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🔴 Ce #GTWorldchampionship est vraiment divertissant !
La 2eme heure était sans rebondissements, mais la dernière change une nouvelle fois le jeu, avec une fuite d'huile sur la piste!

Par contre, très surprenant que les pilotes ne ralentissent pas à proximité des agents qui sont sur le circuit. Inconscient et dangereux.🏁

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Today’s #race:

12.2 km around the Pfäffikersee in Wetzikon, Switzerland.

Goal: < 65 minutes
Official time 1:05:54

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Race map with result from Tempo app
1 day ago

State laws that criminalize abortion are part of a long history of maintaining White supremacy through reproductive control of Black and socially marginalized lives. Explore concrete public health strategies. #Race #PublicHealth #NICHDimpact #HealthDisparities #Abortion

John Refior
2 days ago

#METCO brought black students in #Boston to ~white school districts starting in 1966

"It worked, because many of the adults I come in contact with talk positively, not about their experience, but about where they are now. If they hadn't gone to that school, as opposed to the Boston Public Schools, they wouldn't be where they are now. So that's the reward of the sacrifices they made during that time."
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Bud Talbot
4 days ago

Talking about race is not "playing the race card." And why is it always some middle-aged or older white guy who uses that phrase anyway?

Full disclosure: I am a middle-aged white guy. But I'm not dumb, and I am an ally.


4 days ago
#race #dialogueonracism #racialjustice #BostonCollege #CouragesConversations
Very good approach on talking about race and racism.Listening is one really good factor in a conversation about this.

Anthony Stevens 🇪🇺 🇯🇲 💙
5 days ago

@Melinda @harriettmb

In a small room of 20 far right #US associates, Cruella #Braverman, the daughter of 1970s #Indian #Immigrants announced: "Multiculturalism has failed" 😳

The irony! 🙄

Why's she decided to fly so far to make such incendiary claims? The starting gun for #GE2024 has been fired, & as predicted the #Tories are putting #Race & #Immigration front & centre, just as they did in 2019 with #Brexit

HOWEVER, this time it's the children of Indian Immigrants happily leading the charge

5 days ago

The #lawsuit is 1 of 3 that #Blum's #Texas-based group had filed since Aug challenging #grant & #fellowship programs designed by the venture capital fund & 2 #law firms to help give #Black, #Hispanic & other underrepresented minority grps greater #career #opportunities.

A different grp founded by Blum was behind the litigation that led to the June decision, powered by #SCOTUS's 6-3 #conservative majority, declaring #race-conscious student admissions policies used by Harvard & the UNC unlawful.

5 days ago

US judge refuses to block venture capital fund's grants for #BlackWomen

A #federal #judge in #Atlanta on Tues rejected a bid by the #AntiAffirmativeAction activist behind the successful #SCOTUS challenge to #race-conscious #CollegeAdmissions policies to bar a small #VentureCapital fund (#VC) from awarding #grants to businesses run by #Black #women.

"To block AP [African American studies], to go into this whole learning thing, it’s just repeating what was going on in 1940, in 1930. … When you get to a point where you thought people have rid themselves of these thoughts, you get a governor who comes along and shows us, no, they haven’t. They’re still standing in the same pool of ignorance.”

#Arkansas #SarahHuckabeeSanders #education #race #BlackHistory

"It is an intent to have an ill-informed population so that demagogues can do whatever they want. … The desegregation crisis hurt all the children, and if we don’t know that, we deserve what we get.”

Melba Beals said,

“The mark of a nut, the mark of a crazy person, is to do the same thing over and over and over again."

#Arkansas #SarahHuckabeeSanders #education #race #BlackHistory

Mary Hennigan reports on what members of the Little Rock Nine just told Arkansas high school seniors about Sarah Huckabee Sanders' "educational" initiatives and her attempt to wipe out education about any history touching on slavery, race, and so on:

Minnijean Brown Trickey stated,

“I think we exist in this country with a disease called profound intentional ignorance."

