20 hours ago

That moment when you ask #Fansly a few #Questions and they straight up #refuse to #answer any of them after taking a few days to get back to you. I thought they were supposed to care about #sex #workers ? Not #disregard us...

1 day ago

"Give me questions I can't answer not answers I can't question." — Richard Feynman — — — #RichardFeynman #quote #quotes #questions #answers #think #thinking #question #agree #disagree

2 days ago

🛑Le LIVE Twitch Commence !🥳
#twitchFR #streamFR On parle de Sciences et Tech 😀
#DocteurPhysique #Twitch #Science #Société #Questions #Articles #discussions

Adrian Segar
2 days ago

Here are five fundamental questions about conference design. Have you answered them to your satisfaction for your events?

#meetings #EventDesign #questions #improvement #eventprofs

fundamental questions conference design. Photograph of a raised arm with a finger pointing upward. Image attribution: / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
Ténno Seremél
2 days ago

Can I restrict package updates from Melpa, so only packages that where installed from Melpa would use it for updates? Currently Melpa overtakes everything due to using dates as versions. Not that it matters much, but I don't like that…

#lang_en #emacs #questions #melpa

Matcha 🍵
3 days ago

What would be the absolute weirdest thing the Grim Reaper could do

#halloween #questions #cryptids

3 days ago

#atheist and other non theological people. If you had to be sworn in on a book. (Like official government positions) what book would you choose? #bible #atheism #religion #nonreligion #sworn #questions

David Chartier
5 days ago

#iPhone15 folks: I thought the new Action button replacing the mute switch had *two* behaviors:

1) Press it to mute/unmute

2) Hold it to perform an assigned action from a handful of options like DND, flashlight, a Shortcut, etc.

But I can only get # 2 to work (haha number two). Am I holding it wrong? Or is there only the one function? #Apple #iPhone #questions

1 week ago

20 Questions With Stephen Sanchez: The Troubadour on His Alter Ego, Advice From Elton John & More

Check it out! 👇

#Questions #Rock #Music

Ténno Seremél
1 week ago

I wonder how can I change this weird blue in the menu in modus-operandi 🤔

(require 'modus-themes)
(setq modus-themes-bold-constructs t)
(setq modus-operandi-palette-overrides
(bg-mode-line-active "#335ea8")
(fg-mode-line-active "#ffffff")
(bg-mode-line-inactive "#f0f0f0")
(fg-mode-line-inactive "#000000")
(load-theme 'modus-operandi t)

#lang_en #emacs #modus_themes #questions

Emacs window screenshot with modus operandi theme.
Craig Constantine
1 week ago

The uncreative mind can spot wrong answers, but it takes a very creative mind to spot wrong questions.

~ Anthony Jay


#Quotes #Questions #AnthonyJay

1 week ago

Which thing? #questions #poll #polls

beforewisdom :vegan: :tofu:🦣
1 week ago

#Questions #Help


Do a person's followers see replies they make to other people's posts?

“Gender Queer is a #comic, and in #fullcolor, but that doesn’t mean it’s for #children,” Kobabe said. “I originally #wrote it for my #parents, and then for older #teens who were already asking these #questions about themselves. I don’t #recommend this #book for #kids!”

Naomi aka Tattooed_Mummy
2 weeks ago

People have all had the same reaction as Subway launches its first 3-inch sandwich to tackle inflation....

Erm, could someone explain how eating less tackles inflation? Won't we just be as poor but now also hungrier?

#news #food #questions #subway

Why is it easier to work on #knitting projects for other people (/presents) than projects I make just for me?

#questions #FallFinishAlong

2 weeks ago

What is the story behind your username that you use here on the #Fediverse and possibly other places?

Most everyone has a story behind the username(s) that they use, and others often want to know what it is.

#UserName #UserNames #Story #StoryTime #Question #Questions

An image that has the word QUESTIONS in the middle of the image. Around it is several post-it like notes that have question marks on them.
PhET Sims
2 weeks ago

Asking the right questions is the source of all knowledge. #questions #science #curious #inquiry #IBL #pbl #problembasedlearning

2 weeks ago

25 Questions with Luis Fonsi on His 25th Career Anniversary

Check it out! 👇

#Questions #Music #Latin

2 weeks ago

Have you ever joined something that you thought would be really good to join, only to discover that it's far from being really good? In fact, after you joined you realized that it's completely different than you envisioned?

Yeah, well, I'm having one of those moments and I'm really not sure what to do at this point.

Sometimes, it's best to do things yourself.

