...and now we know why #visionOS, the headset and Spatial Photos exist. (video is just a sequence of photos, right?) 🙂 #F1 #racing

7 hours ago

F-Zero GX Pilot Profile Movies
The sudden release of F-Zero 99, free to play for Nintendo Switch Online members, has brought Nintendo's ultrafast racing series back into the spotlight after 20 years. (Well, there were some GBA games, but they don't seem to be as much remembered these days?)

F-Zero 99 gets its aesthetic from the original SNES game, which
#niche #amusementvision #fzero #fzerogx #gamecube #niche #nintendo #racing #sega

Steam Release Bot
13 hours ago


Spielbahn is a small relaxing game that lets you unleash your creativity by designing and building your own tracks using various parts and decorations.
#Steam #Racing #Simulation

Steam Release Bot
16 hours ago

Baby Climbing

Baby Climbing is a 3d third person game where you control a baby in a dream where you have to climb platforms in order to reach the end. climb the platforms and complete the mission without falling and overcoming the obstacles
#Steam #Adventure #Casual #Indie #Racing #Simulation #Sports

Steam Release Bot
20 hours ago

Slow Rise

A small adventure.The road ahead is difficult, moving and jumping.Carefully reach the finish line.Once you make a mistake, go back to the starting point.
#Steam #Adventure #Casual #Indie #Racing

Steam Release Bot
1 day ago

Velocity Valley

Race up to 8 players for the fastest lap in 7 minutes. Manage tire wear (soft, medium, hard). Completing 8 laps earns players a coin bonus to unlock new tracks. Violations such as going on the grass, crashing, or multiple cars in the pitlane incur a 3-second penalty.
#Steam #Indie #Racing

1 day ago

I love rally racing so much but what a hassle it is for the drivers. Imagine any other motorsport taking a break every five laps to micro-interview the drivers.

"Max, you've pulled a 30 second lead for the eighth race in a row, how does the car feel and do you see any problems with tire wear in the next five laps?"

"Get out of my face you idiot"

"Great, thanks Max now a few words in Dutch please"

#motorsport #rally #WRC #racing

César Luis Merlo 🤖
2 days ago

🚨[OFICIAL] #Tigre anunció la llegada de Nicolás Reniero.
*️⃣ Finalmente, #Racing lo cedió a préstamo hasta fin de año sin cargo ni opción de compra. Fue incorporado por la lesión de Badaloni.

2 days ago

There's something awesome about the concept of Hot Wheels and an empty water slide:

#Racing #HotWheels

Steam Release Bot
2 days ago


This game is a large team shooting game. The game supports the first person and the third person. In the future, intelligent robots generate autonomy in the process of self-iteration, and they decide to overthrow human domination. The player will play the role of a human soldier defeating a robot.
#Steam #MassivelyMultiplayer #Racing

Steam Release Bot
3 days ago

Overpass 2

Identify the best routes and balance of power, speed and precision to overcome obstacles at the controls of a UTV, ATV or Rock Bouncer. In both solo and multiplayer mode, your talent and choices of technique will make the difference.
#Steam #Racing #Simulation

Ecstatic Cling
3 days ago

Gonna just binge watch this now.

#racing #cute #youtube #animals #omg

Video clip from the youtube channel League of Pigs introducing season 9 of their races. 5 smallish pigs of various colors race through a roughly 200 meter dirt track through a small woodland.
Steam Release Bot
3 days ago

超级机霸(Super Ship Blaster)

This is a game that combines drifting and shooting. Players control various space ships to challenge incoming enemies. During battles, they collect different bullets and items to enhance themselves. The default basic controls for the game are as follows:
#Steam #Adventure #Casual #Indie #Racing

3 days ago

👾​ Hey Retro fans, here are a couple more games from my collection. Anyone ever play Excitebike 64 or California Speed?

Excitebike64 I would spend hours building a custom track and racing it with my cousin. Every time my cousin would spend the night, we stayed up all night playing this game!

California Speed I actually remember playing it at the movie theater arcade once. I was racing the roller coaster track & I thought it was so cool how it starts out like a normal racing game then half way thru the course it goes into a totally unique course design. I begged & begged to get this game & finally that year for my birthday I got it from my grandma! Spoiled - yes! #GoodTimes

#nintendo #nintendo64 #videogames #gamedev #retro #games #game #retrogaming #collection #excitebike #excitebike64 #californiaspeed #california #racing

César Luis Merlo 🤖
3 days ago

🚨[EXCLUSIVO] #Racing le actualizó el contrato a Aníbal Moreno después de su frustrada venta al #Palmeiras.
*️⃣El mediocampista ya ✍️ con una suba salarial pero su vínculo no cambió el vencimiento: será en diciembre de 2025.

Steam Release Bot
3 days ago

Scape Run

A terrifying Party Royale that will fill you with tension, fear and frenzy, pure adrenaline like you have never experienced before.
#Steam #Indie #MassivelyMultiplayer #Racing #EarlyAccess

brad m
3 days ago

“Let’s look in more detail at how successful #runners hone their ability to concentrate on the task at hand to the point of seeming oblivious to much of what’s going on around them”
#running fast is incredibly hard, both physically & mentally”
“what separates the best from the rest is their ability to extract exceptional performances through a process of deep #focus and #concentration
#distraction has its place in our mental tool kit” #training #racing #performance

Steam Release Bot
3 days ago

Fastest Cars Traffic Racer

Fastest Cars Traffic Racer invites you to endless highways for speed and adventure! Prepare for a real racing experience with four different racing modes and eye-catching graphics.
#Steam #Indie #Racing #Simulation #Sports

4 days ago
César Luis Merlo 🤖
4 days ago

🚨Nicolás Reniero es nuevo refuerzo de #Tigre.
*️⃣Ya hay acuerdo con el futbolista y con #Racing.
*️⃣Se marcha a préstamo hasta junio de 2024 y con una cláusula de repesca a fin de año. #TratoHecho

Mi Go (teno)
5 days ago

Perhaps you will enjoy playing the original wipEout in your browser.

