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Wieder Hunderttausend bei #Protest in Tel Aviv

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The occupation of The University of Tampere is starting on the 25th of September at 9am.

The occupation at the city center campus begins at 9:00am in the main building's lobby. Let's make banners and bring signs opposing anti-student austerity policies. Let's show that we won't yield.

The occupation is absolutely non-violent and substance-free. We adhere to the principles of a safer space. Even though Orpo's government policies are cold and cruel, together we will create a warm and safe place to be and express ourselves.

The duration of the occupation is not determined and depends on the occupiers. Spread the word, more information coming soon!

#StudentProtest #Tampere #protest #university

I will update information to a thread on this post as I learn more.

Svein-Erik Andersen
6 hours ago

#News #Press #Peace #History #Protest #ClimateChange #Nature #Politics

Meet our successor among the mammals: Rattus norvegicus. She eats anything, strict vegetarians will not survive the nuclear winter. She is imaginative - climbing up palm trees in the Pacific Ocean, and up toilet seats in New York. In 1 million years or so, evolution will make her as intelligent as we are now.
And then, she blow herself up!

Rebecca Bryn
6 hours ago

Coming soon - Let Us Pass, the Rebecca riots. Not read 'Give Us This Day' yet? Discover the events that led to the Merthyr rising in 1831. #protest #socialhistory #Welshhistory

An old tollhouse now at St Fagan's Museum near Cardiff. One that survived the Rebecca riots.

#Republic are claiming the first anti-monarchy #protest inside Buckingham Palace

Activists stand in Buckingham Palace wearing shirts spelling out Not My King
Die Bundesregierung plant den Bau von LNG-Terminals auf Rügen – als Ersatz für russische Erdgaslieferungen. Ak­ti­vis­t:in­nen haben zeitweise den Hafen besetzt.#LNG #Ostsee #Protest #EndeGelände! #Ökologie #Öko #Schwerpunkt
Ende Gelände gegen LNG auf Rügen: „Diese Insel kriegst du nie“
Dave Mark
8 hours ago

"United Breaks Guitars" is great on several levels:

- Terrific song in its own right.

- It used the power of the internet, back in 2009, to allow one person to fight back against a giant corporation. And win!

Watch the video here:

And read the story here:
#Protest #Music

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Sunak and Starmer are owned by the fossil fuel industry.

Most Members of Parliament are.

We need to stop voting for the convention of corruption.

Time for something different. Time to vote Green.

#packham #channel4 #timetobreakthelaw #protest

Teri Yaki
1 day ago

Lange Haftstrafen, in der Öffentlichkeit medienwirksames, brutales Schmerzen verursachen, ich frage mich ob das nicht doch ein bisschen autoritär rüberkommt?

Nee, natürlich frag ich mich das nicht.
#klima #protest #polizeigewalt Klimakatastrophe

Paula Kirman
1 day ago

More photos of Edmonton showing up to counter hate and ignorance at the "One Million March for Children" on September 20th.
#yeg #yegdt #ableg #abeducation #education #2slgbtqia #lgbtqia #protest #rally #photojournalism #yegactivist #yegphotographer

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Foto vom gestrigen #Protest der #Landwirte in #Kiel.

Die #Bauern machen es mir nicht leicht, Sympathien zu entwickeln...

Wogegen protestieren die eigentlich genau und wie "gut" soll ich als Endverbraucher das finden?

Dann noch derart martialisch - es fehlte nur, dass sie wie in den letzten Jahren rechtsextreme Symbole und Flaggen aushängen... 🤢

"Good night Bauern pride" oder was?

Trecker mit Aufschrift "Grüne Welle brechen bevor sie uns bricht". Dazu eine geballte Faust, die gegen eine grüne Welle schlägt
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En fælles front af antifascister mobiliserede til protest på Christiansborg Slotsplads den 21. september, da de højreekstreme fra Generation Identitær var blevet inviteret ind på Christiansborg af Liberal Alliance Ungdom og Konservativ Ungdom. Arbejderen var med til protesten.

#dkpol #fascisme #aktivisme #antifascisme #protest #dkmedier #Arbejderen

بكرا فيه مظاهرة ضد "أيدولوجية الجندر" في تورونتو، فأنا رايح على المظاهرة المضادة وهي يافطاتي:
Tomorrow there's a protest against "gender ideology" in Toronto, so I'm counter-protesting with these:

#Arab #Palestinian #Muslim #Gender #Protest #Toronto #عربي #فلسطيني #مسلم #تورونتو

A protest sign saying:
مش رح تمحونا!!
مثلييت . عابريت
You will not erase us!
LGBTQIA+ م. ع. ل.
There's a rainbow flag drawn on the margin, and two trans flags on the corners
A protest sign that says:
أنا فلسطيني عربي مسلم
أنا مثلي . انا موجود!
I am Palestinian, Arab and Muslim. I am gay. I exist.

A progressive rainbow flag goes through the word gay. A Palestinian flag is next to the word Palestinian. The symbol of the Arab League is above the word Arab. A crescent and a five-pointed star is above the word Muslim.

On the margin are the words:
I am here
* I am queer *
Get used to it
Learn about me
I am your son, friend, bro.

The lyrics to "change your mind" by Rebecca Sugar are on another margin.

