3 hours ago

SFMTA released a new version of MuniMobile, the app that allows customers to purchase Muni tickets on their cell phones. The new version of the app works like the previous version but provides enhanced trip planning, service alerts and real-time transit predictions.
#SFMTA #PublicTransit

nathans :ms_weed: :donor:
9 hours ago

Expanded Amtrak service linking Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati is a step closer to reality, with the awarding of federal funding to study key metrics of the proposed route.

The 3C+D route is one of four in Ohio selected for key new funding from the federal government for planning and development of expanded passenger rail throughout the United States.

New and expanded service between Cleveland, Toledo and Detroit was also selected for the Federal Railroad Administration’s new corridor development program, according to Sen. Sherrod Brown’s office, which was given advance notification of the funding winners.

Routes linking Columbus to Chicago and Pittsburgh and increased service from Cincinnati to New York City, Chicago and Washington, D.C., also will be awarded $500,000 each to put together a service development plan that will outline the expenses, potential ridership, travel times and other key factors involved in expanded service.

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In Detroit, what does useful public transit look like?

Check out BridgeDetroit journalist Malachi Barrett's latest newsletter.

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22 hours ago

Got on the Metra train this morning to discover it contained a car just for bikes! Apparently these cars have been in use for a year now but I've just not run across one yet. Very cool! #bike #bicycle #train #metra #illinois #publictransit

Black and white photograph of the interior of a regional train car where bike storage is available main level for the entirety of the car and no passenger seating. In the distance is the end of the car and the door to the next car.

Elevated rail > Subways

Suck it New York :blobfoxuwu:

Like seriously though. Why do cars get surface streets and get to see the city while people using public transit are relegated to the fucking tunnels? Elevated rails are so much better.

#Chicago #PublicTransit

Kapten Kloun
1 day ago

Oh, and should I mention that the majority owner of Newag has initiated a share buyback recently (when the scandal was already brewing in the industry) with the goal to consolidate his ownership and pull the company back from the stock exchange. And now, with all these scandals, he can do it even cheaper, what a coincidence! #kolej #railway #trains #publictransit #publictransportation

Megan Lynch (she/her)
3 days ago

"Railtown: The Fight for the Los Angeles Metro Rail and the Future of the City" #History #PublicTransit #LosAngeles

Megan Lynch (she/her)
3 days ago

1961, last ride of the Long Beach Line of the Red Car. #LosAngeles #PublicTransit

Megan Lynch (she/her)
3 days ago

Man, employers were already pulling BS in 1947. The applicant for trolley motor operator was told he'd have to buy a uniform cap as soon as he was hired and he'd have buy the entire operator uniform by 3 months into the job.

If it's a company uniform, the company should be providing it and laundering it! #LosAngeles #PublicTransit

Megan Lynch (she/her)
3 days ago

1947 Los Angeles Railway Trolley Motorman & Bus Driver Recruiting Film "It's A Big Job" #LosAngeles #PublicTransit

Damian Yerrick
5 days ago

@bhawthorne @acdha @futurebird One reason society is lenient against drivers is that in a lot of cities (such as my own), there's so little public funding for a bus system's operational expenses that 1-hour headways and no service at night or on Sundays are the norm.

#PublicTransport #PublicTransit #OpEx #NeverOnSunday

Today I made (good?) use of my T-pass by collecting all of the Airport MRT station stamps. These are definitely cuter than the standard MRT stamps.

#Taiwan #taipei #publictransport #publictransit

Should Be Writing
6 days ago

#PublicTransit 🚋 advocates, #cyclists 🚲 & #Urbanists throughout #Washington state needed to provide online public comment for the WSDOT’s Highway System Plan, which will seek to promote walking & #cycling and reduce vehicle 🚙 miles traveled.