#webgl #wasm #gaming #ps #playstation #racing #wipeout

A fine #godotengine #racing #game

Ready to ship :P

Steam Release Bot
5 days ago

Russian Village Simulator

This is a simulator of life in the Russian countryside, where the player will be engaged in the garden, picking mushrooms and berries, collect firewood, hunting and fishing, brew moonshine and much, much more.
#Steam #Action #Adventure #Casual #Indie #Racing #RPG #Simulation #Strategy

:mima_rule: Mima-sama
5 days ago

Ah yes, #Touhou #Fumo #Racing, a #dragracing sport. Definitely belongs in #Usenet's ​:kyou:​

#東方 #東方Project

Screenshot of Thunderbird showing the Usenet newsgroup feed. There are only two articles, both of them belonging to a thread called "Anyone who plays Touhou Fumo Racing?"
Robin Vleij
6 days ago

Nice, a day at the race track with my son. Quality time :) #assen #minimoto #motorbike #racing

1 week ago

Issue 3⃣6⃣0⃣ #JapaneseGP #SuzukaGP #F1

@F1 @redbullracing @Max33Verstappen @HondaRacingGLB @Carlossainz55

#Racing #Motorsport #MV1 #CS55

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September 24, 2023 - Day 267 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 287

Game: Dirt 5

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Nov 3, 2020
Installation Date: Sep 9, 2023
Unplayed: 15d
Playtime: 34m

Dirt 5 is an arcade off-road racing game developed by Codemasters.

I don't normally talk about who developed a particular game, but today is a little different.

I've always had a bit of a love-hate relationship with racing games. Mainly hate; from 1987 (Test Drive) through until 2019 I tried to like racing games, but I just didn't. Racing with keyboard/mouse is awful, and I couldn't "get" racing with a controller (PS2 / Gran Turismo).

That changed with the Xbox One controller and Forza Horizon 4. It finally clicked for arcade racing. I still don't enjoy technical racing sims.

Dirt Rally & Dirt Rally 2.0 were both an exercise in frustration. I'd heard that Dirt 5 was different, and I had a key for it, so I installed it.

They were correct. Dirt 5 is a whole different exercise in frustration.

As a racing game, it's proficient, and feels a lot like a rally cross between The Crew and Forza Horizon games.

Dirt 5 was released by Codemasters in 2020. Codemasters was purchased by Electronic Arts in 2021. Which explains a lot about why Dirt 5 has been almost impossible to play since 2021.

There is a literal gamebreaking bug, in a game that is less than three years old and remains unfixed. Quite simply, my initial start of this game was a fluke, because after that, it crashed every single time.

It's a known issue. It is unfixed. I put on my technical support hat, and went hunting. It appears that older DRM (Denuvo in this case) does not get on with the e-cores in 12th and 13th gen Intel CPUs.

Gigabyte released a workaround patch for 12th gen Alder Lake CPUs that parks the e-cores to enable compatibility, and I located an app (ParkControl) that will allow me to do the same, and it works consistently.

This is for a game that EA *still* sells.

The Steam forums have multiple posts about it crashing on startup, as do the EA Dirt 5 forums (for Xbox Game Pass PC and Steam).

EA just doesn't appear to care, which is no surprise at all.

Dirt 5 is:

3: OK (for racing)
1: Nope (for EA & DRM)

#Dirt5 #Racing #Rally #Arcade #MastodonGaming #Gaming
#Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

Steam Release Bot
1 week ago

Retro Kart

Retro Wreckfest is a fast-paced online race where you can blow your enemies to smithereens to a gorgeous soundtrack that you can add yourself, while enjoying the gorgeous views of the stylized RetroWave tracks
#Steam #MassivelyMultiplayer #Racing #EarlyAccess

Sepang Circuit 🤖
1 week ago

Swipe left for more exciting details! ⬅️

#FullGas #FullThrottle #SepangCircuit #SIC #Racing

Sepang Circuit 🤖
1 week ago
Steam Release Bot
1 week ago


ArcRacer is a fast-paced, aggressive, and stylistic anti-gravity racer. Inspired by classic series such as F-Zero and WipEout, ArcRacer aims to provide a fresh new challenge for genre veterans, while also creating an accessible and engaging experience for newcomers.
#Steam #Racing

Steam Release Bot
1 week ago

Cosmic Cowabunnies

Play as "Sauce," the Grey Alien, on a critical mission to hide alien evidence from humanity. Abduct, rescue, mine, and unravel Earth's mysteries. Battle formidable foes and prove your skills on the intergalactic leaderboard. Prevent disclosure, or the truth is out!
#Steam #Action #Adventure #Indie #Racing

Sepang Circuit 🤖
1 week ago

🏁 The Final Showdown MCS 2023 Round 4 🫡

#FullThrottle #FullGas #MCS2023 #SepangCircuit #FinalShowdown #Endurance #Racing

Sepang Circuit 🤖
1 week ago

🏁 The Final Showdown MCS 2023 Round 4 🫡

#FullThrottle #FullGas #MCS2023 #SepangCircuit #FinalShowdown #Endurang #Racing

Sepang Circuit 🤖
1 week ago

🏁 The Final Showdown MCS 2023 Round 4 🫡

#FullThrottle #FullGas #MCS2023 #SepangCircuit #FinalShowdown #Endurang #Racing

Steam Release Bot
1 week ago

Super Retro Rec League Racing

Race against the clock in Super Retro Rec League Racing! Perfect your lines, optimize every turn, time your pits, and push yourself to absolute mastery.
#Steam #Indie #Racing #Sports

