New episode! It's Best Queer Film, just in time for #PrideMonth2023! Panelists Eric, Karissa, Kevin and @jonnyminogue discuss the most iconic #LGBTQ films of all time, including #ButImACheerleader. Listen now on all #podcast platforms; link in bio! #queerfilm #FilmTwitter #pride #pride2023 #LGBT #queer #podcasts

📷 Harry and I had a blast making pictures and he loved seeing them in print. I took a copy of the mag around to his cafe. This two-shot topped the one-page profile for "Queer SF"

#Queer #Trans #Artist #Icon #LGBTQIA #polymath #artist #musician #poet #activist #pioneer #trans #venue #art #performance #QueerHistory #photo #portrait #blackandwhite #Photography #FediversalPictures #90s

two paired vertical black and white portraits of a white trans man with medium-length dark hair wearing a white tee under a sleeveless darker tee, denim and back boots. he's sitting on a patio bench sideways, arms wrapped around knees leaning against a weathered wood wall. on the left, his head is thrown back. eyes scrunched tight mouth open top teeth showing. i had asked him to express the frustration he told me he felt that day. on the right, the next shot seconds later, smiling.
1 hour ago

@Critter @discoveringpolyamory this is a fascinating topic which I want to make a video on - I am queer, trans, aroace-spec and polyamorous and I actually consider #polyamory to be part of the broader #queer community. Absolutely don't overstep on LGBT issues if you're not LGBT, but you belong in the broader community (the +) in my opinion. Queer means "abnormal/odd", under which I believe #polyam and #ENM / #CNM folks qualify in the same way #aro and #ace spec people do even when they're cishet.

Polyamory and #NonMonogamy are deeply entrenched in queer culture - the idea of "promiscuous queers" stems from the fact that many of us weren't given the opportunity to settle down with one exclusive partner. Some had to settle for flings to fulfill their needs while protecting themselves from being outed, others proudly and naturally adopted it. And then there's the concept of beards and lavender marriages, which I'd argue are a form of non-monogamy and even polyamory in certain cases (eg a cis man being biromantic but homosexual with a wife and boyfriend/s).

As well as this, non-monogamy is stigmatised in cishet society (outside of polygamy in specific historical/cultural contexts). Perceived "men" who are romantically polyamorous are typecast as philandering misogynists, while perceived "women" are shamed for being non-monogamous at all, especially in sexual contexts. Polycules aren't legally recognised in most places, affecting health/finance/work/social etc

Ten Thousand Worlds
3 hours ago

OMG, this story is light on the #SciFi but so full of sexy #Queer #POC joy that when it ended, I immediately rewound the #podcast to hear it all over again.

A slightly #NSFW bit of #ScienceFiction just in time for #Pride Month…

Wanderlust, by LP Kindred

#EscapePod #LPKindred

Mark Tisdale
3 hours ago

I am apparently a day or two behind but I trudged onto the bird site just to see this firsthand. LOL

#HankGreen while battling cancer casually drops that he's #Bi ​:flag_bisexual:​

#Queer #Bisexual #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #AlphabetMafia

Screenshot. Hank green is asked about Ryan Reynolds and replies:

"I'm bi and Ryan is not in my interest house. Is this a known issue? Is he only hot to straights?"

when asked "Who is in your wheelhouse?" Hank replies.

"I'm into big sweet nerdy beardy guys and little funny nerdy clean shaven guys."

I don’t care if a TERF is a lesbian she doesn’t belong at pride 🤷🏻‍♂️

#pride #queer #trans #agender #FuckTERFs

Mark Tisdale
4 hours ago

Among my favorite new music but sharing the TikTok vid because #JohnDuff has #PaulaAbdul dancing along to it. Hope that gets him some more exposure.

#Music #Gay #Queer #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA

Fynn Becker
6 hours ago

#StarWars: #TheHighRepublic: Path of Vengeance” just casually mentioning lesbian sex in a young adult novel like it’s the most normal thing in the galaxy (which of course it is, but you know how our real world reacts to #queer things in media at the moment 😬).

This is a great achievement of The High Republic: The authors established from the very beginning that queer people are part of everyday life. The queerness is not the stories’ focus point, but it’s part of who the characters are.

