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Don't just stay safe, stay fucking dangerous.

#climateChange #wildfires #revolution

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Today in Labor History June 7, 1788: Residents of Grenoble, France, tossed roof tiles and junk down upon royal troops during the Day of the Tiles. This was one of the first events of the French Revolution. Tensions had been rising because of poor harvests, poverty and hunger. To make matters worse, the aristocracy and the church continued to collect royalties from the peasants and refused to do anything to help alleviate their misery. On the morning of June 7, men and women began marching through the streets of Grenoble, with sticks and rocks, axes and metal bars. They took over the cathedral and rang the bells, which drew in peasants from the countryside. When the navy attacked a 75-year-old man, the people began ripping up the streets. They climbed to the rooftops and began throwing tiles and other projectiles at the soldiers below. They forced the politicians to flee.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #France #Revolution #poverty #peasants

Day of the Tiles, painting By Alexandre Debelle, depicting street fighting between soldiers and workers - Musée de la Révolution française, CC BY-SA 4.0,
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Blaming #ZelenskyWarCriminal or other war mongers is not sufficient to stop war, terrorism, unemployment, inequality & #ClimateCrisis but we must understand that the real enemy is capitalism, and unless this diseased system is not buried, mankind will not be in peace.

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Bitcoin evangelist Joe Hall tells The Agenda why he thinks BTC will conquer the world - Bitcoin has a marketing problem, but journalist and BTC evangelis... - #bitcoinevangelism #bitcoincommunity #whatisbitcoin #bitcoinprice #grassroots #revolution #community #charity

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[Vidéo] Alain Krivine : le trotskisme permanent

« Aujourd'hui, on va parler d'Alain Krivine.
Mesdames, messieurs, bienvenue.
Après vous avoir fait le portrait d'Arlette Laguiller et de son organisation Lutte Ouvrière,
On va aujourd'hui s'attaquer à une autre figure du trotskisme français,
Alain Krivine et sa ligue communiste révolutionnaire,
la LCR, qui… #Luttes #Revolution #Trotskisme

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Erinnerst du dich noch an Blackberry, Sidekick und Co.? Das waren die Mobilfunkgeräte, die jeder nutzte, bevor Apple das iPhone veröffentlichte.

Die Apple Vision Pro mag zwar im Moment noch nicht viel Sinn ergeben und ist schweineteuer, aber ich bin mir sicher, dass sie einiges verändern wird!

#Apple #iPhone #Innovation #Technologie #Zukunft #Revolution #VisionPro #WWDC23

#Blackberry #Sidekick #Nostalgie #Mobilfunkgeräte #TechThrowback #MobileTechnologie #ThrowbackThursday

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@yeahyeahyens @stefanmuelller @tazgetroete Leute, Ihr seid geschichtsvergessen. #Links im Sinne der 1968er bedeutet sexuelle Revolution hin zur sexuellen Anarchie. "Wer zweimal mit derselben pennt, gehört schon zum Establishment!" Ihr könnt euch nicht auf die Schultern der Kommune I stellen und dann laut schreien, dass der STAAT die Frauen beschützen soll. Klar könnt ihr den Begriff links umdefinieren, aber bitte nicht denen absprechen, die vor euch da waren.
#Rammstein #sexuelle #Revolution

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Hypocrisy isn’t a double standard. It’s a standard. It’s a strategy. FFS the whole world is about to burn down and you’re getting snarky about wordplay. You are not helping us. You are helping them. #revolution #Action #ProtectDemocracy #FightFascism #GetOutOfTheWay

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Very pleased this book, from Alexandra Paulin-Booth, is now out in the world. Lots of good stuff in there. #France #socialism #temporality #revolution

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Today in Labor History June 4, 1932: Chilean politicians and the military carried out a coup d'etat, installing Marmaduke Grove, who declared Chile a "socialist republic." However, workers were given no means to participate. The Communist Party and many unions opposed the new government because it was run by the military and not by the workers. However, the “socialist” government did temporarily halt evictions and ordered the “Caja de Crédito Popular” to return tools and clothes that workers had pawned there. They also pardoned everyone who participated in the Sailors' mutiny of 1931, when enlisted men rebelled against their officers and the state. Furthermore, they provided free meals to the unemployed. Twelve days later, the military ended the "workers republic." That same year, Farabundo Marti led a short-lived, but successful communist revolution of indigenous peasants in El Salvador. It was violently suppressed by General Martinez a few months later in La Matanza, a genocide of up to 40,000 mostly indigenous people. Martinez then became the first head of state to officially recognize Hitler as leader of Germany.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #socialism #communist #Revolution #uprising #massacre #indigenous #genocide #hitler #nazis #fascism #chile #ElSalvador #FarabundoMarti #mutiny

March in support of the proclamation of the Socialist Republic of Chile, in front of La Moneda Palace (June 12, 1932). By Unknown author - El Nuevo sucesos. Santiago : [s.n.], 1932-1934 (Santiago : Talleres Gráficos de El Nuevo Sucesos) 47 nos., n° 1567, (17 jun. 1932), p. 7, Public Domain,
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Today in Labor History June 4, 1919: Trotsky banned the 4th Ukrainian Congress of Free Soviets with his Order #1824. He also sent troops to destroy the Rosa Luxemburg Commune near Provkovski, and declared the Ukrainian anarchist insurgent Nestor Makhno an outlaw. The Free Territory within Ukraine, also known as Makhnovia (after Nestor Makhno) lasted from 1918 to 1921. It was a stateless, anarchist society and it was defended by Makhno’s Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army (AKA the Black Army). Roughly 7 million people lived in the area. The peasants who lived there refused to pay rent to the landowners and seized the estates and livestock of the church, state and private landowners, setting up local committees to manage them and share them among the various villages and communes of the Free State.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #anarchism #ukraine #NestorMakhno #Revolution #soviet #communist #trotsky #insurrection #BlackArmy #peasant #commune

Black Army combat group, headed by Fedir Shchus (center). By Unknown author -, Public Domain,
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Listening to The New Abnormal (This Marjorie Taylor Greene Wish Could Start a Civil War):

Eli Merritt, a political historian at Vanderbilt University and author of a book entitled Disunion Among Ourselves: The Perilous Politics of the American Revolution, joins this episode of The New Abnormal to share what would cause a civil war today, and no spoilers but it relates to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s succession wish. Merritt also tells TNA podcast co-host Danielle Moodie three reasons why the Founding Fathers were supportive of slavery when they could have phased out the practice much earlier (besides racism) and how their reasons for keeping it ties back to what’s going on today. Plus! Like usual, the hosts reacting to clips opens up the show. Hosted on Acast. See for more information. #politics #Podcast #maga #qanon #mtg #refusefascism #fascism #magasucks #FuckMaga #Revolution #civilwar

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Det är Wigforss socialism som lever – inte hans politik
Gemensamt för både Anders Karlsson och Henrik Arnstad är att de undervärderar Wigforss plädering för arbetarmakt och övervärderar hans bidrag till den ekonomiska politiken.
#Demokrati #Ekonomi #Klass #Marxism #Socialism #ErnstWigforss #Gillesocialism #HenrikArnstad #Reformer #Revolution

Martin Holland
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#America Is Headed Toward #Collapse

#History shows how to stave it off.