#Arkansas #SarahHuckabeeSanders #education #race #BlackHistory

6 days ago

[Το των Ελλήνων όνομα πεποίηκε μηκέτι του γένους αλλά της διανοίας δοκείν είναι, και μάλλον Έλληνας καλείσθαι των της παιδεύσεως της ημετέρας ή των της κοινής φύσεως μετέχοντας.

#Ισοκράτης, 436-338 π.Χ., Αθηναίος ρήτορας

#έλληνας #greek #nation #common #education #nature #race]

Steve Thompson
6 days ago

"Facial recognition technology jailed a man for days. His lawsuit joins others from Black plaintiffs"

"Reid was driving to his mother’s home...when police pulled him over and arrested him on the side of a busy Georgia interstate.

He was Louisiana, they told him, before taking him to jail. Reid...would spend...days locked up, trying to figure out how he could be a suspect in a state he...never visited."

#identity #privacy #inference #race #unregulated

Philip N Cohen
6 days ago

"So don’t let the marriage promoters not talk about racial inequality" Still not talking about Black-White inequality in #marriage
#race #racism #family #sociology #Demography

Andrea Zio
1 week ago

#Ironman70.3 #NewYork done: non-stop #rain and 25 mph #winds with tailwind for half of the course and half with headwind (including the final 4 miles of the run). Brutal and memorable 😱🌦️

A #shoutout to my #supporters who came to the #race under these awful conditions... I owe you a dry sauna session at least 😜😜

Next, the #Ironman140.6 in a month

#swimming #biking #cycling #Running #triathlon

Myself completely soaked on the run. The picture looks like I'm actually running😜
Group selfie of my dear  supporters: Carla, Manolo, Audrey, and my Sherpa Marzia. They wear windbreakers, hats and hoods
Me in my wetsuit and green cap, almost ready for the swim. My wife with her pink jacket more anxious than me
My wife, myself and my friend Audrey under the Ironman village banner
1 week ago

Controversy over the race of Ancient Egyptians is an anachronistic debate which persists among laypersons and the media, when modern biologists regard the concept of race to be an inaccurate method to describe human biological variation and modern historians have confirmed that ancient Egyptians overtly identified as separate from both "white" peoples to their north and "black" peoples to their south. Egyptologist Frank Yurco has stated: "the whole matter of black or white Egyptians is a chimera, cultural baggage from our own society that can only be imposed artificially on ancient society".

DNA evidence suggests that Lower (northern) Egyptians are genetically closer to southern Europeans and Middle Easterners, while Upper (southern) Egyptians are genetically and phenotypically closer to "black" Northeast Africans such as Nubians and Sudanese. Thus, a substantial minority of Egyptians could be classified as "black people."

#RationalWiki #ancientegypt #race

Image title: "Nubian Tribute Presented to the King, Tomb of Huy, detail, center section, by Charles K. Wilkinson (MET, 30.4.21)", 1353–1327 BCE

Caption: The Nubians were depicted as black, while the ancient Egyptians depicted themselves as a brownish-red color."
Steve Thompson
1 week ago

"Meet Miss Toto, the drag queen serving up shark science in South Florida"

"“Drag 'n Tag' breaks down barriers to marine science for the queer community and people of color"

#GOP #dragqueens #Florida #DeSantis #education #discrimination #race

Warner Crocker
1 week ago

Some Sunday Morning Reading to share.

We’re on lake time this weekend but there’s still a moment to read a bit as we watch Summer heads into Fall.

Featuring @davidtoddmccarty among others.

#SundayMorningReading, #politics #jimmybuffet #race #culture

A brown and curling leaf sitting on a faded red dock by the lakeshore

"So we know it is tough.
We know there's a lot at risk. And if you are a #white person in this room-- and most of you are-- and you're thinking, 'what if I get called #racist? Oh, the last time I tried a couple times, it ended really bad.'
Trust me, no conversation on #race has ever ended nearly as bad for you as it ends for people of color."

