R0B0 G0D
15 hours ago

Have just spent my lunchtime working on getting an old game running and have found the arcane mix of Steam/Proton settings that let me re-experience it in a way few have been able to for decades.

Very excited, and head running away with itself writing article after article: I'll definitely be posting my settings on Steam and ProtonDB for other users to follow. Check back later on today!

[Update] That, plus I've just noticed the AUR has the latest Nvidia drivers. I'm hoping these might sort out some of the horrendous crashing issues I've been having with Cyberpunk but that will have to wait until this evening.

#Gaming #Cyberpunk #Nvidia #Proton #RetroGaming

17 hours ago

@Myrrdin You mean setting RADV_PERFTEST=rt?

I didn't have to do it, perhaps Proton Experimental does it?

By the way, RT will be enabled by default in mesa 23.2 which will be released soon:

My laptop with Fedora Rawhide is already running Mesa 23.2.0rc3 on Intel.

#mesa #amdgpu #proton #steam

1 day ago

@deepthaw Indeed, I also couldn't see much of a difference with #Cyberpunk2077.

That was a while ago on Windows, since at the time the RT option was still disabled on Linux with #Proton / #DXVK.

Llevo casi 30 horas de juego en Horizon Zero Dawn, no es malo, pero llega a ser aburrido en algunas partes, y eso de que los recursos para ciertos avances sean muy raros de conseguir fastidia un poco, pero en lo general es muy divertido. Y visualmente es espectacular, toda una aventura visual.

#HorizonZeroDawn #gameonlinux #ubuntu #proton #steam

Impresión de pantalla del videojuego Horizon Zero Dawn
Impresión de pantalla del videojuego Horizon Zero Dawn
Impresión de pantalla del videojuego Horizon Zero Dawn
Impresión de pantalla del videojuego Horizon Zero Dawn
2 days ago

I just made the switch away from Timetree to Proton Calendar. I'm getting rid of proprietary software in my life if the opensource alternative is good enough, which is the case here. I do plan on subscribing to one of Proton's plan in the future.

#proton #calendar #timetree

Tobleh 🇨🇦
2 days ago

Another interesting video from "By Default". It's pretty cool how he just suddenly appeared and made cool video after cool video 👀

And fuck now I'm kinda wondering if I should consider migrating at least a few things away from Gmail :thinking__ai:

#Privacy #Encryption #Proton #ProtonVPN #ProtonMail #Skiff #Tutanota

Necesito encontrar tres condenadas baterías y no tengo idea de donde comenzar a buscarlas :neko_cry:

#HorizonZeroDawn #gameonlinux #ubuntu #proton #steam

Captura de pantalla de Horizon Zero Dawn
Captura de pantalla de Horizon Zero Dawn
Captura de pantalla de Horizon Zero Dawn
Captura de pantalla de Horizon Zero Dawn
ArNi 🇩🇪 🔐
2 days ago

I’ve been using @protonmail for nearly 7 years now and using it successfully with my custom #domains too. Such a great evolution of the product and still growing product family. Now it’s time to #share. Using my referral link gives you a #free month of #Proton #Mail Plus to get in touch a personal impression of the look and feel.

Let’s build a better #internet, where #privacy is the default.

Professor Code
2 days ago

Did you all hear about this?

If Microsoft's buyout of Activision goes through, they may end up having a legal obligation to make sure that Activision games run well on Proton.

It almost makes me wish this acquisition goes well too! 🤯

#LinuxGaming #Linux #Proton #Wine #Microsoft #Activision

Liam @ GamingOnLinux 🐧🎮
4 days ago

Monstruo morido!!! :ablobcatheadbang:


#HorizonZeroDawn #gameonlinux #ubuntu #proton #steam

Captura de pantalla de Horizon Zero Dawn
Captura de pantalla de Horizon Zero Dawn
Captura de pantalla de Horizon Zero Dawn
4 days ago
4 days ago

#Proton has developed a new CAPTCHA system that prioritizes privacy, usability, accessibility, and security. The system, which is compliant with #GDPR regulations, uses censorship-resistant technologies, visual challenges, and a computational proof of work.

A light purple gradient background with a blue captcha symbol in a purple circle in the center of the image. The capcha symbal has kind of a badge in the top-left corner, which shows a question mark in a small circle with a green background.
James House-Lantto (He/Him)
4 days ago

Proton has just developed and released its own CAPTCHA alternative, with a focus on privacy, but without compromising Security or accessibility. This sounds promising, here's hoping it sees wide adoption.

