You will read whatever you want into that previous toot, and there’s no way I can stop you. Do yourself a favor and don’t #overthink it.

If you’re looking to be angry about current events, there are handles with far more followers tooting far more explicit and abhorrent things, some of them substantially true.

Perhaps look to be #informed. Then you will at least know why you feel angry. Inchoate #rage does not suit you.

Fuck me. I was watching a YouTube hiker doing the John 'O Groats trail. All good til she got to Badbea whereupon she proceeded to talk utter shite about the 12 'clever farming families' who lived there. Honest to fuck. #Clearances #rage 🤬

Eva_RespectExistence ❄️
5 days ago

Italienische Wissenschaftler*innen haben - neben dem ACE2-Rezeptor - einen 2. Rezeptor namens ##RAGE auf bestimmten Immunzellen ( ) identifiziert, an den das #COVID19 -Virus andocken + eindringen kann. Das verändert deren Funktion ...
"Über die RAGE-Aktivierung bei Monozyten war bekannt, dass sie mit schwereren Entzündungen, Diabetes + Adipositas korreliert. Dies wurde aber nie im Zusammenhang mit Virusinfektionen beobachtet."


Monoozyten sind die größten weißen Blutkörperchen. Sie verschlingen und verdauen Bakterien und Zelltrümmer. Die Aktivierung ihres RAGE-Rezeptors korreliert mit einer schlechteren COVID19-Prognose. 

Credit: Kateryna Kon/SPL/Getty Images
geekgirl :mastodon:
5 days ago

#Fundraiser continues for Ollie Olsen ❤️ who is hosting #Rage tonight on #ABC TV.

Please give generously for Ollie's ongoing medical costs.

One of #Australia's great #musicians #performer #producer & #electronic #artist


John Griogair Bell
1 week ago

“In many respects, no doubt, the Law of Thelema is revolutionary. It insists on the absolute sovereignty of the individual within the limits of his proper function. And this principle will be resented by all those who like to interfere with other people’s business. The battle will rage most fiercely around the question of sex. Hardly any one is willing to allow others their freedom on this point.”

Hermetic quote Crowley Confessions law thelema revolutionary absolute sovereignty individual limits proper function resented interfere other peoples business battle rage fiercely sex freedom

@Geri Thanks for suffering this tripe. I can't do it. #rage

1 week ago

Just published my latest blog. It's a pretty raw account of me processing've been warned.

#death #grief #rage #blog

Freedom Press
2 weeks ago

Rage against genocide
Justice is the only cause, and abolition is the future!
#gaza #Genocide #IsraelPalestine #Rage #Solidarity

A photograph of a cork sandal with red straps on the ground
Working Class Games
2 weeks ago

Reminder that listening to RATM can help deal with frustrating election results (like a fascist win in the netherlands right now)

#election #rage #noShelterHere

2 weeks ago

I've been thinking a lot about #anger, this last few months. How it can be a tool of control - directly and indirectly; what it means when someone 'loses control' in a rage; what anger can tell us about social hierarchies, and vice versa.

Wrote a couple of thousand words about this, peppered with #FionaApple quotes because it turned out that made perfect sense.
#rage #power #politics #trauma #fear

2 weeks ago

"#Rage is what happens when #anger surrenders to #hate."

You got it @JuliusGoat ! 👍

Also: damn well written, real pleasure to read. (Not so much to know it's all out there.)

🟢 Rage 2 (2019, Xbox One)

Shane | Steadysphere braves the post-apocalyptic wasteland once more for an open-world sequel with strong shooting but underwhelming design. Read or watch Shane's review at the link 🙂👇 #gaming #xboxone #rage #review #id


3 weeks ago

From #Gaza With #Rage

The power is off and the only light is from the fires that burn. It is done when the internet is cut, when the journalists are shot dead, to hide their crimes, the burning of children

I am enraged at Israel’s constant, ruthless bombardment, killing thousands of people from newborn babies to grandfathers. What is happening now in Gaza is genocide. Those who are not killed by Israeli bombs are dying slowly from the lack of medicine, food, and water.

Phantom of Hip-Hop
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

“When you see hundreds of young people, dead and wounded and fleeing into the fields and terrorists shooting in every direction, you put everything to one side, the fear, the family, and you go to get them out.”

Heroic farmer saved 120 young concert goers from Hamas terrorists, making 20 trips

#heroes #courage #Israel
#terrorism #music #concert #nova #rage

And an hour later they finally acknowledge that the photo they took to prove they were here is not actually my house, and will 'try' to deliver tomorrow. Fucks sake.

