Alexandra :prami:
2 hours ago

I’ve posted my easy to make beef bourguignon recipe for those of you who love to cook, and are looking for hearty Fall/Autumn recipes.

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Today's cooking extravaganza: a Moroccan lentil chickpea soup with orzo from a 2018 copy of Cooks Illustrated that I've kept thanks to this recipe. I made a double batch and ended up with nine quarts. Cooking ahead in preparation for a kitchen remodel. In honor of #NationalPoetryDay I'll add a link to my roundup of soup-related poems.
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Photo of nine glass quart jars and plastic containers full of a reddish soup with orzo floating in it sitting on a kitchen counter.
18 hours ago

#OnThisDay 10 years ago we had the first meeting discussing a software for collecting #recipes and making #food plans for volunteer events. The name Coocook was coined that day. The photo shows the date on my meeting notes where I wrote "Coocook" for the first time.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary I'm going to post a series of graphs and other insights about Coocook.

Photo of top right corner of a sheet of paper with date October 10th 2013 in German notation "02.10.13"
Ashley Porciuncula
1 day ago

My Holiday Mac & Cheese recipe which I triple because it disappears so fast.

Roast chunks of butternut squash in oil, with an oiled head of garlic wrapped in foil.

Blend the garlic and about a third of the squash with some* sour cream, cream cheese, nutmeg, salt, pepper, and allspice.

Add the sauce to cooked pasta. Stir in lots of grated cheese and add more to the top. Sprinkle with seasoned breadcrumbs and truffle oil.

Bake. Rejoice.

#recipes #food #vegan

*sorry about the measurements

Baked mac and cheese in a cast iron pan, surrounded by small pumpkins. Got my photo, it's from Google.
1 day ago

If On A Winter's Night ...

In Ask Metafilter, HeyAllie wants to know What's your favorite 5-ingredient (or less!) go-to winter recipe?

#recipes #food #winter #meal #dish #cooking #AskMetafilter

Photo via Smitten Kitchen's recommended one-pan farro with tomatoes: a white plate with cooked farro mixed with tomato and basil and topped with shredded cheese
Natasha Jay 🇪🇺
2 days ago

Comfort food ... "Easy cheesy toastie" 😋​ (by Tom Kerridge)

Prep 3 min / Cook 10 min / Serves 1

▫️​ 1 generous handful grated double gloucester
▫️ ​1 egg
▫️ ​Worcestershire sauce, to taste
▫️​ 1 tbsp ploughman’s chutney, or another fruity chutney of your choice
▫️​ Salted butter
▫️​ 2 slices white bread

Midnight snack or breakfast tomorrow ...?

#Food #Recipe #Recipes #ComfortFood #FoodPorn

A picture of a brown and orange cheese toastie on a rustic white plate with a blue rim. Sliced diagonally the cheese oozes out ...
Clayton Hove
4 days ago

New cookbooklet from the past featuring canned boned chicken!

I’m trying to figure out how they made that can back then, especially at volume. Instead of a cylinder, it’s a truncated cone (frustum), so the body is maybe an isosceles trapezoid instead of a standard rectangle/square?

#cans #chicken #bonedchicken #cannedchicken #vintage #antique #recipes #cookbook #food

Adrianna Tan
4 days ago

Finally back in my happy place: Yé Yint, the oldest and most popular Burmese tea shop in Singapore. Burmese milk tea: S$1.50 (a bit over US$1). Food is also great here, but there is no English menu! (Ladies speak Burmese, English, Mandarin)

I mention this spot, and also provide a recipe, in my newsletter post about tea:

#Recipes #Tea #Singapore #Myanmar #TootSea

Burmese milk tea
Tab Combs
5 days ago

TL;DR: frittata #help needed!

My niece is getting married next weekend and I have just learned I have been assigned the tast of making frittatas for pre-wedding #brunch. I'm a capable home cook, but my partner generally handles all breakfasty-things, so I'm not exactly in my comfort zone here.

Please send me your best frittata #recipes and tips, esp. re #cooking for a crowd! Assume I'm an idiot.

Thank you!!!

#Advice #Recipe #Eggs

5 days ago

I just got this in the mail today, and cannot wait to try some of these delicious recipes.

