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Are you in Santa Barbara?Channel Islands Restoration needs that giant pile of cardboard in your garage from Amazon deliveries... (Really!) They are asking for donations through December 15th of your cardboard boxes... #cardboard #recycle #SantaBarbara

Cardboard For Restoration & Research

Cardboard will be used together with wood chips and mulch, as eco-friendly “sheet mulching” to block sunlight and prevent weed seeds from germinating at Elings Park.

Donations are now being accepted at the Elings Park Administration Building Office and at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Entry Kiosk on weekdays between 9 a.m.

and 5 p.m. up to December 15th, 2023.

Please remove tape and labels as much as possible. Boxes must be broken down. We thank you for your ongoing volunteer support.
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@Maker_of_Things @makershour A5 Modelling isn’t an essential activity in some ways so I do allow myself some treats for a hobby. For me doing my hobbies sustainably is about using scraps, not wasting any thing, doing as much by hand as possible - those sorts of things. #Reuse over #Recycle. Where I can I #Reduce the energy use of my crafting but as my craft room is unheated except for a wee electric fan heater I do use energy if I work in there in the winter 🥶.

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13 SHIFTcycles♻


Wenn es um den Schutz unserer Umwelt geht, ist Recycling ein zentrales Thema. Durch die Mülltrennung in unseren Haushalten sind wir bereits in den Recyclingprozess eingebunden, denn über das Aufteilen verschiedener Abfälle wird Recycling überhaupt erst möglich.

#shift #shifthappens #shiftphone #cycles #release #recycle #reduce #repair #reuse #return #redesign #refurbish

Rob Campbell 🐳
4 days ago

If you’re in #canada Canuck Audio Mart is an amazing resource for #audio gear. #reuse #recycle #electronics

4 days ago

Ohio startup turns
into benches, picnic tables

A company called Canvus pioneers sustainability, turning old wind turbine blades into functional spaces Ohio startup turns old wind turbine blades into benches, picnic tables, and community art

#climatecrisis #recycle #reuse #environment #news #windturbines #power

Nyx Crowyote
1 week ago

I always keep the envelopes Animal Art Crimes sends their stickers in. They make excellent recycling material for personalizing accessories. For this project, I bought a phone case that has a clear back and just sandwiched the scraps between the phone and the clear case.
#furry #punk #diy #yipyapyop #coyotes #graffiti #art #upcycle #recycle #furryFandom #furryCommunity #aac #animalArtCrimes

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More of this, please! More #LithiumRecycling, less #LithiumMining !

Groundbreaking study makes huge discovery about recycled #lithium-ion batteries: ‘[This is] increasingly needed’

Brett Aresco
October 26, 2023

"As if you needed yet another reason to #recycle your #electronics with lithium-ion batteries, a study in the science journal Joule shows that recycled lithium-ion batteries may outperform their new counterparts.

"Working in tandem, a group of 27 researchers from institutions like the Argonne National Laboratory and the Brookhaven National Laboratory tweaked the composition of recycled lithium-ion batteries to see how they would perform. They achieved some surprising results.

"To reach their unexpected conclusions, the scientists behind the study made some changes to the cathode, which is the key —and most expensive — component within a typical lithium-ion battery.

"Rather than melting down the entire used battery (as most other recycling processes do), the team was able to salvage the cathode and merely change its structure, resulting in better performance than even a new battery can offer.

:Kang Xu, a U.S. Army Research Laboratory scientist unaffiliated with the study, told Scientific American that the research team’s results were 'very unique and very impressive.' The study’s findings also have the potential to be combined with similar research involving recycled anodes, the counterparts of cathodes.

"In a 2022 study from Rice University published in the journal Advanced Materials, for instance, scientists were able to 'quickly regenerate graphite anode materials found in lithium-ion batteries, removing impurities so they can be used again and again.' [However, where will the 'impurities go? Always consider potential waste sources!]

"Improved lithium-ion battery recycling will not only help the environment and consumers but businesses as well.