I'm off for a bath. #rage

3 weeks ago

Piti sitten kiihtyä. Katsoin 11 pitkää stooria käsityöinfluensserilta, jotka tiivistyi siihen, että hän ei voi ottaa kantaa asioihin, kun maailmassa on joka tapauksessa paljon kärsimystä, niin mihin se sitten päättyy ja, että hänen aika tässä maailmassa on niin lyhyt, että hän haluaa käyttää sen vain kivoihin asioihin. #fuuuuuuuuck #rage #hienoinenpettymys

3 weeks ago


This is both sad to see and concerning.

"America, love it or leave it" was the demand and threat of ultra-nationalist Americans for decades.

They saw no space in the USA for anyone who stood against the extreme violence, brutalty and oppression the nation engaged in.

It is those American ultra nationalists who are now #Trumpists.

#ADL insisting that Israel in Gaza can not be validly criticised is a victory for those promoting #Divisiveness, #Rage, #Fear and #Uncertainty.


1 month ago

My tireless efforts to make products and processes as discoverable, transparent, and usable as possible are naturally complemented by my raging hatred for and intolerance of opaque, challenging, and Byzantine processes and experiences.

If I've spent 10+ hours over 2+ weeks trying to do something that should have taken five minutes filling out a form, AND I still have no idea what additional steps are required to reach my end goal, one of two things is true.

1. The processes is irredeemably broken.
2. The process is designed to ensure users fail and waste as much of their time as possible, and is working exactly as designed.


Is this #commercial supposed to make you feel unbridled #rage?

Or is it just me?

Jonathan Baker-Bates
1 month ago

You'll notice product managers sometimes say in presentations, "Apologies for the ugly slides, I'm not a designer", but never, "Apologies for the naïve thinking, I'm not a designer." #rage #UX #SeatsAtTables

David August
1 month ago
in the dark a figure’s head and shoulders are incinerated as a scream of enraged hurt escapes them
1 month ago

And then came the longer-term concerns, something #Israel, in its immediate #rage, seemed less interested in contemplating: If you succeed in destroying #Hamas, what will you do w/ #Gaza? And what will happen to your hopes — & ours — for broader #MiddleEast #peace?

#Biden reminded the Israelis of the “mistakes” the #UnitedStates had made as it struck out in fury after the #alQaeda attacks in Sept 2001….

#diplomacy #PreventativeDiplomacy #ForeignPolicy #alliance #NationalSecurity #geopolitics

2 months ago

You won't find any crazy #werewolf special effects in this low budget horror movie, hell, you barely see the werewolf. But this new Mexican horror film still has a decent story and is worth the watch :) It is called Rabia in Mexico and Rage in the U.S.
#horror #horrorfam #rabia #rage #ragemovie

Dennis A
2 months ago

#SocialMedia #anger #rage #SocialContagion #LovingKindness
"Even if you're not aware of it, it's likely that your emotions will influence someone around you today."

Social Media Spreads Rage, But Kindness Can Stop It In Its Tracks : Shots - Health News

"Emotions circulate through social networks — the good, bad and ugly. And these days, the feeling that seems most viral is anger. Sometimes it takes just one act of kindness to stop the vicious cycle."

Gabriel Morency 🤖
2 months ago

Live at 10.00 !! joins us well !! #Rage

Grant Gulovsen
2 months ago
Buzz Lightyear telling Woody "Rage bait. Rage bait everywhere."
2 months ago

#rage bait headlines suck 🤮

#LisaSimone on loving and fearing her mother Nina: ‘On my 16th, she cursed the day I was born’

As the only child of the legendary #musician and #civilrights activist, Lisa Simone experienced #NinaSimone her mother’s #brilliance – and her #rage. She talks about the #joy, the #pain and how they finally made #peace

Words will never express how much I hate Outlook.

"Your calendar is now integrated with your email!" yeah, but now I can only view EITHER my calendar OR my email, NEVER BOTH, unless I open up multiple instances of the same crashy cruft-ridden piece of crap software because what could go wrong

Oh and searching for anything in your inbox will preclude your using the inbox to deal with incoming messages in the normal course unless, yup, you open a separate instance.

#Rage #IT #Outlook #Office

WIST Quotations
3 months ago

A quotation from Shakespeare, William:

I will do such things —
What they are, yet I know not, but they shall be
The terrors of the Earth!