"The long history of human society compiled in our database suggests that America’s current economy is so lucrative for the ruling elites that achieving fundamental reform might require a violent #revolution. But we have reason for hope. It is not unprecedented for a ruling class—with adequate pressure from below—to allow for the nonviolent reversal of elite overproduction. But such an outcome requires elites to sacrifice their near-term self-interest for our long-term collective interests. At the moment, they don’t seem prepared to do that."

5 days ago “Take responsibility for your legacy”. When will #GenZ have enough of old power structures? Power that harms #people and their living environment? When will the lying stop? What will prince Wilhelm do with his position? They are so ready for a #revolution. SPOILER ALERT, the last three explosive minutes of #YoungRoyals season 2. #inequality #lgtbq #gender #EdvinRyding

Edvin Ryding as Wilhelm & Omar Rudberg as Simon in Young Royals
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Today in Labor History June 3, 1910: U.S. anarchists formed the Francisco Ferrer Association in Harlem, one year after the wrongful execution of anarchist educator Francisco Ferrer in Spain. The organization founded libertarian socialist schools throughout the U.S. based on the principles of Ferrer’s Modern Schools. The American Modern Schools were designed to counter the discipline, formality and regimentation of traditional American schools. Regular working-class people ran the schools for the children of workers. They sought to abolish all forms of authority, including educational, with the goal of creating a society based on free association and free thought. They emphasized learning by doing, as well as crafts and reading. They avoided rigid curricula, rote memorization and regimentation, as well as rewards and punishments. They also believed that learning was a life-long process that never ended. Therefore, parents and other adults were encouraged to participate in the operation of the schools and to attend evening and weekend lectures. Some of the speakers at these lectures included Clarence Darrow, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Jack London, Upton Sinclair, and Man Ray. The schools also served as cultural centers for the promotion of revolutionary unionism, free speech, sexual liberation, and anti-militarism.

Read my full article on the anarchist roots of the Modern School Movement:

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #anarchism #ModernSchool #FranciscoFerrer #Revolution #union #school #education #children #liberation #FreeSpeech

NY Modern School, c1911, Principal Will Durant and pupils. From the first issue of The Modern School magazine, public domain
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Workers of India unite!
You have nothing to lose but caste, religion, cultism!!
You have nothing to lose but unemployment, ignorance, discrimination!!
You have nothing to lose but exploitation! #Revolution

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Congress and Biden just came to an agreement on the budget. They had to make cuts in order to come to an agreement.

If you were in charge, which would you cut?

#DebtCeiling #debt #deficit #taxes #spending #revolution

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A short piece from Che Guevara, "Published in *Cuba Socialista* magazine in September 1962," about cadre development, recently pushed out by

I found this paragraph the most insightful, detailing four distinct groups of necessary cadres (political, military, economic, and administrative):

>To assure the triumph and the total consolidation of the revolution, we have to develop different types of cadres: the political cadre who will be the base of our mass organisations, and who will orient them through the action of the Partido Unido de la Revolucion Socialista (United Party of the Socialist Revolution; PURS). We are already beginning to establish these bases with the national and provincial Schools of Revolutionary Instruction and with studies and study groups at all levels. We also need military cadres; to achieve that, we can utilise the selection the war made among our young combatants, since there are still many living, who are without great theoretical knowledge but were tested under fire — tested under the most difficult conditions of the struggle, with a fully proven loyalty toward the revolutionary regime with whose birth and development they have been so intimately connected since the first guerrilla fights of the Sierra. We should also develop economic cadres who will dedicate themselves specifically to the difficult tasks of planning and the tasks of the organization of the socialist state in these moments of creation. It is necessary to work with the professionals, urging the youth to follow one of the more important technical careers in an effort to give science that tone of ideological enthusiasm which will guarantee accelerated development. And, it is imperative to create an administrative team, which will know how to take advantage of the specific technical knowledge of others and to co-ordinate and guide the enterprises and other organisations of the state to bring them into step with the powerful rhythm of the revolution.

#socialism #communism #marxism #MarxismLeninism #DialecticalMaterialism #DemocraticCentralism #cadre #cadres #revolution #CheGuevara #Cuba

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We need revolutionary change, and that cannot come from within an electoral system designed to prevent such change.

#bothsides #GOP #Democrats #Republicans #Revolution #change #politics

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Today in Labor History June 1, 1925: The Shanghai General Strike began as part of an ongoing labor insurgency occurring throughout China's industrial cities. May 30, police opened fire on protesters, killing at least 9 and sparking the General Strike. In the riots and protests that followed, up to 200 more died.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #wildcat #GeneralStrike #strike #union #Communist #china #massacre #Revolution

A propaganda poster depicting a westerner and a Chinese warlord torturing a protestor in the aftermath of the May 30th Movement in China. By Unknown author - Scanned from In Search for Modern China 1st. Ed. Hardcover, 1990, Spence, Jonathan D. (ISBN 0091744725), Public Domain,
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Today in Labor History June 1, 1914: 80 U.S. militia men refused to board a train as reinforcements for the U.S. invasion of Veracruz, Mexico. The U.S. ultimately occupied the region for six months because President Huerta refused to provide the U.S. with a 21-gun salute as an apology for arresting nine U.S. sailors. More significantly, Veracruz was an important oil port. Germany and Britain had been battling for its control. The occupation gave the U.S. greater influence on the still unfolding Mexican Revolution, as well as the growing tensions in Europe. 21 US troops died in the invasion and occupation, while slaughtering over 320 Mexicans.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #mexico #Revolution #imperialism #veracruz #occupation #mutiny #invasion #ww1

John H. Quick raises the American flag over Veracruz. Caption reads "Formal raising of first flag of U.S. / Veracruz 2 P.M. April 27, 1914"  By Photograph by Hadsell taken during the U.S. occupation of Veracruz, 1914. - Taken on 27 April 1914, Public Domain,
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Today in Labor History June 1, 1906: The bloody Cananea copper miners' strike began in Sonora, Mexico. The miners were demanding 5 pesos a day and an 8-hour workday, commensurate with what the U.S. citizens who were working side-by-side with them were earning. As many as 100 miners were killed in the strike, mostly by U.S. citizens working for the company. Although they were forced back to work without winning any of their demands, it contributed to the general unrest leading up to the Mexican Revolution.

The anarchist, Ricardo Flores Magón, along with members of his Partido Liberal Mexicana, organized a brigade of revolutionaries, who traveled from Arizona to the Cananea copper mines with the goal of exterminating all Americans employed there. The Arizona Rangers captured several of them. Magón and many others were extradited to Tombstone, Arizona, charged with violating U.S. neutrality laws, and imprisoned until 1910. After this, the Magonistas conquered parts of Baja California, including Tijuana, during the Mexican Revolution.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #cananea #mexico #copper #mining #anarchism
#RicardoFloresMagon #strike #massacre #mexico #Revolution

The Cananea Riot of 1906, notice the burning buildings in the background. By A. V. Casasola -, Public Domain,
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When you talk about "Democracy", must specify for whom are you talking about!
Democratic rights can't exist together for both tiger & goat in a single space & time!
Similarly, democracy for exploited - exploiters are hostile to each other. #Revolution #Socialism

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Hello Comrades and Friends! Let's grow!
Diversify and intensify our class works. #Revolution

Annales HSS
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Qu'apporte l'histoire des #émotions à notre compréhension de la #Terreur? Anne Simonin revient sur les contributions et limites d'une veine historiographique féconde.