"The question at the heart of the mass protest decade isn’t why social media–driven uprisings failed to change conditions where they happened, but why the changes forced by those uprisings—even at their most potent and least ephemeral—were either limited in scope or reversed, remarkably often, by leaders worse than the ones activists did manage to topple."

#NewRepublic #protest

Howard Cheng
2 days ago

I just caught this in #PressGazette from last week.

One of the things which I really find worthwhile about specialising in capturing social movements and protests is being able to help illustrate articles, and foster ongoing conversations, about the rights of marginalised groups.

#LifeByStills #EditorialByStills #EditorialPhotography #Photography #Editorial #ProtestPhotography #Protest #TransRights #HumanRights #Photojournalism #Reportage #DocumentaryPhotography

Screengrab of an article in Press Gazette featuring a photograph I took of a protest in support of trans rights.

Je kunt zeggen wat je wilt maar in Duitsland wordt wel
~actief ~gedemonstreerd tegen ’t fascisme en conservatief nationalisme in extreem rechtse hoek.

Hoewel fvd/ja21/haga/bbb/pvv blijkbaar minder groot tot geminimaliseerd zullen worden:

Wordt ’t tijd hier ook actief te worden tegen hen én de hatelijke, mensonterende ideeën in hun gedachtenwereld???


General Strike Now
2 days ago

National public-sector strike in Greece against new labour law attacking the right to strike. On Thursday, workers throughout the Greek public sector ...

One-day national stoppage by public sector workers in Greece against anti-labour law criminalising picketing and removing limits to working hours; teachers in Portugal hold week-long strike over pay, contracts and for more staff; Iranian regime intro…#protest #workers #Europe #Africa #MiddleEast
Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

Alan Rycroft 🇨🇦
2 days ago

Counter protesters swamp anti-SOGI rally at Victoria legislature in British Columbia

Police asked people to leave, saying it was becoming 'unsafe' because of tensions, but hundreds remained

#LGBTQ #rights #HumanRights #protest #CounterProtest

The Conversation U.S.
2 days ago

Iranian street artists are showing renewed determination to promote freedom as a cultural necessity in #Iran, even in the face of a year-long government crackdown

Pictured ⬇️‘While the teachers are detained, the classrooms will be closed,’ reads one painting #StreetArt #Art #Protest

Stenciled graffiti art on a wall, with a woman holding up a sign that reads ‘While the teachers are detained, the classrooms will be closed' in Farsi (photo from Khiaban Tribune Instagram)
Autonomie und Solidarität
2 days ago

#LetzteGeneration Aktivistin in #Berlin zu acht Monaten Haft verurteilt
"Es ist die bislang höchste Strafe, die gegen ein Mitglied der Protestgruppe "Letzte Generation" wegen Sitzblockaden ausgesprochen wurde."
#Klimakrise #Protest #Repression #Antireport

3 days ago

Hopefully yesterday's violent protest outside Leinster House is a wake up call, the end of the "soft touch" approach towards the far right. Maybe now our politicians will stop pretending that Ireland doesn't have far right extremists. These people are genuinely dangerous.

#Ireland #FarRight #Protest #NeoNazis

Autonomie und Solidarität
3 days ago

The "copaganda" epidemic: How #media glorifies police and vilifies protesters
"How the pro-police focus of #mainstream crime reporting misdirects policy discussions and blocks real solutions.
Last year, Project Censored identified news coverage of protests by #BlackLivesMatter as an egregious example of "News Abuse," the Project's term for distorted, misleading coverage of genuinely important news topics. Legacy and corporate media portrayed #BLM demonstrators across the United States as violent and chaotic, despite subsequent evidence that, in 97 percent of cases, protests were peaceful and nonviolent. At the time, alternative and independent media carried very different stories, some with headlines accurately describing "police riots."
#AbolishThePolice #police #riots #Repression #Antireport #discrimination #media #protest #ACAB #AbolishThePolice #PoliceBrutality

barrier tape with "crime scene do not cross
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Japanese #protest against government's #military buildup against #pacifist constitution

By Jiang Xueqing in Tokyo, 2023-09-20

“A number of Japanese citizen groups and some politicians rallied in Tokyo late on Tuesday in protest against the nation's aggressive military buildup and attempts to amend its pacifist constitution.

“Mizuho Fukushima, leader of the Social Democratic Party of #Japan, told China Daily that #SDP opposes Japan's military expansion.

“‘If every country increases its military capabilities, society as a whole will lose its peace,' Fukushima said.

“‘#Japan should engage with all nations in a peaceful manner, avoid conflict with China and address issues in Sino-Japanese relations through diplomatic means,' she said.

“Japan's defense ministry said on Aug 31 that it is seeking for a record 7.7 trillion yen ($52.1 billion) budget for the 2024 fiscal year, up 13 percent from the previous year.

“Under a plan announced by Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, the defense ministry budget for the five years through fiscal year 2027 will total 43 trillion yen, an over-50-percent in-crease from its previous spending plan that covered fiscal year 2019 to 2023, Nikkei Asia reported.

“The hike in Japan's military expenditure and the government's attempts to amend the constitution in a way that is less peaceful raise the risk of heading toward war. The Japanese people have a sense of crisis about this situation,’ said Keiko Semaishi, a 68-year-old Tokyo resident.

“‘The strengthening of the Japan-US military alliance may lead neighboring countries to believe that Japan is on a path toward the militarism of the past, causing concerns. We hope that the government does not proceed in this manner,' Semaishi said. 'Japan should choose the path of peace and improve its relations with neighboring countries with the help of the pacifist constitution, rather than escalating military preparations,' she added.

