In the #US I am pretty sure #NYC is the only city where information displays on roads and freeways ask you to take "mass transit"... ;-) #publictransit #publictransportation #transit #mta #nyc

4 days ago

electric cars will NOT solve this problem

#bicycles & #publictransportation will

Should Be Writing
4 days ago

#PublicTransit advocates in #Florida needed to attend a FDOT virtual public meeting to gather input on the Sunshine Corridor, a proposed new #rail 🛤 line from #Orlando International Airport.


#FuckCars #WarOnCars #NFL #autofrei #ClimateCrisis #PublicTransportation @fuck_cars  #Dolphins #MiamiDolphins #AutofreiFL #OrlandoFl #Miami #MiamiFl #Tallahassee #Gainesville #Pensacola #Jacksonville

Malaysia Public Transport
5 days ago

Dato Lo Khere Chiang has urged #Putrajaya to build the Trans-Borneo Railway linking #Sabah and #Sarawak to #Brunei and #Indonesia.

It was high time the federal government recognised the need to have a #TransBorneo #Railway to accelerate development and provide an alternative #publictransport option for Sarawak and Sabah.

Read more:

(Photo is from the linked article)

#rail #train #urge #publictransportation #Malaysia #federalgovernment

Dato Lo Khere Chiang, the Member of the State Legislative Assembly for Batu Kitang constituency.
Should Be Writing
6 days ago

#PublicTransit advocates, #cyclists and #Urbanists around Watford City #NorthDakota needed to provide online public comment for the WC Long Range #Transportation /Land Use Study, which will guide the city’s future infrastructure development.

Deadline Dec. 1. Study and survey:

#FuckCars #TheWarOnCars #autofrei #Urbanism #CarBrain #BikeTooter #cycling #WalkableCities #TaylorSwift #ClimateCrisis #Bobcats #Bismarck #ND #AutofreiND #BismarckND #PublicTransportation

1 week ago

@Amtrak train #524 30 minutes delayed due to "traffic congestion". At the same time train #711 is 20 minutes delayed due to "signal problem". I really am a big supporter of #publictransportation but it must be on time!

My family thinks I'm nuts when I insist on taking the bus when I visit them in Memphis.

Yes, the Memphis transit system is criminally underfunded and sucks, but I recommend it to any tourist for the following reasons:

* Culture: There's no better way to immerse yourself in Memphis culture than to use the bus system for a few days.

* Education: If you don't quite grasp the concept of institutional racism, you definitely will after riding the Memphis transit system for a few days.

* Entertainment: I guarantee you will laugh out loud (along with the rest of the bus) at least once. One time, when the bus engine kept stalling out at a stop light, one woman yelled "Raggedy ass bus!" and got the entire bus roaring with laughter to relieve the stress. Another time, the driver received radio communication from the depot that was overheard by the entire bus: "Drivers, be on alert for a woman on Airport Way dancing in nothin' but her underwear and a big afro." All of the passengers burst into laughter.

* Humanity: One steamy hot day on a bus with insufficient air conditioning, an elderly man looked faint. Someone asked the driver to stop the bus in front of a fast food restaurant while another rider went inside to get a cup of ice water for the man. Everyone on the bus waited patiently while the man drank the water and signaled he was OK before the bus resumed its route.

#PublicTransportation #Transit #Memphis #MATA #Racism #Humanity #Bus #Tourism

2 weeks ago

We need to go back to this way of thinking!

When Cities Treated Cars as Dangerous Intruders

To many urban Americans in the 1920s, the car and its driver were tyrants that deprived others of their freedom.

by Peter Norton

"Today it is a commonplace that the automobile represents freedom. But to many Americans in the 1920s, the car and its driver were tyrants that deprived others of their freedom. Before other auto promoters, Charles Hayes saw that industry leaders had to reshape the traffic safety debate. As president of the Chicago Motor Club, Hayes warned his friends that bad publicity over traffic casualties could soon lead to 'legislation that will hedge the operation of automobiles with almost unbearable restrictions.' The solution was to persuade city people that 'the streets are made for vehicles to run upon.'"