« Actualité de la Terreur. L’apport des émotions à l’étude de la Révolution française. »


#Annales #histodons #revolution #reviewarticle #notecritique #historiographie @histodons

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"Die Welt befindet sich in rasantem #Wandel: Die Erde erwärmt sich, die #Ressourcen werden knapp, das #Wohlstandssystem wankt. Wie können wir wirtschaften ohne #Wachstumszwang? Wie können wir arbeiten ohne #Leistungsdruck? Wie können wir leben ohne Angst?
Die Antworten darauf erfordern eine friedliche #Revolution unserer #Glaubensgrundsätze. (...) War ich die Nächste, die es sich in einem zum #Scheitern verurteilten #System eingerichtet hat? " Greta #Taubert

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¡Danza Danza Revolución!
#Dance #DanceDanceRevolution #Revolution

Che Guevara in a conga line in a kindergarten in Shanghai.
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Today in Labor History May 30, 1814: Russian anarchist militant and philosopher Mikhail Bakunin was born. In Paris, in the 1840’s, he met Marx and Proudhon, who were early influences on him. He was later expelled from France for opposing Russia’s occupation of Poland. In 1849, the authorities arrested him in Dresden for participating in the Czech rebellion of 1848. They deported him back to Russia, where the authorities imprisoned him and then exiled him to Siberia in 1857. During his imprisonment, he lost all his teeth due to scurvy. However, he eventually escaped and made it to England.

In 1868, he joined the International Working Men’s Association, leading the rapidly growing anarchist faction. He argued for federations of self-governing workplaces and communes to replace the state. This was in contrast to Marx, who argued for the state to help bring about socialism. However, he agreed with Marx’s class analysis. Nevertheless, in 1872, they expelled Bakunin from the International.

Bakunin died in 1876 in Bern, Switzerland. He influenced anarchist movements throughout the world, but especially in Italy and Spain. He also influenced the IWW, Noam Chomsky, Peter Kropotkin, Herbert Marcuse, and Emma Goldman.

An older Bakunin, with long, wavy gray hair and long, gray beard. By Nadar - The New York Public Library [1], Public Domain,

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #anarchism #Revolution #rebellion #bakunin #marx #chomsky #EmmaGoldman #prison #kropotkin

An older Bakunin, with long, wavy gray hair and long, gray beard. By Nadar - The New York Public Library [1], Public Domain,
Pauline von Hellermann
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642 years ago today, on 30th May 1381, the #PeasantRevolt started. My daughter learned about it at school recently (impressed they did this! Not sure whether it's part of the national curriculum?). I ended up watching this Tony Robinson documentary and thoroughly enjoyed it. What fantastic courage and organisation by #WatTyler and all #Revolution

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Today in Labor History May 29, 1881: Chinese educator, nationalist revolutionary and anarchist Li Shizeng was born. He led the anarchist Jinde Hui group (Society for Progress and Virtue), with Wu Zhihui, & Zhang Ji. He also tried unsuccessfully to turn the Guomindang into an anarchist organization. Indeed, he is known as one of the four anti-Communist elders of the Chinese Nationalist Party. In his youth, he earned graduate degrees in chemistry and biology in France, and opened the first European tofu factory.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #anarchism #china #kuomintang #Revolution #communism

Li Shizeng as pictured in The Most Recent Biographies of Chinese Dignitaries. By Unknown; scanned by 天竺鼠 (talk) 17:20, 10 January 2011 (UTC) - (Shōwa 16 [1941]) Saishin Shina yōjinden [The Most Recent Biographies of Important Chinese People], Tokyo: Asahi Shimbun OCLC: 23310651., Public Domain,
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Louise Michel

Today in Labor History May 29, 1830: Anarchist school teacher Louise Michel was born. Also known as the Red Virgin, she was a leader of the Paris Commune. During the Bloody Week, the authorities executed 30,000 men, women and children. They forced Michel to turn herself in by threatening to kill her mother, then deported her to New Caledonia, where she taught both the children of colonists and the indigenous people of New Caledonia. Her struggle against French colonialism and her support for the indigenous people is remembered today in their local museum of anarchism.

In 1880, the French gave amnesty to commune prisoners and allowed her back into the country. Many of those prisoners could not find work and were starving. She helped set up soup kitchens to feed them and devoted herself to writing about strikes and worker protests. On Mach 9, 1883, she led a demonstration through Paris. During the march, starving workers looted bakeries and stole bread. They arrested Michel and sentenced her to six years solitary confinement. Two years after being released, a would-be assassin shot her behind her ear. During the trial, she defended the would-be assassin, arguing that he had been misled by an evil society. She died on January 9, 1905, due in part to the bullet that remained lodged in her skull.

#Workingclass #LaborHistory #LouiseMichel #anarchism #ParisCommune #prison #execution #massacre #Revolution #feminism

Louise Michel (c. 1880). By J.M. Lopez - Unknown source, Public Domain,
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Einen kurzen Augenblick dachte ich wirklich, dass es eine #Revolution der Studenten gegeben hätte:
Aber nein, unsere schöne #Deutsche #Sprache verwendet nur manchmal für zwei völlig unterschiedliche Begriffe das gleiche Wort:
Erhebung 1) Revolution, #Aufstand 2) Sammlung (elicitation) von Daten


d'aïeux et d'ailleurs
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Article #wikipedia avec une information vie' sourcée : "Archives parlementaires de 1787 à 1860 ; 2-7. États généraux ; Cahiers des sénéchaussées et bailliages", série 1, tome 5, 1879, consultable;2, avec les noms des délégués des paroisses du #Finistere
#1789 #frenchrevolution #Revolution #Gallica

d'aïeux et d'ailleurs
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Grâce à #Wikipedia, je découvre le nom des délégués de Plonivel (#Finistère) à l'assemblée du tiers-état de la sénéchaussée de #Quimper au printemps 1789...
Il y a une forte probabilité que le Guillaume Le Calvez qui signe en 1784 (acte de mariage) soit le même que celui du cahier de doléances 😃 ❤️ (#AD29 poke @linda2900 )
Ils sont peu nombreux à signer dans le coin à l'époque...

