12 minutes ago

I think I need to dismantle the “memories” feature on my phone. At least until I can delete all of the memories of my ex. I get a blast of anxiety every time her face surprises me on my phone.

All I can see is an imposter of a human that likely never really cared much about me beyond being a tool for 20 years.

#MentalHealth #PTSD #Anxiety

Meow :verified:
18 hours ago

Why do I often feel depression free at night but when I wake up in the morning, I feel majorly depressed. There is something about the night that brings relief. I truly wish I knew what it was. I don't think about the impending day. I just lie in bed relaxed until i fall asleep.

When I fall asleep, it's often a crap shoot as to whether they will be vivid and crazy or PTSD ones that will wake me up in cold sweats. Last night was the former. I hope tonight will be the latter.

I keep hearing dream control is possible. I've yet to try it; might have to use google for suggestions. I cannot imagine that it is easy but I'd like to start somewhere. #sleep #ptsd #nightmares #nightterrors

Narine Khachatryan
21 hours ago

(ultimately, though -
fuck #ptsd)

Mx. Luna Corbden
1 day ago

I've been incredibly focused on staying calm for half a week, using my watch as a guide, and prioritizing calming activities, meditation, analog, over digital obsessions, quieting my cacophonic mind.

And my reward? I've been experiencing even further cognitive decline and fatigue. I'm back to thinking through mud.

To avoid getting discouraged, I'm promoting the theory that my body and mind aren't used to operating on such low adrenal levels, and that after some time of feeling worse, I'll adjust, and things will start improving.

The struggle is the point. I can't stop struggling, because then what?

#DarkSojourn #Recovery2023 #MECFS #ChronicIllness #PTSD

1 day ago
2 days ago

#today I remembered to do the obligatory back to the office selfie in the locker room 😆

I then went to the physiatrist at Palo Alto Medical. He wants to do another set of injections in L5 and L6. Great.

#ptsd alert. Joanie is upset she won't be here to take care of me when I get the procedure done. This bi-coastal living sucks

Selfie holding my purple phone. I'm wearing all black,  like me heart,  and too many necklaces as usual

Small lockers are in the background
Scott Nelson
2 days ago

"Nuwer lightly suggests that MDMA might potentially be a solvent for the drivers of loneliness and disconnection — caused by the pandemic, our ever-widening political divide, and the isolation of social media — on the individual level. Either way, you may well be tempted to take MDMA immediately after reading this book..."

#psychedelics #mentalhealth #PTSD

Sarah Savage
3 days ago

Slowly realizing I have #PTSD from childhood and some adulthood things like the loss of my son. It’s scary to accept, scarier to face, but something I’ll be working on for a while.

Tim Mak
3 days ago

Before I came back, I asked a leading expert on #PTSD whether there was a way to build resilience before a traumatic event…

… and whether there are scientifically-backed ways to stave off PTSD before it gets a hold.

She made a couple suggestions: understand that you cannot always control life events, for one.

After a traumatic event, or series of events, caffeine and alcohol don't work particularly well.

Sleep to recover does.

Jo Jitsu
3 days ago

@ItsTrainingCatsAndDogs I am convinced it's #PTSD & repeated burnouts is c-PTSD. After my second most recent one, I had a seizure, I developed nerve twitches under even the tiniest stress, and after my most recent one, developed a stutter under stress and my brain would just struggle with everything. Everything was too much. I felt like a broken robot. Treated like a machine instead of a human. Struggled to find all the things that made me feel alive. I got trauma-informed therapy which helped.

Courtney Cantrell
4 days ago

"Living in a culture that...actually shuts down people who are trying to build better things is a really isolating and destructive experience.

"...#ClimateChange is throwing...pain, #trauma, #stress, angst & cultural toxicity at us. It can breed distrust, apathy...nihilism & ...deep fear. Even for people who are experiencing the #ClimateCrisis at a distance, through the lens of the #media, there’s a medically recognised causal pathway to #depression, #anxiety & #PTSD.”

