Rekha Murthy
2 hours ago

"[F]acts unfortunately do not change people’s minds. Propaganda, on the other hand, works very well on this front."
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3 hours ago

John Mearsheimer | America's TERRIBLE Media(video)..#Empire..#UkraineRussiaWar..#propaganda..#MSM

8 hours ago

Your efforts for Erdogan definitely proved more fruitful than that crash-and-burn Twitter shit show you “launched” for DeSantis, you authoritarian tool.
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Ein Berliner Museum zeigt die Bronzestatuen zweier Pferde, die einst Adolf Hitler in Auftrag gegeben hatte. Sie sollten die Stärke des NS-Regimes symbolisieren. Nun geht es um die Debatte über "toxische Kunst".#Nazi-Kunst #AdolfHilter #JosefThorak #SchreitendePferde #DrittesReich #Nationalsozialismus #Denkmäler #Propaganda #Berlin #GeorgBaselitz
Nazi-Kunst: "Hitlers Hengste" und ihre Geschichte | DW | 28.05.2023

Gen. Zalužnyj je od začátku května zřejmě neschopen velet a zcela znizel z informačního prostoru. Propaganda - tentokrát v podání idnes - nás ale přesto bude motivovat tím, že on sám "dramatickým videem anoncuje začátek ofenzívy".

Milá Jolano Vašinová, autorko toho nesmyslu, jen vojenský idiot by anoncoval začátek ofenzívy. Nechápu proč z gen. Zalužného děláte idiota - to jen kvůli tomu, aby vypadal, že nebyl vážně raněn? 🤔

#propaganda #idnes

Ich habe die Vermutung dass im Rahmen von politischer #Propaganda die Anwendung psychologischer Zusammenhänge stark verbreitet ist. Wie das #Gaslighting . Die Ähnlichkeiten sind zu viele.
Hier ist ein englischer Artikel zum Thema:

Russia-Ukraine Daily News
20 hours ago

🇬🇧 UK Ministry of Defence: Latest Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine - 28 May 2023.

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Next month I’ll be speaking at @otago ‘Foreign Policy School 2023: Populism and Global Politics’ 30 June-2 July 2023 time to register: #conferences #foreignpolicy #politics #NewZealand #Populism #Trump #Brexit #foreignpolicy #propaganda #disinformation #commodon #polisci #policy

Miguel Afonso Caetano
1 day ago

#SocialMedia #Twitter #Musk #FoxNews #FarRight #Propaganda: "Many questions about Twitter’s plan remain unanswered, including whether an audience will actually develop for long-form video on the platform and how it will be monetized. It also remains to be seen whether a presidential campaign that prioritizes Twitter over Fox can actually gain control of the GOP.

What’s crystal clear is that if you are an advertiser in business with Twitter, you’re in the Elon Musk business. And soon, you’re going to be in the Daily Wire business, the Tucker Carlson business, and the Ron DeSantis business as well."

Geschmacklos oder gut? Ein neues Computerspiel, in dem russische Streitkräfte mit Drohnen angegriffen werden, hat eine Debatte ausgelöst. Die DW sprach mit Experten über ethische Grenzen des Projekts.
Computerspiel "Death from Above": Was ist erlaubt auf virtuellem Schlachtfeld? | DW | 27.05.2023
2 days ago

The term #Woke | Originally a word used by mostly African Americans to be aware of the pervasive nature of discrimination by race in day to day American living. It began it's transformation into a right wing rallying cry in reaction to the term being used by progressive groups in the wake of the George Floyd murder. #conservative groups are now co-opting the term as part of their brand. #propaganda is insidious and marketed daily.

Nella nuova #TeleMeloni anche #RaiNews24 , che era una delle pochissime reti che desse un vaghissimo senso al #serviziopubblico , è diventata una specie di organo di #propaganda di questo #governoestremadestra

Il bello è che qualcuno dell'opposizione parla di organo di #vigilanza e altre #buffonate del genere, quando si sa benissimo che finirà a #taralluccievino, come sempre in questo ormai #clownesco paese.

