4 days ago

Do you eat pumpkin pie...

Boost for reach, I need to know

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Alexander Hay
1 week ago

The local car wash is offering "#PumpkinSpice Triple Foam" as a seasonal promotion. I love the drugs someone seems to be slipping into my tea these days.

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Nell Greenfieldboyce
2 weeks ago

It’s time to re-listen to these amazing Thanksgiving songs by Alexandra Petri and friends. The ominous Pumpkin Spice is a family favorite
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What Podcast
2 weeks ago

Latest Episode of What Podcast is out now!

Follow the link below! <3
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What Podcast
2 weeks ago

Preview 2 of EP20 Ethan once again slams his wine glass into the mic. #shocking
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April Neander
3 weeks ago

Warm up your holidays with botanical greeting cards that showcase the plants behind your favorite festive flavors! Which spice should I illustrate next? Follow the link tree in my bio to my RedBubble shop.

#pumpkinSpice #holidaySpice #botanical #botanicalArt #botanicalIllustration #holidaycards #inspiredbynature

Three greeting cards featuring botanical designs sit on a wooden table decorated with a pine bough and candy canes.
What Podcast
3 weeks ago
Magic Cauldron
3 weeks ago

Cozy! Wenn du nachts vor Hustenanfällen nicht schlafen kannst, aber gerade schon wieder genug Energie aufbringen kannst, um ruhelos ein neues Handarbeitsprojekt anzufangen. 😅 Betrachte gerade mein nächtliches Werk und gönne mir dazu einen Kaffee mit meinem Pumpkin Spice Sirup. Mal was anderes als Erkältungstee, yay!

Wer neugierig ist: Das soll das erste Hexi für einen #QuiltAsYouGo -Quilt werden, wie ich ihn bei Emma Jones/ Vintage Sewing Box auf YT erspäht habe. Der Stoff ist deswegen etwas seltsam im Zuschnitt, weil es Abschnitte von Leinenstoff sind - Überreste von meinem ersten byzantinischem Kleid fürs Reenactment. Ich mache zum ersten Mal einen Quilt für mich selbst und fand die Gelegenheit schön, um solche Stücke mit einzubauen.
(Und damit ist mein kurzer Energieschub dann auch schon wieder aufgebraucht und ich sinke elegant röchelnd in meine Kissen zurück.)

#quilting #pumpkinSpice #pumpkinSpiceSirup #Kürbiskuchengewürz #TeamHerbst #PumpkinSpiceSyrup #Quilten #Quilt #Crafting #HabIckSelbstjemacht #hexies #epp #embroidery #sticken #Handarbeiten #StichedByHand #handgemacht #Kaffee #Kaffeeliebe #Berlin #Milchkaffee

@fiberarts @sewing @handarbeiten

Petrolfarbene Decke mit gelbem Vogelmotiv. Darauf ein hölzerner Stickrahmen mit blauem Leinenstoff, teils schon bestickt mit Blütenstängeln, darauf eine silberne Stickschere. Rundherum liegen: Stickgarne, 1 Kistchen mit einer Packung Sticknadeln darauf, 1 orange Tasse in Kürbisform. Der Deckel der Tasse liegt nicht ganz auf, Milchkaffee ist darin erkennbar, 1 schwarzer Teelöffel steckt darin.
Jon Yoder
1 month ago

This pumpkin spice is more my speed. *heh*

#trickortreat #pumpkinspice

Picture of a bowl of orange habanero peppers with a sign that says "Free spicy pumpkins! Try one! Trick or Treat"
Dave Olsen
1 month ago

I’m not a big Halloween guy (the best thing about this season is Pumpkin Spice and I’ll die on that hill) but taking my kids for their first actual trick or treating experience this week was quite the trip.

I’m not usually so emotional. I blame all the nutmeg.

#Halloween #TrickOrTreat #Parenting #Dad #PumpkinSpice

Dee Dee says Happy Halloween 🎃 and a Blessed Samhain to all who celebrate! #blackcats #cats #halloween #halloween2023 #pumpkinspice #photography #October2023 #catsofmastodon

Nick Zolotko :imperialcog:
1 month ago

October is over and I reflect on what I was able to do. Such a fun month! #OBTS #AppleEvent #PumpkinSpice oh my!

The Classic Mini #PumpkinSpice Edition: You’ll love it for a week and gag at the mere mention of it come #GuyFawkes night. Good grief -

Leonie Jonk
1 month ago

Call me basic but I'm a pumpkin spice girly through and through. So is this kitten though and can you blame her. She fits perfectly 😭💖
And yes, her name is pumpkin spice and yes, she's the whipped cream on top of your latte 💕

#pumpkinspice #mastoArt #smallbusiness #artprint

A photo of a print of a cute siamese cat sleeping inside a huge pumpkin. The cat is surrounded by spices and the background is a soft beige. She's called pumpkin spice.