5 days ago

The last time I was at this crisis centre, I was sexually assaulted by another person who was staying here. I used to come here a few times a year, but haven’t been here for a few years because of that. It’s hard being here. My PTSD is definitely worse than it was. #PTSD

5 days ago

The danger & precariousness of labour #ptsd #contentmoderation
, by Daniel Motaung

Addendum 1

Guantanamo judge rules 9/11 defendant unfit for trial after panel finds CIA abuse rendered him psychotic

* military judge, Guantanamo Bay ruled 9/11 defendant incompetent to stand trial
* military medical panel diagnosed Ramzi bin al-Shibh w. PTSD w. secondary psychosis
* linked to his abuse during 4 yrs in CIA custody

#GOP #Guantanamo #CIA #HumanRights #HumanRightsViolations #WarCrimes #torture #MentalHealth #PTSD

6 days ago


I find this subject really intertwined and wonder if my strict Catholic upbringing has caused a small part of my #ptsd

We "jokingly" referred to my father as "Saint Dad" because he was very much a good person, but lived the letter of the dogma.

Like I want allowed to have a birthday party if my birthday fell during Holy Week. Luckily my cousin's bday was near mine and his parents let him have a party so I got to go

Wow, that sounds pretty bad when I type it out

Alan Kotok
6 days ago

A developer of treatments with psychedelic compounds for brain disorders is partnering with a lab at Yale University to assess methylone as a PTSD therapy.

#News #Press #Science #Business #Collaboration #Trama #Methylone #PTSD #Psychedelic #Psychoactive #Neurons #Prelinical #Veterans #DoD #Psychiatry #University #Therapy

1 week ago

okay… what do i get for this level up:

my #parkinsonsdisease #lewybodydementia father called me a “little bitch” while i was kneeling on the floor in front of him, changing his piss soaked diaper

is there… like… a gift card and award certificate for this new change in #eldercare #caregiving? or… do i have to wait until he starts hitting me (as he’s hit the agency #caregiver), in order to qualify for a level up prize?

#dementia #abused #anxiety #depression #ptsd #deathwish

Jo Jitsu
1 week ago

Every once in a while I am reminded of things I went through that were really awful, but I totally forgot, but still affect my body and emotions to this day. I've been through so much it's mind blowing even to me. But the body *does* remember.

#PTSD #C-PTSD #trauma

1 week ago

Things have really gone downhill the last few days. Feeling very hopeless and overwhelmed tonight. Not sure how I’ll manage to keep going. My list of coping skills isn’t helping. #NEISvoid #PTSD #Depression

TapTap 🎮
1 week ago

Ugh, thought I was over that. Caught the of fire while driving and... Ugh.

Self administered exposure therapy helped over time with visuals and candles, but that smell still does it.

Think there's a safe way to expose myself to the smell without real fire?

Jealous of more irrational phobias. Only so much exposure you can do with fire.

#mentalhealth #mh #ptsd

#88-year-old #Oregonian turns to #Psilocybin to heal from decades-old #pts #ptsd #trauma...

This is a must from #PBS #OPB #ThinkOutLoud for all those interested in #plant #plants #therapy #planttherapy #healing via a #mushroom #mushrooms #shroom #shrooms #trip...
And all those #ageist individuals who's own fear of growing #old makes them #prejudice against the #elderly....
At eighty-eight years #young #VivianAnderson is more lucid, open minded and forward thinking than most people half her #age!



OutOfExile_IDR § Voice ®™️
1 week ago

"With Gentle Affect - Surviving Trauma"

Written with gentle affect and love for all:
Words can be a powerful thing. Sometimes we may say something unintentionally that can open the wounds of another. The range of emotion conjured, may sometimes be manifest in response. Sometimes it's an acquired instinct.