#rai #comunali # destra #governomeloni #governodeiclown

Comunali, il comiziodella destra live su RaiNews24 finisce vigilanza : cura della redazione Politica  La presidente Barbara Floridia (M5S): "Si potrebbe profilare una violazione importante della par condicio e del pluralismo”
Kriszta Satori
2 days ago

Just a day after the US imposes #sanctions on the head of #Russia's #Wagner group in #Mali drops our next #TheGlobalJigsaw : you can find out more about African influencers amplifying #Kremlin #propaganda - What’s the appeal for people in the #Sahel region and beyond? And how has the arrival of #Russian boots changed the equation on the ground in the fight against #jihadist groups?

Andreas Sturm
2 days ago

@MaryPot @EugeneMcParland Good Hint, I will buy no llonger:

Häagen Dazs
Kit Kat
Lions Cereals
Quality Street

Ben & Jerrys

#lebensmittel #essen #ukraine #russland #krieg #propaganda #kriegsverbrecher #kapitalismus #ernährung #einzelhandel

Ry Chaz
2 days ago


Just my observation, but it seems the bigoted right, especially from US, push simplistic 4 letter words like 'woke' and 'fake (news)' to manipulate the under-educated and those who haven't seen the world beyond their back yard.

4 letter, 1 syllable words are used to elicit a response so fast that it bypasses conscious analysis and hooks directly into resentment and narcissism.

#nzpol #uspol #ukpol #politics #woke #education #language #hypnosis #propaganda

Defend Democracy
2 days ago

Western #Europe is blind to #China 's influence operations.

“Beijing has long aimed #propaganda at the European Union, seeking to undermine #transatlantic unity and promote Beijing’s outlook on world affairs.”

#DefendDemocracy #HybridThreats

2 days ago


#bbc is #propaganda media.

BBC debunks ivermectin


Ivermectin: How false science created a Covid 'miracle' drug

Chrono Matthias
2 days ago

For the record, this is not a map w/o Ukraine :: La Russie Blanche ou Moscovie, by Guillaume Sanson, 1674



#Putin #fakenews #propaganda #OldMaps

Sohan Dsouza
3 days ago

Just learned of this term "hahaganda" from the Swedish Psychological Defence Agency's Magnus Hjort.
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Roman ALAN
3 days ago

Another 1980s diva, and Teutonic as well (guess who's next on my list!), is Claudia Brücken, singing here over a big thumping techno-styled backing track –

Propaganda, "The Murder of Love" (1985)

#JukeboxFridayNight #RockAndRollDivas #Propaganda #ClaudiaBrucken

Michael Koehn
3 days ago

Der gesellschaftliche Rückhalt ist ja da (bzw. war, bevor #fdp im Verbund mit #CDU/#CSU und den Verblödung-Organen #bild, #welt, #focus u.v.a.) #propaganda dagegen machten!

Stephen Taylor Propaganda
3 days ago

Leverage the power of positive #propaganda to maximise your business impact! Taking advantage of people’s attention and emotions, this #strategy will help craft and spread messages that create a long-term impact and resonate with your target audience.


#StephenTaylor #Business #long-term #audience

Stephen Taylor Propaganda
3 days ago

Leverage the power of positive #propaganda to maximise your business impact! Taking advantage of people’s attention and emotions, this #strategy will help craft and spread messages that create a long-term impact and resonate with your target audience.


#StephenTaylor #Business #long-term #audience

Stephen Taylor Propaganda
3 days ago

Leverage the power of positive #propaganda to maximise your business impact! Taking advantage of people’s attention and emotions, this #strategy will help craft and spread messages that create a long-term impact and resonate with your target audience.


#StephenTaylor #Business #long-term #audience

Stephen Taylor Propaganda
3 days ago

Leverage the power of positive #propaganda to maximise your business impact! Taking advantage of people’s attention and emotions, this #strategy will help craft and spread messages that create a long-term impact and resonate with your target audience.


#StephenTaylor #Business #long-term #audience

3 days ago

@eichkat3r @2ndStar

Absolut ausbaufähig.
Awareness-Schuljahr wäre noch besser.

Aber mit all den Klimaproblemen und dem Krieg wohl schwierig durchzuführen...wenngleich #Propaganda auch für Ersteres sogar mit die Ursache ist:

3 days ago
NotMyBub :mverified:
3 days ago

Companies demand the free-market, the "marketplace of ideas".

That is... unless it hurts profits.

#capitalism #reviews #propaganda

Russia-Ukraine Daily News
3 days ago

🇷🇺 Thousands of #Russian schoolchildren to be sent to military-patriotic camps for tactical and gun training.