Copies can be had here:

#Cooking #Greek #GreekFood #Greece #Recipes #Australia #Vegan #vegetarian

Copy of A Seat At My Table by Kon and Sia Karapanagiotidis, Greek recipes.
6 days ago

I want an oil cleanser that turns milky during rinse off.😊I've experimented with NatraSap Q to make a mix with good pickup and good effectiveness. Hit that link and join the patreon for the full formula rn!🌿#DIY #recipes #howto #skincaretips #cleanser

6 days ago

I'm not here to promote my website (as I've already proven, I think) BUT I put up a post today that you may find interesting about "carnivorish" recipes...

(Are any KetoPlus folks on Pinterest, BTW?)

#carnivore #keto #lowcarb #ketovore #recipes

Tim Richards
1 week ago

I miss the "'70s dinner party" account from Twitter, with its amusing photos of weird recipes. Anyone spotted something similar here?

#1970s #Recipes #Ads

Anthony Barnhart
1 week ago

It's what's for dinner. This was my favorite tomato soup recipe I've made. Added a carrot to reduce the need for sugar and celery in place of celery salt.

#recipe #recipes

The Chronic Sloth
1 week ago

It's always so satisfying working with melted chocolate...

#chocolate #NewRecipes #recipes #satisfying #foodieadventures #foodiespoonie

Spoon dipped in liquid chocolate
The Chronic Sloth
1 week ago

Chickpea Tuna Salad Recipe: a filling chickpea tuna salad full of veggies! An easy recipe which mostly involves opening cans, but you can always choose to make it from scratch. Should take you around 15 mins to make and serves 3 or 4 people.

#recipes #easyrecipes #quickrecipes #food #salad #chickpeasalad #healthrecipes #healthymeals

Photo of a chickpea, tuna and vegetables salad with a brown sauce and black olives on top.
The Chronic Sloth
1 week ago

A two ingredient meal with a delicious sauce that was incredibly easy to make and stole the whole show. The quantities are up to you. You can choose based on how much you have left and make a leftovers meal, or based on how hungry you are.
Shouldn't take more than 5 mins and it's a great way to have a quick nutritious meal.

#recipes #quickrecipes #easyrecipes #cooking #easycooking #food

1 week ago

Embracing the flavors of fall with a collection of recipes perfect for the season. 🍁 Dive into hearty harvest bowls, chicken dishes, pasta, soups, and more. Explore and enjoy!

#Fall #Recipes #CozyDinners

Atumn food.
The Chronic Sloth
1 week ago

This very simple mayonnaise sauce, that I came up with on a rare moment of whimsical inspiration, is great both on top of dishes or as a dip. With only 5 ingredients, you just add everything to a bowl and mix it together. Takes less than 5 mins! And you can easily adapt it to your taste. Let me know what you think!

#recipes #foodie #sauce #cooking #easyrecipes #mayo #oliveoil #balsamicvinegar #basil #oregano #myastheniagravis #disabled

Photo of brown sauce in a bowl
David Crowley
1 week ago

Posted a delicious new recipe for Broccolini Pasta, along with a few good wine pairing options...including this good & interesting Sauvignon Blanc from Burgundy.

#pasta #recipes #winepairing #easyrecipes #wineandfood

plate of orechiette with broccolini, served with a white wine.
Kylie Perrotti
1 week ago

happy first day of autumn 🍂 this is orange-thyme beef stew is my favorite fall food. recipe:

#recipe #food #cooking #recipes #RecipeOfTheDay

People of Earth! I’ve just made a lemon yogurt as good or better than the discontinued lemon yogurt from Trader Joe’s. I used my homemade whole milk very thick strained kefir yogurt but I imagine it would work with store-bought Greek yogurt.

Whisk together 1 tablespoon sugar and 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice. When thoroughly combined, whisk into 1/2 cup plain yogurt.

Now, I like a LOT of lemon. If you want it more mild, start with 1/2 tablespoon juice. #recipes #fermentation

A little bowl of thick, creamy yogurt. It’s pale yellow and looks so tempting.
Jennifer Moore 😷
1 week ago

"What restores me to myself?

What needs to be restored, repaired, revisited, re-visioned and re-envisioned?"

