Todd Crawshaw
4 hours ago

Today's playlist for Dec 3 2023 Fuse 'n Flow jazz show on

Join us in jazz fun every Sunday at 11 am Alberta, 1 pm Eastern, 6 pm UK, 8 pm Ukraine

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Lunaria Galaxie
4 hours ago

Ein neuer Forumbeitrag wurde in unserer Galaxie veröffentlicht:

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4 hours ago

ConTempo débute avec une pièce de Violeta Dinescu, Abendandacht, interprétée par Katharina Deserno.
De la musique contemporainee jusqu'à 17h sur CKIA-FM 88,3 à Québec.
#radio #ClassiqueContemporain

5 hours ago

ok y'all. i quit #Spotify years ago, so i have no #SpotifyWrapped to share. in this thread, i list what i have listened to most in 2023, in both broad (i.e. genres, radio stations) and specific (i.e. particular albums, artists, or songs) detail. here we go.

let's start with #WFPK. terrestrial #radio! is one of three Louisville Public Media stations. they were founded by #LFPL the Louisville Free Public Library. their existence pre-dates #NERN, the predecessor to #NPR, by 7 years.


5 hours ago

Sonntag + 1. Advent + 21 Uhr = #RundumGenuss Adventsausgabe auf #Mediatop #Radio. Macht's Euch gemütlich und hört rein:

Richard J. Dalton
5 hours ago

Cafe Chill Episode 2023-49: Ian Aisling, Teen Daze, Manatee Commune and more

Listen on PRX:

Café Chill is Public Radio’s weekly curated chill mix, produced by KNHC National Productions / C89.5 ( in Seattle, and heard on noncommercial radio stations across the USA.

The latest episode of Cafe Chill includes tracks from Ian Aisling, Teen Daze, Manatee Commune and more . Hosted by Seth. Working in the background is me (Richard).


  • Lord RAJA–Dipteres Pt. 2
      Release: Rubies – EP
      Label: Ghostly International
  • Windows 96–Hello Earth
      Release: Enchanted Instrumentals and Whispers
      Label: Windows 96
  • Space Ghost–New World Energy (Ambient Mix)
      Release: New World Energy (Ambient Mix) – Single
      Label: Tartelet Records
  • Uinta–Maples
      Release: Fruits
      Label: mind.slave
  • upusen–Birds
      Release: Birds
      Label: Midwest Collective
  • Slow Magic–Manhattan
      Release: How to Run Away
      Label: Downtown Records
  • X3SR–summerlush
      Release: Sublimation
      Label: X3SR
  • Ian Aisling–Treegap
      Release: Petal Collage – Single
      Label: Ian Aisling Media
  • Teen Daze–Quiet City
      Release: Quiet City – Single
      Label: Flora
  • Manatee Commune–Cast
      Release: Cast – Single
      Label: Bastard Jazz Recordings
  • Birocratic–Falling to Pieces
      Release: Wrapped up / Falling to Pieces – Single
      Label: Birocracy
  • URBVN–People Talk
      Release: People Talk – Single
      Label: Evergreen Prefecture
  • Koresma–Free (Marley Carroll Remix)
      Release: North Remixes – EP
      Label: Koresma
  • Tomas Novoa–Tundra
      Release: Espacio Negativo – EP
      Label: Tomas Novoa

You can also listen at:

Photo: “Trees Bathing in Summer Sunlight”. Alt text: A family of trees getting ready for their warm (sun) bath above the blue sky, clouds, and the sun during the day. Credit: Darius Doom Scott, April 29, 2023, Camp Canary. Used by permission.

Have a wonderful day! 

#Ambient #Birocratic #C895 #Chill #downtempo #EDM #IanAisling #KNHC #Koresma #LordRAJA #ManateeCommune #PublicRadio #radio #SlowMagic #SpaceGhost #TeenDaze #TomasNovoa #Uinta #upusen #URBVN #Windows96 #X3SR

A family of trees getting ready for their warm (sun) bath above the blue sky, clouds, and the sun during the day.

Eight different actors portrayed "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar," the "fabulous freelance insurance investigator with the action-packed expense account," including John Lund, shown here.

It's old-time #radio fun tonight on Tube City Online Radio beginning at 7 p.m. with Jack Benny, followed by Fibber McGee & Molly, Dragnet, and Johnny Dollar. All of tonight's shows are from this week in December 1953. #OTR #oldtimeradio

Todd Crawshaw
8 hours ago

Fuse 'n Flow;; 11 am AB, 1 pm ET, 6 pm UK, 8 pm Ukraine

Today's 90-min jazz hour features some tracks from The Senator, an album recorded at the Yardbird Suite in celebration of Senator Tommy Banks, plus some swingin' Bop, and a few non-traditional-jazz cats. Featured artists include Hutchinson Andrew Trio, Al Muirhead, Caity Georgy, Art Blakey, Leonard Cohen, Gretchen Parlato, Jimmy Somerville and more
#yeg #jazz #radio #sundayjazz #yyc #albertamusic #jazzmasters