#russia #propaganda #news

Znikające koncerty - nadchodzi czystka w kulturze

W całym kraju są odwoływane koncerty, festiwale, wernisaże i wszystkie imprezy rozrywkowe lub kulturalne na żywo. Powód jest zawsze podobny "wydarzenie zostało przełożone z nieprzewidzianych powodów" na bliżej nieokreślony czas. #POLECANE #Chiny #ChRL #kultura #popkultura #propaganda #rozrywka #totalitaryzm #KPCh #komunizm

Miguel Afonso Caetano
4 days ago

#SocialMedia #Twitter #FarRight #Propaganda #Musk #ConspiracyTheories: "Twitter has long been described, even by its most ardent users, as a hellsite. But under Elon Musk, Twitter has evolved into a platform that is indistinguishable from the wastelands of alternative social-media sites such as Truth Social and Parler. It is now a right-wing social network.

In December, I argued that if we are to judge Musk strictly by his actions as Twitter’s owner, it is accurate to call him a far-right activist. As a public figure, he has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the right’s culture war against progressivism—which he refers to as “the woke mind virus”—and his $44 billion Twitter purchase can easily be seen as an explicitly political act to advance this specific ideology. Now the site itself has unquestionably transformed under his leadership into an alternative social-media platform—one that offers a haven to far-right influencers and advances the interests, prejudices, and conspiracy theories of the right wing of American politics."

[C]hicken [G]od
4 days ago

Another WTF is this #Propaganda ad on #Twitter from the Far East.

Chinese Propaganda ad on Twitter.
Ulrich_the_Elder 🇨🇦 🇺🇦
4 days ago

Let me tell you how well propaganda works. In 2016 the USA elected donald trump...


Watching Myanmar
4 days ago

Nationalist Dhamma schools: “Buddhist education centres for children & young adults are multiplying across Myanmar, but…critics say they teach toxic #nationalism & military #propaganda#Dhamma schools have been supported by the #Tatmadaw… Both before & after the recent military takeover, the #junta leader…#MinAungHlaing, has repeatedly urged…for people to open Dhamma schools. Now some parents feel compelled to send their children to the Dhamma schools | Frontier Myanmar

Kapka Karla Čapka
4 days ago

Násilí zbavuje lidi svobody vůle; propaganda je zbavuje svobodného úsudku [...] jak víte, i demokracie se musí bránit zbraněmi, jde-li se na ni s flintou a kanónem; a musí se bránit slovem a tiskem, je-li jimi ohrožována. Jakmile se v tomto slzavém údolí bojuje propagandou, je ten, kdo váhá dát svému národu jakoukoliv možnost čelit jí, asi tak chytrý jako ten, kdo odmítá vyzbrojit svůj stát ve světě mávajícím zbraněmi.

#propaganda #fakenews #kritickemysleni

4 days ago

Hindutva Profiles: Amit Malviya

Malviya, the ringmaster of the propaganda machinery/BJP IT Cell, has to his credit the title of the first Indian political personality to face a restrictive action by Twitter for spreading misinformation. Malviya tweeted an edited clip from the farmers’ protests which Twitter tagged as ‘manipulated media.’

His troll army runs campaigns for genocide, incites hatred, violence, and posts profanities and threats to those who dare to dissent with the Hindu supremacist ideology.

#HindutvaProfiles #AmitMalviya #BJP #trolls #FarRightTrolls #hindutva #HateSpeech #propaganda #islamophobia #SocialMedia #twitter #facebook #meta #india

Timo Würsch
5 days ago
5 days ago

#Putin|s #propaganda kommt im Fernsehen...

Die #flüchtlinge aus #Belgorod kommen aber vor diversen Haustüren an...

Und alle bei denen die vor der Tür stehen werden anzweifeln ob sie #Putin noch schützen kann... und gleichzeitig Angst haben das ihre Kinder eingezogen werden..

Russia-Ukraine Daily News
5 days ago

🇱🇹 🇱🇻 🇪🇪 🇷🇺 Despite recent efforts by #Baltic authorities to counter #Kremlin influence, pro-Kremlin activists persist in their activities unabated, and #propaganda publications steadily advance Moscow's agenda.

#Lithuania #latvia #estonia #russia #news

5 days ago


Im Moment weiß man von #Belgorod leider gar nichts genaues #Propaganda von allen Seiten.