"Because you have one person whose lived experience says, 'you are harming me and I need you to understand.'
And you have another person whose lived experience says, 'I am not part of the problem, I am a good person and I need you to understand.'
Because we don't state what it is that we're trying to talk about when we talk about #race, you can dissolve an entire friendship in a discussion.
And if you were to ask why of each person in that discussion, the reasons would be completely different."

"What we're doing when we're talking about #race, usually, is we have people who are trying to come to their own personal goals. And usually people of color coming to talk about race are trying to get other people to understand what is harming them. And very often, #white people come to talks about race to try to make sure that the person they're talking to knows that they are not the person who is harming them. Those are two completely different conversations that will never meet."

Steven Saus [he/him]
1 week ago

From 23 Sep: National Cathedral replaces windows honoring Confederacy with stained-glass homage to racial justice - The landmark Washington National Cathedral unveiled new stained-glass windows Saturday with a theme ... #ap-top-news #dc-wire #diversity #equity-and-inclusion #general-news #politics #race-and-ethnicity #religion #u.s.-news #washington-news

Steven Saus [he/him]
1 week ago

From 23 Sep: A Black student was suspended for his hairstyle. Now his family is suing Texas officials - HOUSTON (AP) — The family of a Black high school student in Texas who was suspended over his dreadlo... #ap-top-news #education #general-news #houston #lawsuits #race-and-ethnicity #racism #texas #tx-state-wire #u.s.-news

Steve Thompson
1 week ago

"A Black student’s family sues Texas officials over his suspension for his hairstyle"

"The family of a Black high school student in Texas on Saturday filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the state's governor and attorney general over his ongoing suspension by his school district for his hairstyle."

#1A #race #racism #texas #education #law

Dr. Sean Radford
1 week ago

Racing Tomorrow – Bure Valley 10 Mile

Final Grand Prix Race of 2023. Will I end on a high?

Even though it has only been 5 weeks since the Dereham 5k, it seems like months. I guess this is because all of the other 2023 Sportlink Grand Prix races were much closer together (with 3 days being the shortest gap).

So here we are. Tomorrow it’s the turn of the Bure Valley Harriers to host their Bure Valley 10 Mile Race, the 14th, and (sadly) final, Sportlink Grand Prix race of the 2023 season. (It looks like there are still a few places available if you fancy it… you can enter at Total Race Timing.)

Starting and finishing in the North Norfolk village of Banningham, my presumption is that it will be a gently undulating route around the surrounding country roads. If the weather is favourable, I suspect fast times will be the order of the day.

And speaking of the weather, the current forecast is a sunny 16° C, with a moderate breeze. So fingers crossed conditions will be near perfect.


Below is a table of predictions from various algorithms / sources. Note that the Athlete Data Analysis Platform and Running Watch do not provide 10 mile race predictions, and so I have had to derive values from their 10 km and half marathon distance predictions.

AlgorithmPace (min/km)Time (mm:ss)Difference from fastest (%)Riegel (6 min Assessment)4:3774:17– 11.3 %Riegel (3.2 km Assessment)4:2871:53– 8.4 %Athlete Data Analysis Platform4:2170:00– 5.9 %Running Watch4:1468:07– 3.2 %TrainAsONE4:0766:15– 0.5 %Riegel (5 km Race)4:0666:06–Predictions for tomorrow’s 10 mile road race from a selection of sources. Ordered by increasing velocity.

Given that my last 10 mile race was completed in 66:33 (a personal record), I would have thought that a sub 70 minute time is probable.

Consequently, as has been the case for the whole season, the assessment predictions are suggesting quite a slow (and unlikely?) time for me. And, as has been common, the Athlete Data Analysis Platform and Running Watch are suggesting times somewhere between my expectation and the assessments.

Another 10 mile PB? TrainAsONE thinks so.

At 66:06, the 5 km Riegel prediction is the fastest, with TrainAsONE a close second with a time of 66:15. It is nice to see them concur. It gives faith in their values, and is especially nice as they both predict a personal record time! The game is on!