Read more:

#LessCars #MorePedestrians #MoreBicycles #WalkableCities #PublicTransportation #LightRail

2 weeks ago

#BCTransit has made the first steps in expanding the tap-payment system for its buses after launching in #VictoriaBC in late August.

The system is called #Umo, and the Victoria Regional Transit System was the first branch of BC Transit to pilot the new software.

Now, Umo has been launched in #Nanaimo as well as the #CowichanValley region

#BritishColumbia #PublicTransit #PublicTransportation #PublicBuses

Malaysia Public Transport
2 weeks ago

RapidKL's social media accounts gained massive attention over the weekend after it shared some lighthearted yet insightful love advice.

On 11 November, #RapidKL celebrated Single's Day by sharing four love-themed poems.

Rapid KL also emphasised the importance of #etiquette and offered #tips when using #publictransportation for the sake of every commuter's #wellbeing.

Many netizen were left in stitches over RapidKL's sudden change of persona on Single's Day.

Read more:

A grid of two images. / Image from the linked article.

On the left is a photo of two LRT Kelana Jaya Line trains on its track, with an emoji of broken heart superimposed on top.

On the right is the poster image in Malay that was posted on RapidKL's social media account, with a background of LRT Kelana Jaya Line train, and the foreground is a text in Malay reads "Dilarang melepaskan angin di dalam tren demi kesejahteraan bersama. Namun, melepaskan dia lebih baik daripada bertahan terluka.", when translated to English be "Not letting out farts on trains is an act of respect for the common welfare. However, letting one go is always better than holding onto them to avoid being hurt".
Malaysia Public Transport
2 weeks ago

A systematic programme to address weaknesses in public transportation routes and provide gender-responsive facilities is in the works.

From feedback gathered, many women are worried when using public transport, not only while on the vehicles but also when arriving at their destinations.

Poorly lit and uneven sidewalks leading to bus stops and train stations are part of the problem.

Read more:

#Malaysia #women #woman #safety #publictransport #publictransportation

A person standing on the designated waiting area for the women only coach on MRT Kajang Line. / Photo from the linked article.

If anyone tries to argue that a light rail system in a 100k population town would be unfeasible, just remember towns like Bellingham, WA, where I live already had an extensive electric trolley system in 1891 that was replaced in 1938 by exhaust-spewing diesel buses in favor of car culture.

The orange lines on the map indicate historic trolley lines that extended from Fairhaven 3.5 miles north to Bellingham and 4.5 miles out to Lake Whatcom.

#LightRail #CarCulture #BellinghamWashington #History #Transportation #PublicTransportation #Trolley #ClimateChange

Map: City of Bellingham Historic Railways and Trolley Routes. The map shows extensive color-coded route coverage from Fairhaven south of Bellingham to Sunset Drive and further north and out to Lake Whatcom. Current rail lines are marked with a hashed gray line, historical rail lines are marked with a purple line, and historic trolley lines are marked in orange.
Black and white photo circa 1906-1909 of an electric trolley in front of a residential house. Sign on the front of the trolley reads "Garden North Depot - 66" One uniformed trolley employee stands at the front entrance of the trolley and another stands on the tracks beside it. A well-dressed man in a suit, bowler hat, and overcoat stands on the rear running board, hand in pocket, staring into the distance.

The super cost inefficient BRT but I am grateful it exists to allow me to escape the insanity that is Sunway Pyramid parking.

#PublicTransportation #brt #Urbanism #Malaysia #KualaLumpur #SouthEastAsia

People waiting to get onboard the bus
2 weeks ago

Daily Mail: Police scanned audience for paedophiles at Beyoncé and Harry Styles concerts using facial recognition technolo
Nice. 😎

How about adding the tech to every Las Vegas Casino?

