David Mason
11 hours ago

If you want a overview of #plastics processing and #recycling by #bacteria check out this #LongRead from #theGuardian

Nice mix of technical, political and environmental discussions. Also fascinating how far we've come in the last 20 years.

Ang Black
18 hours ago

It's called "Ideonella sakaiensis"

‘We are just getting started’: the plastic-eating bacteria that could change the world

> The long read: When a microbe was found munching on a plastic bottle in a rubbish dump, it promised a recycling revolution. Now scientists are attempting to turbocharge those powers in a bid to solve our waste crisis. But will it work?


Architecture News
18 hours ago

DesignBoom : oscar oiwa sets sail to floating installation challenging marine pollution for keelung caio 2023 #oscaroiwa #publicart #recycling #balloons #video #art

Peter Riley
21 hours ago

#PET like other #plastics resists #naturaldegradation, polluting the #environment.
Several #recycling strategies have been applied to PET, but these tend to result in #downcycled products that eventually end up in #landfills; accumulation of landfilled #PETwaste contributes to the formation of #microplastics.

Image Tianyu Li, Stefano Menegatti, Nathan Crook / AIChE

Good Morning #Canada
It's National Crush a Can Day, a day intended to raise awareness about recycling. Recent studies estimate that each Canadian generates 673 kg of waste annually. That puts Canada in 8th place in the world of waste generated. Despite blue bin programs only 9% of this waste is recycled, the rest ending up in landfills.
This older article highlights problems with Canadian recycling, most of which remain true today.

#CanadaIsAwesome #BlueBin #Recycling

2 days ago

"The typical #American receives about 41 pounds of #JunkMail each year, according to the Center for Development of #Recycling..., and much of it ends up in landfills.

While recent numbers are hard to come by, the #SierraClub estimates that 80 million to 100 million #trees are cut down each year to print junk mail, while cities & counties spend $1 billion a year to collect and dispose of it."

#LIfeHack #Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #USA #News

News headline:
Climate Coach

How to keep junk snail mail out of your mailbox forever
Advice by Michael J. Coren
Climate Advice Columnist
September 26, 2023 at 6:30 a.m. EDT
The Japan Times
2 days ago

Dubious sustainability claims can be found in TV commercials, print ads, online ads, product descriptions and on packaging. Regulators are trying to put a stop to that before it gets worse. #environment #sustainability #climatechange #recycling #carbon #emissions #plastic

Architecture News
2 days ago

DesignBoom : haneul kim disassembles NIKE’s ISPA shoes turning them into colorful boxing gear #koreandesign #recycling #readers #design #NIKE

3 days ago

#Windeln reloaded: #Wasser und #UV-Strahlung lösen vernetzte Polymere von Windeleinlagen schnell, energiesparsam, ohne Chemikalien auf – Recycelte Kunststoffmoleküle vielseitig anwendbar zeigen Forschende des @KITKarlsruhe @ACSPublications #Recycling

Foto darf nur im Zusammenhang mit der Pressemitteilung verwendet werden.
Architecture News
3 days ago

DesignBoom : LEGO discontinues bricks made of recycled plastic bottles due to carbon emissions #carbonneutrality? #technology #recycling #LEGO

Erin Whalen
3 days ago

Is anyone paying attention to this whole Earthshot thing? It's nice that Prince William is shining a light on organizations that are working to make a positive impact on the environment. But he gives away only £1M to five winners a year? Seems kinda chintzy.

At any rate, here are the 15 finalists – cool to see that a company making more sustainable tires and another that recycles lithium-ion batteries made the list:

#environment #recycling #sustainability

Marcus Jenkins
3 days ago

Lego's reason for not recycling PET to make the bricks is that more steps are required. More steps requiring more energy. But energy is almost free these days, so I'm not convinced.

#lego #recycling #renewableenergy

Lego axes plan to make bricks from recycled bottles

One thing I like and miss very much from Finland is the beverage container #recycling system. The Canary Islands has nothing like this (although I have seen one (1) recycling machine in Santa Cruz, in Tú Trebol in Mayorazgo). I can't say anything about Peninsular Spain except I didn't see any there either.

