Afternoon macaroni snack. :blobratheart:
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A brown pet rat (super cute!) seen from above, eating a piece of macaroni from a small red bowl. Kind of blurry, but still cute.
2 days ago

Got the dig box connected to the rat cage again.

It's their little on suite garden.

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A big translucent plastic bin connected to a rat cage with a section of PVC pipe. You can just make out some grass growing inside it.
A cream coloured rat exploring the grass inside the dig box, framed by a hole in the lid.
A brown headed rat with a white body exploring the grass inside the dig box, framed by a hole in the lid
Two rats in a dig box with its lid removed. One cream coloured rat nearly invisible in the grass, and one brown headed rat looking over the side of the box

My mom in law gave us an old pillow for #Figs. He loooovvees it. :blobratheart:
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A brown pet rat on top of a pillow, chewing on it.
Daniel Johnson
4 days ago

Sneaking this #Raturday post in under the wire…

Here are Angelica’s sixteen (!!!) babies, mere seconds before mama rat whisked them away from prying human eyes.


A big wad of baby rats: gray, white, black. They are lying on wadding and fabric scraps.

And my little #Figs :blobratheart: ❀️
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A brown pet rat looking kind of sideways at the camera. Half of him is under his blanket.
5 days ago

The boss of the cage is gone now that Frankie is no more.

The remaining three rats are all still young, so I removed all the ramps I'd put in for ageing chaos potatoes.

Saffy and Jasper took this in stride, scrambling up to their highest hideaways with no problem, but Nicodemus, the biggest boy, is having to be a bit more strategic.

There's been some slightly desperate, pop-eyed peddling of little feet as he slowly but inevitably slides back down the bars and plops back on the floor.

He does manage it in the end, it just takes him a bit longer.

I'm hoping he'll get stronger again as he's forced to get a bit more exercise.

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Three sleeping rats cuddled up together inside their bed lined with scraps of newspaper. Only two of their faces are visible, one cream coloured with her eyes tightly closed, and one brindle brown with half open eyes.
eon πŸ€
6 days ago

hi!! if you have a little budget to spare this black friday, maybe consider getting some little rat things from me, i promise you won't be disappointed! thank you for all your support, i appreciate it as always πŸ€β€οΈ

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Stock up on rats for the holidays!
a rat says: get 20% off with 2 or more items!
From now till 30 Nov AT

No pictures! 🀭❀️ :blobratheart:
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A brown pet rat running away from the camera. Bye...

But I can't even be mad at #Figs (we're in love). :blobratheart:
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A pet rat on top of a pile of laundry, looking into the camera. He's super cute!

Figs is here right now, refusing a proper photo. :blobrat_peek: :blobratheart:
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A pet rat's cute face all blurry, and up in your business.

Figs held still, and posed for a photo this morning. :blobratheart:
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A pet rat looking into the camera from under his blanket. He is very cute.

some pictures of my late ratties, soup & peach.

they were very sweet boys, but peach was definitely much more interested in having his photo taken than soup was.

#rats #rat #RatsOfMastodon

a picture of a fawn coloured rat sitting in a basket in a large two-story rat enclosure.
a picture of a dark grey and white rat eating from a bowl of food in a large two-story rat enclosure.
a picture of a dark grey and white rat sitting in a basket in a large two-story rat enclosure.
a picture of a fawn coloured rat sitting on a wooden hidey house in a large two-story rat enclosure.

This animal is awesome. ❀️ :blobratheart:
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A brown pet rat looking upward. He is very cute.

Here is #Figs standing by his things. It's almost the same picture as the other day...the difference is here he looks proud, instead of having a defensive posture. :blobratheart:
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A pet rat looking very cute next to his ribbon, string, and paper towel.

Hidden #Figs...(Hidden Figs would be a good band name.) :blobratheart:
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A pet rat sticking his cute face out from under his favorite blanket.
eon πŸ€
2 weeks ago

it's already been another year without you, toast. i hope you're doing well. still waiting for the day we'll meet again. happy birthday to the best little creature i'll ever know ❀️

#rats #rat #petRat #petRats #ratsOfMastodon

drawing of a dumbo-eared Siamese rat sitting on a blue blanket. he's wearing a bowtie and looking particularly cute. also, his name is Toast

Giving Figs the day off (I couldn't get a non blurry picture), I'm remembering the time Raddy looked at me like I was really dumb for suggesting he not destroy his last paper towel. :blobratheart: :blobrat_peek:
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A pet rat looking into the camera with a "WHAT?!" look on his face.