Click through for more details and specifics of their design goals and implementation.

#CAPTCHA #Proton #Privacy #Security

Momento de matar a cierto monstruo... :nc_cool:

#HorizonZeroDawn #gameonlinux #ubuntu #proton #steam

Impresión de pantalla del videojuego Horizon Zero Dawn
Impresión de pantalla del videojuego Horizon Zero Dawn
Impresión de pantalla del videojuego Horizon Zero Dawn
5 days ago
6 days ago

A password manager by Swiss-based company #Proton is still storing unencrypted data, including credit card numbers and security codes. Patch is on the way.

#cybersecurity #datasecurity

Liam @ GamingOnLinux 🐧🎮
6 days ago

Proton 8.0-4 is now in testing with a Release Candidate, with many game fixes for Steam Deck and desktop Linux

#SteamDeck #Linux #Proton

Proton concept logo by me
6 days ago

Code Vulnerabilities Put #Proton Mail at Risk
#email #webmail
Code Vulnerabilities Put #Proton Mails at Risk

1 week ago

@basyl That sucks! I don’t think they’d ever truly delete any of your data. They are not able to do that because they “don’t know how to manage or access the data streams.”

#Facebook #DataProtection #Privacy #Data #Proton #ProtonBlog

1 week ago

@superball There are many End to End Encrypted and privacy focused file storage services.

2. Proton Drive
3. Mega
4. Skiff Drive
5. Internxt
6. PCloud
7. Tresorit
8. IceDrive

Also take a look at:

#privacy #cloud #storage #proton #filen

¿Y como no va a gustarme este videojuego? La última vez que conocí a una pelirroja me casé con ella :blobcataww:

#HorizonZeroDawn #gameonlinux #ubuntu #proton #steam

Captura de pantalla de Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn es un videojuego de rol con elementos de aventura en tercera persona y de mundo abierto.

El juego se ambienta en un mundo post-apocalíptico compuesto por regiones rurales, zonas montañosas, bosques, desiertos y montañas nevadas.

Cuenta con un ciclo diurno y nocturno, además de un sistema meteorológico dinámico.

#HorizonZeroDawn #gameonlinux #ubuntu #proton #steam

Captura de pantalla de Horizon Zero Dawn
Captura de pantalla de Horizon Zero Dawn
Captura de pantalla de Horizon Zero Dawn
Captura de pantalla de Horizon Zero Dawn

Me descargué de manera gratuita la primera parte del juego "Raji: An Ancient Epic", un prólogo que te permite jugar un capítulo del juego llamado, "Raji: Prologue", y es muy bonito, lo recomiendo bastante, se puede jugar #Linux con #proton

Raji: An Ancient Epic es una aventura de acción ambientada en la antigua India. La historia comienza con el conflicto en ciernes entre los demonios y los dioses.

Visualmente, es muy hermoso y la jugabilidad muy intuitiva.

#gameonlinux #ubuntu

Captura de pantalla del videojuego Raji: Prologue
Captura de pantalla del videojuego Raji: Prologue
Captura de pantalla del videojuego Raji: Prologue
Captura de pantalla del videojuego Raji: Prologue

¡He comenzado a Jugar Horizon Zero Dawn!

Si bien me falta hardware para jugarlo en una buena calidad, hasta ahora puedo decir que es un juego muy bonito, lleno de detalles y estéticamente hermoso.

#HorizonZeroDawn #gameonlinux #ubuntu #proton #steam

Captura de pantalla del videojuego Horizon Zero Dawn
Captura de pantalla del videojuego Horizon Zero Dawn
Captura de pantalla del videojuego Horizon Zero Dawn
Captura de pantalla del videojuego Horizon Zero Dawn
Linux Is Best
1 week ago

Proton Mail had broken up the family plan into individual e-mail accounts.

1 was still paid, 1 was downgraded to free, and 1 was simple "gone" (no longer existed).

This, they told everyone, was an upgrade in how they would do business. 🙄

They have since brought back the family plan as a sign-up option, but I would not trust Proton for anything.

Especially after how they treated us. They silenced any negative feedback on both Facebook and Reddit.

#ProtonMail #Proton

Linux Is Best
1 week ago

I am told, Tutanota, is a good e-mail provider, but I can never remember their name (much less pronounce it).

Is it pronounced:

Too ta no ta ?

That said, it is not rememberable. For all the flaws Proton has, which I do not recommend (they'll take your money and run), at least their name is rememberable.