Evie (SleepyCatten)
7 hours ago


Having recently come to the realisation that I'm bi, I thought it'd be fun to clarify some things I've realised about myself :BisexualHeart:

* I have no more or less desire to make frog memes than before 🐸
* I am still functionally lesbian & in a happy, monogamous marriage.
* My taste in guys can best be described broadly as F1NN5TER, Jamie Raines or Pedro Pascal.
* I can sit in a chair properly... but only for a while.

#PSA #bisexual #bi #queer

7 hours ago

Hey friends at #amWriting
How does this sound for a quick blurb on the back of the book?

Randall White
8 hours ago

24HourNation's next free webinar will explore LGBTQ nightlife in America.

As a member (or ally) of the community, you may be interested to hear how LGBTQ nightlife is responding to America’s current political climate.

Subscribe to receive details on this webinar:

#OutAfterDark #LGBT #LGBTQ #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Nightlife #NighttimeEconomy #Gay #Lesbian #Queer #Trans #Transgender #Bars #Events #Clubs #Festivals #Pride #24HourNation #Webinar #WebPanel

Steven Capsuto - Alt. Channels
10 hours ago

I'm giving a Zoom talk (with video clips) about the early years of LGBT images on American TV: Tuesday, June 6, 7 p.m. ET, sponsored by the Union Public Library in NJ. It will be 50 min. long plus Q&A. Though based loosely on my book Alternate Channels, my talks usually also include material not covered by the book.

To make a free reservation, click the "Going" button at

#LGBTQ #Pride #gay #lesbian #bisexual #trans #queer #television #MediaStudies

Uddelhexe (V.D.Richards)
10 hours ago

Us Bi and Pan Folks sometimes go unrecognized when we are living in a hetero relationship that gives us the straight pass. So many shoutouts are done to the more visibly queer fellows out there, and i want to say to my fellow bi/pan/Omni mates: you are valid too even if your relationship atm is by def. straight. We are still the B in the LGBTQ
Love to you :bear_hugs:

#bisexual #pansexual #pride2023 #pridemonth2023 #pride #queer #mastoartist

Digital illustration of a man and a woman hugging each other with closed eyes. Since it is the comic avatars of me and my husband, they are supposed to be in their fourties. I have dark brown short hair with a sidecut, a nose piercing and three earrings on the visible ear. i wear a wide top with the pansexual flag colors on it. 
My husband has dark blond hair and a full beard. he wears a red tunic like shirt and has an undercut with his long top hair in a man bun. We are both tattoed on our arms.
In the backround are the rainbow colors. The text says: Happy pride to all fellow Bi/Pan folks in cis hetero relationships. You are part of the rainbow too.
11 hours ago

Set for the summer

#gay #ireland #queer #lgbtqia+ #beard

Magz 🇿🇦
12 hours ago

Was stuck on redoing the shading multiple times for weeks as I kept not being happy with it and I honestly was thinking about scrapping this piece for now and finishing it at some other point but I kept going. I also didn’t plan to do soft shading, lighting, or a have a full background but as I went I felt better and better about this piece so wanted to add more to it.

#MastoArt #Queer #Furry #FurryArt #Animation

[Image ID:  Shown is a fullbody of an anthro lynx character. Notable  design features are her big ears, long fur, a big fluffy tail as well as  a butterfly motif throughout her design.  She is couching down, attempting to pick up an object that is  off-screen. She is looking at the viewer with heart eyes and is occasionally blinking.  She is couching on pavement with a fence on one side and road on the  other as well as mountains far behind her. END ID]
[Image ID:  Shown is a fullbody of an anthro lynx character. Notable  design features are her big ears, long fur, a big fluffy tail as well as  a butterfly motif throughout her design.  She is couching down, attempting to pick up an object that is  off-screen. She is looking at the viewer with heart eyes.  She is couching on pavement with a fence on one side and road on the  other as well as mountains far behind her. END ID]
NEO2 Magazine
12 hours ago

Megane Mercury, diva queer, activista e icono madrileño, publica su nueva mixtape “Diabla & Llorona”. Drum & bass, techno, jersey club, reggaetón y más en ocho pegadizos temas. Y nos lo explica canción a canción #queer

Irvin Lin
12 hours ago

I'm overdue for my bi-monthly ceramic work share (I just made that up, but it feels appropriate because I seemed to post here about once every other month or so).