#FrenchRevolution #paysbigouden #Revolution #1789 #archives

Comparaison entre la signature de Guillaume Calvez (1784) et Guillaume Le Calvez (1789)
Hannah Copes
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Happy Glorious 25th of May, comrades. The fight continues for Truth, Justice, Freedom, Reasonably Priced Love, and a Hard-Boiled Egg. #Glorious25ofMay #TerryPrachett #Revolution #GNU

Lilacs in bloom
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Today in Labor History May 25, 1911: Mexican President Porfirio Díaz resigned after a popular uprising (the Mexican Revolution). Diaz had been dictator for thirty years and was despised by the overwhelming majority of Mexicans. He took power in 1867 by overthrowing Archduke Maxmillian of Austria. As dictator, he opened up Mexico to imperialist exploitation to a degree not seen with any of his predecessors. For example, oil production went up from 10,000 barrels a day to 13 million between 1901 and 1913. Mexicans rose up against him in the revolution of 1911, led by Pancho Villa, Emiliano Zapata and Madero, and the anarchist Magonistas in Baja California.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #anarchism #mexico #Revolution #RicardoFloresMagon #zapata #PanchoVilla #dictatorship #imperialism

Portrait of Ricardo Flores Magon, with curled mustache, and the following quote: We are free, truly free, when we don't need to rent our arms to anybody in order to be able to lift a piece of bread to our mouths.
David Boles
2 weeks ago

Persian Cats of the Revolution Propaganda Posters!

They're pretty!

They're pouty!

Hey, they're Persian!

They meowed the Paws Revolution!

#AI #Midjourney #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Poster #Revolution

Persian Cat of the Revolution. White fur. Surrounded by roses.
Persian Cat of the Revolution! Red hat and flag.
Persian Cat of the Revolution poster. Red hat. Surrounded by the conquered city.
Big, white, fluffy, Persian Cat of the Revolution poster.
Alexander Ruthol
2 weeks ago

And the most annoying thing about this isn't that it's defeatist and timid, but that it's 𝙬𝙧𝙤𝙣𝙜.

If russia is "humiliated" in Ukraine, losing Crimea in the worst way imaginable, with scenes like the US withdrawal from Vietnam playing out as the russians flee, the following will happen in russia:


There won't even be protests.

The people who think there might be a revolution in russia do not understand how secure Putin's position is, or the grip he has over society.

#russia #crimea #war #loss #revolution #ForeignPolicy

2 weeks ago

@sorcinaV Eine #Revolution wird es (nur) dann wenn man den digitalen Ausweis von überall ohne notwendigen persönlichen Kontakt beantragen und erhalten kann. Ansonsten ist das Veränderungspotential sehr überschaubar. #111BiblioCon

Our book EMPIRES & REVOLUTIONS: Cunninghame Graham & His Contemporaries contains essays exploring ideas of revolution, emancipation, equality, & liberty in the works of RBCG & other Scottish writers of the period—in print & online via Project MUSE

#Scottish #literature #imperialism #19thcentury #20thcentury #revolution #emancipation #equality #liberty

Karl Auerbach
2 weeks ago

So, is this song banned in Florida yet?

#Marat #JudyCollins #Revolution

3 weeks ago

Today in Labor History May 20, 1911: Anarchist Magonistas published a proclamation calling for the peasants to take collective possession of the land in Baja California. They had already defeated government forces there. Members of the IWW traveled south to help them.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #IWW #anarchism #magon #mexico #Revolution #BajaCalifornia

Brothers Ricardo (left) and Enrique Flores Magón (right) at the Los Angeles County Jail, 1917, By Unknown photographer -, Public Domain,
3 weeks ago

Today in Labor History May 19, 1989: Trinidadian Marxist historian and journalist C.L.R. James died. James was the author of The Black Jacobins (1938), Breaking a Boundary (1963), numerous articles and essays on class and race antagonism, West Indian self-determination, cricket, Marxism, & aesthetics. In 1933, he published the pamphlet The Case for West-Indian Self Government. He was a champion of Pan-Africanism and a member of the Friends of Ethiopia, an organization opposed to fascism and the Italian conquest of Ethiopia. He also wrote a play about the Haitian Revolution, Toussaint L’Ouverture, the Story of the Only Successful Slave Revolt in History. Paul Robeson starred in the 1936 British production.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #CLRJames #marxism #trinidad #WestIndies #haiti #revolution #history #books #BlackMastadon #author #writing @bookstadon

Image of a young C.L.R. James with the quote: The rich are only defeated when running for their lives.
3 weeks ago

Today in Labor History May 18, 1814: Russian anarchist militant and philosopher Mikhail Bakunin was born. In Paris, in the 1840’s, he met Marx and Proudhon, who were early influences on him. He was later expelled from France for opposing Russia’s occupation of Poland. In 1849, the authorities arrested him in Dresden for participating in the Czech rebellion of 1848. They deported him back to Russia, where the authorities imprisoned him and then exiled him to Siberia in 1857. However, he escaped through Japan and fled to the U.S. and then England.

In 1868, he joined the International Working Men’s Association, leading the rapidly growing anarchist faction. He argued for federations of self-governing workplaces and communes to replace the state. This was in contrast to Marx, who argued for the state to help bring about socialism. In 1872, they expelled Bakunin from the International. Bakunin had an influence on the IWW, Noam Chomsky, Peter Kropotkin, Herbert Marcuse, Emma Goldman, and the Spanish CNT and FAI.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #anarchism #bakunin #IWW #cnt #chomsky #kropotkin #EmmaGoldman #marx #rebellion #Revolution

Bakunin looking straight ahead, eye contact, with slightly graying scraggly hair and beard. By Nadar - The New York Public Library [1], Public Domain,
3 weeks ago

Heute vor 175 Jahren trat in der #Frankfurt​er #Paulskirche die erste Deutsche #Nationalversammlung zusammen.
An die #Revolution von 1848/49 erinnern wir mit Hinweis auf unser Heft #WerkstattGeschichte 20/1998: "1848"; im Thementeil: geschlechtergeschichtlich orientierte Beiträge von Rüdiger Hachtmann, Sylvia Paletschek und Manfred Gailus.


@histodons @historikerinnen @genderhistory

#histodons #GermanHistory #19thCentury #GenderHistory #175JahreRevolution1848 #OTD

Cover WerkstattGeschichte 20/1998 unter Verwendung einer Karikatur zum zeitgenössisch verspotteten Plan einer weiblichen Kompanie der Wiener Bürgergarde 1848 (Titel: Leichtes Corps"); zeigt eine Frau mit langem weitem Rock, Schürze und geschulterter Flinte.
Screenshot des Inhaltsverzeichnisses des WerkstattGeschichte-Hefts 20/1998 (Auszug).
3 weeks ago

Cameroun : combats pour l'indépendance by Marie-Irène Ngapeth Biyong

#autobiographie, #biographie, #FemmesCamerounaises, #UnionDemocratiquedesFemmesCamerounaises, #UDEFEC, #UniondesPopulationsduCameroun, #patriarcat, #FemmesActivitépolitiqueCameroun, #PartiPolitiques, #CamerounPolitiqueetgouvernement, #militantisme, #mouvementsdelibérationnationale, #révolution, #Anticolonialisme, #histoireafricaine, #antiimpérialisme, #colonialismeallemand, #colonialismefrançais, #imperialismefrançais, #Kamerun, #Cameroon

Cette étude est le fruit de 'expérience politique de 'auteur aux heures sombres des luttes d'indépendance en Afrique en général, et au Cameron en particulier. C'est l'analyse du contexte politique et stratégique qui a entouré l'avènement du Cameron à la souveraineté nationale et internationale.

