I can very much recommend Nick Harkaways Gnomon;

It is a long book, it's an extraordinary book. Starts slow, gets weird fast but stays the course.

It is SF and nominally cyberpunk, I guess, but it's so much more than that. So very smartly written. Goosebumps several times at the end.

Possibly one of the top ten books I've read.

#book #recommendations #SF #books

Valerie Aurora
10 hours ago

Another #recommendations thread already! I need new computer glasses, what's a good online glasses website for delivery to the Netherlands? I mostly need extremely light frames

16 hours ago

Google Podcasts is being discontinued next year, so I need a new podcast app. Any recommendations?

It has to be able to let me create long queues that are saved even when I close the app, support playback speed control, and have the same shows as Google Podcasts (for example Swedish podcasts). Bonus points if I can upload the file from Google Podcasts with which shows I follow.

#TechHelp #Recommendations #Degoogleify

2 days ago

#Recommendations needed: anyone out there know/recommend any good #Journaling style #RPGs that would work in a small group, ideally something that people can drop in and out of, so something with a start anywhere kind of style.
Looking for a game for a 1 hour open support group that can explore themes like: healthy #relationships, #MentalHealth, #addiction recovery and #SystemicOppression.

#RPGTherapists, what cha got for me? :blob_sign_pls:

Valerie Aurora
3 days ago

Time for another #recommendations post: my existing raincoats are woefully inadequate for biking in the Amsterdam rain, which is much more, er, robust than American west coast drizzle (aka “sideways fog”). I need a hood, coverage of my thighs, and a style that is more towards the formal trench coat than technical sports clothing end of the spectrum. Suggestions?

Bryan Edward
1 week ago

Favorite Costco find lately #costco #wraps #food #recommendations

Mat DJ 🐶 🐕🐕 :donor:
1 week ago

9yo daughter couldn't sleep, se we've read this for the last twenty minutes or so.

Adam Kay's "Kay's Anatomy"

It's superb. Clear, accurate, silly humour and funny illustrations. And she's just learnt all about the blood brain barrier, and was asking questions.

Highly recommended.

#books #childrensbooks #reading #recommendations

A photo of the front cover of the book, on her bed. There's a silly skeleton cartoon on the front.
The back of the book, focusing on the price, barcode and ISBN.

ISBN 9780241452929
Paul Secular
1 week ago

#Website #hosting #help needed!

Anyone able to #recommend any #free or #cheap #WebHosting that's also reliable? Ideally UK based.

#tsohost have suddenly announced that they are putting up annual #prices by a factor of between 5 and 10. As a poor #student with no #income, I cannot afford this!

#Recommendations anyone? I need basic features like #email but nothing fancy as my personal website #domain doesn't get a large number of visitors or emails.

Thanks so much in advance!

Paul Secular
1 week ago

#Website #hosting #help needed!

Anyone able to #recommend any #free or #cheap #WebHosting that's also reliable? Ideally UK based.

#tsohost have suddenly announced that they are putting up annual #prices by a factor of between 5 and 10. As a poor #student with no #income, I cannot afford this!

#Recommendations anyone? I need basic features like #email but nothing fancy as my personal website #domain doesn't get a large number of visitors or emails.

Thanks so much in advance!

Calling all avid readers! I'm looking for #book #recommendations! Specifically, I'm hungry for some spooky novels for Halloween season. No gore or sexual violence, but otherwise, open to anything! Who has a title for me? Signal boosts appreciated

1 week ago

It's like to give two #recommendations here. Firstly, for #Borrowbox, the #audiobook app that allows me to read stuff from my county #library service. Free and loads of great books. Secondly, for #Walkaway by Cory Doctorow (@doctorow). Part novel part manifesto. That's how I see it anyway. Unfortunately it's set in the future with technology we don't yet have so I can't sign up, but the idea is compelling, to me at least.