And even though it's Pride month (happy #Pride to the whole #LGBTQ+ community!) I don't really do rainbow colored work. Mostly because I forget to set a piece aside for that sort of design until it's too late for Pride. Ha!

So I'm sharing this mermaid scale mug that I recently made. Why is it mermaid scale? I dunno. it sounds better than fish scale I guess.

Ceramic Specs:
Made: wheel thrown body, pulled handle
Clay: reclaim clay (mostly Aardvark Black Mountain and Laguna Soldate 60, with a little Laguna Rod's Bod)
Glaze: I have no idea. I am terrible at taking notes. Hahahahaha! I think it's a blue/black glaze with a wax resist design over it and then a dip into synthetic nuka. I should really take notes about my glazing.
Firing: Cone 10 reduction (~2350°F/1288°C)

#ceramic #clay #pottery #mug #craft #gay #queer #lgbt #lgbtqia #mermaid

A blue mug on it's side, showing the interior of the mug and the variegated mottled dark and light blue glaze.
A blue ceramic mug decorated with black lines in the form of fish or mermaid scales. The blue glaze is a mottled light and dark blue.
A blue ceramic mug decorated with black lines in the form of fish or mermaid scales. The blue glaze is a mottled light and dark blue. The photo is taken slightly above so you can see the mottled light and dark blue glaze on the inside of the mug.
A blue ceramic mug decorated with black lines in the form of fish or mermaid scales. The blue glaze is a mottled light and dark blue.
Crazy Pony
13 hours ago

Ich möchte auch hier einmal einen Text zeigen den ich gerade nebenan bei zum Thema der #CSD-Paraden und dem Streit über #Puppy-#Maskenverbote schon geschrieben habe.

Noisebridge Hackerspace
13 hours ago

In SF for Pride weekend? Hanging out at Dolores Park for Trans March? Looking to (re)engage with your creative pursuits? Drop by Noisebridge on Friday June 23 for an open house. Meet other queer hackers, make buttons and ewaste jewelry!

#pride #SFEvents #lgbtq #queer #SFQueer

Chris Lock
13 hours ago

If you want to support a small LGBTQIA+ focused comic art festival in the UK then please go have a look at our Crowdfundr :heart_sp_pride:

#art #comics #uk #festival #lgbtqia #queer #bristol #crowdfunding

Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
13 hours ago

This month, RIF instead of Reading is Fundamental, it means Reading is FABULOUS! I hope you'll join me in supporting DRAG STORY HOUR as they spread the joy and freedom of books. Donate at the link:

#storytelling #reading #Pride #PrideMonth #drag #readers #IReadBannedBooks #fabulous #Transgender #queer #LGBTQ #GoFundMe #allyship

Two fabulous drag queens reading aloud at a story hour. One is wearing a green sequin number and the other has a chartruse bow around her neck. She is holding a book open, facing the audience.
Jack (they/them)
14 hours ago

It feels both like it just happened and like a lifetime ago, but 6 years ago today for the very first time I got to call the most amazing person I've ever met my wife.

Some pics from the day because I'm feeling sappy (she's the hot butch in the suit and I'm the one in the white dress).

#Queer #QueerMarriage #QueerCouple #ButchWife

My wife and I holding hands with huge smiles on our faces walking into the city clerks office on our wedding day. I am wearing a white lace dress and have a white hair piece in my short purple hair and she is wearing a navy blue suit with a blue floral tie and has a short undercut.
My wife and I looking into each others eyes and smiling right after our ceremony. She is touching my face while balancing a white bouquet in one hand and I am holding another white bouquet by my waist.

IT'S PRIDE MONTH!! Although in PridEmpire we like to think that every month is Pride month, we'll of course celebrate the real one as well :D

Here's our schedule for the whole month of June! We plan to finish up #Valheim and start a #DiabloIV playthrough on #Twitch. We've got 3 episodes of our podcasts coming up as well, with special Pride WDTGT episodes you won't wanna miss!