La Pumpkin Ale, pour les fans d’automne 🎃
Juste à temps pour Halloween, voici le dernier article du magazine Brewsique ! Style bien plus vieux que vous ne le pensez, la Pumpkin Ale vous dévoile ses secrets !

#halloween #october #octobre #pumpkin #pumpkinspice #pumpkinale #pumpkinbeer #pumpkinspicebeer #craftbeer

Maple 🎃
1 month ago

Made some pumpkin waffles this fine Halloweekend afternoon 🎃🍁 Poured on lots of maple syrup after taking the photo, of course.

#Halloween #PumpkinSpice

A small pumpkin-shaped waffle is plated with some apple chips, anise, and a maple sugar candy. It's sitting on a cute Halloween placemat featuring a lot of cute little cartoon ghosts.
1 month ago

Before pumpkin spice season there was mummy spice...

#PumpkinSpice #mummy #AncientEgypt

Ancient Egyptians May Have Spiced Their Mummies

1 month ago

There is just something completely wrong with cheese balls like Cookies and Cream, and pumpkin chocolate chip.

#cheese #pumpkinspice

Cookies and Cream cheese balls
Pumpkin chocolate chip cheese balls
Jeff Sikes
1 month ago

Two recent finds at our local grocery store that make me fear for our future.

#magicthegathering #pumpkinspice #hotpockets

Frozen hot pockets, with a Magic the Gathering promotion. Unlock in-game content with your pockets of hotness.
A limited batch (thank heavens) of pumpkin spice flavored butter.
Lisa Kalayji
1 month ago

So this is apparently where we are in the timeline, in case anyone's making an ill-fated attempt to keep track. My local supermarket stopped stocking the pumpkin one two weeks ago.

#Christmas #Halloween #Autumn #Winter #PumpkinSpice

A carton of Chobani brand oat nog
1 month ago

One of my favorite ways to end the night is with some light reading and a cup of @swissmissbrand hot cocoa. We drink hot cocoa all year round. When the autumn months begin, I like to switch things up a bit. I'd never give up my Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa. Their pumpkin spice flavor really hits the spot during these cold, fall nights.

#swissmiss #kalepartner #swissmisshotcocoa #hotcocoa #beverage #hotbeverage #pumpkinspice #autumn #fall #blogger #contentcreator #blastkat @getkale

This fall/winter weather is wack AF.
Bring back #summer. Bring back long days and high temps
Return the 8pm sunsets. i wasn't finished with them yet.
Bring back short sleeves and thin fabrics

#pumpkinspice season ain't shit.

Trillion Byter
1 month ago

Ok, now you're just playing with us.

A bag of Greenies brand dog treats in pumpkin spice flavor.
1 month ago

I started putting homemade #PumpkinSpice in my overnight oats and I’m zero percent sad about it. It feels weirdly fancy!

2 months ago

Clarence the Angel in "It's A Wonderful Life" ordered his mulled wine 'light on the cloves, heavy on the cinnamon.' Today I brewed my coffee the opposite way. Too much cloves, not enough cinnamon. I should measure the spices rather than just tipping from the little jar. #PumpkinSpice #Coffee

Jon Bowie
2 months ago
Captain James T Kirk looks at pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. His name is spelled Kerck on the cup. Spock looks at a pumpkin in the background
Rachel Rawlings
2 months ago

I'm not big on all things #pumpkinSpice, but a #Wawa #pumpkin milkshake with a #TurkeyBowl is a very good thing. Five stars, totally worth the lactaid.

2 months ago

A friend of mine awaits with great anticipation the yearly festooning of all things in #TraderJoes with #PumpkinSpice.

I refer to this season as "The Pumpkining."

2 months ago

“Just a little spiced out” pumpkin spice everywhere, you cannot escape #pumpkinspice #drawing #art #inktober #inktober2023 #day12 #spicey

Sean and Ruchika
2 months ago

Nice Autumn walk with a very good Pumpkin Spiced Latte. A grey day but the leaves are finally starting to turn!

#Chicago #Illinois #Midwest #Autumn #Fall #Coffee #PumpkinSpice #Leaves #Walk #Romantic #Walking #Couples


2 months ago

My wife just asked me if there was antyhing I wanted her to pick up from Starbucks. I said antyhing pumpkin spice! 😋 #Starbucks #PumpkinSpice

Ricardo Harvin
2 months ago

"The [#DutchEastIndiaCompany] was...accused of carrying out...the first...#corporate #genocide."

Keyword: First.