Check it out:

Here's another article:

3 days ago

Using recycled plastic might not reduce CO2 emissions, but it DOES reduce the amount of plastic we have in circulation, which would be a worthy goal by itself.
#plastic #recycling #emissions

4 days ago

Lunch time #plogging run in the sun. 3.5 miles (5.7km) easy pace base training. Removed 21 pieces of #litter from the local #environment here in northern Hampshire and a few of them are now in the #recycling bin. Nice go #running with a purpose other than just “training”.

Fredi Lüthin
4 days ago

Neues aus der Abt. Mehr Schein als Sein. „Bei Lebensmittelverpackungen ist Papier schädlicher als Plastik“ #Konsum #Umwelt #Recycling #Nachhaltigkeit

Eka A.
4 days ago

Helen Czerski also has a recent The Royal Institution talk: How does the ocean help shape our world?
#Ocean #Earth #BlueMarble #Environment #Recycling #ClimateChange #future #humanity #perspectives

Eka A.
4 days ago

This is a must watch for all. The Fully Charged Podcast on The Blue Machine With Helen Czerski.
#Ocean #Earth #BlueMarble #Environment #Recycling #ClimateChange #future #humanity #perspectives

Eka A.
4 days ago

#Recycling. We must embark on a 100% recycling effort. We must learn how to #recycle all human #wastes biological and industrial.

We are all part of this biological entity called #Earth.

Primo Natura
4 days ago
5 days ago

I never saw that one coming! It did remind me of #recycling #paper #calendars. You don't need to buy a #2024 #calendar if you have one laying around from 1940, 1968 or 1996.

Lukas Weidinger
5 days ago

Ersetze „Internet“ mit „Fediverse“ und streiche den kurzen Teil mit „Modem“
und schups taugt der Beitrag wieder für das #fruhstucksfernsehen

… und mittlerweile sind @3sat und das @ZDF über das Fediverse zu erreichen!


Public Enemy Exposed
5 days ago

"First, Andersen said the aim was to get rid of as many single-use plastics as possible, “eliminating what’s frankly not necessary: that thing that is wrapped in plastic that’s completely mindless, that is maybe even wrapped by nature itself,” like an orange or a banana.....“So what is clear is that we cannot recycle our way out of this mess.”" #plastic #recycle #recycling #THINK

intermobility_berlin 🌻🇪🇺
5 days ago

„Die Einzigen, die regelmäßig überzeugende Argumente gegen das E-Auto vorbringen, sind Verkehrsplaner. […] Weil E-Autos effizienter und günstiger sind als Verbrenner, senken sie den Preis des Fahrens und es wird mehr gefahren.“ ❗️

#Verkehrswende #Antriebswende #emobility #Elektromobilität #EAuto #Elektroauto #Akku #Mythbuster #BEV #Batterie #Tesla #Recycling

Sydenham News & Views
5 days ago

RT from Sabine Mae Nemeth (@DrSabineMN)

@sainsburys not only is your plastic bag #recycling station in the furthest corner of your store in Sydenham, it doesn’t get emptied.
You’re clearly not encouraging people to recycle!!!
It should be made easy - not difficult!

Original tweet:

Hippy Steve
5 days ago

Trying to find a #battery #recycling place in #socal where our nonprofit could sell an old bank of 24 Duracell ultra SLIGC145UT 12v 20Ah lead acid batteries

Ida Tschichoflos
5 days ago

#recycling #plastics #GuteNachrichtenSamstag
Artikel: New recycling technology deconstructs mixed plastics

IT News
6 days ago

Getting Shredded Plastic…and Legs - While electric motors have taken the drudgery out of many tasks, human power has ... - #plasticrecycling #preciousplastic #exercisebike #toolhacks #recycling #shredding #shredder #bicycle #plastic #recycle

GrrlScientist Ⓥ :verified:
1 week ago

The #plastics industry has long hyped #recycling, even though it KNOWS it’s a failure

Now, an alarming new study finds that the recycling process spews toxic #microplastics, contaminating air & water