“Shoichi Mineo, deputy general-secretary of the Kanagawa High School Teachers and Staff Union, said the strengthening of the military alliance between the United States and Japan, with Japan serving as a regional stronghold in East Asia, does not necessarily safeguard the interests of the Japanese people.

“‘As a US ally, Japan would undoubtedly be at the forefront if conflict were to arise in East Asia. The Kishida administration has completely disregarded the interests of the Japanese people,' Mineo said.
Japanese people rally against the nation’s aggressive military buildup and attempts to amend its pacifist constitution in front of the Second Members’ Office Building of the House of Representatives in Tokyo on Tuesday.

“‘The Kishida administration believes that only by strengthening the military can peace be defended, a course of action we consider to be dangerous. The Japanese government should place greater emphasis on dialogue and communication with neighboring countries,' he said.

“If the well-being of its citizens is a priority, Japan should collaborate with Asian countries to prevent the recurrence of the sinister state of militarism, he added.

“Hitomi Sugiura, an attorney at Tokyo Advocacy Law Office, said military expansion will have an impact on the economic livelihood of the Japanese people, affecting their well-being.

“‘Moreover, an increase in military expenditure can foster a societal perception that it is acceptable for Japan to engage in warfare. This shift in societal awareness is dangerous,' Sugiura said.”

3 days ago

Here's one of my favorite pics that I took in Boston at a Climate Strike action.

#protest #photos #photography #foto #pics #climate #climatechange #climatecrisis #climateemergency #globalwarming

Paula Kirman
3 days ago

Edmonton really showed up today, with this huge turnout against hate. Photos are of the counterprotest to the transphobic "One Million Children March".
#yeg #yegdt #ableg #abeducation #education #2slgbtqia #lgbtqia #protest #rally #photojournalism #yegactivist #yegphotographer

Wisdom in Space
3 days ago

hese days, the problem isn't how to innovate; it's how to get society to adopt the good ideas that already exist.
-- Douglas Engelbart

#Quotes #DouglasEngelbart #Change #Innovation

#Photography #Panorama #Panopainting #Protest #MarchForOurLives #Florida

photo by richard rathe
3 days ago

20 arrests made during #ClimateChange #protest outside #BankOfAmerica in #BryantPark

By Eyewitness News WABC Tuesday, September 19, 2023

"At least 20 people were arrested during a climate change protest outside Bank of America on Tuesday.

"Police said 11 women and nine men were charged with civil disobedience and most are expected to be processed and released.

"Critics say that the bank is the third largest financier of fossil fuels.

"On Monday more than 100 people were arrested on Wall Street during a climate change demonstration and protest.

"A total of 114 protesters were arrested and taken into custody in #LowerManhattan. Those arrested were charged with civil disobedience.

"Despite the arrests, the group is promising more activism this week during the U.N. General Assembly.

"'This is our last resort,' said Alicé Nascimento of New York Communities for Change. 'We're bringing the crisis to their doorstep and this is what it looks like.'

"The aim of the protesters is to demand an end to fossil fuel financing.

"On Sunday, yelling that the future and their lives depend on ending fossil fuels, tens of thousands of protesters took to the Upper East Side in a march.

"Organizers estimated 75,000 people marched Sunday."

#Fascism #ClimateAction #ClimateActivism #ACAB #FossilFuelIndustry #Oligarchy

3 days ago

#Mexico: Land, territory and #environmental #defenders are being criminalized for exercising their right to #protest

September 13, 2023

"The disproportionate use of criminal law is one of the main threats facing the right to protest peacefully in defense of land, territory and environment in Mexico, Amnesty International said today upon publishing a new report. Mexico: Land and Freedom? Criminalizing defenders of land, territory and environment documents the disproportionate use of the justice system to deter, punish and prevent defenders from protesting in demand of their rights.

"The disproportionate use of the criminal justice system against protesters forms part of a broader strategy of disincentivizing and dismantling advocacy for land, territorial and environmental rights. It is alarming to see that Mexico ranks among the countries with the highest number of murders of environmental defenders and yet, far from the State addressing and preventing this violence, other serious human rights violations are also being committed such as stigmatization, harassment, attacks, assaults, forced displacement and disappearances, said Erika Guevara-Rosas, Americas director at Amnesty International.

"This report focuses on four cases: (i) Colonia Maya in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, where a diverse group of people came together to protest against the construction of residential housing in a protected area where it would cause #environmental damage; (ii) #Zacatepec, where Miguel and Alejandro, #Nahua communicators and defenders, opposed the construction of a drain in Ciudad Industrial Huejotzingo, Puebla, that would flow into the Metlapanapa River, polluting it; iii) Chilón, #Chiapas, where César and José Luis, Tseltal defenders, were criminalized for opposing the construction of a National Guard barracks in their territory; iv) Sitilpech, Yucatán, where residents such as Jesús Ariel, Arturo and Juan Diego are opposing the activities of a mega pig farm in their territory because of the #pollution, water contamination and health problems it is causing.

"The disproportionate use of the criminal justice system against protesters forms part of a broader strategy of disincentivizing and dismantling advocacy for land, territorial and environmental rights.