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

#quote #quotes #quotation #anger #fury #rage #threat

frustrating things I learned the last 2 days
#Yubikeys gpg-card default pin is 123456, admin pin is 12345678. if you enter the admin key 3 times wrong, you need to factory reset the gpg-card feature

If you use pinentry loopback (CLI-input), it wont tell you if you need to enter the user or admin pin. #gnome console doesnt work reliably with the loopback pinentry, the loopback itself is very wonky.

#gpg #yubico #smartcard #frustation #rage

Dr. Farhana Sultana
3 months ago

Despite sore throat & feeling dreadful, it was powerful to speak about #climatecoloniality & care-full climate #revolutions, climate #rage & #action, #careethics & #conviviality, in my keynote lecture at the UK Political Studies Association annual conference. Halting #climatechange needs radical #climateaction for #climatejustice

3 months ago

Another bigoted, #hateful #MAGAt. He should have just taken himself off the board instead of destroying three innocent families in service to his #racist #rage.

4 months ago

There is no bigger #coward than the #Trump supporter. These keyboard warriors are so #pathetic and #impotent that all they can do is engage in #anonymous #stochasticTerrorism when the world doesn't bend to their ignorant desires. They're #losers who can only lash out in #petulance and #rage. They'll be losers again in 2024.

Boots Chantilly
4 months ago

@flexghost He’s a fucking disgrace. #RAGE

4 months ago

Testing own textures ;)

#MapMaking #gamedev #MegaTexture #Rage

4 months ago

This is why we can't have nice things... ALMOST EVERY SINGLE TIME there is a FF update, it slows down/stops working until I reboot and download/apply an update. This time I can restore my session, but other times, I've not been able to.. #firefox #mozilla #rage

4 months ago

“On Tues, the City of Clare released a #PoliceReport on the brief #brawl that disrupted a contentious #Republican gathering at the Doherty Hotel in downtown Clare. Wayne County Republican delegate #JamesChapman, 63, got into an #altercation w/ #DeYoung, 55, after #GOP leaders refused to let #Chapman & others who weren't members of the state cmte inside the meeting room.”

#PoliticalViolence #Extremism #Rage #RightWing #DVE

4 months ago

JFC, these folks aren’t just into #violence against non-Republicans, they’re beating each other up!

#MarkDeYoung, the chairman of the Clare County #Republican Party, told police he suffered broken dentures, stress fractures in his spine & bruised ribs during a July 8 #fight at a #Michigan #GOP state cmte meeting.

#PoliticalViolence #Extremism #Rage #RightWing #JamesChapman

Koos Looijesteijn
4 months ago

At a previous job, #HR promoted #mindfulness #meditation. I think that program was very successful. Not because it helped reduce #stress.

I mean it did that. And with that, it probably made me more productive and more pleasant to work with.

But it also prevented me from thinking about why I was stressed. Mindfulness disassociates the self from emotions. I am not what I feel. It wasn't the job's tight deadlines or high expectations that was causing me stress. It was cognitive dissonance.

Deep down, I knew some of my work wasn't beneficial to society. That much of it was strengthening extractive #business practices. That it benefited only a few already rich share holders and some customers. But I believed in our 'mission' and that belief clashed with the other realizations. Mindfullness meditation helped me not to worry about it at night and be a good coworker the next day.

I still think mindfulness meditation can be good—I still practice it when I feel overwhelmed. But I hope that people who are sad, anxious or angry at a well-paid job let their emotions run free and #rage against how societies are messing things up. And then decide about what they really need in life.

5 months ago

Wow. I literally had someone else try to test me- #ToxicMasculinity.

They #triggered me.

They #BackedOff.

I made everybody nervous. Maybe scared

I guess he decided to do something else? He challenged me first!

I was scaring his wife and kids

I turned and walked away

No one spoke a word

I am still shaking

#PTSD #anxiety #rage #ItsInTheEyes #MentalHealth #SelfControl is hard, even with #weed

I feel better. Thanks for listening 🙏🏼 ✌🏻😮‍💨💭

Eric Mann
5 months ago

Gotta love it.

Key got stuck in the front door deadbolt today (it's just finally worn out). Ran to the hardware store to replace it. The "rekey it yourself" types have odd-shaped tumblers that didn't fit in my existing frame. Decided to replace with the other brand, but it requires a pro to rekey it.