"'Battery manufacturers want to know that recycled cathode materials are not inferior to new cathode materials,' said Yan Wang, a scientist from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute who contributed to the Joule study. 'This research shows that recycled materials can electrochemically match or outperform pristine, state-of-the-art cathode materials from tier 1 suppliers.'

"Beyond losing valuable materials and structures that could be reused, failure to recycle lithium-ion batteries can have disastrous consequences.

"In 2017, USA Today reported that 65% of fires at California waste management facilities were caused by discarded lithium-ion batteries. And yet, people can’t seem to stop trashing them: In early February, a garbage truck in Columbus, Ohio, caught fire because a careless consumer threw out their laptop.

"The question of how to make lithium-ion battery recycling profitable has long vexed companies, governments, and #environmental advocates.

"'Economically viable electric vehicle lithium-ion battery recycling is increasingly needed,' a 2021 paper in the journal iScience concluded. 'However routes to profitability are still unclear.' [IT'S ALWAYS ABOUT THE PROFIT, EH?]

"This study has the potential to change that paradigm entirely.
'This work,' the authors write, 'proves that recycled materials could potentially be reused in new batteries and the profitable recycling process could be realized.'

"Luckily, there are a number of startups, like #Germany’s #Tozero and #Canada’s #LiCycle, that are committed to making lithium-ion battery recycling mainstream. With any luck, they will be able to incorporate the lessons learned from this latest study, and more consumers will be willing to give their old batteries another chance."

2 weeks ago

Recycled Colourful Lamp.

Everything in this was recycled bar the filament for the printed parts and the WS2812 LED ring.

The glass is vintage, procured from a local junk shop. The ESP controller is stripped from a disused project. The glass disc, motor and gearbox that provide the wave effects that the camera fails to appreciate are pulled from a cheap USB light toy. The power cable is from an dead external CD-ROM drive.

The sad part of this project is the glass fixture came with a Philips Wiz fancy wifi RGBWW lamp, which would have been quite handy. But the ESP32-C3 that runs the lamp was encrypted and the efuses burnt, so it wasn't possible to reprogram it. Born ewaste, held together with glue and designed to discourage reuse.

#3dprinting #recycle

a short video of a colour changing lamp.
John Dal
2 weeks ago

I'm not normally one for plugging stuff, but "what do I get her/him/it" time is upon us, and these guys are really worth supporting, they spend a lot of energy clearing ghost fishing gear from Northumberland's beaches and using some to make great little items & selling them in aid of ocean charities (over 75% of profit goes to the charities). #NorthSeaRejects #Green #BeachClean #Recycle #Tyneside #Northumberland

Someone trying to haul a great pile of ghost (waste) fishing gear from a beach
2 weeks ago

If you bought something from Digi-Key in the last 20 years, surely you will recognize what this lamp shade is made from. Yes! That slotted brown paper with a sexy texture that I find too beautiful to toss in the garbage 😁 So here you have the Digi-Key Paper Lamp! You can build one using a light bulb holder with cord, a cable tie, an LED bulb, and some of that awesome Digi-Key packaging 💡♻️📦

#DigiKey #Lamp #Electronics #Recycle #DIY

[gawr-juhs] art
2 weeks ago

Repurposing some bespoke gift wrap, that I had printed a couple of years ago.

Using it to make paper bags, for a pop-up festive market that I’m at, here in Edinburgh in December.

So some lucky greetings card purchasers will be taking away a little extra gorgeousness!

#Repurpose #Recycle #Handmade

Square colour photograph of two homemade flat paper bags, lying on top of one another at angles, on a cutting mat that is on a table top. A ruler, scalpel and sticky tape can be seen at the top left corner of the image. The bags are made from Gorgeous Art bespoke gift wrap which has a repeating pattern of 8 pointed stars, in alternating colours of the Bear Pride, Leather Pride, Pansexual Pride, LGBT+ Pride, Nonbinary Pride, Bisexual Pride, Lesbian Pride, Progress Pride and Trans Pride Flags. A Gorgeous Art Snowflake card is inserted halfway in the top paper bag.
Caitlin Coote
2 weeks ago

#Recycle your batteries at the Coral Gables Activity Center!