Photo of man slumped over drum kit, captioned "Too drunk to play jazz, too sober to play the blues"
Harrold Roeland 🌱
8 hours ago

De Concertzendersite ligt er weer uit. Voor de zekerheid is hier vast een directe link naar de uitzending, dan kunt u toch inschakelen op de zondagavond:

18:00 Bureau Radiophonie

19:00 Sensenta

20:00 Space Exposure

21:00 X-Rated

23:00 X-Ray


8 hours ago

I do really enjoy A Joyful Noise with Brian Lauritzen on Sunday mornings on #KUSC. (No I don't live in California at the moment but I like listening to radio from back there).

#radio #music #nowListening #choralMusic #ChoralSinging #classicalMusic

Lunaria Galaxie
8 hours ago

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No to czas odpalić w końcu "Dźwięki Nieznośne". Dziś na Mixcloud o 18:15. Będzie głośno 🤘🎧😎

#radio #dźwiękinieznośne #muzyka #metal
9 hours ago

at 18:00 CET a new edition of the Dancefactor at #Radio

11 hours ago

Im #Radio auf RBB Kultur kommt von 15 Uhr bis 17 Uhr klassische #Adventsmusik mit Claus Fischer. Große Empfehlung! #Advent

The Global Voice
11 hours ago

🕑Z Coming up in 20 minutes, entertainment from radio royalty. It's so nice, we're playin' it twice. It's the repeat of the L.A. Connection Hosted by Emperor Rosko. #audio #TGVRadio #Movies #Radio #tv 🎉👑🙌🎥🎬🔁 — Die erweiterte Jazz-Radiowoche vom 04.12.2023 bis 10.12.2023 – Ein kleiner Blick in die Radiowoche 49. Die Übersicht zum Download als PDF. Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr. Ergänzt mit den tollen Sendungen zur Neuen Musik von BR-KLASSIK und Ö1.


Senderliste: 2
mo – 04.12.2023. 3
di – 05.12.2023. 4
mi – 06.12

#News #Radio #DieRadiowoche #JazzImRadio

Radio Regentrude
14 hours ago

🕯️ Heute 3.12. 📻

11:00 Bear Family
12:00 Afterwork: Willy Wuff
13:00 Jerry Eicher Bluegrass
15:00 Mosaik Music
17:00 42 is the answer
18:00 Chormagazin mit Jürgen
19:00 Rock op Platt: Roadreaper
21:00 Holli’s Rock & Blues Corner + Moondance (Martika)

LIVE (m3u):


#RadioRegentrude #Radio #OnlineRadio #streaming #NowPlaying #Musik #music #webradio #internetradio #musica #musique
#WeAreTheRadio #FediRadio #MastoRadio #TootRadio #musikken

Adventsmotiv. Links im Bild ein lächelnder silberner Zwerg / Nikolaus auf einem Tannenzweig, davor ein Tannenzapfen, rechts daneben eine goldene Kugel.Hinter dem Nikolaus sieht man goldene Dekoration. In der Mitte zwischen Nikolaus und goldener Kugel steht "Radio Regentrude wünscht Euch einen schönen 1. Advent" in goldenen Druckbuchstaben. BIld (ohne Text): Pixabay, kein Bildquellennachweis erforderlich.

Advent motif. On the left of the picture is a smiling silver gnome / Santa Claus on a fir branch, in front of it a pine cone, to the right of it a golden ball and behind Santa Claus you can see golden decorations. In the middle between Santa Claus and the golden ball is the text "Radio Regentrude wishes you a happy 1st Advent" in golden block letters. Image (without text): Pixabay, no picture credits required.
sebastian büttrich
15 hours ago

Listening to a #radio feature on #RBB #Berlin about the #Earthrise photograph. It tunes in to the common and comfortable story of this picture being "the most influential environmental photograph ever taken", the story of how it has taught us what our planet is, what it is part of, what we are part of. Has it?

Earthrise, taken on December 24, 1968, by Apollo 8 astronaut William Anders,
showing the Earth "rise" over the moon horizon.

NASA/Bill Anders -

Taken by Apollo 8 crewmember Bill Anders on December 24, 1968, at mission time 075:49:07 [8] (16:40 UTC), while in orbit around the Moon, showing the Earth rising for the third time above the lunar horizon.
BC Info Bot
15 hours ago

BC News (CBC): How 'forced financing' makes some car dealerships more money #CBC #BCNews via @morganeogerbc #Radio/CostofLiving

Lunaria Galaxie
16 hours ago
Lunaria Galaxie
16 hours ago

Ein neuer Forumbeitrag wurde in unserer Galaxie veröffentlicht:

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17 hours ago

#Dopamine, la série d'émission d'#Arte, vous connaissez probablement.

