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#London #police are engaging in a petulant, passive-aggressive temper tantrum because one of their officers is being held accountable for murdering an #unarmed black man. Rather than review their policies, and improve training on the lawful use of deadly force, they're now refusing to carry #guns. Their goal is to allow the city to descend into chaos so they can teach us all a lesson for committing the crime of demanding police accountability. What a bunch of #pussies.

A couple of days ago Ami told us that she knew of a great spa near the college and that we should go as a group the four of us (me, Ami, Sophie and Lara) for massages and a soak in a jacuzzi. So we were all down for that, and she booked us in for last night. She forgot to mention that the only way she could get us all in the same time is as two couples massages and soaks. So arriving at the spa we had to decide who would go with whom, I ended up with Lara. So we got undressed and into the provided robes, before we all got a complimentary foot bath, there is something erotic knowing all you have on is a robe in public. The Lara and I were led to a darken room with a large jacuzzi tub, and lots of candles. So we both took our robes off and got into the tub. We sat facing each other our legs scissoring to fit. Unlike me and my #flatchest Lara has a 38DD chest and they're magnificent, and we both shave our #pussies #smooth. After five or so minutes Lara started to schooch forward and pulled me to the centre as well. Till or wet and slick pussies began to rub against each other. We pressed our bodies together as we #scissored and began to #kiss each other deeply. Next thing I know twenty minutes had gone by as we #fucked and the alarm to get out was ringing and we had both #cum #multipletimes. So we got out and started drying each other, when two beautiful women came into the room, they were our massage therapists. They let us finish drying and had us lie down on side by side tables. One of them asked if we wanted to have a blanket to cover/warm up, Lara immediately said no so I did the same. And they began to rub our bodies. Lara is a moaner and gave loud indications she was enjoying her massage, I however am not a moaner. After a bit my therapist was rubbing my up thighs and accidentally brushing against my #moist #pussy. When they had us turn over they started massaging Lara's #breasts and my #chest, which got us both very #wet again, then as our hour ran down they both started to rub our pussies directly, and then slide their fingers into our openings. Before finishing us they both leaned over and started to lick our #cunts till we came in their faces. They then licked each other's faces and cleaned us up before leaving. Lara and I lay there for a couple minutes before wobbling to our feet and putting our robes on. In the little waiting room Ami and Sophi where waiting so the four of us sat in our robes. It turns out they had a similar experience. So we went to the changing room, took our robes off and got dressed. Before we left we booked another appointment for next week.

Okay I feel I've told this story before, but new account and all, so I'll try to catch you up to date.

I started my first year at
#University. And per #school policy first years have to live in the #dorms. I'm in one of the #GirlsOnly dorms. Before classes started my proposed #roommate made some very unkind comments about me being a #lesbian, in front of myself, the #RA and a couple of #faculty members. And she was unceremoniously told she was not welcome at the university. The student they found to replace her is male, so I ended up without a roomie, which since I suffer from #chronic #migraines is a nice thing.

Last week was
#Frosh week, where all the first years have to do stuff for #charity. So the girls in my dorm did a car wash. Since it was super hot last week, most of us work ,#bikini tops and short #shorts. I made some good friends among them, Suse and Rose who share the room next to mine and Lisa for the 2nd floor. I like all the girls, but we four became really close already.

Suse and I even slept together after a mixer in the dorm's common room, we woke up
#naked together on the couch. Since then she's woken me up or vice versa several times by licking each other's #pussies.

This week we had our first classes. And after buying/downloading our text books the four of us went shopping . We took turns in pairs having
#cunnilingus in the changing rooms.

I also tried out and got a spot on the
#swimming ,#team and the #gymnastics team. And Suse and I both posed nude together for a art class. And are going to continue to do so.

Hope that brings you up to date with my year so far.

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I’m seeing a news banner that the #Chicago #NHL team won’t wear pride symbols for fear of upsetting #Russia. What a bunch of #sad #useless #cowardly #pussies.

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One of the tightest #pussies I have ever fucked.