But for the results to be made clear and readily available online for the world to see.

This is a worthy read, IMHO.

Why Norway — the poster child for electric cars — is having second thoughts

#EVs #PublicTransportation #ElectricVehicles #TheDutchKnowWhatToDo

Adrian Morales
3 weeks ago

“If you start with a national goal for reducing transportation emissions, it will force you to focus more on public transportation and less on road construction.”

#PublicTransportation #CarFreeCities #AlternativeTransportation #Monday #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse

-- Bjørne Grimsrud, director of the transportation research center TØI

Adrian Morales
3 weeks ago

“Everyone agrees that 100% of cars should be electric. That’s not the question. The real question is whether you really need to own a car.”

-- Tiina Ruohonen, climate advisor to the mayor of Oslo

#PublicTransportation #CarFreeCities #AlternativeTransportation #Monday #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse

3 weeks ago

Just a reminder that the @vta Climate Action and Adaptation Plan draft is out for review! Comments must be submitted by Nov 17.

#ClimateChange #PublicTransportation #VTA #SanJose #SantaClaraCounty

Malaysia Public Transport
1 month ago

During the tabling of its 2024 budget later this month, the #Johor government will be looking to promote the use of #publictransportation in the #state.

The state government had inserted “strengthening connectivity through public transportation” in its Johor #Budget 2024 agenda.

The Johor government wants to encourage the people to make full use of public transportation.

Read more:

#RTSLink #BRT #LRT #bus #rail #train #metro #railway #publictransport

An aerial shot of the construction of a rail bridge for the Rapid Transit System (RTS) Link. / Photo from linked article.
Marcel Bischoff
1 month ago

#PublicTransportation is a reflection of the state of the society it exists within. As long as it is viewed as the “poor people’s option”, traffic policy will not change.

1 month ago

Tomorrow (Oct 30) #VTA will be making scheduled service changes! Changed routes include 26, 60, 72, 73, 500, and 522.

We’re especially excited about the weekend change for the 522: Weekend frequency will be improved to every 15 minutes from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m! 🤩🚌💨

#PublicTransportation #SantaClaraCounty #SanJose

1 month ago

Happy to see so many :49ers: fans on the #VTA light rail today! Trust us, taking transit to and from Levi Stadium is way better than taking a car.

#SantaClaraCounty #SanJose #PublicTransportation

1 month ago

A mobility update
- Micromobility
- The Rapid's Master
- The Dash
- Cycling infrastructure
- Parking Rates
- A victory, and recovery
#mobility #publictransportation #GrandRapidsMI

1 month ago

We're excited to announce our first #TransitMeetup as SCC4Transit is happening Nov 9 at San Pedro Square in downtown #SanJose! 🎉

- San Pedro Square, 87 N San Pedro St, San Jose, CA 95110
- 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
- No Host Bar

We'll be inside near Three Sisters bar since it's getting cooler now 🥶

Come hang out with other folks who love transit 🚌🚈🚆

#PublicTransportation #SantaClaraCounty

1 month ago

If you’re a fan of transit, and want to see even better #PublicTransportation in #SantaClaraCounty and the South Bay, check out what we’re about:

Bicycling Monterey
1 month ago

#MontereyCounty #SanBenitoCounty #SantaClaraCounty

NEW ROUTE - Line 59 #Salinas - #Gilroy : Service between Salinas #Amtrak / Salinas #Transit Center to Gilroy Transit Center. Four daily roundtrips on weekdays only. Service will connect with #Caltrain, #VTA 68/568, and County Express service to/from #Hollister.

For more information, visit or call #MontereySalinasTransit toll-free at 1‑888‑MST‑BUS1 (1‑888‑678‑2871).

#Bike-and-Ride tips for MST:

#BikeTooter #BikeAndRide #MassTransit #PublicTransportation #MST

Tanguy Fardet
1 month ago

Nice talk by @UrbanDemog about #urban #accessibility and public transportation at the #UrbanSys2023 satellite.