A screenshot of BorrowBox on my phone showing Walkaway by Cory Doctorow as the book I'm currently listening to.
SubtleBlade ⚔️
1 week ago

[Some great #film #recommendations here from #MarkKermode]

'After 10 years, I’m stepping down as the Observer’s film critic. Here are my top films from the decade -'
#Movies #Films

Melissa Roth
2 weeks ago

Our writers picked a few new historical dramas & mysteries from around the world to add to the watchlists....from Istanbul to Denmark to Venice. Looking for more #international finds (that don't feel like cheap soaps with bad lip sync). Any #recommendations ?
#movies #moviesuggestions #watercooler #tv #nowplaying #mystery #history

Brad Rubenstein “:verified:”
2 weeks ago

If you're an Android user with lots of apps on your phone, give the Kiss launcher a try for your default home app.

It replaces the entire world of pages and folders of icons with a "history list" of icons that keeps the most recently used apps at my fingertips, above a few "pinned favorites" and a search bar.

I find the minimalist design less distracting and much faster and easier to navigate, and I never again need to spend time "organizing my apps" or trying to remember where I put an app icon.

#Android #Recommendations

1/2 I am looking for #recommendations for #ProjectManagement software. I manage a few small software projects and generally keep resource and deadline info in my head and to some extent my calendar, and that has worked so far for me.

Poetry News
2 weeks ago

The US CDC is averse
To risk in these times so perverse
Their experts will meet
To consider vaccines' feet
And ponder the best recommendations to serve

#cdc #vaccines #covid19 #recommendations #limerick #poetry

Adrian Segar
2 weeks ago

What's the most important thing to wear for winter running? Adrian shares his friend Lois Spark's must-have choice for running safely on ice and snow.

#running #SeniorRunning #WhatToWear #recommendations #winter #shoes #spikes #safety

wear for winter running: photograph of a running shoe with Kahtoola NANOspikes installed

I could really do with something to keep a list of what vinyl I have.

I’ll probably just do a spreadsheet for the mo, but are there any open-source self-hosting recommendations please, or do I just build my own?

Also require: accessible via web browser on-the-move so easily used in a shop while browsing, and doesn’t give Google money or data. Extra points if it’ll log playlists as I gig.

#vinyl #vinylCollection #openSource #recommendations

panda :verified:
3 weeks ago

It's #followFriday, don't forget to post your #recommendations! #ff #friday #weekend

#Deadloch - Amazon prime - 8 episodes - Australian black comedy police procedural from the makers of the comedy series The Katering Show - strong recommend

#JuryDuty - Amazon/freevee - 8 episodes - US legal system documentary about the experiences of a first time jurist, except, he's the only one who isn't an actor. Heartwarming, truman show, funny

#SarahJaffe #WorkWontLoveYouBack - 'How Devotion to Our Jobs Keeps Us Exploited, Exhausted, and Alone' - 448p, 2022 - I keep referencing this one - #1U

#RichardOsmon - #TheManWhoDiedTwice - 464p, 2021 - British pensioners solving crimes - regularly laugh out loud funny.

#recommendations #tv #books

3 weeks ago

I have my mom's laptop for a check up after she had some questionable pop window. No further information available.

Any recommendation for software or methods for a reasonable assessment if the device has been compromised? Running MS Win10.

#windows #microsoft #antivirus #recommendations #recommendation #helpwanted #suggestions

3 weeks ago

Long shot. But if anyone happens to have any #recommendations for pillows for a small person, please let me know. I've tried many pillows supposedly good for the neck, but they are always either too big and hard to contour to my neck correctly or they are too thin and provide no support.

