Chris Hall
2 hours ago

Updated long-covid info page to include recent media reporting of Aussie scientists demonstrating covid causes brain cells to fuse together. Also added the World in Data graph of Australians in hospital with covid.

#covid #COVID19 #COVIDisAirborne #MaskUp #Pandemic #PublicHealth #Virus

5 hours ago

Also, every single day a pregnant person is exposed to wildfire smoke increases the risk of pre-term birth. Staying indoors is recommended, N95 outside is essential.

#NYC #wildfires #AirPollution #PublicHealth

undergrowth-feed 🍃
5 hours ago | Chemical industry used big tobacco’s tactics to conceal evidence of PFAS risks |

"The chemical industry, it seemed, took note. Just a few years later, DuPont scientists found PFAS enlarged lab rats’ livers and likely caused birth defects in workers. Still, the company told its employees the cancer-linked compounds are “about as toxic as table salt”." | #environment #PublicHealth #capitalism #government #PFAS

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6 hours ago | How to keep safe as wildfire smoke chokes eastern US skies |

"Exposure to smoke can trigger an array of health problems, experts say, but there are ways residents can keep themselves safe." | #environment #wildfires #health #PublicHealth #UnitedStates

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6 hours ago | Tens of millions under air quality alerts in US as Canada fire smoke drifts south |

"Tens of millions of people in the US were under air quality alerts on Wednesday, as smoke from Canadian wildfires drifted south, turning the sky in some of the country’s biggest cities a murky brown and saturating the air with harmful pollution." | #environment #ClimateChange #wildfires #PublicHealth #UnitedStates #Canada (the moon was almost red last night and much dimmer)

ES Michelson
11 hours ago

#ClimateDiary 3/3
The fuel is wood, but the spark is #ClimateChange. That's the reality we have to face. And the reality we must face is that we caused it. The next reality we have to face is we must triple-down on fixing it. We must #decarbonise. We have energy sources that are affordable today, #wind, #solar, and #HydroPower and soon, perhaps, #GreenHydrogen. #tax, #transportation, #public land and #PublicHealth policies must be diverted from #petroleum to #GreenEnergy . We can do it!

Another view down the same smokey highway is the previous post but looking in the other direction. In this image traffic is stopped at an intersection as man on a bicycle enters the intersection.

Free webinar: We Have to Talk About Gun Violence

⭐ Firearms are the leading cause of death for children in the U.S. As parents and caregivers, we have to talk about gun violence.

❤️ Join experts from Everytown, Moms Demand, and the Be SMART for Kids program for a free roundtable conversation.

Tuesday, June 13 @ 12PM ET


#GunViolence #PublicHealth #Prevention #Violence @publichealth

At the top:
"Free Webinar"
"We have to talk about gun violence"
"Tuesday, June 13th, 12 PM ET / 9AM PT"

Below is a colorful background which includes images of three faces: Sarah Burd-Sharps (Senior Director of Research at Everytown for Gun Safety) Dr. Sofia Chaudhary (Pediatric emergency medicine physician and gun safety advocate) and Dr. Johanna Thomas (Be SMART advocate, LCSW, and college professor).

At the bottom-right is the logo for "care."
Bicycling Monterey
12 hours ago

June 5, 2023 updates from California Bicycle Coalition include “Bicycle Safety Stop FAQs," and “Legislative Update: Mostly Positive Results for #ActiveTransportation Bills at Midpoint.”

To keep in touch with all updates from the #California #Bicycle Coalition / #CalBike, sign up for their mailing list at

#BikeTooter #BikeCalifornia #BikeMonterey #PublicHealth #PublicSafety #CarbonEmissions

13 hours ago

@CastlTrAstonDrs @Nature

I wonder if this will be enough for the #covid minimizers who claim herd immunity is the goal? Probably not...

#PublicHealth "Yikes ! 🇨🇳 ’s rolling #COVID waves could hit every 6 months & infecting millions .The latest surge is unlikely to crash the country’s health-care system, but scientists fear hundreds of millions of infections."


