My second time using batting rather than fleece, and wooden boards to lay out the #quilt sandwich instead of spreading it on a bed. Took me four hours to centre and secure everything using a mixture of thread and spray, but definitely worth it. #quilting #sewing #quiltersofmastodon

A piece of fabric in a long roll lying on a table. The fabric is plaid flannel in green, blue and white.

I've been calling this #quilt my "magnum opus" because I have never made anything this big or pre-planned (by my standards 😆). It's also a present. I rarely make things for other people because that's the only time I have high standards. #quiltersofmastodon #quilting #sewing

A roll of fabric and batting is under an orange sewing machine. The machine and fabric are sitting on a very messy table.
2 weeks ago
IMAGE ID: A photograph of a finished quilt composed of naturally dyed fabrics. The quilting is red thread and the blocks are mostly half log cabins, with some random rectangles thrown in there. It’s mostly yellow and blue. END ID.

My current pineapple #WIP is responsible for the loss of a tiny piece of my right ring finger plus half my right baby fingernail, and some gnarly cuts & bruising on the top of my big toe. (From slicing strips of fabric, and dropping my template repeatedly onto the exact same part of my foot, respectively)

I made up #QuiltersNeverProsper as a joke but maybe it’s coming true 😬

#Quilting #QuiltersOfMastodon #Patchwork

Pineapple test square more or less successful! Now I need to do 63 or maybe 80 more like this #FediQuilt #Quilting #QuiltersOfMastodon #QuiltersNeverProsper

9 inch quilt top square in the pineapple pattern, with mostly white solids/patterns for the lights, and mostly burgundy solids/patterns for the darks. It contains 41 pieces sewn together and looks a bit like a jagged radio signal icon radiating outwards. It is bright and full of energy.
3 months ago

I finished my third quilt! This one’s going to my sister. #quilt #quiltmaker #quilts #quiltart #quilter #quilttop #quiltersofmastodon

Image ID: A somewhat haphazard quilt on a wooden background. The quilt has few recognizable blocks, mostly random half square triangles. End ID.
C Silva
4 months ago

I made this quilt for my grandson seven years ago. I just rescued it from his cat’s bed to take to a quilting workshop #geesbend , for show and tell. #quilting #quiltersofmastodon

A child’s quilt, rocket ships and robots , hanging on the line