Wish me luck!

(I’ll let you know how it goes.)

#ai #beatyesterday #garmin #justruntoinspire #norfolk #prediction #race #raceday #racepredition #run #runchat #runforlife #runhappy #runner #runnershigh #runnerslife #running #runningcommunity #runspiration #strava #trainasone #trainingpeaks #ukrunchat

Written by Kim Johnson
Published by Random House Books for Young Readers, June 2023
416 pages
Completed September 18, 2023

Life can change in an instant.
When you’re wrongfully accused of a crime.
When a virus shuts everything down.
When the girl you love moves on.

Andre Jackson is determined to reclaim his identity. But returning from juvie doesn’t feel like coming home. His Portland, Oregon, neighborhood is rapidly gentrifying, and COVID-19 shuts down school before he can return. And Andre’s suspicions about his arrest for a crime he didn’t commit even taint his friendships. It’s as if his whole life has been erased.

The one thing Andre is counting on is his relationship with the Whitaker kids—especially his longtime crush, Sierra. But Sierra’s brother Eric is missing, and the facts don’t add up as their adoptive parents fight to keep up the act that their racially diverse family is picture-perfect. If Andre can find Eric, he just might uncover the truth about his own arrest. But in a world where power is held by a few and Andre is nearly invisible, searching for the truth is a dangerous game.

This book deals with a lot due to the book starting in February 2020 and going through the summer to August. COVID, the murder of George Floyd, and the protests that took place in the aftermath all take place as Andre is trying to find Eric. I don’t want to spoil too much but since it’s the first year of COVID a lot happens because of that along with everything else. There’s a scene where Andre is eating some Ramen noodles and complains they’re too bland. Any reader who’s familiar with the symptoms of COVID will recognize that moment for what it is.

The crime Andre went away for is entirely someone else’s and the answers to why he was framed are all to realistic and simple considering who he’s dealing with. There’s a lot said about racism and the differences in how Black and Brown people are treated by the police and society and also the different outcomes for marginalized groups dealing with COVID along with everything else. I’m glad I read this book. I don’t want to ever get so comfortable in my own situation that I forget what others have dealt with and continue to deal with. This is definitely a book every white person should read. (That said if you’re currently dealing with ongoing issues from having had COVID and/or lost family members to COVID you may wish to avoid this book for that reason.)

As hard as it was I really enjoyed reading this book. Andre is a great characters and he has family and friends he can depend on. The family across the street was complicated but the kids are a good group of individuals who are finding their way. The ending is bittersweet – Andre is free at least, and there’s hope for the future, but his world is forever changed.

#GeneralFiction #Mystery #Race

The cover is blue with streaks of purple and red. The face of a black teen is on the front with short black hair and headphones around his neck. His shoulders are seen but part of the blue of the cover.
Christian Testa
1 week ago

Friends don't let their friends use the outdated term "Caucasian"!

This is a friendly PSA— the term "Caucasian" stems from and was perpetuated by an incorrect theory from the 1790s that the human species originated in the Caucasus Mountains that has no scientific validity whatsoever.

Use White, European, American, White non-Hispanic, etc. as appropriate within your work instead!

Encourage your peers, mentors, mentees and others to do the same!

#Race #Racism #Eugenics

"The fact is, all #ethnic groups, once they fall under the gaze and power of #race makers, become #racialized. I am a descendant of American slaves. My ethnic group is #AfricanAmerican. My race, as an African American, is Black. Kenyans are racialized as a #Black ethnic group, while Italians are White, Japanese are #Asian, Syrians are #MiddleEastern, Puerto Ricans are #Latinx, and Choctaws are #NativeAmerican. The racializing serves the core mandate of race: to create hierarchies of value."

How to Be an Antiracist, Ibram X. Kendi

“Singular-race makers push for the end of categorizing and identifying by race. They wag their fingers at people like me identifying as Black—but the unfortunate truth is that their well-meaning post-racial strategy makes no sense in our #racist world. #Race is a mirage but one that humanity has organized itself around in very real ways. Imagining away the existence of races in a racist world is as conserving and harmful as imagining away classes in a capitalistic world—it allows the ruling races and classes to keep on ruling.”