Stealing the comb was very satisfying. :blobratheart:
#RatsOfMastodon #RatsOfTheFediverse #PetRat #DailyRattie

A brown pet rat looking cute while chewing on a comb he stole from me...I'm the victim here!
The same cute pet rat chilling in the other room, satisfied with the results of the great comb caper of 2023.

#Figs showing off his whiskers. :blobratheart:
#RatsOfMastodon #RatsOfTheFediverse #PetRat #DailyRattie

A pet rat sticking his cute face into the camera.

Since I was unable to get a (good) picture this morning, I'm posting this Figs and his eyebrows one. It's cute. :blobratheart:
#RatsOfMastodon #RatsOfTheFediverse #PetRat #DailyRattie

A cute pet rat looking out of a pot, into the camera. He has cute little eyebrows.

Vincent van Gogh did a painting way better than "Starry Night" or "CafΓ© Terrace at Night"…

#Art #VanGogh #RatsOfMastodon

Oil painting of a pair of grey rats eating a slice of stale bread.

β€œTwo Rats”
by Vincent van Gogh

Date: 1884
Nunen / Nuenen, Netherlands

I put an old t-shirt over #Figs enclosure, and he pulled it thru the wires and made a tent from the sleeve. :blobratheart:
#RatsOfMastodon #RatsOfTheFediverse #PetRat #DailyRattie

A sleepy pet rat inside the sleeve of an old t-shirt, looking at the camera thru a barely open eye.
Daniel Johnson
3 weeks ago

This is me in pajamas, bottle-feeding Oreo. We’re guessing she’s probably 15 days old or so. #RatsOfMastodon

A tiny dark-brown-and-white baby rat pokes its head out of the shirt of a man’s blue plaid pajamas, in order to drink from a very small bottle of milk he is holding.

A how it started, how it's going kind of thing. :blobratheart:
#RatsOfMastodon #RatsOfTheFediverse #PetRat #DailyRattie #Figs (Figs deserves his own tag.)

A pet rat sitting outside his box, not doing anything but being cute.
The same pet rat, but now only his body is visible because he's trying to get me...and he did get me. He's a good rattie.
Daniel Johnson
4 weeks ago

Selfie with baby #rat. This is Casper.
#RatsOfMastodon #Raturday

Sleepy-looking reclining bearded, gray-haired man with a white baby rat on his collarbone.
4 weeks ago

Let's see if #rats can keep up with #cats in the fediverse πŸ€—
Happy #raturday

Two rats sitting on a wooden box in their cage. They are eating and looking sceptically towards the camera.
4 weeks ago

The raticalisation of Pip #ratsofmastodon #rats

Kind of blurry super Figs! :blobratheart:
#RatsOfMastodon #RatsOfTheFediverse #PetRat #DailyRattie

A pet rat looking out from a pot he likes to go into. He's very cute, even if the picture is kinda blurry.

Figs this morning.❀️ :blobratheart:
#RatsOfMastodon #RatsOfTheFediverse #PetRat #DailyRattie

A cute little pet rat looking out from under his favorite blanket. He is very cute!

Figs waiting for a treat. :blobratheart:
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A pet rat standing on the edge of a daybed, looking up at my partner (not pictured), waiting for a piece of melon.
1 month ago

Pepper loves her pumpkin soup πŸ˜πŸ€

#rats #RatsOfTheFediverse #RatsOfMastodon

A video showing moanos with a white rat on his shoulder. The rat frantically licks his fingers. When he moves them away the rat stands on two legs and sniffs the head and seems to lovingly bite the ear of moanos. The hand returns and the licking continues. In the end the rat pepper slides down to moanos hand and looks into the camera

Figs sleeping next to me. I love this animal. ❀️ :blobratheart:
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A very cute pet rat sleeping on his side, next to me.
1 month ago

Jasper and Saffy.
Sleepy little sweethearts.

#rats #ratstodon #PetsOfMastodon #RatsOfMastodon

Two rats cuddled together in a black plastic ball-shaped bed. Only their faces visible. A cream coloured rat with red eyes tucked in behind a brown rat with long whiskers. Both have delicate pink ears and look calm and contented.
1 month ago

This is Frankie. She's nearly 3 years old, and she's no longer as strong as she used to be, but here she is in one of the highest boxes in the cage and she climbed up there by herself.

She's the boss of the cage. She showed all the newcomers where they have to poop when they first arrived, and when any of them step out of line she pins them down and grooms them from nose to tail.

Whenever I mess up the cage ("clean" it) , she's the one who sets it to rights again.

