Schenkl 🏳️‍🌈
6 hours ago

Hat jemand Erfahrungen in der Langzeit Archivierung von #TSDB also Zeitreihen Datenbanken?

#Prometheus sagt in seiner Doku folgendes:

- With proper architecture, it is possible to retain years of data in local storage.

Aber auch:

- Again, Prometheus's local storage is not intended to be durable long-term storage; external solutions offer extended retention and data durability.

Also was stimmt jetzt?

Und wenn doch, wie viele Jahre sind mit "years of data" gemeint?
Ich bräuchte 10+ Jahre.

7 hours ago

Оптимизация DevOps: Как персональные стенды и Grafana улучшают разработку и мониторинг

Всем привет, меня зовут Зуев Алексей, и я работаю DevOps-инженером в компании Bimeister! Сегодня я расскажу вам о том, как мы облегчаем жизнь нашим разработчикам и как разработчик может отследить состояние своего микросервиса в namespace Kubernetes. Основная цель этой статьи - описать, как мы пришли к дашборду для персональных стендов разработчиков.

#Grafanaдашборд #prometheus #визуализация_данных #kubernetes #itкомпании

CodeHead :freebsd:
1 day ago

So I wanted to install #blocky on #FreeBSD . Oh look! It works with #Prometheus and #PostgreSQL. Huh, my monitoring psql instance is still 15.x, need to update that. Let me get my psql notes from my #OrgRoam archive. Weird, something isn't loading. Oh crap, looks like an #emacs package isn't installed right... quick, let me reinstall my packages again just to make sure. Wow, I need to fix up my #emacs config now, I see some bad settings.

Um, what was I doing again?


Schenkl 🏳️‍🌈
2 days ago

<- hat seinen ersten #Prometheus Exporter geschrieben :)

<- Kann jetzt #SchenklRadio in #Grafana überwachen.

2 days ago

Does anyone know whether the #FreeBSD #prometheus #port is built without cgo? I tried to make it use mdns for host lookups (which requires the libc resolver), and it's just not doing it

2 days ago

Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’ Isn’t Like the Alien Movies, and That’s Good
#Collider #MovieFeatures #RidleyScott #Prometheus

Prometheus Authors released #Prometheus version 2.48.1.

Schenkl 🏳️‍🌈
3 days ago

Endlich dazugekommen ein ordentliches #Grafana #Monitoring für die eigenen #Server hinzubauen.

Erstmal nur #nodeexporter, #cadvisor und #traefik per #Prometheus eingesammelt.

Aber nach und nach kommen da auch noch die anderen Sachen rein... #IceCast kommt z.B. noch :)

Screenhsot aus Grafana, das Host Metriken zeigt
Puzzle ITC
6 days ago

Event-Driven Ansible und Prometheus 💻🔧: Teil 2 unserer Miniserie ist online. Tauche ein in die Welt von Event-Driven Ansible und verknüpfe es nahtlos mit deinem Monitoring-Tool. #Prometheus #Ansible #Automation #ITBlog #EventDrivenAnsible

1 week ago

Then I watched #Prometheus , which Netflix suggested was somehow related in some way to Lucy or Scarlett Johansson or something. It didn't make the tiniest particle of sense, but had some fun moments. Is it supposed to be a prequel to Alien(s(es)) or something?

1 week ago

Technically #prometheus, but if you want to argue semantics at 1AM you need to find someone else

The Spaceshipper 🚀
1 week ago

Prometheus (2012): Art by David Levy
#scifi #movie #alien #prometheus #conceptart

1 week ago

Time to learn something new
#grafana #prometheus #selfhosted

James Ashford
2 weeks ago

Thanks to #Grafana and #Prometheus, I'm now #monitoring the storage space on my Mastodon server to ensure that it doesn't accidentally crash again. I've also set up a cron job to empty the cache every few hours.

2 weeks ago

I have a number of docker containers running on a host. One is naughty and seems to consume more memory than it shoudl. Any better idea than htop to check how much each process uses? Ideally it'd be something that has a #prometheus exporter so I could add it to my #grafana dashboards

At 18:00 I restarted the #nextcloud server I run

Screenshot of grafana showing a steady increase in memory consumption over time. At 18:00 it increases form 2.5 GB to 4.5GB and then declines rapidly (due to service restart. After that the memory consumption is below the previous average but increases to more than the previous average over the night
Adriana Villela
2 weeks ago

I am so stoked to have my awesome co-worker, @jea, join me this week on @geekingout_pod to talk about one of my new-found @opentelemetry obsessions: the OTel Operator. Tune in to learn some fun facts about #Prometheus, the Operator's Target Allocator, and more!