#Couleur3, la chaine radio jeune de la #RTS, en reprend le concept dans une émission d'une heure en mélangeant musique, interview de scientifiques / pros du domaine et sketchs comiques.

L'Heure Boréale - Dopamine, comment les applis piègent notre cerveau

#ReseauSocial #Addiction #Captologie #Émotion #Radio #Podcast

Tempo on the Pulse
17 hours ago

Madi Colville-Walker hails from an extremely musical family; although her own musical journey would not fully ignite until the age of 16.

She was a shy and quiet teen, and it was only after learning a handful of guitar chords from her mother that she felt confident enough to appear at the Three Rivers Festival in her hometown of Moama.

The headline act for this show was Uncle Archie Roach and all of her family was sitting front row.

She says, “I can still remember how nervous I was before I stepped on the stage. I remember we spoke about family and how music came so naturally to me, it must flow through my bloodstream.”

She was a part of the inaugural Singing Our Futures Program, a culturally safe songwriting program that supports young First Nations artists to tell their story through songwriting and is one of the leading programs of the Archie Roach Foundation.

#947thePulse #Radio #CommunityRadio #TempoOnThePulse #Geelong #Australia #MusicReview #MadiColvilleWalker

Agenda du Libre
18 hours ago

Montpellier: Radio FM-Plus | Temps Libre | Diffusion, Le lundi 4 décembre 2023 de 09h00 à 10h00. #montpelLibre #radio #logicielsLibres #cultureLibre #commun #numerique

20 hours ago

I really gotta stop listening to radio with ads late at night.

Just listening to classical music tryna sleep and on comes an ad telling me I could have left the oven hob on by accident.

Dude my anxiety..

#sleep #radio #anxiety #stress

The Global Voice
23 hours ago

🕑Z Coming up in 20 minutes, entertainment from radio royalty. It's a new edition of the L.A. Connection Hosted by Emperor Rosko. #audio #TGVRadio #Movies #Radio #tv 🎉👑🙌🎥🎬

Alley Stoughton
23 hours ago

Music for and with piano by Sean Clarke, Malcolm Forsyth, Gabriela Lena Frank, Gregory T. Glancey, Ronald Hannah & Hee Yun Kim - featuring Darryl Friesen, Margaret Carey & Roger Admiral, Kei Endo, Junghwa Lee, Christopher Devine, & Sunmi Chang & Clara Yang - on Not Brahms and Liszt Monday (12/4/23) 4-5:30pm ET on WMBR Cambridge 88.1 FM streaming

#Radio #Boston #ModernClassical #Piano #ChamberMusic

@wmbr @contemporarymusic @womencomposers

Cover of Hee Yun Kim’s Ravello Records album “Voyage Within”, featuring an image of a woman walking away from the viewer down a field, with the silhouette in profile of a woman’s head in the night sky in front of her.
Cover of Margeret Carey and Roger Admiral’s Centrediscs album “Enigmatic Variations”, featuring a design with blocks in the center populated with a bear, elk, beaver and buffalo on squares around a small circle, all on top of textile art, including colors of the rainbow.
Cover of Ronald Hannah’s PGMaudio album “Music for Piano and Organ”, featuring a photo of a tree in the foreground with a city shrouded in mist in the background, and the sky colored blue
Cover of Sunmi Chang & Clara Yang’s Navona Records album “Mother Tales”, featuring a design with a seated woman in profile, surrounded by drawings of Chang and Yang, plus the composers Florence Price, Gabriela Lena Frank, Liliya Ugay and Amy Beach.
Maxwell Volume
1 day ago

I just lost lost all control of my bodily functions with equal parts fear & excitement upon learning that certainly the world's greatest horror author & film maker #GarthMarenghi is guest on #BBC #radio Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone (it's also a #ScienceFiction special, talking about some Doctor person who gets around in a blue box). #DoctorWho #MatthewHolness #SF

1 day ago

Der ›Nachtflug‹ auf #ColoRadio aus #Dresden hat glaub’ ich noch eine Stunde ganz nettes Elektronisches, Zeugers #Radio

160k direkt:

1 day ago
#radio #app for #android?
Jfc everything I install us either just "simple" or wants to sell you a subscription.
Whatever happened to FM radio?
Fuck digitalization
Oh and none of the #icecast streams work
And SHOUTcast is behind a paywall.

Yes I do have dvb-c radio but #vlc uses 100% cpu of 1 core to decode mpega.
How the fuck does it need 100% cpu?
Brother Soul
1 day ago

Our Saturday Morning Brother has needed to take the day off.