TrangAston :verified:
14 hours ago

#PublicHealth Yikes ! 🇨🇳 ’s rolling #COVID waves could hit every 6 months & infecting millions .The latest surge is unlikely to crash the country’s health-care system, but scientists fear hundreds of millions of infections. @Nature

The Crafty Miss
14 hours ago

@luckytran Important public health information that will grow increasingly relevant as we continue to overheat our planet

#PublicHealth #ClimateEmergency

Syndemics Lab
15 hours ago

Happy Pride Month from the Syndemics Lab! This month, we celebrate the #lgbtq community and commit ourselves to advocating for equity. Check out Boston Pride for the People for events throughout pride month to support our local Boston LGBTQ+ community!

#syndemicslab #publichealth #pride #pridemonth

21 hours ago

Cancer exploded among the youth after the poison injections were rolled out with no end in sight.
#news #covid #vaccine #vax #shot #jab #booster #health #publichealth #culture #crime #cancer #disease #toxic

Stripy Lightbulb CIC
22 hours ago

This online talk was organised as a fundraising event for #MEAwarenessMonth.

Talk -

Please watch this talk to see how M.E/C.F.S has been excluded from the COVID19 and Long COVID narrative in the UK for the past 3 years and the repercussions of this exclusion.

Reference/resource list -

Please donate if you are in the position to do so - every penny counts. Thank you.

#health #politics #Medical #Pandemic #PublicHealth

EU Environment
23 hours ago

RT @veromanfrve: Can we deliver a Net Zero world without #ZeroPollution?

Our panelists’ reply has been clear: no, we can’t. And we shouldn’t.

Only equal focus on #PublicHealth , #Biodiversity & #Democracy when striving for a clean environment can build the resilience we need.



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1 day ago | Microplastics found in every sample of water taken during the Ocean Race |

"Concentrations of plastics in round-the-world race through remote ocean environments found to be up to 18 times higher than during previous event in 2017-18" | #environment #PublicHealth #oceans #water #microplastics #plastics

Bob the Traveler
1 day ago

Jean Dausset, who died OTD in 2009, was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1980 for work in #immunology #medicine #PublicHealth

Bob the Traveler
1 day ago

Alexis St. Martin was accidentally shot in the stomach OTD in 1822. The wound did not heal fully, leading to US Army physician William Beaumont's experiments and studies of the digestive tract. #medicine #PublicHealth

1 day ago

#WashingtonDC #shootings #guns #DataDashboards #transparency #PublicHealth

'DC Health has launched a new data dashboard to help keep track of firearm injuries at emergency rooms across the District. 'Firearm Injury Surveillance Through Emergency Rooms' (FASTER) data is unique because it pulls from the hospital’s discharge diagnosis codes instead of mandatory physician reporting.'

Bob the Traveler
2 days ago

Jean Dausset, who died OTD in 2009, was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1980 for work in #immunology #medicine #PublicHealth

Bob the Traveler
2 days ago

Jean Dausset, who died OTD in 2009, was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1980 for work in #immunology #medicine #PublicHealth

EU Medicines Agency
2 days ago

EMA's Emergency Task Force discussed 3⃣0⃣0⃣ therapeutics and 7⃣0⃣ vaccines in more than 2⃣5⃣0⃣ meetings held during the #publichealth emergency.

It continues its work to be prepared for any new emerging health threats.



EU Medicines Agency
2 days ago

‼️ EMA holds its last regular press briefing on #PublicHealth emergencies.

It will be broadcast live 🔴 today, 6 June, from 15:30 to 16:00 CEST. #EMAPresser #COVID19



EU Publications
2 days ago

Tomorrow is #WorldFoodSafetyDay! 🧆The Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety of @EU_Commission develops and implements policies on #FoodSafety and #PublicHealth.
See the upcoming health and food audits and analysis:!cXMMrx @EU_Health


For #journalists, scientists and #publichealth people interested in #nutrition as well as food policy.