Makes me think of the old Clash song: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

#Questions #Question #QOTN #QuestionOfTheNight

An image that has a bunch of different colored question marks and the word questions written over top of them.
David Chartier
2 weeks ago

Installed the #iOS17 public beta. Am I nuts or does a swipe from the left side of the screen in Messages no longer work to move a chat aside and go back to the message list? I hope this is just a bug. iPhone 14 Pro Max. #Apple #questions #TechSupport #iOS

Update: Just an odd bug. Restart fixed it.

P. Hightower
2 weeks ago

When you see the description "blue floral print curtains," what comes to mind?

#WritingCommunity #curtains #homedecor #decor #WeirdQuestions #Questions

2 weeks ago

I know all these wireless protocols are supposed to have their own band, but is it possible that a wifi signal interferes with a radio signal if it's strong enough ? #tech #questions #askfedi

3 weeks ago

Any recommendations for good #Windows11 screen recording apps, particularly for games?

I share clips with friends but am starting to make stuff for YouTube, just for fun.

Currently use the built-in tool with Nvidia Experience. But I'd rather use something else so I don't have it constantly running in the bkg. #questions #VideoGames #YouTube

1/3rd through September... time for an update on my #FallFinishAlong objectives...

#1 - cardigan for daughter = finished!
#2 - I took up #knitting this, but it is a long boring way to go...
#3 - have located the project, but didn't look at it yet #Shame
#4 - finished 2 small brioche learning items! I am wondering if I should try a brioche hat next, or dive into the bigger brioche blanket for mother-in-law... #questions

Started cardigan for a niece (4yo) in rainbow sock yarn #oops

Lucian Ghinda
3 weeks ago


1. How is this not creating a bias in the hiring process?

2. If the value created for the company is the same and the company can afford to hire in any country => this makes me think the company values the effort differently based on location.

Does it take less effort in Eastern Europe to code than in Western Europe?

Or in the same country, does the effort to code takes different based on the city?

3 weeks ago

Paired Texts: Barbie and Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons - This is an excellent piece. via @plthomasEdD #Questions


Is reading becoming gamified?

This is in response to platforms like Goodreads, and people using the hashtags Booktok and Bookstagram to share the numbers of books they've read per month / year, thus creating competition. Final poll result will be added to article (if people respond!) Please boost if you can!

Probably the wrong audience for this, but it is the best place to poll!

#books #bookstodon #questions

3 weeks ago

Following conversations with a couple of colleagues about asking question--as in, why people don't do it more--I just posted my take on it, focusing on responses to ambiguity:

#Questions #Ambiguity #ConversationalImplicature

Adrian Segar
4 weeks ago
what attendees want to talk about: a photograph of a portable cork board covered with flipchart paper containing many different written sticky notes. Photo attribution: Flickr user edmittance
Dr. Anna Latour
4 weeks ago

Question: what does your 'internal reading voice' sound like?

When I read something sufficiently complex that I need to do it slowly, I 'hear' my internal reading voice.

My brain usually borrows the voice of a real person for this; usually someone I had recent interaction with.

Yesterday, I binged a couple of Contrapoints videos. Today I'm learning about proof assistant Coq, *in Natalie's voice*.

"Coq provides a module system to aid in organizing large developments."

Just spoke to someone who doesn't experience this internal reading voice, which surprised me.

Is this (not) a common thing? Do you hear a voice when you read? Whose voice is it?

#Reading #Question #Questions #Answers #QuestionOfTheDay #AcademicChatter

David Chartier
1 month ago

Fellow poster nerds and fan art aficionados who also do not like framing things: how do you display and store/preserve your posters?

I don’t like frames because, for me, they distract from the art. More importantly, I collect and rotate too much art for them to be feasible.

For a while I dry mounted my posters, but that looks… too low-fi. Plus, it doesn’t seem long lasting.

Any ideas here? #FanArt #questions

1 month ago

Question of the night...

Do you use filters here on Mastodon? If so, what are your top 3 most important things you put filters into place to block?

For me, I block these three things:


These are things I have absolutely NO INTEREST in at all, in any way!

#Question #Questions #QuestionOfTheNight #QOTN #Filters

An image with four question marks. Each question mark is a different color.
David Chartier
1 month ago

Re: shopping for refrigerators. Anyone have strategies they’ve used?

Any stores, probably a chain, that employs people who actually know their appliances, not just a kid who would read the tags like we can?