#neckpain #chronicpain

3 weeks ago Every BLACKPINK’s MV but it’s only JISOO (Boombayah – The Girls) #BLACKPINK #jisoo #JisooBlackpink #KPopGirls #K-popIdols #kpop #recommendations #recommended #ジス(JISOO)

Every BLACKPINK's MV but it's only JISOO (Boombayah - The Girls)

Any #podcast lovers? My favorite program that I am sorely missing (& so wish would #JoinTheFediverse) is #OnBeing. They changed their production schedule which is understandable after the many years they have existed. I'm feeling its absence though. It's rare to find media that respects its audience (noncommercial, minimal sponsor talk, lack of sensationalism, hopeful). Even poetry & meditation podcasts get tone wrong. I require zero of this:

Any #Recommendations?

3 weeks ago

What do you listen to when you want to feel strong/connected/creative?

Hit me up with your most inspiring songs/music.

#music #recommendations

I'll start...

Alanis Morissette - All I Really Want

MUNA - Kind of Girl

Mat DJ 🐶 🐕🐕 :donor:
3 weeks ago

I love Uigeadail.

I'm on the verge of buying a couple more to get the free delivery.

If you're able to come up with something that's even more Uig-ey than Uigeadail, and less than £100, I'd love to hear your suggestions.

What should I try instead? Why shouldn't I buy more Uigeadail?

#whisky #scotch #recommendations

Matt Moose
3 weeks ago

#Recommendations please? I'm interested in setting up a #blog #site on #Fediverse. Mastodon for micro-blogging is fine, but I'm starting to feel some stories and essays coming through that need a bigger page than 500 chars at a time. I shall go and have a mooch at what's available, but some first hand accounts of your experience with Fedi blog #hosting would be very interesting, thanky'all.

Mat DJ 🐶 🐕🐕 :donor:
4 weeks ago

Can I recommend to you the entire back catalogue of Lawrence?

Siblings Gracie and Clyde Lawrence, and their tight and talented band.

Heavily soul, R&B and gospel influenced pop, funny lyrics, virtuoso musicianship, and some excellent covers.

The talent in this video alone is astonishing, and it'll take you down a rabbit hole of everything they've done.

#LawrenceTheBand #recommendations #musicdiscovery

4 weeks ago

Alright friends can I get some #book #recommendations? Having a lot of pain lately and want to read something enthralling but also funny. Lots of adventure with plenty of snark along the way. No on page animal cruelty please. #bookstodon #audiobook

4 weeks ago

I am the person in meetings who waits until the end of the #meeting #summarizes what has been said, and then asks the ugly question that everyone has danced around or ignored.

I am also the person that execs rely on to make #recommendations.

not always listened to, but when they act on my recommendations, $ flows in

I also hate meetings. 😆

Jonathan Kamens
4 weeks ago

OK, folks, I've decided I'm finally going to take the plunge¹ and add a bidet to our toilet. Time to join the civilized world and stop cutting down trees to poop!
Does anybody have a recommendation for one that's (a) reasonably good, (b) reasonably priced, and (c) self-installable by a relatively handy person?
¹Pun absolutely intended.
#HomeImprovement #handyman #BathroomTalk #recommendations

Melissa Roth
4 weeks ago

The Watercooler is working on film & TV catch up picks for the long weekend. WHat's on your #Watchlist?
New tonight: A swashbuckling live action manga adaptation on Netflix - #OnePiece (upbeat, 8 eps, tweens and teens will like it). Lots of buzz around the gender-swapped #AdventureTime spinoff.
In a different mood? Try our search engine:

#whattowatch ? #streaming #NowPlaying #tv #movies #netflix #hulu #recommendations

John Lipsey
1 month ago

Good morning, mastodon! Well, it’s finally happened. The changes to Castro, and the fact that I need to go into individual podcast feeds and manually refresh them in order to show up in my inbox, finally made me reach my breaking point. It’s time to switch podcast players. Any #Accessible #Podcast client #Recommendations? Something that handles chapter support, and also gives me the ability to view episodes in an inbox fashion without having to download them until I’m ready to listen to them… Basically, Castro the way it used to be, would be preferred. I will settle for the closest I can get, though. Thanks in advance.

Yahia Lababidi
1 month ago

Just about the worst thing you can call an Egyptian (or, an Arab, really) is an Israeli spy — given the atrocities inflicted upon the Palestinians.