3 weeks ago

@jilleduffy I looked into it. It's just that all my clients tend to be older folks who have ancient versions of Word, so I have to be sure I can be reverse compatible with them. But I also need Outlook to not be so wonky, as it increasingly seems to be getting (I'm sure by design). And MS is no longer servicing the version I have. So rock and a hard place, all of us in the middle. It's sickening to be so dependent on corporations that do not seem to have our best interests in mind. #revolution

Heute im Bundestag
3 weeks ago

Sir Christopher Clark, einer der bedeutendsten Historiker unserer Zeit, findet, dass die Bezeichnung "gescheitert" bei der #Revolution von 1848/49 zu kurz greift. Viel mehr müsse diese an ihren Nachwirkungen gemessen werden. Zum gesamten Interview ➡️

Heute im Bundestag
3 weeks ago

Prof. Dr. Dieter Langewiesche, Experte für Geschichte und Kenner der #Revolution von 1848/49, spricht von der Bedeutung der revolutionären #Parlament​e damals wie heute und warum die "gekrönte Revolution" nicht in allen Bereichen scheiterte. ⬇️

4 weeks ago

Famously, Cardinal Richelieu [supposedly] wrote "Give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest man, I will find something in them which will hang him" - Joe Biden seems to be proving that very false lately.

#JimJordan #Sham #Legal #Hearings #HunterBiden #JoeBiden #Politics #Quotes #KangarooCourt #French #Revolution #Bring #Out #Mme #Guillotine

4 weeks ago


Why would anyone in their right mind support a country that just killed more than a million of its own citizens?

The US just killed more than a million Americans, which is why I no longer support the US.

After a very long life of loving my country, I'll likely support the next viable non-violent revolution that comes along in the US...

Read more as to why I've made this decision...

- - - - -
#USPol #COVID-19 #corruption #revolution #misanthropic #BigPharma #OldMedia #pandemic #CDC #reset #MSM #media #biden #trump

4 weeks ago

Afin que nul n'oublie: L'Itinéraire D'un Anti-colonialiste by Gaston Donnat; Gilles Perrault; J. Suret-Canale; Michel Ndoh

#autobiographie, #biographie, #militantisme, #communistesfrançais, #mouvementsdelibérationnationale, #révolution, #Anticolonialisme, #antiimpérialisme, #guerredalgérie, #Frontpopulaire, #LUniondesSyndicatsConfédérésduCameroun, #UniondesPopulationsduCameroun, #PartiCommunisteAlgérien, #Particommunistefrançais, #Confédérationgénéraledutravail, #Afriqueoccidentalefrançaise, #RassemblementDémocratiqueAfricain, #Martinique, #Guadeloupe, #Madagascar, #LutteArmée

En décembre 1931, l'auteur débarque à Alger. Il a dix-huit ans. Alors qu'un vent glacial balaie les quais, il aperçoit les dockers algériens nus pieds, vêtus de loques... Il reçoit un choc qui va le marquer pour toute sa vie.
Jamais et nulle part, il ne pourra accepter la misère physique et morale impose aux peuples coloniaux.
Dès sa sortie de l'Ecole Normale de Bouzaréa, en 1933, il contacte de junes ouvriers agricoles algériens,... des montagnards de l'Atlas blidéen... Il poursuit son expérience à Oran, Annaba, en Kabylie, toujours en compagnie de ses camarades communistes.

Rita Portela (parody)
1 month ago

I mean, it’s a drag, and we’re all busy, but there’s going to need to be some kind of revolution.

#Revolution #Busy #CovidIsNotOver #COVIDisAirborne #ClimateChange #ClimateJustice #AutocraticRule #Racism #SocialJustice #GunControl #HealthEquity #FightFor15 #FightFor25 #UnionStrong #Education #Justice And whatever else I forgot.

Screenshot of a twitter post:
Thumbnail image of a man with a beard, hat and sunglasses.

Frankie Boyle 

I mean, it’s a drag, and we’re all busy, but there’s going to need to be some kind of revolution
Devol :fediverso:
1 month ago

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Gil Scott-Heron

The future won't be centralized!

#mastoradio #revolution #decentralizzazione

1 month ago

2/ Instead of seeing religion as always reactionary, we can acknowledge that religion operates across the political spectrum. Historically, religion played a role in the Haitan slave revolution, the US civil rights movement and South American liberation theology

#socialism #socialist #spirituality #spiritual #marxism #religion #theology #activist #activism #communism #communist #history #philosophy #philosophyofreligion #socialjustice #revolution #politics

Cy-real :mastodon: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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« L’écologie sans lutte des classes, c’est du jardinage. » Et pourtant... le jardinage, c'est révolutionnaire ! via @politis #jardinage #revolution #luttedesclasses

1 month ago

Wenn mir schon meine Sprachenlernapp unterschwellige Nachrichten sendet, die #Revolution zu starten. #duolingo #duolingospanish

Bild aus der Sprachenlernapp Duolingo: Sólo una revolución salva este país.

Nur eine Revolution rettet dieses Land.


#OTD in 1789, opening of the “États généraux”, or Estates General, summoned by king Louis XVI. They are summoned to solve the many crises that France faces then. It will have dramatic consequences for the monarchy. #revolution #France #history #histodons

What are the Estates general you ask? It's an assembly of all 3 Estates (clergy, nobility & commoners) where they can vote on important matters. Each estate gets one vote. The nobility with its 1% and the clergy with its 2% each have as much voting power as the other 97%.

The Third Estate, the common people, come prepared. They want better representation, elected representatives, a Constitution, the abolishment of many privileges and for the First and Second Estate to pay their fair share of taxation. It’s more more a battle than a meeting.

The revolutionary cogs start turning. It will eventually lead to the French Revolution and everything that ensued. To learn more about this, listen to our episode. 👇

hamish campbell
1 month ago

#Revolution is about blowing up the flow of the mainstream so it floods into a different path with much “calcollateral” damage in the process as we live inside a highly urban complex society. Both paths can be useful, both have costs.

Good not to mix this shit up

Tucker Teague
1 month ago

I've been reading "Rebel Rank and File:
Labor Militancy and Revolt from Below During the Long 1970s" (Edited by Aaron Brenner, Robert Brenner and Cal Winslow)

Excellent book. I believe there's a lot here to teach us (the good and the bad) and inspire us today.

You can find it here:

#union #unions #strike #LaborMovement #history #socialism #capitalism #revolution #rebellion #WorkersRights #VersoBooks

An image of the book Rebel Rank and File:
Labor Militancy and Revolt from Below During the Long 1970s
Edited by Aaron Brenner, Robert Brenner and Cal Winslow
1 month ago

#abortion #analysis

Some US senators claim that they need 60 votes to overturn the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision which reversed Roe. They don’t. They can do it with a simple majority.

- None of the justices who voted to overturn Roe got 60 votes in their confirmation hearings when they were appointed to the court.

- If you add up all of the confirmation votes by senators for justices who favored keeping Roe, it totals more votes than those from senators who voted for justices who opposed Roe.

Right now, there are 55 senators who claim to be pro-choice. They could overturn the SCOTUS decision today if they wanted to.

NEWS FLASH: They don’t want to overturn the SCOTUS decision and make abortion legal.

They are lying to you.