Ich hoffe mal das #RDK sich möglichst lange halten können. Dann müsste #Putin viele Kräfte von der bisherigen Front abziehen, um die nördliche Grenze zu sichern. Ein riesiger Vorteil für die #Ukraine vor der/den anstehenden #fruhjahrsoffensive(n)

5 days ago

The answer to the headlines question: Nope.

' Democrats, by and large, think the news they get from existing outlets is reasonably trustworthy, as this helpful YouGov poll ... spells out. It’s Republicans who distrust almost all outlets that aren’t explicitly aimed at them, like NewsMax. And even the Messenger’s own poll [says that] 55% of Democrats think coverage of their own party is fair — but only 19% of Republicans said the same. '

#NewsMedia #bias #propaganda

Paul Chambers
6 days ago

Fake AI image of Pentagon 'explosion' briefly tumbles stock markets.

Russia social media, including RT, pushed it on Twitter, including a fake Bloomberg account with a Verified Blue Check #AI #Propaganda

Fake AI image depicting explosion near Pentagon.
Diane Bruce
1 week ago

Propaganda is just rhetoric for the masses.

#Propaganda #Rhetoric #Philosophy

Paranoid Factoid
1 week ago

This is one of the most horrific things I've seen on #elonmusk #birdsite #Twitter where #nazi #propaganda reigns free. This image has been pixelated. The original, spread all over, was not.

It represents a nude Anne Frank, smiling and happy, in a faux resort Auschwitz. IOW: It's synthetic child porn combined with holocaust denial.

Anger is what they want. To trigger you, so you are at your least rational and most vulnerable, and thereby with propaganda to normalize ethnic mass murder.

Nazi propaganda spread through Twitter this weekend. Fake Anne Frank, nude, smiling in a faux resort Auschwitz.
Mael Duin
1 week ago


Similar to:

Spin me up an array of websites dedicated to media and independent journalism, all of which publish articles on particular topics, referring to each other to create an impression of rigour and authenticity.

Complement this with dozens of social media accounts which engage in debate around these topics and link to these sites.

Make sure that the overall impression given is that x is true and y is false.


Joshua Holland
1 week ago

I knew from the beginning that the story of homeless vets being kicked out of a hotel to make room for asylum-seekers was bullshit, as everyone else should have.

I wonder if the folks who fell for it have ever been to America.

#propaganda #fascism

If #Erdogan is winning the election in #Turkey, he won't make the mistake again that any other party is able to reach almost half of the votes (despite massive #propaganda) again.

The #EU will be in a very difficulty situation. Revoking Turkey as a candidate to join the EU because of their establishment of a dictatorship or keeping in touch with a dictator in order to retain some influence... 🤔

Many Turkish people aren't aware of the significance of this probably final election. #LastChance

Joshua Holland
1 week ago

RWers are such shameless liars.

"Story of homeless veterans displaced by migrants was false"

#propaganda #gop #fascism

Joshua Holland
1 week ago

Your occasional reminder that the GOP's 'weaponization of gov' BS started with Trump claiming that Obama was spying on his campaign thru its microwaves.

It was a big joke on late-night TV. Folks like Lindsay Graham and Devin Nunes (!) scoffed at it.

Then, thru sheer repetition it became an actual fake scandal that's horrified millions of gullible wingnuts and resulted in these ludicrous hearings in the House.

(It's also some very obvious projection.)

#gop #propaganda #uspol

Bread and Circuses
2 weeks ago

If owning a car is an absolute necessity for you, then driving the smallest possible electric vehicle that meets your minimum needs can be a good choice.

But beware — industry advertising and government propaganda will try to convince you that you need something BIGGER, as we learn in this article from Amy Westervelt (@amywestervelt)...

The transportation sector is the primary source of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., which is why it’s a primary target for decarbonization. And thanks to the availability of both electric vehicles and government incentives to purchase them, American consumers are embracing the shift, with EVs expected to represent half of all new vehicle purchases by 2030.

But that shift will bring with it other environmental impacts related to mineral mining and the land required for large-scale renewable projects to provide the electricity all those cars plug into. Policies that reduce car dependency and encourage the use of mass transit can speed decarbonization, make the energy transition more just, reduce environmental impacts, and ease tensions around increasingly scarce resources.

Policies that reduce the need for mining and land tend to be popular with voters too. They enable things like more public transit options, which consistently polls well with American voters.

