Blender Dumbass ( J.Y.Amihud )
5 days ago

I'm #traumatized by #moriasrace project. A movie I did in #b3d. For the last few months I got so miserable that I literally didn't mind dying from #laziness. I think the reason for it is that I expected the movie to be this hit that will bring me a lot of attention and praise. But nothing came even close to what I imagined. 3 and half years of life were spent making it and it just simply exists. Nobody gives a damn. I need to see a #psychiatrist.

1 week ago

In my email I told her she could have my jewelry except for me watched and my dad's Rosary. Those she should send to Joanie

I walked into my room and this was how my dresser looked. I guess I was prepared to not return

This is why they want me to see a #psychiatrist but I can't find one. I want to stop seeing Dr Michelle. I think we failed and I'm not sure how to proceed at this point

#ptsd #Suicidal_ideation

The wooden top of my dresser in my bedroom. My jewelry is ladies out with my watches on the right and my good alchemy Gothic jewelry and my brand new tiara on the left
TrangAston :verified:
1 month ago

those who are #COVID19 positive should, where possible, continue #clozapine therapy following a discussion with their treating #psychiatrist and #COVID19 #vaccination should be encouraged.

Matthew Loxton
1 month ago

This week's #shortstory stars @mfreeman as Lilith, a vampire who is a #psychiatrist at a Women's Health clinic. On All Hallows night, a coven of witches enacts a vendetta against a corrupt politician, who had wreaked havoc with ill-conceived laws. As they weave their spells and dance around their symbolic bonfire, Wayne's fate takes a chilling turn.

Check out the #MedicalFiction section at PW on Friday, to #read the #story for free and with no registration needed.

Goth vampire with glowing yellow-green cat's eyes and a wicked smile gazing with longing at the viewer. She has black bat-ears, gleaming black hair in a middle parting, and she is fingering a black patent leather choker. Their is a smol tuxedo cat photobombing over her right shoulder
Yoram Blumenberg
1 month ago

Quick question: looking for a #psychiatrist in #Berlin who is accepting new patients or at least prescribing #antidepressants. Asking for a friend.

Kurze Frage: Ich suche eine*n #Psychiater*in in #Berlin, der noch neue Patient*innen nimmt oder zumindest #Antidepressiva verschreibt. Frage für einen Freund.

SHUT Breaking News
2 months ago

World Mental Health Day 2023: Negative Effects of Technology on Mental Health and Digital Detox Strategies: Technology has made our lives easier, but excessive use of electronic devices is causing sleep disorders and anxiety. People need to implement a screen time strategy and prioritize their mental health. #Socialmedia #Mentalhealth #Electronics #Brain #Psychiatrist

🎄Robin Finch🎄| Writer
2 months ago

Get yourself a #psychiatrist so he can help you with character development 😂

I wrote an article about Barbie after an interview with psychiatrist/cultural theorist Dr. Jeanne Randolph for the #MedicalPost/#CanadianHealthcare Network. It's free for #doctors, #pharmacists in #Canada. But here are few salient paragraphs.

"Dr. Randolph is both a #psychiatrist and a cultural theorist who uses a psychoanalytic lens when looking at icons such as Barbie. Studying #Barbie provokes questions about toys' contribution to the #health and ethics in #kids.

Indeed, back in the 1990s, she wrote a chapter for a book, Consuming Fashions: Adorning the Trans-National Body, that included details of a small study she conducted investigating how girls treated their Barbie dolls. The book itself included historical psychological and anthropological aspects of fashion.

What she found in wasn’t pretty.

Indeed, it was common for girls to cut off Barbie’s hair, paint them, poke or burn holes in them, twist their head around backwards, remove limbs, or even swap their head with other dolls.

But, she told the Medical Post, it's healthy for young kids to express aggressive or sadistic behaviours through their toys. It helps them cope with, and understand, their aggression in the long run—better than keeping it all bottled up and having it expressed in something real.

One moment, Barbie is a super model, an ideal parent or a brilliant astronaut, the next she might be beating up other toys, joining a biker gang, or holding up banks. Young kids learn about themselves and the world around them through play, she said.

For a long time, Barbie was marketed with an image of femininity that was devoid of aggression.

Barbie represented a huge cultural shift when she was first introduced in 1959. Prior to that, girls were given dolls that looked like babies, making their play limited to that as moms or caregivers—a fact the new movie points out.