But do enjoy this Greasy Spoon #replay from our brother in Queens, NYC Mr. Divine Ellison on #loveabrotherradio


Now playing on LABR: The Greasy Spoon 109 Divine Ellison! Tune in now at #labr #radio #live #dj #mixes #house #nowPlaying #np

Zentrum polis
1 day ago

Morgen heißt es wieder Brunch mit Richtig & Falsch: Folge 19: Kampf für Arbeitsrechte - Widerstand in der Politischen Bildung, Part 1. SO, 3. Dez., 10h. In Wien auf UKW 94.0 MHz und überall sonst auf der Welle von #RadioOrange94 #wien #radio #radioFM #arbeiterinnen #streik #widerstand #gewerkschaft #PolitischeBildung #PolitikEdu #podcast

Am 3. Dezember um 10h läuft auf der Welle von Radio Orange 94.0 eine neue Folge von Richtig & Falsch, Podcast für Politische Bildung: Folge 19 - Kampf für Arbeitsrechte - Widerstand in der Politischen Bildung, Part 1
1 day ago

"Die Durchsuchungen in #Russland erfolgten, nachdem gestern die 'internationale LGBT-Bewegung' als extremistisch verboten wurde."

Alter, #mdrAktuell, wer gibt solche #Radio-#Nachichten-Text frei?

Einfach mal die Verschwörungserzählung einer weltweiten, schwulen Verschwörung verbreiten. 🤬🤬🤬

Elender Amateurfunk!

#LGBT #LGBTIQ #mdr #Medien

AGF : poemproducer
1 day ago

Space Afrika w/ Jessica Ekomane
Manchester, 29.11.22

context: selection by @jessicaekomane initially for DeForrest Brown Jr.'s book "Assembling a Black Counter Culture" #Berlin - reframes the history of techno through Black experiences in industrialized labor systems

#SoundStudies #experimental #radio #black #BlackMastodon #bipoc

2 days ago

Today at noon there is a protest against Geert Wilders in Dam Square, Amsterdam.

We will make a

✨ live radio broadcast✨

from the event!

#antifa #politics #stopracism #radio #live #protest #netherlands

Tune in at

Poster: National Action Day against Geert Wilders, 2 December 12:00 noon, Dam Square.

There's Wilders' face, crossed out.
BC Info Bot
2 days ago

BC News (CBC): In the bleak midwinter: Lightening your mood when dark days bring on seasonal depression #CBC #BCNews via @morganeogerbc #Radio/WhiteCoat/BlackArt

BC Info Bot
2 days ago

BC News (CBC): Goodbye steak, hello mung beans! Overheated food prices have Canadians buying less meat #CBC #BCNews via @morganeogerbc #Radio/CostofLiving

Rodney Anonymous
2 days ago

Seriously; it's an honor brining you folks new music, even if it is just once a month.
When I was a kid, I would stay up late on Friday night listening to the radio and hoping to hear something different. Mostly it was crap like Fleetwood Mac or The Beatles. But, every now-and-then, it would be something life-changing like Bowie or Ian Dury.
I'm still chasing that high and I hope you are too.

Rodney Anonymous
2 days ago

If you call in to YNOT to complain about my radio show, we'll take down your name and address. Then you'll get a little visit from "The Boys From Jersey"
No one ever calls in to complain a second time.

Rodney Anonymous
2 days ago

When I was a kid, all I wanted to be be was a radio DJ - an internet radio DJ. And that's why I invented the internet...and shoes.

Rodney Anonymous
2 days ago

"If these bands are so good, how come I've never heard of them? And I've heard of all the cool stuff all the kids are into these days like indoor plumbing, hopscotch, and the bends."

Rodney Anonymous
2 days ago

Rodney Anonymous Tells You How to Live - the ONLY radio show named in the Book of Revelation

3 days ago

I like how @ErickaSimone by asking the right questions and wanting to make conversation, ended up being the host of an important discussion and exploration of how to bring #music and #radio into the #fediverse. That discussion needs a better hashtag. Any ideas?

The Global Voice
3 days ago

🕔Z Coming up in 20 minutes, it's Chrissie on Air repeat hosted by Chrissie Cochrane, with pop, drama and jazz. Tune in and find out what it's all about at #audio #TGVRadio #radio 😎🐈🎺🎶📺🔁

3 days ago

If you're in Tamaki Makaurau and you appreciate good music and the community that surrounds it, please support BFM. Fundraising gig on Wed Dec 20, at the Auckland Town Hall;

#fundraising #radio #StudentRadio #BFM

Martin Owens
3 days ago

Jeremy Hardy Speaks to the Nation randomly came on this morning and was a great pallet cleanser.

If you're on the #left and are down, I encourage you to get your hands on his radio show which while broadcast as far back as the 90s is still very endearingly relevant.