They’re not so popular with entrenched corporate interests, though. The automotive industry, for example, is not only unlikely to get behind measures to reduce car dependency, it’s also working hard to sell Americans on the largest possible electric vehicles.

According to data from the advertising data firm MediaRadar, the top five largest ad budgets for electric vehicles over the last two years were all for SUVs, not the sedans or compacts that run on smaller batteries. Brands with multiple electric car models, including Chevrolet, Nissan, and Volkswagen, spent more than twice as much money advertising their largest models as their more efficient compact models.


#Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #Capitalism #Propaganda

Bar graph showing that between April 2021 and April 2023, automakers (Chevrolet, Nissan, and Volkswagen) spent more than twice as much advertising money on large EVs as they spent on smaller, more efficient models.

What do you think?

Can a #YouTube #video reach disaffected #Russians and motivate them enough to risk everything to spy for the #CIA?

I wonder if this is effective #propaganda or if it's just feel-good marketing from a recently-appointed director who needs to produce something to validate his claims of recruitment success.

Either way, taxpayer dollars at work.

2 weeks ago

'As the #BBC reporter Shayan Sardarizadeh put it, “These days, if you want to find the latest conspiracy theories trending on Twitter, the easiest thing to do is to check tweets Elon Musk replies to, you’ll find most of them.”'

#ElonMusk #Soros #Nazis #Misinformation #Propaganda #ConspiracyTheories #Twitter #GOPShite #News

Diane Bruce
2 weeks ago

The irony of using Dewey as someone to quote on critical thinking when Ellul points out more modern propaganda is based on his work.

#CriticalThinking #Propaganda #Philosophy

2 weeks ago

The #Durham investigation was a flop. But it’s a #propaganda triumph.

by Paul Waldman

Special counsel John Durham had everything he needed. Time, money, resources & a clear if not-quite-stated charge from then-AG William P. #Barr: Go after the investigation into Russia’s attempts to manipulate the 2016 election. Turn over every rock. Make the whole thing look like the “hoax” Donald #Trump said it was.

2 weeks ago

Politische Talkshows in Russland als Stimmungsmache

Politische Talkshows sind ein wichtiger Bestandteil für die Verbreitung von Propaganda in Russland - mit zum Teil drastischen Inhalten. Vor allem eine nukleare Eskalation wird gerne heraufbeschworen. Von C. Reveland und P. Siggelkow.


#Russland #Propaganda

Ukraine War Bulletins and News
2 weeks ago
‼️🇺🇦The New and Improved - Armed Forces of Ukraine: “Of the troops, For the troops” Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦 (VIDEO) #Ukraine #NATO #Propaganda #News #Invasion #Russia #9yearsOfWarInUkraine #WantedDeadOrAlive

2 weeks ago

In uncertain times of deep-fake realities & AI-driven propaganda, memes can be a tool to produce shared imaginaries and showcase some of our possible futures.

Join HYPECOMPASS workshop by #Clusterduck: June 6, 7pm ACUD MACHT NEU in #Berlin.

Learn more & get tickets:

#meme #memes #propaganda #workshop

Leftist UU
2 weeks ago

So I've written a foreword draft and outlined the first couple chapters of a short book, tentatively called "Post-Apocalyptic Sociology." Someone said it was "retrohistorical archeology." I consider it a meditation on how today, as humankind holds the corpus of all history, literature, survey date, etc.- we face the same issue as every age before us.

Namely, how do we keep this alive for future generations, and if we were to put ourselves in the shoes of future (or far future) social scientists, how can we make it so they can conduct the kind of research we would want to do?

We can evaluate prior generations' attempts to do this, whether explicitly #propaganda or good-faith attempts that have had their effective strengths and maddening shortcomings.

Attached is the (very rough) foreword, which I wrote mostly on Friday to just have it down so I can start doing some outlining and figure out what #library access and databases I need to use.

#sociology #research #socialscience #future #archeology #history @sociology

Diane Bruce
2 weeks ago

It's not in the article but it should be. If your emotional reaction is one of pleasure (dopamine hit as one says) that means you really must double check as well. Effective propaganda (Misinformation) does that as well. In fact any appeal bypassing your rational side is suspect.

#Propaganda #Skepticism #CriticalThinking

Bread and Circuses
2 weeks ago

It's time for another week of BUSINESS AS USUAL, a co-production of the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee, sponsored by Microsoft, the New York Times, and the US military-industrial complex.