Lovely writing from Havi as usual.

(Also contains reflections on anger, boundaries, Long Covid, seasons, Jewish New Year, newness in general, and how to make whipped honey.)

#life #thinking #recipes #honey #JewishNewYear #LongCovid #boundaries

1 week ago

I just made JK’s Damn Dish (without the tuna and substituted a couple veggies) It’s so good! #BTS #JungKook #Recipes I can’t find a link except from Twt and TikTok which I don’t have) if someone wants me to type it out let me know (chicken, veggies, gochujang, chili oil, sesame oil, soy sauce, etc)

Omg this mini eggplant parm is really REALLY good, and made two little Kara meals. I think you could use a medium eggplant and double everything else for a family meal (I needed more crumbs and egg, so next time I’ll use 3/4c crumbs and add a couple tablespoons of water to the egg to make it go further). It’s tiring to fry all those eggplant slices, so I might try baking them on a sheet pan next time. But man, it was worth it. #recipes

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Joe Cotellese
1 week ago

Sliced shitake mushrooms, green onions, chili crisp scrambled with eggs. Delicious.

#food #cooking #recipes

Retro Librarian
2 weeks ago

What's for dinner?
Betty Crocker Recipe Card Library [1975]
#BettyCrocker #Recipes #Advertisement #Retro #Vintage

index cards with recipes spill out of a box in this advertisement.
Natasha Jay 🇪🇺
2 weeks ago

** A recipe for sweetcorn and kimchi fritters **

I'm always after easy & quick to make, interesting recipes with bright tasty flavours, often Asian. This one is fusion, loved the kimchi idea, and just went on my 'list to definitely try out' - so I thought I'd share it

#Food #Recipes #Cooking #Recipe

A white plate with scalloped edges is pictured on a light green table. On the dish sit two rough orange brown fritters showing small yellow sweetcorn kernals
Margaret Sefton
2 weeks ago

I'm doing some deep cuts with some meals---looking into my pantry for items I bought for a recipe but never used. Tonight is freekeh, a grain with tons of health benefits. I made this recipe with my own tweaks. I guess the NYT was fashioning a side dish so to make it dinner, I added more vegetables----carrots, mushrooms, baby Dutch potatoes---as well as Beyond Sausage Hot Italian. I had to sub tumeric for saffron and Herbs de Provence for marjoram. I like it! #recipes

Peter Butler
2 weeks ago

Recipe for best tomato sauce…

Discover the slim leftovers of a homemade pasta sauce you made a week ago, and then serve it on top of fresh pasta as a “light” sauce

Best f’ing tomato sauce ever. (It works fine for pizza too)

#BestTomatoSauce #Recipes #Sauces #Sauce #Leftovers #ThankGodIDontHaveToCook #IStillHaveToMakeASalad

A leftover bowl of tomato sauce. Hard to tell what the chunks are. In a clear white container with a blue lid underneath
Adrianna Tan
2 weeks ago

Chinese Cooking Demystified has an amazing video in which they talk about how Chinese sourdough techniques are actually used to make the fluffy dimsum breads we all love but cannot replicate at home (and isn’t well documented). And why it’s different from western style sourdoughs


Adrianna Tan
2 weeks ago

My fave food YouTube channels are the ones where people go deep into something they love and don’t feel they have to explain. I’m tired of NYT-style white gazy recipes that go ‘lemongrass is <so exotic, here’s how you use it>’. No thanks. Jump straight into something of value and super tasty, assume people know things (or will look things up if they don’t).

Bong Eats is always reliable for well, Bengali food, and here they reverse engineer a chicken rezala


3 weeks ago

You can find the answer to the age-old question "What's for dinner?" in the Mealtime Magic Magazine, which has over 1000 recipes from @xoxoBella and 50+ food bloggers. Dig in!

#MagazineMonday #Recipes #Food #mondaymotivation #Foodie #cooking

3 weeks ago

If anyone has great recipes or shopping tips, I’d love to hear em!

#climateDiet #vegetarian #recipes #sustainableCooking #sustainableEating #sustainableShopping

Tim Richards
3 weeks ago

Last night @NarrelleMHarris and I had a go at creating the mushroom and leek pie that was in Good Weekend a couple of weeks ago.