- - - - -

Senators voting for SCOTUS nominee at confirmation:

Votes for justices who support Roe
total = 296

Votes for justices who oppose Roe
total = 266

#USPol #corruption #revolution

Rainer Rössler
1 month ago

@tazgetroete Ich habe den Eindruck, dass das #PeterPrinzip aktuell voll wirkt und einzig eine #Revolution #nachhaltig hilfreich wäre?

1 month ago

Frihetskampen i Guinea Bissau: Aspekter på en afrikansk revolution by Basil Davidson; Amílcar Cabral

#revolution, #GuineaBissau, #Västafrika, #antikolonialism, #antiimperialism, #rasism, #avkolonisering, #portugisiskaimperiet, #krig

'i denna bok redogör basil davidson för denna märkliga frihetskamp och diskuterar dess betydelse i större sammanhang.'

1 month ago

Assata, Une Autobiographie by Assata Shakur; Collectif Cases Rebelles

#autobiographie, #biographie, #AssataOlugbalaShakur, #étatsunis, #négrophobie, #BlackPanthers, #BlackPantherParty, #ArméedeLibérationNoire, #prison, #détention, #prisonnierspolitiques, #répressionétatique, #luttearmée, #révolution, #anticapitalisme, #libérationnoire

"Assata Shakur fut, dans les années 60 et 70, militante du Black Panther Party et de l'Armée de Libération Noire. Elle a connu le formidable bouillonnement d'une époque de révoltes et d'espérances pour les Noirs des États-Unis, comme la répression. De sa tendre enfance à son exil à Cuba, ses souvenirs se structurent autour du récit d'un emprisonnement de six ans. Une exceptionnelle leçon d'histoire populaire et d'engagement dans laquelle Assata dresse un portrait sans fard de l'oppression raciale et de la violence capitaliste aux États-Unis. Cette autobiographie est une lettre d'amour au peuple noir ainsi qu'à tous les opprimés. Une source d'inspiration inaltérable pour celles et ceux qui, à travers le monde, exigent la dignité et la justice."

Abe Drayton
1 month ago

It looks like we should expect more extreme weather in the coming year or so, but if we have reached a point where the oceans are going to be less effective at absorbing heat and greenhouse gases, then things up on dry land are probably going to start progressing much more quickly.

That means that simply ending fossil fuel use, while absolutely essential, is not enough. We must do better to prepare for a hotter planet.

#ClimateCrisis #GlobalWarming #ClimateChange #Revolution #union #generalstrike #extinction #humanity #classwar

1 month ago

#25a #redcarnation #revolution

Note: 3D printed red carnation celebrating the portuguese democratic revolution (25/april/1974).

3D printed red carnation celebrating the portuguese democratic revolution.
Yahia Lababidi
2 months ago

I admire #streetart , for its #daring, wit & #creativity.
In #Egypt, after our #revolution , this #art form erupted. Part open-air #Gallery , but mostly a kind of guerilla #journalism-on-the-run, it was almost as dangerous as being a #war #reporter —given how humorless & thin-skinned dictators are when it comes to criticism (or worse public humiliation).
My favorite piece of #protest art in Egypt from this time is “Nefertiti In A Gas Mask”
#history @histodons #culture #streetphotography

2 months ago

This toot and the thread that follows explains concisely why I've taken down my flagpole,

why I'm no longer flying the American Flag,

why I've completely lost faith in humanity, and

why, after a very long life of loving my country, I'll likely support the next viable revolution that comes along in the US...

- - - - -
#USPol #COVID-19 #corruption #revolution #misanthropic #BigPharma #OldMedia #pandemic #CDC #reset #MSM #media #biden #trump

2 months ago

"Il faut agir comme s'il était possible de transformer radicalement le monde. Et tu dois le faire tout le temps."

(Angela Davis)

#quotes #citations #revolution

Black and white photo of Angela Davis wearing an afro and smoking a cigarette

Voici "L'affiche vintage, poétique et brulante".

Avec ce visuel, vous pourrez affichez votre plus beau slogan dans la fumée d'un cocktail molotov. Très efficace pour déclarer sa flamme pour les luttes sociales !

#MastoArt #FediArt #ArtCommission #Vintage #revolution #anarchie #anarchy

Image d'exemple de la commission avec une femme noire qui tient un cocktail molotov allumé. La fumée de ce dernier forme des lettres qui indiquent "votre texte" et qui sont personnalisables.

D'autres éléments textuels personnalisables sont présents
Notice explicative de la commission dans laquelle on voir qu'on peut modifier la femme, le texte dans la fumée du molotov, le texte du titre et un bloc de citation.
Liste des 3 modèles de femmes disponibles pour la commission avec une femme noire avec un turban, une femme blanche avec les cheveux en chignon, une femme asiatique avec les cheveux noués
2 months ago

Objectives, Significance and Repercussions of the Kamerunian Revolution on the Continent of Africa by Union des Populations du Cameroun

#PartyProgramme, #UPC, #UniondesPopulationsduCameroun, #Kamerun, #Cameroon, #Cameroun, #Revolution, #BritishImperialism, #AmericanImperialism, #FrenchImperialism, #AntiImperialism, #AntiColonialism, #PanAfricanism, #ArmedStruggle, #PeoplesWar, #RevolutionaryNationalism, #Revolutionarysocialism, #NewDemocracy, #NewDemocraticRevolution, #Maoism, #NationalLiberationMovements

"From 1959-60, in the context of the Cold War, during the establishment of the neocolonial bourgeoisie and in the face of France's obstinacy in refusing the UPC its rightful place in Kamerun, asking if the UPC was communist could only have one revolutionary answer: Yes it was, since its leaders were already talking explicitly about socialism as the end goal of the UPC's struggle. Read:

“The UPC follows the example of China and Indochina, and seeks to build a socialist society modeled on that of People's China.”

This is what the highest official of the UPC [Moumié] said, addressing a young executive and designating without ambiguity the socialist horizon as the objective to be achieved in Kamerun.

Will :toad:
2 months ago

@futurebird Thanks for articulating this so well. Can relate. I also remember thinking #Adbusters was a world-saver. Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then. But hey, I still think the #revolution is at hand. 😎

2 months ago

J’ai enregistré une #chanson écrite fin décembre qui parle grosso modo de la manière dont les réseaux sociaux captent la colère et neutralisent ainsi la #révolution IRL. Il est pas beau mon sens du timing ? 😂

2 months ago

@workingclasshistory 6 months ... #revolution lasted 6 months 😖

2 months ago

@ericachenoweth I don't understand why that number is so low, when you compare to #tippingpoint studies by #DamonCentola for example at 25%. From sheer observation of being alive for half a century, I tend to go towards the higher number indeed (+ I will always have a positive bias towards #modelling) #socialscience #socialchange #revolution #activism

Mark 🏳️‍🌈
2 months ago

So many people saying that #generativeAI is overhyped and/or dangerous. Like they once said about the printing press, rotary plough, loom, electricity, the telegraph, automobiles, nuclear power, TV, rock music, space travel, cellphones, the internet, and on and on. But AI promises solutions to existing problems in a vast range of fields. This is not a solution looking for a problem. It’s how well can we get it to do what we’ve been trying to accomplish for decades?
#ai #research #revolution

lionel aubert
3 months ago

« Une #révolution c'est le peuple qui la décide »
Propos de #Macron en 2020 au Liban.
À bon entendeur 😉

#retraites etc.
(Merci au rappel par la Vérité censurée)

💻 Ana DaLerd 🦊
3 months ago

The end of the world well deserves anarchy

Given the perpetual chaos of the moment, it is difficult to imagine how the situation will evolve. In France, what is certain is that the rejection of the motion of censure is far from discouraging. What remains to be hoped is that we do not miss such a revolutionary impulse to extend its scope well beyond the French pensions alone.

