11 hours ago

The #record pic frames, refreshed with late #50s /early #60s graphic art. #vinyl #art #jazz #folk #recordsleeves

La Chaîne Météo
17 hours ago

☀️🌡️🥵 Avec un excédent de température qui devrait être proche de +3,6°C / normale à la fin du mois, il se confirme que ce mois de septembre 2023 arrivera en tête des mois de septembre les plus chauds depuis 1900. #septembre #record #chaleur

🕐 25/09 12:04

News18 India
18 hours ago

US Embassy in New Delhi sets record with 90,000 student visas issued in 3 months, reducing wait times, aiming for one million visas in 2023
#US #Record #StudentVisas #India

3 days ago

Nice, I didn't even know I owned this! ☺️ #OnceUponATimeInTheWest #EnnioMorricone #Vinyl #Record

The cover of the record "Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod" (German title of "Once Upon A Time In the West"). The cover shows a duel Scene with cowboys in front of a train. The cover is standing on a record player which is a little bit dusty. On the lid of the record player there is also a DVD player and behind the cover, part of a Nintendo switch is visible. Yes, the record player is not used very much.
Poetry News
4 days ago

In space, his journey long
Frank set a record, so strong
He resisted the draw of gravity
And ventured to infinity
He's an ambassador of human will
His journey an amazing thrill

#nasa #space #astronaut #frankrubio #record #ode #poetry

Vincent Duke
6 days ago
bgrier ⌨
6 days ago

Made the mistake of visiting #RecordCollectorsParadise yesterday. So my wallet says.

Good gravy they have a lot of #vinyl in the shop, and even more in warehouse.

Yes, I easily filled a few obvious gaps as I rebuild my #RecordCollection from the great digital #music purge of the '90s (I'll show those as I spin them).

Cool thing of the night was the hand-made vacuum #record cleaning device. Off the shelf parts combined in an ingenious way. Quieter and about half the cost.

Photo from their Facebook page (I was too amazed to think to take a photo myself)

A hand made vacuum record cleaning device. A nicely finished square box with a wooden turntable on top.  A cylinder at the right of the top pivots to clean the record. The front of the box has hinges and the left side has a common house light switch to toggle the power.
John Earle
1 week ago

‘Judge us by our record’, says Tory MP. We did – and the verdict is not good! | Vox Political

We have judged and find you guilty of #Democide and #CorporateManslaughter

#Laura Trott #Conservative #Tory #Tories #record #social mobility #river #water #sewage #RAAC concrete #school #hospital #NHS #National Health Service #waiting list #poverty #inequality #housing

Steve Dustcircle :rose:
1 week ago

#US. Sets #Record for Billion-Dollar #Disasters in a Single Year, With Almost Four Months to Go

Natasha Skult
1 week ago


This weekend at Global Quantum Game Jam 2023 we have had over 1K participants making 30+ games, which is more than any other quantum jam or hackathon had so far 😱

You can check the games (more are still coming through late submissions due to time zones) and we cannot wait the next year's edition 👏💪


Global Quantum Game Jam 2024

🗓 September 12-14, 2024

#gamejam #quantumgamejam #record #gamedev #quantumphysics

La Chaîne Météo
1 week ago

Les cumuls de pluies sur les Cévennes étaient alors d'une rare intensité pendant plusieurs heures. Dans l'Hérault, un #record de pluie en 24 heures a été battu avec 465 mm aux Plans. Les cours d'eau descendant des Cévennes (l'Orb et affluents) ont connu une crue remarquable.

🕐 17/09 09:56

As mentioned in my previous post about the captivating world of Mel Blanc's "Superfun," here is "Stick it in Your Format," a riveting demonstration record that shows just how seamlessly "Superfun" can blend into radio programming.

It has performances featuring radio legends like Gary Owens, Jack Palvino, Don Munson, and J. Akuhead Pupule (also known as Hal Lewis).

These iconic personalities don't just perform air checks, they skillfully weave "Superfun" vignettes into their broadcast segments. It's a unique behind-the-scenes look at how the masters do it.

Trust me, you don't want to miss this extraordinary mashup of voice talent and comedic flair!