I’m a little overwhelmed by the sheer mountain of models, product lines, etc. I added a handful of filters at Best Buy and there’s still roughly fourteen kajillion fridges to look at. #appliances #ApplianceShopping #questions

Who decided to call it a pastry knife instead of a butter cutter? #baking #questions

1 month ago

Edit: Problem solved in comments! :)

Is there a way to search on Duck Duck Go that eliminates something? For instance, if I want to search on Google for the title of a book but I include "-Amazon" then it won't include results from Amazon. But Duck Duck Go doesn't seem to do this. I did some searches on searching syntax but couldn't find the answer.

#questions #SearchEngines

Dave Mackey
1 month ago

This morning my son and I were watching some fire #ants swarming over a dead #worm

So many #questions pop into my head?

- Did the fire ants kill the worm or did they find it dead?
- Are they removing pieces of the worm and taking them back to their ant hill or are they dragging the entire worm to their ant hill?
- Why do the ants often seem at cross-purposes with each other (some dragging, some walking over the worm)?


A dead worm on concrete with fire ants swarming its body and walking to and from the body

Quick question to ask:

Should old well-known and classic books be rewritten for modern sensibilities? For example, 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' and 'Matilda' by Roald Dahl have been scrubbed clean of words like 'fat' and 'ugly'. Will be adding the final polling result to an article (if people respond) 😂

#books #questions #bookstodon #BookBans

Ross Brown
1 month ago

For almost a week, I've awoken to a dry mouth and an overall feeling of dehydration.I keep a bottle of water next to my bed, from which I drink before going to sleep (and sometimes in the middle of the night). I find myslf chugging from it when I wake up.

Most nights, I don't drink alcohol but when I do, I usually have only one drink: rarely, two.

Why am I so dried out in the morning?

#health #questions

Nona Rose
1 month ago

I wish the #PoetryCommunity was more like the #WritingCommunity because I see writers of stories talk about their characters and plot lines and have discussions but I don’t know how to find that within the poetry community.

I see a lot of #poetry written and shared, which is lovely, and #prompts that poets can #engage with, but I don’t see the #discussions about what people are writing or #questions asking #poets about what they are writing.

Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places or expecting something that doesn’t exist. I get so discouraged from sharing my poetry because there is no engagement with it beyond a like or a rarer boost.

Even when I comment on someone else’s work, there is rarely much of a response.

Where are the people who want to talk about poetry and not just write it or read it?

Ténno Seremél
1 month ago

Any Toki Pona speakers here? Let's suppose I want my character to cast a spell. Let's go with something simple, say, “Flames of Underworld, take the flesh of my foes as an offering!” How would that sound in Toki Pona?

At first I considered trying Lojban as a language of magic for my short stories, but while that works it's kinda a pain to learn. So I'm in search of other possible candidates that sound sufficiently, hm, arcane.

Although if someone speaks Lojban and can translate the (example) spell above, I'd like to hear that too :)

// I learn anything to avoid learning Spanish, I guess :blobcatgiggle:

#lang_en #questions #toki_pona #tokipona #lojban #languages #conlangs

This fundamental interpretive shift is noteworthy and prompts serious #questions regarding the #RFRA's #congruity with the #Constitution.

#ConstitutionalAmendments like the #1stAmendment must not be #altered or #misconstrued through the #enactment of #ordinary #legislation like the #RFRA. Such #alterations must be viewed as #undermining the inherent #authority of the #constitution and its #amendments, potentially creating #legal #discrepancies and #loopholes. (6/8)

2 months ago

Our local calligraphy guild is nearly all very old folks (depressingly so - death announcements come several times a year, some amazing artists are being lost). Their email list is, no joke, just sending a message with all seven gazillion member addresses in the TO: field. Responses are a total mess.

I want to suggest an alternative. is my current favorite, but curious if anyone has another favorite online groups/list service?

#calligraphy #questions

2 months ago

Every day at this time the chimney swifts get really noisy and start flying in circles. Today they're flying really low.

Are they feeding? Practising flying?

I really wish I knew more about birds.

#Birds #EasternOntario #Nature #questions

#Questions: have you ever #read a #book that challenged your core fundamental beliefs? How did you deal with questions that the #book raised? Has any #book or set of #books changed the way you think about a particular subject? #Reading #Bookstodon #PowerOfBooks @bookstodon

2 months ago

Alright, ask me silly #questions X)
(Adult questions are OK, and share if you want)


The right questions are the questions to which we don't know the answers.

-- Martin Wolf, on the Ezra Klein Show (1 Aug 2023)

#Quotes #Questions #Answers

Mike Fraser :TheCDN4:
2 months ago

If anyone is new to Mastodon and struggling with the platform please ask me anything you want. I'd be very happy to help! I assure you there are no bad questions.
#welcome #MastoHelper #questions #help

Andy Warburton ❌❌❌
2 months ago

#makers what’s the dumbest thing you ever made?