In a world that has become so full of hate, there are many that have survived great trauma. Words that may seem innocent, can be like thrusting the sharpest of double-edged swords, slashing open the heart's healing scars. Sometimes, if one pokes the hive, the bee is likely to sting out of instinctual self-preservation. It's important to be mindful of others we encounter. Only they may know the shadows that haunt within them.

Being an advocate is not an easy task. You're basically telling people what they may do is not right but, without advocacy, where does #change lie? Taking the brunt and standing firm for others that may not have the strength? If one day it may help to prevent others with invisible disabilities from being subjected, how can I remain silent.

With that said, the last time I checked, I'm human too. I have a brain, a heart and everything. I also don't harbor bitterness or resentment... It messes up the atmosphere inside.[]

"If one breaks one's leg, they may have trouble walking, patience and understanding is key. The same is true for the brain.
Today's installment was going to be about the brain and spelling. There's link to an interesting article below. I always welcome kind correction and thoughtful constructive feedback.

OutOfExile_IDR © 2022

Don't Foster misconceptions.
What goes wrong in the brain when someone can't spell:

Image by German Artist "finemayer".
Buy finemayer a cup?:

#Sensitivity #disability #TBI #InvisibleDisabilities #trauma #pain C-#PTSD #ActuallyAutisic #DisabilitySolidarity #equality
#accommodation #understanding
#disagreement #PeaceMaking
#communication #resolution #peace #consideration #coexist #healing #MentalHealth #patience

(Migrated reboot originally posted Dec 15, 2022)

Image of the Earth suspended in a field of indigo incandescent stars. The sun is shinning from the right of view. Daylight's dawn slowly makes it's Atlantic crossing from the edge of western Africa.

On the sunny side of earth, a lone dove looks down at the planet's surface holding the Proverbial olive branch in the customary place.

Artwork by: finemayer

the moment, endless
terror, all encompassing
the rug set it off

#haiku #poetry #ptsd

1 week ago

Nightmare reshape therapy - can treat your PTSD

PTSD is often associated with nightmares.
This is an Assistant to transform nightmares into positive dreams.

-Imagery Rehearsal Therapy is indicated for PTSD

stray autistic pariah-cat
2 weeks ago

@Gtmlosangeles @yourautisticlife @actuallyautistic

Not only that, but some of us are multiply neurodivergent. So there are different hashtags for each neurodivergent category we may experience.

#ActuallyAdhd to give one example.




#neurodiversity #neurodivergent

And there are groups:


I'm trying to make this my new theme song

Is the way I felt b4 #ptsd

Somewhere Better
By Ad Infinitum

We ignite
Still dreaming wide awake
On the hunt for "Somewhen brighter"
Pull me back now
I'll dream until my dying day
Create a new "Somewhere better"

I ❤️ "Somewhen Brighter" and need to find that, again

#music #metal #beautiful #optimism #youtube #napalmRecords

I guess leaving home is somewhat stressful for me

#ptsd #today

Sanding watch graph of stress level. Shows a ton of stress
Zeitgeisty Aphorisms
2 weeks ago

#PTSD is the poor person's #drop.

2 weeks ago

Have you found yourself struggling to set boundaries with those closest to you? Are you wondering why people stay in abusive relationships? #CPTSD #PTSD #MentalHealth #Toxicfamily #Boundaries

Ela Meadows
2 weeks ago

This night of bleakest hopelessness
Tries to swallow me whole
Some days I cannot fight it
But I will not relinquish to its hold

I will rise trying
I will get up and keep fighting
For a tiny soul who calls me mommy
I will not accept its inviting

#poem #poetry #poemoftheday #photography #cwh #domesticviolence #domesticabuse #divorce #survivor #abuse #ptsd #cptsd #mentalhealth #dissociation #agoraphobia #depression #anxiety #panicattacks #suicide #suicideprevention #window #oldhouse

A close up image of a dirty leaded glass window. The bottom right portion has cracks spreading through the section. Despite the dirt and blur, it is possible to make out the outline of a red brick house through the window.
Stop That
2 weeks ago

Psychedelic drug #MDMA eases #PTSD symptoms in a study that paves the way for possible US approval

2 weeks ago

Just had therapy it was tough but omg it was so good. I'm glad I scheduled it the day after vacation we went through a lot of discovery today. #mentalhealth #MentalHealthMatters #cptsd #PTSD #anxiety #panicdiscorder

Turns out I probably have PTSD with regards to my circumcision...
This explains a lot.