#AirPollution #WaterPollution

Emmanuel Veneau 📸
1 week ago

Doll heads. Alternative Waste Movement (Mouvement Alternatif du Déchet - MAD), Auch, France, September 2023.
📷 Emmanuel Veneau (cc by-nc-sa) #AmbulationsPhotographiques #AsTheDaysGoBy
#photography #doll #head #recycling #BlackAndWhite

Loose plastic dolls heads in the bottom of a suitcase.
brad m
1 week ago

#Recycling the metals used in #batteries has the potential to limit the need for environmentally damaging #mining while also reducing electronic waste”
"The #EU regulation requires manufacturers to collect waste #lithiumion #batteries for #recycling and, in the case of #EV, #ebike, and energy #storage #batteries, incorporate recycled materials into new ones”
"the standards could ‘increase the value globally for recycled materials’” #China #electricvehicles

1 week ago

Bye bye rickety old shed. It’s time to transform you into something new. I’ll use as much of the old shed and a small tool shed in making the new shelter as possible.

#Recycling #Allotment #Garden

Photo of a badly leaning, decades old, small wooden shed painted blue with a black plastic water butt in front of it.
A deconstructed old shed with the end wall and chipboard flooring leaning up against a metal fence with the side wall and roof section leaning against an unseen tool shed behind it. The tool shed will also be dismantled and recycled into part of the new structure.
One half of the new shelter is in place. Green roofed and frame painted blue the window frames are bare reclaimed wood. The guttering and downpipe are connected to a black water butt with four other water butts still needing to be connected up. The shelter has an end window with a recycled white upvc windowsill and a window fitted on the front facing wall. In time another window will be fitted next to it. This photo was taken before the rickety shed next to it was taken down to make room for constructing the second half of the shelter.
Bob Jamieson
1 week ago

E-waste is mounting. Now the UK Royal Mint has found a new way to extract the precious metals hidden in laptops and phones to reduce our reliance on raw materials.
She and a team of chemists and chemical analysts, together with Canadian start-up Excir, have invented and patented a clean, energy-efficient way which they claim extracts 99% of gold from the printed circuit boards found inside discarded laptops and old mobile phones.

#recycling #ElectronicWaste #gold

Pete Prodoehl 🍕
1 week ago

@requiem @mathiasx Do you guys remember my DIY at home recycling project to make HDPE sheet material suitable for CNC milling or just to use as plastic lumber?

The tools I used were a toaster oven, hydraulic press, and some scissors. Really easy!

Many posts here:

#plastic #recycling #hdpe #diy

it's kat!
1 week ago

throw the bag on the ground & the wind will lift it up & float it behind you so you won't see it & everything will be fine, actually? #packaging #symbology #recycling #rubbish

symbol on a plastic package depicts a human figure who appears to be making a throwing motion. there are three curved arrows in front of the figure, all swirling in a backwards direction.

Kennt hier noch Alternativen zur #RecyclingFabrik, um Filamentreste, Fehldrucke und das ganze Geloete fuers Recycling zu spenden?

Die #Recycling Fabrik vergibt nur Paketlabels, wenn man bei ihnen schonmal bestellt hat, was ich verstehe.


"Marks & Spencer has replaced #plasticBags for life with paper carrier bags in an attempt to reduce its impact on the #environment.

They are capable of carrying more than 15kg or six four-pint bottles of milk and can be reused more than 100 times, the company said.

#Natural resin applied during the manufacturing process makes them water resistant. They can also easily be folded into a backpack and put in home #recycling bins."

#COP28 #UK #M&S #plastic #innovation

2 weeks ago

Prospect Hospice in Swindon is unveiling a 'river' of beautiful roses created from recycled aluminium. The funds made through the sale of the roses will help to care for terminally ill people.

#GoodNews #Swindon #Hospice #Roses #Recycling #Aluminium #Flowers #TerminalIllnesss

2 weeks ago

In Guatemala, Ocean Cleanup's Interceptor 006 prevented 140 tonnes of rubbish being swept out to see during a flood event.

#GoodNews #OceanCleanup #Guatemala #Interceptor #River #Flood #Plastic #Rubbish #Recycling #Environment

Yvonne Perkins
2 weeks ago

What platforms are you using to recycle things like outdoor furniture in #Melbourne nowadays? I saw Freecycle has been hacked so I have less enthusiasm for using them now. I don't do Facebook.