#OTel #openTelemetry

Grafana Labs
2 weeks ago

🐝 If you're using #Isovalent Cilium Enterprise and Grafana Cloud, check out this resource or visit our booth at AWS re:Invent (#1088) this week to learn about our co-developed integration.

With this integration, you'll unlock a solution for deep network connectivity and observability using #Cilium, #Prometheus metrics, and Grafana dashboards and alerts!

Achieving Deep Observability with Grafana Labs and Isovalent. This is a brief that discusses the co-developed integration.
Achieving Deep Observability with Grafana Labs and Isovalent. This is a brief that discusses the co-developed integration.
Geeking Out Podcast
2 weeks ago

🎙️ @adrianamvillela geeks out with @jea:

💻 Learn how Jacob led an internal @opentelemetry migration
🎯 Discover how the #OTel Operator's Target Allocator can supercharge #Prometheus
🗣️ Hear about inclusiveness in the OTel community


#GeekingOut #OTelOperator #OpenTelemetry

2 weeks ago

Okay, there is _now_.

It's a pretty dirty hack, but it works, and once I find the time to clean it up a little I might even release it.

Why did I need it in the first place? To get some sensor readings off of an #MicroPython board. I wrote classes that can output #Prometheus text to serve via HTTP, but then found out that running BLE & Wi-Fi simultaneously is a fickle bitch, so I had to pivot to, erm, USB UART and simply gave Gauge.update() a print(str(self)). 🤷‍♂️

Whatever, it works, okay?

Luigi 💚
2 weeks ago

#Docker swarm + #prometheus is kinda tricky when you try to use first time, I'm kinda inclinated to use dns service Discovery for prometheus instead of swarm discovery, because the services I want to monitor is kinda being balanced by traefik so I can easily access their metrics endpoint without need to expose docker socket

2 weeks ago

For reasons that I don’t want to get into right now, I have an application that provides #Prometheus metrics. But not via an HTTP /metrics endpoint, but instead by streaming Prom’s text-based format over a serial port. The stream is endless, metrics are sent in random order. Their values update infrequently by simply appearing a second time in the stream, with the new value.

Is there already an utility that can consume such a stream and provide a normal /metrics HTTP endpoint?

2 weeks ago

Jaja. Große philosophische Fragen stellen, aber Plotholes einbauen durch die ganze LKWs fahren können. Nee, #Prometheus kriegt keine zweite Chance.

Screenshot vom iTunes Store. Der Film Prometheus wird mit den Worten beschrieben: Stimmungsvoller Sci-Fi-Thriller, der große philosophische Fragen stellt
3 weeks ago
Last time I used #influxdb it was on v1.
It worked and worked well.
Now however they seem to have added obstacles for OSS clients, I imagine it's so you buy the hassle-free cloud offering.
Well, I have alternatives.

Sad, because I really liked InfluxDB.
I got stuck at the getting config step
of the docker install.

That's also why I hate #docker.
Give me rpm packages any day.

Btw, #Ampere has 50 Bogomips? So on OCI you get 4x 50 Bogomips cores and 24GB of RAM, also 4GBit/s network with 10TB outgoing.
Not shabby but it's a paravirtualized guest.
So don't put anything confidential there.

But #Oracle #Linux is painful. Wrong decision to use it. I don't really like #Ubuntu and their snaps, but right now it seems like the best choice, as much as I hate to say/write it.

Also this #OCI guest has no #IPv6 connectivity.

I'm not convinced of the cloud offering.
3 weeks ago

"@grafana Announces Strategic #Acquisition of @assertsai and New Tools to Ease Complexity of Observing Systems at Annual #ObservabilityCON"

Adds much-needed competitive ability to integrate & visualize #Prometheus #metrics. Good pickup for them.