🎶 "Keep driving, keep flying, keep shopping, keep buying!
We've got this, everything's fine." 🎶 😃

#Politics #Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #Capitalism #War #Propaganda

Mock promotional poster for a faux TV show called "Business As Usual" as described in post.
Diane Bruce
2 weeks ago

R. Hobbs & S. McGee, Journal of Media Literacy Education 6(2), 56 - 67 56
Available online at
The National Association for Media Literacy Education’s Journal of Media Literacy Education 6(2), 56 - 67
Teaching about Propaganda:
An Examination of the Historical Roots of Media Literacy
Renee Hobbs and Sandra McGee

This was an excellent read. Fits in very well with Stuart Ewen's book PR!

#Propaganda #Philosophy #CriticalThinking #Philosophy

Daniel AJ Sokolov
2 weeks ago

Andreessen Horwitz is still trying to find a greater fool to buy #cryptocurrency. @molly0xfff picks their #propaganda apart:

Und ja, es sind schon ganze Züge an #Soldaten desertiert.

Nur die größten #Propaganda-Schafe wollen diesen #Krieg #Putin|s gegen die #Ukraine.

Ich bin mir sicher dass diese als Kriegsgefangene sogar besser behandelt werden als wenn diese weiterhin auf russischer Seite versuchen zu überleben...

Diane Bruce
2 weeks ago

@ravensview Don't under estimate the effect propaganda such as this has on the voting public. Who owns the Globe and Mail? Who would benefit from a Poilievre PM?

Propaganda or nowadays PR or Spin is still at work and studying propaganda should be a part of anyone studying critical thinking.

#Propaganda #CriticalThinking #Canada

@Dianora There's been a lot said on education, and I don't think that well's spent yet.

There's also the distinction between liberal and servile education --- the classical Seven Liberal Arts of the Trivium (grammar, logic, rhetoric --- or input, processing, and output as I like to consider them), and Quadrivium (arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy, or quantity, quantity in space, quantity in time, and quantity in space-time). C.P. Snow's "Two Cultures" is a more contemporary take on that, or present STEM/STEAM initiatives.

On propaganda, I twigged a few years ago that censorship, propaganda, surveillance, and targeted manipulation are all inherent elements of a media monopoly (both terms used in a broad sense), and emerge from them.

See: (Original site is now offline.)

I'd also long since recognised that privacy is an emergent concept as well, and a response to ever-more-intrusive communications, observation, and recording technologies. There's a reason why there was little discussion of the topic prior to Warren & Brandeis's treatment.

I'm something of a fan of articles from the cusp of the Internet age which discussed possible directions and implications, some prescient, some misguided. Jeffrey Rosen's The Unwanted Gaze (2000) still bears up as a good guide here, I think:

Any pointers to your work at Centre for Inquiry?

#propaganda #censorship #surveillance #TargetedManipulation #monopoly #MediaMonopoly #TheUnwantedGaze #JeffreyRosen #privacy #LiberalArts #Trivium #Quadrivium

2 weeks ago

I know it's boring and "#Russia, Russia, Russia", but nobody in the #US #news appears to be mentioning that it's potentially worth trillions of dollars, and the very future of #Putin and #Ukraine, for him to get #Trump in as the next US President - Especially since it doesn't seem that Americans see #DeSantis as Presidential at all so he's a dead-end at the moment.

#Politics #Geopolitics #Propaganda #Kompromat #TuckerCarlson #MAGA #GOPShite #Pity the poor #Horse

A topless Donald Trump, sitting behind an equally topless Vladimir Putin, both sitting on a horse. 

The horse has a much better hair-do than both of them combined.

The photo is moderately well photo-edited and Trump's body is a clone of Putin's, and therefore much thinner than the reality!

I am definitely team-horse on this photo.

I took the (uncredited) picture from:
Dan Bowman
3 weeks ago


I used to have a measured bit of respect for #cnn & #chris #licht . After tonight's #tfg #fiasco, you can be sure I will avoid this #unforgivable extension of #unchallenged #gop #propaganda.

Abetting the continued slander / crimes of the disgraced twice impeached, sexual abuser, and indicted former president is just horrible.