"Criminal prosecution and stigmatization

"Our report highlights the use of vague or ambiguous offences that ignore the principle of legality, such as rioting, obstruction of public works and variations on the offence of attacks on roadways. It was also noted that events occurring during protests have been conveniently adapted to fit other crimes through broad interpretations of criminal offences and statements that misrepresent the facts. The accusations are largely fabricated on the basis of statements made by public servants and company workers directly related to the events being denounced by the communities. There is no hard evidence in any of the criminal files that would enable any crime to be established.
#AmnestyInternational observed some alarming similarities in these cases. The complaints filed are overwhelmingly directed at people who are considered leaders, or those who are most visible in the protest movements, and they are being prosecuted for vague offences, without hard evidence and solely on the basis of their peaceful actions. The proceedings often drag on for various reasons, and there is a constant worry that cases could be revived or new crimes fabricated.

"Criminal proceedings against defenders are intended as a deterrent to others advocating for the same causes as it leads them to fear that their legitimate demands may end in stigmatization, repression or threats to their lives and safety. While we’ve observed the hope and dignity of some who are being unjustly criminalized when they enjoy the support of their communities, we’ve also seen others who have decided to abandon the struggle to demand their rights, said Edith Olivares Ferreto, executive director of Amnesty International Mexico.

"Differential impacts of state pressure

"These processes are often accompanied by a stigmatization of defenders and serious problems for their security and physical and mental health. This situation also affects their legal representatives and people who support them on an ongoing basis. The use of the criminal justice system against those who dissent or speak out in relation to local government projects and #corporate interests takes place without consequence and with complete impunity. Other violations that occur in the context of protests have also not been investigated, such as violations of the right to liberty and security of defenders, as well as the excessive use of force.

"The unjust #criminalization of defenders who protest peacefully has both individual and collective impacts. Some of the most common effects on an individual level are physical, psychological and economic, such as illness, physical pain as a result of blows received, fear, anxiety, sleeping difficulties, stress, impotence, feelings of injustice at what has happened to them, and effects on their work defending their rights.

"Collective impacts include the intimidation or repression of demands for rights to land, territory and the environment among people advocating for the same causes.

"The unjust criminalization of #HumanRights defenders draws attention away from the root causes and challenges facing land, territory and environmental defenders. The right to protest must be handled in such a way that recognizes that punishing those involved in social conflicts generally only exacerbates the problem rather than resolving the substance of the issue. Defenders’ demands must be properly heard and analysed and their right to protest guaranteed.

"Amnesty International’s report offers a number of general recommendations for addressing the disproportionate use of the criminal justice system against protesters, in addition to other recommendations specific to the cases documented in the report. Among the former, the authorities must recognize the valuable work done by land, territory and environmental defenders; refrain from stigmatizing them; guarantee their participation in issues affecting their communities; strengthen the Protection Mechanism for Human Rights Defenders and Journalists; and refrain from using militarized security forces, such as the National Guard, to monitor protests.

"Among its specific recommendations, Amnesty International calls on the state to immediately cease the criminalization of protest and to properly investigate the human rights violations in the cases documented in the report in order to ensure that the defenders receive full reparations.

"The report accompanies the launch of the campaign #ProtestarNoEsUnCrimen, which seeks to raise awareness of the problem of the unjust criminalization of human rights defenders and its impact on the defence of land, territory and the environment."


#Fascism #ClimateAction #ClimateActivism #ACAB #WaterIsLife #Oligarchy

3 days ago

‘Not What You’d Expect in a Democracy.’ How #Britain Is Waging War Against #ClimateProtesters

By Yasmeen Serhan/London
December 16, 2022

"As the #ClimateCrisis worsens, and as the international efforts to mitigate its effects continue to fall short, activists like #CameronFord have become more daring. Over the past year and a half, the 32-year-old British carpenter has blocked highways by gluing himself to roads and chained himself to an oil tanker.

"Like most #environmental campaigners, Ford never wanted to do anything that could land him in jail. 'I was hoping to emigrate to Canada one day,' he says from his home in Cambridge. But Ford changed his mind about the need for bolder activism after attending a talk hosted by the climate group #InsulateBritain last summer. 'It made sense to make that stand earlier, whilst there was still a chance that we could actually mitigate the worst of it, rather than once it’s too late,' he says.

"Ford is hardly alone in that view. Other British protesters like him have gone so far as to tunnel under major infrastructure projects, throw soup at famous works of art, and scale a 190-food bridge—all in a desperate bid to draw the public’s attention to the looming climate catastrophe.

"But their democratic right to protest is now at risk as the British government declares war on tactics that it regards as disruptive and, ideally, illegal. Draft legislation that the House of Commons approved in October [2022] would pose unprecedented restrictions on the right to #protest in #England and #Wales.

"'When [#ClimateCollapse] is what we face, I believe the only thing that would curtail us is the death penalty,' says Ford, 'because the alternative to us not standing up is death.'"

#GreatBritain #Fascism #ClimateAction #ClimateActivism #ACAB #WaterIsLife #Oligarchy

Nathanael Newton
3 days ago

I was lucky enough to be able to record a quick interview with Ottawa NDP MPP Joel Harden today at the protest at Canada's Parliament Hill.