Karl Dubost
2 weeks ago

Our yearly poster for sorting out garbage in Toshima-ku #tokyo. This year we need to start separating plastics. (That was the case in Fujisawa. But toshima is starting just now. ) #recycling

Poster in Japanese with all the instructions for recycling items from the garbage with simple drawings and explanations.
2 weeks ago

Followerpower: At @preciousplasticmunich we have a bunch of old 3D prints we'd like to recycle. The only problem is: some of them are PLA, and others PETG. We'd like to separate them before recycling.

Any ideas on how to tell them apart?

#3dprinting #plastic #recycling #preciousplastic #pla #petg

heise online
2 weeks ago

NABU: Handyspenden zunächst bis Ende des Jahres wieder möglich

In diesem Sommer mussten einige Handyspendenaktionen Zwangspausen einlegen. Der Naturschutzbund kann seine Aktion nun wieder aufnehmen – gesichert bis 2024.

#Smartphone #Akku #Recycling #Reparatur #Telefónica #Umweltschutz #news

heise online
2 weeks ago

Europäisches Parlament: So soll die EU bei kritischen Rohstoffen souverän werden

Die EU-Abgeordneten drängen darauf, etwa bei Kobalt, Lithium und Gallium unabhängig zu werden – vor allem von China und Russland. Sie setzen auf andere Partner.

#Elektroauto #Recycling #Wirtschaft #news

2 weeks ago

Practising Permacomputing: Call for workshop participants

"This autumn is dedicated to Practising Permacomputing; a concept and a nascent community of practice-oriented around issues of resilience and regenerativity in computer and network technology derived, among others, from permaculture principles. As part of this community, space is offered to makers and thinkers in digital culture (and other connected areas) to put the fundamentals and applications of #permacomputing into practice through a series of workshops, a meetup, and a concluding day of public presentations with guests. Join us to explore permacomputing futures!"

#workshop #selfhosting #datacenter #recycling #electronics #plants #amsterdam

Rewilding Computation: Practising Permacomputing
Flyer of the workshop series and event. It's a duotone image dominantly green with some some plants, a chip, and a transistor.
Alexander Hay
2 weeks ago

#Plastic #Pollution everywhere... Including our bloodstreams. But there may be a suitably buggy solution.

"...#Scientists are scouring #Garbage sites around the world for #Bacteria, #Fungi and even #Insects that harbor #Enzymes that could be harnessed for breaking down various #Polymers. It’s early days, but if the efforts can be efficiently scaled-up, such #Biological #Recycling could put a dent in the #PlasticWaste problem..."

#News #Science #Environment

Erin Whalen
2 weeks ago

In a US first, new EV battery cells are going to be made with recycled metals, which could lead to a 25% drop in CO2 emissions in the production process.

Four companies will be working together to create the new batteries, including a Canadian company. Commercial production of the batteries is set to begin in 2024.

Yes! Sounds like a good start but we need more reclaiming and recycling of battery materials, please. 🙏

#battery #ev #recycling #sustainability

Leaving the house this morning, I hand The #Teen two collapsed #boxes, saying "deal with those", as I had my hands full with <stuff> (keys, coffee etc.). Returning 60s later having left my cell phone inside, I see the two cardboard boxes placed aesthetically on the other side of the mudroom. "What the crap?" I say getting into the car and throwing the boxes into the #recycling. "Well, you didn't say *how* to deal with them." <angry glower> "You're really #grumpy before coffee you know that?".

3 weeks ago

My allotment shelter is gradually taking shape. To keep costs down it has been built mostly from salvaged materials with timber, off cuts and chipboard from the local wood reclamation centre. I salvaged panes of glass from an old works shelter and one window is now in place.

#Allotment #ShedsOfMastodon #Recycling #Recycle #ReUse #ReclaimedWood #Gardening

Picture of an unfinished shelter at the back of an allotment plot. It has a green corrugated roof. The outer frame has been painted a cornflower blue. The lower walls inside and out have been covered in a black reused chipboard. Two window frames are being made from more off cut reclaimed wood. The front window has been fitted. The side window frame is still under construction. A water butt is blocking the doorway. Two green plastic garden chairs are stacked to the side of the shelter.
Bret Mogilefsky
3 weeks ago

Another hopeful sign that large-scale recycling of plastic might be economically viable soon!