Marc-Aurèle Brothier
3 weeks ago

Took finally the time to put in place the #prometheus exporter for my temperature sensors from my #ipx800 in my house and put that on #grafana. Can't wait for some ☀️ days to see the effect from the thermal solar panels.

3 weeks ago

In the Prometheus: running Pushgateway on Kubernetes with Helm and Terraform post I… Read More »

3 weeks ago

Joku hyvä ja kiva uutisjuttukin osui silmiin tänään.

Prometheus-leireillä on kuulemma krooninen pula aikuisista ohjaajista. Itse olen nuorena Protu-leirin käynyt. Ehkä nyt voisi olla aika lähteä ohjaajaksi? Kannustan muitakin harkitsemaan. Kuulemma on hyvä kokemus olla viikko nuorten kanssa pohtimassa elämänmenoa.

#protu #prometheus-leiri

Osma Suominen
3 weeks ago

Pääsin Ylen juttuun, joka kertoo Prometheus-leireistä ja puffaa illan Perjantai-dokkaria.

”Kaikki tulee menemään hyvin” – kahden polven protulaiset Osma ja Kerttu Suominen uskovat tulevaisuuteen

#protu #prometheus #tulevaisuus

Grafana Labs
4 weeks ago

🚀 Announcing Application Observability in Grafana Cloud, with native support for #OpenTelemetry and #Prometheus!

Application Observability delivers a curated experience on top of the Grafana LGTM Stack, with preconfigured dashboards and workflows that makes implementing application monitoring easier and faster. You’ll also be able to set up alerts and SLOs, detect anomalies, and identify root causes.

Now with the addition of Application Observability to the fully managed Grafana Cloud platform, users can extend their #observability stack to correlate between metrics, logs, and traces across frontend, application, and infrastructure layers — all in one place.

See the full demo and read more about it:


Resolve issues faster with Grafana Cloud Application Observability. This is an overview of the new feature announced at ObservabilityCON 2023.
Michal :verified: :btw:
4 weeks ago

I got my head stuck in quite the rabbit-hole with #iot. I bought some relatively cheap "Immax NEO" smart plugs to measure power draw. There's a bloated Android app to read out the current consumption and running total, but no way to export the data out.

I set on an adventure to figure out how to extract the data. As any sane normal person, I wanted to have my power draw data in #HomeAssistant, exported to #Prometheus and graphed using #Grafana, like everything else.

Kromonos 🇩🇪 :pleroma:
1 month ago

@SkyfaR Was mir schon sehr gut gefällt ist, dass #ntfy auch direkt einen Endpunkt für #Prometheus mitbringt.
Ich steh auf so Statistiken :patrick_lol:

Jeff Sikes
1 month ago

The home lab now has some pretty dashboards thanks to Grafana. This was my most difficult setup so far, and my first docker stack with more than one app installed in it.

Ran into issues with the stack crashing a LOT in portainer while I fiddled with it. :yikes: Not sure I made the right choice as to the appropriate server to install it.

#HomeLab #Grafana #Prometheus #Portainer

Sisko Urso
1 month ago

Just finished watching Prometheus (2012), will try to drop some thoughts or review in the comments. #justwatched #watched #cinemastodon #plex #whattowatch #moviedon #Prometheus #trakt

Johannes Kastl
1 month ago

Does anyone have a good tutorial on #Alertmanager at hand? In combination with #Prometheus and #Grafana?

I'd like to get started and finally dig into this, so knowing where to start would be really nice...


Puzzle ITC
1 month ago

In einer Woche findet das erste #PrometheusMeetup der Schweiz statt 🗣️🚀 ! Dich erwarten drei spannende Talks, gleichgesinnte Techies und feine Pizza. Sichere dir für den 16. November einen Platz und melde dich hier an 📝:
#Prometheus #Thanos #PromCon2023 #MeetupBern #TechCommunity

Google виділила додаткові $500 тис. на 2500 стипендій для навчання українців IT-курсам на Prometheus #Українськіновини #Prometheus #Навчання #Новини #Google #Софт

Cees-Jan Kiewiet :rp: :wm:
1 month ago

This month's attempt to forward certain #prometheus metrics to hosted #grafana: Failed

Screenshot showed 150K metrics out of max 10K used
Diego Elio Pettenò
1 month ago