Yet, that’s what Ashraf Marwan was, as well as an Egyptian billionaire, arms dealer and son-in-law of former Egyptian president, Gamal Abdal Nasser. 🕵🏻‍♂️

#Egypt #israel #palestine #MiddleEast #documentary #movies #film #recommendations #story

Are there any good "feminist" #anime out there? It doesn't necessarily have to have overt philosophically #feminist themes (but it def can), just anime that have well-written, well-rounded leading women characters.

A lot of the anime I consume has mostly hypersexualized women characters (I don't go out of my way for that, it seems like it's just kind of a staple of the medium). For instance, I really like shonens, but they can be super fan-servicey. I'd like to shake that up.

I know there are some great Miyazaki characters, but other than that, I'm not aware of many others.
#Recommendations are very welcome.

Neil Hopkins (He/Him)
1 month ago

Hey #Bristol friends - I am thinking about a #custom #glass #splashback for my #kitchen.

Can you #recommend any good but not earth shatteringly expensive companies?

Would be looking for something artistic, maybe unique, not a photograph, and really not bank breaking.

Any #recommendations?

Thank you!

The Mad Codger
1 month ago

I'm looking for #recommendations on app for taking #notes and/or #tasks. I also need to be able to collaborate between an iOS and Android user. Basically, I'd love something like Google Keep but #FOSS. Basically a way to make a shared grocery list.

#Fediverse doesn't have anything like this yet, does it?

That Frisian Girl-ish
1 month ago

I know the chances might be slim, but... fediverse, do your thing.
"Lord of Misrule" and "Rentless" from Lush are my two absolutely favourite
#scents. Problem is, their availability is less than reliable, and with Lush having made some decisions on products that drive me to frequent them less and less, I'm looking for alternatives. Any #recommendations?

Two small containers of solid perfume in my hand, one containing "Lord of Misrule", the other "Rentless".
1 month ago

Looking a new 2in1 laptop(folding not clip on), something mostly for just word processing and streaming, maybe the odd bit of photo editing but that's not essential. I fairly like Lenovo and been looking at the yoga 9i(linked), but for what it'll be used for it's a bit much, light for transportation would be good. Any recommendations? Experiences?
#laptop #tablet #2in1 #recommendations #pc

Yoni Den
1 month ago

Galactic Space Command offers up "Brotherhood Of The Serpent" through Hireth Records.

You know I was in at Galactic Space Command... Haha! but don't let my pro Sci-Fi bias fool you! This release is not to be missed.

It's #DungeonSynth and terror of space #DoomAmbient in it's finest form! It's like a #SoundTrack to a Ken Russell film that does not exist.

Check It Out!

#BandCampFriday #BandCamp #Synth #Music #Recommendations #Horror #SciFi

@kissane For #IAQ monitoring, we invested in the SAF Aranet4 which, today new at ~ USD $200 is out of budget for many.

There's a lot of <$100 options, but I'm reading reports that some are fake, poorly calibrated, or wildly inaccurate.

Do folks have #recommendations for current models of 'consistent and decent' #CO2 monitors, at different price points?

Nina Kalinina
1 month ago

I realised that the main reason I don't wear skirts and dresses anymore because I have a MASSIVE skin transplant on my ankle.

I want to cover it up with a #tattoo, but it is hard to find an artist who knows how to work with scar tissue and skin transplants... Any #recommendations for artists in England, maybe?

A leg with two big scars  and lots of small hole scars and a skin transplant

Made stuffed bell peppers with #ImpossibleBurger tonight and it turned out great! Cooking their 'fake' ground beef is so much like working with traditional ground beef, browns the same etc. I couldn't taste the difference in the final product. Saved the recipe for future use - expecting our #CSA box to continue to have abundance of peppers. 🤞

#Recipe #Recommendations #vegetarian #KimballFarms

Finding the Mastodon #WebUI very difficult to navigate on #iOS #Safari at 75% zoom... The system will just randomly zoom in to text entries and then refresh the page or dismiss the keyboard if I try and zoom out.