Steam Release Bot
2 weeks ago

Real Drift Multiplayer 2

Real Drift Multiplayer 2 offers a unique experience waiting for drift enthusiasts! Experience a real racing simulator with customizable vehicles, competitive online modes, and realistic drift dynamics.
#Steam #Action #Indie #Racing #Simulation #Sports

Steam Release Bot
2 weeks ago

Golf Evolution Simulation

30 Main stunt missions, 15 Parking missions, a fun test course map and a complete all-in-one game with all golf carts and modifiability. A different experience with a mix of Arcade and Simulation.
#Steam #Casual #Racing #Simulation

Transport Evolved Official
2 weeks ago

The joy that we see from the undergraduates on the #UBCFormulaElectric team is contagious.

We hope you'll agree.

#ElectricCars #Racing #Undergraduates #NextGeneration

Watch on PeerTube:

Watch on YouTube:

Steam Release Bot
2 weeks ago

Sunset Racer

Sunset Racer is an immersive racing game that transports players to the golden era of automobiles, where powerful cars with full tanks of gasoline raced into the sunset.
#Steam #Racing

Mitex Leo :verified:
2 weeks ago

Is there any AAA/Racing games for Android that uses Godot Engine ?

#godot #gaming #fedigamers #gamer #android #gamingonandroid ##mobilegaming #mobile #aaa #racing

Steam Release Bot
2 weeks ago


"Challenging Action" meets "Party Game" for up to four players! Introducing our latest game where players navigate using rotating sticks and control their jumps based on stick angles. The unique feature that sets this game apart is the "Jump" mechanic, which also presents its greatest challenge.
#Steam #Action #Casual #Indie #Racing

2 weeks ago

This probably sounds silly, but I did NOT think it was possible to tie... in a SINGLE RACE. 😳

#FZero #FZero99 #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #NintendoSwitchOnline #NSO #Switch #Racing #Multiplayer #Gaming

A screenshot from the Nintendo Switch game, F-Zero 99. The image displays the results screen after a player finishes a race. To the right is the ranking for every player after a race. Two players, ThinkPlank (me) and Hylus, have finished in first place simultaneously at 02:04.75.
Steam Release Bot
2 weeks ago

Jeepney Simulator

Embrace your inner jeepney driver! Pick up passengers, calculate change, and weave through traffic in this Filipino-made driving game. Feed your family, customize your jeepneys, and unlock more rides! Don't forget to bring your towel!
#Steam #Action #Adventure #Casual #Indie #Racing #Simulation

Steam Release Bot
2 weeks ago

GlowBoard: WinterFest

GlowBoard: WinterFest is an homage to retro couch gaming, with a glowing twist! Ride your way down Moonlight Mountain at night, with split-screen, online snowboarding & snowmobile races, trick competitions, snow fort destruction, wacky powerups & a hundred customizable riders.
#Steam #Indie #Racing #Sports

Steam Release Bot
2 weeks ago


Join the community of ASTRO-NOTS and explore the galaxy, compete for the fastest time or share your creations with other players. Take on the challenge and become the ultimate Astro-not!
#Steam #Racing #Simulation

Julz Munczy
2 weeks ago

Today's #retrogaming on the #Commodore64 #C64 #WecLeMans, I spent much of my time retiring to the pits in this #racing game. Nice car graphic, but those lines on the road are just migraine inducers. I saw some trees ...briefly, they looked nice, but the pit lane was calling!

Steam Release Bot
2 weeks ago

NASCAR Arcade Rush

The thrill of NASCAR meets the rush of arcade racing in a new game that puts you in the driver’s seat of a completely new NASCAR experience with re-imagined, iconic racetracks in unmatched high-speed, wheel-to-wheel action!
#Steam #Racing

Steam Release Bot
2 weeks ago

Bounce Trials

Patience and timing are key Bounce Trials, where you are a perptually bouncing ball that bounces through levels to reach a goal. Your only influence over the ball is to move either left or right. Compete against the clock and earn Gold, Silver, and Bronze rewards based on your completion time.
#Steam #Adventure #Casual #Indie #Racing

Steam Release Bot
2 weeks ago

Heavy Duty Challenge®: The Off-Road Truck Simulator

Drive powerful trucks and explore open world environments. Master your skills and win truck trial championships.​ Experience off-road driving like never before!
#Steam #Racing #Simulation #Sports

Steam Release Bot
2 weeks ago

Bus World

Bus World is a game about passenger transportations in various conditions, starting from standard days of a bus driver and ending with rescuing people who suffered from disasters.
#Steam #Adventure #Indie #Racing #Simulation

Andira C64
3 weeks ago

Dieses Mal zeige ich euch das Spiel „GP Cars“ von LHS aus dem Jahre 2023. 🕹
#Commodore #C64 #Commodore64 #GPCars #C64Retweets #YouTube #GermanMediaRT #retrograming #LHS #Racing #retrogames

3 weeks ago

David Malukas is a driver with promise. A solid runner up in Indy NXT battling against the talented Kyle Kirkwood, some overperformances in his couple years with Coyne on a variety of tracks but particularly the ovals. I think he could do a pretty good job for McLaren.

But contracts and family money aside, he probably wouldn't have been my first or second choice for a younger driver currently in a lower budget ride. #indycar #racing

The Video Game Library 📚
3 weeks ago

BUCKLE UP for this fun piece of VIDEO GAME book trivia!