Free Idea: dnf Prometheus Exporter

I need something to make my personal infra maintenance easier, but I have no time to build it. I'm going to throw it out there as a Free Idea, but I also have another suggestion…

#CentOS #Fedora #Prometheus #dnf

eirik ᐸ'aᐳ
1 month ago

promstack architecture diagram after turning on #prometheus agent mode

1 month ago

if you have alerts using node_file_system_available_bytes and happen to run node_exporter with ProtectHome (the ansible galaxy role uses this, too), you should check if you get correct values and not something from e.g. a tmpfs #prometheus

M. Hamzah Khan
2 months ago

Been going in circles all day trying to get #thanos query-frontend to use a redis cache with TLS (so I can use Elasticache).

Tried so many different things trying to troubleshoot the issue, only to figure out that despite what the docs say (, I don't think Redis TLS support has actually been implemented yet:

My Golang skills are too limited to fix it myself. :(

#prometheus #kubernetes

And now, to rewatch Prometheus before it leaves Tubi in 6 days

#SciFi #aliens #RidleyScott #film #movies #Prometheus #horror #Monsterdon #Tubi

The huge alien head from Prometheus from the promo art, and many tiny figures in front of it to show how huge it is
Ivan Babrou
2 months ago

New cool example for ebpf_exporter: CFS delay histogram. In addition to knowing overall CFS throttlig delay from cgroups in cpu.state, now you can have a histogram of individual throttling durations in prometheus.


As a bonus, you get a bpftrace command to observe these.

#ebpf #ebpf_exporter #cgroups #cfs #bpftrace #prometheus

2 months ago

@ryan I use #Prometheus (with node-exporter for host metrics and cadvisor for container metrics) and #Grafana to visualise. Not the simplest solution but arguably the most powerful. Along with many dashboards I also have alerts setup for high disk usage and a few other things.

#JeRecrute 2 #adminsys pour compléter une équipe de 6 personnes.
Si vous connaissez et aimez les techos (même partiellement) #k8s #helm #Argocd #HashicorpVault #gitlab #jenkins #terraform #grafana #prometheus #golang et que vous souhaitez participer au déploiement et au MCO d'une application #java #postgresql #kafka #mongodb sur cette stack en mode SaaS, n'hésitez pas à postuler.
Nous travaillons en mode #agile SAFe avec des gens sympas et ouverts.
#teletravail #devops

Schenkl 🏳️‍🌈
2 months ago

Aus "node_cpu_seconds_total" die Anzahl der vCPUs zu berechen scheint mir ein bisschen waage...

Vermutlich wird mir as früher oder später um die Ohren fleigen...

Also konkret: sum(round(node_cpu_seconds_total/190000) ...

Aber mal sehen. Aktuell funktioniert es noch xD

#nodeexporter #Prometheus #grafana #docker #swarm

M. Hamzah Khan
2 months ago

Scaling #prometheus is hard :/

M. Hamzah Khan
2 months ago

Finally fixed my #Prometheus deadman switch in #HomeAssistant. It's using the "watchdog" alert to ping HomeAssistant every 15mins.

Then HomeAssistant has an automation which flips a input_boolean when it receives a webhook request, then flips it back off after 30 minutes.

Then I have an automation which sends me a notification via Telegram if the input_boolean is off for longer than 10minutes.

M. Hamzah Khan
2 months ago

Is there any tool to generate reports from #prometheus? #devops

Mathieu Fenniak
2 months ago

My custom LED panel clock now shows a warning if it detects that the oven is on; no accidental "oops, left the oven on" mistakes.

This detects the oven state by #IoTaWatt whole-home power meter, which feeds per-circuit data into #Prometheus, which sends alerts when the oven is on that are routed to #MQTT (, which the software subscribes to ( and displays ( A bit round-about, but, home automation isn't a straight path.😛

A low-resolution LED panel showing the current temperature, time, and a message that reads "Oven is on" with a cute low-resolution oven icon.
GermanZero Hamburg
2 months ago

Wichtige Hintergrundrecherche zum globalen fossilen #Lobbyismus des #AtlasNetwork in den letzten Jahrzehnten. Frank #Schäffler, MdB der #FDP und mit seinem #Prometheus-Institut Teil des Altas-Netzwerks, ist mittlerweile bekannt geworden durch seine groteske Angstmacherei vor dem #Gebäudeenergiegesetz ("Atombombe") sowie durch seine Verleumdung der @AufstandLastGen als kriminelle und tendenziell terroristische Vereinigung, als die sie später von der Münchener Staatsanwaltschaft und der Polizei tatsächlich behandelt wurde.