Battery recycling can next to recycling can 📚
3 weeks ago

The Windows recycle bin usually receives little attention. However, correct handling is just as important for securely removing sensitive data as it is for restoring accidentally deleted content.

#windows #recycle #security

3 weeks ago

‘No Plastic Chemical Can Be Classified as Safe’: Study Finds Hundreds of Toxins in Recycled Plastics #environment #plastic #recycle #recycling

3 weeks ago

Scientists found hundreds of toxic chemicals in recycled plastics #environment #plastic #recycle #recycling

3 weeks ago

Uh-oh, maybe recycling plastic is not a good idea. Time to switch to reusables.

At least 491 dangerous chemicals found in recycled plastics
“Plastic recycling has been touted as a solution to the plastics pollution crisis, but toxic chemicals in plastics....

#recycle #climatecrisis #news

3 weeks ago

Do you want us to recycle more bottles?
Here's a good idea. Trade used bottles for bus tickets

Rome commuters recycle 5 million plastic bottles in exchange for bus tickets

#recycle #climatecrisis #transportation

3 weeks ago

Rich Countries Are Flooding Poorer Nations With Their Plastic Recycling. It Just Becomes Pollution Instead. Recycling is important. That's why wealthy nations need to take accountability for their own plastic trash and take on the burden of processing recycling themselves! Sign the petition! #environment #plastic #PlasticWaste #waste #recycle #recycling #Care2

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Good morning ☔ 8am@JP
あさ8時 ☔ おはようございます

The #ginkgo leaves are falling and getting ready for winter, the #springtails are picking up the leaves and getting ready for winter,🍂🪲❄️
#Winter is coming, I’m just standing still

I hope you have a good day ♻️

#銀杏 葉は落ちて冬支度、落ち葉は #トビムシ が拾って冬支度🍂🪲❄️
#冬の到来 をぼんやり眺めて

#aiart #Collembola #輪廻 #recycle #morning #おはよう
#bingimagecreator #BingImageCreater

Close-up shot from above of yellowing ginkgo leaves falling on the asphalt after rain(Create by Bing Image Creator)
Close-up shot from above of yellowing ginkgo leaves falling on the asphalt after rain(Create by Bing Image Creator)
Macro photo of yellow ginkgo leaves scattered on an asphalt road.  A few tiny small collembola are crawling on the leaves of the ginkgo tree.(Create by Bing Image Creator)
Macro photo of yellow ginkgo leaves scattered on an asphalt road.  A few tiny small collembola are crawling on the leaves of the ginkgo tree.(Create by Bing Image Creator)
4 weeks ago

First discovered in 2001, they've now tweaked a bunch of microbes to "eat" certain types of plastic, turning it into the building blocks of plastic. French plant now contracting w Nestle, others, to take their plastic waste; bigger plant near Belgium starting in '25 will process over 130 tonnes/ day!
#microbes #eat #plastic #waste #recycle #process #kernel #surface #corn #pellets #food #PET #eating #microbial #magic

Much of the material used to make paper towels comes from Canadian boreal #forests.
Consider switching to cloth - cloth rags do a better job of mopping up spills, etc.

The same resources probably go into toilet paper too -- and there are reusable cloth pee-wipe alternatives for this that can #reduce overall use of TP.

#Canada #forestfires #reduce #recycle #reduce_reuse_recycle #environment

1 month ago

I have a few 10/100mbit #switches (#unmanaged), and several (20-30 units?) of #Ubiquiti #Unifi #AP (#legacy, End of Life) to #recycle. Is anyone interested? These devices are in #Grimbergen #Belgium

These devices are not current anymore, but actually work fine. A shame to just throw them away -- but I no longer need them.

#EOL #Recycle #Upscale

EA7KRC Martin
1 month ago

I bought a brasero for the shack/hobby room. Now this I like. Cardboard box (recycle), no plastic bag, just a twist round the mains lead. Other manufacturers take note..

#brasero #heater #recycle

This is your warning shot: #caturday #catsofmastodon about to fill your screens.