Known primarily for their Repair/Workshop manuals, did you know that HAYNES MANUALS actually released an ultimate guide to "Driving Games" ⁉️

Speed on over to #TheVideoGameLibrary to learn more:

#Racing #Car #DrivingGame #GranTurismo #Arcade #VideoGames #Gmaer #Book #Books #Bookstodon @bookstodon #NeedForSpeed #Driver #GRID #GranTurismo7 #ForzaMotorsport #ForzaHorizons #PlayStation #Atari #Nintendo #Xbox #Sega

The cover of The Driving Games Manual from Haynes Manuals. It's a first-person perspective of a driver behind the wheel of a race car driving down the streets of a city.
3 weeks ago

#NASCAR Thunder 2004 is commonly considered the best NASCAR game ever made while 2002 was revolutionary in the world of NASCAR racing games, taking a huge step forward for a console game. But few people online ever really talk about NASCAR Thunder 2003, so for maybe the first time since the mid-to-late 2000s I'm dedicating myself to doing a Career in this game. #retrogaming #retrogames #PS2 #racing

A PS2-era graphics Pontiac Grand Prix racecar with red, white, and blue swooped paint scheme, the number 63 on the side, and Wincraft Sports on the hood. Text Says: Qualifying Time: 52.448 which was good enough for dead last.
John Bull
1 month ago


Suzuka. Last F1 race of the season. A win gets Lando Norris, and McLaren, the championship.

Then we have a bigger question to answer: Is Sophia Flörsch finally ready for a race seat, in our quest to make her champion?

Join me for F1 Manager! #gaming #f1 #racing

Game screenshot overlayed with picture of Floersch and caption "F1 Manager 2023 female champion run"
1 month ago

Had so much fun today at the VIR #IMSA race, those GTD cars are great and TV really loses how distinct each one sounds from one another. So thrilled to see Jordan Taylor get at least one last win with me in person for Corvette. The atmosphere was so chill and we just set up a couple lawn chairs in the exit of two two where we could see a wide section of the track. My best friend was already talking about wanting to come out and check more stuff out next year. #racing

1 month ago

#IMSA racing at VIR, including a statue of my mortal enemy Bibendum #racing

A few racecars through heavy chain Link, my zoom doesn't work well
Bibendum, The Michelin Man
IMSA general admission ticket, Blue and yellow with the Michelin Man and a plaid colored Porsche.
1 month ago

Going to the #IMSA sports car race at VIR today with my best friend. I wish the prototypes could race at VIR, but those GTDs are still really badass cars by themselves and highly competitive with one another and I'm really excited to get my first ever experience going to a road course race in person. #motorsport #racing

Beat GT7 today.

VR racing is just a blast.

#PS5Share #PlayStation #Gaming #VR #PSVR2 #GT7 #GranTurismo #Racing #Cars

1 month ago

Threw on a random thrift mall find: a never copy of the Winston Cup Year in Review of '03 narrated by none other than the legendary Ken Squier in celebration of #NASCAR bringing it's classics to the public. #motorsport #racing

About 8 2003 model stock cars seen from behind on the Daytona trioval.
A DVD copy of NASCAR Winston Cup 2003 Year in Review with several small pictures of drivers.
1 month ago

I notoriously like to fill free time by going on YouTube and finding old 70s-00s #NASCAR and #Indycar etc races and revisiting some of the greatest #racing of different time periods. Usually they have terrible audio and video, most before the mid-00s are ripped off #VHS except for NASCAR's Race ReWinds.

So I'm BEYOND thrilled that they have not only taken the time to upload high qualify transfers from their masters online, but for free and even ad-free too! I'd pay a decent amount for that

1 month ago

Harness racing is happening at the Indiana State Fair today! #horses #IndianaStateFair #racing #harnessracing #photography #video #Indianapolis #hoosiermast

In this video, a brown  Standardbred horse wearing the number 4, comes around the bend at the track at the Indiana State Fair.
Dave Rahardja
2 months ago

Haha the folks at Sport Auto took the rally-modded #Porsche 911 Dakar for a trip around the #Nürburgring Nordschleife and…took a few agricultural shortcuts…to get a great 7m39s lap time for a car on knobbly tires!

#cars #racing #trackCar #motorsports

If you like #News , #BreakingNews , #Sport , #Racing on Mastodon, I created a few bots which repost stories throughout the day. You're free to follow if you like!

#AssociatedPress #AP - @apnewsbot

#BBCNews - @bbcnewsbot

#BBCSport - @bbcsportbot

#AlJazeera - @ajnewsbot

#F1 #Formula1 - @formula1bot , @theracebot

Charlie Twitch
2 months ago

Mignonville Speedway by rain or by night

#screenshotsaturday #miraclekarts #godotengine #racing #gamedev #gameart

3rd person perspective of a go-kart racer taking a corner in the rain. To the left of them there is a red and white curb and steel guardrail. To their right light blue painted tires are strewn against a fence. Behind the fence are tall, lush trees.
1st person perspective of a go-kart driver in a race at night. Just ahead of them is a racing official waving a green flag, the start line, and several other racers. There is checkered bunting hanging over the start line, and trees silhouetted in the distance.

For your Wednesday (evening) Fediverse feeds, some #PS1 arcade racing gold. A quadrupole of Ridge goodness peaking in the sublime zen of Type 4. <3

I have so much love for the Ridge series. After Lotus on Amiga, they were the games I put the most into back in the day, especially Rage Racer. That and Porsche Challenge combined were my '97 arcade racing experience.

It's on a break for now, but over on Twitter, I run a casual racing competition, SplashWave Racing, and the PS1 Ridge games have always been a particular joy to feature.