#Cartoon #VoiceActing #Record #Radio #YouTube

If you're a fan of the timeless Looney Tunes, you'll definitely recognize the vocal genius of Mel Blanc, famously dubbed "The Man of a Thousand Voices." But did you know that Blanc took his incredible talent off-screen as well? He founded a captivating side venture called "Superfun" under the banner of "Mel Blanc Associates." In this project, Blanc teamed up with other renowned voice actors to craft hilarious, vignette-style comedy recordings that radio stations could weave into their broadcasts.

Curious to hear what that sounds like? You're in luck! On my channel, Finnley's Audio Adventures, I've got not one, but two rare gems from this intriguing project. The first is a demonstration of the comedy magic that is "Superfun," and the second shows you just how seamlessly this material can be integrated into a radio station's programming.

Here is Superfun:

#Cartoon #VoiceActor #VoiceActing #Record #YouTube

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
1 week ago

#Vinyl #Record #Microscopy #AnalogRevolution #Stereo

PSA: Clean your new and old albums.

Magnified image of yellow section of yellow and green splatter vinyl. White chunks are carbonate from sleeve on this brand new album. Clean your new and old albums.
Magnified image of green section of yellow and green splatter vinyl. White chunks are carbonate from sleeve on this brand new album. Clean your new and old albums.
Magnified image of yellow and green section of yellow and green splatter vinyl. White chunks are carbonate from sleeve on this brand new album. Clean your new and old albums.
Magnified image of stereo test album
2 weeks ago

Septembre 2023 , un #record de #chaleur en vue en Suisse ? La chaleur du début du mois de #septembre a été inédite, elle impactera durablement septembre. Voir le #blogmeteosuisse du jour : #meteosuisse #climat #alpes #suisse

🕐 15/09 15:32

Alaska Native News
2 weeks ago

ANSEP’s Academic Year Acceleration Academy begins new school year with largest group of students in opportunity’s history
[the_ad id="30587"]

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — This school year, the Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program’s Academic Year Acceleration Academy welcomes the largest-ever group of...
#ansep #school #enrollment #record

Evan Heisman
2 weeks ago

Looking to move my dad's #vinyl #lp #record collection cross country (very) soon - about 36" linear. Does anyone have recommendations/experience?

A bunch of websites talk about cleaning and individual wrapping each. Am I going to regret not doing that?

I am thinking about boxing it up and mailing UPS, rather than letting them sit for about a month in a moving container.

(Please boost for reach)

2 weeks ago

😛 Record di autonomia indoor per una EV: muc22 fa 2.574 km con una batteria da 15,5 kWh

#bev #ev #record

2 weeks ago

Dear #people, thank you for being here. We apologize for the #reduction in the #quality of #traffic on experienced by #everyone who doesn't use #IPFS directly. It seems that #c4rex is doing #maintenance on the #gateway and we hope to have it up and running soon. You can #listen to the #music now, for #example, here:


-- or --

I don't want to #change the #domain #forwarding #record because of #antivirus #companies.


Vincent van Gogh style painting with a view of the planets. In the centre of the painting there are several details where one is not sure whether they are figures or shadows of familiar objects. In the middle, a landscape emerges as a view into a parallel universe.
Nicolas Delsaux
2 weeks ago

Donc les étudiants suisses développent des voitures qui passent de 0 à 100 km/h en moins d'une seconde. Le livre des records, quand il s'agit d'ingénierie, est assez épatant #battery #voiture #électrique #vitesse #accélération #record #ingénierie

2 weeks ago

I think my #vinyl #record player is on its last leg. I've lost the right channel. I've confirmed there's no output from the cable itself.

Anyone have any suggestions for new record players or suggestions for ones to avoid?

A7 Radio - 100% Mix
2 weeks ago

🔴 " ON NE POURRA PAS FAIRE MIEUX " Va devenir notre Slogan .. Quelle folie !!

Cet été a été CHAUD !!!
Un Seul mot, 5 lettres M.E.R.C.I !! Mais Infiniment pour ce soutien, cette écoute et Ce SMILE ! 😘

#Mastodon #Photography #Record #Audience #France #World #Facebook #Twitter #Motivation #real #Life #Music

On Saturday, this vinyl arrived. It's 'Borderline' by Duett, a very popular synthpop album on Bandcamp. On Bandcamp Friday, Duett added a pink vinyl for purchase, and I was able to get one. To my surprise it's also 180g. It sounds great, treble is all there and it actually requires you to really turn the volume up.

