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30 minutes ago

Programming uses head and gut.

— Douglas Crockford


35 minutes ago

You've got to really appreciate the little things while working on a programming language, otherwise, writing almost a thousand lines of compiler code just so I can use like a dozen less lines while making small programs just wouldn't be worth it...

2 hours ago

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can someone please create a firefox extension that automatically adds wikipedia to all search requests ?

so I don't have to sort thru all the utter shit that the #enshittified site formerly known as #google sends me ?

thank you

Mathias Hasselmann
2 hours ago

#FloatingPoint arithmetics is, when your rather trivial code enters infinite loops with #GCC, while it runs smoothly with #Clang.

Well, at least I can compare now, and hopefully find a way to make the code more robust against rounding errors.


3 hours ago

Which language would be best for writing a transpiler?

#software #development #programming #compiler #transpiler

Jack William Bell
4 hours ago

This blog post is about the Polylith architecture; which is interesting in itself, but not my major takeaway. I'm more interested in the tools.

> The last #Python Architecture you will ever need?

I've said it before, but I think we should move away from Package Managers and start creating repos containing *all* the dependencies for a project. (Sub-repos for third-party and even local components allowed.)

The problem with this?



Sal Rahman
5 hours ago

Hint for day 3: if it feels like grunt work, then you are doing it right.

There's no special tricks for this.

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Christopher K. Horton
5 hours ago

I found out recently from a coworker about #AdventOfCode . I will have to take a look at that if I have some time after finishing holiday shopping.

#coding #programming

5 hours ago

@MegaMichelle This is kind of how I felt when playing #Factorio too. Why is debugging imaginary conveyor belts so much more pleasant than debugging real code?

#programming #video games

Golang Weekly
5 hours ago

WORX - A micro framework to easily develop TMF APIs in Go


#golang #programming

Rust Weekly 🦀
5 hours ago

Steel – An embeddable and extensible scheme dialect built in Rust


#programming #rustlang #scheme

Zig Weekly
5 hours ago

A wigwam is a small-but-mighty project that reduces public reliance on battleships


#practices #programming #ziglang

I don't know how to fully change my site's root to /csh/ and not /. I am using @dthompson's #Haunt static site generator. #GNU #Guile #Scheme #Programming #Help

6 hours ago
#memes #meme #shitpost #programming #humor if you some how finding this post and think it's funny why you don't check my other memes that i sended and follow for more?
Šimon Tóth
6 hours ago

📆 Day 3 of Advent of Code 2023 is here. Today, we are decoding an engine schematic.

😊 Part two today was perhaps the first interesting problem, so how did you do?

💡 Share your solutions.

#cpp #cplusplus #coding #programming #dailybiteofcpp #adventofcode

7 hours ago

I've managed to stumble my way through day 1 and 2 of #adventOfCode but day 3 is a whole other story.

Not sure where to start but I just got flashbacks to the knights tour style problems for some reason.

#code #coding #programming

#AdventOfCode Day 3, in #FSharp, in about an hour (1:30PM eastern)!

Hope to see you in chat!

#DotNet #LiveCoding #Programming

7 hours ago

💡 What Successful Programmers Do That Others Don't: Dave Cutler | Dave's Garage

#Programming #Productivity #Testing

Ben Evans
8 hours ago

LLMs are Stanford grads on mushrooms at Burning Man, part 145021 -- it's plausible, repetitive and utterly dull:

"Generational ZGC is a generational collector, and so it has a young generation and an old generation." #java #programming

8 hours ago

#Microsoft really doesn't want you to be able to change the focused window using your own keyboard shortcuts

Today's video is a deep dive into the insane number of mechanisms that #Windows has put in place to prevent programmatic focus changing, my attempts to circumvent them so far, and a discussion of a new circumvention method I have implemented, which is the most reliable so far, and will be shipped in the next release of #komorebi 🚀

#programming #youtube

Days 1-3 up on GitHub now! I have not written #python in ages so be nice :3

#adventofcode #programming #code #aoc2023

is this how tree structures work?

#programming #memes

a picture of a tree that feel over a road where a section in the middle was cut out to make the road useable again. The caption above reads: 

tree.splice() or something
idk datastructures

My home workplace for the last years... with the Fallout posters in the background, Erra: Exordium game development is happening here

#gamedev #indiedev #videogames #fallout #programming

Python Weekly 🐍
11 hours ago

Show HN: Python decorator to log local variables with each line of code run


#programming #python

Rust Weekly 🦀
11 hours ago

Kellnr - The Rust Crate Registry - Release 5.0.0 is out


#programming #rustlang

Java Weekly
11 hours ago
Lord Olle W
13 hours ago

Lucka 3 - Far å flyg

Idag är det första advent och det är dags att öppna lucka 3 i Agicals julkalender med en spelmakarstuga. Nu börjar det äntligen röra sig på skärmen då vi får lära oss hur man ritar ut en cirkel på skärmen som kan styras med hjälp av piltangenterna.