#climatecrisis #recycling

3 weeks ago


#Awww... What a #BeautifulDay, #MisterDen...

My #CyclingHardware is #SafelyStowed for when #IT's #Not the #HottestDay of the #Year... We should do some #Recycling #OneDay, maybe...

#IT's also good #PeggingOut #Weather, aye...

#Meanwhile... #Back to #Diablo4World...

There's #Stuff #StillHappening and we have #LickyLickyLollies...

🌻⚔️🤖🐺🤖⚔️🌻 | 🦹🍨🧙🐻🧙🍨🦹

I just realized how fucked up it is that lead is in some aluminum alloys for better machining.

Like to they get that out when recycling or is recycled aluminum just always contaminated with a bit of lead?

#aluminum #aluminium #lead #recycling

3 weeks ago

friends, i have a few more copies left of my zine series about ~The Great Garbage Continuum!~

"Avoid angry garbage spirits and junk piles run amok in this visual tour of the strange lands beyond the (trash) bin. In a world overflowing with people-made stuff, understanding these flows of unwanted materials will be crucial to the thousand-year cleanup we're going to need next."

(plus, almost all the art was generated with #AI / #ML (, so you can compare how well i did compared to the jokers over at

the set of 6 color zines is $15:

#art #garbage #trash #junk #waste #rubbish #recycling #environment #ecology #cyberpunk #solarpunk #zines

cover of the zine "wading in the great garbage continuum" by marina kukso
section of the zine "lost in the great garbage continuum" by marina kukso. on the left is the cover and on the right is a page showing a person in a mask and warm clothes sitting amidst trash bags. the text says "piles of junk got you down?"
zine pages from "the great garbage continuum" zine pack. on the left is a page showing a wizard sitting in his library. the text says "but obtainium can be such a pain to go through. a wizard can get overwhelmed with stuff. even *thinking* of finding something or organizing it is exhausting."

on the right is a page showing a wizard looking at a bunch of stuff that's flowing out of a house. the text says "plus, obtainium has a habit of multiplying seemingly on its own."
all 6 zines in the series. from top left to bottom right: "wading in the great garbage continuum", "lost in the great garbage continuum", "the thousand year cleanup", "obtainium", "the great garbage continuum," and "garbage spirits"
I Like Books
4 weeks ago

"A clever graduate has used 80 discarded vape batteries to power his e-scooter—and to make a point about waste.

The 23-year-old Brit says disposable vape devices are marketed as expendable, but still have plenty of power—and people need to know that.

It didn’t cost any money to pick up 80 discarded vape batteries and he wired the lithium-ion batteries to a scooter purchased on eBay for $37 (£30).

Tobiasz Stanford from Wiltshire now uses the e-scooter everyday and calls it “very reliable”.

“It can go up any hill, has been used in rain, and has been driven through puddles. The only downfall is that it’s quite noisy but other than that the performance is crazy.”

“These vape batteries are very active still, yet they’re marketed as disposable. It needs to stop”

#GoodNews #Recycling #Vape #EScooter #DoItYourself #DIY #EWaste

1 month ago

I have two old broken in different ways tablets, an original Google Android one, and an Nvidia Shield. Both in their day were pretty good, any ideas on how I could reuse the components in a fun way?

We thrown away too many things which still have usable parts. In the case of the two there, one has a bad connection the other no battery (it failed). Sadly the replacement battery was too dangerous - no cut out circuit!

#recycling #environment

1 month ago

מכנסי תינוקות משאריות בד!

כן, יש כמה תפרים במקומות משונים.
כנראה שיכולתי להתאמץ יותר שזה יראה טוב אבל היה אמצע הלילה, אז לא.

והכי כיף שאני כבר לא צריכה שום גזרה או מדידות כדי להכין מכנסיים כאלה.