As promised, here is a photo of Boo sitting on her very crinkly paper bag. We’ve moved it a few times, planning to #recycle it. She just moves with it.

This is the #reuse ♻️ part of the cycle. #furniture

“Look deep into my eyes. This is MY very crinkly bag, so leave it alone.” Boo is a black/silver/ginger tabby sitting on a glorious brown paper bag  that makes all sorts of noise when she moves around on it.
Haarlem updates
1 month ago

Batterijen Battle: OBS De Wilgenhoek uit HAARLEM strijdt mee voor nieuw inzamelrecord

Een spannende strijd barst los tussen Nederlandse basisscholen! Vanaf 6 november zetten 270 scholen zich in om een nieuw inzamelrecord te vestigen tijdens de jaarlijkse...

#Haarlem #OBSDeWilgenhoek #inzamelrecord #LegeBatterijen #BatterijenBattle #recycle #batterijrecycle #Stibat


Homemade cayenne salve, just posted in my Etsy store!

Cayenne salve can be used for muscle and joint soreness, nerve pain, bruises, and general aches and pains!

The only ingredients are cayenne infused olive oil, beeswax, and mica powder (coloring).

Check it out and get yours now!

#etsy #etsystore #etsycreator #homemade #handmade #handpoured #naturalskincare #herbalskincare #herbalremedies #homeremedies #homehealth #selfreliant #selfsufficient #selfsufficiency #reduce #reuse #recycle #reusabletin #reusabletins #supportsmallbusiness #supportsmallbusinesses #thespookyfarmer #spookyfarmer #cayenne #cayennesalve #cayennesalves #balm #balms #skinsalve #skinbalm #fediverse #federated


Homemade cayenne salve, just posted in my Etsy store!

Cayenne salve can be used for muscle and joint soreness, nerve pain, bruises, and general aches and pains!

The only ingredients are cayenne infused olive oil, beeswax, and mica powder (coloring).

Check it out and get yours now!

#etsy #etsystore #etsycreator #homemade #handmade #handpoured #naturalskincare #herbalskincare #herbalremedies #homeremedies #homehealth #selfreliant #selfsufficient #selfsufficiency #reduce #reuse #recycle #reusabletin #reusabletins #supportsmallbusiness #supportsmallbusinesses #thespookyfarmer #spookyfarmer #fediverse #federated

bgrier 🇨🇦 ⌨️
1 month ago

Another #3DPrinting design that gets daily use - a bag drying rack. Perfect for silicon or reusable food bags. You provide the chopsticks (or even print your own :) )

#Kitchen #Sustainability #Recycle #Reuse #Baggies #Bags

an upside-down ziplock bag on a drying rack made of chopsticks. On a kitchen counter.
Richard Hull
1 month ago

Do have a watch of this excellent review of the latest #Fairphone #Fairphone5 - really goes into incredible detail to evaluate Fairphone's claims

IT News
1 month ago

EcoEDA Integrates Your Junk Bin into Your Designs - If you’re like us, there’s a creeping feeling that comes over you when you’re plac... - #schematic #e-waste #junkbin #recycle #salvage #design #parts #kicad #reuse #bom #eda

@jooki 🤦‍♀️ PlanetProof is the new ProPlanet! And on a #TetraPak of all things which are among the packages that are hardest to #recycle I think, because it's all glued-together crap +___+

Tech news from Canada
1 month ago

Wired: 20 Everyday Products Made of Recycled Materials (2023): Chargers, Watches, Toys #Tech #wired #TechNews #IT #Technology via @morganeogerbc #Gear/Products/Lifestyle #Gear/BuyingGuides #magazine-29.04 #buyingguides #GoingGreen #upcycling #Shopping #EarthDay #recycle #plastic #Gear

Fly Boy
1 month ago

David Shrigley turns 6,000 #TheDaVinciCode novels into #NineteenEighty-Four…

Artist creates new edition of Orwell classic after #Swansea #charityShop had its fill of Dan Brown bestseller

#UK #books #Recycle

Workshop Computer
1 month ago

To combat single use coffee cups Maria at the WRC asked us to make up a Cup Library where clean cups (in this case sourced from Wastebusters Wānaka) could be hung up for use at gatherings, the idea is the dirty cups are put back in crates on the floor then cleaned and put back on the board.