Their "pro" is off until Monday. "So you can either come back next week or try to find a locksmith instead?"

Have now replaced the whole thing with a smart lock ... #rage

5 months ago

Windows 10, release in July 2015, unregistered. "I see you have an Enterprise key, here let me upgrade you."

Windows Server 2019, released in Oct 2018, Unregistered eval ISO. "I see you have a standard version reg key. I'm sorry I can't do that dave." Meanwhile on the internet "Yeah if you do this secret dism incantation you can totally do that."

It's a struggle to even get the GD system registered much less operating! :AngeryCat:

#Windows #Winblows #Rage #Trash #WindowsServer

Daniel Detlaf
5 months ago

I heard on the grapevine this morning of a person who commited suicide at their workplace.

He was cleaning staff. He put on his uniform, went to work, and hanged himself.

Management had cut the hours of staff from 40 hours to 20 with no warning. To one degree or another, that killed this man.

#rage #capitalism #dystopia #news #labor

A pile of burning stock certificates.
5 months ago

mom just came and apologized to me and smooched and hugged me. she does this to her cat as well. she'll yell at him because he's not eating or something, and then later she goes and hugs and apologizes to him. both the cat and i think "what did i do to deserve this? is this what love is?"

she said "i'm not mad at YOU, i'm just expressing myself!"

i am going to make her some kind of sculpture that she can direct her rage into. a scapegoat sculpture that she can visualize and yell at when she needs someone to vent to.

apparently she can't punch a pillow like the rest of us. there are so many options! going into the forest and screaming, heavy gardening (like pulling weeds), going for a swim, visiting a body of water, doing a sport or other vigorous physical activity.

she is not the only member of my family who directs their rage spout at their family members. i get it, we all gotta get the rage out, but please figure out a way to do it that doesn't involve people having to take it!

#CPTSD #narcissism #family #recovery #coping #rage #anger #feelings

6 months ago

Having a hard mental health day, and lucky to have the time to focus on these #transJoy / #queerJoy #zines that we’re putting out via @mappingtransjoy and @LouisianaTransOralHistory

“A Zine of #Affirmation and #Rage

Pile of zines, half titled “Trans Joy as Resistance,” half titled “Queer Joy as Resistance” all subtitled: “a zine of affirmation and rage”

eHerkenning #rage day again for the privilege to pay dutch taxes.

Forced to update #digidentity app only to find an 'unsupported device' error (no doubt because my phone is rooted)

Like banking apps, I eat identity apps by the dozen.

Main hurdles for them : I have no google and a rooted device


7 months ago

rage against the


7 months ago

#WordPress plugins that inject their own update notification banners/UIs into the top of every page in the WordPress admin are the most annoying things ever.

It should be a requirement of listing your plugin on that your plugin doesn't do this.


Victor J Merino
8 months ago

That's it. I will delete my Twitter account on June 1st.
This is so fucking painful to me, I made so many new friends and found the extraordinary indie TTRPG and OSR community. So many costumers found my character packs there. I'm gonna lose money, contacts, information all because that fucking niñato de mierda Elon Musk.
I'm so overwhelmed. I just can't take it any more. I'm exhausted. I just want to cry and see that motherfucker bitch burn.
#DeleteTwitter #Twitter #Rage

8 months ago

“The next weeks and months are going to tell us an awful lot about what happens when women who have been insulted and ignored repeatedly by the courts rise up to organize and vote, only to learn they are being boxed out of the voting booth as well.”

@Dahlialith #abortion #choice #freedom #rage #deepseethingrage

The aerial photo clearly shows that Runavägen stops with a turning circle. Still, at least 3 map services shows that the road continues on to Ringvägen!

This is now fixed with my latest contribution.

I can't believe how this very clear turning circle have been missed!! 🤯

#openstreetmap #google #googlemaps #maps #eniro #sweden #rage

Aerial photo clearly shows the turning circle on Runavägen. shows Runavägen continues on to Ringvägen. shows Runavägen continues on to Ringvägen. shows Runavägen continues on to Ringvägen.
Leonie Tanczer
9 months ago

It's #InternationalWomensDay (#IWD23).

Over the last year, we have seen -yet again!!- #gender #equality, reproductive rights, & violence against women (#VAWG) worsen.

I am SO sick of it and ANGRIER than ever🤬. But hey, I'll try to direct it towards something productive...

What will you do with your 🔥#rage🔥?

Why the Cathartic Release of Female Rage Dominated TV Plotlines