Comments open thru Dec. 18:

#FuckCars #CarBrain #BikeTooter #PublicTransportation #NFL @fuck_cars #AutofreiWA #Seattle #Tacoma  #OlympiaWA #Ellensburg #WA #SeattleWA #TacomaWA  #Olympia #EllensburgWA #Seahawks #SeattleSeahawks

Daniel Strokis
1 week ago

@vta is still collecting feedback about their Equitable VMT Mitigation Program! If you live in #SantaClaraCounty please take a few minutes and complete this survey to help VTA shape an important and unique project.

#VTA #PublicTransit

the9thdude :verified:
1 week ago

This is simultaneously a good and bad thing. It's good because we really shouldn't be looking at #EV s to curb our #fossilfuel consumption and should go #ebike or #publictransit instead. On the other hand, it was the bare minimum we could do and we still aren't doing it great :\

#climate #ClimateChange

1 week ago

Bay Area Transit Gets $747M Lifeline, but There’s a Catch for BART and Muni

"BART and Muni will have to do more to deal with fare evasion and public safety to get the money. "

#PublicTransit #surveillance

1 week ago

How Important Is Surveillance Tech on Public Transit?

As a major California public transit agency grapples with ongoing public safety, funding and ridership challenges — the same issues many transit agencies are facing — its use of surveillance technology is evolving.

#surveillance #PublicTransit

1 week ago

Waterloo Ion LRT ridership continues to expand, but insufficient operations funding means vehicles must be moved from evening to daytime to handle ridership demand within budget.

Instead of increasing service to attract riders at all times, service after 8pm will be cut to every 30 minutes.

#KWAwesome #Waterloo #Transit #PublicTransit

PowerPoint slide which reads

Transit for Climate
Aligned Growth

LRT Service Expansion

• Leverage existing contract to maximize LRT service and absorb ridership growth • Rebalance frequencies to align with new demand patterns (more all-day, all-
• Increase winter reliability through partnership with operator

Proposed Changes:
• Increase frequencies to 8-10mn from 7am to 8pm year round
• Adjust frequencies from 15mn to 30mn from 5am to 7am and 8pm to midnight

In the #US I am pretty sure #NYC is the only city where information displays on roads and freeways ask you to take "mass transit"... ;-) #publictransit #publictransportation #transit #mta #nyc

Jarrett Stewart
1 week ago

Photo of the Week: #Alicante, #Spain tram at estación de Mercado. #publictransit

Alicante tram at estación de Mercado.
Taylor Gonzalez
2 weeks ago

I've been lurking a while, but I have yet to post an #Introduction !

lAMA software engineer 💻 who likes sports nearly all sports 🥎⚽🏀🏈🏒🏏, video games 🕹️🎮, sitcoms 📺, and all things Star Trek 🖖. If anything I'm a strong advocate for more #urban development. I believe we need better #urbanplanning , stronger #publictransit , and more #bikecommuting. Above all else #FuckCars (or rather the dependency on cars).

Outside of that, I just post about random things that pique my interest, oh and memes.

Daniel Strokis
2 weeks ago

I signed a petition on Action Network telling Governor Gavin Newsom, Caltrans Director Tony Tavares, and Caltrans District 4 Director Dina El-Tawansy: The Bay Bridge needs a bus-only lane now!

A dedicated bus lane will fight climate change, improve mobility justice, lower health-threatening air pollution, and strengthen the regional economy by making transit reliable and fast across this vital corridor.

You can sign the petition here:


Daniel Strokis
2 weeks ago

Supporting #PublicTransit by riding @vta light rail, wearing my @sfbart Xmas sweater, and carrying some holiday shopping from #SJMade in my @seamlessbayarea bag.

Daniel Strokis
2 weeks ago

Just finished shopping at the SJMade Holiday Fair! It was amazing to see so many talented local artists and business owners selling incredible products. And of course, getting there on the @vta light rail was super easy. It drops you off right in front of the convention center. No need to worry about parking!