They look at how #publicTransportation availability affects access to opportunities and provide various resources to explore that, including:

- the general project page
- an open-source introductory book
- many R and also Python (hurray ;D) libraries for fast routing or getting public transportation data


Cover of the book "Introduction to Urban Accessibility, a practical guide with R", by Pereira and Herszenhut.

I shows a beautiful map of a city network with a color gradient from golden to red, then dark violet. The gradient expresses the accessibility value, from high (golden) in the center and along the main axes to poor (dark violet) towards the periphery, decreasing especially quickly for areas that are not along one of the main axes.
1 month ago

Have you taken the survey for the Rapid's new master plan? The Transit Master Plan will strategically help The Rapid build a sustainable transit system to serve metropolitan Grand Rapids and surrounding region. The plan will take into account the recent employment and business growth in West Michigan and help align and serve the needs of the community. #GrandRapidsMI #PublicTransportation #KentCountyMI

Liam Sullivan
2 months ago

I’ve seen the T recover twice in my lifetime
Committed political leadership is most important variable

#MAPoli #MBTA #PublicTransportation

David Brent 📚
2 months ago

Stay behind the yellow line, dammit

#PublicTransportation #Chicago

Train tracks headed south into Chicago from the station at Buffalo Grove, Illinois, USA.
Daniel Strokis
2 months ago

“In San Jose, 33% of road deaths have been linked to driving over the speed limit”

#FuckCars #PublicTransportation

Adrian Morales
2 months ago

Not everyone can do it, of course, but if it's possible for you to cycle or use Public Transportation to school or work, please do it. You'll be reducing traffic, accidents, and pollution. You'll be healthier too.

#Health #Pollution #GlobalWarming #ClimateChange #PublicTransportation #cycling #SocialMedia #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse

Found on #Facebook. Am glad #Malaysia never gave up on trains. But can we have trams back? Imagine them in Penang!

The trains in this pic:
KLIA Express (right) - a train from the international airport to KL Sentral, the central train station
(left, below) KTM Komuter - city transit
LRTs - the rest are light rail transits that come to an from various townships to KL.

#Urbanism #trains #PublicTransportation #lightrail #TOOTSEA #SouthEastAsia

Trains crisscross the tracks
2 months ago

How #Finland Put #Traffic #Crashes on Ice

The Nordic nation’s rate of vehicle fatalities is a fraction of the toll in the #US, despite a harsh climate and ice-covered streets. Here’s how the Finns do traffic safety.

by David Zipper

"The 1960s were a boom time for #Helsinki, Finland’s capital and largest city. Rising postwar incomes enabled a growing number of residents to purchase a car; the number of vehicles registered in the city tripled in just seven years. #Gridlock inevitably followed.

"To manage traffic and plot its future, the city of Helsinki commissioned a transportation master plan, co-authored by the US company Wilbur Smith & Associates and the Finnish firm Pentti Polvinen ky. In 1968, the consultants delivered their eye-watering proposal: nearly 200 miles of new highways in the Helsinki region, with much of downtown leveled to create space for high-speed motorways. The city’s existent streetcar system would be scrapped.

"The Finnish response to that vision was an emphatic ei (“no”). According to the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, the rejected 1968 plan 'has become a kind of dystopia, an extreme example of what car-driven planning can lead to.'

"Instead of committing its future to the automobile, as so many US cities did in that era, Helsinki kept its streetcars and embarked on a massive transit expansion. The city constructed the world’s northernmost subway, which opened in 1982. As of 2016, roughly a quarter of urban trips in Finland occur on foot, over 9% by transit, and 7.5% by bike. (In the Helsinki metropolitan area, which has a population about 1.3 million, those numbers are even higher.) One in seven Finns live in rural areas, roughly equivalent to the US share.