This uses some pallet type wood and we used old aluminum tube from […]

1 month ago

13 SHIFTcycles♻

Um gebrauchte Geräte in den Kreislauf der Wiederverwendung einzuführen, müssen sie zuvor gecheckt und aufbereitet werden. Da wir die Geschichte und den Umgang mit den Geräten nicht kennen, werden sie zuvor auf ihre Funktionalität geprüft.

Mehr Infos im neuen Blogbeitrag.🙂

#shift #shifthappens #shiftphone #cycles #release #recycle #reduce #repair #reuse #return #redesign #refurbish

1 month ago

“Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology have presented the efficient way to #recycle metals from spent batteries, and at the same time minimize the loss of valuable raw materials such as #nickel, #cobalt and #manganese.

Furthermore, no expensive or harmful chemicals are required in the process because the researchers use #OxalicAcid—an organic acid that can be found in the plant kingdom.”

1 month ago

@suearcher @epistatacadam Love the lady had her tape recorder fixed so she could still listen to the recording of her mum’s voice.

I am well below that 72 item average also. We should bring back jumble sales. #Recycle #ReUse #MakeDoAndMend #Repair

2 months ago

Does recycling your plastic actually work? - Shannon Odell | TED-Ed

#recycle #recycling #plastic #packaging #waste #education #animation #science #TED #TED-Ed

2 months ago

New scam to make you feel good when buying bottled water with 9000% markup.

It is made 100% from recycled bottles. Who cares about the wrapping, packaging and transportation. It is only the bottle that is recycled (if you believe them) to make you feel good you are doing your share to save the planet.

#recycle #BottledWater #Scam #Plastic #Pollution #Environment

Paul Wermer
2 months ago

@CelloMomOnCars @Streetsweeper @breadandcircuses and what we really need to start discussing is how we can provide for that "23% "Other" category" with minimal continued fossil C extraction.

Is there enough available biomass or will we devastate natural ecosystems if we say "oh, we can use nature based materials"?

Can we use CCSU strategies to process DAC captured CO2 to useful feedstock for that other?

Can we change our consumption of goods, and look at a closed loop system of reuse/recycle/ reprocess?

Who's working on this?

Needed #climateaction

#recycle #wastereduction #ZeroPollution #reduce_reuse_recycle #biomass #hanpp

Did you know you could #recycle Brita water filters? TerraCycle has programs for recycling all kinds of hard-to-recycle waste.

2 months ago

My wife is selling more of her woodworks at a market close to Philadelphia.

She is getting good at making cutting boards, trays and pens using scrap wood she gets from a lumber yard.

#Woodworking #Philadelphia #Recycle #Reuse

2 months ago

So the 3rd and final part of my series on building and using a DIY pulstruder to turn plastic pop/soda bottles into #3Dprinter filament is up on the designspark community. You'll need to sacrifice an email but I'm quite proud of this one! #recycle #CircularEconomy #3Dprint

A small machine with a winding drum pulling and extruding plastic filament.

@ainmosni I bought a @Fairphone #FP3plus new when the #FP4 was just released and I won't stop using it until there are no #Security #Updates & no #aftermarket #firmware and no replacement #batteries on the market...

#UseLonger is better than #Repair is better than #Recycle...

2 months ago

From old sheds to new shelter.

When all the water butts and tanks are connected I’ll be able to collect enough annual rainwater for the plots needs.

I hope to have a bench running the length of the windows inside and out for seedlings and plants and storage space underneath.