The nightmares I had for years before my dreams stopped altogether, the emotion based flashbacks, why I get uncontrollably angry on the topic when it's discussed, why I don't date and have trouble trusting people...

Circumcision based fear of further trauma made me so afraid of traditional bottom surgery that I told myself that I could never transition so coming out as Trans would be pointless. I knew when I was 16 and I suppressed my gender identity for so long that I missed all of the major milestones growing up. I will never get that time back. It drove me to the point of attempting suicide twice (I chickened out both times at the last second) and the third time I got as far as writing my suicide note before I sought help.

Until about 3 weeks ago I still wanted to kill myself.
I just wanted to taste gender euphoria before I died...

Faye Nieman
2 weeks ago

I am an #actuallyautistic person with such severe #ptsd from family abuse that one of my states makes the noise of a belt snapping every time we speak.

This is literally not even uncommon.

Faye Nieman
2 weeks ago

Someone started calling me a cop on here because I'm afraid of being killed by the local police.

I have #autism, #ptsd and I am a #CSA survivor.

Supporting Democrats doesn't.

It doesn't make me a cop it makes me a human being.

Jon Kirkendall
2 weeks ago

Hey friends, I serve on the board of, an organization that brings tools of trauma informed mindfulness to the veteran population.

We have 600 vets on our waiting list and are one of the few veteran orgs that works with military sexual trauma.

We are asking today simply for views - if you can click through and let the minute long video play, that would help us!

Boosts appreciated!


2 weeks ago

Finishing up The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma this week. I started this in July and set it down when we got back home from the cabin. I think it's time I get back to it.


#books #bookstodon #read #reading #PTSD

Faye Nieman
2 weeks ago

People who are not #CSA survivors have no idea why motorcycle gangs still protect child sexual assault survivors, especially those predated by their own fathers, well into adulthood.

They fundamentally cannot understand what it means to be a survivor. They just want to make the evidence and scars disappear: even if it means getting rid of the survivor.

Roll up your sleeves. Show off them scars.

#ActuallyAutistic #PTSD #CPTSD #Abuse #SOS

Faye Nieman
2 weeks ago

Do you want to know why I look at predators with too much love?

Because I was raised by predators who looked at me with hate so often that I think blown out pupils and long stares means they're attracted.

Because they are.

If you want to make an apex predator hunter you have to find someone who was preyed upon by apex predators. It is a horrifying and unfortunate truth.

#PTSD #Survivor #CSA

That moment where you don’t know if it’s fireworks or bombs.


realcaseyrollins ✝️
3 weeks ago

There is something seriously wrong with the #USA when a #McDonalds in #Ukraine is prioritized above taking care of and treating veterans that we’ve traumatized and given #PTSD because we wanted to fight largely illegitimate or unjustified wars overseas.


Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
3 weeks ago

@paul "In 2020, over 6000 veterans committed suicide."

Veterans cared about your lives & survival!

Damn time you care about theirs, too!

Do not leave them alone.

#SaveLives #Veterans #PTSD #Solidarity #Community #Care #Compassion #TraumataCare #MilitaryService

This is a thing I've discovered to help with #tasks - especially as someone who deals with #ExecutiveDysfunction from #MentalIllness & #PTSD


It's called hummingbirding because you're hovering over the task by being in the space the task is.