Link to the album:

#Music #Electronic #Synthpop #Vinyl #Record

The front cover of Duett's 'Borderline' album. It has a few shapes in different colours, with the background being pink.
The back cover for the Borderline album by Duett, this has the track listing and is mostly just pink with a bit of detail in white.
The vinyl for Borderline, an album from Duett. The vinyl is pink and opaque, with the inner sleeve being white and heavy duty.
2 weeks ago

Novak Djokovic defeated Daniil Medvedev in straight sets to win his fourth US Open and a record-equalling 24th Grand Slam singles title.
#DjokovicBeatsMedvedev #USOpen #Record #Tying #GrandSlam

Vlad Fibrich
2 weeks ago

I am proud to say that I have witnessed a little slice of running history being made in my hometown today.

Kenya’s Agnes Ngetich shattered the women-only world road 10km record with an impressive solo performance during the Transylvania 10km in Brasov, Romania. The 22-year-old clocked 29:24 to beat the previous mark set by the late Agnes Tirop by more than half a minute.

#running #world #record #romania

Earth had hottest three-month period on record, with unprecedented sea surface temperatures and much extreme weather | World Meteorological Organization

#climatechange #record #wmo #earth #hottest

2 weeks ago

Today’s #baseballcard of the day is a 1960 #Topps Willie McCovey #allstar card. Spending most of his career with the #SanFranciscoGiants Big #Stretch slugged 521 #homeruns and 1,555 #rbis. He holds the #record for the most #homers hit in Candlestick Park. He provided a potent back-to-back punch with his co-#halloffame member Willie Mays. I saw Mays & McCovey play in the first #baseball game I ever saw in person. Stretch passed away in 2018. #mlb #SportsHistory #sanfrancisco #giants

A baseball card in landscape format.  A crease is visible on the left side.  A red band at the top is inscribed with “Sport Magazine ‘60 All-Star Selection.” A red band at the bottom says, “Willie McCovey 1st Base/National League”. The photo is a head shot of Big Stretch with his Giants cap and a bat on his shoulder.  The photo is superimposed on a large number 60.
Oliver :apple_inc:
3 weeks ago

Feines Brett zum Abend, wieder mal gibt es was Feines auf die Ohren:

#PrimalFear „Code Red“

#metal #release #record #music

The artwork of Primal Fear’s latest album „Code Red“ showing the obligatory eagle
Dismal Manor Gang
3 weeks ago

Laufey is a young #jazz #vocal star receiving a major shout out from Morning edition. Roll the story then Laufey’s #record

3 weeks ago

Séquence de chaleur inédite en montagne - #MétéoSuisse

"Nos sondages lancés quotidiennement depuis Payerne depuis dimanche soir ont tous relevé une isotherme du 0 °C à plus de 5000 m d’altitude. Une telle séquence d’isotherme du 0 °C à plus de 5000 m n’a jamais été observée en Suisse, et les plus anciens météorologues ici ne se souviennent pas avoir vécu une série chaude en altitude si intense et si longue"

#météo #Climat #record #Suisse

Montagnes enneigées
RTL Nieuws
3 weeks ago

𝗗𝗷𝗼𝗸𝗼𝘃𝗶𝗰 𝗽𝗮𝗸𝘁 𝗻𝗮 𝘇𝗲𝗴𝗲 𝗼𝗽 𝗙𝗿𝗶𝘁𝘇 𝗿𝗲𝗰𝗼𝗿𝗱 𝗺𝗲𝘁 47𝗲 𝗵𝗮𝗹𝘃𝗲 𝗳𝗶𝗻𝗮𝗹𝗲

Novak Djokovic heeft de halve finales bereikt van de US Open. De 36-jarige Servische tennisser, 23-voudig grandslamwinnaar, won in de kwartfinales met 3-0 van de Amerikaan Taylor Fritz. De setstanden waren 6-1 6-4 6-4.

#Djokovic #zege #record

3 weeks ago

For a third day in a row, #record #highs were set and tied across the #Northland.

For #Duluth, this was the second #hottest #LaborDay on record.

Tuesday could see a few more record highs challenged before #fall-like #temperatures return. Get ready for the 40-degree swing!

