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Binance US CEO Quits, Crypto Exchange Cuts Third of Jobs - Chief Executive Officer of Binance US, Brian Shroder, has left the company amid an... - #chiefexecutive #cryptoexchange #brianshroder #marketshare #regulators #exchanges #departure #executive #exchange #pressure #quitting #binance #jobcuts #layoffs #leaving #ceo

Not sure why this attempt at #quitting #smoking is going so well, I haven't had a single craving for a long time.

partial screenshot saying "365d 11h 59m 11s smoke free".
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Even more #LTT #scandal stuff! #Madison confirmed #quitting because of overworking


To stop the speculation and DM's I am receiving.
I chose to quit my role at LTT because it, and the working environment I was facing, were ruining my mental health.

The number of daily items the Social media role at the time was expected to fill was incredibly high.
I was expected to post 3 tweets, 2 Instagram posts, and 2 TikToks minimum per day.

I was also expected to plan, film, edit, and post 2 Floatplane exclusives per week.

This included wrangling people to be in them when they were also all struggling to get their work done.

I was also expected to manage, plan, come up with, execute, get approval for, and schedule out all the sponsored content on socials (not including YouTube)

All while being told not to complain because my job was "the fun job".

I cannot speak on what it's like now, but they have an entire team working on (seemingly) what I was expected to accomplish alone.

I misspoke originally when I stated I had signed an NDA. (I thought the employee handbook acted as one, I am not a lawyer)
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Everything you need to know about how to quit your job — Ask a Manager #Advice #Jobs #Employment #Quitting

David Hull 胡大衛
2 months ago

The photos in this article are just incredible.

Not-So-Quiet Quitting: ‘Resignation Parties’ Celebrate the End of Hustling

Young workers are quitting their jobs at big companies, and celebrating with hotpot and humor

#China #Quitting #Resignation #ResignationParty #離職派對

Adrian Segar
2 months ago

There are many reasons to leave a job. I share Jerry Weinberg's excellent list and add some observations and thoughts.

#working #Quitting #LeavingJob #reasons #WellBeing

Reasons to leave a job: cartoon illustration of a person in a business suit half-way out a door that has an EXIT sign
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Not sure why but

• Getting #hired (starting a #new #job )
#Quitting an old job (after much deliberation)
(-I never got #fired once. ever. Strange huh)

Both #calm me down #immensly

Guess I'm weird like that.

(But I'd rather decide on something today and have it #done, than even #procrastinate for one #second )


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If your job is #stressing you out, causing #depression

Consider #quitting
You #owe #noone #anything

Motivated workers can find a #job
after all...

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Everything you need to know about how to quit your job — Ask a Manager #Employment #Quitting #Advice #Howto

Haelus Novak
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I very much support #cannabis legalization, and do believe it's very helpful for some as a #medicine. That said, I found myself #addicted to it for the last 7-10 years. I used it to handle migraine pain, social discomfort, and modulate my inherent moodiness and potential mental health issues.

I feel uncomfortable saying this not because it bothers me, but because one of the common defenses against the anti-#legalization crowd's argument is that it's impossible to become addicted to #weed.

I previously stopped #smoking for about a month, but that was in hopes of improving my sensitivity (decreasing my tolerance) rather than #quitting. Now I've made the choice too quit plain in my brain, I am on 26 days #sober and eyeing the 30-day mark as a meaningful goalpost, but also a step into the unknown.

Ewan Arnolda
4 months ago

Who is finding hard to get more views I @YouTube? I am seriously thinking of quitting and taking the pressure of me.
@YouTubeCreators #youtube #quitting

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“Self-#acceptance permits balance in our #recovery. We no longer have to look for the approval of others because we are satisfied with being ourselves. We are free to gratefully emphasize our assets, to humbly move away from our defects, and to become the best #recovering addicts we can be. Accepting ourselves as we are means that we are all right, that we are not perfect, but we can improve.”

(#Narcotics Anonymous World Services, Inc., 1985) #quitting

Finder of Impossible Things
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When #NPR reports on itself, it's quite serious, right?! Anyway, I'm glad they made they right move, #Twitter is a confusing space at the moment! #quitting

NPR news article
🍀 Cecil Teapot 🍀
6 months ago

Down to smoking just once a day now.
#Quitting #Smoking

Jennifer's BookTrail
6 months ago

Annie Duke - Quit: The Power of Knowing When to Walk Away

We hear a lot about the merits of grit, determination and keeping going, and maybe not so much about the merits of stopping. This book looks at when it's time to give up, and celebrates the skill of deciding not to do things!

(Read in January 2023 - had initially forgotten that I wanted to mention it here.)

#quitting #stopping #GivingUp #grit #quit #books

Gregory B Sadler
6 months ago

After I released a Sadler's Stories video about times spent with my Uncle Aimé, one viewer asked an interesting question about smoking, which I answered in this new video in the series
#Smoking #Tobacco #Memories #Quitting #Addiction #Video #Storytelling

Jayson Massey
6 months ago

"Learn more about the mechanism of habit development and discover a simple but profound tactic that might help you beat your next urge."

#habits #quitting

7 months ago

Enough is enough: Droves of angry #teachers across the country are #quitting — and not quietly

They're making teaching into an unsustainable profession - more than it already was. Based on the educational/training requirements it's just not worth it. So we'll just lower them and wonder why the kids are not learning.