Doesn't look as pretty as the photo in the recipe, but it was delicious! Lots of lovely umami flavour.

Here's the recipe:

#Recipe #Recipes #Vegetarian

White ceramic baking dish with a browned mushroom pie within.
4 weeks ago

Hi there, I'm Kasiandra a Cyber-Witch-Punk from outta 'ciety. I'm not really #newhere/ #neuhier, this is my public account for publishing #Art, #photography, #Recipes, #howtos and more, mostly in German. Feel free to follow me if ya interested in this and #mastodonart / #mastodonartist.

You can see my work at:

My recipes for vegan Food and Pastries are available under:

Also I'm at GitHub

Sowjetisch inspierter Sticker einer Frau mit Tuch auf dem Kopf, die den Daumen nach oben zeigt und in kyrillischen Buchstaben unten auf Englisch steht "Encrypt your Backups"
Schwarz-weiß Foto eines Durchganges in einer Zeche
Bunt beleuchtete Fairydust Rakete stehend auf einer Wiese
Stilisierte Cthulhu Darstellung als Sticker mit einem "Cthulhuctl" Schriftzug
Jasmine Mangalaseril 🧁
4 weeks ago

Dan Lepard replied to one of my post on another platform, mentioning he reads Ashai Shimbun as part of his news rotation. Haven't knowingly read it before, but I'll be popping least for the cooking page. Loving the recipes.

#Journalism #Food #Recipes #japanesefood

Back to the grind tomorrow, which means setting up my overnight oats for the week. Sleep well, my brave little soldiers.

Each pint jar contains
50 g old fashioned oats
2 g cround cinnamon
10 g chia seeds
10 g hemp hearts
10 g chopped dates
6 g sliced raw almonds
90 g fat free Greek yogurt
200 g unsweetened almond milk

#recipes #food #breakfast

A row of six jars full of oats, yogurt, almond milk, nuts, seeds, dates, etc.
Adrianna Tan
1 month ago

New newsletter: three recipes for tea

Indian chai, Burmese lahpet yay cho, Yemeni shai haleeb with advice on what kinds of tea leaves and brands to buy.

#Food #Recipes #TootSea #Myanmar #Burma #India #Yemen

Adrianna Tan
1 month ago

I spent many years in India and find the American take on ‘chai tea’ kind of weird. Like, it’s a totally different beverage (which is fine). Anyway, I make my own masala chai with a recipe a friend’s mother drilled into me:

Add a cup of water and a cup of milk into a pot. (That’s enough for 2 whole cups of chai) bring to a rolling boil. Add a wooden spoon above it so it doesn’t bubble over.

Meanwhile, crush whole spices and ginger (skin removed), and cinnamon. Throw it into the pot.


A steel pot with milk
Cardamom, cloves, black peppercorns and ginger on a cutting board, whole
Cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, cloves and black peppercorns in a mortar, crushed
Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
1 month ago

My first job in newspapers, super squash recipes and prizes from the American Library Association — all here in this week’s Three Minute Reset:

#3MR #newsletter #1970s #LifeCoach #SelfCareSunday #LifeLesson #LifeHack #recipes #vegetarian #plantBased #libraries #Library #Books #BookLover #freebies

Thumbnail image from my free weekly newsletter. Picture of me in my 1970s newspaper carrier garb. Clip art of stack of newspapers. Headline: EXTRA!! EXTRA!! Subhead: …life lessons from a newsie!
1 month ago

I just made this and good golly it was tasty.

Gnocci gently fried in butter and olive oil for about 15 mins, with a sauce made from red onion, garlic, pesto, parmesan, lots of creme fraiche, spinach, topped with some quickly sauteed cherry tomatoes. #food #recipes

Three pans, the left one with cherry tomatoes, the middle with frying gnocci, and the right one with red onion, garlic, creme fraiche and pesto.
Lots of spinach being stirred into the creme fraiche sauce.
The whole lot piled into a bowl with a sprinkle of parmesan.
Adrianna Tan
1 month ago

Had a very specific craving for Japanese potato salad. Thankful for justonecookbook for always having my back on stuff like this.