#SanJose #SantaClaraCounty #VTA #PublicTransit

Should Be Writing
2 weeks ago

#PublicTransit advocates in #Florida needed to attend a FDOT virtual public meeting to gather input on the Sunshine Corridor, a proposed new #rail 🛤 line from #Orlando International Airport.


#FuckCars #WarOnCars #NFL #autofrei #ClimateCrisis #PublicTransportation @fuck_cars  #Dolphins #MiamiDolphins #AutofreiFL #OrlandoFl #Miami #MiamiFl #Tallahassee #Gainesville #Pensacola #Jacksonville

Marc Hedlund
2 weeks ago

Support your local public transit! (Video shows a Thanksgiving meal served on a NYC L train subway car.) #Thanksgiving #NewYork #PublicTransit

2 weeks ago
Adrianna Tan
2 weeks ago

Lots of things I dislike about Bay Area public transit, but being able to take your bike on almost all buses, trains, ferries, is a huge win.

So many fun trips here start on a bike, onto BART, or ferry, then SMART train, then golden gate transit bus, and more.

You can take them on almost every mode of transit except Muni streetcar. (But Muni bus is fine and has good bike racks)

#PublicTransit #Bikes #BikeTooter #SanFrancisco #SFBayArea

A Bridgestone BB-1 bike on a BART train in San Francisco
Megan Lynch (she/her)
2 weeks ago

Only craptions (auto-captions) and sadly no audio description that's meant to be an audio description for blind/LV folk. #PublicTransit #LosAngeles

Should Be Writing
2 weeks ago

#PublicTransit advocates, #cyclists and #Urbanists around Watford City #NorthDakota needed to provide online public comment for the WC Long Range #Transportation /Land Use Study, which will guide the city’s future infrastructure development.

Deadline Dec. 1. Study and survey:

#FuckCars #TheWarOnCars #autofrei #Urbanism #CarBrain #BikeTooter #cycling #WalkableCities #TaylorSwift #ClimateCrisis #Bobcats #Bismarck #ND #AutofreiND #BismarckND #PublicTransportation

🚋 Transit merch? 🚌

If I did an order of custom-embroidered transit-themed golf shirts, with a little smiling streetcar, who would be interested in one? Probably $40ish, or $45 including shipping? (I’ll update this post if this happens, so you can Mastodon-magically get a notification if you boost.)

#Toronto #TTC #Transit #PublicTransit

Illustration of a TTC streetcar from decades ago, the old yellow ones, with a smile as the centre headlight. Same image you see at Eglinton West Station.
Militant Pedestrian
2 weeks ago

The MTA has upped their game on the car-in-bus-lane vaporization animations.... hopefully that translates into upping their game on actual enforcement. #transit #publictransit #transportation

Mike McCaffrey :pdx_badge:
3 weeks ago

I miss living in a city as #walkable as #SanFrancisco. And by walkable, I mean that there is frequent #publicTransit that runs everywhere, so you can start off walking somewhere and then just jump on a bus or train whenever you are tired, or you are running out of time, or it starts to rain, or something starts hurting from the exertion.

Smart watch notification saying I walked 10,000 steps for the first time since I bought the thing since Portland is definitely not as walkable.
The 38 bus I had to jump on because I was running late to meet a friend.
CelloMom On Cars
3 weeks ago

Make America Build Again

"To get America building, we need to understand what actually gets in the way of most projects. It isn't bureaucrats in Washington, or counties with strict height limits on buildings, or environmental activists chaining themselves to pipelines. It's pissed-off locals, who don't want stuff — any stuff — built in their backyards."

#NIMBY #AffordableHousing #CleanEnergy #PublicTransit

Should Be Writing
3 weeks ago

#PublicTransit advocates in #Missouri needed to complete a survey on proposed designs for the east-west route of the Kansas City Streetcar.