This conference starts tomorrow (June7-8). Online sessions are available.
#Alcohol and health, salt, #infant nutrition, food costs, legal

#health #medmastodon #pediatrics

Dr. Zeke
2 days ago


I don't disagree about legalization, mostly to allow for appropriate social services to address any #PublicHealth issues related to drug use/abuse. Secondarily because laws against drug use (at least in the US) disproportionately affect Black and Brown folx. Lastly because people are going to do what they feel like anyway.

But the point of my comment was really just about the fact that folks wouldn't say "grass" or "yeyo" about legislation/news/whatever.

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2 days ago | Global ‘silver tsunami’ of older cancer patients is coming, experts warn |

[...] "With life expectancy increasing and a rapidly soaring population of older people, a looming increase in elderly patients with cancer was now a “serious public health concern”, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) said in a report. Cancer centres must prepare for “the silver oncologic tsunami”, the experts added." | #environment #PublicHealth #oncology #healthcare #HumanRights

⭐ As many as 69% of youth report being targets of TDV (teen dating violence).[1]

A recent article from NIJ (National Institute of Justice) shares some helpful data:

▪️ violent relationships often involve mutual violence;

▪️ TDV is more often a broad pattern of abuse than isolated instances;

▪️ a wide range of risk factors exist across all levels of the social-ecological model (SEM) but most research focuses on the individal level;

▪️ TDV has significant short & long term negative impacts; &

▪️ some TDV programs have been found to be effective.



@stopTDV @susanne @publichealth @sociology @psychology @gamingagainstv #DomesticViolence #PublicHealth #Prevention #Relationships #Health

3 days ago

There's no reason to think that common sparrows and other passerine birds are not infected with H5N1 and other flavors of Influenza.

From my limited perspective, it would appear that if sparrows are being infected with the current All Bets Are Off H5N1 (a reverse spillover?) they are not falling ill. I've not noticed sick or dead sparrows -- or any recent drop in their numbers.

#H5N1 #infectiousdisease #zoonosis #Influenza #publichealth

3 days ago

@thehill for anyone surprised by this or that thinks it is somehow a new thing, there’s a *really* long history of even more draconian public-health community protections in the US, dating back to colonial America (where sometimes local jurisdictions would just board up your house with you in it and post a guard until you either survived something like smallpox or everyone died). #history #PublicHealth

3 days ago

#BonnieHenry is the #heartless, #ruthless #PHO responsible for my complete loss of trust in this #BCndp, #PublicHealth, and endless #BCgovt apologists gloating in our #BCmsm.

I even lost a 20 year friendship to Bonnie’s #lies & #propaganda dividing British Columbian’s in a crisis.

I will never forget how #DoctorHenry leveraged caring communities for profit, #sacrificed our #vulnerable, trashed vaccines & masks, withheld testing & hid covid death in #bcpoli children.

#WeWillRemember #CDNpoli

brad m
4 days ago

One more reason to avoid #Florida #BoycottFlorida

Clumps of 5,000-mile #seaweed blob bring flesh-eating #bacteria to #Florida
Decomposing pieces of Great #Atlantic #sargassum belt carry Vibrio #bacteria
“perfect pathogen storm [with] implications for both marine life and #publichealth
“The amount of #plastic we find entangled in the #seaweed on a daily basis, and every tide that comes in brings more, is shocking” #ocean

4 days ago

Global plan for dealing with next pandemic just got weaker, critics say

#pandemic #covid #publichealth #health

5 days ago

Here's why requiring businesses to provide paid sick leave is in the public interest — and making the requirement universal keeps the playing field level wrt that expense.

Sick Workers Tied to 40% of Food Poisoning Outbreaks, C.D.C. Says

#sickLeave #paidSickLeave #unions #publicHealth #foodWorkers

5 days ago

I nearly stepped on this beautiful snail. Probably should have. Turns out the Giant African snail is one of many invasive mollusks on the Big Island.

Not only does it devastate local flora, it can give you meningitis via the rat lungworm parasite.