"The Finnish transportation system is as impressive for its safety as it is for its multimodality. Only 219 people died on Finnish roads in 2021, or four per 100,000 residents — just one-third the US rate. And Finland’s roadways are growing steadily safer. Fatalities plunged 50% between 2001 and 2019, when Helsinki made international news for going an entire year without a single pedestrian or cyclist fatality. (Last year there were two, down from 22 in 1990.) Like its neighbors #Norway and #Sweden, birthplace of the #VisionZero traffic safety movement, Finland’s roads today are safer than they have been in decades — unlike so many of the US cities that have tried to adopt Vision Zero principles. 

"As I’ve written previously in CityLab, the US is an outlier in global #RoadSafety: Americans are now at least twice as likely to die in a vehicle crash as residents of Canada, France and Japan (among many other countries).

"But the safety record of Finland, a country associated with empty, rural roads and cold, dark weather, is particularly impressive. Here are a few reasons why so few people die in crashes in this Nordic nation.

"Set Stricter Limits

"Soon after dumping Helsinki’s car-centric 1968 plan, Finnish authorities embarked on a decades-long campaign to slow motor vehicles. 'In urban environments, there has been a steady decrease in maximum road speed,' said Heikki Liimatainen, a professor of transport and logistics at Tampere University. 'In the 1970s, it was normally 50 kilometers per hour in cities; then in 2000, it went down to 40 km/h. Now, more than half of our urban streets have a 30 km/h limit.'

"In Helsinki, city officials leverage street design to reinforce lower speed limits. 'We deliberately have narrow lanes, so the driver doesn’t feel comfortable,' said Reetta Putkonen, the director of Helsinki’s transportation planning division. 'Three and a half meters is a normal lane width, even 3.2. We also use trees and bushes to push people to go slower.' For comparison, in the US many lanes are 12 feet (3.7 meters) wide."

Read more:

#Cycling #Transportation #Cities #Safety #SpeedLimits #UrbanRenewal #PublicTransportation

#Georgia #PublicTransit advocates are encouraged to attend a public virtual meeting on Sept. 25 to discuss the #Atlanta BeltLine #LightRail project, which promises to connect residents with jobs, entertainment and educational opportunities in the city.

For details:

#FuckCars #WarOnCars #TheWarOnCars #autofrei #Urbanism #CarBrain #WalkableCities #StrongTowns #TaylorSwift #PublicTransportation #GA #AutofreiGA #FultonCounty #Macon #Augusta #AthensGA #SavannahGA

#Indiana #PublicTransit advocates needed to comment on "Michiana on the Move," a plan by Elkhart County to improve and maintain active transportation infrastructure and #PublicTransportation.
Online comments will be open until Oct. 9, and a public open house will take place Sept. 21
#IN #AutofreiIN #Indianapolis #FortWayne #SouthBend #FtWayne #FuckCars #WarOnCars #TheWarOnCars #autofrei #Urbanism #CarBrain #BikeTooter #cycling #StrongTowns #TaylorSwift #Klimaschutz

Today's brilliant #PublicTransit idea brought to you by #Texas 🙄:

"For 15 dollars a ride, we could pay for #Uber to pick up every one of the Metro riders at their house, give door-to-door service to wherever they're going, and probably have money left over."

#FuckCars #WarOnCars #TheWarOnCars #autofrei #Urbanism #CarBrain #StrongTowns #TaylorSwift #Klimaschutz #PublicTransportation #houston #austin #Dallas #Tx #Amarillo

#FuckCars action item from #Saratoga, #WY: A public discussion on the city’s new Master Plan for pedestrian and bike trails, parks and roads will be held on Sept. 13.

"Bring ideas, concerns, hopes and dreams for better transportation alternatives in Saratoga.”