#LGBTQIA #LGBT #Queer #Pride #Gay #GayPride #PrideMonth #Pride2023 #PrideMonth2023 #GamingCommunity

14 hours ago

#TransIsBautiful! For #QueerReadingMonth I've read #FelixEverAfter by #KacenCallender, a beautiful #YoungAdult story about Felix Love, a young, #queer, #trans #PoC finding his way and his true self in a queer-hostile world. The story begins when Felix is outed at his school against his will with his trans identity and his deadname. His goal is now to find the asshole who did this, but on the way hie finds true friends, love and his own identity. Turns out Felix isn't as binary trans as he thought but maybe rather a #demiboy.

The book deals with heavy topics like #transmisia, deadnaming and misgendering, but touches those topics very sensitive. For example despite playing a vital role in the novel, Felix' deadname is never written out, which I found very respectful. The book also deals with the topic of Felix' supportive but sometimes a bit clumsy father. It's clear, that the father loves his son, but at the same time he struggles with the image he had of his own child. Reading how both navigate their relationship and to be there for each other, was very wholesome.


Cover of the above mentioned book in front of the trans flag colors. The cover is kept in orange tones and shows the protagonist. Felix, a young, dark skined man with visible mastec scars under his shirt, looks smiling at the viewer. He's crowned with flowes.
Dhyan Nada
15 hours ago

Pride and profit changes to Pride or profit. A growing number of big brands are distancing themselves from the #LGBTQ community. This kind of opportunistic submission to the swelling noise from patriarchal demagogues - rightwing activists, Christian nationalists and outright fascistic cesspools - is worse than sheer cowardice. It shows the deep affinity capitalism in crisis has to the most reactionary forces of society.

#queer #liberation not rainbow #capitalism

Backstage :musicspots:
15 hours ago

Support the LGBTQIA+ Community 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🦄

Ich habe mich in der musikalischen Geschichte meiner #Pride Community umgesehen und einen Beitrag für unser Magazin geschrieben.

Habt Freude und sagt mir mit schonungsloser Ehrlichkeit, was ihr davon haltet! 💋 Aber seid lieb zu mir 😉

#pridemonth #lgbtqia+ #queer #musik #Geschichte

19 hours ago

I released a new game.

It is based on a situation that I experienced at my hairdresser, a few weeks ago. Possible trigger themes are transitioning, gender identity, trans-/queerphobia and misogyny. The game also takes on gender stereotypes.

#game #bitsy #gamedev #queer #queergames #queerartist #queerart

Evie (SleepyCatten)
20 hours ago

Gay morning all 👋

I am definitely absolutely 100% fully awake & ready for the day 😅🥱

I'm positively bursting with energy 😴

#GayMorning #GoodMorning #trans #transgender #TransFem #sleepy #queer #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+ #LGBTQIA2S+

CW for image: direct eye contact

A selfie of me with one eye barely open & the other most shut. I look very sleepy. I have not put my glasses on yet.
Andy Warburton ❌❌❌
20 hours ago

If you are #gay #queer #trans #prochoice #abortionrights #atheist or otherwise feel the need to fight for freedom of/from religion you should really look into the Satanic Temple. Despite the name, these folks are doing amazing work to stand against the religious extremists of the republican far right both in the USA and abroad.

#satanictemple #pride #hailsatan

text reading "Hail Satan" with a rainbow above it.
dancing in dystopia
21 hours ago

Szczęśliwego i bezpiecznego Miesiąca Dumy dla wszystkich (ale przede wszystkim dla osób queerowych)! :heart_rainbow: :biheart: :heart_transgender: :agenheart: :nonbinary_heart:

W ramach celebracji specjalnie na czerwiec przygotowuję audycję o wątkach LGBTQ+ we współczesnych produkcjach wampirycznych. Poleci 13 czerwca w Radiu Kapitał ( @radiokapital )o godzinie 21. Jeśli akurat będziecie mieć chwilę (bo np. nie pójdziecie na spotkanie z Paulem Preciado, bo zabrakło biletów) to zachęcam serdecznie to włączenia 😊

Przeuroczą saficką grafikę do zilustrowania odcinka przygotowała przemiła Helena Smołka (IG: helenkens), przekażcie jej trochę miłości za nią!