#epic #fail #kaitlan #collins #cnndebacle #abetting

Mark@RCR 🌀
3 weeks ago

I found this amusing... #protests #propaganda

Photo 1: Daily Fail Headline
Photo 2: The Reply [click on photo]

The Daily fail headline ‘Extremists’ Vile Plot To Spook King’s Horses With Rape Alarms’
A comment replies…

“These horses?”

A photo of a royal horseback regiment playing tuba’s, trumpets and banging on drums
Diane Bruce
3 weeks ago

Stuart Ewen's book "PR! A social history of spin" is an excellent summary. There is overlap between critical thinking and media/propaganda awareness. Propagandists throughout the ages rely upon a poorly educated population. Oddly he touches upon the power on independent social media of which the Fediverse is a part (although not mentioned)
A must read.

#CriticalThinking #Propaganda #Media #Philosophy #Mastodon #Fediverse

"The Eddie Show" 😎
3 weeks ago

📷 Digital billboard in Jesusville, November 3, 2022, 11:18 AM.

#streetphotography #photo #Photography #billboard #advertising #GOP #politics #propaganda #FediversalPictures #AltTex

inverted color edit. a large digital billboard rises above in a rural landscape with power lines, a two-way highway with some trees on an unsold commercial lot.

The background of the board is MAGA red. The text:

Freedom vs Communish!

3 weeks ago

Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS) is a prestigious peer-reviewed scientific journal. It rejects 86% of submitted manuscripts.

PNAS accepts opinion submissions, which must be 1,500-2,000 words long. Some right-wingers submitted an opinion piece with over 10,000 words, and it was rejected.

The #NewYorkTimes claims that this is evidence of an evil woke conspiracy.

It is immoral to pay for a NYT subscription. If you have one, please cancel it.

#Journalism #Propaganda #USPol

Screenshot of the headline of a New York Times op-ed, written by Pamela Paul, and published on May 4, 2023. The headline is "A paper that says science should be impartial was rejected by major journals. You can't make this up."
Aram Sinnreich
3 weeks ago

Well, I think we can say the #2024elections season has officially begun. #Propaganda aiming to suppress voter enthusiasm and boost support for conservative-funded "third party" candidates has begun to suffuse social media, thanks to their gullible, unwitting allies who believe they're too far left to vote Democrat.

Forewarned is forearmed.
#USA #Politics #USPol

A propaganda meme alleging that there is really no difference between the two major political parties in the USA. This is a false narrative and is probably the work of right-wing propagandists.
Joshua Holland
3 weeks ago

In other words, she wrote some books. Without bad-faith whataboutism, the RW #media would have nothing to say.

Anyway, they could always join our calls for SCOTUS to adopt a code of ethics if they weren't just about churning out lame #propaganda for the rubes.

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Daily Caller headline reads, "Liberal SCOTUS Justice Took $3M From Book Publisher, Didn't Recuse From Its Cases"
Petra van Cronenburg
4 weeks ago

Yeah, #Bellingcat is on Mastodon: @Bellingcat
Some time ago it was a rather empty account, but they started to post regularly now.

Bellingcat is one of the most important #investigation platforms for #journalism and part of the Global Investigative Journalism Network: They work also intensively on factchecking Russian #propaganda and #WarCrimes.
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Diane Bruce
4 weeks ago

"Critical thinking varies according to the motivation underlying it. When grounded in selfish motives, it is often manifested in the skillful manipulation of ideas in service of one’s own, or one's groups’, vested interest. As such it is typically intellectually flawed, however pragmatically successful it might be." - From

I'd call that propaganda myself. (Disinformation)

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Alexander Karn
1 month ago

Discussion w family member today re political violence and right-wing ideology. People assume that only uneducated and intellectually inferior people can be captured by #propaganda. But authoritarian and fascist movements attract plenty of intelligent people. Why? Because they offer relief from complexity and ambiguity. Because they distill a complex world into a handful of simple maxims. Fascism steadies the dizzy and disoriented. #politics #democracy #fascism #sociology

demï7en 🎗
1 month ago

「Xi has constantly seen the collapse of the Soviet Union as a tragedy, and a historical lesson for CCP members to meticulously study so as to avoid. In this view, mentioning the human rights atrocities committed by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union is an effort to undermine the achievements of the Soviet system.」

In the same vein, *all* crimes by the Chinese communist dictatorship must be erased from history and people's memories.