#BBC #JeremyHardy #LeftWing #Politics #Comedy #Radio

A short segment from Jeremy Hardy Speaks to the Nation Season3 Episode 3 "How to make your presence felt"

"... such people fulminate against political correctness and minority interest groups; when they're feeling especially persecuted they will even accuse single issue campaigns of being 'well orchestrated and well organised'. For thousands of years the rallying cry of the left has been 'I thought you were bringing the leaflets' *laughter* now we are accused of organisational flair ..."
4 days ago

Hmm, dude with a broken Marine VHF radio. Not often you see a loose PL259 connector as a scene focus in a movie, LOL. #radio #hamradio #movies

Robert Redford attempting to contact someone for help using a VHF marine radio, while on a sailing ship in the movie "All Is Lost"
Famous PL259 connectors I have known
Game That Tune Radio
4 days ago

We're streaming video game music! Come Listen! Also - boosting/re-tooting this notification really helps us out, please consider sharing ❤️

Video Game Music 24/7

#vgm #music #videogames #radio #gamemusic #fedi22

Live stream preview
5 days ago

📻 Accusé de viol sur mineure, Cauet n'est plus à l'antenne sur NRJ depuis une semaine. Jusqu'à quand ? Le renvoyer durablement vaudrait à la station une bonne part de ses recettes publicitaires.

👉 Découvrez notre vidéo sur cette affaire

#justice #radio #business #argent

JW prince of CPH
5 days ago

Øh, ifølge hvilket journalistisk kriterium skal #dkpresse :

1. gå ud fra, at Orange Hitler But Even Dumber bliver præsident i USA i 2024, og

2. tage hans ord for pålydende uden kommentarer, selvom det er veldokumenteret, at han ikke kan lade være med at lyve & ikke forstår hvordan selv den mest basale virkelighed hænger sammen?

Ja, det er - igen - P1, a.k.a. Dansk Centristisk Forum, jeg refererer til...


Tempo on the Pulse
5 days ago

The Beatnik Preachers are musically exquisite, lyrically explicit, artistically evocative and socially provocative.

The Beatnik Preachers are Anthony ‘ToK’ Norris - trumpet and spoken word, Rob Burke - tenor and soprano sax, Nick Haywood - double bass, Miles Henry – drums, and Joel Louis - piano and keys.

They are joined by the Preachettes! Katrina B and Blin Van Heems providing backing vocals.

The Beatnik Preachers are a unique Australian ensemble using jazz, hip-hop and original beat-poetry as the vehicle to carry a raft of messages for each and every one of us - with not only a groove for the feet and derriere but intriguing lyrics to quench the mind.

Their debut album “Jazz Is Not a Dirty Word” is a melting pot of jazz, hip-hop and spoken word, singing atop a blistering groove and interjected with one of the best horn sections in the Land of Oz.

#947thePulse #Radio #CommunityRadio #TempoOnThePulse #Geelong #Australia #MusicReview #TheBeatnikPreachers

Sam Litzinger
5 days ago

“Can This Public Radio Show Get ‘Middle America’ to Tune In?”


Radio Free Hamish
5 days ago

Hamish is on the air!

TableTop Tuesday - "Alien: Fate of the Nostromo" game play

#owncast #streaming #radio #music #rpg #tabletop #electronics

Live stream preview
Roberta Fidora
5 days ago

Wonderful to find more music people here and thrilled at how many folks have found the new EP through and

If you're able to, you can contribute to their running costs here:

📻 :catjam:

#Musodon #Music #RadioFreeFedi #Radio #CommunityRadio #FediMusic #FediArt #IndependentMusic #Listening
6 days ago

Harra #radio #listening

19:00 28-11-2023

Since mid-October, Khamoosh has been part of Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee's residency. Throughout these weeks, they have been reflecting on and researching an ongoing project on a mangrove plantation in Gooran village on Qeshm Island, in the Persian Gulf, Iran.

Alley Stoughton
6 days ago

The playlist for today's (11/27/23) episode of Not Brahms and Liszt can be found at:

And a Dropbox link (good for 2 weeks only, for web listening only) to the high-quality audio file for the show can be found at:

If Dropbox doesn't work well for you, you can listen from WMBR's MP3 archives:

#Radio #Boston #ModernClassical #ChamberMusic

@wmbr @contemporarymusic @KJQuiggz

Alley Stoughton
6 days ago

Starting in 20 minutes - at 4pm ET - on WMBR Cambridge 88.1 FM streaming on

#Radio #Boston #ModernClassical #ChamberMusic

@wmbr @contemporarymusic @KJQuiggz

Alley Stoughton
6 days ago

Ninety minutes of modern music for and with wind instruments this (11/27/23) afternoon beginning at 4pm ET on WMBR Cambridge 88.1 FM streaming on

#Radio #Boston #ModernClassical #ChamberMusic

@wmbr @contemporarymusic

Al Wirtes
1 week ago

I've moved all of my #Denver #Radio playlist #bot accounts to You can now find them here:

KUVO Playlist bot:

Indie 102.3 Playlist bot:

The Colorado Sound:

These are all unofficial. They can be down often, and I make no money from them. I just like having an easy way to see what's playing.

If you listen to these stations, please support them.

If you want to hear new music, please check them out.