"...whenever foods enter...#PopCulture...the way #PumpkinSpice has in the #US, it’s important to acknowledge how it reached us."

It's fitting that a #spice blend synonymous with "basic #whiteGirl" "#culture" is deeply rooted in #colonial violence.

I don't have a #WashingtoPost subscription and can't provide a gift link.

Lisa Kalayji
2 months ago

Ok pumpkin spice coffee people, here's what you do: cold brewed coffee (nothing fancy, just cold brew whatever coffee you usually use - you can heat it up after you remove the coffee grounds) + a splash of maple syrup + Chobani pumpkin spice oat milk (not the coffee creamer one, which is too sweet). Orders of magnitude better than Starbucks (and way less $$), and doesn't reward their union busting! 🍁🍂🧡☕️🎃

#PumpkinSpice #Coffee #Starbucks #Union #Fall #Autumn

MugsysRapSheet ☑️🦃
2 months ago

And worst of all (not real): #PumpkinSpice

Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice Pampers.
MugsysRapSheet ☑️🦃
2 months ago

@dancinyogi Some of my favorites (none of them real): #PumpkinSpice

Sign offering Pumpkin Spice motor oil.
Pumpkin Spice Clorox bleach.
Pumpkin Spice M&M's

Pumpkin Pie Milkshake! 1 slice of pumpkin pie, 1 cup milk (I used unsweetened vanilla almond milk), 1 cup vanilla ice cream (I used a sugar-free vanilla ice cream sandwich), mixed in a blender. I put some additional pie crust crumbs and some pumpkin spice on top. I didn't have any ice cream, but the chocolate of the ice cream sandwich mixed well with it lol! Super good! #PumpkinSpice

Picture of pumpkin pie milkshake. It is more of an orange-ish tan due to using an ice cream sandwich in place of vanilla ice cream.
2 months ago

Who wants to take a straw and suck up the gelatin?
"The spice must flow...."
#PumpkinSpice #Spam

tin of pumpkin spice spam

About to try this. I'll let y'all know if I ralph. #PumpkinSpice

UPDATE: I did not ralph. It was pretty good!

A container of Chobani zero sugar pumpkin spice flavored yogurt.
2 months ago

Ryan Reynolds would like to talk to all you ladies that go nuts every year over pumpkin spice.

And yes, it's 'ladies'. Because no real man drinks pumpkin spice.

"A few thoughts on Pumpkin Spice Season" - Aviation American Gin

#comedy #aviation #pumpkinspice #ryanreynolds

Happy Autumn Equinox!
This is Delpmis, a bringer of the Autumn Equinox, pumpkin spice, sweater weather, and crunchy leafs ❤️

#furryart #Delpmis #autumn #fall #manedwolf #maney #pumpkinspice

digital art of a maned wolf character with autumn colors sipping a pumpkin spice latte.
Merry TC-hristmas 🎄❤
2 months ago

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. #PumpkinSpice

Pumpkin spice cup o noodles.
2 months ago

I made some candy corn soap! They're pumpkin spice scented, too 🎃

$6 per bar and as always, free shipping on orders $35+ 😁

#handmade #halloween #candycorn #soap #pumpkinspice

This was my very not healthy but very good pumpkin spice flavored breakfast. Yes, it was all pumpkin spice XD #PumpkinSpice

A salad plate with a pumpkin spice cinnamon roll and one and half thick slices of Hay Ride pumpkin spice bacon. In a Starbucks coffee Tumblr is pumpkin spice flavored coffee with pumpkin spice creamer.
Michele Feltman Strider
2 months ago

I think it's fair to say we've reached peak whatever this is. #pumpkinspice

A very orange square package proudly declares that it contains Pumpkin Spice Latte Nitro Pumpkin Ale with Spices and Coffee added. It's good to go, it says. 7 percent alcohol by volume. 4 cans. They have widgets inside and you are to pour it in a glass "like a pro." Left Hand Brewing Company is to blame for this monstrosity, but the color of the package does not indicate shame. More's the pity.
2 months ago

@talia_christine 🤣🤣🤣 Tis the season to be wary.😉#PumpkinSpice #CatsOfMastodon #FredTheWonderCat #PSTruth

Fred in a gas mask over the words “Fred loved Rebecca but dreaded pumpkin spice season
Merry TC-hristmas 🎄❤
2 months ago

Think before you you drink #PumpkinSpice #PSTruth

Dissecting Starbucks "pumpkin spice latte" think before you drink 
- caramel coloring derived from ground up kitten marrow 
- contains genetically modified latte
- spices include cinnamon and nutmeg both of which have been proven to hypnotize white people 
- uses toxic toxins to toxinate your toxin receptors through toxination
- coffee beans roasted using fire which us known to be harmful 
- baristas screenplay is not even close to being as complete as he says it is
- brewed using water that may have once been in a toilet 
-hot liquids can upset the humours thus riling up your body thetans
- is full of Monsanto, Monsanto means something that is bad.