#PrideMonth #MiesiącDumy #radiokapital #wampiry #queer

Wampiryczne kochanki (jedna o ciemnej skórze i granatowych włosach, druga z białoszarymi włosami i cerą stereotypowo wampiryczną) patrzą się na siebie czule wśród róż w kolorach różnych flag LGBTQ. W tle widać zarys zamku na tle pełni księżyca.

I see a problem with the cover and will eventually fix it. The interior should still be fine. Athens and I thank you for sharing and buying our first colouring book 🦇​

50 Designs to colour

#coloringbook #colouringbook #detaileddesigns #minfulness #LGBTQIA #Queer #Trans #family #gift


Amelia 🏳️‍⚧️ Baeddelia
1 day ago

Other people have made this joke before. This is just my own version.

#pride #prideflags #queer #alignment #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #rpg #rpgs #ttrpg #ttrpgs #roleplayinggames #tabletoproleplayinggames

A comedic image macro of a Dungeons & Dragons alignment chart with queer pride flags corresponding to each alignment: Rainbow Pride Flag = Lawful Good, Bi Pride Flag = Neutral Good, Pride Flag with Black & Brown Stripes = Chaotic Good, Asexual Pride Flag = Lawful Neutral, Non-Binary Pride Flag = True Neutral, Genderqueer Pride Flag = Chaotic Neutral, Lesbian Pride Flag = Lawful Evil, Gay Men Pride Flag = Neutral Evil, Trans Pride Flag = Chaotic Evil.
Bogi Takács
1 day ago

The latest free reviews on Bogi Reads the World: a fantasy graphic novel that was a pleasant surprise, a small volume of queer prose poetry, and a vintage YA science fiction book!

#Bookstodon @bookstodon #Books #BookReviews #BogiReads #ScienceFiction #SpeculativeFiction #Fantasy #GraphicNovels #Iran #Mythology #Latine #Poetry #PoetryCommunity #Queer #YA

Mark Tisdale
1 day ago
Stephen Radford :telly:
1 day ago

Who should I be following here?

#gaming #queer #programming #gaymer #foodie #baking

Csepp 🌢
1 day ago

#Javascript sucks.
Now that I have your attention, this fundraiser for safehouses for #lgbt / #queer people in #Uganda is still active and even more urgent, I'd really appreciate if yall donated & shared. When the new anti-gay law starts being enforced they will no longer be able to recieve funds.
cc #transCrowdfund
Now feel free to reply to the first line, people might come to this through replies. UwU
(sorz 4 teh clikcb8)

Amata (they/she)
1 day ago

With everything on iNat and all the hate I am dealing with as a queer nb person this month... fuck. yes. Wrath Month, not Pride Month. I will not be complicit in my own destruction.

The artist is @doeantlers on twitter I believe...I saw this floating around and tried to source it and that's what I came up with. Please lmk if I am wrong!

#LGBTQ #pride #wrath #pridemonth #wrathmonth #pridewasariot #queer

Rainbow unicorn with a skull head, cantering a path of destruction of flames, with a ribbon saying "We called off pride, now it's gay wrath month"

Help me out!:heart_transgender:​

I am still trying to raise another $100 for the week.
If you want to get me something I could use (aside from teh food the money would buy) check out my wishlist. The top 8 items are really needed. the SSD to store my projects, need new pants and a skirt. Printer needs ink. Would love a new and small fan for the warm days to come. It would be spectacular to have FL Studio again so I can play with my old music files and release them. (for free)🦇​

Help a cat out!

#LGBTQIA #TransFem #Queer #PRIDE #mutualaid

Venmo/CashApp - nailsthatglow


penwing (they/them)
1 day ago

It's June. It's #Pride Month. Which means I should possibly consider watching something #queer this evening... But sooooo much to choose from...

2 days ago

I am looking for a new instance to move to, preferably but need an invite. I rarely use this account so I’d would like to go somewhere I will be more active.

If anyone has other ideas for general *anti-everything bad* instances that are currently open or if I can get an invite to please lmk!