#wx #wxtooter #weather #MNwx #WIwx #UPwx

Record highs for September 4 were set in a number of places in the Northland.  They include Moose Lake at 97-degrees, Ashland as 95-degrees, Ironwood and Hayward at 94-degrees, and Hibbing at 90-degrees.  Duluth tied their record high of 89-degrees.
Regarding all the high temperatures for a Labor Day holiday, Duluth's 89-degree reading for 2023 makes its the second hottest on record.  Only 1929 was hotter at 90-degrees.
Inverse Phase
3 weeks ago

Shoutouts to Kaiju Records in #Salisbury MD, who now has some Pretty Eight Machine #vinyl! Also, thanks to autocorrect, the #record has a new name. If you're sharp, you can probably figure out my #BandcampFriday discount code that will get you 10% off anything!

"Pretty Eight Machine" got replaced by "pretty woody manhole" by my phone. Whoops.
Jeroen Habets
4 weeks ago

New #record: #SantaClaus (#sinterklaas) kruidnoten available in #august

Perlan high altitude glider is up for another record attempt.

Live link to the virtual cockpit.


Screenshot of Perlan virtual cockpit. Various flight parameters shown. Live video from tail camera.

#Record low 2022 #Antarctic sea ice led to catastrophic #breeding failure of emperor #penguins - Communications #Earth & Environment

> Four out of five #emperor #penguin #colonies in the #Bellingshausen Sea, Antarctica experienced breeding #failure in spring 2022 due to unprecedented sea #ice loss, according to an #analysis of #satellite #images over 2018–2022.

1 month ago

less than 24 hours until the Hoping for More anniversary listening party!! join me on #BandCamp tomorrow at 1pm eastern to listen to the record and chat about all my ~*~memories~*~ of writing and recording :)

RSVP here:

#songwriter #music #ListeningParty #album #record #anniversary #songwriting #Detroit #DetroitMusic

Chris Jags
1 month ago

Do you still buy physical copies of CDs, games, movies, etc.?

#music #videogames #movies #CD #record #TV

Kenny Smith
1 month ago

The Marion County (Kansas) Record …

#MarionCounty #Kansas #Record #Newspaper

Linux ☑️
1 month ago

Gamer on Linux? Share an instant replay - GPU SCREEN RECORDER 🎮 💻 💥

Just as the more known ShadowPlay from Windows - instantly replay yer gaming glory.

Pulled off an amazing stunt, yes? GPU Screen Recorder already saved it!

Using GPU only - the fastest screen recording tool for Linux.


#gaming #replay #instantreplay #screen #record #Linux #ShadowPlay #GPU #GPUScreenRecorder #X11 #Wayland

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
1 month ago

Stereo! How does it work?

Each side of the groove "canyon" holds separate information for the Left and Right channels. Most albums the wavy grooves are roughly equal, so this is hard to tell. It's MUCH easier to see on the test record, meant for setting up a stereo system.

The surface is white and the grooves are purple, if that helps to orient your eyes.
#Stereo #Vinyl #Record #Microscopy

The left side of groove is straight and right side is wavy, then both straight, then reversed. 

This would sound like a tone fully on the right, then silence, then fully on the left.
Dan Bowman
1 month ago

From our local NWS office: Excessive Heat Warning - dangerously hot conditions with heat index values up to 116 expected on Saturday, 12-AUG-23. This is the first week Excessive Heat Warnings have ever been issued by Melbourne NWS.

#flwx #floridawx #record
#temperature #climatechange #heat #heatwave

Sara Joy ✨
2 months ago

I seem to have lost my Google-fu on this one - failing to find the right search terms:

When you play a #record - or a CD even - does it spin at the same speed the whole time, whether the #sound is being read from closer to the outer edge or closer to the middle?

Assuming yes, is the #fidelity better when the track is going past the needle/laser faster, as I guess you're getting more information from the track in a shorter time? Or do the record and CD #tracks somehow calibrate for this?

Alaska Native News
2 months ago

'Could Be a World Record': South Florida Ocean Temperature Hits 101.1°F
[the_ad id="30587"]

"I have no doubt a dip in Manatee Bay today would have been a hot tub-like experience," said one meteorologist earlier this week.