#Tutanota #Proton #Email

This is it guys! The bash script that can destroy any Unity Dev! I wrote it in 2 mins and don't even know Bash! Succumb to my will now you filthy peasant!

!# /bin/bash

while true
steamcmd app_run 123456
sleep 3
steamcmd app_stop 123456 force 1
rm -rf ~/.steam/steam/compatdata/123456


2 weeks ago

Video cards are expensive these days! That's why we adventure for gold! #proton #coop #BaldursGate3

Does anyone know if Proton creates a different "machine" for every reinstall? In that case, Unity Devs are done.

#linux #gaming #Unity #unity3d #proton

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 weeks ago

@ravindra I seem to get near-daily updates on my #SteamDeck for long-abandoned games. I imagine it’s #Valve tweaking #Proton things, but shouldn’t that be shared code rather than slipstreamed into each individual game?

Also, “Shader and the Pre-Caching Updates” is my new band name

2 weeks ago

Proton X90 is being recalled for safety inspection: Grounding issue may cause thermal incident #cars #featured #proton #protonx90 #protonx90safetyrecall #transport


To be honest, I dislike the fact I now have to click, settings and the all settings, when i just want to go to all settings. The "quick settings" is not a something I need more direct access to.

What I would like to see however, is more views, like a "3-weeks" overview. That I really miss.

#proton #protoncalendar #3weekview

Pascal Leinert 🌹🌻🗽
2 weeks ago

Wenn irgendwann der #macOS Support für meinen M1 #MacMini ausläuft, was doch hoffentlich noch lange dauern wird, mache ich aus der Kiste eine Low Energy #Linux Spielekonsole mit #Steam #Proton, #AsahiLinux und #XboxCloudGaming.

2 weeks ago

Mä ny kairasin osan yhdestä kovalevystä linukkaa varten ja asensin Ubuntun ja ny mäki oon linuxpelaaja. Ja sit mä tajusin että eipä se vaikuta hirveesti pelikokemukseen. Se OS näkyy siinä max 1,5 minuuttia.
#linux #linuxgaming #ubuntu #proton #dualboot

2 weeks ago

Proton Mail Vulnerabilities Would Allow Attackers to Steal Emails:

A group of Researchers unearthed critical code @protonmail vulnerabilities that could have jeopardized the security of Proton Mail, a renowned privacy-focused webmail service.
– via @pmj


#protonmail #proton #mail #email #privacy #stealing #security #prvacy #research #attack #subscribe #fail

2 weeks ago

Has anyone else experienced problems with launching Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night on #SteamDeck

It's supposed to be Playable on Steam Deck but won't launch at all for me, it just hangs with the #steam logo on screen.

I've tried different #proton versions, verified the installed data and also checked there wan't any hidden windows in the background (there wasn't as far as i could see).

#linuxgaming #linux #videogames #pcgaming

2 weeks ago

We're considering moving from Google (Gmail, drive, etc) to Proton. Any opinions?

#google #proton #drive #gmail #tech

Liam @ GamingOnLinux 🐧🎮
2 weeks ago

VKD3D-Proton v2.10 brings various game fixes, DirectStorage additions and lots more

#Proton #Linux #SteamDeck

Starfield on Kubuntu Linux
3 weeks ago

Okay, it was the obvious answer... user error. It does save them temporarily as recently used passwords under the email alias but it wasn't automatically creating logins. It was just adding the alias. Guess I have to make logins manually.
#Proton #ProtonPass

3 weeks ago

Okay, just realized that Proton Pass will gladly suggest login info for you but then doesn't save the passwords that it generates. Currently changing like 10 passwords... not thrilled. Not sure if thats normal or it's an issue with the Firefox extension. Either way, super annoying.
#Proton #ProtonPass #Firefox

Kommadieb 🌃
3 weeks ago

Another #gaming recommendation: *Let’s! Revolution!* – basically Minesweeper meets Slay the Spire :surprised_pikachu: a #roguelike #puzzle. Demo available:

PS: :linux: flawless with #Proton / #Linuxgaming

Odin Halvorson
3 weeks ago

@protonmail Thanks! I know that sieve filters can be used for this purpose - I indeed do use them for this purpose.

However, my problem is that I cannot one-click add emails TO a sieve that I have created DIRECTLY from my email inbox.

There's an option to "Always send emails to this location" but when I do that it just creates a whole new filter! And that's really annoying, because there is no easy way to work with multiple filters. It takes a lot of copy/pasting.