How to Be an Antiracist, Ibram X. Kendi

"But there is no such thing as #racial #ancestry. #Ethnic #ancestry does exist.

Camara Jones [...] explain[s]: “People are born with ancestry that comes from their parents but are assigned a #race.” When geneticists compare these ethnic populations, they find there is more genetic diversity between populations within Africa than between Africa and the rest of the world. Ethnic groups in Western Africa are more genetically similar to ethnic groups in Western Europe than to ethnic groups in Eastern Africa.

Race is a genetic mirage."

How to Be an #Antiracist, Ibram X. Kendi

Preston MacDougall
1 week ago

@TexasObserver @gabrielarana

#Racism is real and pernicious. But ALL thinking about #race is simplistic. 🤷‍♂️

"Chemical Eye 👁️ on the Race Factor" 👉

1 week ago

Irregular menstrual cycles – more common among young women, Hispanic women, and those with diabetes—make it difficult to detect pregnancy before the 6-week state abortion prohibitions. #NICHDimpact #Abortion #ReproductiveHealth #Race

1 week ago

#PEN just released its new report on #BookBans and #censorship in the US.

The rhetoric used to justify the book bans focuses on "porn in schools", "sexually explicit content", and "age inappropriate materials". But the bans themselves "overwhelmingly target books on #race or #racism or featuring characters of color, as well as books with #LGBTQ+ characters."

Cole Haddon
1 week ago

'How to Escape the Carnival Mirror of Culture Through Our Art'

Artist Amy Sherald and Ta-Nehisi Coates discuss how she uses her portraits to explore her own multifaceted American identity (a search for self that's relevant to all creative mediums).


#art #creativity #inspiration #race #identity #writing #writingtips #writingcommunity #screenwriting #filmmaking #fineart #culture

Artist Amy Sherald sitting on a chair next to her painting of Breonna Taylor. Over this, the headline:

'How to Escape the Carnival Mirror of Culture Through Our Art'

Artist Amy Sherald and Ta-Nehisi Coates discuss how she uses her portraits to explore her own multifaceted American identity (a search for self that's relevant to all creative mediums).
Bud Talbot
2 weeks ago



NPR: 2020 census results: Here are breakdowns by race and ethnicity

"In 2017, Viktor Orbán, the fascist prime minister of Hungary, banished Central European Uni from the country, forcing it to relocate to Austria. Becker and others have noted that DeSantis’ educational takeover mirrors Orbán’s."

“We’re committed to young people’s education and academic freedom, which are all under threat”
--- Prof Jonathan Becker, vice president of academic affairs. DeSantis has been curbing lessons on #race, #gender, and #sexuality. #highered

As PRRI's new report "Clergy and Congregations in a Time of Transformation: Findings from the 2022-2023 Mainline Protestant Clergy Survey" shows, when asked to respond to the statement “Today, America is in danger of losing its culture and identity," only 37% of mainline Protestant clergy agreed, but 64% of their congregants agreed.

There's a reason 50%+ of white US Christians voted for Trump twice.

#MainlineProtestants #race #immigration #CultureWars

Graphic from PRRI's new report "Clergy and Congregations in a Time of Transformation: Findings from the 2022-2023 Mainline Protestant Clergy Survey"

"The [recent] PRRI survey [about mainline Protestants] finds that mainline clergy are more supportive than their congregations of LGBTQ anti-discrimination laws, more likely to oppose the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and less likely to believe the U.S. is in danger of losing its culture and identity."

#churches #LGBTQ #abortion #CultureWars #immigrants #race

Solarpunk Presents Podcast
2 weeks ago

Continuing with our re-uploading of episodes from the vault for your ease of finding, here is 1.2 where @arielkroon sits down with John Okhiulu from the Decolonizing Wealth Project to talk about the role of philanthropy in addressing racial capitalism and reparations...