#transrightsarehumanrights #canpoli #independentjournalist #ottawa #onpoli #humanrights #protest #canada #politics

3 days ago

#Iran passes stricter #headscarf law days after #protest anniversary

20/09/2023 | 16:30 PM

By Associated Press Reporters

"Iran’s parliament has approved a Bill to impose heavier penalties on women who refuse to wear the mandatory Islamic headscarf in public and those who support them.

"The move came just days after the anniversary of the death of #MahsaAmini, a 22-year-old woman who had been detained by the so-called morality #police for violating the country’s dress code.

"Her death in custody ignited months of #protests in which many called for the overthrow of Iran’s theocracy.

"The 70-item Bill extends punishments to business owners who serve women not wearing the mandatory headscarf, known as the #hijab, and #activists who organise against it. Violators could face up to 10 years in prison if the offence occurs in an organised way.

"The Bill, which was approved by 152 politicians in Iran’s 290-seat parliament, requires ratification by the Guardian Council, a clerical body that serves as constitutional watchdog. It would take effect for a preliminary period of three years.

"The demonstrations sparked by Ms Amini’s death on September 16, 2022, died down early this year following a heavy crackdown on dissent in which more than 500 protesters were killed and around 22,000 detained.

"But many women continued to flaunt the rules on wearing the hijab, prompting a new campaign to enforce them over the summer.

"Iran’s clerical rulers view the hijab law as a key pillar of the Islamic Republic and blamed the protests on Western nations, without providing evidence.

"The protesters said they were motivated by anger over the dress code as well as what they see as the corruption and poor governance of the country’s ruling clerics."

#WomensRights #ACAB #corruption #Fascism #HumanRights

Thinking about participating in a #protest action? Read through this guide for tips on how to stay safer and have a good one!

#protesting #counterprotesting #activism #allyship #humanrights

Background is wavy stripes in the nonbinary pride colors. Black text with yellow outline says "Thinking about participating in a protest action? Read through this guide for tips on how to stay safer and have a good one!" At the bottom there is the GenderMeowster calico cat logo and the text "Love from the Clowder".
3 days ago

#US States Take Aim at Protesters’ Rights

Right to Peaceful Assembly at Risk

by Jonathan Pedneault, February 16, 2021

"#Peaceful #protests are protected by the #UnitedStates Constitution’s First Amendment as well as #international #HumanRights law. But a legislative assault aimed at eroding these protections is underway in several state legislatures.

"It’s nothing new. Various states have long-tried to curtail the right to #protest. They do so by legislating wide definitions of what constitutes an 'unlawful assembly' or a 'riot' as well as increasing punishments. They also allow police to use catch-all public offenses, such as #trespassing, obstructing traffic, or disrupting the peace, as a pretext for ordering dispersals, using force, and making arrests. Finally, they make it easier for #corporations and others to bring lawsuits against #protest organizers.

"While proportionate restrictions on the right of peaceful assembly, like creating buffer zones around abortion clinics to ensure access, may be necessary, the use of catch-all offenses against peaceful #demonstrators or the imposition of increased penalties to deter assemblies are not.

"At a time of large mobilizations across the US, attempts by states to deter and impose criminal penalties on peaceful protesters should be stopped.

"According to the US Protest Law Tracker, created by the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law, there are currently 51 bills under consideration in 24 state legislatures, including as many as 10 in #Oklahoma, that they warn would threaten the right to assemble peacefully.

"Among the proposed laws are nine, including three in Oklahoma, that the Tracker reports would provide civil and/or criminal immunity for drivers injuring or killing protesters unlawfully disrupting traffic and one stand-your-ground bill in #NewHampshire that would allow deadly force against protesters 'likely' to use 'any' degree of unlawful force during a riot.

"Other bills would increase penalties for participating in unlawful protests, something that happens automatically in many jurisdictions once someone marches without a permit, or for committing an offense – including jaywalking or trespassing – while in an unlawful assembly.

"International human rights law protects the right of peaceful assembly and requires authorities at all levels to facilitate such assemblies and avoid unnecessary or disproportionate restrictions on them. The mere act of planning or participating in a protest should not be criminalized. Authorities are also required to protect people participating in such assemblies – bills that encourage or allow violence against protesters are inconsistent with those obligations, and states should abandon them."

#Fascism #ClimateAction #ClimateActivism #ACAB #WaterIsLife #Oligarchy

3 days ago

Judge dismisses #pipeline #protest charges against 3 #Native women

Kirsti Marohn
Brainerd, #Minnesota
September 18, 2023 3:45 PM

"Opponents of the #Line3 oil pipeline are celebrating an Aitkin County judge’s decision to dismiss charges against three Native women related to a 2021 protest.

"Activists #WinonaLaDuke, #TaniaAubid and #DawnGoodwin helped lead rallies as #Enbridge began work on a new #OilPipeline across northern Minnesota more than two years ago.

"The charges against them stemmed from a rally on Jan. 9, 2021, when a large group gathered at a pipeline construction site near the #MississippiRiver in Aitkin County. 

"The opponents, who called themselves #WaterProtectors carried signs and walked down a county road. Some Native women danced in jingle dresses, a healing tradition.

"Some group members later moved to another Aitkin County location, where they walked along U.S. Highway 169 and refused to leave a Line 3 construction site.

"LaDuke, Goodwin and Aubid were not arrested on Jan. 9. Authorities charged them weeks later by summons after identifying them in social media posts. They faced gross misdemeanor charges of trespassing and harassment, as well as misdemeanor unlawful assembly and public nuisance.