For me it’s this skull. I created it by pumping a crap ton of hot glue into an ice cube mould and jamming in a couple of red LEDs. I then painted and weathered the whole thing. I never bothered to wire up the LEDs but I did use their leads as hooks to hang it on my peg board!

#maker #diy #electronics #questions

It’s a metallic skull with red eyes.
2 months ago

#PC hardware problem / #questions.

I have a powered USB3 hub with:

- A wireless mouse
- wireless keyboard
- RGB mat
- An LED engram light from Bungie
- aaand… I don’t think anything else plugged in

Plugged in my #Elgato Wave 3 microphone and #Windows11 complained there aren’t enough gigablurtz to power it; that it had to be plugged directly into the PC.

I thought powered hubs and USB3 were supposed to remove this problem from the hardware equation.

Climatologists must create a smoother interface between physical science and social science

The Yale economist Richard Nordhaus recently won a Nobel Prize for linking climate science with economics, but other aspects of the human system are still totally undone.
We need an anthropology and sociology of climate adaptation.

We don’t really understand what the hell plants do. Plants and plankton have absorbed half of all carbon pollution, but it’s unclear if they’ll keep doing so or how all that extra carbon has changed how they might respond to warming.

Economics, sociology, botany, politics — you can begin to see a new field taking shape here, a kind of climate post-science.
Rooted in climatology’s theories and ideas, it stretches to embrace the breadth of the Earth system.

The climate is everything, after all, and in order to survive an era when human desire has altered the planet’s geology, this new field of study must encompass humanity itself — and all the rest of the Earthly mess.

Nearly a century ago, the philosopher #Alexander #Kojéve concluded it was possible for political philosophy to gain a level of absolute knowledge about the world and, second, that it had done so.

In the wake of the French Revolution, some fusion of socialism or capitalism would win the day, he concluded, meaning that much of the remaining “work to do” in society lay not in large-scale philosophizing about human nature, but in essentially #bureaucratic #questions of economic and social #governance. So he became a technocrat, and helped design the market entity that later became the European Union

beforewisdom :vegan: 🦣
3 months ago

#Help #Question #Questions #Mastodon @feditips

How can I put several pictures into one Mastodon post?

beforewisdom :vegan: 🦣
3 months ago

#Help #Question #Questions #Privacy #Mastodon

Preferences > Other > Posting Privacy

What does this option mean? :

"Unlisted - Everyone can see, but not listed on public timelines"

Adrian Segar
3 months ago

My process “The Three Questions” has become a popular opening session for conferences. Here's how to get better answers to The Second Question.
#facilitation #meetingdesign #eventprofs #assnchat #questions

"You go talk to kindergartners or first-grade kids, you find a class full of #science enthusiasts. They ask deep questions. They ask, "What is a #dream, why do we have #toes, why is the #moon round, what is the birthday of the #world, why is #grass #green?"These are profound, important #questions. They just #bubble right out of them.You go talk to 12th graders and there's none of that. They've become #incurious.Something terrible has happened between kindergarten and 12th grade." #CarlSagan

(#Book: #Conversations with Carl Sagan)

3 months ago

If you use #alttext, we want to hear from you #fediverse!

What kind of alt text do you find helpful? Where do people fall short when they add alt text to a photo?

#polls #questions #accessibility #disability

A blue question mark sits on top of a pile of black question marks. A blue headline reads "How does Alt Text help you?"

#Astrology-specific #introduction: I practice astrology of #questions. I study the #traditional foundations of technical charts of the #moment in #Mesopotamian / #Babylonian, #Egyptian, and #Hellenistic systems with #medieval #Jewish and #Islamicate techniques in the lineages of William #Lilly, Geoffrey #Cornelius, John #Frawley, Project #Hindsight, and others.

I have studied with @hawk, Adam #Elenbaas, @kirastrology, and other colleagues in


Craig Mcgee
4 months ago

I only use #twitter now to tell people that I don't use #twatter and give them alternative #contact info like an #introduction #introductions to #mastodon or my #Facebook #Skype and #Email address. I would suggest everyone else does the same, leave the #spaceKaren #fascverse to crumble to nothing. Whilst you're at it check my #Pinned post if you like #Unusual #Question #Questions please #Boost thank you!

5 months ago

#Wyden: “I was disappointed but unsurprised by #billionaire Republican activist #HarlanCrow #refusal to respond to my #questions about #gifts he’s #lavished on #ClarenceThomas & family over the bulk of Thomas’s tenure on #SCOTUS. Mr. Crow is relying on same baseless arguments that failed #Trump in his attempt to stonewall #Congressional #oversight. I have used my Chairmanship of the committee to shine a bright light on tax schemes undertaken by the #ultrawealthy

6 months ago

What's the mechanism for getting alt text from a Mastodon post to stay with the image when that post gets imported to somewhere else? Is there a way to do it?