#Queer #Trans #Disabled #Neurodivergent #AntiRacism #AntiCapitalism #LGBTQ #Disability #BlackMastodon

🩵 Blue 🩵
2 days ago

Hey there, we are an #LGBTQ couple who have just fled a red state, and we are currently fundraising to survive! We need ~$2500 to pay the movers to drop off the majority of our stuff. It's #urgent because we are at $7553 currently, and we really need to hit $12k by July 1st to stay okay financially, especially since Kat has to find a new job. Even if you can't donate, please #boost!

#TransCrowdfund #nonbinary #trans #queer #disabled

🩵 Blue 🩵
2 days ago

Hey there, we are an #LGBTQ couple who have just fled a red state, and we are currently fundraising to survive! We need ~$2500 to pay the movers to drop off the majority of our stuff. It's #urgent because we are at $7553 currently, and we really need to hit $12k by July 1st to stay okay financially, especially since Kat has to find a new job. Even if you can't donate, please #boost!

#TransCrowdfund #nonbinary #trans #queer #disabled @mutualaid #MutualAid

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
2 days ago

@analogfusion @tismark

100% For real! I guess that Im trying to say that the impulse is the same, and it was just fascism training wheels.

I'm also trying to say, I see you #BIPOC #queer #lgbtq #neurodivergent communities. I believe you, and I will defend you. Because you are all of us.

There's WAY more of us than them.

Love wins & love never dies

Ya'll Means All

:progresspride: #TVAC #ArtFED

Studie aus 30 Ländern: Schweiz hat höchsten Anteil an trans oder nicht-binären Menschen

Sechs Prozent der Befragten in der Schweiz bezeichneten sich als transgender, non-binär, gender-fluid oder anders als männlich oder weiblich.

#queer #nicht-binär #agender #lgbtq #schweiz

Mark Tisdale
2 days ago
Queer people don't grow up as ourselves, we grow up playing a version of ourselves that sacrifices authenticity  to minimise  humiliation & prejudice. The massive task of our adult lives is to unpick which parts of ourselves are truly us & which parts we've created to protect us.
Mark Tisdale
2 days ago

"Just before Christmas in 1987, Geraldo Rivera outed me on national television. I'm sure it wasn't malicious, even though he has a history of shock journalism. He didn't even know my name. During a primetime special, he showed a video clip of me and my boyfriend kissing on the National Mall, taken during the National March on Washington for Gay and Lesbian Rights.

I think about this often during Pride Month, even though it happened more than 30 years and several boyfriends ago. The broadcast caused a scandal in my family because I wasn't out to them."

"The closet as a Western construct existed (and still exists) on a spectrum from you're out all the time to you're not even out to yourself. Everywhere on that spectrum, the closet exists as a set of internal and external constraints put on LGBTQ people. For some of us, it keeps us safe, for some it is a mental prison. For me, it is a continual process of undoing its effects."

Those are only a couple of snippets from an, IMO, excellent and sometimes sad article by Jim Berg.

#Pride #PrideMonth #Gay #LGBTQ #QueerStories #Queer #LGBTQIA

2 days ago

Happy Pride Month! 💗 🌈 This is my first year celebrating pride identifying as Bisexual.

I am reading "Bi - the hidden culture, history, and science of bisexuality" by Julia Shaw and it is such an informative treat. I love learning more about the queer community. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in learning more about bisexuality and queer history.

I would love to try writing a blog post today to talk about this book, my personal journey of self discovery, and my wonderful experience of getting to meet my long distance boyfriend last week 💗 Let's see if my hands are up for it

Wishing everyone a wonderful June! 💗 🌈

#reading #books #lgbtq #bisexual #queer #PrideMonth

Memberships at above links too! We hope to eventually be raising ~$1500-2000/month, so we can make all our stuff free and just keep making fun weird stuff for fellow weirdos, in a way that is sustainable for our #austic #disabled household!

More about us:

We also have some cool stuff you can buy too!

Our rad stuff!

#queer #trans #PoCmade #FediGiftShop #indieDev #Aldercone

For #PrideMonth, help yer no doubt fave #trans #queer #autistic and #Indigenous-led household / game and art studio, Aldercone!