If Proton can make it easy to add emails to EXISTING sieve filters, that would be a real boon.

#Proton #Email

Kiri //nullptr::live
4 weeks ago

It's a fun sign of the times that both #BaldursGate3 and #ArmoredCore6 just work perfectly out of the box in Linux under #Proton for me.

For all the "political" issues around stuff like NVIDIA's drivers, and Wayland vs X11, and all that, Linux gaming has never been in as good a state as it is today.

I'm in that place where I have too many amazing games to play and I can't decide which one to spend my time on.

Armored Core 6 stream some time? c.c

Odin Halvorson
4 weeks ago

Ugh, @protonmail is missing some serious quality of life features, such as the ability to add emails directly to a sieve filter (you can only select "Always move sender's emails" which just creates a whole NEW filter. That might not be a massive deal except that Proton only allows for 100 active filters at the paid level.

Not feeling especially inspired by this service after two months of use, to be honest. It's a pretty expensive option for a large drop in use experience over mainstream programs.

#Tech #Privacy #Proton #Email

Rui Malheiro
1 month ago

@n8 I see no reason today why archive formats like music and video should use proprietary formats. Games unfortunately are a more complex issue and we're not at a stage where open source game engines can keep up with the technical evolution of proprietary hardware.

To be specific, I'm using #Steam #Proton to run #GuildWars2 on #Ubuntu.

However, it would be very interesting to see older games re-released with open and free licences.

nathans :ms_weed: :donor:
1 month ago

Some interesting news from Proton Pass!

So far I have held off converting from KeePass. Now that they will have a desktop app I might consider switching

Proton Pass Updates and Roadmap for 2023

#Proton #ProtonPass #PasswordManager #Security

Proton Pass Updates and roadmap for 2023

Dear Proton community member,

Two months ago, we launched Proton Pass, and since then, we’ve added new features and bug fixes every week. Now, we’d like to share a quick update on these improvements.

In the last two months
Hereʼs a brief overview of the key improvements in the last two months:

Proton Pass’s code is now open source and has passed an independent security audit. Learn more on our blog
You can now store your credit cards in Proton Pass.
On web
Proton Pass now supports 2FA code autofill in addition to username and password autofill.
Generated password history lets you view your previously generated passwords.
Improved importers make it easier to import your information from other password managers.
If you have the PIN lock enabled, you can now unlock Proton Pass conveniently from a website’s login page without opening the Proton Pass browser extension.
On mobile (iOS and Android)
You can now define a custom PIN code to lock Proton Pass.
The Android app is now available in 13 languages, including French, German, Spanish, Catalan, etc., and we’re adding more.
You can now quickly filter items by type (login, note, etc.).
Autofill now works more reliably in Android. We’re constantly improving autofill on Android to take into account the differences between browsers and OS versions.
In the next six months
We’re grateful for your active participation and support. The feedback we received has helped us shape recent developments and prioritize our roadmap for the next six months. Here’s a quick look at what’s coming in Proton Pass:

A Sharing feature that will allow you to share your logins, notes, and credit card information with other people.
A web app that will let you more easily manage your data or open Proton Pass on computers that you can’t install the Proton Pass browser extension on.
A desktop app that provides better offline support and better integration with your device’s operating system.

I’m just so impressed at the current state of #linux desktop #gaming , and how much is owed to #steamdeck and the progress it forced on #proton

I’m old now, so I don’t get to play many hours anymore, but I’m just amazed how easy it is now.

Anything I want to play is not only supported, but plays exactly as good (or better) than it does on windows.

Zero issues with playing in HiDPI. Everything plays in 5K with no problems, even stuff released in the last two weeks.

Steam UI still needs a workaround for HiDPI, but it’s straightforward enough to add a parameter at launch. Once you’re in a game, there’s no difference.

Love it.

Tom Eston :verified:
1 month ago

Don’t miss my interview with Andy Yen CEO of @protonprivacy!

Learn about the current state of email security and how Proton is doing things differently!

Listen to the @sharedsecurity podcast wherever you like to get your podcasts!