#capitalism #RacialCapital #DecolonizingWealthProject #Charity #WealthTransfer #GenerationalWealth #solarpunk #podcast #SolarpunkPodcasting #podcasting #race #wealth #philanthropy

Kim Wehle says today

"THE REPUBLICAN-DOMINATED ALABAMA LEGISLATURE is hellbent on constraining the black (read: Democratic) vote in that state—and on doing it illegally."

That's absolutely correct.

And on the very same day two of New York Times' biggest BS artists (BS = both sides), David Leonhardt and Nate Cohn spin a fable about how people of color increasingly vote Republican and white people are votingn more liberal.

Which is total BS.

#race #politics #Alabama

3 weeks ago

The sweeping #redstate drive to roll back #CivilRights & #liberties

by Ron Brownstein

Since 2021, #Republican-controlled states have passed a swarm of #laws to restrict #VotingRights, increase penalties for #public #protest, impose new restrictions on #transgender youth, #BanBooks, & limit what #teachers, #college #professors, & #employers can say about #race, #gender, & #SexualOrientation.


"White men have controlled women’s reproductive rights throughout US history. The post-Dobbs era is no different.
This is not the first period in U.S. history when white men have exercised control over women’s right to bear – or not bear – children, including during slavery."

~ Rodney Coates

#men #race #women #abortion #WomensRights

Kris Inwood
3 weeks ago

New SSH paper finds public water treatment reduced infant mortality from waterborne disease for both Blacks & whites in early 20thC US cities. Racial inequality in risk of death nonetheless increased due to unsafe housing & high rate of TB for Blacks
@epiverse @demography @economics @sociology @demography @politicalscience @anthropology @healthecon
@econhist #history #histodons #race #inequality #USA #child #infant #mortality #urban #TB #economics #health

Warner Crocker
3 weeks ago

Wrote a little something on the reactions to Rich Men North of Richmond over on Ellemeno.

Everywhere is North of Richmond

Thanks to @davidtoddmccarty for letting me scratch out a few words.

#politics #USPol #RichMen #Race #History #culture

A compass laying on a map of the world. Photo by
Ricardo Harvin
4 weeks ago

#ImAVirgo, by #BootsRiley on #Amazon sounds as weird and interesting as his earlier #SorryToBotherYou and is apparently another commentary on the condition of the average working person, along with #race, and #revolution.

Sadly, it'll be a while before I can watch it because I canceled #Prime at the end of last year and have zero plans to ever rejoin.

Steven Bodzin, pun-ctuator
1 month ago

I have never been prouder to have a close relationship with Sarah Lawrence College.

"Sarah Lawrence College added a provocative essay prompt to its application, quoting from the Supreme Court decision on affirmative action and asking applicants to address its impact."

#scotus #AffirmativeAction #race #equity

In a 2023 majority decision of the Supreme Court of the United States, Chief Justice John Roberts wrote, ‘Nothing prohibits universities from considering an applicant’s discussion of how race affected the applicant’s life, so long as that discussion is concretely tied to a quality of character or unique ability that the applicant can contribute to the university,’” the question reads. “Drawing upon examples from your life, a quality of your character, and/or a unique ability you possess, describe how you believe your goals for a college education might be impacted, influenced or affected by the Court’s decision.”
Warner Crocker
1 month ago

Wrote a little something about my history with race in my hometown, and reunions in a divided mountain top restaurant.

Thanks to @davidtoddmccarty for letting me toss some words on Ellemeno

There You Go

#race #history #memoir #hometown

Black and white image of a old classroom with desks lit by sunlight from large windows

How the Race Was Won: A lovely bit of visualization made from a composite photograph
#visualization #photography #composite #infovis #photos #race #+

Warner Crocker
1 month ago

Wrote a little something about my history with race in my hometown, and reunions in divided mountain top restaurant.

Thanks to @davidtoddmccarty for letting me toss some words on Ellemeno

#race #history #memoir #hometown

There You Go.