It is also our lead programmer bday month @actualcassomary 🎉

We still need to replace their camera! it'd be lovely to be able to do that this very month! After our basics are paid, everything will go to that!

#MutualAid #TransCrowdfund #DisabilityCrowdfund #indieDev #SettlerSaturday #Aldercone

4 June update: grungy graphic by evel, showing our Monthly Billz ($322/750), Replacement Camera fund ($157/1500), and a Guide Dog Harness for my assistance dog ($0/150), along with the support links in this post.

The background is a lovely photo by @actualcassomary of a pretty pink flower with a fat bee on it
2 days ago

@SrRochardBunson @rachelcholst

Sounds about right: God is love, the devil is hate. And narcissists and sociopaths are Satan's minions. Unlike us, they do not have free will and they cannot change.

"I like to think of God as the love and interconnected relationship between people.

"In that same vein, the devil is the very hate, fear and prejudice that exists in #Queer & #Transphobia"

2 days ago

@SrRochardBunson @Twoclownseating
I wish that #CountryQueer were on here, even just to announce their excellent blog posts

Where I learned about Brazilian #sertenejo / #queertenejo artists #GaliGaló 🤠


Other #Queer #Brazilian #CountryMusic artists include #Gabeu & #AliceMarcone 🏳️‍⚧️
🪗 🇧🇷
#Brazil #Brasil #Accordion #pride

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
2 days ago

I like to think of God as the love and interconnected relationship between people.

In that same vein, the devil is the very hate, fear and prejudice that exists in #Queer & #Transphobia

The cool part is that we can choose which one to grow and which one to smash.

#FuckFascists #MPNCA

Thanks to @rachelcholst & Jessye de Silva for this #QueerCountry revelation!

I've heard that queer comedians just aren't funny, and I don't get that at all.

The first Pride was a riot.

#queer #trans #pride #dadjokes

Daniel Reeders
3 days ago

When well-meaning people insist that 'it gets better.' #queer #trans #mentalillness #disability #poverty

3 days ago

Alright, now that I'm settled on masto, lets get an intro out of the way!

Hey all! I'm Pixel, I'm #queer and a #furry in name only (diet furry, really) I play #GuildWars2, #hearthstone, #valorant #omegastrikers, #pokemon and #fightinggames (all competitively, sorry LMAO) and enjoy #GenshinImpact and #indiegames as well, and I'm a bit of a #nier and #nierautomata fiend :)

On top of that I enjoy #anime, #computers and #technology in general, and am looking to get more into #gamedev (I'm a former community manager, wanna try to get back into gamedev in a more serious capacity as a dev, hopefully)

Thanks <3

Maddie is a 19 year old trans woman who recently fled from #florida to #Pennsylvania. she has run into trouble. Her host family sent away her documentation. After she sprained her ankle, they also stopped giving her food and water. She found a couch, but she needs help stabilizing.

@mutualaid #mutualaid #MutualAidRequest #gofundme #gofundme #trans #queer #lgbt #transyouth #pride #gtfomystate

Mark Tisdale
3 days ago

Yesterday was... an internal rollercoaster... It started with sitting up bolt upright in bed at 3am. I don't remember the specifics of the dream but it brought back memories from almost 25 years ago. And I sat down to my blog and poured out some memories from 1998/99 that I had all but shuttered away.

And I felt really good when I finished the catharsis. And then the rest of the day I cycled between this is great/this sucks. I slept until almost noon today and that seemed to do the trick. Today has been non-euphoric but at least not blue either. Whew!

I had zero illusions that accepting myself would be a one and done thing but yesterday drove it home. LOL

#Queer #LGBT #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Gay #GraySexual #AlphabetMafia

Sally Strange
3 days ago

So yeah since nobody seems to know, #QueenOfTheUniverse is a drag singing competition. Season 2 is upon us and the first episode is free on yootube. They've got queens from around the world, Graham Norton as host, and a "pop diva" panel: Mel B, Vanessa Williams, Trixie Mattel, and Michelle Visage.