#Recycle #Reuse #Shed #Allotment #RainwaterHarvesting

Small, rickety garden shed with a smaller tool shed alongside and a smaller still hedgehog house in front of that. All painted blue. The shed has guttering feeding rainwater from the roof into two old plastic water tanks. Everything in this picture was free, it all just needed a new home.
View from one end of the new shelter, painted cornflower blue with bare wood window frames. The roof, water butt and guttering brackets were bought new, the wood is mostly reclaimed. The end, front corner and back wall are all reclaimed chipboard. All three glass panes to the left of the open doorway were rescued from a works shelter. The white windowsill is recycled.
View from the other end of the new shelter. The planks from the old sheds form the outer shell of this half of the building and the underside of the windows either side of the doorway. Two acrylic sheet windows are at this end. One was skipped, the other damaged and discounted. The guttering is recycled from the old sheds, only the joining brackets were bought new. The old shed door still needs to be fitted, but not yet.
Jeff Smith
2 months ago

Reuse, recycle hint to gardeners in NZ. The paper/plastic that is attached to your Rego and RUC cards, and the cards themselves after used, can be cut into strips and make great tags for seed containers. They last for years and the sharpie ink mostly fades in time for the following year.

#garden #gardening #NZ #recycle

2 months ago

I’m hoping tomorrow will see this almost completely weather proofed before storm Agnes hits on Wednesday and Thursday. It’ll be a good early test.

#Reuse #Recycle #Garden #Allotment #Homemade

Another photo of the allotment shelter now with most of the back and end walls done. Another window frame nearly finished and almost ready to fit the glass. Autumn is here. The light was fading at 19:15.
Eka A.
2 months ago

#Recycling. We must embark on a 100% recycling effort. We must learn how to #recycle all human #wastes biological and industrial.

We are all part of this biological entity called #Earth.

2 months ago

I made good progress on the new shelter. The frame is up and the roof is on. Next job is to refit the old shed walls.

#Reuse #Recycle #Garden #Allotment #Homemade

Photo of the unfinished new shelter. It has a green corrugated roof and the whole frame is completed and painted a cornflower blue. Only two windows are in and only a quarter of the front wall is built. Half the guttering is in place and connected to a black water butt.
Photo of the new shelter from the open end. The old shed walls are leant up inside the new shelter and after strengthening they will form most of the inner walls of the new building. The old doors are just visible to the right of the picture and these will be refitted.
Nicol Wistreich
2 months ago

There's a lot to be impressed with during my current German trip over the country's desire to not leave future generations with a burning planet. For e.g. reusable takeaway cartons — apparently driven by legislation requiring all takeaways to offer a reusable option. It just makes #tory anti-climate pivot all the more embarrassing (while also ensuring UK companies are behind Europe / RoW on this).. #reuse #recycle #packaging #Germany #legislation

A stack of reusable takeaway containers. The text on the top one reads 'i love sushi, reduce, reuse'
2 months ago

@jrconlin this is now your fault! 😂

(referring to the PVC conduit not Ben and his stroller 😄)

I could have likely walked by this 'free to grab' end of the driveway temptation if I hadn't seen your post before the stroller tour!

Nah. Who am I kidding? I would have grabbed it anyway 🤣

#Reuse #Recycle #OtherPeoplesGarbage


Ben lying in his stroller in the sun. There is a large coil of at least 10m of PVC conduit making a hoop around the entire stroller frame. The conduit was left at the end of a driveway that we went by on our route.

Besp-Oak Recycling - a new use for discarded oak flooring cut ends. #recycledmaterials #recycle

Computer keyboard stand from oak flooring cut ends.
Cellphone stands from discarded oak flooring cut ends.
3 months ago

My allotment shelter is gradually taking shape. To keep costs down it has been built mostly from salvaged materials with timber, off cuts and chipboard from the local wood reclamation centre. I salvaged panes of glass from an old works shelter and one window is now in place.

#Allotment #ShedsOfMastodon #Recycling #Recycle #ReUse #ReclaimedWood #Gardening

Picture of an unfinished shelter at the back of an allotment plot. It has a green corrugated roof. The outer frame has been painted a cornflower blue. The lower walls inside and out have been covered in a black reused chipboard. Two window frames are being made from more off cut reclaimed wood. The front window has been fitted. The side window frame is still under construction. A water butt is blocking the doorway. Two green plastic garden chairs are stacked to the side of the shelter.
3 months ago
In 1964, Alfred Heineken Created a Bottle That Could Also Function as a Brick to Build Houses in Impoverished Countries

#Reuse #Recycle #Sustainability
3 months ago

Today's #crochet project is this bag. It's made from leftover yarn from a blanket I made.