It's 🌧️ raining here in my small, #Kansas #Midwestern town on this #Sunday. It smells like #Fall 🍁🍃outside. Mom is having her 🎃#PumpkinSpice coffee and I've had breakfast with broth. Belly full. All is well. #SheltieLife #DogsOfMastodon #DaisyDoo

A super cute black and white little Sheltie girl on her window seat.
Tucker Carlson's Nuts
3 months ago

🥥 I heard that if you invite #pumpkins inside, they'll suck up all your #pumpkinspice. 🥥

My middle’s three cats, helping with autumnal decor. Ollie is the orange tabby who insists his presence alone is pumpkin spicey enough.

#Caturday #CatsOfMastodon #cats #autumn #PumpkinSpice

Perseus poses provocatively among a pile of silk leaves.
Nox is regal in her disdain for these random silk leaves that have invaded her kingdom.
Ollie is an orange tabby who holds up a rainbow string as if you say, “what, this? You want me to hold this?”

It's Friday and I'm done with work; Let the pumpkin-fueled Neverwinter Nights binge begin!

Homemade cornbread, homemade pumpkin muffins, pumpkin spice Milano cookies, and pumpkin spice liqueur.


#Pumpkin #PumpkinSpice #HealthyLifestyle #Fall #Autumn #NeverwinterNights #Gaming #DnD

Homemade cornbread, homemade pumpkin muffins, pumpkin spice Milano cookies, and pumpkin spice liqueur arranged on the counter.

I put Pumpkin Spice creamer in my Pumpkin Spice flavored coffee loool. It's quite good XD #PumpkinSpice

It's that time of year!! #PumpkinSpice

Yard decoration of a wooden scare crow holding a sign that says: It's Pumpkin Spice Season! Behind it is a pink lantana plant in full bloom.

Pumpkin Spice breakfast!! Pumpkin Spice creamer in my San Antonio blend coffee, Pumpkin Spice Cheerios, and a Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tart! #PumpkinSpice #FallFlavors

Picture of my breakfast as described in the post.

It's time for some pumpkin spice!! #PumpkinSpice

A picture of various pumpkin spice food items. Two cans of Pillsbury Pumpkin Spice Rolls Grands, Coffeemate Zero Sugar Pumpkin Spice creamer, a box of Pumpkin Spice Cheerios cereal, and a box of Pumpkin Pie flavored Pop-Tarts.
Dave Rahardja
3 months ago

#pumpkinSpice ARMAGEDDON

Poster featuring three “Pumpkin Forever” drinks at Starbucks, but each drink is crossed out with a stick-on label that says “Returning Soon”.
Rob Vincent 🎙️
3 months ago

Some of us snark about #PumpkinSpice because we just think it tastes bad. Some of us are really over it being aggressively advertised at us from all sides for three months of the year as something we're supposed to be pleased with. Some of us see it as the last remaining obstacle between us and some goddamn chocolate mint.

Merry TC-hristmas 🎄❤
3 months ago

Wild pumpkins drained of their spice by illegal poachers. Please demand ethically sourced #PumpkinSpice lattes. 😔 :bb:

White pumpkins

Some years I'm like, nahhh to pumpkin spice, but this year, I want EVERYTHING pumpkin spice. Bring it on! I'm going to drink/eat all of it. XD Legit though, suggest pumpkin spice things to me. #PumpkinSpice

3 months ago

It’s #pumpkinspice season again - are you ready?

I actually prefer white chocolate mochas but #PSL are more fun to draw 🎃

#art #mastoart #fediart #halloween

Three drawings of PSL drinks
Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
3 months ago

Can we start the #pumpkinspice early this year?

First #PumpkinSpice sighting of the year popped up in an unexpected place: my #mindfulness app. Sure, okay.

Screen cap of a mindfulness meditation called “Autumnal Cozy Journey: Pumpkin Spice” with a photo of someone wearing a cozy sweater and holding a coffee mug
Sara Lobkovich
4 months ago

Apropos of nothing

What the actual….


#pumpkinspice #psl

A Starbucks Pumpkin Spice display in my local grocery store in AUGUST. Fall blend coffees and cold brew, all in fall colors of orange and dark red.
Jerry Levine
4 months ago

I'm sorry, but it's not even August yet.

There is no reason for pumpkin spice.

#PumpkinSpice #TooEarly #Coffee

Pumpkin spice cold brew coffee.

Heading into the oven. #cookies #PumpkinSpice

Pumpkin spice cookie dough balls on a baking sheet.