#rust #gamedev #game #programming #AdventCalendar #macroquad

Ett datorfönster med lila bakgrund. En gul cirkel i mitten. Nere till höger är en bild av Ferris the Rustacean med tomteluva som håller i en spelkontroller. Överst är texten: Spelmakarstuga från Agical
14 hours ago

I have a new blog post: Linux on my Surface Go -

#programming #devOps #blog

Webdev Weekly
17 hours ago
Rust Weekly 🦀
17 hours ago
Ed Suominen
22 hours ago

In my 20th year of #python #programming, ass-deep in a project that's occupied over 5% of that time now, I find myself thinking a lot about Donald Knuth (age 85) who I believe was the one to say "relentlessly refactor" along with the warning that "premature optimization is the root of all evil."

Been talking to machines for 40 years now. Love every day of it.

Ed Suominen
22 hours ago

Plants and animals go from a single cell to complex interconnected arrangements of specialized modules of cells. This is what happens in #programming when you relentlessly #refactor your #ObjectOrientedProgramming #code.

Smelly big methods split into smaller ones, and then when there are too many, their smelly big #class splits, and then the module it's in starts to smell, too, and you have multiple modules. Then sub-packages--while your unit tests are the blood vessels that feed it all.

Keith Böhler
22 hours ago

Does anyone have any tips on how to #rebuild #confidence to be a good #student or self learner?

I used to be pretty good and disciplined about it, but I have been feeling dread to pick up books and projects that I used to not have.

#study #math #physics #programming #productivity

Rust Weekly 🦀
23 hours ago

I got roasted by Prime (Youtuber) - and lived to love it. Why C++ is better than Rust.


#cpp #programming #rustlang

Chip the Android 🌈🤖
23 hours ago

who is getting a hench, thicc @aphyr unit this Christmas? and what's the first thing you're programming it to do?

#maleasfr #asfr #android #muscle #flex #fitness #thicc #jacked #hench #robot #droid #cyborg #scifi #scifiart #sciencefiction #fantasy #gayfantasy #Programming #woof #woofgroup #vpl

A shirtless, muscular android flexes its artificial biceps while wearing orange tights (which reveal its pleasure equipment beneath). its abdominal panel is open revealing robotics and its pectoral has tattoos which cover mini access panels, some of which are open for ventilation
:arch: dedSyn4ps3 :nixos:
1 day ago

Sooo, after coming across the most awesome slim case ever, I couldn't help but put some of the spare RAM I had to good use by building a new #dev setup!

Sure, I've got a beast running in the office, but maybe I'd like to do some casual #gaming in my livingroom after some #programming on #nixos!

This mini-ITX board is the cutest, beefiest mofo I've ever bought for a build! 🤗😎🙌 :nixos:

Em :official_verified:
1 day ago

Is being a "minimalist programmer" a thing? 👀

As in a programmer who specializes in coding with as few external dependencies as possible. Or is this just generally frown upon?

#Programming #Coding

#Nuclear is a #FOSS streaming #music player and a #Spotify alternative. It lets you listen to #music for free without ads and tracking.

#fedi22 #linux #foss #technology #programming #webdev #opensource

Dev Leader
1 day ago

"Just build things!" is the advice you keep hearing... but what should you build?

Read more in this post:

#programming #coding #learntocode

Dev Leader Blog Post
Martijn Faassen
1 day ago

I am not doing the advent of code. Doing it is fine with me.

These puzzles would be neat but my actual work gives me plenty of puzzles.

Doing puzzles may help to learn a new language or library. But projects with more intrinsic motivation seem to work better for me.

For those who enjoy adventing advent away! But others: please don't feel obligated to participate to keep up. Plenty of other ways to learn. Relaxing is important too.


Golang Weekly
1 day ago

Easy to use OpenID Connect client and server library written for Go


#golang #programming

PHP Weekly
2 days ago

New package from the Laravel team: Laravel Pulse - Now in Beta


#laravel #php #programming #webdev

2 days ago

I'm going to make an effort at doing #adventofcode this year. I fully expect to fall behind and generally be slow, because life, but these #programming exercises are interesting, and I need something to re-sharpen my newborn #parenting brain.