I'm trying out "" now but am discouraged to find it doesn't render toot formatting a la Glitch-soc.

Does anyone have any iOS mastodon app #recommendations?

1 month ago

I'm finally coming to the conclusion that I'd like an #AirPurifier for the house with HEPA filter for COVID mitigations. I'm looking for recommendations, especially from my fellow #NewZealand dwellers, as that limits what I've got access to purchase.

#COVIDProtections #covid #AirQuality #HEPAFilters #Recommendations

Andrew Whitis
1 month ago

Anyone have a newer USB C portable power bank charger that they like for phones and tablets? I have a 20,000 mAh from Limefuel that’s about a decade old. Need to get something that can handle phones with more battery capacity and faster charging.

#powerbank #tech #recommendations

Andy Dehnart
1 month ago

You know your inbox needs another #newsletter! My writing is on my actual website, so the e-mail I send is just an easily scanned lists of #realityTV #reviews, #recommendations, and analysis, with links if you want more! Plus #emoji—yes, I am that hip!

Join us here:

Jeff MacKinnon
1 month ago

Has anyone here read and enjoyed the Chronicles of St. Mary’s by Jodi Taylor?

If so, what other series would you recommend in this same niche.

#reading #tbr #fiction #recommendations

1 month ago

Having spent a few hours catching up on allegations and how concerns and grievances have been handled by #Fosstodon admins so far I wonder if it's time for my first #FediMove to an instance more aligned with my values (and one that lets me emit the occasional toot in 🇩🇪).

Problem is, I don't know where to go 😓

My dream instance has always been - any #recommendations for an #instance along similar lines?

#InstanceRecs #BoostsWelcome

1 month ago

Have you read "The Hidden Life of Trees"? Non-fiction, nature, and full of fascinating information most people don't know.

#books #read #bookstodon #nonfiction #recommendations

1 month ago

I have been trying to find something to read, but nothing is standing out to me. I guess I am in a slump of some sort. Any recommendations are welcome. I read just about anything, but very little fantasy. I enjoy nonfiction especially nature or social justice focused. I love middle grade books and some YA. So throw anything at me and maybe I will find something to get me out of this slump.


#books #read #bookstodon #KidLit #nonfiction #recommendations

Rabbi Jill Zimmerman
1 month ago

We just finished watching The Bear. Growing up in Chicago, I LOVED it. I’ve always thought #Chicago had the best restaurants. But now — what do we watch next? #Recommendations #tvseries

Greg Lopez
1 month ago

Whew! Now that the hard part of moving my #blog over to #Wordpress is done, I have a #question for all the Wordpress admins out there: I'm looking for a #accessible #theme for my blog that will comply with #A11Y standards, looks good both on #desktop and #mobile screens and most importantly is #free Anyone got any #recommendations It would also help if the theme is compatible with #JetPack as I use that plugin to make it possible for #IAWriter to connect and let me publish straight to Wordpress.

1 month ago

Seeking #recommendations on #private #wiki options.

Anyone using internal #documentation #software you like?

(I’m working with a client who has a very old wikiMedia install and is looking to move to something they don’t host.)

This isn’t for external/public use, just to host #guides for staff and other internal things

Any suggestions of what you like is appreciated 💜💜

Adrian Segar
1 month ago

What's the most important thing to wear for winter running? Adrian shares his friend Lois Spark's must-have choice for running safely on ice and snow.

#running #SeniorRunning #WhatToWear #recommendations #winter #shoes #spikes #safety

wear for winter running: photograph of a running shoe with Kahtoola NANOspikes installed
1 month ago

I'm currently writing an article/essay and don't know how to publish it. Is there a place in the fediverse for mid length text posts?