#audhd #autism #adhd #disability #neurodiverse #MentalHealth #Anxiety


A hummingbird, hovering with his little wings flapping fast
Naldela Teleyal
4 weeks ago

#WritersCoffeeClub 9.1 — Shameless Self Promotion.

I’m suffering from major depression and PTSD for about 20 years now and initially role-played via TTRPG, later via MMORPGs to balance it out in some ways. But after dealing with MMORPGs became increasingly problematic with hate-speech, envy and jealousy, I turned away from them again, focused more on TTRPG and especially started writing about the character because I was too sad about leaving her just to vegetate.
Soon this particular character from my head will turn 16 years old soon and has developed immensely. Initially, a very “basic” character with little backstory, hardly any specific appearance, I now write about her in a diary style at
Especially in the last 4 years, she evolved incredibly from a character used for short role-playing sessions to a detailed personality with likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses. So far, my story about her describes love, hate, loss, gain and much more.
But to ensure that my stories don’t just fire imaginations, I love to commission artists to provide visual support for my stories. And even the bullying of certain administrators, moderators and other piss poor minions, even here in Fediverse, does not stop me. On the contrary. Because of some loyal artists, I can continue to provide visual support with the advantage that these artworks have a consistent style and thus the recognition value is significantly higher.

When I am not in my Dungeons & Dragons based world, I am pursuing my hobby, but also my job, as a web developer and Linux system administrator.

#Writing #WritingCommunity #AmWriting #WritingFantasy #DnD #DungeonsAndDragons #AmWritingFantasy #Fantasy #Depression #PTSD

Art by
Artwork is licensed to

stray autistic pariah-cat
1 month ago


I know I have PTSD and cPTSD but with so many other things to explore I've ignored PTSD for far too long. This is ridiculous... how have I not explored this more??

I think I have so much low self-esteem I don't think I deserve to understand myself. Ohmigod, this is an awful thing to see in myself.


stray autistic pariah-cat
1 month ago


If you were to recommend one book to read about PTSD or C-PTSD what would it be?

Greg Dance
1 month ago

ScienceGlobal issues
Extreme weather is a cause of post-traumatic stress

"The definition of PTSD is that an extremely threatening event has been experienced by the person themselves or by someone close to them, and this event is at the center of their problems," Meyer-Lindenberg says. A typical symptom is that a disaster is relived over and over again in the form of flashbacks, dreams, and memories.

#climate #ptsd #symptoms

1 month ago

"I'm gonna give you what you wanted, though my heart will never stop, tell you that I'm fine, even though I'm not. You're gonna know for the rest of your life this is true, I'm never getting over you......."

"I can't stop you from leaving, and you can't stop me from loving you...."

"I'm never getting over you...."


#PTSD #Tired

Emery Brooks ✒️📚
1 month ago

As I write my next book about my experience of having worked 17 years in retail and the PTSD effects from it, I'm shocked to see the number of people online who describe the exact same weekly nightmare I have that I open the book with.

It tells me this is a more wide spread concern.

#writing #amediting #mastobooks #ptsd #mentalhealth #anxiety

Cecilia Mjausson Huster
1 month ago

@ai6yr @BakerRL75 Toward the end of the article it says that #PTSD correlates with developing dementia later in life. There is a link to a study done on Vietnam War veterans.

It would be interesting to find out if the correlation holds for people with PTSD from other types of traumatic events, including wildfires.

Joan of Cat (she/her) 😼
1 month ago

This morning, I'm having to remind myself that nothing is more important than one's own mental health.

Now matter how much you feel like compromising that is necessary, you should always prioritize your mental health and well-being. To fail to do so creates suffering significantly worse than any feeling of rejection or exclusion can effect.

Even if being alone were the result of being uncompromising in this regard, and it rarely is, the loneliness is still better than the result of compromising oneself.

It's tough to remember that in the moment. But if I sit for a moment and think about all the times I have made compromises like these, it's much easier to see why none of them were worth making.

For any reason.