#WarOnCars #TheWarOnCars #autofrei #Urbanism  #CarBrain #BikeTooter #cycling #WalkableCities #StrongTowns #TaylorSwift #PublicTransit #PublicTransportation #Wyoming #AutofreiWY #Cheyenne #Yellowstone

The Lehigh Valley Planning Commission seeks public comment on its $4 billion Long-Range Transportation Plan, which includes improvements to #PublicTransit. Comment will be accepted until Oct. 6.

The plan, including an interactive map, and the form to comment are linked here:

#FuckCars #WarOnCars #TheWarOnCars #autofrei #Urbanism #CarBrain #WalkableCities #StrongTowns #PublicTransportation #PA #AutofreiPA #Pittsburgh #Philadelphia #Scranton #Pennsylvania #Allentown

Tricia Wood
3 months ago

You can't beat induced demand, Toronto. "One more lane" is never going to "fix it." Stop accommodating cars--especially in front of a transit station.

#PublicTransportation #Toronto #VisionZero

Any #Urbanists in Thurston County, #WA want to work on local #PublicTransit? Intercity Transit (IT) seeks 20 people to provide input on local #publictransportation issues on its Community Advisory Committee.

IT is especially seeking representatives from the following communities: Veterans; BIPOC; People living with disabilities; Fixed-income families; LGBTQ+; Seniors; Youth.,12075

#FuckCars #TheWarOnCars #autofrei #Urbanism #CarBrain #WalkableCities #StrongTowns #AutofreiWA

This week, I had a second go at collecting every single one of the Taipei MRT station stamps in one day.

What are station stamps? Many places in Taiwan (museums, railway stations, temples, even some restaurants), have unique rubber stamps that visitors can ink up and collect in a notebook. If you hunt around every MRT station in Taipei, you’ll find one. They’re usually kept close to the ticket barriers nearest the staffed help desk, and most are located outside the ticket barriers in the unpaid area of the station.

When the new TPass (a travel pass which gives you access to all MRT stations, train stations, buses and YouBikes across Taipei, New Taipei, Keelung and Taoyuan for NT$1200/month) was released, I decided to try and visit every single MRT station in one day. I failed. But that first attempt made me even more sure that it was possible, and determined to give it a second shot.

So that’s how I spent my day off this week. 
It took me almost exactly 17 hours to collect every single stamp, and in the process of doing so, I travelled over 180km. It is not something I am ever planning on doing again. (But I’ve heard there will be a new stop on the red line in the not too distant future…)

#Taipei #MRT #metro #TaipeiMRT #台北捷運 #Travel #TravelTaiwan #TravelChallenge #StampCollecting #VisitTaiwan #PublicTransport #PublicTransportation #PublicTransit #travelblogger #TravelTheWorld

Over the next few months, Cobb County, #Georgia officials will begin public outreach to get feedback on proposals pay for a bus rapid transit system.

“The majority of voters that support this project . . . are unable to show up and voice their support in part due to the very lack of transit that we’re trying to get in place now.”

#FuckCars #autofrei #Urbanism #15minuteCities #CarBrain #WalkableCities #PublicTransit #PublicTransportation #GA #Atlanta #AutofreiGA

City officials in #Tyler, #Texas to hold public meetings on changes to #PublicTransit, including doubling fares.

Location: Grass Recreation Center at 501 W. 32nd St. in the Large Meeting Room

Times: Aug. 29 and Sept. 12 from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

#Autofreitx #Tx #Austin #Houston #Dallas #Amarillo #DFW #FortWorth #FuckCars #WarOnCars #TheWarOnCars #autofrei #Urbanism #15minuteCities #CarBrain #WalkableCities #StrongTowns #TaylorSwift #Klimaschutz #PublicTransportation

Krisztina Hirth
3 months ago

After London, I had the same excellent experience in Milan to #pay-as-you-go with credit card for #publicTransportation. The nerd in me wants to know how this works? How can be controlled that I have a ticket? In Milan you pay 2.20 Euro for a period of 90 minutes, but you can change between metro, bus or tram

