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Web apps on macOS Sonoma 14 beta · What to expect from Apple’s concept of installable web apps

“There is an enormous potential for web apps on Mac to succeed.” — Thomas Steiner

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Zack Boehm
23 hours ago

Chrome/Edge removed the flag that forces link targets to still display when hovered in an installed #PWA 😬

I use :vim:
1 day ago

#firefox on #ios now supports installing #pwa!!! :firefoxnew: :allthethings:

1 day ago

Bin vorerst mal mehr drüben auf unterwegs und werde auch v.a. dort posten. Ich will ja rausfinden, was mir besser gefällt :mastogrin: . Ihr folgt mir aber ja sowieso schon fast alle auch dort 👍 . Manche Dinge gehen mit der #PWA von #Calckey aber leider nicht, z.B. das Teilen von Inhalten aus anderen Android-Apps. Sowas gibt es vorerst weiterhin hier.

2 days ago

@mnmlist Hab mich von Dir inspirieren lassen und teste #Calckey nun auch. #Kaiteki startet auf meinem Telefon gar nicht, also bleibt nur die #PWA. Mal schaun wie die sich so schlägt im Vergleich zu #Moshidon. Im Gegensatz zu Dir bin ich mit #Tusky irgendwie nicht klar gekommen.

Shadow :verified: :coffee:
2 days ago

I've come to the conclusion, #PWA apps are here to stay.

- auto-scroll federated timeline
- GIFs autoplay


Mastodon instance in PWA.
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 days ago

And Safari is now supporting Progressive Web Apps.

Firefox, all eyes are on you now...

Apple Announces macOS Sonoma With Desktop Widgets and More

#Apple #macOS #Sonoma #Safari #PWA #OperatingSystem #Browser #TechNews

Someone working on a MacBook displaying the new desktop widgets feature that was introduced with Windows Vista.
Christian Paterson
2 days ago

Anyone else spot the #WWDC23 keynote mention of "installable" #webapps coming to Safari?

WOW! It's clear that #WebTechForApps is a significant and growing trend (#MiniApps #PWA #WebRTC #WebXR, #Solid ...).

Between app fatigue, developer frustrations, bloated devices, update chaos, notification floods, and new access channels (XR), are we reaching an inflection point in the mobile app dynamic?

If this interests you, join us in Paris next week.

Stuart Langridge
3 days ago

If someone's added a web app to their iOS home screen, does anyone know a way to send that person a link which opens _in_ that installed web app, rather than in a browser tab?
#ios #webapps #pwa #safari

Es sieht so aus, als würden PWAs nun auch in der Apple Welt Einzug halten?
Das wäre ja nice.
#WWDC23 #pwa #progressivewebapp #html #javascript

jbz :catjam:
3 days ago

🪂 Progressive Web Apps 'Don't Spy or Clog Your Phone'. Do You Use Them? | @slashdot

⎧ Web apps look and function pretty much like the conventional apps for your phone or computer, but they clog less space on your device and are less pushy about surveilling you. People who make web apps also say they are easier to create and update than conventional apps... But web apps have been around for years, and most people don't know they exist... ⎭

#PWA #Privacy

Extremely late as usual, but I'll take it.


Apple promoting new web app functionality for Safari in macOS Sonoma
Amadeus Maximilian
3 days ago

How neat would it be if proper #PWA support came to #Safari on #Mac and #iOS. Web apps for desktop Safari seem a step in the right direction at least, I just hope Apple doesn't do their own thing (again)... 😅

Amadeus Maximilian
3 days ago

@jensimmons very curious if and how this will tie in with existing #pwa standards and features. It would be sad if something as universal as the web would require two different ways of doing things for #macOS and the rest of the operating systems.

Also, is this a first step to allowing install prompts line Chrome and Android do? 🤔

Fabio! 🐈
3 days ago

So Apple decided to finally join the #PWA party but only on desktop? Cowards. #wwdc

3 days ago

The only thing I'm excited about in the new #macOS is the #PWA support, and I'm not even using Safari :D #WWDC23

Electric Monk
4 days ago

We should all use more Progressive Web Apps (PWA) as an alternative to App Store Apps. PWAs are less nosy and more sustainable than traditional apps, as they require much less space on your phone and need less permissions as to access contact data etc..