1960’s school classroom with school desks and windows overlooking the countryside. Black and White. Photo by  KohnoLynn on iStock

Judd Legum reports today on the attempt of the North Carolina Judicial Standards Commission, packed with judges appointed by Republican chief justice Newby, to silence Supreme Court justice Anita Earls, the only Black woman on the court.

Her alleged misconduct? She has criticized the state Supreme Court for its handling of issues of racial and gender discrimination. So the court wants to make her shut up.

#NorthCarolina #court #discrimination #race #gender

1 month ago just wanted to show that I wasn’t pulling the answer out of my ass. BTW, I’m married to a Native American,…
#Race is a made up social construct that allows groups to assert power over others.

"Why are we in 2023, 2024 continuing to argue about our history lessons, continuing to argue about the Civil War, slavery, these things I many people thought were long-settled questions. I think it's because these questions, the roots of those questions, that is, what kind of a country are we and who is this country for, those questions have never really honestly and fully been answered."

#RobertPJones #race #religion #WhiteSupremacy #racism #WhiiteChristianNationalism #Republicans

Robert P. Jones on why he wrote his forthcoming book The Hidden Roots of White Supremacy:

"One of things that makes this work more urgent for me is that questions of race and religion are absolutely at the heart of what's tearing this country apart."

#RobertPJones #race #religion #WhiteSupremacy #racism #WhiiteChristianNationalism #Republicans

1 month ago

Today in Labor History August 20, 1619: The first group of 20 African slaves landed at Jamestown, Virginia. This marked the beginning of 240 years of legalized chattel slavery for African Americans. However, both chattel slavery and indentured servitude had been common in the 13 colonies since 1526, including for white Europeans. And the concept of race didn’t really take hold until 1676, when free and enslaved blacks and whites united against the ruling class in Bacon’s Rebellion, which also occurred in Jamestown. After putting down the rebellion, nearly a year after it began, the authorities began creating a set of racialized laws, including the Virginia Slave Codes, providing small privileges to lower class whites, and hardening the racial caste system, in a largely successful attempt to prevent further solidarity between the multi-racial lower classes.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #rebellion #uprising #revolt #slavery #race #racism

The burning of Jamestown, during Bacon's Rebellion.

At his White Too Long site today, Robert P. Jones highlights books being released this fall that he recommends, in addition to his own The Hidden Roots of White Supremacy and the Path to a Shared American Future:

1. American Idolatry: How Christian Nationalism Betrays the Gospel and Threatens the Church, by Andrew Whitehead

#race #racism #WhiteSupremacy #Christians #churches #WhiteChristianNationalism

Serge from Babka
2 months ago

This video "Is the Progressive Left Antisemitic?" is one of the best videos on modern antisemitism (both the right and the left) that I've seen in a while.

The video touches on the antisemitism in progressive spaces, including academia, and how Jews are deliberately silenced or even sometimes blamed for hatred against them. It takes a supportive but critical eye towards the concepts and structures of race theory and how they impact Jews.

As a left-leaning Jew, I found it's open acknowledgement of the pain I suffer from the people whose politics I identify with to be very validating, and I urge you to give it a watch, especially if you're not Jewish. Jews need our non-Jewish friends to understand what we're going through.

#antisemitism #Jews #Race #Racism #SocialJustice #WhiteSupremacy #RaceTheory #ModernAntisemitism

What Rick Hasan says here (/2 above) about the role that race (and racism) will play in how Fani Willis' indictments are received is exactly right. And we'd be naive, foolish even, to ignore how the immediate pushback from powerful sectors of the beltway media, including so-called "liberal" ones, against the Georgia indictments has racist overtones.

#Trump #Republicans #crime #LawandOrder #BigLie #RICO #insurrection #conspiracy #race #racism #Georgia #FaniWillis

"It’s about the central role that race is likely to play not in the federal case but in the state case, from the race of the prosecutor, to the focus on Black election worker Ruby Freeman, to the essential nature of the race-baiting bogus voter-fraud charges in Georgia that formed Trump’s basis for falsely claiming that he was the rightful winner."