#snails #photography #parasite #meningitis #InvasiveSpecies #PublicHealth #hawaii #kona

Giant African Snail, about 6 inches long, photographed in Kona, Hawaii.
Joe Vilas
5 days ago
5 days ago

#Vibrio Colonization Is Highly Dynamic in Early #Microplastic-Associated #Biofilms as Well as on Field-Collected #Microplastics

by Katharina Keys, et al, December 2020


"Microplastics are ubiquitous in aquatic ecosystems and provide a habitat for biofilm-forming bacteria. The genus Vibrio, which includes potential #pathogens, was detected irregularly on microplastics. Since then, the potential of microplastics to enrich (and serve as a vector for) Vibrio has been widely discussed. We investigated Vibrio abundance and operational taxonomic unit (OTU) composition on polyethylene and polystyrene within the first 10 h of colonization during an in situ incubation experiment, along with those found on particles collected from the Baltic Sea. We used 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing and co-occurrence networks to elaborate the role of Vibrio within biofilms. Colonization of plastics with Vibrio was detectable after one hour of incubation; however, Vibrio numbers and composition were very dynamic, with a more stable population at the site with highest nutrients and lowest salinity. Likewise, Vibrio abundances on field-collected particles were variable but correlated with proximity to major cities. Vibrio was poorly connected within biofilm networks. Taken together, this indicates that Vibrio is an early colonizer of plastics, but that the process is undirected and independent of the specific surface. Still, higher nutrients could enhance a faster establishment of Vibrio populations. These parameters should be considered when planning studies investigating Vibrio on microplastics."

#NecrotisingFasciitis #FleshEating #bacteria #plastics #oceans #environment #pollution #seaweed #FleshEating #PublicHealth #wildlife #sea #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #Extinction #Oceans #Pollution

5 days ago

Clumps of 5,000-mile seaweed blob bring flesh-eating bacteria to Florida

Scientists are warning of life threatening piles of decomposing algae, with high levels of the flesh-eating #Vibrio #bacteria

Samples are abundant with #plastics which interacted with the algae & bacteria to create a perfect pathogen storm

#bacteria #plastics #oceans #environment #pollution #seaweed #FleshEating #PublicHealth #wildlife #sea

Charlie McHenry
5 days ago

DuPont and two related companies said they would pay close to $1.2bn to settle liability claims brought by public water systems serving the vast majority of the US population on Friday, just days before the start of a bellwether trial in South Carolina over PFAS contamination. But will anyone go to jail? Will any individual executive be held accountable? No on both counts. In addition to DuPont, 3M, the company, has contaminated the entire country, 97% of us have #PFAS - forever chemicals - in our bodies. They should be seized, put out of business and their decision makers should go to jail. #PublicHealth

5 days ago

No covid allowed.
Sign on a tree, at Two Step, South Kona.

#covid #Corona #CovidIsNotOver #kona #Hawaii #PublicHealth

Sign with green Corona virus with a red circle and a cross.  Reads; no covid allowed on this property

I #WearOrange in memory of my daughter. She didn't get the chance to graduate from high school.

#NationalGunViolenceAwarenessDay #PublicHealth #Prevention #EndGunViolence #WearOrange @stopTDV

A man wearing an orange shirt looks at the camera. Printed on the shirt is "wear orange".
Kate Nyhan
6 days ago

Call for applications

for #librarians (construed broadly!) whose practice includes #PublicHealth information

it covers #APHA registration + a small stipend for other costs of participation -- and, no need to wait for reimbursement

great mentors + cohort

deadline is Sunday, July 2, 2023

Please share, and if you're a PH practitioner or researcher, ask a #librarian you work with to apply!

#medlibs @medlibs #PublicLibraries

IT News
6 days ago

Woman with untreated TB finally in custody—held in “negative pressure” room - Enlarge / Mycobacterium tuberculosis. (credit: Getty | NIH/NIAID)

... - #tacoma-piercecountyhealthdepartment #mycobacteriumtuberculosis #publichealth #tuberculosis #washington #isolation #treatment #sheriff #health #arrest #tacoma #jail

Rekha Murthy
6 days ago

One of many good reasons to turn our focus away from carbon capture. Thank you, Gina McCarthy and Kari Nadeau for this important piece.
"At every step of the supply chain, fossil fuels expose people to pollution that harms their health and well-being, resulting in illness and death that cannot be abated by capturing carbon emissions at the stack and putting them back in the ground."