Reiko <3

#Playstation #PSX #arcaderacing #racing #videogames #retrogaming

All four PAL versions of the PS1 Ridge Racer games lined up with a Namco NeGcon controller in front of them.
2 months ago

Didn't get a chance to comment on it yesterday, but just wanted to say how impressed I was all weekend with Linus Lundqvist.

In practice and qualifying in mixed conditions, he was consistently a bit faster than what those Meyer Shank cars average this year, and he was solidly in the top 13 like all race until his accident, running some of it when pit strat allowed up in the top 10 with usually much faster cars. I really hope it was good enough to lead to more chances. #Indycar #racing

2 months ago

Short track racing at the New River All-American Speedway tonight was fun. The car counts in most divisions except the bombers and U-cars were short and the crowd was VERY thin, but it was a late announced rain makeup and the actual action was fun enough for somebody like me who adores local short track racing even if it was just one car doing test laps. #nascar #racing #motorsport

2 months ago

Noah Gragson's liking fascist trash on Instagram justifies all the years I've spent disliking him. Good on Legacy MC and #NASCAR on suspending him, dude was already on the fence with being brought back next year with the switch to Toyota and availability of John Hunter Nemechek, this might have just sealed his fate. #motorsport #racing

2 months ago

Sooo excited to see one of my absolute childhood journeyman heroes race last second in the #SRX event tonight, Johnny Benson Jr who won an ASA and Xfinity series championship back in the 90s, was a Cup driver who won a race and had a pair of 11th place points finishes in very competitive years, and then won a Truck title and partly dominated the series in the 00s. He was one of the most underrated drivers of his era. #motorsport #racing #NASCAR
2 months ago

#TheGx #TheGxForum #TheGxSportsForum #TheGxSportsBettingForum #TheGamblersCrossroads #TheGxSportsGamblingForum #TheGxTheGamblersCrossroads #TheGxBestBetOThaDay #JoinIn #chat #chats #toot #toots #Sport #nhl #sports #hockey #betting #gambling #nfl #football #nba #basketball #mlb #baseball #soccer #premierleague #esport #esports #phelps123 #tennis #cricket #curling #rugby #ncaa #boxing #cfl #mma #ufc #nascar #mls #golf #pga #atp #uefa #epl #racing #f1 #grandprix #championsleague #賭仔三岔口 #新聞 #籃球 #足球 #體育新聞 #新闻 #篮球 #体育 #賭博 #冰球 #欖球 #榄球 #棒球 #vitterd #vitch #vitched #vitchmade #ratterd #clitterd #clitterd #clittard #rattard #ratturd #mattylice #queenclitty #kingvitty #p⁵4lifer #fattymatty #fattymoments #miamimarlins #marlins

🔥🔥🔥 TheGx Best Bet O’ Tha Day - August 02nd 2023 🔥🔥🔥

Hey @EnikkLies mattymoments fatty matty lice vitterd queen clitty queen clitty king vitch or whatever you changed your name to ya creepy old pervy pathetic fucking cowardly cowering clittering p⁵4lifer hideout goof guess what...? THAT RIGHT YA #vitched the Phillies in extra innings 🐀💩 YA EARLESS PIECE OF SHIT SO IT WAS A GOOD DAY FOR THEGX BEST BET O' THA DAY THREAD TODAY AHAHA SO GO FUCK YOURSELF AND STAY OFF OUR FORUM🖕🤌

TheGx Forum open thread for anyone to share their best bet o’ tha day AND TO TELL 🐀💩 TO FUCK OFF🍻

2 months ago

Along with my huge DVD haul, I also found so really choice #NASCAR journeyman diecast cars at the thrift mall today, more than I have room to display currently in my apartment lol.

Particularly pumped about the two pack of Busch North series cars from the early 90s and the two of Jimmy Hensley driving with pieced together sponsorship for AK Racing after Alan's death which I honestly didn't know they had even made diecast of. #motorsport #racing #diecast #toys

A Danny Lasoski sprint car, the number 90 Hills Bros car for Ed Berrior, the 26 Quaker State car for Brett Bodine, the 18 Melling Tools car for Phil Parsons, a number 14 car for Mike Stefanik, a number 9 car for Joe Bessey, a gold number 19 Yellow Freight car for Tony Rains, a 88 Texaco/Havoline car for Ernie Irvan, a 7 Matchbox car for Jimmy Hensley, a 7 Family Channel car for Jimmy Hensley
2 months ago

I thought that there wouldn't be any #racing going on down here on the Carolina Coast during my vacation, but unexpectedly my dad's local short track announced a rain makeup date this Saturday, so can't wait to catch some short track racing at the New River All-American Speedway, which is in its first year as a #NASCAR sanctioned track.

2 months ago

One of the first #racing game I played as a kid was #STUNTS from Brøderbund. Back in 1992/1993, this #MSDOS game was HUGE on the schoolyard! Especially, because you could make your own tracks and trade them with your friends. It was basically Trackmania in EGA graphics. 😜

Here are the 3.5inch floppy disks:
For purists: The good, old 5.25inch disks:
You will also need this one: The manual:

Stunts still works great in #DOSBox, #PCem, #VirtualBox, #FreeDOS and many other #Retro emulators.

David Emmett
2 months ago

Rather timely interview given the cancellation of Argentina's WorldSBK round. At Mugello, I spoke to Carlos Ezpeleta about putting together a MotoGP calendar, and all the complexities it involves. Stuff like transport, politics, airports, hospital facilities, grouping certain flyaways together, why some circuits want a very specific date, avoiding Easter, and much more.

#MotoGP #Calendar #Logistics #Racing

Laviro Sennomo :fediverse:
2 months ago

Really having some bad luck with fantasy #f1 this year despite having mostly solid racers. So I went full reset. How much worse can it be? Picture for posterity when it all goes fully pear-shaped.