Tune in now:

Watch on YouTube:

#podcast #proton #protonmail #privacy #email #cybersecurity

Cecile is a rando
1 month ago

One of the reason I'm so much into the #SteamDeck and #Proton is because I kinda see Windows as a $140 game launcher and I'm certain a lot of people think like me that it is outrageously expensive for a damn launcher

Do we really need Cortana and other fancy features in our launcher? No. But we pay for the entire damn thing anyway


[ick] :hotboi:
1 month ago

Ever since I got my free Warty Warthog Ubuntu 4.10 CD in the mail (still had dial-up ~2005), I've had at least one laptop in the house with #Linux on it. I've changed distros over the years but my usecase was pretty much the same -- browse the web, IRC, and email.

I've always been a PC gamer, having a dedicated desktop running the current version of #Windows so I could always play whichever games I wanted.

I hardly mixed gaming and Linux, though I did experiment with Wine a few times in the late 2000's, World of Warcraft and Supreme Commander being the two I remember working decently via PlayOnLinux.

After owning a #SteamDeck for several months, I've realized I haven't encountered any major issues running games I typically play via #Proton. In fact, I was playing more on the SteamDeck than I was on my desktop because of the convenience.

Upon realizing this, I was inspired to ditch Windows and install Linux on my dedicated gaming desktop as the only operating system. Thanks to the resources and hard work by Valve, CodeWeavers and all the contributors & community, it's been a pleasant experience.

Over the last couple of weeks I've been playing the latest games including #DiabloIV and #BaldursGate3 with minimal difficulty. I know I'll run into issues at some point, but with sites like there's at least some level of confidence that the hurdles can be solved by the community.

NeadReport :vivaldi_blue:
1 month ago

#Proton Mail plug: "Tracking pixels and cookies aren’t the only way companies spy on you. Tracking links in emails tell the sender what emails you opened and what you clicked.
With our Tracking Links Protection feature, we now detect and clean known tracking links, directing you safely to the web page without surveillance. Proton Mail is the first email service to offer this level of protection because we believe your inbox belongs to you."
Worth checking out.

1 month ago

Hat hier jemand ein #VPN von #Proton unter #Linux am Laufen? Sofern ich mal eine Verbindung bekomme, ist das halbwegs stabil aber ich bekomme nach Start der App für mehrere Minuten nicht mal einen Login, geschweige denn einen Connect.
VPN Pro Account mit aktuellem
#Mint auf einem #Microsoft #Surface.

R. L. Dane
1 month ago

Forgot to make this public, so I'm re-posting:

@benjaminhollon @joel

People talk about #GamingOnLinux like it's such a new thing…

There was a company 20+ years ago (Loki Software) that chiefly ported games to linux (commercially).
There was also a wine-based #Proton-like compatibility layer called (IIRC) #CrossOver. I think it was actually an "open core" system, where sales of the software helped fund #Wine and/or older versions/portions of the software was released as source for wine.

Ain Tohvri
1 month ago

@irve @protonmail glad you’re considering joining the #Proton camp! We can make the internet a better place one step at a time 🙂

Claire Barnes
2 months ago

@protonvpn @protonmail
Keeping Fediverse users informed would be sensible IMO - if this is the real #Proton? Surely an organisation dedicated to #privacy & #security would be concerned to provide link #verification of identity at least:
- or to host Mastodon on your own domain as suggested here:

2 months ago

Time to live out more of my most violent fantasies on virtual graph paper! #BaldursGate3 #linux_gaming #proton

Cyb3ric 🇧🇪
2 months ago

Le #darkweb (ou #DarkNet) peut avoir la mauvaise réputation d'être un repère de criminels, mais le «Dark» signifie qu'il vous fournit une protection de la #ViePrivée. De nombreux sites #Web réputés se trouvent sur le Darkweb, comme par exemple le New York Times et le Guardian.
Dans cet excellent article de #Proton, découvrez comment le Darkweb vous protège réellement :

#Confidentialité #Internet #Deepweb

Dessin représentant le web normal par rapport au Deepweb et au Darkweb
Claire Barnes
2 months ago

@protonmail @protonvpn Link authentication on your profiles would be appropriate here? & @ProtonDrive @ProtonCalendar directing us to birdsite, really?? How does this align with #Proton stated values?
#OpenSource #privacy #CorporateCulture

Thomas Rigby
2 months ago

Now that #Proton have released #ProtonPass, should I switch...? Which is the best #PasswordManager?


Proton Pass
Open-source & encrypted password manager

Keep your login credentials secure with Proton Pass, a free and fully end-to-end encrypted password manager.