A buoy positioned roughly 40 miles south of Miami recorded a sea surface temperature of 101.1°F earlier this week,...
#ocean #temperature #record #global #warming

Eric Vitiello
2 months ago
2 months ago

I'll be honest, I all but stopped reading articles about #ClimateChange a long time ago because of doom fatigue. Every other month some new #record would be broken and I'd skim the headline, shrug, and move on. This year feels different.

Some of those ocean temps are waaaaay out of the norm, and it's happening simultaneously in so many places.

The ocean takes a long time to heat up but it's here now and it's ready to fuck.

Tommaths (he/him)
2 months ago

Any #guitarists who #record stuff out there?

I'm looking for a practise #amp or other appropriate device that:
- produces a decent tone (I don't need crazy amounts of effects or cab simulations, but a bit of flexibility is nice for experimentation)
- can be connected directly to my laptop for recording purposes
- whilst simultaneously listening to what I'm playing via headphones

Bonus points for:
- size (smaller is better; I don't have space or the required neighbours to set up a full rig & record via mic)
- simplicity (I want to plug in a USB cable & hit record. I don't want to have to get out a ton of gear first and then pack it away again afterwards, and I have no space to leave it all out)
- sound quality (does not have to be studio/stadium-quality, but I'd like to not be embarrassed about sharing the results with other people (my own ability to play notwithstanding)
- price (I'm not _completely_ broke, but...)

2 months ago

@BakerRL75 "Radar estimates suggest the rain fell at an intensity approaching a “1,000-year” flood, with a 0.1 percent chance of occurring in the region in a given year. " #flooding #record (also... these 1,000 year floods are happening now every year, but you know that)

CelloMom On Cars
2 months ago

"In the midst of an already record-breaking #heatwave, #Phoenix, Ariz., set a particularly eye-popping #record: the #temperature only dropped to 97 degrees Fahrenheit overnight between Tuesday and Wednesday, setting an all-time record high for a #NighttimeLow.

When temperatures stay high overnight, they place a particularly heavy burden on the body, raising the risk of heat illness and death."

#USA #Arizona

2 months ago

... and after reading it, I have now bookmarked the free dynamic range database which can be searched for the quality of music albums' recordings:

#remaster #record #vinyl #cd #music

2 months ago

Do remastered records actually sound better?

The answer might surprise - and it's not a one size fits all. For new music and often remastered old songs remastering might actually degrade the quality.

Read this article full of interesting details.

#remaster #record #vinyl #cd #music

Kriszta Satori
2 months ago

Big #oil quietly walks back on #climate pledges as global #heat records tumble

Energy firms have made #record #profits by increasing production of oil and #gas, far from their promises of rolling back #emissions
V @MarkRuffalo

Forecasters say temperatures in Southern Europe could reach record highs as a heatwave continues to cause widespread problems. Dubbed the ‘Cerberus heatwave’...
What is the Cerberus heatwave? | Al Jazeera Newsfeed

Big oil quietly walks back on climate pledges as global heat records tumble

Energy firms have made #record #profits by #increasing #production of oil and gas, far from their promises of rolling back emissions

2 months ago

🎶 Currently playing: The Yardbirds - Heart Full of Soul the Best of the Yardbirds #music #album #TheYardbirds #vinyl #record

Album cover, inlay and record. Cover shows the text "The Yardbirds" with a psychedelic abstract image. The rear has the same text but with track listing etc. The inlay has info on the band and photos. The record is also shown.
3 months ago

Parts of the #Northland saw a seasonally #cold start for July 11. A number of #record lows were set, including a 37° in Brimson.

#Temperatures have remained cool during the daytime hours for the middle of #summer, with plenty of #sunshine. A light #haze is hanging around due to #wildfire #smoke from #Canada

Enjoy the dry #weather, as more #showers and #storms return by Wednesday.

#wxtooter #MNwx #WIwx #UPwx

Record low temperatures set in the Northland for July 11 include 37-degrees in Brimson, 40-degrees in Floodwood, 41-degrees in Kabetogama, 44-degrees in Cook, 44-degrees in Wolf Ridge ELC, and 45-degrees in Hurley.
Temperatures in the Northland around 2:15 p.m. on July 11, 2023 ranged from 64-degrees in Grand Marais to 72-degrees in Aitkin, Ashland, Hinckley, and Superior.
Borealis AKA the LiteralGrill
3 months ago

Okay, I need someone on here who may be an expert to solve a vinyl and video game mystery.