#Trump #Republicans #crime #LawandOrder #BigLie #RICO #insurrection #conspiracy #race #racism #Georgia #FaniWillis

"The biggest difference between the federal case and the state case isn’t the number of defendants or counts in the indictment."

#Trump #Republicans #crime #LawandOrder #BigLie #RICO #insurrection #conspiracy #race #racism #Georgia #FaniWillis

~ Richard L. Hasan

Critical Cupcake
2 months ago

Given globalization has very nearly run its course, leaving multiculturalism in its wake, is the concept of recognizing individual race or colour important in general or to you?

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Justin Poehnelt
2 months ago

I won a race this weekend. Two runners made a wrong turn on the final climb but were given the "official" win even though they missed about 4 miles of the trail marathon...

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Justin Poehnelt
2 months ago

And I ended up winning 🥇after the two guys ahead me made a wrong turn. I was off the course record by just three minutes and I had some bonus miles of my own. But I turned around and backtracked to where I left the course... Probably lost about ten minutes in extra miles and navigation.

This was my first official marathon distance race! 4:22, 5k feet of climbing, some poor footing and no trail tread in parts to slow things down.

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Sebastian Gießmann
2 months ago

This is a brilliant essay by @Mer__edith … You should definitely read it if you are interested in the history of computing vis-a-vis racism and labor! #race #plantation #computing #babbage #slavery #capitalism

Justin Poehnelt
2 months ago

After taking 20 seconds(~15%) off a #Strava segment I have run probably 50 times this year, I had to sign up for another #trail #running #race.

This will be my first race at the #marathon distance! According to Strava, about 5000 feet of climbing, 📈, half of the climbing is up a ski run.

Probably a good distance to keep me from breaking down so I can keep with my training plan until #Moab240 😱

Chris J. Karr
2 months ago

A fascinating look at something many of us took for granted in our youths, but is now an endangered species: the public pool.

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Jeffrey Yost
2 months ago

Insightful editorial about Black Twitter by its foremost expert/thought leader Prof. Andre Brock

"Black Twitter serves as a potent example of Black digital expertise, one that de-centers whiteness as a default internet identity."

What's next for BT? (Brock's apt analogy)

"Think of Musk’s ownership as similar to a building’s management by a slumlord.."

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Cory Doctorow
3 months ago

De-monopolizing tech has become my life's work, both because tech is foundational (tech is how we organize to fight over #labor, #gender and #race equality, and #ClimateJustice), and because tech has all of these *technical* aspects, which open up new avenues for shrinking Big Tech, without waiting decades for traditional #antitrust breakups to run their course (we need these too, though!).


Amelia 🏳️‍⚧️ Baeddelia
3 months ago

There is no such thing as "#white culture" or "the white #race" because #whiteness isn't a #culture or an #ethnicity. It's the opposite of those things. It exists specifically to destroy them. It was crafted, not born, in concert with #capitalism, to arbitrarily privilege some at the expense of others. 1/*

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Courtney Cantrell
3 months ago

Thanks to the cyclist husband, TIL about Kittie Knox, a prominent biracial cyclist of the late 1800s. Her mother was white, her father was Black, and she spent her short 26 years on this planet breaking serious social, gender, and racial barriers.

Read up on her. She was amazing.


"In 1921, mobs of armed white vigilantes razed the Greenwood District in Tulsa, a thriving Black neighborhood known as Black Wall Street.

The attackers, some of whom had been deputized and armed by city officials, murdered Black residents and destroyed homes and businesses over the course of two days. The massacre is considered one of the worst incidents of racially motivated violence in U.S. history."

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"Oklahoma’s far-right superintendent of public instruction thinks that schools should teach students about the Tulsa race massacre, so long as teachers don’t actually acknowledge that the white supremacist attack was about race. ...

In case it wasn’t obvious by the event name alone, the Tulsa race massacre was unequivocally about race."

~ Tori Otten

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