For it is not only in the streets of France that a revolution is underway. It is not only against a politician or a "fuse" reform that is about to blow. It's all over the world, starting in people's heads, in the city districts, on the islands and in the outback: in demonstrations, but also in life, work and struggle collectives, in associations and unions. To stop the machine: it is against an absolute crushing that we need a general strike.

Obviously, the reality is more complex, but already the awareness of all the stakes of our time is modifying, somehow, our social behavior. In any case, radical aspirations are spreading, in the sense of a return to the roots: here, "no longer waste your life earning it"; there, "woman, life, freedom"; and so many others elsewhere. It now remains to be seen how much these aspirations will be in solidarity with each other, without maintaining a supremacist order. In France, as in the whole of the West, it is essential to spread the fires of revolt against toxic policies and ideas: reactionary and security-oriented, xenophobic and racist, (cis)sexist and queerphobic, validist and ecocidal. These policies here that fit so well with those of the oppressors there to maintain their authority.

The influence of the extreme right is terrifying and may well be translated all the more strongly into institutions as they feel all powerful in the economic, executive and legislative branches. And even in our current front, great fractures are hidden: the apparent solidarity should not be only that of the nationals. A dead end in which the bulk of the Yellow Vests movement has sunk with a quasi-nationalist lexicon, translated into objectives, slogans and symbols often republican and Franco-French, despite some internationalist inspirations. In fact, we have missed an anarchic movement that is globally contagious: the covid will have been so more than us.

It is obvious: the necessity and the revolutionary potential are worldwide. We cannot ignore the global stakes: the planetary plundering, by the planes of the rich walking their wallets, also allows the precarious maintenance of our privileges. The French standard of living, including our rights, are not only the fruit of past struggles but also of the exploitation of the Third World and of all living things.

But by making the proletariat more and more precarious, including in the rich countries, the capitalist regimes have enough to make us emerge with an international class consciousness: what our governments want to impose on us is not even up to the level of the violence suffered by the workers of the global South since the colonization. These are the same people that we ignore even in our own neighborhood today, who risk or even lose their lives at the borders by ultimate reflex or who suffer on the spot, by choice or default.

So given the number of reasons to be angry in this world and the masses that we are in action, there is reason to dream of streets lined with all the colors, all the languages of the world to at least say it proudly all together: we are here!

#analysis #revolution #pensions

💻 Ana DaLerd 🦊
3 months ago

Ou... La fin du monde mérite bien l'anarchie.

Vu le chaos perpétuel du moment, difficile d'imaginer comment la situation va évoluer. En France, ce qui est sûr, c'est que le rejet de la motion de censure est loin de nous décourager. Ce qu'il reste à espérer, c'est qu'on ne rate pas un tel élan révolutionnaire pour étendre sa portée bien au-delà des seules retraites françaises.

Car ce n'est pas que dans les rues de l'hexagone qu'une révolution est en cours. Ce n'est pas seulement contre un'e politicard'e ou une réforme "fusible" à deux doigts de sauter. C'est à travers le monde, à commencer dans les têtes, dans les quartiers des villes, sur les îles et dans les cambrousses : en manifs, mais aussi en collectifs de vie, de travail et de lutte, en assos et en syndicats. Pour enrayer la machine : c'est contre un broyage absolu qu'il faut une grève générale.

Évidemment, la réalité est plus complexe mais déjà la conscience de tous les enjeux de notre époque modifient, tant bien que mal, nos comportements sociaux. En tous cas les aspirations radicales se répandent, au sens du retour à la racine : ici, "ne plus perdre sa vie à la gagner" ; là-bas, "femme, vie, liberté" ; et tant d'autres ailleurs. Il reste maintenant à voir combien ces aspirations seront solidaires les unes avec les autres, sans maintenir un ordre suprémaciste. En fRance comme dans tout l'occident, il est indispensable d'étendre les feux de la révolte contre les politiques et idées toxiques : réactionnaires et sécuritaires, xénophobes et racistes, (cis)sexistes et queerphobes, validistes et écocidaires. Ces politiques ici qui s'accordent si bien avec celles des oppresseurs là-bas pour maintenir leur autorité.

L'influence des extrêmes-droites est terrifiante et risque bien de se traduire d'autant plus fort dans les institutions qu'elle se sentent toutes puissantes au sein des pouvoirs économiques, exécutifs et législatifs. Et même dans notre front actuel se dissimulent de grandes fractures : la solidarité apparente ne doit pas être que celle des nationaux. Une impasse dans laquelle s'est enfoncée le gros du mouvement des Gilets Jaunes avec un lexique quasi-nationaliste, traduit en objectifs, mots d'ordre et symboles républicains et franco-français, malgré quelques inspirations internationalistes. De fait, on est passé à côté d'un mouvement anarchique mondialement contagieux : le covid l'aura été plus que nous.

C'est une évidence : la nécessité et le potentiel révolutionnaires sont mondiaux. On ne peut pas ignorer les enjeux globaux : le saccage planétaire, par les avions des riches promenant leur portefeuille, permet aussi le maintien précaire de nos privilèges. Le standard de vie français, y compris nos droits, ne sont pas que le fruit de luttes passées mais aussi ceux de l'exploitation du tiers-monde et de l'ensemble du vivant.

Mais en précarisant toujours plus le prolétariat, y compris dans les pays riches, les régimes capitalistes ont de quoi faire émerger en nous une conscience de classe internationale : ce que nos gouvernements veulent nous imposer n'est même pas encore à la hauteur des violences encaissées par les travailleur-euse-s du Sud global depuis la colonisation. Ces mêmes personnes que nous ignorons jusqu'à notre propre voisinage aujourd'hui, qui risquent voire perdent leur vies aux frontières par ultime réflexe ou qui subissent sur place, par choix ou défaut.

Alors vu le nombre de raisons d'être furieux se dans ce monde et les masses que nous sommes en action, il y a de quoi rêver de rues tapissées de toutes les couleurs, de toutes les langues du monde pour au moins se le dire fièrement : on est là !

#analyse #revolution #retraites

Adam Greenfield
3 months ago

I don't think the #Revolution is ever going to arrive in such a way as to produce a clearly-defined “before” and “after.” It will be more like Tainter’s account of the "Fall" of Rome: a peeling-away, a progressive reallocation of resources, as first those at Empire's edge, and then people everywhere, realize late capitalism takes more from them than it’s ever given them back in return, make different choices accordingly, and see that they go unpunished.