The Global Voice
1 week ago

🕑Z Coming up in 20 minutes, entertainment from radio royalty. It's so nice, we're playin' it twice. It's the repeat of the L.A. Connection Hosted by Emperor Rosko. #audio #TGVRadio #Movies #Radio #tv 🎉👑🙌🎥🎬🔁

cbollert :dfm:
1 week ago

Werbung: Wir veranstalten am 6.12. mit dem audio/day eine Konferenz für alle, die sich für Audio interessieren. Podcasts, Radio, Streaming - die Speakerinnen und Speaker liefern ganz unterschiedliche und hörenswerte Perspektiven:

#podcasts #audio #radio #webradio #leipzig #audioday

1 week ago

Since we are celebrating 100 years of ABC Radio I thought I would post a couple of older pictures of my time in radio. This is the first studio I broadcast from on a consistent basis. Doing the Rural report from Maryborough, Qld in about 1980. The Cuemaster tape machine in the back left was an upgrade on the Rola. Cart machines in the background were used for playing promos and jingles #radio #radio100years

Presenter sitting in an analogue radio studio with two turntables, two cart machines and a Cuemaster recorder
Alley Stoughton
1 week ago

Music for and with wind instruments by John Gordon Armstrong, Craig Michael Davis, Timothy Hagen, Timothy Kramer, Kerrith Livengood, Shawn E. Okpebholo & William Toutant - featuring Elicio Winds, Rane Moore & Mike Williams, Altered Sound Duo, & Lara Deutsch & Adam Cicchillitti - on Not Brahms and Liszt Monday (11/27/23) 4-5:30pm ET on WMBR Cambridge 88.1 FM streaming

#Radio #Boston #ModernClassical #ChamberMusic

@wmbr @contemporarymusic

Cover of Elicio Winds’s Blue Griffin Recording album “Convergence: Music & Cultural Legacy”, featuring an abstract painting of a land/skyscape.
Cover of the Navona Records album “Lock & Key, Vol. III”, featuring a little house inside a tree, with a bird holding in its mouth the key to a little door.
Cover of John Gordon Armstrong’s Centrediscs album “Vistas”, featuring a painting of a seascape with water in the foreground and an island with trees in the background.
1 week ago


There is a brilliant radio drama of #Metropolis from 2006 which was a BBC production

Both powerful and entertaining.

#Radio #plays #Radio4 #drama #SciFi #AudioPlay #audio #Orwellian #OrwellianBritain

Herr Irrtum!
1 week ago

Another shameless Radio Irrtum! announcement

↓↓↓ German version far below the English one ↓↓↓

RADIO IRRTUM! is back again! \o/ Tonight, 2023-11-25 at 8:00PM (UTC+1) at Alex Berlin/FM 91 MHz/DAB+ Ch.7D, or via stream:

#Radio Irrtum! is my German language #radioShow exploring the sonic vastnesses of the #underground. Don't mind the German language aspect - it's a show to raise your attention for new unheard #music all over the genre spectrum from all over the world (well - this time with a bit of a focus pointing to a certain city) - the music makes all the difference in the end.

It did come out more as a coincidence than that this was really planned, but this time there will be more than usual tracks coming from Berlin or former Berlin artists. But of course, we won't stuck there, so there will be:

#DreamPop from #Indonesia
#Berlin #Hiphop
#ElektroPop from #Toronto
- jazzy
#Ghettotech #Phonk from #Chicago
- British guitar
- harsh
#AcidNoise from #London
#HopPhonk from #Paris
- spaces filled with
#experimental sounds from Berlin as well as from #Hailuoto (a small island in north #Finland)
#Punk + Postpunk e.g. from Berlin

And a lot of this music is coming from
#FEDIVERSE artists, such as, or (CC content even!)! Thank you for enhancing our mental happiness here :) !

As always I'll post the playlist afterwards here (provided I’m at home, else it will come up the day after). And if you have questions about the music – I'll gladly answer! Just ask!

C U all tonight! :)

(see even more content in the reply section)

↑↑↑ English version above, the German one is still below ↓↓↓

Wirklich wahr, Radio Irrtum! ist wieder da!! Heute Abend, 20 Uhr über Alex Berlin auf UKW 91MHz/DAB+ Ch.7D (Stream URL oben).

Radio Irrtum! ist meine Radiosendung, in der wir zusammen die Weiten des musikalischen Untergrunds aus der ganzen Welt erforschen (wobei… diesmal mit Fokus auf einer gewissen Stadt).

War gar nicht so geplant, ergab sich dann aber so, dass diese spezielle Stadt überraschend Berlin ist :) . Aber dabei wird es natürlich nicht bleiben. Im Speziellen gibt es:

- indonesischen Dreampop
- Berliner Hiphop
- ElektroPop aus Toronto
- jazzy Ghettotech Phonk aus Chicago
- Gitarrendubstep aus den UK
- harsches
#AcidNoise aus London
- HopPhonk aus Paris
- Experimentelle Klangräume aus Berlin oder gar aus Hailuoto
- Punk und Postpunk u.a. aus Berlin

Mit vielen Künstler:Innen aus dem Fediverse (siehe oben)!
Bis heute Abend! :)

(Mehr Inhalte in den Antworten!)