#Recipes #Food #JapaneseFood

1 month ago

Not sure what to cook this #LaborDay #weekend?
@cookwhatyoulove created this delicious collection with all the #recipes you need, from guacamole boards and dips to entrees, salads and sides. Plus, how to set up a DIY mojito bar.

@DrTCombs @jonberger Thanks! I'll let you know how it turns out. I went looking for information on what my mom used to do with paraffin wax and found this post from a master food preserver complete with a fun participatory way to demonstrate pathogens and sugar interacting with your jam and a link to a recipe for corn cob jelly. Way to use everything!,down%20to%20force%20a%20seal. #canning #recipes #food #PreservingFood #jam

Expert home canning folk, I want to make this recipe to use boozy cranberries from making their cranberry gin last year for gifts. Asked about hot water canning and they said it isn't done in UK/Europe and the preserves keep without it. Your thoughts and recommendations? (And why don't they use this process? Oven canning instead?) I'm inclined to treat it like jam, process for 10 minutes. #cooking #food #recipes #canning #HomeCanning #preserves #PreservingFood

1 month ago

I often scoff at the amounts in the recipes… #cooking #baking #recipes

A meme with a medieval looking scene of a woman preparing food. The words are:
Garlic is to cooking like vanilla is to baking. 
In that the amount I add to my food is guided by reckless extravagance and utter disregard, verging in mild contempt, for the recipe.
Kylie Perrotti
1 month ago

my newsletter just went out with recipes for the week, including this summer orzo and shrimp and my ginger beef stir-fry 💌 grab the recipes here:

#cooking #food #recipes #recipe #RecipeOfTheDay #triedandtruerecipes #foodie #foodporn

1 month ago

Fire up the grill and enjoy the last weeks of summer with these recipes from the creator of Cook What You Love.

#grilling #summer #food #foodie #cooking #MagazineMonday #recipes

Adrianna Tan
1 month ago

I’ve had a very weird and stressful week (mostly because my baby dog best friend has been sick) so I am making myself my comfort food: Teochew muay 潮州糜, fried pompano, chai poh nerng (radish omelette) ; topped with olive preserves and red chillies, like my ancestors intended (like I had for lunch almost every other day as a child)

#Recipes #Food #Cooking #Teochew #MakanaApaToday #TootSea

Boots Chantilly
1 month ago

Do you make your own chicken salad? What goes in yours? #ChickenSalad #recipes

Steffani Cameron
1 month ago

One of my favourite breakfasts this summer has been caramelized cream eggs with chives and Calabrian chili crunch.

It’s an incredibly •easy• breakfast — you can season the cream with anything you like. Takes two minutes longer than fried eggs and makes you feel sooo fancy.

I highly recommend the stovetop cream egg process. #eggs #cooking #food #recipes

Caramelized eggs in a creamy base covered with chives and chili bits, with toast
Adrianna Tan
1 month ago

This is a great video. The folks from Chinese cooking demystified read many old Chinese cookbooks and talked to many people, and they produced the first video in English about Chinese ‘sourdough’: a technique that uses sticky rice and ‘Shanghai yeast balls’ (has alcohol).

#Food #Recipes #Bread

Joanne Freeman
1 month ago

I must tell my Post peeps that IT'S AVOCADO SQUASH SEASON.

Just bought some at the farmer's market.

They're SO good -- & only available for a short time.

Trust me.

Buy some (they're green & shaped like an avocado), slice & saute in olive oil, & OMG.

They taste rich & creamy & I'm SO happy right now.

#food #recipes

2 months ago

For years I've been trapped into an abusive relationship with #Meta #Facebook and #Instagram

Over a decade ago I begin cataloguing my passion for cooking on Instagram, and in the last year haven't even bothered to post my #food or #recipes because I didn't want to further dig the hole. Finally, thanks to the @WIRED article, I found out Insta has a JSON export and PixelFed has an Import!

If you like food check out my feed!

2 months ago

Saw this website on Lemmy and wanted to share it here, it’s

No ads, Java script, 10 paragraphs of rambling about how they got this recipe from their uncle’s best friends’ roommate, just recipes

#cooking #food #recipe #recipes

Laura Kishimoto
2 months ago

It's the middle of the night and my brain and body are hungry. What better time to ask the internet for their favourite pescatarian-friendly #recipes?