Barbie was the first adult doll girls could identify with, Dr. Randolph said. They could expand the roles they played—except she was presented an exaggerated version of some idealized female form with her tall, slender proportions.

“In a way, Barbie was asking for it. It’s like the Barbie doll is so perfect, so unrealistic that she incited children to resent her or to be anxious because she’s not real,” she said. Hence some of the destructive behaviour.

Yet doing things like removing a Barbie’s head doesn’t mean a child will grow up a sociopath. Often, it’s just because the heads are easy to remove, and more of an exploration of how things work.

When she wrote about Barbie for that book chapter in the 1990s, Dr. Randolph wanted to include a picture of the doll. She looked for an advertising image that showed some aggression in Barbie, but the best she could find was an image of a fishing Barbie holding a large, plastic dead fish. The fish had a smile on it.

She wrote the toy company that produced Barbie for permission to use the image.

“I got a letter back from Mattel’s lawyers. They had read my chapter all about sadism and about how Barbie is asking for it, the doll is too perfect. They said I should seek legal council. They said they entirely rejected the negativity of this chapter and that Barbie is a valuable product which they did not want to be seen in this light,” she said.

There was always a disconnect between how Barbie was marketed and how little girls played with her.

The chapter was published, and the letter from Mattel was included in its entirety in a footnote.

However, the new Barbie movie showed a turnabout in recognition of the dichotomy Barbie represents. It acknowledged the imaginary, perfect world Barbie comes from, the cultural impact of Barbie dolls, that in real-life Barbies are mistreated, that many kids have cynical attitudes about Barbie, and also that some people love her.

“The movie is exactly what you would hope for in terms of the image and the humanity of women,” she said. The #feminist messages are strong, with powerful satirical punch towards #patriarchy."

For those with accounts, the story can be accessed here.
#medmastodon @medmastodon #psychiatry

Hey #Berlin bubble, do you know of a good #psychiatrist that is taking patients right now. Doesn't need to speak English, as I'm asking for a friend.

Hey #Berlin Bubble, kennst du einen guten #Psychiater, der gerade jetzt Patienten nimmt. Muss nicht Englisch sprechen, da ich nach einem Freund frage.

Boost OK for reach, as it's urgent.

#JustinCKey Wants You to Learn From #Fear;
We talk with the #author and practicing #psychiatrist about his new #shortstory #collection and how getting #scared can be a #healing experience.

3 months ago

the link between #leadership and social status (and income) must end! “leading” is just another #work specialization, not goal on a #career ladder.

considering #neurodiversity as a form of biological functional division of #labor, just as in bee colonies, where roles vary naturally, embracing diverse abilities over social hierarchy would lead to a more inclusive workplace.

put ppl with #autism in the executive chair not on the #psychiatrist couch, you suit wearers!

Dr. Matt R Salmon
4 months ago

Grew up as a #queer, #neurodiverse, #Mormon kid and went through "#conversiontherapy" in my teens. I'm writing a book using my story and professional experience as a child, adolescent, and adult #psychiatrist to highlight the harms of maintaining traditions that are rooted in #bias, hierarchy, and intolerance. I plan to provide a framework for evolving from intolerance of #diversity to fully embracing the diversity within ourselves and others. Pre-sale starting Sep 2023! Share if this resonates.

Could there be upsides to being a #psychopath?
It may be that all of us have a little #psychopathology inside—with some positives.
In The Mask of Sanity, US #psychiatrist #HerveyCleckley set personality profile of psychopath: superficially charming but egocentric and untrustworthy who conceals an #antisocial core. A psychopathic businessman, for instance, who worked hard and appeared normal except for bouts of marital infidelity, callousness, wild drinking and risk-taking

Matthew Loxton
4 months ago

Oh, I had not thought of that.

I usually embed the hashtags as part of the message - like "My latest #shortstory is about a #psychiatrist and the #replyguy who hates #LGBTQ+ people"

Is that a problem?

SHUT Breaking News
4 months ago

Christopher Nolan's Film Faces Criticism for Depicting the Bhagavad Gita in a Controversial Sex Scene: Controversy surrounds Oppenheimer film for using Bhagavad Gita in sex scene. #ChristopherNolan #Psychiatrist #FlorencePugh #India

David™ 🍔🍕🍗🌮
5 months ago

#JoeRogan is so fucking useless. Hotez is not going to debate RFKJr.