One way I've enjoyed contributing to the #FuckCars cause is by posting info about local elections, ballot initiatives, public meetings, etc. impacting the future of #PublicTransportation. I believe these are low-risk, high-reward opportunities to support #PublicTransit and change public discourse on the topic. So, I want to start a hashtag campaign, or announce a personal practice, intended to better target this info . . . 1/2

#WarOnCars #TheWarOnCars #autofrei #Urbanism

3 months ago

I met M on a train platform in Portland Maine (USA)

He grew up amid gangs and drugs and he made it out

He told me a story about a turtle and a lizard riding on the turtle’s shell. ‘Which is more important - the journey or the destination?’, asked the lizard. ‘The company’, answered the turtle.

M’s story is awesome and his message is “be kind”. It was one of the best conversations I’ve had in my life.

#bekind #talktostrangers

Side note - #publictransportation made it possible

Stefan Bohacek
4 months ago

It looks like MTA is launching a new public transit app, right as I'm leaving the city. Still going to sign up and check it out.

via @noneck

#nyc #mta #news #PublicTransit #PublicTransportation #subway

This is the cumulative efforts of yesterday’s attempt to collect as many MRT station stamps as possible. I got 106 unique stamps out of a total of 122. I was unable to collect the final 3 on the yellow line, and 13 on the orange line. I also skipped the light rail stations.

For anyone who is so inclined, I think it is possible to collect all in one day provided that you make sure you’re at the starting terminal station of wherever you’re beginning at opening time and take provisions with you.

#Taiwan #Taipei #Metro #MRT #MTR #travel #transport #PublicTransport #PublicTransportation #trains #TrainTravel #TravelChallenge #Stamps #StampCollecting #City #CityLife #CityLiving #台灣 #台北

4 months ago

The sky train in Wuhan. I don't know if it's practical or not but it feels like the future and I want to go on it.

#urbanPlanning #China #publicTransportation #skyTrain #transit #wuhan


A short video of a ride on a train with powder blue seats and clouds painted on the ceiling. There are windows in the floor showing the green landscape of Wuhan rolling by.
Kevin Dalley
4 months ago

Interesting panel
Will you examine areas where transit services objects to safer street designs, causing more pedestrian deaths and injuries?
In #Oakland, #ACTransit does not like speed cushions, for example, resulting in vehicles speeding on bus lanes.
BRT line was designed in a way which increased traffic deaths.
We're working on solutions to problems, AC Transit, #OakDOT, fire department, etc, but it is not an easy process
#Oakland has fire department and

#safety #transit #publictransportation

Michał Górny
4 months ago

Car drivers:

- most of the time drive 50 km/h or more
- can drive with little exertion for many hours, with just short breaks
- usually take their whole travel via car
- are protected from adverse weather


- usually walk up to 6 km/h
- walking takes significant effort, so they can usually walk for a few hours at most
- usually are reliant on #PublicTransportation and therefore need to be at stops on time
- are directly affected by adverse weather, plus cars driving fast through puddles

So how does it make sense that *drivers* are constantly in a hurry and need to be prioritized and privileged all the time? It's fine that pedestrians need to stop at traffic lights all the time. It's fine that pedestrians need to make a few kilometer detour to pass through an expressway. It's an nondescript horror when a pedestrian dares to cross the road and the car needs to stop!


Laura E. Hall
4 months ago

5) Timelapse photographer Vincent Woo attached a camera to a BART train in the Bay Area, capturing footage to create “Tunnel Vision: An Unauthorized BART Ride.”

“A hidden world is revealed through intersecting passageways, flashes of graffiti, and sections of track only witnessed by BART operators.”

Watch the 1 hour 30 minute documentary here:

#Trains #Documentary #PublicTransportation #BART #BayArea #TunnelVision

David Zipper
4 months ago

Can better US transit service reduce crash deaths? Yes!

Join me on Aug 3 @ 12 ET to discuss how.