Tomorrow I'll be making the strap for it. I'm going to use it to keep my clothes pegs in, as the last one I made (from left over material from curtains I'd adapted when we moved house) about 20 years ago is finally falling to pieces.

#Reduce #Reuse #Recycle

A crocheted messenger style bag in rainbow colours striped from red at the top to purples at the bottom
Julé Cunningham
3 months ago

Danish artist and climate activist Thomas Dambo spent his summer in the US creating gigantic troll-like creatures across the country out of recycled materials. Five are in Western Washington where he worked with Indigenous tribes and artist John Halliday to make sure his work respected their traditions.

#art #recycle #nature #sculpture #Indigenous #environment #PacificNorthwest #PNW

Smithographic℠ — Photographer
3 months ago

“Gary Anderson, age 23, Designed the Recycling Logo for a Contest in 1970”

#logo #logodesigner #Recycle #GraphicDesign #vintage #design #designer

Had an idea for an app last night after shopping at #reclaimit. Help me name it!

You can register as a regular producer of any particular kind of trash; pringle cans or kitty litter jugs for example.

Then people who need those can find you, and arrange pickup of a certain number of those items from you.

It would also be place to find #reuse #repurpose and #recycle ideas!

Maybe something like it already exists? #lazyweb

#rrr #reduce #recycling

#climatechange is putting much of our #food supply at risk, yet #politicians still think they can put off action(s).

The #climatecrisis is real but while we think there's some (near) future technical fix, or that somehow it'll all be alright if we just #recycle a bit more, the coming sudden climate tipping point is going to be a major problem for human civilisation.

Each year the price of inaction grows, and a 'proportionate' response belittle actual Govt. actions!

We're so f**ked!

Chart: Climate change's potential impact on crops. % of global commodity production at risk by type:

at risk from water scarcity/drought

Wheat 42%/44%
Rice 22%/42%
Maize 28%/32%
Soyabean 8%/18%
Blackheath Weather
4 months ago

#recycle #technology #Linux

Considered buying a desktop PC (except, I dislike Windows) but upon reflection, just upgraded my eight year old PC. Quality second hand PSU sourced from my cupboard, new SSD (spare 1TB 860 EVO) more RAM (now 16GB) sourced from spare near identical PC in shed, new OS (Linux Mint 21) & hey presto! She's a ripper. Total cost? Nothing. Saving? About $2000. Running so cool, too.

4 months ago

Yesterday I washed, line-dried and ironed a piece of cloth that was once a 100 pound flour bag. No idea how old it is, but is probably 70 years old or more and was in great shape. Flour bags were used for many things in rural #PEI including pillow cases, tea towels, quilting, and even underwear! You can see where the thread or string had been removed, and it would also have been carefully saved and used again. Nothing wasted, resources valued and reused. Good message for us now. #reuse #recycle

White piece of cloth hanging on an umbrella-style clothesline, held in place with three wooden spring clothespins, with a bit of blue sky, green grass and trees in the background.
Closeup of a corner of an old cloth flour bag showing the holes left where the thread had been removed.
Evelyn in Montreal
4 months ago

@mjibrower @incrediblemelk @pluralistic You’re so right about this, Molly. And in fact I have my mother’s Singer which was passed on to her in the 1950s from her mother who used it through the 1930s & 1940s as she sewed a lot of the clothes for her family of 11 children!
All countries should follow Europe’s lead by
instituting new policies like they have begun to do.

#sustainability #ZeroWaste
#reuse #recycle #PlannedObsolescence
#ClimateChange #recycling

4 months ago

@MissingThePt doing my part by boosting this #recycle

This is why #recycling is at the bottom of the #ZeroWaste hierarchy, after:

#Rethink (can we design waste out of the system?)
#Refuse (we can’t waste it if we don’t bring it home)
#Reduce (can we make do with less?)
#Reuse (ban ‘single use’)
#Repurpose (can it be used for something else?)
#Repair (what if we fixed it instead of throwing it away?)