"Almost as soon as Last Generation began staging protests, in early 2022, Schffler began describing them as terrorists, calling the group a 'criminal organization' and publicly demanding it be investigated for organized crime. Media outlets, including conservative publisher Welt and the more mainstream Der @spiegel soon echoed Schäffler s framing. Just six months later, in May 2023, German police conducted nationwide raids on Last Generation activists; police said the group was 'a criminal organization that was fundraising for the purpose of committing further criminal action.' It was almost exactly the response to Last Generation that Schäffler had recommended."

Dies ist nur die Spitze des Eisbergs der Machenschaften des weltweiten Atlas-Netzwerks und seiner über 500 Think Tanks, das seinen Ursprung in den frühen 1950ern in Großbritannien hat und wesentlich von marktradikalen Milliardären und der fossilen Industrie finanziert wird. Es hat u.a. in England Margaret #Thatcher und in Brasilien Jair #Bolsonaro zur Macht verholfen. Heute verleumden seine Mitglieder weltweit Klima- und Umweltaktivist:innen und schreiben teilweise Gesetzesentwürfe für deren Kriminalisierung, wie in Großbritannien und den USA, wo sie dann auch umgesetzt wurden:

"U.K.-based Atlas member think tank Policy Exchange, meanwhile, put out a report in 2019 describing @ExtinctionR, an organization famous for shutting down parts of London to call for aggressive climate action, as an extremist organization seeking the breakdown of liberal democracy and the rule of law. As happened in Germany, several U.K. politicians and conservative media outlets have since repeated that framing. It wasn t long before people began cold-cocking Extinction Rebellion activists as they blocked roads or staged other forms of nonviolent, disruptive protest. Four years later, during a speech at Policy Exchange s annual summer garden party in 2023, U.K. Prime Minister Rishi #Sunak thanked Policy Exchange members for 'helping us draft legislation' that significantly criminalized various forms of protest, increased police power, and created the criminal offense of 'willful obstruction of the highway' to curb protests that block roads."

#Klimanotstand #Klimaschmutzlobby

Als Podcast:

It's the Day of Selene / Luna's Day / #Monday! 🌛

Roman sarcophagus with #Selene, the #Moon, in the top left corner with her team of horses and Helios in his quadriga on the right. The scene shows the creation of man by #Prometheus.

🏛️ Roman sarcophagus found in a mausoleum near the ancient Puteoli (Pozzuoli, Naples). Dated to the 4th century CE. Today in the National Archaeological Museum, #Naples.

@antiquidons @mythology
#DayOfSelene #MoonMonday #ancientGreece #GreekRomanArt

Roman marble relief. Prometeus, seated, is intent on observing his creature; the man, still a motionless clay puppet, stiffly lying at his feet, is surrounded by the greatest deities of the Greek pantheon. In a pre-eminent position there are Hera and Zeus in the act of giving Hermes the money with which to redeem the life of man from the Hades. Next to Hermes there is Poseidon with his trident; in the two upper corners, the chariot of Selene and the chariot of Apollo between Zeus and the man; finally, the Erotes induce Psyche, the soul, to give birth to the first human being.
The Spaceshipper 🚀
2 months ago

Prometheus (2012): Vickers' module, art by Ben Procter
#scifi #prometheus #alien #ridleyscott #movie

Fabian Stäber
2 months ago

The #Prometheus #Java #Metrics library 1.0.0 is out!!! New features include support for Prometheus native histograms and an #OpenTelemetry exporter. The Grafana Labs Blog has post "Introducing the Prometheus Java client 1.0.0".

Fabian Fett
2 months ago

Do you want to influence the #Swift #Prometheus client’s direction? We are currently working on version 2.0. Get involved now! All details on the Swift forums:

2 months ago

Maybe I'm not high enough yet, but has anyone thrown together a UPS monitor using an ESP32 or PiZero?
Something I can slap onto the USB port and spit metrics either to MQTT or in Prometheus..
#infrastructure #homelab #ups #snarkhome #esp32 #monitoring #mqtt #prometheus

M. Hamzah Khan
3 months ago

Is there a #prometheus metric for pod bandwidth usage?