"A jury trial was scheduled to begin this week. But in a forceful opinion filed Sept. 14, District Court Judge Leslie Metzen dismissed all the charges.

"Metzen’s order noted the government’s historical mistreatment of #Indigenous people.

"'In the last 20 years I have come to a broader understanding of what we, the now dominant culture, did to try to eradicate our indigenous neighbors,' she wrote. 'We moved them by force and power and violence off the land where they lived for thousands of years. To make peace, we signed treaties with them that promised many things they never received.'

"Metzen wrote that she finds it 'within the furtherance of justice' to protect the defendants who were peacefully protesting to protect the land addressed in those treaties.

"She wrote that as respected members of #Anishinaabe tribes, LaDuke, Aubid and Goodwin were exercising their #FreeSpeech rights and #spiritual beliefs, including 'their heartfelt belief that the waters of Minnesota need to be protected from damage that could result from the #pipeline.'

'To criminalize their behavior would be the crime,' she added."

Read more:

#IndigenousNews #LaDuke #StopEnbridge #NoLine3 #Proestors #ClimateActivists #Fascism #WaterIsLife #RespectTheTreaties

danso 🌱
3 days ago

This is definitely the smallest 1 million transphobes I’ve ever seen. We’re honestly wondering why we ever took this thing seriously #montreal #protest

Christine T
3 days ago

Seen earlier today. Asking for permanent visas to be granted sooner - not to be stuck in years and years of limbo without access to schooling, Medicare and stable work.

#protest #activism #refugees #AsylumSeekers #Australia

A peaceful street protest. Signs: 14 years too long! Permanent visas for 12000 refugees in limbo. 11 years for Iranian asylum seekers is too long. Help us for better future.
A peaceful street protest. Signs: Refugee not Refuse. Eleven years is too bloody long. 12000 refugees stuck in limbo, we need change. Permanent visas for all refugees now.
A peaceful street protest. Chanting around the crossing and traffic lights during every red light.
A lady holding a sign: do not tell me go back to where you came from. Ask me "why you came here"
Radical Social Worker ✊️
4 days ago

I just thought - "I wish I could protest for a living."

And then I realized - I already DO protest for a living 🤣

Being a social worker is inherently political at every angle.

Social work IS bad ass.

Shout out to the mystery person who highlighted this recently 😉

#SocialWork #SocialJustice #Protest #Activism #Activist

LA Legault
4 days ago

For anyone defending tomorrow in #Canada

Attending a #protest | Surveillance Self-Defense

Radical Social Worker ✊️
4 days ago

📣ATTN: Toronto!

March tomorrow (Sept 20) in support of #2SLGBTQAI+ communities!


✅️Meet at Barbara Hall Park.

✅️Marching to Queen's Park.

✊️Hate has no home in #Ontario!

More info:
🏳️‍🌈 🩵🩷🤍🩷🩵

#Toronto #OnPoli #TransRightsAreHumanRights #2slgbtqia #protest #ArmyOfLovers #the519

LA Legault
4 days ago

Here is a #privacy #protest kit if you’re coming out tomorrow #Canada

A3 cont'd 4/

“Stop Financing Fossil Fuels:” 149 Climate Activists Arrested Blocking NY Federal Reserve

* climate activists f. around world gather NYC
* Climate Week coincides w. U.N. General Assembly
* 75,000 people marched on the U.N. HQ
* demand President Biden end fossil fuels
* targeted financing for fossil fuel projects

#ClimateWeek #activism #protest #ClimateCatastrophe #GlobalWarming #FossilFuels #Biden #neoliberalism #corporations #DefundCorporations

England’s slide into a totalitarian banana* republic state continues apace:

#Scotland🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 needs to cut itself free from this toxic deadweight asap…

(*without the bananas, natch — their shelves are bare)

#ClimateCrisis #Protest #Resist #IndyRef2

Weltweit nehme die Unterdrückung von Versammlungen zu, kritisiert Amnesty. Erstmals führt die Organisation die Bundesrepublik als Problemland auf.#Protest #AmnestyInternational #Klimaproteste #Deutschland #Politik #Schwerpunkt
Bericht von Amnesty International: Deutschland schränkt Protest ein

Ten years ago, on 18 Sept 2013, a peaceful #SaveTheArctic protest in international waters targeting the Russian state-owned Prirazlomnaya oil platform ended with 28 Greenpeace activists and two freelance journalists detained.

Looking back on the Arctic 30

#greenpeace #protest #russia #savethearctic #arctic #oil #protest

5 days ago

Is there anybody in my circles working with/in #digitalHumanities? I am currently exploring possibilities of a PhD project leveraging digital technologies in #Persian language materials.

#iran #academia #digital #phd #protest #poetry #nlp #NaturalLanguageProcessing #helpWanted #GettingStarted

GrrlScientist Ⓥ :verified:
5 days ago

For decades, the Atlas Network used its reach & influence to spread RightWing philosophy—& criminalize #climate #protest

“The think tank method allowed corporations to say things that they couldn’t say themselves without appearing to be merely speaking to their own profit motives.”

Mark Ohe
6 days ago

Earlier today:
75,000 climate protesters march in New York, calling for an immediate end to the fossil fueled destruction of our planet and climate.