The animated Radio Irrtum! logo, as usual with a young soviet woman proudly presenting an old rotten radio. This time followed by a rasant 3D flyby around a low poly Berlin Fernsehturm, because, you know... "Focus Berlin". Yes, I played with Blender again.
1 week ago

11-24-23 Nicole Sandler Show – Day After Thankgiving with Dave Matthews – Los Angeles 1994 & 1999)


Marcy Wheeler ( usually hangs with us Friday, but is celebrating Thanksgiving in Ireland and will be back with us next Friday.
So I'l
#NicolesBlog #Channel1031 #DaveMatthews #KSCA #LosAngeles #radio

marc [sustain release] ✅
1 week ago

Da ist das Ding! Ich bin schwer beeindruckt, gerade ein echtes #Trautonium, gespielt von einem "Trautonium-Virtuosen", bei der #RadioRunde "Neues #Frankfurt" im #Momen erlebt haben zu können. Großes Kino... bzw. #Radio. #radiox

Ein angeschlossenes, originales, braunes Trautonium mit orangefarbenen Reglern und silbernen Bügeln.Daneben Kabel und ein Mikrofon.
Redrawn Hell Human
1 week ago

... PLUS 2 hours of my favorite new tracks by independent and underplayed artists from around the world, featuring:

Bint il Sham
Family Junket
Golden Mammoth
Kendra McKinley
Abre Caminho
Los Esplifs
deadflower & the water power
Salo Panto
Troll 2
Violet Hirst

& many more!

Tune in TODAY, 2-4pm Pacific / 5-7pm Eastern / 10pm-12am GMT on

#music #IndependentMusic #radio #IndieRadio #WorldMusic #NewMusic

Redrawn Hell Human
1 week ago

TODAY on the Pet Door Show, 2-4pm Pacific / 5-7pm Eastern / 10pm-12am GMT on ...

Chilean artist JUANI MUSTARD introduces his new single No era yo, and talks about his European tour and more!

#music #IndependentMusic #radio #IndieRadio #chile #santiago #FolkPunk

A photo of musician Juani Mustard, framed with the text, "This week on the Pet Door Show: Juani Mustard on his new single No era yo, the end of the world, touring Europe, and more! Thursday 2-4pm PST / 5-7pm EST on"
Stuart D Neilson
2 weeks ago

We don't protect #Women by denying #trans rights. We don't protect Europeans by denying Africans and Asians rights. We don't protect one ethnic or religious group by denying another rights.

Europe is embracing the politics of hate and division. Media, #journalists, #radio and their select lists of lightning rod "opinion" figures bear a large part of the responsibility for undermining respect for #HumanRights and solidarity.

2 weeks ago

Things you didn't realise still existed. The beeps at the top of the hour on radio. Last century I was managing the station in Alice Springs and got rid of the beeps as a bit of an anachronism. Apart from never meeting anyone who used them to set their watch, because they came off the satellite they weren't actually accurate as they suffered from a little delay! #radio ping @james

Radio Free Hamish
2 weeks ago

Hamish is on the air!

Model Painting - Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps

#owncast #streaming #radio #music #rpg #tabletop #electronics

Live stream preview
Sam Litzinger
2 weeks ago

Today in (fake) #radio news history: the WKRP Thanksgiving turkey drop.

Poster for WKRP turkey drop
2 weeks ago

Lissy testet eine kleine Log-Periodic Antenne. #CatsOfMastodon #cats #radio

Tigerkatze sitzt auf dem Kratzbaum und schnüffelt an einer grünnen Antenne, welche wie ein Weihnachtsbaum aussieht.
Bud Talbot
2 weeks ago

My daughter and I visited the Victory Ship museum in Tampa Bay earlier today and I got this cool Naval #Radio Operator #patch!

Navy Radio Operator insignia (lightning bolts) on a patch
Bud Talbot
2 weeks ago

This looks like an appropriate #coffee shop for a #radio aficionado


Sign on a building which reads "Shortwave Coffee"
Iced coffee in a glass which reads "Receive and Transmit" with a logo of a coffee bean on top of a radio tower
finserra 🙌
2 weeks ago

Just want to draw your attention to this worldwide internet radio distribution site, which I have enjoyed enormously.

#radio #internetradio #music

The Groove Yard
2 weeks ago

The Groove Yard rummages through recorded relics finding forgotten 45s, long lost LPs, and great golden gems from the music of the 20th Century.

The latest Groove Yard is now available at:

Bookmark the link and never miss it.

Get The Groove Yard on your station for free just ask.

#Radio #CommunityRadio #Podcast #Podcasts #Music #Soul #Rock #Pop #RockNRoll #Blues #Industrial

Sarah Allen Reed
2 weeks ago

(Please boost and help me spread the word!)