Meanwhile we are to believe that reality-denying, revanchist, ethno-jingoist and military-expansionist whirlpool of propaganda is a totally sane and righteous 'win-win recipe' for CCP-PRC's "peaceful rise to global hegemon status".

We've already seen the #russian version of exactly that imperially entitled mindset in action in #Ukraine.

CCP's own "biding time, hiding strength" strategy is increasingly incompatible with the need to create new, even more glorious reality for the masses.

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@cmorris @williamnee

1 month ago

@Teri_Kanefield Here’s the link to that segment of Nicolle Wallace’s interview with #AbbyGrossberg on #DeadlineWH (posted by @sarahburris)

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Whether it's tracking #TuckerCarlson’s next moves, spotting #CambridgeAnalytica stealing private #data or dodging #Brexit lies... our online environment can seem hard to navigate without a robust understanding of #propaganda. Which is why I created my new #Udemy course. 🤓📚🖊️ sign up now! #disinformation

1 month ago

Maybe a little addendum here. If you were raised in the US, and haven't thought about this before, you might be thinking "But socialism and communism lead to oppression". First, I'd like to point out that I only mentioned socialism in passing, and not even by name. I didn't mention communism at all. You're thinking about it because of American #propaganda. We're taught that if we have anything but unfettered capitalism, and the next thing you know, Stalin is running the place. I'm being a little flippant here, but it's largely true

I think it was @AnarchoNinaWrites who was talking about how we don't have a very advanced vocabulary to talk about this, so bear with me

Socialism means (more or less) government ownership. It matters a lot if that government is democratic or authoritarian, but we only have the one word

Communism, is not well defined. Marx never really nailed it down, but as I understand his idea was "the workers own the factory," and that sounds like a worker co-op to me, in modern terms 😉


Michael Fenichel
1 month ago

Big news in the non-news (but calling it news) department:


"News"? Fox?

#Karma catching up with the #TrumpVirus / #Fox / #disinformation / #hate cultism of the #GQP / #Fascism fans

With a healthy dollop of CYA ‘cut your losses’ network reaction too. (Wait til the next lawsuits! Without Tucker to 'own'.)

#Karma catching up with the #TrumpVirus #hate cultism of #GQP / #Fascism / hate #propaganda and tribal division

Dr. Jonathan Howard: “While many of us were surrounded by mass death, begging people to stay safe, other doctors, sheltered from the consequences of their words, were making YouTube videos and influencing politicians to spread a new virus widely amongst unvaccinated youth.”

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Miro Collas
1 month ago

You're Not Immune To Propaganda - YouTube

"It's very common in the West, especially in the US, for people to assume that propaganda doesn't really exist in our society. Sure, those other countries brainwash their citizens, but not us! No, all our media is completely unbiased. Let's explore the idea of propaganda, and how exactly it functions in neoliberal capitalism."


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1 month ago

In order to perpetuate his desire to legitimize hostile state #propaganda outlets, such as from Russia and China, Musk engaged in the final stage of his NPR, BBC, and Canadian Broadcasting scheme last night. He removed all the government-sponsored media labels from ALL outlets on #Twitter.

This appears to have been the goal all along. Create a faux issue with #NPR, then use it as an excuse to legitimize Putin’s propaganda machine while journalists focus on it as a “retreat” from wrongly labeling independent-editorial outlets like NPR.

Perhaps our #journalist friends will focus on this aspect of the story a bit more.

Martin Holland
1 month ago

Jetzt auch als Artikel bei @heiseonline:

Nach Streit mit NPR & Co: Label zur Medienfinanzierung auf Twitter verschwunden

Noch vor Tagen haben englischsprachige Medien öffentlichkeitswirksam mit Twitter über Kennzeichnungen zur Finanzierung gestritten. Nun sind die verschwunden.

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In case you were unaware, RT, aka Russia Today, is the propaganda arm of Putin’s authoritarian government. They appear to have an Instance on Mastodon. I’ve blocked them. You may want to share this information and block them too.

Background (From the US State Department):

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Whether it's #Fox refusing to apologize for its #lies, weaponized leaks or the threats of #AI #disinformation... our digital media environment can seem increasingly hard to navigate without a robust understanding of #propaganda. Which is why I created my new @udemy course. 🤓👇Sign up now and master the misdirection!!! #media #digital #socialmedia

Miro Collas
1 month ago

Tangentially, calling the US a democracy is #propaganda, plain and simple.

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