#climatecrisis #fossilfuels #carboncapture #greenwashing #pollution #publichealth

6 days ago

#WHO #drugs #DrugDependency #PublicHealth #PsychoactiveSubstances

"A new repository of all drug dependence technical reports and resources was launched today allowing its audience to source information within a single webpage.... It represents the only online, freely accessible collection of information and reports on new psychoactive substances and medicines, for medical and scientific use, comprising over 450 substances."

1 week ago

#Nigeria #Africa #food #nutrition #FoodScience #PublicHealth

'The Association of African Universities and The International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFOST) have jointly developed a Food Science Database which will serve as Africa’s one-stop-shop for crucial information on all African universities teaching Food Science and Technology'

1 week ago

Mandatory paid sick leave for all is a public health necessity, in addition to being a basic worker right.

Turns out, 40% of all restaurant food-borne illness outbreaks stem from sick workers.

#SickLeave #FoodborneDisease #PublicHealth

TrangAston :verified:
1 week ago

#IDMastodon #publichealth #Immunology @Nature
the research is the first of its kind to decisively map immune responses produced by a #COVID19vaccination in any First Nations populations. Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine triggers strong immune response in 🇦🇺 FN people who are at high risk for poor #COVID19 outcomes, had robust immune responses to #covid19vaccine

💬“Sustaining and building on the investments in serosurveillance made over the past 3 years will be crucial for strengthening pandemic #preparedness and response and improving global #PublicHealth.”

📰Comment by RKI & global colleagues out @TheLancet:

"You do you" is Eu-gen-ics.
1 week ago

Here's hoping—as CDC conference attendee infection rate climbs and wildfire smoke veils North America east of the Rockies—that all those reading this are entering a June wherein they and theirs are putting health and welfare of those they love—and share air with—first and foremost.

#PublicHealth #AirQuality #WearAMask

Screencap of AirNow Fire and Smoke Map
Source: Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Forest Service

Indicates dark smoke plume events from British Columbia to Alberta and extending as far north as Queen Maud Sound and the coast of Coronation Sound; medium smoke plume events throughout Canada down through the central Great Plains, as far south as Houston and Birmingham, AL, and also as far east as Detroit and Boston; with another medium plume event south and west of the Yucatan.

Lighter smoke plumes extend over much of Mexico, the Gulf, from Texas to the coastal plain and Florida; as well as over the Great Lakes to the Iowa border and south as far as Indianapolis and Washington, D.C., and northward into the Labrador Sea.

Fire emojis indicate multiple large incidents in New Mexico & North Carolina, in Arizona and across the border with Mexico, in the Pacific Northwest; with incidents also in Michigan and Massachusetts. An exclamation mark over FL indicates boundaries of one incident.

NZ Government promotion of mask use for this winter.

Will it be effective?

#COVID19 #PublicHealth #npi #mask

Winter's on.
Masks on.
Go well.

(new poster for Aotearoa New Zealand's promotion of mask use to reduce COVID transmission over winter)
CurrentBias :agender_rat:
2 weeks ago

There were 1,943 confirmed covid deaths in the US the week after Biden allowed the public health emergency declaration to expire

#covid #sarscov2 #pandemic #publichealth #USpol

A year-long chart from Our World In Data showing weekly confirmed COVID-19 deaths for the United States. The X axis ranges from May 21 of last year to May 20, 2023. There is one outlier spike that goes above 5,000 as well as two spikes down to 0. The chart rarely dips below 2,000 deaths, with lows of 1,639 the week of October 21, 2022, 1,763 the week of December 8, 2022, and 1,046 the week of May 6, 2023. There were 1,943 the week after Biden allowed the public health emergency declaration to expire
"You do you" is Eu-gen-ics.
2 weeks ago

So, just to be clear, CDC advised attendees—in advance of their June follow-up to their April superspreader event—to "carry covid-19 rapid tests with them", though only "if possible".