Wanna see an actual, useful debate?

#RobertFKennedyJr should debate a #Psychiatrist


The Joker
6 months ago

Patient: #Doctor, my wife thinks I'm #crazy because I like #sausages.
#Psychiatrist: Rubbish! I like sausages, too
#Patient: Good, you should come and see my #collection. I've got hundreds.

#joke #jokes #fun #funny

The Joker
6 months ago

#Psychiatrist: How long have you believed in #reincarnation?

#Patient: Ever since I was a #frog.

#joke #jokes #fun #funny

Torsti Luotonen
7 months ago

"A kid who had played seven years of #football needed a #psychiatrist. Another: the parents of a Division I women’s basketball player whose coach insisted on playing her despite lingering #concussion

This is an example of the type of "Scientific Research" that was carried out in #Sevilla in 40s and 50s of 20th century by Francoist scientists.
Corpses were unfortunate people without family who died in the Hospital de Las Cinco Llagas - today occupied by Parliament of #Andalucía-
that were crucified "post-mortem" and then photographed.
Author of the series on crucified was a famous #Psychiatrist and member of #HolyWeek #Catholic BrotherHoods

Picture of a dead man crucified for research in Sevilla by francoist scientist
Los Signos De La Muerte En Los Crucificados De Sevilla
de Juan Delgado Roig.
Editorial Castillejo
Japanese #psychiatrist who worked at “Institut de Recerca Sant Joan de Déu” and was publishing ONE paper every THREE DAYS, has been forced to renounce including “King Abdulaziz University in her affiliation profile.
Psychiatrist's job was under #ICREA's elite researchers contract,
a public funded program by Generalitat de #Catalunya
One of psychiatrist’s fields of research is linking the force that a human hand can exert and the risk of depression

Highly Cited Psychiatrist forced to cancel fake vinculation to King Abdulaziz University 
Headlines El País 2023 Apr.19
Sandy Johnson
8 months ago
Cat in box offering psychiatric help
8 months ago
Cat in box offering psychiatric help
8 months ago

#caturday #psychiatrist #cat
The doctor will see you now

Cat in box offering psychiatric help

Thinking about #University starting in a week and the fact that I HAVE to write two #exams this semester while not even being able to muster one exam last semester, even though I feel worse right now than I did last semester 😵‍💫 pLEASE ms. #psychiatrist, do some wonders, dial my #antidepressants in, cast some spells and make me feel better /hj

Joan of Cat (she/her) 😼
9 months ago

Someone: "Calling someone a #narcissist is #ableist and #abusive to people with #personality #disorders. You see, I have a personality disorder."

Me: "What if the person who abused you did it in such a manner that they played out the symptoms of their personality disorder?"

Someone: "Your reply is why you're part of the problem."

Me: "Are you being serious right now?"

Someone: "Ugh. Fuck off."

As a person who tends to believe that abusive people, regardless of their #psychopathology, do not deserve my #empathy as a #survivor of #trauma, I'm trying really hard not to internalize the following lesson:

People with Cluster B personality disorders who claim that identifying their personality disorder is a form of ableism are using leftist language in order to justify and excuse their abusive behavior.

My last abuser loved using leftist language as a way of silencing the victims of their abusive behavior. They once set a #boundary that no one could claim that their bad #behavior was #manipulative because it was a #trigger for their trauma, which was actually a perverse way of preventing anyone who cared about them from calling them out when they did behave abusively.

Ironically, and disgustingly, the individual about who I'm speaking tonight once convinced me that someone who had abused them had lied about how abusive they were in order to punish them for refusing to be victimized any further. I believed them. Now, I really wonder whether that was ever true. It makes me wonder whether my abuser says that about me, that I was their true abuser. I wonder how many people like me believe them. And I'm really trying not to wonder about such things because it's a waste of energy I could be using to create content and joy.

Anyway, I hate making generalizations, and I really want to believe that even though Western #psychology doesn't know how to help people #heal from any Cluster B personality disorder aside from #BPD (thank you, Marsha #Linehan), that these people are still human beings capable of being more than just scary and dangerous.

I want to believe that. But each time this happens, I believe it a little bit less. I imagine at some point, I'll have to admit that my faith in them was wrong, and I hurt myself repeatedly by believing in people that I never should have believed in.

