Ariel Richtman
1 month ago

Maybe ive only ever been close enough to #Python to really see and feel the warts but there was certainly enough to deter me from espousing anything #Pythonic from being an ideal. Or maybe I'm throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Growing pains, I guess

phildini @ the shop
2 months ago

Hey #Python folks (and I'm looking especially at you @treyhunner) what's the most #pythonic way to “write to file if it exists, else create it and then write to it”?

`open(filename, ‘x’)` only works once, AIUI. I want a code snippet (or library!) that will work every time

CK's Technology News
3 months ago

Codon - A #Compiler for High-Performance #Pythonic Applications and DSLs

While working with #Python, I miss being able to use an assignment statement as an expression, particularly when constructing a while loop.

while ((myDate = NextFOM (myDate)) <= EndDate):
print ("First of Month", myDate)

From what I've read, it looks like a #Pythonic way to rewrite the above code looks like this:

while True:
myDate = NextFOM (myDate)
if myDate > EndDate:
print ("First of Month", myDate)

Ruth Pozuelo Martinez
4 months ago

@spencer @petrem @jzik
It is just not very #pythonic (readable) so I was just wondering if it was just my background or others find it hard to read too :)

RecursiveNeuron :verified:
5 months ago
Dmitry Z.
5 months ago

My book "Pythonic Programming" is featured and on special sale today (12/20/2022) from 6PM to 11PM EST at #12DaysOfPragProg #python #pythonic #programming #dzpythonic

6 months ago

So #Python does not support the basic programming language concept of a constant value. Claiming it's not #Pythonic . Hmm...

Jos :donor:
6 months ago

OK, fellow #Python devs. I’ve donned my asbestos suit and am ready to open the door to the inferno. 😆 I’m writing a piece for my students (elementary Python class) on writing “Pythonic" code, which might expand into a blog entry at some point. So, with that in mind...

What are some common things that tell you a piece of code is Pythonic?

Could be stylistic, could be functional, anything's good. I'm just looking for tell-tale signs of #Pythonic code vs. code written with an “accent" from another language. (A couple I’ve already scribbled down: list comprehensions, lambda over map/filter…)

Louis Lang
6 months ago

@bbbhltz yep.. bet all these people gonna be crying when they eventually hammer in the nails in the coffin for #OpenWebStandards, after flocking to #chrome for that tiny shred of convenience.
You can watch live right now what happens when a few people (well, one, in the current example) get to decide for everybody what's best for them 🐦

@mozilla <3

Or to put it in #pythonic words.. it shouldn't be the lady in the lake deciding.

Dave Rahardja
11 months ago

Picking up my #python project again after a while…whew, getting my mind back into the #pythonic way of thinking takes some focus!

DansLeRuSH ᴱᶰ
1 year ago

« Use your #RaspberryPi as a #DataLogger : Here's how to log the CPU temperature of a Raspberry Pi and create a spreadsheet-based report on demand » using #Pythonic and thus #Python >

The video of the talk "Maps with GeoDjango, PostGIS and Leaflet" 🗺️ I presented at #DjangoConEurope 2019 🇪🇺 in Copenhagen 🇩🇰 has almost reached 15000 views. 🚀
I'm very happy and also surprised at the same time.
See you at the next #pythonic conference. 🐍

Clara the Expert Amateur
4 years ago


Better practices aren't imposed, they are discovered.

We have to collectively decide what is the #Pythonic way to use or not use the new tooling.


Mikel Mastodon
4 years ago

Das grafische Programmierwerkzeug Pythonic

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