Mastodon also works as PWA btw. How does it work? "It's as easy as "press the three-dot icon, then select 'Add to home screen.'" -->

#pwa #mastodon #mastodonapp #app #ProgressiveWebApp

Graf_Fiker :mastodon:
4 days ago

I started to create a #pwa for our Alliance maintenance Checklist for #PSO2NGS. I made a Graphic version before, but it was more work than building one with #HTML #css and #javascript

I was rewriting the whole Site again to make it visually more appealing so that it looks like an App.

Left = Old Version
Right = New Version

Nevermind, it's one of those shitty #PWAs that is only a #PWA on desktop and on mobile it just pretends like it's not so that you'll install the spying native app 😠

#UHaul's website is a #PWA! Guess I'm a dedicated customer for life now!

I'm a simple person; your website asks to be installed, I install it.

#webDev #progressiveWebApps #moving #rental #truck #trailer

David Fi&er
1 week ago

The Toronto People With Aids Foundation's Essentials Market foodbank has been hard hit by inflation, with the amount of food they are able to distribute every being cut by 2/3. You can help by contributing to their current campaign, either as a one-time gift, or with ongoing support.

#PWA #HIVAIDS #MutualAid #topol

Michał Rzeszutek
1 week ago

A few minor stylistic changes.
#kbin #kbindesign #pwa

Nicolas Hoizey
1 week ago

Who still thinks writing a Service Worker for basic features (performance with cache, offline fallback) is cumbersome?

Using #Workbox recipes make it so easy!

Here's the Service Worker for 😍

#PWA #ServiceWorker


Antonio Sarcevic
1 week ago

Create a simple installable and offline-first web application using SvelteKit and workbox-precaching!

#sveltejs #svelte #pwa #webdevelopment

Joseph Elfelt
2 weeks ago


I am the developer of #GISsurfer which is a general purpose web map with broad support for displaying GIS data. GISsurfer videos and PDFs:

Curated list of 3,000+ government #ArcGIS server addresses:
List is updated each week.

#GeoJPG (under development) is a Progressive Web App that displays georeferenced JPGs that you can make with GISsurfer’s Menu > Screenshot mode.

#Maps #Mapping #GIS #Geospatial #Hiking #WildlandFire #PWA

Michał Stankiewicz
2 weeks ago

Chciałbym, żeby w końcu apki #PWA na telefon wyglądały i działały jak zwykłe aplikacje. Żeby nie było po nich widać, że są przeglądarkowe. Chyba ze wszystkich PWA jakich korzystałem, najlepiej wypada #Calckey

2 weeks ago

These 2 days I'm at #MSBuild with folks from the #PWA team to answer your question. Come. Say hi.

Really enjoyed this talk on the idea of "Local-first software"

"Software (& data) should be always available, collaborative (but private), responsive in the moment."

💡 a local-first strategy

1️⃣ write the software so it can run almost entirely offline
2️⃣ keep the authoritative copy of data on the user's device
3️⃣ use the cloud to augment the app with backup & live sync

Thanks to

➡️ #PWA
➡️ #localStorage
➡️ the Automerge #CRDT
➡️ simple cloud hosted services for backup & sync

Andy Jones-McGuire
3 weeks ago

I am also very passionate about the weather, and because of the love of tech, I obviously have my own weather station, my own website, self hosted, Raspberry Pi camera, Proxmox getting involved.

There is a full site at and the first attempts to start creating a #PWA at

If nothing else, you can see the lovely Scottish Borders village I live in.


Mike Stone
3 weeks ago

@indie1337 I only use Mastodon and #Pixelfed as far as fediverse apps are concerned, and the VAST majority of the time I use the PWAs for them. 100% of the time for Pixelfed. When I'm not in the #PWA for #Fosstodon, I've been using #Tusky.

3 weeks ago

[Re. @njwoodthorpe]
If you ever find yourself needing a mobile app, @pwabuilder is a GAME CHANGER. My latest project went from a mobile site to Android + iOS apps approved on stores in 2 weeks.

Plus, we have a single code base for all 3 platforms, and we can update without app store reviews. #pwa

Florimond Manca (en)
3 weeks ago

Wow, as a #PWA is a beast.

I used to block on it on iOS because #Firefox iOS doesn’t support PWA yet. But it’s actually totally fine to fire up #Safari just to save #Elk as a PWA. Makes difference once the PWA loads up.

Tobias Zeumer
3 weeks ago

Huch, FOLIO kann man als PWA-installieren (rechts in der URL-Zeile u.a des Chrome-Browsers).