Gods, I hate it when people cause me to lose faith in them. It feels really fucking awful to fear a group of people for something out of their control. But I also know that I'm forgiving (read: stupid) enough that if I met a new person right now with an official #diagnosis of #NPD, I'd treat them like any other person and be obnoxiously surprised when it turned out they behaved like I should have expected a narcissist to.

There is a confounding factor in that the person I had to deal with tonight claimed to have a personality disorder and also to distrust the mental health system so much that they refused to have anything to do with it. Unfortunately, this means that they were not receiving any kind of #treatment for their #mental #health issues, and this is something that this person has in common with my abuser.

So, maybe a more fair statement than the one above is:

People with Cluster B personality disorders who refuse to engage in any kind of treatment for their mental health and also claim that identifying their personality disorder is a form of ableism are using leftist language in order to justify and excuse their abusive behavior.

This statement allows the individual with the personality disorder to have made a #choice. And that choice, insofar as humans are their behavior towards others, applies not only to personality disorders, but very much to #PTSD and trauma survivors.

To me.

This is why I don't think that I have any place to argue that I was good or deserved positive treatment during my self-serving enabling of others' narcissistic abuse by my abuser. I made a choice, and it was a hard choice not to make, but it was a choice I made. Even if I had no control over the choice, I was still not a safe person to be around because of my loyalty to such a selfish and capricious person. Yeah, I had a #therapist, but I also wasn't great at keeping appointments then (probably for significant, non-time-management-related reasons that I'm only recently beginning to understand).

Compare that to now, when I have few qualms about ending #toxic relationships, a stronger sense of personal #identity, and a supportive and constructive #social #support group. And when I'm seeing a therapist and #psychiatrist regularly and religiously because I understand how much it benefits me and have been consistently #healing from my trauma as evidenced by reports from the people that know me and that see me day in and day out.

As much as I hate making generalizations, I find I'm generally OK with making ones that I can easily and appropriately apply to myself. So that's something.

a gender fox
9 months ago

good morning, friends! I have a session with my #psychiatrist in a few minutes, and I'm desperately trying to remember what we discussed last time so I can remember if I did it at all 🙃🙃🙃

also I still haven't done the blood draw so my iron and vitamins D & B12 can be tested, and she sent the order for the blood test after our first session 😅🤣🙃

I'm sure it's fine ... anyway, more after the appointment

#LifeStuff #MentalHealth

a gender fox
10 months ago

good morning, friends and Mastodonians!

I did finally wash a couple dishes last night and make instant mashed potatoes. I think I'm having the second half for breakfast, bc idk what else to have ...

goals & stuff:
- grocery order
- wash dishes
- shower
- #psychiatrist (virtual) appt in 3 hours
- eat something
✅ clear off my desk before my video visit

idk, y'all, I'm tired. I have roughly zero motivation. I could really use like an aide or something, but 🤷🏻🙃


elizabeth veldon
10 months ago

with these issues you would think they would streamline services, right?


#Trans people still have to see a #Psychiatrist at least once (I saw two different psychs a total of five times only to be told that i was sane by both) even though we are not being diagnosed with a mental illness.

Morgane Lainard
11 months ago

The genuine joy of speaking to a #psychiatrist about my inner thought process and hear, "ah yes you have #aphantasia but not completely." YES, YES I DO, THANK YOU FOR THE OFFICIAL VALIDATION. #mentalhealth

David M Reiss MD
11 months ago

Looking to connect with other #mentalhealth #psychiatrist #psychotherapy practitioners on med-mastodon???

Krystle the Actor
1 year ago

@schemmentislove The world is definitely heavy when you're 16. It was for me as well. You very well could have #Anxiety or #Depression or both.

#Psychiatrist #Psychiatry #Therapy #Therapist

#Psychedelic #mushroom can treat stubborn #depression
James Rucker, #psychiatrist on study said they lead to rapid resolution of depression, adding "We don't really know what that is at the moment, but it's very different to standard antidepressants...."

we began as one
1 year ago

@herecomesthestatic But hey, I am safe. I live in a #socialdemocracy, I have access to a #psychiatrist, #psychologist, #meds, #ergotherapy (where I learned #painting), I #game, am a bit struggling with #socialretreat & yes, the money is often not enough, especially when my kitty needs to go to the vet, and yes, #schizophrenia fgs your life, no joke. But I do not want to complain, though I gotta say, in respect of anyone else, even I fall through the social net. So yes, #schizophrenics need help.