Talismanic #PublicHealth as wistful encumbrance.

Imagine if the nation's public health agency spent more time, idunno, controlling and preventing disease; less time torturing credulity in an effort to tailor statements as close to the edge of the #KayfabePanto party line as they can get away with?

Dr. Zeke
2 weeks ago

The legacy of our brother #GeorgeFloyd is very real to us here in #Minneapolis.

If you still don't know what's up, let me direct you to a couple places to start, both from Black faculty in the University of Minnesota School of #PublicHealth (one of whom is me).

Stolen Breaths (Hardeman):

Law Enforcement Violence in the Black Community: A Catalyst for Clinician Engagement in Social Justice (Rushing):


Linda McIver
2 weeks ago

This was a fascinating, illuminating, and enraging conversation with Dr Richard Denniss, Executive Director of The Australia Institute, and Professor Margaret Hellard, Deputy Director of the Burnet Institute, about why we're not collecting covid data, and why it matters. This one is really important, so please listen, and share.

RD:"Why aren't we collecting the data? Because they don't want to admit failure. They don't want to make it easy for me to tell you what the cost to GDP of this heroic approach to covid has been."

#data #covid #STEM #PublicHealth #DataScience #epidemiology #auspol

"You do you" is Eu-gen-ics.
2 weeks ago

@smollestbunny Indeed.

Funny how population-wide immune system stress manifests as greater susceptibility to, and spread of, diseases once thought of in terms of past #PublicHealth successes.

Almost as if policies willfully facilitating unchecked mutation of infection agents is a bad idea.

Kat ♾️
2 weeks ago

"By some estimates, roughly 1 in 3 of COVID-19 patients have experienced long #COVID. That’s similar to #NIH study participants who reported getting sick before the omicron variant began spreading in the U.S. in December 2021."

#PublicHealth #USA #health #omicron


2 weeks ago

#NorthernIreland #healthcare #PublicHealth

'My Waiting Times NI allows patients to check the average length of the waiting list for a first outpatients hospital appointment across different clinical specialties in each Health and Social Care Trust.'

Kat ♾️
2 weeks ago

🚨Health Alert: “The widespread chemical trichloroethylene (TCE)—used in spot removers, office products and dry-cleaning—is linked to #Parkinsons #disease.”

#health #publichealth


Ænðr E. Feldstraw
2 weeks ago

All these people on my bus sniffling and sneezing, none of them masked. All just suffering hayfever, like me? I'll have you know I can't tell the difference between that and the common cold: I might be contagious without knowing it. We should normalize masking if you're sneezing: be good to others around you. #altruism #publichealth

Timothy Caulfield
3 weeks ago

Misinformation + ideology = tough combo!

"A strong partisan bias emerged for both veracity judgments and sharing decisions..."

"...sharing decisions were largely unaffected by actual information veracity."

"...partisan bias was a stronger & more reliable predictor of #misinformation susceptibility than truth sensitivity."


#ScienceUpFirst #SciComm #Science #polarization #publichealth #ideology

@linuxaustralia @everythingopen

I do hope that in this early stage any organiser looks to the recent example of @bsdcan who ran an inclusive and safe conference with a robust #PublicHealth policy. Other examples include #fossy and @northbaypython.

I also hope that any potential Organisers get in touch with @phpledge and @josh to pick a suitable venue so that a conference can be safe for everyone to attend.

Timothy Caulfield
3 weeks ago

Often referenced "masks do harm" study retracted.


Editors: "...complaints were valid ... the article does not meet the standards of editorial & scientific soundness..."

Will likely live on as a zombie & the retraction will become part of a conspiracy narrative.

#publichealth #masks #scicomm #vaccineswork #science #retraction

3 weeks ago “Hundreds of #PublicHealth officials have resigned or retired rather than face abuse and threats. According to news reports, “Some have become the target of far-right activists, conservative groups and anti-vaccination extremists who have coalesced around common goals: fighting mask orders, quarantines and contact tracing with protests, threats and personal attacks”.