Two more days left of Trans Awareness week, one more week till Thanksgiving, and one more friendly reminder that I'll be spinning tunes all day on Thanksgiving to keep you company and raising money for The Trevor Project while I'm at it.

Only on See you there.

(and yes, the poster was drawn by yours truly as well.)

#TransIsBeautiful #trans #lgbt #queer #radio #datafruits

Aral Balkan
2 weeks ago

“This is small web, consent driven, artist populated, non-commercial mechanism, attribution promoting, community radio from the fediverse.”

Find out how you can support this excellent initiative:

#RadioFreeFedi #fediverse #radio

Zivan Krisher
2 weeks ago

I'm setting up an iPhone for a blind student that listens to radio station from her home country of Benin in Africa.

I'm having trouble finding an accessible radio app with a variety of stations from Benin. She is expecially interested in christian catholic content.

V Radio, an accessible app has the stations on android but is missing them on IOS.

An additional issue is that she doesn't have a credit card. So apps with constant full screen adds that are hard to dismiss with voiceover and have a subscription based add removal plan are problematic. A single payment is OK, I think I'll be able to gift her the app that way.

A website with good accessibility will also be good.

#accessibility #blind #IOS #radio #benin #africa #catholic

2 weeks ago

#WiFi mystery: my device can send data to the distant AP faster than it can receive (based on #TCP throughput).

What does it say about the #network?

Is the AP underpowered? Is my device somewhat deaf? Is the AP congested and my device shouts loudest?

This feels weird and fascinating.

#networking #wireless #radio #802.11 #wlan

Moixa Mental
3 weeks ago

Nou capítol, nova bogeria (a mig tempo) de Les Indòmites.

Avui sonen:
- Simply Falling - Iyeoka
- Compulsion - Domestique
- Juacko, Lau - Ay Ay Ay
- Fugazi - Cashout

Gràcies @onamediterrania @podcatscat @rocnegre @cibersheep @amannolem

#humor #preguntesAbsurdes #paraulaDeSaSetmana #befa #ràdio #podcast #magazine

it's kat! 🍉
3 weeks ago

so it is with our beloved subject - who, i hasten to add, is much more than the sum of her perfectly straight fringe & enviably glistening bob. she carved a ragged road from the ziegfeld follies to highly vaunted (if controversial) roles in celebrated european films that were sexually charged & taut with social commentary. her return in the early 30s to hollywood saw her acting work sag, so she dabbled in dancing, radio & writing.
#louiseBrooks #hair #art #film #illustration #cinema #radio

3 weeks ago

Ok, I think we're close enough to Thanksgiving to ask a couple questions!!! Does anyone know of any #Radio stations that play #classical #Christmas/Winter songs, full time, with real human curation/presentation? All the ones I can find are either completely AI run or are only a smattering of carols in with the regular classical, which is not what I'm looking for. English preferred, but ultimately the language doesn't matter.


Joe Lanman
3 weeks ago

The Conversation on BBC World Service is such a good radio show. Each one is two women with similar experiences discussing them. This is a good one - science in extreme places

#podcasts #radio

Dr. John Barentine FRAS
3 weeks ago

U.S. President Biden has announced a new National Spectrum Strategy for managing radio spectrum use in the U.S.

No mention of radio astronomy, but a lot about commercial exploitation.

#RadioAstronomy #SpectrumManagement #Radio #Policy

3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

11-13-23 Nicole Sandler Show — Saturday was Veterans Day
View on Zencastr


Veterans Day this year fell on a Saturday. It always falls one week after my birthday, and 8 days before my father's. My dad never talked about his time in the Army. I always thought he was in the Korean War, but it turns out he was in WWII.
I don't think he ever saw battle though.
#NicolesBlog #Congress #EricAdams #MyDad #radio #Trump #VeteransDay #WarCrimes

3 weeks ago


I grew up in the golden age of FM, and in my teens there were still some actual Disc Jockeys on local radio.

The difference between those days and Clear Channel epoch is subtle massive enough to destroy worlds.

Even the selection hasn't really changed much, but I remember nights in the car, sometimes they would do a song and go into the perfect next one, and the perfect next one, sometimes for an hour, and you knew the guy doing the spinning was just as into it.

That's gone. #radio

Jan Neukirchen
3 weeks ago

Hi tldr.nettime!

I just moved here since I expect to find more like-minded individuals here. I'm an artist and currently immersed in #artisticResearch at the #architecture faculty of Leibniz University Hannover, exploring #data as an artistic material, #SoundArt, the materiality of the virtual, and digital social #infrastructure. Therefore, I'm seeking to connect with people who share similar interests. I have a background in #ComputerScience, trying to mentally recover from that.

Also currently interested in #AI #LLMs #criticalAI #VilémFlusser #MarshallMcLuhan #radio #ghosts #magic #blender #shitposting #sculpture #bricolage #drawing #klangkunst #zettelkasten #socialmedia

Here is a video of an installation that I did: (0:49 min)

#introduction #introductions