1 year ago

Here it comes, my #introduction:

I recently joined #mastodon as I was fascinated by the dynamic of the collapsing #birdsite.

I'm a #psychiatrist and #psychotherapist in training working in a hospital in the middle of a big german metropolis. Professionally, I'm interested in the impact of the #climateCrisis on #mentalHealth.


kbradnam 📈
1 year ago

According to this website where you can learn about your surname, I am one of four notable Bradnam’s:

“Keith Bradnam, British psychiatrist and researcher with The Royal College of Psychiatrists”

I *was* a researcher and I now work at RCPsych…but not as a #psychiatrist. Wonder how I ended up on this page???

#ancestry #fail

Alexander Harris
1 year ago

Hi folks! Here is my #introductionpost. I am a #neuroscientist & #psychiatrist based in NYC. I started a lab at Columbia in 2021 focused on how #stress disrupts the #brain #circuits that govern social, cognitive & reward seeking #behavior. We use #electrophysiology & #optogenetics in freely moving mice to study how dynamic #neural activity, eg, #oscillations yield insight into #susceptibility #resilience #anhedonia & new treatments. I also post about #cooking. #twitterMigration #NeuroMastodons

Maurizio Speciani, MD
1 year ago

A small #introduction.

I'm a #Psychiatrist and #Psychotherapist from Milan, Italy.

I'm passionate about #Psychiatry, #MentalHealth and #Medicine, but I'm also interested in #Technology and its impact on our #Mind.

I'm here hoping to find like-minded individuals and colleagues, to learn a lot, and to have fun!


Rick Adams
1 year ago

Well this is exciting... my #introduction: I am a #psychiatrist and #neuroscientist at #UCL studying #psychosis and #schizophrenia mainly - I use #computationalpsychiatry methods to try to infer neurobiological changes from brain imaging data, and also to understand how cognitive processes going awry could lead to symptoms like delusions and hallucinations. I'm also interested in so-called #functionalsymptoms, #AI, #OCD, #machinelearning, #activeinference and lots of arty stuff too...

Just your gay Ass. Professor and gay attending supervisor off to do some gay mental healthcare at their gay hospital with gay Philz tea and a gay croissant while thinking gay thoughts and plotting more gay adventures.💖🏳️‍🌈🦄

#GoodMorning #gay #LGBTQ #Queer #Castro #Philz #Psychiatry #Psychiatrist #UCSF

An African American gay guy with blonde hair holding a Philz tea and wearing a blue jacket standing at the intersection of two streets.
Igor D. Bandeira :verified:
1 year ago



I newly migrated from #MedTwitter to #MedMastodon!

My name is Igor, and I'm a physician-scientist and aspiring #psychiatrist from Salvador-Brazil 🇧🇷. During my #MD & #PhD at the Federal University of Bahia, I was mainly involved with #brainstimulation and #ketamine to treat #mentaldisorders. Part of my medical degree took place at The University of Sydney (Australia), where I lived for 15 months between 2016-2017 through the Science Without Borders scholarship program 🦘🇦🇺.

Hello everyone!💖🦄

I’m Chase, a child and adolescent psychiatrist at UCSF, and I’m here from Twitter to explore this space.☺️💖

I post about gay things, minoritized mental health, Kpop, introvert life, discrimination in academia and the world, Sailor Moon, Charmed, and healing the world together.

It’s very nice to interact with all of you!💖🏳️‍🌈🦄✊🏽🦸🏽‍♂️🔥🥰

#Introduction #gay #Black #diversity #mentalhealth #psychiatrist #kpop #academia #BlackLivesMatter #Gaypride #psychiatry #sailormoon

David M Reiss MD
1 year ago

#SanDiego based bi-coastal #psychiatrist

bird (no current use): @DMRDynamics (politics, clinical; 35K Fs ) @TheRealDocDave (sports #psychiatry)
Insta: @DMRDynamics (personal)

#Personality Dynamics #AxisII #Depression #Anxiety #Trauma #PTSD #concussion
#psychotherapy & #psychopharmacology
CA #workerscomp

Many articles, book chapters, quotes re: #psychosocial #sociopolitical issues, TFG - #DangerousCase Ch 8

Staff Psych #AEW - #prowrestling
Consultant: #ConcussionLF