One day I'll have sufficiently healed from my #PTSD that I won't need to have such rigid #boundaries where I've needed to lay some down. That'll be a good day, but that day is not this day.

#healingJourney #psychology #mentalHealth

1 month ago

When I was a kid, I was climbing in a fallen tree in my backyard. I fell down through the branches and landed on a hornet’s nest. One of those big gray ones about twice the size of a basketball. I got stung about 300 times. A neighbor rescued me when he heard me screaming. To this day, over 50 years later, when a bee comes anywhere near me, I freak out. I get goosebumps even if it’s a bumblebee. #PTSD lasts a lifetime 😢

1 month ago

A survey of 3,000 #HighSchoolStudents evacuated from wildfire-ravaged #FortMcMurray, Alberta, in 2016 found that, even 18 months later, almost half met the criteria for diagnoses of #PTSD, #depression, #anxiety or #substanceabuse.”

Jim Parsons
1 month ago

@ERDonnachie @ben

You “hear" what you “hear"

Mental Health is my #DigitalHealth #HealthTech #AI #startup beat (#PTSD #OSI #ADHD #Autism #Anxiety #Depression etc.)

Elon stood on the #SNL stage and declared he’s the first person with autism to host the show. He wasn’t. Dan Ackroyd was.

2 of my best friends are autistic.

You can be a jerk who's also autistic.


BeAware :verified420:
1 month ago

You know your mental health is fucked when the mere mention of a state you used to live in, triggers your #PTSD.🤦🏻‍♂️

#anxiety #depression #mentalhealth

Chris J. Karr
1 month ago

"Although we cannot erase the last 20 years of death, destruction, and futility, we can help mitigate a tidal wave of PTSD and moral injury wreaking havoc in our veterans community by relocating our Afghan allies and finally passing the Afghan Adjustment and EVAC Acts."

#Afghanistan #PTSD #Veterans #MentalHealth

Awkwardly, I found myself at the ER of the cardio ward of the Almere Flevoziekenhuis hospital.

My heart is perfectly fine. (Although it's apparently not smart go wait 15 hours before calling for an ambulance.) My #PTSD is not. My brain is battling itself, between revealing things and repressing them, and this is how I would have died if I decided to continue "waiting it out because it always stops" for a few more hours.

Physically, I'm 100% fine. Mentally… I'm on multiple waiting lists.

Sweet but Psycho
1 month ago

Bilderreihe Depressionen Nr.15
Mut ist nicht immer brüllend laut. Manchmal ist es die ruhige, leise Stimme am Ende des Tages, die sagt: Morgen versuche ich es wieder.
#Depressionen #depressionensindeinarschloch #depressedlife #ptbs #kptbs #ptsd #anixety

Tofu Musubi
2 months ago

@mcc would love a simple way to dim LEDs! At night, LEDs on various devices in the house can light up the room and feel like car headlights. To be fair, I have #PTSD and light sensitivity is a known symptom, so maybe the problem is in me and not the LEDs.

Sky Barnes
2 months ago

Help! I need $50 for medication for my #PTSD and I don't get paid again for two weeks. If you can spare anything it would help, and if you can't afford to send help, boost this post!

Venmo: tsbarnes
CashApp: $TGirlEvie

#mutualaid #mutualaidrequest #transcrowdfund #mentalhealth

Yahia Lababidi
2 months ago

"No one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark."

— Warsan Shire

#home #trauma #abuse #ptsd #mentalhealth #poetry #refugee

Police in Ukraine have registered more than a 50 percent increase in domestic abuse cases since the start of the war. Sanatoriums or traditional health centr...
Impact of the war: Increase in domestic abuse cases in Ukraine
Opinions R Mine
2 months ago
Red Winged Blackbird perched on post singing
Cat Bird sitting on Iron gate
Cat Bird standing on green wire fence appearing to take a bow with wings stretched and leaning forward
Red Winged Blackbird taking off from sign with wings stretched out and up
2 months ago

8-4-23 Nicole Sandler Show – Beating the Blues (Anxiety & PTSD Too)
View on Zencastr

It's Friday! But even those two smile-inducing words just don't do it for a lot of people who are suffering from depression and its related disorders including anxiety and stress. Some of us have been battling at least one of those conditions for decades *including me.
I was fasci
#NicolesBlog #anxiety #depression #ketamine #MattLahn #psychedelics #PTSD #TMS

2 months ago

Sometimes I may rant a little too much for many people's liking on #LinkedIn - But if you are interested in #MentalHealth at #Work and #HR and #Law or are a commercial #Lawyer and also interested in #Wellness and #Wellbeing then you may like this.

#PTSD #TrustAndSafety #Management #Safety and #Security

2 months ago

Edgar took a tumble in the big earthquake. I was in Houston Middle School when it hit. I thought he'd forever be a monument to the disaster but this week I felt moved to repair what I could. Any progress is good progress, even five years later. #progress #PTSD #Alaska

Steven Lawson Photography
2 months ago

Trauma #1
Digital artwork
This piece has its foundation in an incident two years ago, when I was physically attacked while standing up for my daughter against a vicious bully - her uncle, no less. I was deeply troubled by the injustice and violence of the attack, which plays in flashback when I am asleep and returns to me unbidden at unexpected times. This artwork is an attempt to come to terms with what happened and its aftermath.
#MastoArt #DigitalArt #PTSD #Procreate #AbstractArt

Portrait format colour image showing a circle of spikes against a background of clouds and bubbles. The heart of the spiked circle is black, radiating outward into an area of deep red spikes and finishing with an outer layer of less dense red spikes which threaten to burst the delicate light bubbles floating around the periphery of the piece.
3 months ago

New server, new handle, so updated #introduction?

Let's see... #Queer, #NonBinary, #Type1Diabetic student studying to become a #Librarian.

I live with my partner & two #bunnies, Hazel and Falkor.

I'm a #creative person & am getting into making earrings! I also love to #art, #craft, make random things, & #crochet.

Other interests include #gaming, #coffee and tea, #nature, #geeky things, #books, & learning.

I'm recovering from Complex #PTSD & trauma. I'm big on #SelfCare & wholesomeness 😊

3 months ago

Hey dude, I haz neurology am shut-in. I used to run an arts business volunteer board of directors do civics ride orange bike all over GrittyCity be friend glamp hard rock shows raves accordion recital thrift make love art openings sticker/flyer bomb drive fly to ‘yerp. Not no more
Fire up some #hash tags #fnd #migraine #ptsd #cpstd #functionalNeurologicDisorder #MMJ #feminist #disability #ChronicPain #ChronicFatigue #Trauma #DisabilityRights #SensoryIssues #Privacy #Hemipeligic #fibromyalgia

i am a real person sign
woman wearing glasses mask w her hood up her long orange red pink colored hair frames face
Kit 📚
3 months ago

Today I discovered that not only is July #Disability Pride Month but also that we have a flag. It is so well done and extremely meaningful. It was created by Ann Magill, a disabled writer.

The entire thing will not fit into the thumbnail but if you open the image, it will tell you what each color and flag feature stands for. It is also in the alt text if you are unable to open it.

#disabled #accessibility #cerebralpalsy #adhd #autism #OCD #PTSD #bipolar #depression #invisibleillness (& more!)

An infographic showing the Disability Pride Month flag and what it stands for. The top reads "Disability Pride Month" and the flag is underneath it. The Disability pride flag is grey with five diagonal stripes from top to bottom with red, yellow, white, blue, and green.

Underneath it, it says what the colors stand for.
Red: bodily disability, mobility impairment, limb difference, disfigurement, chronic pain/fatigue, etc. 

Yellow: Neurodiversity, autism, ADHD, dyslexia, etc

White: invisible disabilities and those with no known diagnosis. 

Blue: emotional and psychiatric disabilities, (depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc.)

Green: sensory disabilities, (including sensory processing disorders)

Grey: Mourning for those killed, neglected, and abused because of their disability. 

The five-stripe bend dexter: The disability community in solidarity-- moving from the Canton (a place of honor) to the Fly (the wider world, broader society). The diagonal is also in contrast to the vertical walls and horizontal ceilings that keep us isolated.
Fern (they/them)
3 months ago

A new #introduction for the new people!

Hi, I'm Fern! I'm #trans and #disabled (#MEcfs, #PTSD, #ActuallyAutistic, #anxiety, and some other stuff). I'm here to talk about my life, make friends, and learn from other disabled people!

I'm part of a #plural system - several of us have accounts here; list in pinned post.

I tend to post life updates, mild CW'd vents, and CW'd selfies, usually relating to my disabilities. I really love how the Fediverse works, and I want to use this account more!

B E Ayshford
3 months ago

A show i wrote about soldiers returning from Afghanistan is now on Binge in Australia. #Fightingseason if you are interested #tv #PTSD

Grafito Editorial
3 months ago

"Y, por supuesto, volqué gran parte de mí en Jun. Creo que todos los autores ponen mucho de sí mismos en sus personajes, especialmente en sus protagonistas. El lado solitario de Jun, su ansiedad social, su voluntad de encontrar su lugar en la sociedad al tiempo que ansía la independencia, son cosas con las que me identifico con fuerza. Creo que son sentimientos compartidos por muchas personas, y quería que Jun los experimentara. Opino que los personajes que se basan en las experiencias reales del autor suelen ser más creíbles e interesantes. Es una forma de insuflar algo de realismo en un mundo ficticio.” 😊 #cómic #ptsd #manga #grafitoeditorial

Grafito Editorial
3 months ago

“Jun es el corazón del cómic. Es un arquetipo con el que he jugado durante muchos años: una mujer fuerte, pero perdida y solitaria. Se ha inspirado en otros grandes referentes de mi infancia: Deunan de Appleseed (Masamune Shirow) y la Mayor Kusanagi de Ghost in the Shell". ¿Quieres leer las primeras 40 páginas? te dejo enlace: 😊 #cómic #ptsd #manga #grafitoeditorial

Jun es la protagonista del cómic PTSD
Laura Lis Scott
3 months ago

13/ Content Warnings are available to mask post content. How to use CWs depends on your own prefs, consideration for others, possible rules on your instance, ever-evolving cultural etiquette… You might #CW for:
• local #politics
• nudity
#doomscroll topic
• content #triggering to folks w #ptsd
• as an intriguing headline

Important: some folks post challenging content w/o CWs, for ex posts by #POC on #Racism

Don’t demand others CW their posts. You can always unfollow


3 months ago

#Introduction - guess it’s time to do this. Or attempt to.

Residing in the beautiful #PNW. After being laid off I’ve taken time off for #selfcare. I love getting around by not-a-car.

I deal with #ptsd and #dpdr. This is my first time really putting this out there but the community here seems very open about #mentalHealth.

During times of employment I work in #tech as a #devops engineer.

#Anticapitalist, pro-people, #antiprofit.

Oh, and follow @lisamelton to get a good feed going!

3 months ago

Is questioning/second-guessing every single thought and feeling an autism thing or a trauma thing?

@autistics @actuallyautistic #actuallyautistic #ptsd #therapy #AuDHD

3 months ago


Single father. 30's. PTSD. Genetic heart disease. Chicago native living on the GA/FL line.


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#SoftwareDefinedRadio (#SDR)

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Nonya Bidniss
3 months ago

Australia to prescribe #MDMA and #psilocybin for #PTSD and #dépression in world first

Researchers are concerned about lack of guidance for use & the fact that they don't have a way of identifying patients likely to react badly to the drugs.