David Hull 胡大衛
7 months ago

From @chinalaborwatch on Twitter:

From an Apple OEM factory:

"Processing hours for quitting:
Monday and Wednesday 1am-11am
There will be no [quitting] outside of those hours!"

#Labor #China #Apple #Quitting

Dennis Alexis Valin Dittrich
7 months ago

How Knowing When to Quit Could Change Everything

Annie Duke dispels the notion of “quitting while you’re ahead” and instead emphasizes the importance of quitting when the expected outcomes are no longer favorable.
…obstacles that hinder effective #quitting behavior, including escalation commitment, the desire for certainty, and status quo #bias

#BoundedRationality #DecisionMaking

7 months ago


I would think that quitting Twitter, like quitting smoking or quitting drinking or the like, requires some practice — the earlier efforts that interrupt the habit.

Prochaska et al. wrote an insightful book on quitting, having discovered that it's a 6-stage process with certain tasks that must be completed at each stage for the effort to be successful.

#quitting #habit #changingHabit #psychology

#Manitoba #nurses #quitting amidst mandated overtime, high vacancy rates, no home-life balance
"More than a third of positions open in some health regions." #cdnpoli #mbpoli

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Quitting is recognition that our time is precious, that we are making a choice in where we place our efforts.

Quitting is leaning into our uncertainty where it can lead us to more happiness and more meaning.

Quitting is about reversing the declining value in our work and cutting our losses.

Quitting marks a definitive border between toil and fulfillment.

#Paradox #Quitting #Grit #ParadoxPairs

Ivan Palomino
8 months ago

Employees with low #belonging scores are 59% more likely to consider #quitting their job due to mental health concerns. (by Lighthouse Research )
🔴 #Wellbeing has a strong correlation with the sense of belonging - that should be the new focus!

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash:
Poetry News
8 months ago

O, quitting! How do we best embrace the change?
A complex process that can seem so strange
Many were asking for more
So for them we did explore
And found a second series could rearrange

#quitting #change #career #jobs #ode #poetry

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In continuing my excellent luck throughout my life, last night, I woke up to absolutely shooting pain/agony in a tooth every time I clenched my jaw.

While I have now learned for sure that I do clench and, probably, grind my teeth when sleeping, I do not, in any way, appreciate the pain.

Emergency appointment at 1:30 PM today.

Not going to give in to cravings.

#Teeth #Dental #Quitting

9 months ago

I also may have purchased an entire chocolate ganache cake to celebrate deciding to quit and to celebrate the first day.

It is 6:40 PM, and I have no cigarettes near me or in the house and no compulsion to go anywhere to do anything about it. I did have 5 hard cravings. I just dealt with them by either playing with the cats, getting up and getting a glass of water or just powered through.

Day 1 down, however-long-of-the-rest-of-my-life-to-go.
#Quitting #Smoking #Cake

9 months ago

Day 1 of no smoking.

It always seems like such a mountainous climb at the beginning, especially when I think about how I started when I was 15 and have done so off and on up until the ripe old age of 44.

That's an almost 30-year-old habit to break.

#2023 #YearOfTrying #TryingMyBest #Quitting #GiveMeStrength #AndSnacks

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Americans wrapped up 2022 by quitting more. The overall quits rate grew in November after staying steady or declining for nine months, according to new data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The overall quits rate climbed from 2.6% in October to 2.7% in November. Quits in the private sector hit 3% again, an increase from 2.9% the previous month. Job openings also remained steady from October to November at 10.5 million. #BLS #Economy #FederalReserve #Quitting #Jobs

Karthik S
10 months ago

Yesterday, tons of Monster India employees took to LinkedIn to announce that they are moving on. This includes many in the senior management, including the CEO, and CMO, among others. The Great Resignation at Monster India? Nah, just an unethical gimmick.

#advertising #marketing #branding #linkedin #quitting #greatresignation #campaign

Heath Allyn
10 months ago

Every time I see someone post about an anniversary of #quitting #drinking or #smoking it brings my soul great joy. Good job people. Keep it up. I’m cheering you on.

Paul Gifford
10 months ago

Ok, it’s been over two months now since I stopped smoking, and I just had a craving so strong that, but for the fact that most of Molong’s retail sector is still closed, would have sent me scurrying to the shops for a pack of cigs. Please, someone tell me the cravings go away soon. #Quitting

Part of knowing when to quit is knowing where you want to point your energy.

#quitting #surrender #energt #focus #pivot #startingOver #lifeLesson #mindset #mindful #growthMindset #keepGoing

Vulture Culture
1 year ago

How would you quit your shitty job? Feel free to leave a response.

My ideal way of quitting would be growing garden cress in my keyboard. I know it's an outdated meme or whatever, but I think it would be a pretty cool way to send a message that I love plants more than this stupid box full of magic smoke.


A black plastic keyboard with white letters. Garden cress sprouts are growing out of the gaps between the keys.
Another angle of the keyboard. Garden cress is growing out of the spaces between the keys on the keyboard.

How Companies Are Dealing with Millennials Ghosting on Their Jobs - FREE #ghosting #J2DW #Jobs #quitting

Why quitters always win and losers never quit | Ladders #j2dw #jobs #work #workers #quitting

Nine Stupid Rules That Make Great People Quit | LinkedIn #j2dw #work #quitting #rules