#racing #formula1

Michael T Babcock
3 months ago

@darktable I'm on my way to see fast cars drive around a track all weekend here in #Ontario, #Canada and I plan to drag along my #Nikon and take far more photos than I need to.
#cars #racing #motorsport #Mosport

An orange and white liveried race car coming around a corner, shot from the front edge with a race track and some grass in the distance.

July 4, 2023 - Day 185 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 204

Game: Split/Second

Platform: Steam
Release Date: May 18, 2010
Library Date: Jun 28, 2022
Unplayed: 371d (1y6d)
Playtime: 19m

Split/Second is an arcade racing game that answers the question "What if Michael Bay made a racing game?"

The game is set in a reality TV show, apparently, and there are explosions. A lot of explosions.

You can trigger the explosions to take out your competitors, or vice versa.

This is another game that's only *technically* unplayed. I spent 9 minutes in-game last year, trying -and failing- to get it to recognise my Xbox One S Controller.

I first tried playing a racing game with a keyboard on an MS-DOS PC clone with a CGA monitor in the late 1980's. I didn't like it then, and nothing has changed.

It wasn't until I played Forza Horizon 4, in 2019, over thirty years later, that I understood the fun of arcade racing games, and how the controller made that possible.

I bought Split/Second on special last year, and was deeply frustrated by the apparent impossibility of getting it to recognise the controller. So I gave up.

Last week, I was trying to get a different racing game working, and had the same problem. Once again, I went to the discussions on Steam, to see if I was missing something, and as it turns out, due to the age of that game, disabling Steam input meant it would recognise the controller.

When I saw Split/Second in the list tonight, I wondered whether that would fix it... and it did!

Which means that I can tell you that Split/Second is a thirteen year old racing game, in an post-Forza Horizon & post-The Crew era.

It's a good game for its age, but it doesn't hold up so well against more recent games.

There are small irritations throughout. You can map the controller (yay!) but there are only a handful of things to map. Brake, accelerator, steering, and the "Power Play(s)" that trigger the Bayesque explosions that target the other cars.

But to navigate the menus, put down the controller & use the keyboard.

The driving itself feels a little bit like everything is a fraction of a second behind the controller, particularly braking.

Even so, the game is still more fun than the table-top racing game I reviewed recently.

All things considered, given the age of the game Split/Second is:

3: OK

#SplitSecond #Arcade #Racing #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

June 27, 2023 - Day 178 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 197

Game: Flashout 3D: Enhanced Edition

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Sep 3, 2022
Library Date: Sep 9, 2022
Unplayed: 291d (9m18d)
Playtime: 18m

Flashout 3D: Enhanced Edition is a third-person Wipeout-style track racer. Race hover-ships, upgrade them, win races, etc.

After getting out of the game and checking the release date, I had to double-check the details, and then hit Google.

This does not play like a game released in 2022. Per the game description it's a free re-release to celebrate the developer's release of Flashout 3.

The reason I didn't recall the original Flashout is because it was released in 2012, and it was mobile-only.

That makes more sense of the "Enhanced Edition", but the gameplay is very much 2012, and there's just not a lot to offer here, even for free, that isn't bettered by more recent games.

They didn't put any energy into even providing mapping information for the controller buttons, let alone configuration, and I had to quit the game and turn off Steam input for it to even register any buttons other than the left control stick.

If you've got a gaming budget of zero, or want a free game for your kids' PC, it's not terrible, but it's not great either.

Flashout 3D: Enhanced Edition is just:

2: Meh

#Flashout3D #Racing #Wipeout #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

It doesn't matter what kind of #car you drive, if you drive it fast I assume you're poor. Only a broke-ass gets in a hurry to be places. You look like you're late to a shitty job. If the car is nice you're also deeply in debt and an idiot. #racing#streetRacing#driving#cars

June 18, 2023 - Day 169 - NewPlay Review
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Game: Table Top Racing: World Tour

Platform: Steam
Release Date: May 26, 2016
Library Date: Mar 13, 2018
Unplayed: 1923d (5y3m5d)
Playtime: 24m

Table Top Racing: World Tour takes iconic cars, shrinks them down to matchbox-sized caricatures, and sets you racing around landscapes built in kitchens and... something else, I guess. I never got out of the sushi kitchen.

If it sounds like I've played this game before, it's because it's fundamentally the same conceit as Toybox Turbos that I reviewed back in March.

To me, the most important thing about arcade racing games is that the cars handle well. Unfortunately the cars in TTR:WT handle like a bar of soap.

However, if you grind away for a few races, you can pick up some coin, which will allow you to fully upgrade the car, at which point it handles like a faster bar of soap.

The game design is cute, the track I raced on repeatedly was fun (a sushi kitchen), the soundtrack was banging, but the racing itself wasn't.

Maybe as you grind through, later cars you can buy might handle better, but there's just not enough to keep me pushing through to find out.

I spent an hour watching John Romero play a Doom 2 custom WAD this afternoon, and it was more fun than this.

Table Top Racing: World Tour is:

2: Meh

#TableTopRacingWorldTour #Arcade #Racing #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

Tim Stevens
4 months ago

Greetings from high above Le Mans. A beautiful day for what should be a fast paced finish for the remaining cars. Was a wild night, a little over 4 hours to go! #lemans24 #racing

June 10, 2023 - Day 161 - NewPlay Bonus Review
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Game: Turbo Golf Racing

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Aug 4, 2022
Library Date: Jun 7, 2023
Unplayed: 3d (3d)
Playtime: 16m

Turbo Golf Racing is game #6 from the June 2023 Humble Choice bundle and answers the question "What if Rocket League, but mini golf?"