Justin Myers
4 weeks ago

Are you interested in telling the stories of Americans' experiences with the #HealthCare system? Want to help hold institutions and systems accountable?

The Associated Press is starting a reporting team focused on #PublicHealth, and we're hiring two people to help kick things off:

A reporter:

A data journalist:

I'm the hiring manager for the latter role, and I can put you in touch with my counterpart for the former.

#FediHire #JobPosting #Job

🥳 The final numbers are in!

⭐ During April:
▪️ 13,949 learned about consent by visiting our sites
▪️ 1,274 people played our consent games

April was Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Although April has ended you are still welcome to learn about consent with our free award-winning video games!


#Consent #VideoGames #PublicHealth #Education #IndieGame #Sociology #SAAM #Prevention #nonprofit @stopTDV @gamingagainstv @susanne @crecente @edutooters

Images from four consent games are shown: ADRIFT, How to Blorrble Blobble, Crossing Boundaries, and Stuck in a Dark Place.

"Consent Games for a Variety of Ages"
"Six free games about consent"
"No ads. No in-app purchases. No Tracking."
"From the 'Gaming Against Violence' program by 'Jennifer Ann's Group', a nonprofit charity."
Stephen Anfield
1 month ago

It’s okay to take a break when you need it. This Mental Health Awareness Month, prioritize self-care and take time to recharge. Your mental health is important, and seeking support when needed is vital. Call, chat, or text 988 for free, confidential, judgment-free support 24/7. via SAMHSA

#Together4MH #MHAM2023 #988Lifeline #MentalHealth #PublicHealth #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth

An animated character rests in a hammock, with text that reads, “Rest. Regroup. Recharge.” A logo in the bottom right corner reads, “Mental Health Awareness Month.”

🆕#Bundesgesundheitsblatt zeigt, wie eng #PublicHealth und #Pflege verbunden sind und welche gemeinsamen Ziele sie verfolgen.

Weitere Themen u.a.
🔵Epidemiologie der Pflege

Alle Artikel gibt es hier

Titelblatt des Bundesgesundheitsblattes, Mai 2023. Darauf Umrisse einer Person, die eine Person im Rollstuhl schiebt. Dahinter mehrere Silhouetten stehender Personen.
1 month ago

From SF Dept of Public Health (SFDPH)

Want to help save lives and reverse overdoses? Pick up naloxone free of charge at SFDPH’s Behavioral Health Services Pharmacy

1380 Howard St.
Hours: Mon-Fri, 9 am-6:30 pm | Sat-Sun, 9am-12pm & 1-4:30 pm

#SFGovernment #PublicHealth #HarmReduction #OverdoseCrisis

1 month ago

“The worst thing any country could do now is to use this news as a reason to let down its guard, to dismantle the systems it has built, or to send the message to its people that Covid-19 is nothing to worry about,” he said.

Haha, hahaha. My dude, my country has let its guard fully down and dismantled all the things ages ago, just like every Western country. So maybe its good that the WHO also stops playing pretend that anyone gives a flying f about the elderly, risk groups or disabled people in general. Or long covid for that matter.

Goes to show how little power any institution has in a world of free market capitalism. This is like whispers in the wind after the world (capital) has already thrown people under the bus.

Let us bow down to the god that is The Economy as it will continue to reap its victims. It absolutely won this one.

#covid #capitalism #PublicHealth #WeAreExpendable

"Having a Namibia #PublicHealth Institute would strengthen the epidemic and pandemic response capacities and, thus, enhance overall health security in Namibia!"
Petronella Masabane, Deputy Executive Director @MhssNamibia, commented on the Twinning Project with @rki_de. #NamPHI

A group of about 30 people standing on a narrow staircase in an office building. People in the front row from left to right: Deputy Executive Director Petronella Masabane (MoHSS Namibia), Deputy Minister Hon. Dr. Esther Muinjangue (MoHSS Namibia), Project Lead GHPP TwiNit 2.0 Dr. Andreas Jansen (RKI – Head of Information Centre for International Health Protection)
Joe Cardillo (they/them)
1 month ago

If you are concerned about the impacts of long Covid and/or want to protect people around you, Colorado Public Radio has an excellent article on air quality & my household has used the device pictured in it for several months to monitor our air as well as in public spaces

#Covid19 #LongCovid #PublicHealth #Community #Pandemics

This is absolutely enraging. If the US would take the ongoing #pandemic seriously, then we would all be able to socialize safely! Until then I will continue to enjoy my COVID-free solitude, fuck you very much.