#AltText #MastodonQuestions #FediQuestions #questions #Mastodon

6 months ago

i think i've found the main character of my next zine.

but who is she?? is she "sally & wicked sally"? is she "joan with a secret back there?" is the back head a demon? a ghost? an imaginary alter-ego? does front sally/joan know about the existence of back sally/joan? as you can see, i have more questions than answers...

#zines #writing #questions

photo of an old rain bonnet package with an illustration of a woman with two heads wearing a pink rain bonnet.
Primadonna Boy🏳️‍⚧️✨
6 months ago

How do you cry? Like, if you need to cry and u can feel it in u but it won't come out without u being mean to urself, how do u coax it out gently? Sad movies? I used to cry all the time but with T it's been so much more physically challenging, it just seems to sit heavy in my chest or throat

#cry #crying #sad #sadness #grief #testosterone #trans #transmasc #T #transman #tears #transmen #lgbt #lgbtq #trauma #grieving #advicewelcome #adviceneeded #advicewanted #question #questions #openquestion

Dave Mackey
6 months ago

I'm sure I'll run out of #questions soon 😂

Curious what folks are using for highlighting and #annotation? I've been using #Diigo for many years (10? 15?) and occasionally look for alternatives.

I use #Raindrop which offers some of the same functionality, I'm aware of #Hypothesis but appears a bit more limited than I'd like.

I've tried WorldBrain's #Memex in the past but it was never quite where I wanted and now appears to be pivoting.

Ideal solution is, of course, #OpenSource. 😃

Dave Mackey
6 months ago

What is the #literature of #hope? I mean, who has written about living fully after / during unconscionable turmoil? There is Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning. The most ready source seems to me to be Frankl's peers who also survived the #holocaust. But who are they? And there must be others from all times and places!

Perhaps George MacDonald's Diary of an Old Soul would qualify? A book of daily poems written after the loss of two adult children.

#recommendations #questions #books

David Chartier
6 months ago

Looking for an iOS app (or maybe Shortcut?) that will let me draft a text and send it to multiple people through Messages (whether iMessage or SMS), but *not* as a group text. So it goes out to each person on a list or group as an individual conversation.

Use case: I’m a point person for a family emergency and I have a *lot* of people to update. I would prefer to avoid a big messy group chat.

#iOSapps #questions #TechSupport

David Chartier
6 months ago

Probably a tough #Apple question, but: anyone know of a file storage/organization app that:

- Is on Mac, iPhone, and iPad
- Can store files in an encrypted bundle or folder
- stores that folder in my iCloud storage?

I don't want to subscribe to someone else's cloud, I'm already paying for a big ass cloud for all my devices.

#Mac #iPhone #iPad #AppSuggestions #questions

Primadonna Boy🏳️‍⚧️✨
6 months ago

I'm thinkin abt meal prep for the weeks post-surgery when I won't be able to lift my arms up past my chest.

One idea: bulk buying chicken, adding whatever marinade/seasonings I'll want on each portion (maybe fresh or sauteed onions and/or garlic too?) and freezing them raw in bags to thaw later and cook in the oven, getting help from my roommates if needed.
Is this a good plan? I've never frozen meat before

#cooking #food #meat #advicewanted #mealprep #frozenfood #question #questions #surgery

6 months ago

Last couple of days the polls that I've done have had a lot of engagement and that's super nice to see.

I'm going to put this post out there for a bit to see who has some good poll suggestions for a poll today or over the next few days! If I use your suggestion, I'll tag you and give you credit!

#Questions #PollSuggestions #Polls

Image with the word questions on top of a bunch of various colored question marks.
Primadonna Boy🏳️‍⚧️✨
6 months ago

To everyone who has had top surgery:

What's something you wish you knew before the day of the surgery?

What's something you wish you had done differently, if anything?

What tips on recovery would you give to someone who's going to get top surgery?

#topsurgery #surgery #trans #lgbt #transmasc #transman #transguy #transboy #transgender #transsexual #transmasculine #tips #question #questions #openquestion #openquestions

Dave Mackey
6 months ago

I wonder what the practical consequences of increasing #teacher pay to at least $80k per year would be?

Cost? Benefits? Consequences?

I'm a big fan of educators and while some make decent money so many are vastly underappreciated...honestly, $80k seems low!

#education #children #questions #thoughts