I really don't know what else there is I can say about it.

Take away the stadium, give all 8 players their own ball, three competitive rounds to get your ball from one end of the green to the hole as fast as possible.

Powerups, weapons, wildly differing greens.

This is a multiplayer game, and I can understand why they were willing to put it into a bundle less than a year after release.

As with any multiplayer game, no players = no game, so by putting it into a bundle, the devs are obviously hoping to goose the playerbase.

I did find a match, and it was kind of fun, but I suspect this will end up being another also-run game that will get shut down in a year or two, just through not having enough players to support ongoing development.

Turbo Golf Racing is:

3: OK

#TurboGolfRacing #Sports #Golf #Racing #Multiplayer #HumbleChoice #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

4 months ago

Stop racing.

“Churchill Downs will suspend all #racing operations to further evaluate safety measures amid increase in horse deaths”

June 1, 2023 - Day 152 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 168

Game: Slipstream

Platform: Steam
Release Date: May 22, 2018
Library Date: Mar 4, 2019
Unplayed: 1550d (4y2m28d)
Playtime: 18m

Slipstream is a retro-styled arcade racer. It's not 8-bit retro, so much as a throwback to the arcade racers I sucked at in the early-mid 1990's.

One of the things I find myself struggling with is that the more games I play, the more reference points I have, and the harder it becomes to enjoy some games.

If I open an MMORPG, I played WoW for over a decade, but that burned me out on MMORPGs. So an MMORPG has a lot to overcome.

If I open a survival game, it needs to grab me as well as Subnautica... used to. Until I played Breathedge. Friendship ended with Subnautica, Breathedge is my survival friend now.

For arcade racing games, it's Forza Horizon 4*. Slipstream is a very well designed arcade racer, and leans heavily on nostalgia for that era of games. It's just that I don't have any nostalgia for that style of game.

So while it's well done, it doesn't offer me something that I don't get from another game, in a more enjoyable way.

Sorry, Slipsteam. You're just a bit:

2: Meh

#Slipstream #ArcadeRacer #Racing #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

*Almost 18 months ago, I found a literal showstopper bug that causes FH4 to crash, regularly. It took months for the Forza team to accept that it was a bug.

It's STILL not fixed. Much disappoint.

Matthew Whitaker
4 months ago

Hi everyone. Hope all is well.
I wanted to share some info regarding a video game I’m personally excited for. Feel free to share with others.

This game will be available for Xbox X, Xbox S and Windows computers. The game is called Forza Motorsport. This is the 8th entry in the series, and the first to be fully accessible for blind and low vision users.
I will send a few links in this post.
I’m excited because I will finally be able to play with my family, some of which are gamers. I hope other developers will take the time to make all games accessible for all.

#accessibility #blind #racing #driving #inclusion #forza

4 months ago

Dear @fedibikes_de @fedibikes @fediverse dear bike bubble. As a consuming capitalistic member of this society I have long been wanting a cargo bike like the #bullitt or #mulicycles As an environmentally woke person I don’t want to buy another new bike but re-use one ( of mine. #racing #city #dutch ) What is a cheap way of getting a bike to do the family groceries once a week and drive to work and garden colony? #followerpower

Strachan Pindar
5 months ago

@GottaLaff Horse racing has been abject cruelty for a long time. IMO, any time animals are exploited for entertainment/money, it constitutes abuse and should be outlawed. Why don’t the rich folks just dress to the nines and make bets on who can run fastest around the track without spilling their juleps? #StopAnimalAbuse #Horses #Racing

May 6, 2023 - Day 126 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 141

Game: Project Cars 2

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Sep 22, 2017
Library Date: Dec 29, 2018
Unplayed: 1589d (4y4m7d)
Playtime: 25m

I don't like driving. As I've gotten older, this dislike has increased. It took me a long time to work out why. Once I was diagnosed with ADHD, it made sense; it requires maintaining focus for a long period of time, on something that's fundamentally boring.

Which brings me to Project Cars 2. This this a track racing game. It's just me, and my controller, and my complete inability to press the right buttons and the right times, over and over again - for a long period of time.

It takes me right back to trying to play some early Gran Turismo on the PS2, and hating every second of it, in spite of the fact that I wanted to love it.

I love arcade racers, particularly the Forza Horizon series. They're fun. Project Cars 2 is a Serious Racing Game, and in spite of the care that's gone into the game design, after losing my first kart race by more than a lap, and repeatedly crashing into walls in my second, I quit out.

Project Cars 2 is a good game, it's just not a good game for me. This is particularly unfortunate, as it also has SteamVR support.

For me, Project Cars 2 is a:

1: Nope.

#ProjectCars2 #Racing #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

5 months ago

A 23-year-old FinTech scion turned Hong Kong’s narrow streets into his racetrack. Then his luck ran out.
#racing #HongKong #Crime #cars

Apr 4, 2023 - Day 94 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 101

Game: Hot Wheels Unleashed

Platform: Steam PC
Release Date: Oct 1, 2021
Library Date: Aug 31, 2022
Unplayed: 216d
Playtime: 29m

OK, tonight's live #NewPlay went a lot better than last night's and I don't even hate my voice. I should add the link to my Twitch account somewhere.

Anyway, Hot Wheels Unleashed.

It's a racing game, where you race Hot Wheels cars on Hot Wheels tracks, which is also Forza Horizon 5's first expansion pack (and was also Forza Horizon 3's second XPAC).

If you were the kind of kid who loved Hot Wheels cars, and I was, licencing Hot Wheels to appeal to nostalgia only gets you part way there.