I thought container_network_receive_bytes_total should be it, for some reason that only seems to be available for pods that are using host networking.

#k8s #devops

3 months ago

I am working on my slides for my upcoming #SREcon talk called: Should I Use OTel (collectors), or Is Prometheus Good Enough?

I might or might not use this image on one of the slides.

If anyone has any hot takes, unpopular, or hard opinions on #prometheus and/or #opentelemetry, this is you chance to reach out if you want your opinions to shape the talk!

long haired software engineer in sun glasses in front of a computer, both hands are in the air in frustration, a third (?) hand is on the keyboard (as results of an generative AI artifact), 80s setting

First talk of the #grafana & friends #munich Meetup: #Prometheus as an #OpenTelemetry metrics backend.

Goutham, about the speak about "Prometheus as an OTel native metrics backend"
Sam Weston
3 months ago

I have a confession to make; I've had no monitoring on my home server(s) for a couple of years. I just never got around to setting it up and I usually realise when stuff is broken quite quickly anyway.

However I've been having a weird issue with my main box and wanted remote logging at the very least. I thought I'd try out #Grafana Cloud; their free tier is pretty good and you get batteries included #Prometheus, Loki, Grafana et al.

As a bonus the agent is packaged in #nixos...super easy!

A grafana dashboard with lots of host metrics

#printer #cartridges #it #prometheus #greek #mythology #meme #mamema #memes

click the pic ONLY if you are strong enough to handle that #rubens #painting. i warned you...

rubens preometheus painting shows shackled prometheus and a eagle consuming his liver.

the eagle is labled
"ink cartridge company"

the liver
"my money"


the chains
"the shackles that my printer are"
Fabian Stäber
3 months ago

#PromCon #Berlin is only two weeks away. If you don't have a ticket yet, get one NOW! #Prometheus #Monitoring

Colin McNaughton
3 months ago

Want an easy way to respond to metric monitors with @ansible? Try Event-Driven #Ansible. Check out this demo I recorded of my #Datadog source plugin for #eda.

The project linked in the video description also contains a podman-compose stack with #prometheus #grafana and #alertmanager so you can mess around with this use case on your own workstation without having Datadog access! 🍻

Marcus Noble
4 months ago

I need some #monitoring help!

I’m seeing occasional, inconsistent request slowdown. Very occasionally going from a normal duration of 0.1s to >5s. I’m able to observe this using #Prometheus blackbox-exporter so I can see it happening.

Now I’d like to figure out what component is causing the slowdown.

I have nginx-controller spitting out all its metrics so would like to start there. Can anyone help me work out what #PromQL I need to figure out if nginx is seeing the slowdown?

One year ago I created this miniature Prometheus photo

All shot practically except lights on Davids Suite which I digitally illustrated on.

#prometheus #scifiart #toyphotography #photography

David in the derelict

Really cool video from Nick Chapsas about the new #dotnet 8 metrics. I'm already using #Grafana and #Prometheus, so will be super-easy to take advantage of this. I really like the addition of the IMeterFactory too! #OTel

5 months ago

(The best part is this probably violates the #GDPR)

It turns out that there is no way to disable the **OTHER** #analytics #spyware that @grafana adds to #Loki

Start by adding `grafana-agent-operator.agent.enableReporting: false` to the last post. By default it installs and sets up the "Grafana Agent" and that flag must have slipped their minds in the release notes where this mess is nominally "documented". (Not in the docs. In the old *release notes*.)

Doesn't matter. There is no way to add 'enableReporting: false' to the GrafanaAgent CR itself. (Yay for non-standardization of flags.)

The "more fun" on this #privacy pile is in the same spot. It requests a LOT of permissions that look more related to their needs than mine:

It wants to scrape EVERYTHING. It wants to scrape stuff that I skip because its too noisy. What possible reason could the logger have for scraping ingress & cadvisor?

#monitoring #prometheus #kubernetes #k8s #grafana #helmchart #telemetry

5 months ago

Today's adventure in #darkpattern #surveillance comes from #Grafana #Loki. (Not a surprise, but this is why I run egress filters and dns #adblock in my #homelab clusters.)