But not just in NYC:
600,000 people.
700 actions.
65 countries.
On all 7 continents. #climate #fossilfuels #renewableenergy #protest

1000s of youth marching in NYC earlier today.
6 days ago

AP: Tens of thousands march to kick off climate summit, demanding end to warming-causing fossil fuels #climate #protest

T. T. Perry
6 days ago
Martin Rundkvist
1 week ago

The Chinese Twitter equivalent #Weibo censors searches for the names of places where there are protests. You could write a script that searches for the main Chinese cities on Weibo and plots the ones that are censored on a map. Presto, a dynamic map of Chinese unrest!

#china #protest

1 week ago

Now, this?

THIS is tech for good.

Unsurprised about the "supportive" organisations only thinking about their own self, proud of badlogic and friends for continuing on alone.

But, as we see, you can do absolutely all of the work and have irrefutable proof of wrongdoing, and one dude, a conservative in government, can say "no".

And yet not even he can stop the ball from rolling.

THIS is tech for good
THIS is direct action

#Technology #TechForGood #Protest

1 week ago


Here's the site with the listings of when and where the protests will be happening:

#ClimateChange #protest

1 week ago

As usual, Tutemic has an enlighting and surprising take on the Unity game engine controversy - why we must force them to walk this back a 100%, or were all gonna pay dearly in the future.

#Unity #UnityEngine #gaming #tech #future #surveillance #privacy #business #bigTech #protest #Tutemic

The Conversation U.S.
1 week ago

Largely forgotten until now, between 1933 and 1945 hundreds and hundreds of Jewish women and men performed individual acts of resistance in Nazi Germany.

Jews of all ages destroyed Nazi symbols, protested in public, disobeyed Nazi laws and defended themselves against insults and physical attacks.

Pictured: Lizi Rosenfeld, a Jewish woman, sits on a park bench bearing a sign that reads, ‘Only for Aryans,’ in August 1938 in Vienna ⬇️
#history #histodons #protest

A vintage photo shoes a woman sitting on a bench. 📷 United States Holocaust Memorial Museum/CC BY-SA
Autonomie und Solidarität
1 week ago

#Protest gegen Automobilausstellung #IAA #Polizeigewalt
"Ob Till N.s rechtes Ohr jemals wieder richtig anwachsen wird, hätten die Ärzte ihm nicht sagen können, erzählt der Aktivist der taz. 45 Minuten lang hätten sie ihn genäht, berichtet er. Die Ärzte seien über seine Verletzung schockiert gewesen und hätten ihm geraten, Anzeige gegen die #Polizei zu erstatten.
Am Samstagmorgen waren rund 300 Kli­ma­ak­ti­vis­t*in­nen des Bündnisses #SmashIAA unter einer großen Autobrücke im Münchener Stadtteil Neuhausen hindurchgerannt. Ihr Ziel: die Münchener Niederlassung von #Mercedes-Benz. Doch mehrere Polizeiautos kamen gleichzeitig mit ihnen an.
Die Po­li­zis­t*in­nen schlugen mit Knüppeln auf die Ak­ti­vis­t*in­nen ein: „Ich habe einen Schlag an der rechten Seite meines Kopfes gespürt“, sagt N. Auch seine Brille sei weggeschlagen worden. Er sei dann unter der Brücke herumgeirrt und habe die Brille gesucht. Pas­san­t*in­nen riefen schließlich einen Rettungswagen. Eine Anzeige gegen die Polizei hat N. bislang nicht gestellt. „Was soll das bringen, außer dass ich eine Gegenanzeige kassiere?“, fragt er.
Drei Po­li­zis­t:in­nen je Ak­ti­vis­t:in."!5956556/
via @nofuture_iaa

#Klimakrise #Klima #Repression

Protestaktion gegen die Automesse IAA am 9. September in München 

 Foto: PM Cheung/Adora Press
Petra van Cronenburg
2 weeks ago

@HeavenlyPossum Reading it in France, at 34°C (the soils are dust), I can sign every sentence. I feel myself becoming more and more angry and aggressive against the inaction of well-off politicians. I just want to scream about how the #oil industry is subsidised and pampered. I feel defiance, which should be useful for #activism Creativity can be made out of anger. I can no longer stand by and watch this. ▶️
#climateEmergency #floods #drought #heatwave #wildfires #protest

The Conversation U.S.
2 weeks ago

Instead of violating unjust laws, protestors using “uncivil obedience” follow the law (but in a way that undermines its very rationale).

Examples include atheists who have used laws to keep ‘pornography’ out of schools to request that the Bible be banned, and the Satanic Temple, which has used rules permitting religious after-school clubs to found clubs for young Satanists.

More from an expert of this growing form of #protest:

A graphic with text defines "Uncivil obedience": The act of following a law, but in ways that disregard and subvert expectations.
2 weeks ago

The sweeping #redstate drive to roll back #CivilRights & #liberties

by Ron Brownstein

Since 2021, #Republican-controlled states have passed a swarm of #laws to restrict #VotingRights, increase penalties for #public #protest, impose new restrictions on #transgender youth, #BanBooks, & limit what #teachers, #college #professors, & #employers can say about #race, #gender, & #SexualOrientation.


Blake Leyh
2 weeks ago

Photo montage from pictures I took in Union Square on the one-year anniversary of 9/11.