#fediverse #recommendations #recommendation #helpwanted

#Recommendations: Shopping for a cart for groceries

There's a steep hill, with sometimes crummy, icy sidewalks, between my preferred grocery store and my 3rd floor walkup home.

Is there anything better than the foldup metal grocery cart they sell at the Ace Hardware in #PorterSquare?

#CambridgeMA #SomervilleMA #Boston #WalkableCities #CityLife #NYC

Mat DJ 🐶 🐕🐕 :donor:
2 months ago

Small business wifi access point recommendation please.

Can you give my coffee shop owning friend a recommendation for a standalone AP?

It's going into the back of a pfSense running Captive Portal, so it'll need to be able to provide three SSIDs, with each SSID being on its own VLAN, which can trunk to a single port on the pfSense.

Just browser access is needed to it for admin/firmware etc.

PoE doesn't matter - if it's not PoE, we'll just get a power adapter.

Not interested in anything subscription like Meraki or Ruckus or the like - just a simple standalone unit.

Domestic stuff is easy, home and guest networks on a home wifi router. But I'm out of my depth with business stuff.

Any thoughts? Cisco? Ubiquiti?

#wifi #networking #recommendations
#askfedi #askmastodon

Alexander Hay
2 months ago

Dear gosh, this is gloriously foetid, digusting #DeathMetal, with just a dash of the GROOVE and #Grind thrown in for good measure.

Guaranteed, brides to be will soon be lead up the aisle by their fathers to this EP, with such sensitive, heartfelt numbers as "Swollen Corpse Adoration" and "Lurker in the Morgue".

#Metal #Music #Recommendations #Review

2 months ago

Spent a chunk of the morning reading about #greenwitchcraft. I’m so, so incredibly fresh in my #witchcraft journey. I don’t even know if it’s really safe to say I’ve actually begun, but this is an area that really excites me.

Very open to #recommendations for books, websites, really any resources at all that can help a new #greenwitch get their footing 🌱

2 months ago

So does anyone have any #renpy #VisualNovel #games to recommend? Preferabley in later #renpy versions with the self-voicing feature enabled by default, as I'm completely #blind and using a screen reader. I'm 50 50 on visual novels right now; I adored Arcade Spirits, and loathed Doki Doki Literature Club. Those are the only two #vn games I've ever played in my life, so the field is wide open. #recommendations anyone? #game #cyoa

Shopi ☆ Star 🐨🌌
2 months ago

My phone is dying 🫠

While I can't afford a new one right now, I'd love to hear
#recommendations for good (And affordable) #Android phones.

Mat DJ 🐶 🐕🐕 :donor:
2 months ago

Hello you lovely people!

Do any of you have any recommendations for some free - or certainly student-priced - online Word and Excel training?

Simple Youtube video series, maybe some Pluralsight-style stuff, that kind of thing. I'm so out of date with training resources these days.

If there's a certificate or a badge at the end, so much the better.

Something that will get them up from their current basic Word letter writing skills to being able to use styles, contents, and other things of that level

Similarly in Excel, from essentially zero up to formula copying, SUM(), tables, etc.

Any suggestions, and any boosts, would be greatly appreciated.

#training #word #excel #office #elearning #recommendations #request

Dave Mackey
2 months ago

okay, I may be slightly addicted to #Perlego. If you like (or do) more scholarly/academic #reading, you should check them out too. Publishers include the likes of @princetonupress, @Harvard University Press, get the idea.

I'm not going to share how large my "want to read" list on the site, it's slightly embarrassing. 😂

#recommendations #books

Some summer book recommendations;

I'm only recommending books that I rate as 5-star and which I think back on a lot, months and years later. This is the good stuff.

First off: Moneyland by Oliver Bullough. Seems boring and 'I already know this'. It is very much not and no you don't. You'll be very glad you read this and will have a great time doing so (OK, the first 20 pages or so is a it slow but then it gels);

And then: The origins of political order by Francis Fukuyama. Many books have been written on similar subjects but this is the mother lode. It's long, it's thorough, its smart and it's neutral. How did democracy actually emerge at all? Stuff like that. You want it and you need it. No joke.