#DragQueens #vocalist #singing #music #LGBTQIA #gay #queer

3 days ago

Who should I add for #FollowFriday?

Some interests of mine:
#art / #crafts
#Nerd stuff like #mtg and #marvel and #doctorwho
All things #lgbtq #queer

Thanks friends, both old and new!

Evie (SleepyCatten)
3 days ago

Here's the second part.

I'd have put them in one, but I didn't have enough characters to provide a full transcript as a single file.

#TransVoice #ThereWereNoSigns #trans #transgender #TransFem #TransWoman #egg #transition #queer #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+ #LGBTQIA2S+


Evie (SleepyCatten)
3 days ago

It's #TransVoiceFriday & I've actually recorded a clip!!!

It's a bit of a longer one today (a couple of mins, split over 2 clips), as I found my old creative writing dissertation from 2005... & it's the eggiest shit ever!!!

#TransVoice #ThereWereNoSigns #trans #transgender #TransFem #TransWoman #egg #transition #queer #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+ #LGBTQIA2S+


🩵 Blue 🩵
3 days ago

#Urgent #MutualAid #Request #PleaseBoost :boost_requested:

We are an #LGBTQ family in the US who have just fled a red state. We are asking for donations to help with post-move costs and costs of living.

Our #fundraiser is currently at $7553 — we really need to hit $8553 by June 10th to stay on track. Any amount helps!

#Trans #Queer #Gay #Nonbinary #Disabled #TransCrowdfund #MutualAidRequest #Pride @mutualaid #Help #Boost #Fediverse #Crowdfund #Fedi

🏳️‍🌈 Look! Look! The PUBLISH button is #queer!

Who do I thank for this? @stux? @calculsoberic? The Mastodon?

Love is love and I LOVE this!

#PrideMonth #LGBTQIA+ #Fediverse

screenshot of an empty toot with my profile @ and pic above. the PUBLISH button is in an array of rainbow pride colors.

Urgent Mutual Aid Request 🏳️‍⚧️🦇🖖

Since it does not appear I can manage to raise $400 I would like to shoot for $200 by tonight if at all possible. This will cover important things and get me food for a bit. I need much more for Transition related procedures but right now I am needing more immediate help.

Please, if you can, even $5 helps.

Venmo/CashApp - nailsthatglow

#mutualaid #transcrowdfund #transfem #Queer #LGBTQIA #crowdfund #pride #urgent #nonbinary #fediverse #latinx

super hott space cat smiling into the frame with makeup - blue and pink lighting and green screen in background.

A second #PrideMonth post for day 2 - please read my #poetry! I would deeply appreciate it! It's very personal and written through the course of my transition, and I'm still writing! :alicehearttrans:
#trans #queer #pride #TransArtist

Evie (SleepyCatten)
4 days ago

Words mean nothing if you're not willing to actually take a REAL stand against fanatical bigotry, Joe :FaceExhaling:

#meme #memes #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+ #LGBTQIA2S+ #queer #TransRights #TransRightsAreHumanRights #USPolitics #USPol #Pride #Pride2023 #PrideMonth #PrideMonth2023 #PrideIsAProtest

This image uses the High Five artwork by Gudim as a meme template. It shows 4 panels in a 2 by 2 grid.

Panel 1 - A hand is seen reaching out of water, requesting help. It is captioned: "LGBTQIA2S+ rights in the US."

Panel 2 - The hand has sunk more into the water. Another hand is approaching from the left, as if to help, captioned: "Joe Biden".

Panel 3 - Instead of helping, the approaching hand high-fives the sinking hand. This is captioned with a quote from a recent Whitehouse statement: "My entire administration stands proudly with the LGBTQI+ community."

Panel 4 - The other hand is now gone, having performed the high-five. The drowning hand that needed help can be seen sinking into the water forever, as its final bubbles of air float to the surface.
RoAnna Sylver :verified:
4 days ago

Last promo post of the day -this #PrideMonth on #itchio only, my ENTIRE collection of really #Queer #Ebooks and #IndieGames is half off! All month! :D

Enjoy, and celebrate our continued existence on this planet. I expect to see a lot more. <3

#ebooks #pride #lgbtq #indieauthor #sff #queerbooks