There's got to be a good racing game under the hood (pun intended).

Fortunately for Hot Wheels Unleashed, it IS a good racing game. It's a lot of fun drifting your way around the corners, and boosting past opponents, and that's what I want in a racing game, or any game.

If you love a fun racing game, have a nostalgia for Hot Wheels, and you don't already have Forza Horizon 3 or 5 with the relevant XPACs, then Hot Wheels Unleashed might be right up your loop-the-loop.

(Do not get me started on the DLCs though.)

Hot Wheels Unleashed is:

4: Good

#HotWheelsUnleashed #Racing #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

Tonight's stream:

Mar 24, 2023 - Day 83 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 88

Game: Toybox Turbos
Platform: Steam PC
Release Date: Nov 12, 2014
Library Date: Dec 27, 2021
Unplayed: 452d (1y2m25d)
Playtime: 17m

The first PC racing game I played was Test Drive, some time in the late 1980's, on a PC clone, and was incredibly frustrating to steer with the keyboard.

It was still more fun than Toybox Turbos.

Toybox Turbos was released in 2014, and is still for sale on Steam in 2023, at the price of AUD$21.50.

If you have the misfortune of mistakenly buying Toybox Turbos and installing it, it will crash immediately. Turns out that if your screen is running at any resolution higher than 1280x720, it crashes.

To fix this crash, you need to change your screen resolution to 1280x720, restart the game, and in the options, set the game to the resolution you want to run it at (my screen is 2560x1440).

At this point, the game will crash. Again.

However, you can now reset your desktop resolution to your preferred resolution, and then run the game, at which point you can start playing.

This was more entertaining than the actual game.

On paper, it seems like a fun game, but for reasons probably rooted in a boozy lunch with a PM who really liked handheld camera shots in movies, instead of the camera being behind the car, it follows you around in near-isometric view like a drunken one-legged sailor in a storm.

Toybox Turbos:

1: Nope

#ToyboxTurbos #Racing #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

:steampowered: Harry
6 months ago

Hey…heads up, I’m going live in 10 minutes. Me and the cat are waiting for you.


#Twitch #GoingLive #Rally #Racing

Me sat at a computer desk with my racing wheel on it, and a cat sat inconveniently on my lap looking up at me

Feb 27, 2023 - Day 57 - NewPlay Review
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Game: Gas Guzzlers Extreme
Platform: Steam PC
Release Date: Oct 9, 2013
Library Date: Jul 18, 2019
Unplayed: 1320 days (3y7m9d)
Playtime: 17m

Gas Guzzlers Extreme (GGE) is EXTREME, and you know it's EXTREME because everything is distressed metal capital letters, but the X in EXTREME is bigger and on fire and EVEN MORE EXTREME.

What we've got here is a fairly middling racing game from 2013, with guns mounted on the cars enabling you to shoot cars in front and behind you, and you can pick up power-ups around the track.

Basically Mario Kart with more realistic cars and guns.

The problem for GGE, is that I'm playing it for the first time in a world where Forza Horizon exists. Forza has spoiled me for other arcade racing games.

Unfortunately for Gas Guzzlers Extreme, the intervening 10 years between release and now has not been kind.

Sure, I can shoot the other cars, but I can have a lot more fun in any of the *four* Forza Horizon games released since 2013, and having fun driving is kind of the point for an arcade racing game.

In 2013, Gas Guzzlers Extreme was probably a lot of fun, but now it's just kind of:

2: Meh

#GasGuzzlersExtreme #Racing #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

Katie Patterson
7 months ago

My partner was driving Formula Atlantic at Circuit of the Americas a couple weekends ago and I got some photos. I should start charging him 😂

#formula #racing #motorsports #photography

A formula car parked in front of the starting line at Circuit of the Americas
A formula car racing with blurred action background
Three formula cars in a race

Feb 19, 2023 - Day 49 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 56

Game: GRIP: Combat Racing
Platform: Steam PC
Release Date: Nov 6, 2018
Library Date: May 3, 2020
Unplayed: 1022 days (2y9m16d)
Playtime: 21m

I have a surprising number of platformers, and point-and-click adventures for someone who's not a huge fan of either genre.

Finally managed to pick out a game that wasn't either. This one is a racing game (I mean, it's right there in the name!).

In GRIP you race vehicles which will can flip over and drive in either orientation, as well as on the walls and ceilings of the track. You can also pick up power-ups, to attack the people you're racing against and... it's basically post-apocalyptic Mario Kart.

GRIP, just like almost every game in the past week is:

3: OK

#GRIP #Racing #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

Peter Leung
8 months ago

No #F1 this weekend (there will be plenty of that soon enough) but there's plenty of other racing on offer. Asian Le Mans Series qualifying is on pause but should resume soon pending barrier repairs: Streaming below:

#AsianLeMans #Racing #Motorsport

Tim Erickson, @stpaultim
8 months ago

Hardwater Racing

Plow a track on the ice and invite some friends over for a race.

(It's a bit more organized than that).

#Drones4Fun #HardWater #Racing #Cayuna #Minnesota

Arial view of a race oval plowed on a frozen lake with about 50-60 cars circled around to watch. Five cars are lined up at start line. 

Larger frozen lake is visible in the background.
Closer image of a half dozen cars racing on the track, kicking up clouds of snow behind them. Visible around the track are 30-50 cars of spectators watching from inside their cars.

A North American Aviation P-51D Mustang at the Reno Air Races, 2019.

#Aircraft #Racing #WWII #BlackAndWhite #Photography #LinuxPhotography #Darktable

Black and white photograph looking down the wing of a vintage WWII era warplane. The single-seat plane has a chrome finish, a painted nose section, and a large four blade propeller.