I'm doing everything in #nodejs #javascript because, you know what, I like it, despite all the (sometimes justified) hate it receives. Also, that's what my static site generator is written in, so that's where my #coding brain is currently most comfortable.

Blake Patterson
2 days ago

Turbo Pascal turns 40

The first procedural programming language I ever learned was Pascal, taught in my high school AP Computer Science class. We used Turbo Pascal on a small number of DOS clones with amber MDA displays back around 1989.

That class inspired me to sell my Atari ST and get a Tandy 1000TL to run Turbo Pascal. I had much fun toying around with it, making tiny programs.

Later, I purchased Turbo Pascal for the Macintosh and ran it on my Amiga 2000 with A-Max Mac emulator. Worked great!

#Pascal #TurboPascal #Borland #DOS #PC #Amiga #AtariST #programming #programminglanguages #NiklausWirth #blog

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 days ago

Tell me how long you’ve been in #WebDevelopment without telling me. I’ll start:

My first web page was hosted by my local dial-up Internet service provider. The URL had a tilde (`~`) in it. #JavaScript hadn’t been invented yet.

chmod 777 cgi-bin/

#WebDev #programming #coding #development

2 days ago

Your specs need help with duplication, @caleb has the answers, helped me out a lot today!

#ruby #programming

Benjamin Han
2 days ago

@nixCraft My colleague gifted me this box when I was in #IBM Research (pictures taken in 2015). Alas I gifted it to another Turbo Pascal fan when I left.

Love #TurboPascal -- cut my teeth on this. :-)

#Pascal #unboxing #programming

2 days ago

Somehow, whenever I write Rust, I feel like it's not really for me. I always spend so much time dealing with Rust logic, and so little time on actually writing the code I want.

I can understand how it suits a lot of people to have an extremely clear visualization of the path their code takes when it runs, but I prefer to write less code, even in that means sacrificing performance.

#Rust #Rustlang #programming #software #coding #softwaredevelopment

Sean Murthy
2 days ago

Me Basically: GW, Turbo, VB1, VB2, VB3, Quick, VB-DOS, VB4, VB5, VB6, VBA

Dabbled in VB.Net but didn't write any serious amount of code in it.

I think a lot of my cohort has had a similar journey.

#programming #basic #career

2 days ago

#Development #Launches
Advent of Code 2023 · An Advent calendar of small programming puzzles

#Programming #WebDev #AdventCalendar #Puzzle #Leaderboard

Anders Thoresson
3 days ago

I’ve an itch to start exploring #Python for small personal projects using #LLM on local text files.

Did some #coding in PHP like two decades ago. Not much #programming since then.

Where/how do I get started? Tools? Libraries? Tutorials?

MacOS will be where I do this.

JJ Asghar
3 days ago

Stolen from Reddit:

“That’s why the language every programmer knows is profanity.”

#programming #python #ai

🌱 Ligniform :donor:​
3 days ago

All my EDR rules are LOLBIN/LOLBAS based lately. Writing detection rules is a fun way to pair #Programming and #InfoSec , really feel like I've found my calling.
Thank you all for making this such a fun community 💜​🌱​

Ari 🦔
3 days ago

It's time for #AdventOfCode again! I never finish all 24 days with my rusty programming skills, but it's always fun to try a new language for the first 10-15 days.

Last year was #Swift, but this year will be #python and learning to work in #jupyter notebooks.

If you try it out and are comfortable doing so, don't forget to support the dev :)

#programming #code

Good memories! That's where my serious programming journey began.
Turbo #Pascal 6.0, then 7.0, then Borland Pascal, Borland Delphi.
Also Turbo C, which was a 1:1 clone of the same IDE but simply C instead of Pascal. All these compilers were really "turbo", what a speed!
#clang #programming #90s

3 days ago

Alright, I've set up my repo for Advent of Code. As in the past, I'll be using C# and building for readability and correctness instead of code golf or racing the leaderboards. This year I finally figured out how to keep the input files out of source control. Now I don't have to feel guilty about leaking the prompts! :blobfoxupsidedown:​

My solutions will be on GitHub, updated as I complete them:

#AdventOfCode #AdventOfCode2023 #AOC2023 #Dev #Coding #Programming #CSharp #DotNet

Rust Weekly 🦀
3 days ago

mem_dbg is a crate to recursively compute the memory usage of a data structure or print its layout


#programming #rustlang

Facundo Olano
3 days ago

Code is read more than written, code is run more than read. I think this line of thought can be extended beyond code-writing, and used as a rule of thumb to identify problems and make decisions.

#software #programming #ApuntesInchequeables

Haskell Weekly
3 days ago