Only then, if we can’t do any of those things, we should #recycle to recover the materials.

From: @futurism

Want to help people directly in your area? Have too much stuff in your closets, attic, garage? Register for a freecycle account and give that stuff AWAY. There are ppl on here asking for everything. It won't cost you a dime:

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4 months ago

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Somebody on here shared a link to a local Vancouver Repair Café project

I signed up in September to take in an electric chord organ I found in a dumpster to see if they can fix it! 🎹
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A dumpster with a two small electric keyboards in it. One is a plastic toy piano. The other is a wooden case chord organ, with the lid open, showing black and white keys and buttons.
The wooden case chord organ out of the dumpster, opened up to show it’s black and white buttons on the left side similar to an accordions, and keys on the right side like a piano.
Raymond Scott Pert
5 months ago

Repairing clothes is now à la mode in France.

>To help fight waste, France has launched a scheme that will allow people to claim back between €6 and €25 of the cost of mending clothes and shoes at affiliated workshops and cobblers.

>Around 700,000 tonnes of clothing is discarded each year in the country. #France #recycling #recycle #upcycling #sustainability #zerowaste #ecofriendly #environment #reuse

Daniel Gibert
5 months ago

If you are going to make a bird feeder, make it on style.
For the name of the restaurant, It's a joke based on the local magpies, who steal food from the cats in our colony, so we've made them their own place. It means “The thieving magpie” which is also a nod to a Tintín comic book.

Yeah, I’m that kind of human.
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Photo of a bird feeder made from a recycling five litre jug. On side has been cut to make the entrance. The discarded plastic has been used to make awning. It has two wood beams for the bird to land. It is lightly decorated as a French bistró with marker drawing of a table with a bottle of wine and two cups. On the awning it reads “Bistró Restaurant La Pie Voleuse” (the thieving magpie)
Another view of the bird feeder. On this side is draw a pot with a plan and a street sign that reads “Rue de la Porte rouge” (red door street)

There was a company in #Utah that rebuilt and serviced obsolete #Apple #Lisa #computers and #AAPL used hired goons repossess them and took them to a dump and destroyed them. @theverge

I'm embarrassed to have EVER given money to $AAPL!

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The degree to which #HackerNews is capable of missing a point in the comments is breathtaking.

Here's [a blog post about how a guy sent an old pair of #shoes to a leatherworker to #recycle and the guy sent him back a wallet.](

The top take on #hn is "only rich people buy nice shoes, I like my #Crocs!"

Today I got a salad from #Crisp, and I got it in a #boldreuse reusable container.

Now I'm getting a #coffee from #Extracto and using my first #okapi #reusable cup! I feel so #Portland! 💚🌱🌲

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Cool! Now we can be socially AND environmentally responsible. Every healthcare facility should participate. Thanks to @canadastrong ( for developing a mask recycling program. #CovidIsNotOver #KeepMasksInHealthcare

Photo of me putting a mask into a Canada Strong recycling box

Fix it instead of tossing it. Check for Repair Cafes in your city. You can get small appliances and the like like repaired, usually for free. Also, organizers are always on the lookout for volunteers. It's also a place where you can learn to fix things.
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Alan Rycroft 🇨🇦
7 months ago

@arstechnica ☝🏼

"The plastics industry has long hyped recycling, even though it is well awarethat it’s been a failure. Worldwide, only 9 percent of plastic waste actually gets recycled. In the United States, the rate is now 5 percent. Most used plastic is landfilled, incinerated, or winds up drifting around the environment."

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7 months ago

Batteria cambiata al mio Xiaomi Mi 9 SE.
Ora ho un telefono come _nuovo_, COMPATTO, e ci farò ancora un bel po' (si spera) di anni!

E grazie a LineageOS ho anche Android 13 con le ultime patch di sicurezza <3

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