3 months ago

Teddy is looking for something to murder and I hope he doesn't pick my feet. #Ragdolls #CatsofMastodon

5 months ago

You do #caturday your way. My two do it their way, together as BFFs).

(They’re in one of their kitty tunnels having a nap together.)

#CatsOfMastodon #RagDolls #Cats #Cat

Front ends. Our cat family in their tunnel. One giving us the eye … why did you wake me?
Back end of our cats in a cat tunnel.
6 months ago

I brushed a whole cat's worth of hair off D'Artagnan and he only got fluffier. #Ragdolls #Catstodon

6 months ago
A sable and white papillon dog sitting between a white and gray cat and a brown and cream cat. They are on a white couch with white blinds behind it.
7 months ago

Muñecas artesanas de trapo
artisan ragdolls

#muñecas #muñecasdetrapo #muñecasartesanas #ragdolls #artisandolls

7 months ago

Oliver is walking around moaning and I think he sums up how we all feel about Friday pretty well actually. #Ragdolls (this is my signal to go pet him while he eats kibble, yes he is very needy)

Troed Sångberg
8 months ago


Here comes the #ragdolls. It's impossible to get them all into the same picture except when feeding them ;)

In the photo you have the original couple (red+gray), and their two daughters (red+gray). One of which had a litter of five, from which we kept one (red).

PS: Don't get white ragdolls if you ever want to keep a house where it looks like you actually clean from time to time.

Five cats (ragdolls) at feeding time.
9 months ago

Shout out to Teddy for standing on my actual head, I am awake now. #Ragdolls #TimeChange

A photo of my 2 kitties from last April. Best part of working remotely. #Caturday #Ragdolls #Catsofmastadon

A white kitten lays against a larger blue point cat on a blue blanket on a desk next to a laptop computer. The kitten is looking up with his paw resting on the larger cat’s back.

#caturday #ragdolls Sunny in his favorite seat. Not sure what he will do when he’s too big for it.

Flame point little Ragdoll cat in his favorite basket seat of the cat tree

#caturday #ragdolls Luna. Found out recently she likes to sit here only when this draft-blocker thing is in the chair. Now I just leave it there . Perhaps she thinks it’s holding her in there.

Blue point Ragdoll cat sitting in a damask pattern chair
Crystal King 👑
1 year ago

Merlin is feeling those #caturday vibes. #ragdolls #cats

Ophur and Rosie
1 year ago


Remember me when I was a little floof! Hehe😸😸🐾💙🐾

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Erik Svensson
1 year ago

Peaceful indoor rainy Sunday with my two #ragdolls

Erik Svensson
1 year ago


I am an evolutionary ecologist at the Department of Biology #LundUniversity in #Sweden. My main study organisms are insects (Odonata: dragonflies and damselflies).

I adress various problems in ecology and evolution, with a focus on sexual selection and sexual comflict, frequency-dependent selection and maintenance of genetic polymorphisms, micro- and macroevolution.

I am also a birder, naturalist and nature photographer. And I like #cats. A lot. Especially my two #ragdolls.

Broken Toyland
2 years ago

GWENDOLYN (a broken toy)
3.5x12, multimedia on a one of a kind, handmade ragdoll. She's in my shop:
#art #ragdolls #dolls #outsiderart #folkart

Broken Toyland
2 years ago

PURRONIKA (a broken toy), 11x16, multimedia on a handmade, one of a kind ragdoll. Find her in my shop:
#art #artdolls #ragdolls #folkartdolls #outsiderart

6 years ago

I would brush my teeth but there's a giant Ragdoll in the sink. #cats #Ragdolls