Deadline Dec. 1. Survey and more info:

#AutofreiMO #MO #KansasCity #Joplin #JeffersonCity #Columbia #StLouis #AutofreiKS #KCMO #Tigers #Mizzou #MizzouTigers

Schematic drawing of a street design showing lanes for streetcars and cars.
Should Be Writing
3 weeks ago

#PublicTransit advocates and #cyclists in #Delaware needed to complete a survey for the DOT Long Range Transportation Plan, which will guide transit infrastructure investment for the next 20 years:

#FuckCars #WarOnCars #TheWarOnCars #autofrei #Urbanism #CarBrain #BikeTooter #cycling #WalkableCities #StrongTowns #TaylorSwift #ClimateCrisis #DE #DoverDE #AutofreiDE

3 weeks ago

The ants have taken over the train!
🐜 🚊 #transitApp #publictransit

The transit app leaderboard and now “Dynomyrmex Gigas” is in first place with 18,183 points!
3 weeks ago

It’s so close one more errand to run— will it be enough to knock the joker out of the top spot?

The intensity is palpable!

#TransitApp #publictransit

The transit leader board. “Dynomyrmex Gigas” is in 2nd place. 17,061 points. In first place “jumpin’ joker” with 17,752 points.
3 weeks ago

OMG I’m so close to being in second place on the Transit App! I think my ~intimidation~ tactics are working! 😈 It could happen today! And! I have extra appointments this weekend so that’s more rides and more points for me! 1st place could be mine!!!! 🥇 (i’m a little concerned by my level of investment in “transit points” but it’s all in good fun… i won’t go overboard and … ride an extra stop on the crowded afternoon train today. no way!) #transitapp #publictransit

The person with the good looking ant icon is in 3rd place but only about 100 points from second.
Marc Hedlund
3 weeks ago

I find such hope from stories like this, when public transit is asked to step up in an emergency and more than rises to the occasion. The lesson should be that we can definitely shift transportation modes once we choose to. And, there are plenty of "go fast" buttons available if we fund pressing those buttons! #PublicTransit

Dave Rahardja
3 weeks ago

If you complain that public #transit isn’t making money, I hope you’re also complaining that #roads aren’t making money.

Public transit should be a cost center, paid by taxes, for the traveling convenience of everyone.

You know, just like roads.

#cars #publicTransit

Megan Lynch (she/her)
3 weeks ago

Wow. There's a song about The Blue Line AND a song about The Red Line. #i10 #LosAngeles #PublicTransit

Megan Lynch (she/her)
3 weeks ago

78 songs and jingles so far in the Public Transit playlist.

Most are from the US, but at least one song from UK, NZ, France, Germany, Canada...

#Music #PublicTransit #NUMTOT

David P
3 weeks ago

@tinker @mattblaze My photo of Notting Hill Gate Station, London, January 2000.

#photography #trains #publicTransit #TheTube

Notting Hill gate station London January 2000, in shadow
Chu 朱
3 weeks ago

Why can't the city take the same position on major roadways as they do on public transit?

If there's no revenue, shut down the #Gardiner until you can afford it



Tinker ☀️
3 weeks ago

@mattblaze - Commuter rail and public transit is my jam.

Your shot is amazing!

Here's a shot of the Amtrak Northeast Regional next to the Virginia Railway Express (VRE) at the tracks in Union Station, Washington DC:

#photography #trains #publicTransit

a shot of the Amtrak Northeast Regional next to the Virginia Railway Express (VRE) at the tracks in Union Station, Washington DC:
Megan Lynch (she/her)
3 weeks ago

I just put this together in the last 5 min. Let me know if you have suggestions of songs to add. #NUMTOT #PublIcTransit #Music

The Toronto Police are an embarrassment.

Toronto police haven’t bothered to enforce traffic restrictions on King Street for several years, delaying thousands of commuters daily on the busiest surface transit route in all of Canada and the USA. But on Wednesday they actually gave a ticket to a King Street streetcar at rush hour.

#Toronto #TOPoli #TTC #Transit #PublicTransit #KingStreetPilot #KingStreetTransitway