#Folio #PWA

Screenshot des Chrome-Browsers. In der Adresszeile ist das Icon zur Installation von Folio als App hervorgehoben.
Doug Holton
4 weeks ago

@bodil I haven't had a chance to try it myself yet, but this #Firefox #pwa extension might help
And on #Android, the Firefox browser supports PWAs just fine

Rodion Borisov
4 weeks ago

#Mozilla's decision to get rid of #SSB / #PWA support has the most lingering effects. You've just created an entire instance where enthusiasts will complain about it day and night.

@hen To be fair, apps like VS Code Web ( perform nicely without SSB shenaniganry, so most of the time I just put website into my bookmarks and it works. Websites can request a persistent storage nowadays, they can do WebXR and many other things on #Firefox and #Chromium.

Joe Stone
1 month ago

#calckey on #mobile, the text is just way too small using the #PWA. However - check this out - I found if you switch to landscape mode and then back to portrait, the text size is larger (temporarily). Hopefully there's a better mobile version in the work --- or maybe I'm missing something?

I'm testing out Kimis (a Misskey client app on iOS) and while not nearly as full featured, it seems to work okay for basic scrolling and interacting with your timeline.

bobiko :calckey:
1 month ago coming soon w kwestii edycji, integracji z mastodonem.

Też z czystej ciekawości założyłem konto na
#calckey i nie mogę doczekać, aż zacznie dogadać się z . Niemniej, #pwa działa bdb 🤘

1 month ago

Our latest release has so much goodness in it, a few performance improvements, a new update prompt, support for the news timeline and more! #mastodonclient #opensource #pwa

1 month ago

I just installed the first #pwa on my #android phone ... and it seems to work nicely. Awesome.

@chpietsch @digitalcourage

Auf die Schnelle geschaut... den einzigen Hinweis auf finde ich als eine Art Zählpixel bei der Auslieferung der Werbeanzeige (die aber von kommen sollte). Wobei ich mich tiefer in meinen eigenen Code vertiefen müßte, um die genauen Umstände zu ermitteln... ;-)

#JavaScript ist auf mit Ausnahme eines #PWA-Schnipsels nicht vorhanden.

Dafür aber eine erste Anbindung ans #Fediverse... ;-)

1 month ago

@admin non ho #pwa sottomano da testare ma non so se essere d'accordo con te. anche se è vero che è possibile "imbrogliarlo" come faccio io ;)

Charles Roper
1 month ago

New Richer Install UI for web apps. Very nice improvement to the #PWA UX on desktops.

Meanwhile, still desktop PWAs still firmly abandoned by @mozilla

Sébastien NOBILI
1 month ago

Nowadays, many tutorials show you how to make a PWA the simple way. IMO it's a bad thing that leads to most PWAs being nothing more than Web bookmarks and making users think this technology is useless.

In this article, I'll show how to make a PWA that:

- can be installed on your phone/computer as if it was a native application
- can be used both online and offline

#webdev #pwa #tutorial

Martin Holland
2 months ago

Gerade mal @trunksapp für #Mastodon auf #Android und im #Browser angeguckt. Sieht nicht schlecht aus und hat ein paar interessante Funktionen, die ich noch nie gesehen hab (Anzeige nur von Posts, Boosts oder Antworten; Anzeige nur von noch nicht gesehenen Posts).
@elk bleibt aber noch Favorit, knapp vor @phanpy (beide mobil als #PWA ). Fürs Posten von Artikeln aber ganz klar @apps .
Und ihr? Was muss man ausprobieren?
#mastotips #mastotip

I've been trying to implement the #shareTarget API in my #PWA for years now and I'm *so close* to being able to accept files from a share (at least from #Chrome #Android) that I can *taste* it!!!

In manifest.json I set my `method` to "POST" and `enctype` to "multipart/form-data", but when I share to my app it just GETs the page with no POST or even querystring params.

I could try disabling the GET response and see what happens...

#rubberDucky #enhance #javaScript #progressiveWebApps

Push #notifications now available for #Calckey #iOS users using the #PWA.
If you update to iOS 16.4 and "add to home screen", that version (called a PWA) will have full notifications and background/offline support!

For those with the PWA already added, you may need to go into
Settings> Notifications> and enable push notifications.

#fediapps #apple #app #apps

Screenshot from my #Calckey #iOS #PWA settings showing push notifications have been enabled.

Hi! I have a question about #Firefox. I've installed by first #ProgressiveWebApp though Firefox for Android and I am curious if the app gets filtered through my installed extensions.

i.e. Will #uBlock block all the ads?