#books #recommendations #reading

The Cadence Collective
2 months ago

Evening Mastodonians. Something a bit more lighthearted this evening. We are looking for #book #recommendations. We like #Spacebooks, #MysteryBooks, things similar to Mistborn and other Brandon Sanderson works, #LitRPG, and anything similar. Please feel free to boost for reach, looking for new reading material. #bookstodon @bookstodon

2 months ago

I would like to #commission a #logo for my grandfather’s bakery. It shares a name with a certain TERF author’s body of work, and I’d like to stop supporting that while still holding to my familial nostalgia. Looking for #artist #recommendations. #boostsOK

Tommaths (he/him)
2 months ago

#Recommendations please:


(mainly TV series available on #AmazonPrime or #Netflix, but open to #movies & #books too)

... that are rooted in and do something interesting with #TimeTravel.

Note: Doctor Who is not, for the most part, about time travel. Time travel is merely a contrivance to allow for a breadth of stories, so Who doesn't count here (though I could probably think of some specific episodes that do something interesting with time travel if I put my mind to it).
The same is true of Quantum Leap.
I guess The Time Traveler's Wife (Niffenegger) would fit to a degree, but it's not quite as time travel focused as I'm looking for.

Essentially, if I get introduced to some decent stories I'll be happy.

Alexander Hay
2 months ago

I really wanted to hate this EP because it's only available on fucking vinyl. Unfortunately, I can't, because the damn thing is really good, so it comes recommended instead. Bastards.

Old Ghoul ¦ S/T ¦ 2023 ¦ Regain Records

#Music #DoomMetal #Metal #Doom #Recommendations

The front cover of Chad Davis' new band's debut, the self-titled 'Old Ghoul'.

It features a lurid but deliberately low-fidelity painting, in the style of the 1960s and 1970s. Think Basil Gogos or the front covers of Creepy and Eerie. 

Most of the colour scheme is a sickly ochre, with an ominous and huge full moon in the background, and bats flying in the horrible khaki/mustard sky. 

In the foreground, a shrouded figure leers at a tombstone. The only parts of the figure not covered by its black robe is the skeletonised face and hand, both of which seem a little too large and faintly simian in proportion, particularly around the jaw. A single horrible eye peers out of the skull's left orbit, and down at the grave. Blood pours out of the tips of the thing's skeletal fingers.
Alexander Hay
3 months ago

On a more cheerful note, this #Stoner #Doom album by #TerraBlack is rather good.

#Metal #Music #Recommendations

Just heard that a #FOSS #conference called #FOSSY is happening here in #PDX this week!

I'm not planning on going (I'm more of a #webDev geek) but I am stoked to have lots of computer people bouncing around town!

If anyone needs #burrito or #coffee #recommendations I've got the hook up!


3 months ago

Does anyone have #recommendations for singing lessons in the #CambMA #Boston #CambervilleMA area?

I'm looking for #recommendations; here are all the things I hate, now make your #suggestions so I can shoot them all down. ~ people on the #Fediverse

Jeff Caldwell
3 months ago

I feel like reading some #scifi but I want a specific kind. I don't know if there's a name for the subgenre that's essentially short-term, then long-term extrapolation about our future given our current technological and social state.

I'm thinking along the lines of Accelerando by @cstross, or Earth/Existence by David Brin.

Anyone have any #recommendations?

Matthew Abbott
3 months ago

I'm taking #recommendations for a decent sound card. Ideally one with a front panel audio header so my case jacks can operate.

Right now it seems like a trade-off between the Sound Blaster AE-5 and AE-7. The former has the header but the latter has a discrete amp with mic and headphone jacks, as well as a slightly higher SNR.

Kevin Dalley
3 months ago

For phones, I use, but mostly for buying.
Works for laptop also