US surgeon general warns of next public health priority: loneliness
#publichealth #thepandemicisntover

#Wasisteigentlich behandelt heute einen Begriff, der, verstärkt durch #Corona, in Diskussionen um die Gesundheit der Bevölkerung immer wieder auftaucht: #PublicHealth.

Welche Erkenntnisse fließen ein? Und wie arbeitet das #RKI als #NationalesPublicHealthInstitut? ⬇️ und unter

Was ist eigentlich..? Folge 31: Public Health

Public Health ist, laut WHO, die Wissenschaft und die Praxis der Verhinderung von Krankheiten, Verlängerung des Lebens und Förderung der Gesundheit durch organisierte Anstrengungen der Gesellschaft.
Public Health ist also Theorie UND Praxis.

Das heißt: Wissenschaft und ihre Anwendung sind immer miteinander verbunden. 

Damit spielen auch Fragen der Angemessenheit von Maßnahmen sowie ihrer Folgen für die Gesellschaft eine wichtige Rolle.

Public Health bedeutet, kurzgefasst:  „Mehr Gesundheit für alle“.

Anders als die Individualmedizin, die die Gesundheit der einzelnen Person fokussiert, stehen bei Public Health die Gesundheit von Personengruppen, Bevölkerungsteilen oder ganzen Bevölkerungen im Vordergrund. 
Dazu zählen insbesondere vulnerable Bevölkerungsgruppen.
Public Health ist komplex und arbeitet multi- bzw. interdisziplinär.
Zu den für Public Health wichtigen Disziplinen gehören u.a. Gesundheitswissenschaften, Epidemiologie, Soziologie, Medizin, Naturwissenschaften, Gesundheitssystem- und Versorgungsforschung, Politikwissenschaften Gesundheitskommunikation, Statistik, Sozialmedizin sowie Ethik. 

Wie arbeitet das RKI als nationales Public-Health-Institut?

Am Anfang steht das frühzeitige Erkennen gesundheitsrelevanter Entwicklungen und Probleme. 

Durch das Bewerten von Entwicklungen und Trends werden gesundheitliche Gefahrenlagen und prioritäre Gesundheitsprobleme identifiziert und Präventionsstrategien entwickelt.

Handeln und Kommunizieren erfolgen auf Basis der gewonnenen Erkenntnisse und Bewertungen, die für unterschiedliche Zielgruppen bereitgestellt werden.
Miguel Afonso Caetano
1 month ago

#USA #Covid19 #Coronavirus #PublicHealth: "The four of us spent the last three years immersed in collecting and reporting data on Covid-19 from every corner of the world, building one of the most trusted sources of information on cases and deaths available anywhere. But we stopped in March, not because the pandemic is over (it isn’t), but because much of the vital public health information we need is no longer available.

This is a dangerous turn for public health. The data on cases and deaths is critical for tracking and fighting the coronavirus, which has killed more than 1.1 million people in the United States and nearly 6.9 million worldwide. For the week of April 13 to April 19, 1,160 people were reported to have died from the virus in the United States. This is, in all likelihood, an underestimate.

Unfortunately, nearly all states have stopped frequent public reporting of new cases and deaths, making it difficult to enable us to see how the virus is trending. And the widespread use of at-home tests has meant that most positive results almost never get recorded in public health databases, making it virtually impossible to detect and monitor outbreaks in a timely way."

1 month ago

Yep. Unsurprising. But this isn't necessarily what you think it is - E. coli levels in Therese Coffey's constituency far above legal levels. What's it mean? Well, dear reader, read on... #microbiology #PublicHealth #SewageCrisis