ hard to measure). The effects on the demands with regards to output quantity, allotted time for task, expected quality haven't been studied yet either.

We. Just. Don't. Know. Yet.

So take these large promises with a shovel of salt.

Morothar ⚨
2 weeks ago

Here's a (work-in-progress) strategy tool for those who struggle with perfectionism (or constantly trying to do your absolute best with everything):
Think about what school grade you need on something you want or should or must do. This is a tool that is supposed to help with figuring out what "good enough" means for any given task and what you want to go for. (This can reduce your stress levels and help with executive dysfunction.)

Example: When you clean your desk, do you go for an A or would a C or D suffice? Maybe you can think of tasks where an E is the "good enough" you should go for. (You need to adjust this and use the grading system you internalized.)

As with all strategies, it won't be useful for everyone, so don't just assume that this will work great for you.

Feedback wanted. Boosts and (or reposts to other platforms) also very welcome.

#AuDHD #ADHD #ActuallyAutistic #neurodiversity #productivity #burnout

Ellane W
2 weeks ago

1 of 2
Nick Milo says—

“Putting together a working #PKM system takes a lot of trial & error, and even then there is so much ambiguity, it's madness to go it alone. Having a set of linked notes isn't enough to get a system working.”

In other words, he believes I need to buy his course if I’m to succeed.

Thanks, but no thanks. I’m happy to let my system evolve on its own.

#productivity #obsidian #obsidianMD

2 weeks ago

Tip of the day: The beauty of the paperless office is that you can automate workflows. But maybe you are not familiar with all the capabilities of automation in #DEVONthink or don’t know when which one makes sense? Here are the main options and when it’s best to use each. #automation #paperless #pkm #productivity #tipoftheday #workflow

#Microsoft #Copilot is now in public preview as a web app at

Current limitations:
- Only desktop browsers, no mobile browser support yet
- Only Chromium-based browsers like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera, Samsung Internet & Vivaldi
#AI #Productivity

Mike Burke
3 weeks ago

Discover how I boosted focus with the @darknoise app! My latest blog explores swapping music for ambient sounds like "Working in the Wilderness." It's productivity and tranquility at the touch of a button! Read more:

#DarkNoise #FocusTips #Productivity

3 weeks ago

In many respects, though, the ultimate beneficiary is the organisation itself, which has a vested interest in cultivating the ties – or tethers – that bind us. It is a small step from connectedness to capture, where the sense of belonging is an organisation’s sense that its subjects belong to it.

#MentalHealth #Productivity

Thunderbird: Free Your Inbox
3 weeks ago

It's Monday, and if you're like us, being online for work and fun can be a literal pain in the neck. @pocket_recommends has a great collection of stretches for the very online, and this week we're giving seated neck stretches a try: 🪑

How do you all remember to stay limber in front of your keyboard, whether it's at your desk or on your keyboard? 📱 ⌨️

#Productivity #Thunderbird #Health

3 weeks ago

#Design #Launches
Let’s Get Creative · A collection of high-quality online creativity tools

#UxDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #WebDev #Frontend #Creativity #Productivity #Inspiration

Jason Yip
3 weeks ago

Yes, you can measure software developer #productivity but are you sure that’s what you’re measuring or want to measure? | by Jason Yip | Nov, 2023 | Medium

Ellane W
3 weeks ago

This morning I attended the first #JohnnyDecimal Zoom webinar. It was great to learn more about how to implement this system, and to see real people from around the world who are on the same journey! @johnnydecimal

Buy the J.D workbook if you want to join us next time!


4 weeks ago

TIL: you can turn iOS Mail messages into OmniFocus tasks (and probably get message: URLs out of them otherwise, via drag and drop). Instructions here:

#omnifocus #ios #email #productivity

4 weeks ago

If you're already using one of the major #email clients but are considering changing to Vivaldi Mail, this page is for you. ✉️

Here you can read a bit more about the features included in our built-in email client, and see the differences between Vivaldi Mail and the top 6 email clients.

We want you to make an informed decision, so...see for yourself and choose what's best for you!

#emailclient #productivity #browser