Free to register via National Safety Council:

The rockstar panel will include:

- NTSB Chair Jennifer Homendy
- FTA Deputy Administrator Veronica Vanterpool
- Jacksonville Transportation Authority CEO Nat Ford

#safety #transit #publictransportation

Michael T Babcock
4 months ago

@EU_Commission things are far worse over here in North America. I'm excited to be taking the train to and from my fall vacation with my wife and friends but on average, train travel isn't even an option for most people in #Canada, despite being a country built around rail.
Good luck! Keep being an example.
#trains #publicTransportation

Bruce Mirken
4 months ago

TIL something about #Alabama: "In the state where Rosa Parks, a Montgomery seamstress, catalyzed the civil rights movement nearly 70 years ago by taking a seat near the front of a city bus, a prohibition against state funding for #PublicTransportation is embedded in Alabama’s Jim Crow-era Constitution." And the state has the US's highest per capita gasoline consumption.

5 months ago

🛣️ Should public buses be free? | CNN

"More major cities in the United States are letting public transit riders hop on board for free.

Kansas City; Raleigh; Richmond; Olympia; Tucson; Alexandria, Virginia; and other cities are testing dropping fares on their transit systems. Denver is dropping fares across its system this summer. Boston is piloting three zero-fare public bus routes, and New York City is expected to test free buses on five lines"


Blake Leyh
7 months ago

Going over the Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn earlier this evening on the Q train. The light was so beautiful. I don't often post video here, I think it takes up so much space on the server etc but what if an asteroid lands on NYC tonight wouldn't it be a shame that nobody got to see this?

#NYC #PublicTransportation #Subway #Urbanism

Looking down the row of seats on the Q train. Orange seats and a lot of chrome. Sunlight is flashing and reflecting off of every surface. The car is fairly empty, and the two closest people are preoccupied. We can see the Manhattan bridge flashing by outside the windows.
7 months ago

@Sheril @noahpinion

Carbon emissions per 1 ton of steel = 1.8 tons

Not only will replacing combustion engines with electric motors still be carbon intensive, mining for battery minerals will devastate the landscape.

We need public transportation!

#carbon #climate #ev #cars #publicTransportation #steel

7 months ago

@jon @thorstenbutz warum nicht!? even if it’s a package slightly more expensive (if they’re inclined to charge #tourists more) but that’d be already more convenient for most people, at the same time to encourage #publictransportation. #travel #transportation

Stefan Bohacek
7 months ago

I'm going to keep @mtaupdates up and running for the foreseeable future (next week I'll post a tutorial on how I made it), but if you want to keep on top of any changes and disruptions to the public transit here in NYC, definitely check out @kona's transit bots:

🚌 @nyc_bus
🚇 @nyc_subway
🚆 @nyc_mnr
🚆 @nyc_lirr

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Stefan Bohacek
7 months ago

In the light of MTA discontinuing their automatic alerts over on Twitter*, I'm testing a new bot. Give @mtaupdates a follow.


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Stefan Bohacek
7 months ago

If you're in NYC on June 10, be sure to stop by the Emily Warren Roebling Plaza in Brooklyn Bridge Park to get a free ride in one of the vintage buses from the last 90 years of transit history.

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A photo of a 1956 Bus 3100 on a busy street in New York.

Description from

Manufactured by General Motor Corporation, Bus 3100 was the first air-conditioned bus in the United States. Originally built as an experiment, this model TDH-5106 was purchased by the Fifth Avenue Coach Company about a year after its manufacture. It served Fifth Avenue and M4 & M5 routes in Manhattan between 1958 and 1968. Bus 3100 includes features first introduced in the 1950s, such as a push‑type rear exit door, wrap-around seating in the rear portion, soft seating, and fluorescent lighting.
lisa c
8 months ago

I think we should make #TransitViews a thing. I would like to see everyone's views from their transit trips. #PublicTransportation

lisa c
8 months ago
View of downtown San Francisco from the bus as the sun rises.