Nils Wilcke
3 months ago

Le dîner d'Etat donné par Macron au roi Charles III à Versailles vendredi rend nerveux des Macronistes dans le contexte actuel: "Le président va trinquer avec un monarque dans l'ancien palais des rois de France, ça fait un peu provoc, non?", s'inquiète l'un d'eux. Si peu... #Off #reformedesretraites #Macron #Versailles #Revolution #Champagne

3 months ago

#mural am Iltisbunker in Kiel-Gaarden Die Wandmalerei "Revolution und Krieg" in #kiel ist 1987-1989 von Shahin Charmi entworfen und realisiert worden. Das Werk bezieht sich auf das 70 jährige Jubiläum Matrosenaufstand der Kieler #Revolution 1918

Raphael Isla
3 months ago

Il y a toujours un Tom Gauld en rapport avec l’actualité. #manifestation #revolution

BD de Tom Gauld en quatre cases où un tribun tente de soulever le peuple à faire sauter le système et finit par proposer une pétition
Leftist UU
3 months ago

Begun reading #Chokepoint #Capitalism by Rebecca Giblin and @pluralistic and it's interesting to see a very identifiable political thread in its blurb people- Adam Conover, Lawrence Lessig, Zephyr Teachout, Jimmy Wales.

These people, who I would, personally, characterize as left-liberals much of the time, provide an interesting anchor point in the political and economic movement for #socialjustice. Some of them have gained an amount of reach and are viewed as experts or at the very least accessible communicators.

In the introduction we see a point of tension in the dialectic between "the minimum demand" (mild, almost performative reform) and "the maximum demand" (#revolution from the root to a different system). #Trotsky is known for the transitional program, but *Reform and Revolution* by #Luxemburg, a bunch of #Kautsky. It's a very long current in the camp of people that want to replace the relations of society and production.

Fascists obviously have used critiques of capitalism in order to gain a political audience, but Germany during the Third Reich reminds one a lot of the kind of incestuous relationship of dominant industry and the political elite.

The question is basically, can what is in many ways a deep overhaul of the #administrative state, something everyone thinks of when they think of Sen. Elizabeth #Warren, really possible? There has to be enough "democracy in the system" to get to the end point, and the US in particular has both issues of #federalism and a federal judiciary that despises the administrative state. Also changes such as relate to monopoly, monopsony, and competition, may in some cases lack what I think is the core way that #reformism can be built upon- stickiness.

I mean essentially that universal benefit programs, well funded, are the most difficult to reverse from the free-market right. They have a very large supportive population that melds the poor, working class, and aspects of the petty bourgeoisie and professionals together in common interests.

Targeting, as is done in neoliberalism, creates inter-class conflict among those not in the elite, and can be stoked additionally by #race, #citizenship, and other factors. Neoliberalism by design when it does #welfare makes programs extremely brittle and easy to defund.

So even though the Tories have had two decade and a half long reigns in power since 1979, and Tony Blair was thoroughly a center-right New Labour PM, the #NHS has stubbornly stuck around even in its crisis state. It has resiliency.

But having enough #democracy in the system is difficult. We can look at Castillo in #Peru and #Boric in Chile, who both rode into power promising a fundamentally new, inclusive, and anti-neoliberal constitution. Actually getting through entrenched power structures, a right-wing #media apparatus, and the eternal riddle of many aspects of a #constitution being popular but at a referendum it adds up to less.

The phrase "#Chile will be the tomb of #neoliberalism imagines an end to neoliberalism- #AMLO talks about this a lot whatever you might think of his time in power. But how do you get over the hump? How do you dispatch it, and make sure it doesn't return? How do you hold sustained power so the capitalists can't just reverse all that can be done? How can genuine democracy and social justice come to fruition?

I don't have a lot of answers, but I appreciate how much was sparked just in the introduction of Chokepoint Capitalism

#wikipedia #socialism #leftwing #progressive

Puisqu'un gros compte des Anonymous utilise mon taf sans me mentionner, j'en profite pour le repartager...

Même si c'est "logique" qu'il me laisse anonyme (non) ... N'oubliez pas de créditer les artistes y compris quand leur créas sont dispo gratis.

(En plus il y a des recherches inversées et c'est pas impossible de rechercher)

Les versions gratuites :cc: :ccby: :cc_nc_eu: :cc_sa:

Pour acheter :

#FediArt #MastoArt #Vintage #revolution

Affiche vintage avec une pieuvre dont les tentacules effectuent des actions qui symbolisent différents aspects des luttes sociales comme l'organisation, l'antifascisme, la solidarité, l'éducation populaire, l'action directe, la création artistique et la recherche. Un texte indique Well Armes for Revolution
Capture d'écran d'un tweet du compte Anonymous Operations qui utilise mon visuel sans me créditer.
La bio du compte Anonymous Operations qui totalise presque 500 000 abonné'es
3 months ago

Bon Dieu, ce gouvernement, je les hais, j'ai jamais haïs qui que ce soit comme ça.
Hier on entend que les protections périodiques vont être remboursées par la sécu, aujourd'hui on lit que ce n'est que pour les -25 ans, comme si il n'y avait pas de femme de +de25 ans, éventuellement mère avec enfant, vivant avec trop peu d'argent . Ils savent que cliver, diviser, partager, séparer, celleux qui ont droit à ci, celleux qui ont droit à mi, mais pas à ci...

Yahia Lababidi
3 months ago

@KelsonV @hntdove @JaneETowle @bookstodon Then again, sigh, there is #Egypt where I’m from .

After overthrowing a dictator of 30 years, Mubarak, the military took over & are no better.

Worse, because of economic hardship & a complex of reasons, there’s now #revolution - fatigue, so that even previous revolutionaries are hesitating to criticize current regime …

Here’s oped I wrote 10 years ago :

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Tucker Teague
4 months ago

Here's a little historical quiz just for funzies. Who coined the phrase, "The long march through the institutions"?

No cheating! 😀

Feel free to BOOST this too!

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🇫🇷 Bouffe ton validisme et étouffe-toi avec !

🇬🇧 Eat your ableism and choke with it !

Plus d'affiches, plus infos 👇

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Une femme en fauteuil roulant qui nous regarde avec un sourire en coin en tenant un pied de biche sur l’épaule et lisant un livre sur « Comment la non-violence protège l’État. 
L’illustration est réalisée à la façon des cartes du dernier quart du XIXe siècle. Deux textes indiquent « My other disability is a tendency to riot » et « Eat your ableism and choke with it ».

Anyone know the source for this #quote, attributed to Rosa #Luxemburg:
"Those who do not move, do not notice their chains" ??
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Adrien Rahier
4 months ago

On the left the copy, on the right the original (circa 1791) 😍 #vintage #antique #playingcards #revolution

Autonomie und Solidarität
4 months ago

The Rebellion is built on Hope
(An Interview with Leisa - a female Rebel from #Burma )

"This article is an article written by a Burmese anarchist comrade "Obi-Y Kanochi". Obi-Y Kanochi reflects a lot of issues on Myanmar's revolution and the current situations in #Burma. Besides, comrade Obi-Y Kanochi conducted an interview one of the female rebels "Leisa" regarding armed struggles and her insights on the ongoing #revolution in Burma."

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#OTD in 1793, former king of France Louis XVI is guillotined on the Place de la Révolution (now place de la Concorde) in Paris. The regicide is a major step in the French Revolution and dawns an era known as the Terreur. #Thread #history #Revolution #histodons @histodons