Savory or sweet, any cuisine, weighed quantities preferred.

To start off, I really enjoyed…
🍠 This cake:
🍄 This soup:
🎃 These muffins:
☁️ These meringues:
🍆 Some braised aubergine-tofu-spring onion with soy-chilli glaze that I can't find now.

I am now the custodian of a massive amount of zucchini and yellow summer squash. Does anyone have favorite easy vegan recipes? I often roast it with tomatoes, bell peppers, spices, etc, or add it to whatever curry I am making that week. The quantity I am faced with requires a little more creativity. #Food #Recipes #SummerSquash #Vegan #Cooking

2 months ago

Do you have frugal 5 ingredients or less #recipes to share; that I can print out for a friend who has just moved into a tiny home & living almost fully off-grid? She's a senior on fixed income.

Edited to add that she's an omnivore with no dietary restrictions & is pretty healthy for 66. She doesn't like a lot of sugar in foods.

Clam chowder? Clam chowder.

This is one of my favorite #instantpot #recipes. It takes a little time to chop up all the potatoes, etc. but it's so worth it. Oh and it leverages the starch from the potatoes instead of relying on a roux, so the whole #recipe is totally #glutenfree. Enjoy.


4 cans chopped clams (SAVE THE JUICE) 
1 lb bacon, roughly chopped 
4 tbsp (half a stick) butter 
1 onion, diced 
2 stalks celery, diced 
1/4 tsp dried thyme) 
6 cloves garlic, minced 
2 tsp kosher salt 
1/2 tsp black pepper 
1 1/2 lbs potatoes, peeled and diced 
1 1/2 lbs potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced 
1 1/3 cups half & half

1. Open clams and drain the clam juice into a 2-cup measuring cup. With 4 cans, you should end up with nearly 2 cups of liquid. Add water to bring the total to 2 cups. Set the clams and the liquid aside for later.

2. Start the Instant Pot’s “Sauté” setting and add the bacon. Cook, stirring occasionally, until it has rendered fat, but it isn’t crispy.

3. Add the butter, onion, celery, and thyme. Cook, stirring and scraping the bottom of the pot to bring up the fond from the bacon, until the onion is translucent.

4. Add the garlic, salt, and pepper. Cook for 1 minute, stirring frequently until the garlic is fragrant.

5. Add the potatoes and clam juice and stir thoroughly.

6. Place the lid on and lock in into place with the release knob in the sealed position.

7. Cancel the “Sauté” setting.

8. Set to Pressure Cook/Manual for 4 minutes on “High Pressure.”

9. When finished, allow to naturally release for 5 minutes, then manually release.

10. Stir the contents. It will appear soupy at first, but it will thicken as the thinner slices of potato break apart and release their starch.

11. Turn the “Sauté” setting back on to “less”

12. Add your clams and the half & half. Let the chowder heat back up, but don’t allow it to boil.
Photo of a bowl of creamy clam chowder, dotted with hot sauce, with a pat of butter melting in the middle.
A photo of a pot of clam chowder being stirred by a bamboo paddle.
Adrianna Tan
2 months ago

Speaking of cooking rice, I finally learned how to cook sticky rice:


Adrianna Tan
2 months ago

It is exceptionally difficult to purchase French-standard savory pastry dough in the US, even in SF.

Storebought pastry dough here is too sweet, and honestly better suited to American baked goods (that I don’t have a taste for)

Found a doable pastry dough recipe that is simple and easy:

Butter brand is important: a lot of American butter (even the best brands) have fat content that is too low for French recipes. I use Vital Farms, Plugra or Kerrygold


2 months ago

Welcome to my new site: Cook Book Nook!

Now I can't own any more, I've now rebranded (thanks to @jamesjdominguez for the header image and name idea), moved all my content over (my god that was stressful), and welcome you to update your bookmarks/bookmark this page and enjoy my reviews of cookbooks and recipes.

#CookBooks #Recipes #Food

Adrianna Tan
2 months ago

I’m in my auntie era (making prik bon พริกป่น at home and trying not to choke)

#Food #Cooking #Recipes

Asian woman wearing a KN95 mask and roasting some dried chillies on a cast iron pan