I know not everyone agrees that #optout #telemetry is a dark pattern, but you might agree with me about this one after you see it documented:

> # -- Optional analytics configuration
> analytics: {}

Enlightening, isn't it? There are other empty blocks, but they are either fairly standard or are described elsewhere in the document.

If you are familiar with #helm, you won't despair because you have the power of `analytics.enabled: false`. That works on the rest of this chart and is the standard way to en/disable things.

It doesn't work that way.

Let me save you some time with the terrible new #github code search. Here is the actual syntax:
"analytics.reporting_enabled: false"

This was caught by #adguard and enforced by an egress #networkpolicy

#monitoring #prometheus #kubernetes #k3s #k8s #helmchart

A screenshot of a log line from Grafana Loki, showing attempts to reach failing because DNS adblock returned a false address (
5 months ago

#lobby #gaslobby
#fdp #schaeffler
Dazu ist wichtig zu wissen: Schäffler ist Gründer und Geschäftsführer der Denkfabrik Prometheus, die den Begriff Freiheit missbraucht, um jegliche staatliche Eingriffen, zum Beispiel zum Schutz des Klimas, abzuwehren. Prometheus steht auch im Lobbyregister, verweigert dort aber die Auskunft über ihre Spender und ihre Lobbyausgaben. Auch auf Nachfrage verschweigt Schäffler, wer den Verein finanziert.

Dotan Horovits
5 months ago

The real power of #opensource lies with OPEN STANDARDS AND SPECIFICATIONS.
At #KubeCon it took the center stage. I summarized the important #observability related specs/standards updates you should be aware of in this blog post, which discusses #opentelemetry #opencensus #prometheus, new query language standardization and more:

A question for the #prometheus bubble: Are the prometheus-community github organization [1] and dockerhub accounts [2] official entities from the prometheus project?
They both link to but that page only links to the prometheus github org [3] and prom dockerhub account [4]. To me, this smells like an impersonation attempt but I'm not sure.. Any help appreciated!


Gaël Reyrol
5 months ago

I recently added scaphandre (by @bpetit) in #nixpkgs which allows to monitor electrical power consumption and expose it to #prometheus. It will be also available in the module `services.prometheus.exporters` to automatically configure it on #NixOS.
Here is an overview of my #grafana dashboard:

Per host electrical power consumption view in Grafana
Steffo 🐲
6 months ago

ahh I kinda wanna add #prometheus data logging to my #python discord bots, so I can see some stats on my #grafana dashboard, but.. I'm so bad at creating grafana dashboards, as I literally know almost nothing about that D:

A. Hofmann :mastodon:
8 months ago

#Klimaschmutzlobby 🏭 ⛽ 🛢️

Möchte euch sehr die Sendung #ZDFfrontal vom 25. April 2023 empfehlen.

Sie zeigt die Verbindungen zwischen dem klimapolitischen Referenten der #FDP, Steffen #Hentrich, und der #Klimawandelleugner-Szene auf und macht deutlich, warum wir es hier mit einer #Klimaschutz-Sabotage-Partei zu tun haben.

📽️ via @ZDF (ab min10)

#EIKE #Schäffler #Prometheus

8 months ago

Failed monitor(ing) 🤪 #kubecon #prometheus

8 months ago

Okay, slight change of plans: Before setting up the off-site backups, I will first have to have a look at some metrics/statistics for my backups. Currently looking at Prometheus' pushgateway, which luckily also has a Python lib I can integrate into my homelab backup scripting.

#HomeLab #Prometheus

Its sort of fun watching servers spin up and down based on demand #devops #prometheus #grafana #kubernetes

@randfish But isn´t the integration with #Bing getting rid of most of these limitations? To my knowledge Bing is "grounding" the facts through #Prometheus, thus bringing the #ChatGPT answers to a different level.


9 months ago

In the past I had a custom log parser that would put everything into #Prometheus and then I would use #Grafana, but maybe there's a better way nowadays.

Today On Screen
9 months ago

Today, February 28, in 2023, Sir Peter Weyland delivers a TED talk after a three year media blackout. In the talk, the controversial billionaire entrepreneur and inventor discusses his vision for the next 50 years of Weyland Industries (Prometheus, 2012)

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