- Secure, unique passwords for each site
- Quick autofill for swift logins
- Encrypted notes & hide-my-email
- End-to-end encrypted data, including metadata
- Integrated 2FA & safe credit card storage


#FOSS #Android #OpenSource #Security #proton @protonmail #Privacy #PasswordManager #Free

Børge A. Roum
2 months ago

WTF? Proton has a sale going on, giving Proton Unlimited for 8,99 EUR/month. But since I've already chosen to pay for @protonmail for a long time, I can't use this promotion, and have to pay 12.99 EUR/month for the same product. That seems like a pretty shitty way to thank long-time customers to me. #Proton

2 months ago

Liever een maand gratis #Proton Plus met #email #vpn #calendar, #drive en #passwordmanager uitproberen? Gebruik dan deze link:

Gabriel H. Nunes
2 months ago

Massive disruption of #Proton's services going on right now.

What is going on, @protonmail?

Proton I Privacy by default

Technical difficulties
Update - We are continuing to investigate this issue.
Jul 25,2023 -13:47 CEST
Investigating - We are currently experiencing technical difficulties affecting some of our users. We are working to fully restore services as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Jul 25,2023 -13:40 CEST

Proton Mail
Web Application: Degraded Performance
Incoming Mail: Operational
Outgoing Mail: Operational
Bridge: Degraded Performance
Mobile Apps: Degraded Performance
Push Notifications: Operational

Proton VPN
Free servers: Degraded Performance
Regular Servers: Degraded Performance
Secure Core Servers: Degraded Performance
Streaming: Degraded Performance
Mobile and Desktop Apps: Degraded Performance Website: Operational

Proton Calendar
Mobile Apps: Degraded Performance
Web Application: Degraded Performance

Proton Drive
Web Application: Degraded Performance
Mobile and Desktop Apps: Degraded Performance

Proton Pass
Mobile Apps: Degraded Performance
Browser Extensions: Degraded Performance

SimpleLogin: Degraded Performance Website: Operational
Thomas N. Feldborg Bruun
2 months ago

@protonmail Just signed up for the Family Plan and is very excited about it :)
Question that I haven't found the answer for (yet): My wife’s favorite calendar app in iOS is WeekCal (for some reason). Can she make her own ProtonCalendar and then view and edit it in WeekCal? As far as I can see it collects it’s data from Settings —> Calendar —> Accounts.
#Proton #ProtonCalendar

2 months ago faut leur demander ;-) j'ai débuté avec et puis le VPN, et puis le gestionnaire de mots de passe parce que 1Password va abandonner l'appli d'origine que j'aimais bien pour ne plus offrir que l'appli en nuage et pour ça, j'ai plus confiance à #Proton.

2 months ago

Als je je #internetveiligheid wilt verbeteren zonder dat het je iets kost, dan beveel ik je van harte #Proton aan. Voor e-mail, cloud opslag, wachtwoord manager, agenda en een prima VPN verbinding. Helemaal gratis en encrypted.

Liever direct een maand gratis de Plus versie proberen? Gebruik dan deze Refer a friend-link:

Tobia Alberti
2 months ago

Hey @protonmail! It looks like your Drive Plus plan has the highest annual subscription price per GB amongst similar #E2EE #CloudStorage solutions: 24 cents/GB, compared to Tresorit's 14 cents/GB and's 5 cents/GB.

Would you consider increasing the storage available on your plans while keeping current prices?

400-500 GB for Drive Plus and 1 TB for #Proton Unlimited would look fairer to me 🙂

Annotated screenshot from displaying how a yearly Drive Plus plan costs $47.88 per year and offers 200 GB of storage, meaning the subsciption costs $0.2394 per gigabyte.
Annotated screenshot from displaying how a yearly Personal plan costs $143.88 per year and offers 1 TB of storage, meaning the subsciption costs $0.14388 per gigabyte.
Annotated screenshot from displaying how a yearly Solo Basic plan costs $96 per year and offers 2 TB of storage, meaning the subsciption costs $0.048 per gigabyte.
Pelle Wessman
2 months ago

@osi Ask Valve, they are together with Google shipping a #SteamDeck / #SteamOS equivalent version of Steam, with #Proton and all, on supporting #ChromeOS devices

2 months ago

Creativerly 229 is out featuring

Tools: #Paste (v4.0 released), #LiveSurface, and updates and news from #Anytype, #Folk, #Bear by #ShinyFrog, and #Proton.

Articles: #LawrenceYeo (#MoreToThat), #AnneLaureCunff (#NessLabs), #EvanArmstrong (#Every), and #VitalyFriedman (#SmashingMagazine)

Read the whole issue here: