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Do you travel in Scarborough? Check out this Line 3 Scarborough Rapid Transit Survey being undertaken by Toronto Metropolitan University students on behalf of TTCriders:

#Transit #PublicTransit #Scarborough #ScarbTO #Toronto #SRT

Enia Titova
7 hours ago

in “Things that would never get built in #SanFrancisco today, #PublicTransit edition”: the #sfmta #muni rail cut-through in Lakeside Village.

this train literally runs through people’s backyards and travels mid-block, without a gate to stop drivers or pedestrians from crossing when a train is coming.

and yet, this is a charming, lively commercial street with multiple thriving business and many SFHs nearby.

Muni train sounds its bell before crossing Ocean Avenue mid-block in Lakeside Village in San Francisco. The tracks are closely enclosed by surrounding buildings.

Do you travel in Scarborough? Check out this Line 3 Scarborough Rapid Transit Survey being undertaken by Toronto Metropolitan University students on behalf of TTCriders:

#Transit #PublicTransit #Scarborough #Toronto #SRT

Today my son woke up in Paris with his classmates, boarded a train (shocking, considering the ongoing strikes! ✊), and was 700km away 3 hours later after a “smooth, fast, comfortable” ride. I would add, low-carbon. This has been a reality for 40 years. North America is stuck in a 19th century rail mindset. If your response is “population density” then you have been lulled to sleep by corporate propaganda (rail tycoons and car companies) and their government handlers. #PublicTransit #lowcarbon

2 days ago

Putting it out there in the universe that I'd like to work in #publictransit, or #rail transportation projects. I love cities that invest in these infrastructures and I'd love to bring those visions to life through web, app and maps.

Don't believe in the universe? I do. I’ve landed my jobs by intent, no matter how crazy or "too good” they sound. Traveling to different cities and experiencing their systems is a true pleasure to learn. Never say never.

Michelle Yeoh holding her Oscar with the caption: “Ladies…never let anybody tell you that you are past your prime.” She has won the Best Actress Oscar in 2023.
Not Just Bikes
2 days ago

I wanted a tram, not a subway!

#Amsterdam #publictransit #dadjoke

Tram in Amsterdam de Pijp, wrapped in a Subway sandwiches advertisement
2 days ago

Aside from the millions saved in emergency and medical services, the trip-shortening has had a salubrious effect on the local economy. Thanks to their shorter commutes, by 2008, people in the Portland region were saving about 1.1 billion dollars every year on gasoline.

–Happy City

#Cars #TownPlanning #WalkableCities #PublicTransit #MixedUse

Daniel Norton
3 days ago

I had to dig around to find out what this button on a pole is at a bus stop in Austin.

It turns out that it’s an accessibility feature. People that can't see the blank arrivals display can push it to hear the silent arrivals announcement.

#accessibility #blind #VisuallyImpaired #CapMetro #transit #PublicTransit #irony #humor #humour #ATX

Photo of a poll with a chrome button. A bike path and sidewalk are in the background.

Today, I rode four trains (Caltrain twice, BART, VTA light rail) and one bus. #trains #publictransit

David Bickford
3 days ago

The best I can say about this latest bill is that it’s less awful than the version that came immediately before it, which would have devoted virtually no revenue to transit. Of course, all of this could have been avoided if former governor Ducey had not vetoed a much better bill last year.

#phoenix #publictransit

Nelson Chu Pavlosky
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#FollowFriday recommendations for the #Philadelphia area:

- @stumblewyk - GM running #TTRPGs, #Philly sports, cute dog
- @joni - brand design, #SVG, #bees, weight lifting, the tippy top of DE
- @stephstephking - education and children, #writer, #publicTransit
- @nicolewolverton - Horror, #elections, globetrotting

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Public transit in San Francisco is looking to some of the city’s most prized real estate for financial help — the street curb.

#SFMTA #SanFrancisco #PublicTransit

4 days ago

My 8yo is fascinated by #PublicTransit. It’s his first time in #NYC and we’ve seen Aladdin on Broadway, the MoMA, Central Park, the Empire State Building…his favorite parts by far were the busses and subways between our destinations. Pretty sure we could’ve saved a lot of money and just ridden the subway around all day and not done anything else.

EDIT: When he was younger he named his teddy bear “Transport”

Marquise de What :unverified:
5 days ago

Wow. Didn’t get to ride the system on a recent trip to #LA, and this report makes me glad I didn’t. #PublicTransit should not be this hairy, but then again, Western countries have huge #unhoused populations, and a bad #fentanyl problem.

Just wondering about this Public Transit related thought . . .

When was the last time,

If any,

That Public Transit Vehicle Manufacturers

Issued a recall for Buses or Streetcars or Rapid Transit Railcars

Due to some mis-design or battery mishap or whatever the reason for a recall.

Thinking/Typing out loud that

This might also be yet another good reason to ditch private vehicle ownership

And personally choose Public Transit

Whenever reasonable & possible.

| #PublicTransit 🚎​

6 days ago

Speaking before tonight's City of Port Phillip Council meeting seeking Councils support to advocate for the public release of the Victorian Government's Transport Plan as per recommendation 33 of Infrastructure Victoria.
The failure of the State Government to publicly release this plan hampers the ability of local government across the State from planning the future of its communities and the public transport services that are required to underpin vibrant communities.
#portphillip #sustainabletransport #publictransport #publictransit


I pay per-ride with my Clipper card, but I don't snitch on anyone who might be a fare evader. #PublicTransit should be free in my opinion, anyway.

SirTapTap 🎮
6 days ago

This Could Be Us But U Non-Voting

"France to Invest €100 Billion in Railway Infrastructure"

#rail #publictransit #Fuckcars

1 week ago

The humble city bus as key to improving US transit. Check out (in the article) the video link to the Brazilian city of Curitiba.

#MassTransit #PublicTransit #Bus

1 week ago

From the Financial Justice Project:

Did you know that seniors over 65 years old and people with disabilities can ride Muni for FREE?

To qualify, you must be a SF resident with an income of less than 100% of the Bay Area Median Income ($89,650 for 1 person).

For more:

#PublicTransit #SanFrancisco #Seniors #DisabilityAccess

1 week ago

I give #Montreal props for taking pride in making their metro stations look so beautiful. Because I rode the #TTC for the first time and the stations remind me of New York and London, dark and dank 😨

#Toronto #subway #metro #publictransit Thanks for the shout-out!

We are currently discussing plans to bring ballot measures and other proposals to
@GCRTA and the county to help bring much needed investments and citizen concerns to a neglected system that has so much potential to benefit our communities.

Join us in person or online at one of our monthly meetings to learn more and contribute to better
#publicTransit in #Cleveland!

1 week ago

Sixth of my #BooksOf2023, this is a work-relevant one - but also really interesting in its own right. As with most things in transport planning, however, challenging to usefully apply in a way that would enable the meaningful reduction of car dependency in rural England!
#Reading #Books #TransportPlanning #PublicTransit

The book “HUMAN TRANSIT How Clearer Thinking about Public Transit Can Enrich Our Communities and Our Lives” by Jarrett Walker propped up on a stripey blanket.

I posted this on the bird app and got a flurry of “just leave earlier” responses. A reminder to the bootstraps crowd…

People have:
multiple jobs
child/elder care constraints
they work and go to school

Reliable public #transportation is an #equity issue. Not everyone can “just leave earlier” #MBTA #PublicTransit

A screenshot of my quote tweet that says: Effective immediately, Boston area employers need to not penalize staff for being late to work. Yikes. The quoted tweet from the MBTA reads: Effective immediately, out of an abundance of caution, the Red, Orange, Blue, & Green Lines will operate at speeds of 10-25mph following findings by the Department of Public Utilities during a recent site visit of the Red Line betwe..
Alpine Joe
1 week ago

Rethinking Our Cities With Jason Slaughter of Not Just Bikes

This is an interview with Jason Slaughter, who is now almost a folk hero. Well worth the listen, you can get the audio in the link below.

#CarFree, #CarsRuinCities #urbanism #UrbanPlanning #Walkable #WalkableCities #publictransit

City street with a wide sidewalk. lots of trees,  and little car traffic
teledyn 𓂀
1 week ago

On the road again — I should just make call time at 7:30 (3hrs from now)

#musicianslife #havebanjowilltravel #publictransit #guelph #toronto #averagespeed30kmph #comeseeourgigtonight #jazzintoronto

Banjo case propped against a bus stop where a sign says, "Thank your bus driver" and a GO bus in the background
Erik Jensen
1 week ago

My lovely former coworkers at NY MTA are hosting a session on the MTA’s Open Data program on Monday as part of NYC’s Open Data Week! I was lucky enough to help get the program started back when I worked there, and it’s been amazing to see all the progress they’ve made!

You can register and see the whole schedule at, the MTA’s Open Data session is March 13 at noon EST

#OpenData #NYCT #MTA #NYC #PublicTransit #Transit #Data

Graphic with text on left and urban city illustration with Open Data Week 2023 on the right. Text reads:

Metropolitan Transportation Authority 

MTA Open Data Office Hours

When: Monday, March 13 at 12 PM

Where: Online


Visit to view the full program!

This makes me sad.
Map of South Jersey rail lines: 1930s vs Now
All those lines to practically nothing.

#transit #transportation #urbanism #publictransportation #publictransit #trains #NewJersey #NJ

Me for CodeRedTO, talking to CBC:

"The TTC can't be a housing agency. The TTC can't be a mental health agency."

"...look at other social services that we have and treat them properly, fund them properly, so the TTC doesn't have to do the job of other agencies."

"Paying overtime to a bunch of police officers to make up for failings of mental health supports or housing supports is maybe not a good use of the budget overall."

#Toronto #TOPoli #Transit #PublicTransit

Júbilo MX
2 weeks ago

(watch the video with sound if possible)
#TransLink, the public transportation authority in #Vancovuer is testing #Navilens, a kind of QR code but designed to be read from a larger distance, to help people with sight limitations to navigate the public #transit system.

#PublicTransit #Bus #blind #help #disability

A video showing how NaviLens work, identifying a bus stop and it's distance from the user
James Hawley
3 weeks ago

#YorkRegion is developing a multi-year Traveller Safety Plan and they are seeking public input to help promote road safety:

If you are interested or have thoughts on #cycling, #commuting, #WalkableCities, #PublicTransit, or more, submit them here! The region is actively looking for ways to make getting around safer

Hello fellow riders! We are happy to be joining The #CLE and promote discussion and action to improve #Cleveland's #publicTransit ecosystem! Check out some of our recent initiatives and come join us at one of our monthly rider meetings to discuss all things Cleveland transit:

Our recent rally at
#PublicSqure for #TransitEquityDay

Our report on ending the
#TransitDeathSpiral in Cleveland

Metrolinx no longer pursuing layover facility in Don River Valley | CityNews Toronto #GOTransit #PublicTransit #Metrolinx #Layover #DonValley #onpoli @onpoli

3 weeks ago

Photo of Toronto Officer Holding Assault Weapon Highlights Increasing Militarization of City's Police
by Taylor C. Noakes via the Maple
#CdnPoli #TorontoPolice #TPS #TTC #PublicTransit #DefundDisarm

3 weeks ago

This year’s European Tramdriver Championship will be in Oradea, Romania on Saturday 3 June. Save the date! #PublicTransport #PublicTransit #trams

3 weeks ago

It's amazing seeing the backlash against SUVs in Europe. People are so fed up with the space they take and the pollution they produce that activists regularly deflate SUV tires, and now some cities are considering taxing vehicles based on weight and emissions.

The anti-SUV uprising is coming 💪

#WarOnCars #AntiCar #PublicTransit #TacticalUrbanism

Laurie Winkless
4 weeks ago

Wellington rail and public transit fans. Save Our Trains / The Future is Rail are hosting a meet-and-greet on MONDAY EVENING (27th). Please register here and then come along....we'll buy you chips! #nztwits #rail #publictransit #urbandesign

Here is a reason to diversify public transit modes away from reliance on highways. There is an unused railway less than 1km away from all of these photos. I have taken that particular bus many times in the past. Trains are not bothered by snow like highways, cars, and buses are. This is one huge reason why I made a “bus schedule” for the trains. You just can’t build more highway to solve this.
#bcpoli #publictransit #islandrail #transportation

A Nanaimo transit bus sits abandoned on the side of the road near Nanoose Bay.
An accident near Qualicum that blocked the entire southbound direction.
A very snowy road near Nanaimo

Island Transit On Rails
It’s time for the 21st Century. This is a proposal for a full rail schedule integrated with the bus system and operated as one.
Maybe if rail and bus passenger service had evolved through 1950s to now, this is what it would have looked like.
No time like the present to make it happen today.

#publictransit #bcpoli #vancouverisland #nanaimo #victoria #yyj #islandcorridorfoundation #rail #bus #climateaction #electrification

‘One Flat Tire Away From Dropping Out: 57 percent of community and technical colleges have zero transit stops within a half a mile of their campuses.'

#Transit #PublicTransit #College #University #Mobility

Eric Doherty
1 month ago

20% less traffic, more space to walk, quieter, cleaner air - Good #climateaction move! #TrafficEvaporation means "people have simply made a different mobility choice and switched to cycling or public transport." #yyj #cycling #publictransit #transit #publictransit

Evan Prodromou
1 month ago

I do not remember the context or purpose of this important filk.

#PublicTransit #DangerZone #CloseTheHighway

Here’s where we are at after twelve years of Ford and Tory. #Toronto #TOPoli #Transit #PublicTransit #budget #ONPoli #Ontario

Handwritten signs on the Pape subway platform scotch-taped to the wall, warning of a slippery floor from the dripping ceiling.
The dripping ceiling.
Public washroom with laser-printed “out of service” in a plastic binder sleeve, scotch-taped to the door.
Militant Pedestrian
1 month ago

It's still a little crazy to me that one century ago, there were streetcar schedules timed down to seconds, and now, ± 7 minutes off is basically deemed "on time." #transit #publictransit

Please boost even if this isn't for you. On Mastodon, favoriting is not like 'liking' on the other site. All it does is it tell the writer you liked it, there is no algorithm.

Trying to reach #transit #transport #publictransit #publictransport people and #BehaviouralScience #scicomm people on Mastodon

Just finished "#Transport for Humans", a readable and fun application of behavioural science to #transit problems.

Highly recommended to anyone interested or involved in #PublicTransport. Nudges, counterintuitive ideas that work and more!

*Bus routes on the side of buses*
*Information and reassurance for delays*
*Doors that close when advertised (or later) not 2 mins before posted departure time*

Full disclosure
@rorysutherland is an old friend 🙂

@TransportAction @Transport_EU @TransportOnline @transportationalternatives @transenv @TransportLab
@transitmap @transit @transitdiagrams @TransitForMD

A stylized cross-section of the human brain is shown with connectivity represented by stations and neurons represented by vertical, diagonal, and horizontal lines, echoing Harry Beck's stylized #LondonUnderground map
1 month ago

Sometimes I watch a show or a film and I realize that I’m just waiting for and then intensely studying all of the scenes when the characters are on #publictransit

@annaleen “Public Transit is not just about getting people to work — it is about creating community.”

That is awesome. Thank you.
#transit #publictransit

anyway, today's adventure is riding the bus and train down to Union Station as a test run for using #PublicTransit #PublicTransportation for the commute to my new job.

Bread and Circuses
2 months ago

Imagine if every city, county, state, provincial, and national government on Earth would make a serious and urgent effort to achieve the outcome shown here.

We're very, very far away from that today — especially in the US — but it's possible!

#ClimateCrisis #BanCars #PublicTransit #bicycle

"Mobility Pyramid" shows people WALKING at the top level, then CYCLING and using scooters at the next level down, then PUBLIC TRANSPORT at the level below that, with SHARED CARS & SHARED RIDE the next one down, PRIVATE CARS almost at the bottom, and  finally PLANE in a tiny triangle at the base of the upside-down pyramid.

I took a few minutes to play with that Chat AI thing everyone has been playing with. I gave it the prompt "Write an 800-word column explaining how public transit can help us fight climate change."

The results: 483 words, pretty smooth though.

(Screenshots include the full response, but the alt text is missing some of the middle.)

#Transit #PublicTransit #GlobalWarming #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis

Screenshot of the Chat showing the prompt "Write an 800-word column explaining how public transit can help us fight climate change." and the reply, which begins:

Public transit is a key tool in the fight against climate change. By reducing the number of cars on the road, it helps to lower greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. Here are a few reasons why public transit is so important in the fight against climate change:

1. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions: Cars and trucks are the largest sources of transportation-related emissions in the United States, and account for a significant portion of global emissions as well. When people use public transit instead of driving, they reduce the number of emissions produced by cars on the road. This can have a significant impact on reducing overall emissions levels, and can help to slow the rate of global warming.

2. Increases energy efficiency: Public transit is a much more energy-efficient mode of transportation than cars. A single bus, for example, can carry the same number of people as many cars, but uses far less fuel to do so. This makes public transit a more sustainable option for reducing emissions and fighting climate change.

3. Promotes sustainable land use: When people use public transit, they are less likely to rely on cars for transportation. This means that they are less likely to live in sprawling suburbs and drive long distances to work. This shift towards more sustainable land use patterns can help to...
It ends: making it easier for people to walk or bike to transit, public transit systems can help to reduce emissions and promote sustainable transportation patterns.

5. Helps to reduce traffic congestion: When people use public transit, they help to reduce traffic congestion on the roads. This is important because traffic congestion leads to longer commute times, which in turn leads to more emissions from cars. By reducing congestion, public transit helps to reduce emissions and improve air quality.

6. Supports electric transportation: Many public transit systems are beginning to transition to electric vehicles, which produce zero emissions and are much more energy-efficient than traditional diesel or gasoline-powered vehicles. By promoting electric transportation, public transit systems can help to reduce emissions and promote sustainable transportation patterns.

In addition to these benefits, public transit can also help to promote sustainable economic development. By making it easier for people to get around, public transit can support job growth, encourage investment, and promote sustainable growth.

In conclusion, public transit is a key tool in the fight against climate change. By reducing emissions, promoting sustainable land use, and supporting active transportation, public transit can help to slow the rate of global warming and improve air quality. By investing in public transit, communities can take an important step towards a more sustainable and livable future.
katherine montalto
2 months ago

been on mastodon since 2018. I noticed all the #OpenSourceSoftware sites I was checking out had mastodon icons.

here's an #introduction for all those checking #twittermigration for people to follow

I am a #writer of #FlashFiction #horror and #haiku #poetry I am an #artist and sometimes I make #music

I'm looking to follow #journalists #historians #scientists #artists #writers and #musicians and people who post about #bikes #PublicTransit and #LitMags

j'apprends le #français

Sarah (She/Her)
2 months ago

As has been said by so many, so often, 20 minutes between subways is about 15 minutes too long if we want people to get out of their cars and on the T. #MBTA #Boston #OrangeLine #PublicTransit

2 months ago

The biggest lie the US public ever bought into about public transportation - busses, subways, trains, is that should be a profitable service. They're not a profitable service, they're public infrastructure.

Aside from toll roads (which are a regressive tax on the poor and should be eliminated), we don't expect our roads or sidewalks to earn a profit. They're simply a utility that is granted to the public because you live there.

The roads don't close at 2AM just because not enough people drive on them for them to turn a profit, they're there 24x7x365 for people to be able to get from point A to point B no matter when they need to go there. When I buy a house on a road, I don't have to worry that some future administration will decide to tear up that road in front of my house and leave me with no way to get to work. It's simply part of our social contract that you can get to every location in town via a road and a car.

Why can we not offer the public the same for mass transit? Define an area of the city that is a Guaranteed Free Public Transportation zone. Every home and place of business within that zone is guaranteed to have public transportation service 24x7x365 to every other place within that zone. where you'll never have to wait more than 15 minutes, and you won't have to transfer more than 2 times.

Sure, maybe you say "After midnight, the busses don't run, but the city will pay for your taxis, because it's more efficient to run a fleet of taxis than to operate busses", but you've maintained that public infrastructure commitment.

#publictransit #masstransit

I am once again reminded that not everyone shares my same level of enthusiasm for discussing the unique features of individual Chicago bus lines. Seriously, though, in the right circumstances, the 143 absolutely slaps, amirite?

#PublicTransit #SpecialInterest #IApologizeForNothing

Rosa Control
2 months ago

Is there any book or game (hopefully available in Spanish) I can recommend to a 15 years old obsessed with #publicTransit? Obsessed means he memorised most routes in Santiago as well as their stops, he knows which routes are going to be changed, he knows which machines are operating, and a bunch of other stuff

Annalee Newitz 🍜
2 months ago

I'm so excited to share this clip from THE TERRAFORMERS #audiobook, where a group of sentient flying trains has gathered together at Spider City to vote on a matter of great importance. Moose, a cat, has joined a train named Scrubjay to listen in. What Moose hears is not at all what they expected.

Find out more about the book here:

#books #booktodon #sciencefiction #trains #publictransit #music #TheTerraformers