Currently, Peter Cullen is credited as the first voice of Mario in the Saturday Supercade Cartoons. However, I have recently learned of "Donkey Kong Goes Home" a record released in the same year.

I need the EXACT release date of that record so I can know if it released before the cartoon did on September 17, 1983. If so, we could maybe correct a major misconception in Nintendo history!

So, would anyone know how to try and find that exact release date? #vinyl #record #Nintendo #videogame #gaming

I wish instead of globally distributed web servers we had globally distributed #vinyl #record manufacturing so I could get a $20 record without paying $80 after shipping from USA.

Dezene Huber 🌻
4 months ago

This is the current fuel situation in #British #Columbia, via:

As per the linked tweet 🐦, anything red or above means easy #ignition.

#Alberta, directly to the east, is currently in the midst of a #record #fire #season. #BC has a week or so of >30ºC #temperatures ahead. Crews and #infrastructure in both provinces will be stretched to the limit before this week is over.

This is not a drill. Make wise decisions, everyone. Lives depend on it.


Map of BC with most of the province in shades of red or dark red (some orange or yellow). This forecast of the "fine fuel moisture code" means that virtually the entire province is under extreme threat of fire as ignition is very easy.
Damon Thomas
5 months ago

Can you take a bad photo in a record store? Pretty sure just standing anywhere makes you look cool. #vinyl #Record #ToneVendor #StAugustine #florida

Person stands in a record store.
Bloop Museum
5 months ago

Shout-outs to Ian, who has broken our #record for "longest time spent with our docent"! He and @inversephase spent approximately 8 hours on a #museum #tour.

Our previous record was seven hours with this kiddo, who was only 4 years old at the time and very full of questions!

A kid is held up by our docent to learn to use a Commodore VIC-20.
Our docent explains the RetroPi to a 4 year old.
Finnley Dolfin
6 months ago

Recently, I uploaded a video from Bell Laboratories, Inc. featuring the first example of synthesized computer speech. Regrettably, this was the first upload of mine to receive a copyright violation. However, this was not due to the content of the record itself, but rather due to someone who had sampled parts of the record and used them in their own song. As far as I understood, YouTube's copyright and content ID match requires original creations that do not contain samples from another recording.

I conducted research to determine who now owned all of Bell Labs' patents and copyrights and discovered that it was Nokia. I was able to submit a form for licensing requests via their website and explained the nature of my channel and the copyright problem I had encountered while trying to showcase their record on YouTube.

To my pleasant surprise, Nokia was incredibly accommodating and granted me a no-charge lifetime license, on the condition that I add the message "Courtesy of Nokia Corporation and AT&T Archives" to the video, which I was more than willing to do.

Unfortunately, this process required me to edit the video and re-upload it. However, it is now up once again, and the copyright has been filed with the claimant, including all details of the license I received from Nokia.

#Telephone #Nokia #AT&T #YouTube #Video #Record #Vinyl

Pamela Williams Fine Art
6 months ago

Listen to the sounds of time
Passing by and spinning round
Loudly then soft a gain
Melodic essence abound


Please support Independent Artists they depend on kind people that support us!

#throwbackthursday #music #vintage #record #album #TheArtDistrict #Poetry #SmallPoems #Poem #WritingCommunity #PoetryCommunity #Writing #AYearforArt #BuyIntoArt #MastoArt #POTD #Photography #FediGiftShop #smile #follow

Sepia image of a vintage turn table

Sources ?s=20

A las 14h, CABA (@SMN_OCBA), registró 38,6 °C de temperatura, la más alta para marzo desde 1906. El valor oficial se conocerá a las 21h.

👉Es la segunda vez en el mes que alcanza el récord absoluto para marzo. El día 2 fue con 38 °C.


NWS Boston
7 months ago

[10 am] New #record high temperature for #Boston, 61 degs, #breaking the previous record of 60, set back in 1910 & 1882. With a west wind continuing, expecting temperatures to rise a few more degs. #MAwx

NWS Boston
7 months ago

[9:30 am] New #record high temperature of 62F occurred in #Providence at 9:22 am. The previous record was 60F back in 1910. Despite increasing clouds today, temps will continue to rise into the mid 60s. #Breaking #RIwx