When she was a baby she used to go to sleep in my sleeve, apparently unperturbed by my moving my hand around to move the mouse.

She's not a cuddly girl, she's a bit like some cats are. Self possessed. Independent.

#rats #ratstodon #PetsOfMastodon #RatsOfMastodon

A beautiful brown rat with soft eyes in a cardboard box inside a cage.

Figs in profile...kind of like pigs in space, but not really. :blobratheart:
#RatsOfMastodon #RatsOfTheFediverse #PetRat #DailyRattie

A curious looking pet rat waiting for me to stop f-ing around and give him the paper towel.

Figs this morning. We were playing "paper towel," and he was waiting for his turn. :blobratheart:
#RatsOfMastodon #RatsOfTheFediverse #PetRat #DailyRattie #WhiskersWednesday

A cute little pet rat looking out from his favorite blanket, waiting for me to try keeping a paper towel away from him.

In memory of my little Raddy. ❀️ :blobratheart:
#RatsOfMastodon #RatsOfTheFediverse #PetRat #DailyRattie

A pet rat looking into the camera from a pile of laundry. He is super cute!

Figs showing off his "fine...take the damn picture " look..haha :blobratheart:
#RatsOfMastodon #RatsOfTheFediverse #PetRat #DailyRattie

A pet rat in his enclosure, sitting on his side looking very put upon.

If you notice in the picture, he's holding my hand. My heart! :blobratheart:
#RatsOfMastodon #RatsOfTheFediverse #PetRat #DailyRattie

A pet rat sleeping in my jacket, holding my hand.

Today is Fletcher Rex rattie's birthday. The most affectionate rattie ever. :blobratheart:
#RatsOfMastodon #RatsOfTheFediverse #PetRat #DailyRattie

A gray pet rat sitting in my lap, getting his belly rubs on. So cute!

Figs sleeping next to me. :blobratheart:
#RatsOfMastodon #RatsOfTheFediverse #PetRat #DailyRattie

A pet rat sleeping next to my leg. He is super cute!

#WhiskersWednesday and #RatsOfMastodon #RatsOfTheFediverse #PetRat #DailyRattie all in one toot! Technology is amazing! :blobratheart:

A cute little pet rattie looking into the camera from inside his enclosure. He has whiskers, man!

My partner is home, and got some good photos of Finnigan rattie sitting by me. :blobratheart:
#RatsOfMastodon #RatsOfTheFediverse #PetRat #ExtraRattie

A cute little brown pet rat looking up into the camera while I give him chin scratches.

Here's Figsgy Stardust (haha) right now for #Raturday. He's not interested in the day. :blobratheart:
#RatsOfMastodon #RatsOfTheFediverse #PetRat #DailyRattie

A brown pet rat sleeping in his enclosure. There's an old sheet with guitars on it he's made into a tent.
legumancer Davy
2 months ago

Finally an ethical use for little plastic fishbowls!

I twisted two separate loops of wire around the rim and attached them to the ceiling bars, then afterwards added additional wires that go under the bowl and hold it into the corner. It needs a wall-ceiling corner to help it stay still.

#rat #rats #ratsOfMastodon

A small plastic fishbowl is hanging in a rat cage, held up by long plant tie wires. The opening faces sideways onto a bridge of cardboard tubes so rats can get in and out easily. Two rats are inside, filling the whole space inside the bowl. The black rat looks out through the clear plastic like he knows he's in a picture. The white rat is looking straight upwards with just his mouth and nose visible like a silly muppet.
The same two rats in the same fishbowl. Benny the white rat stretches out lazily and peeks his face out. Casper the black rat is squished into the back but doesn't seem to mind.

Finding Finnigan rattie in his flower pot. :blobratheart: :blobrat_peek:
#RatsOfMastodon #RatsOfTheFediverse #PetRat #DailyRattie

Video clip of a flower pot with a dark rag inside, and under the rag is a cute, sleeping rattie.
2 months ago

My old guy rat Maurice is still alive. Just about! Sleeping 90% of the time.
He has to be washed every day otherwise he ends up being covered in pee, but he seems to enjoy his bath.

He relaxes in the water, bruxing a little - that's how rats purr, they grind their teeth πŸ™‚ Afterwards I wrap him in a towel and he gets a tiny piece of chocolate and eats it lying in front of the heater. (Chocolate is safe for rats).

The other rats look after him too, grooming him and snuggling with him, but also very quick to steal his food so !

#ratstodon #RatsOfMastodon #rats #today #PetsOfMastodon