#September11 #Protest

A row oof 15 people facing the camera wearing respirator masks with placards on their chests saying in white text on a black background: OUR GRIEF IS NOT A CRY FOR WAR
Rhinos Worry Me
2 weeks ago

Imagine 1,000,000 people were willing to sit in the road blocking the nation's oil refineries, refusing to move until the government committed to quit fossil fuels in line with an actual carbon budget.

It would have a huge effect. After a few weeks the government would be forced to negotiate (including for amnesty for those arrested).

If 20 people did it (and they have) it probably wouldn't even get a headline, and they'd probably be jailed.

So: how many people would have to commit to such a plan before *you* would sign up? [Poll below]

(I know it would rely hugely on white/cishet/etc privilege. And it would need huge funds for bail, support, infrastructure, etc. For the sake of argument, assume that was in place.)

#Climate #ClimateCrisis #Resistance #A12 #Protest

Martin Rundkvist
2 weeks ago

Thousands of protestors and tens of professional organisations at the #Stockholm manifestation against the proposed Fascist law about mandatory informing on undocumented migrants. The head of the national teacher's union is just speaking.

#svpol #immigration #protest

2 weeks ago

Mary Smail has installed 16 solar panels on her house despite it breaking planning laws. "If bad laws are not challenged then they never get changed and we can see that through things like the suffragettes and civil rights in America."

#GoodNews #Solar #PV #Panels #Housing #Council #Law #Breaking #Protest #Climate #Energy #Emergency #Bravery

Die Polizei ist mit 4.500 Einsatzkräften auf Proteste gegen die IAA vorbereitet. Die Kli­ma­ak­ti­vis­t*in­nen blockieren stattdessen ein BMW-Werk.
IAA in München: Pyros, Protest und Parolen
Jay Ulfelder
2 weeks ago

We're hiring!

Full-time, salaried staff job with benefits at Harvard Kennedy School to handle day-to-day management of the Crowd Counting Consortium project, which collects and analyzes event data on U.S. protest activity.

#jobs #protest #PoliticalScience #Sociology

“A Political Prosecution”: 61 Cop City Opponents Hit with RICO Charges by Georgia’s Republican AG

Georgia is intensifying its crackdown against opponents of Cop City, with the state’s Republican attorney general announcing sweeping indictments of 61 people on racketeering charges over protests and other activism related to the $90 million police training facility planned to be built in Atlanta.
#news #UnitedStates #georgia #justice #protest #organizing

Jay Ulfelder
2 weeks ago

Anyone in the Seattle area know if there are still tree sits or other daily actions happening to block removal of Doug the Fir or Luma the Cedar? If not, do you know when those actions respectively ended?

#protest #Seattle #trees #DougTheFir

Jane Rosenberg LaForge
3 weeks ago

The right to peacefully assemble and #protest is sacrosanct, New York Attorney General says, explaining a legal settlement w/the NYPD to prevent them from “kettling” #protesters and then arresting them. #FreeSpeech #RightToAssemble #RightToProtest #FirstAmendment

Butt Pat Coach
3 weeks ago

I'm aware of a #protest this Sun 10 Sept at the People's History Museum in #Manchester, against anti #trans campaign group "Sex Matters" who will be holding a meeting there. Meet outside from 10am (ideally 9:30am), bring placards and shouty joy and masks #CovidIsNotOver

Sex Matters promote conversion therapy for children and many of their leaders are connected with hard line Christian organisations like ADF International (who lobby globally to ban homosexuality and being trans).

Sex Matters have forced the people's history museum to take the booking on the basis that their "gender critical" beliefs have been found to be "worthy of respect in a democracy" and therefore protected from discrimination under law. Because of the huge funding groups like Sex Matters have behind them from religious conservative groups, it's impossible for PHM to defend a legal case against this transphobic child abuse promoting hate group.

Dr. Farhana Sultana
3 weeks ago

The #discourse and #schadenfreude regarding #BurningMan, #climatechange, wealthy #capitalists and #techbros … shows why the wealthy and powerful need to pay more attention to and support #climateaction.

It’s as if those who complain about #climatejustice #protest and #activism got a lesson from Mother Nature or something…

Autonomie und Solidarität
3 weeks ago

Mittlerweile 27 Klimaaktivist*innen in Präventivgewahrsam #München #BlockIAA

"Klimaaktivisten der "Letzten Generation" hatten angekündigt, München vor der Mobilitätsmesse #IAA zu einer "Protesthochburg" machen zu wollen. Vergangene Woche behinderten sie mehrmals den Münchner Verkehr mit Klebeaktionen. Am Mittwoch bewarfen sie das Gebäude des Bayerischen Landtags mit weiß gefärbten Tennisbällen. Wie das Münchner Polizeipräsidium nun bekannt gab, sitzen mittlerweile 27 Aktivisten und Aktivistinnen in Präventivgewahrsam. Drei von ihnen sind laut der "Letzten Generation" in der JVA Memmingen untergebracht, 24 in der Münchner JVA Stadelheim.",Togfjqk?
MehrInfos unter: @dieiaa

#LetzteGeneration #Protest #Klimakrise #Repression #Antireport

3 weeks ago


"I Don't Mind If You Die": Wealthy Donors Freak Out At Climate Defiance Protesters

9 min video

Apparently polite deference is due to property owners because solar panels.

Solar panels are not enough. Not at the scale of emissions. Not at the scale of carbon being released. Not at the scale of carbon that is released to build renewables.

what part of you’re killing us do they not get.


#climatechange #protest