It's my first time using a #PWA and I used to go to this site's app, so I don't know what the mobile site looks like.


2 months ago

[Re. @monteiropatrick]
Pra quem ainda desconfia do PWA, segue nosso app com mais de 1000 donwloads só na google play feito com PWA e convertido para TWA para ser publicado nas lojas:

@pwabuilder #pwa #twa #showcase

2 months ago

Why do you install a #Mastodon #mobileapp ?

I have tried multiple Mastodon #apps on Android phones and I have come to the conclusion that using the Mastodon progressive web app (#pwa ) is better and more feature rich than most apps.

To install the Mastodon PWA on your phone, simply open your preferred instance in Chrome or Edge for Android. Once loaded, tap the three dots menu button in the browser and choose “Install app.” This will add a Mastodon icon to your home screen and app drawer.

Icon of the Mastodon Pwa installed on an Android phone via MS Edge browser

$AAPL finally decided to implement #webPush in their monopoly browser so people would stop saying #safariIsTheNewIE but the notifications can't make sounds.

So, #Safari is STILL the new IE

#webkit #AAPL #apple #ios #macos #webDev #PWA

What's confusing to me is the "challenge" part. Apparently the server needs to provide it, but when? Should I send it along with every page I want to make authenticated form posts from? Or is this something I should do once, in a login form, and then send to the server to persist in a database?

Will this work for my #PWA #shareTarget posts? 🤔

Stu :att:
2 months ago

I'm not sure about everyone else but I am a huge fan of using #Mastodon as a #ProgressiveWebApp !!!

#PWA #MobileApps

2 months ago

[Re. @Coderosmx]
💡¿Quieres distribuir tu #PWA en las diversas tiendas de aplicaciones móviles? @pwabuilder te ayudará a generar los paquetes de manera muy sencilla.

Asegúrate que tu PWA:

✅ Sea visible desde una URL pública
✅ Tenga un web app manifest completo

¿Ya la probaste?…

The #Mastodon #PWA experience is really quite good these days. #BirdUI #PhanpySocial #Elk

Mastodon mobile web app with bird UI
2 months ago

#Development #Guidances
PWAs in app stores · More and more app stores are welcoming Progressive Web Apps

#WebDevelopment #WebDev #WebApp #PWA #GooglePlay #MicrosoftStore #AppleAppStore #MetaQuestStore

Carlo Zottmann
2 months ago

If you need to create product photos and mockups of iPhone etc. for product presentations (think App Store screenshots), is nice. It even installs as a #PWA (”Chrome app”).

#Marketing #Mockups

The frontpage, reading "Create amazing Mockups: Craft beautiful presentations for your social media, website and more!". Below there are a number of demo mockups of websites, apps and phones. product video, showing three iPhone mockups in front of a colorful background as part of the main editor window.
3 months ago

Did you know there is now a CLI for the Microsoft Store? Anddddd it supports PWAs packaged with PWABuilder!!!!

3 months ago

[Re. @khmyznikov]
Awesome tutorial that walks you through building your own Progressive Web Apps that can run across platforms and combine the best of web and native features! 🥳 #pwa #microsoft #pwabuilder

3 months ago

[Re. @diekus]
The team has launched a great resource to learn about PWAs. Starting completely from scratch, this is #pwaForBeginners!! #PWA

6 months ago

[Re. @alexey_rodionov]
I've exposed the --metaquest flag for Bubblewrap as a "Meta Quest compatible" checkbox in PWABuilder. 🤓

In this way, @PWABuilder gives developers the choice of what tool under the hood to use for packaging PWAs for @MetaQuestVR devices. 👇

#PWA #ProgressiveWebApps #VR #XR #DX

9 months ago

[Re. @doubleslash_dev]
Nouvel épisode du #podcast double slash avec @davrous, qui vient nous parler de @pwabuilder et d’open source. Un service pour nous aider à publier nos #PWA sur les stores. @xlanex6
Vidéo :
Audio : ou sur vos plateformes de podcast

9 months ago

[Re. @davrous]
Hey! Je découvre que notre session avec @olivierleplus sur les #PWA avec des morceaux de @pwabuilder et la super PWA de @diekus est en ligne! Découvrez tout ce que l'on peut faire avec une PWA pour s'intégrer dans l'OS, vous allez être surpris!

9 months ago

[Re. @PWAPilipinas]
Our first in-person workshop in partnership with @MicrosoftPH is here! Join us for a fun @pwabuilder workshop this September 23.

Register via
No walk-ins and slots are limited.