#recycling #sewing
#תפירה #מיחזור

Baby pants I made out of scraps
1 month ago

Research results, Transfer of Science or Research
100 percent recycling: spinning used textiles into high-quality yarns

#yarn #recycling @knitting @spinning

The Conversation U.S.
1 month ago

You know the familiar waste management hierarchy: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.”

Notice the order of the words ⬆️

Reducing your consumption and potential waste is the most sustainable choice you can make. An emphasis on recycling also shifts responsibility to individuals and away from the corporations that want us to buy more and more stuff.

#sustainability #recycling

CelloMom On Cars
1 month ago

"The poll finds most people believe #recycling has a lot or some impact on #ClimateChange. About three-quarters say not eating #meat or dairy would have a little or no effect on climate change.

Climate experts say they’re wrong on those and other counts."

Had an idea for an app last night after shopping at #reclaimit. Help me name it!

You can register as a regular producer of any particular kind of trash; pringle cans or kitty litter jugs for example.

Then people who need those can find you, and arrange pickup of a certain number of those items from you.

It would also be place to find #reuse #repurpose and #recycle ideas!

Maybe something like it already exists? #lazyweb

#rrr #reduce #recycling

1 month ago

You know clothes with elastane are incredibly difficult for machines to separate fibres so they are rarely recycled. Even second hand stretch jeans often are baggy and saggy because the fibre stretches out and shortens the life of the garment. I know hard pants are hard but 100% cotton jeans are the way to go for a long wearing garment that can be passed on/ recycled.

#textilewaste #recycledfashion #fabric #recycling

1 month ago

Not just bikes...
Some administration is apparently doing their job:
In Amsterdam, there are 60 (!) public vermicomposting bins on the streets.
There is a lock with a number code to open the worm bin and convert your kitchen waste into perfect worm humus.

The most interesting effect is probably raising public awareness for waste and nutrient (re)cycling, as well as some community building.


Is here somebody from Amsterdam/Netherlands and can explain if this initiative really works in practice?

#Vermicompost #MunicipalWaste #OrganicWaste #Compost #Composting #Netherlands #NL #Amsterdam #Recycling

Photpgraphy of a wooden worm composter container on a square in Amsterdam. There's a sign with some descriptions in Dutch. On the top of the container, there is a Large red plastic lid to fill in kitchen waste.
It is a hot, sunny day in Summer, but some green herbs havr achieved to break through the bricks of the street.
Map of Amsterdam with many, many purple worm symbols, indicating vermicomposters.
Enia Titova
1 month ago

just signed up for Ridwell, which finally launched in San Francisco. not at all a promoted post, sharing in case it's interesting to others.

they pick up plastic film and multilayer plastic, lightbulbs, clothing/shoes every two weeks, and have additional revolving categories. they then channel them to local businesses that convert them into products or recycle them responsibly.

you get a metal bin with fabric bags to collect your stuff, and they come every 2 weeks. i got first month free for being on the waitlist, and have 3 invites to share, if you want to try it also.

after that, I was quoted $18/mo but I think that varies with the length of subscription you agree to.


1 month ago

♻️ Nicht jeder Müll kann gleich gut recycelt werden. Vor allem bei Plastikverpackungen ist das teils schwierig. Eher schwer recycelbar sind beispielsweise Verpackungen, die aus verschiedenen Materialien beziehungsweise Kunststoffen bestehen.

Einfacher ist es, wenn sich die Materialien gut trennen lassen – zum Beispiel beim Joghurtbecher, wenn die Banderole leicht zu entfernen ist.

#muell #recycling #plastik #umweltschutz

Ein Piktogramm einer Verpackung von Waschmittel. Darauf die Symbole für „PET“, „PVC“ und „PP“. Darauf steht: Schwer recycelbar. Dunkle oder bunte Farbe. Logo direkt auf die Verpackung gedruckt. Verschiedene Materialien/Kunststoffe.
1 month ago

It's done.

This is our #diy kitchen project for our small rental apartment finished. Or kind of, thinking I might make a curtain there still to cover the bins.

The backbone is a diy baking table I had from my #MicroBakery years that my dad and partner made for me. We built shelves on it, added a wall shelf and some led lights. Budget for the whole project was under 50€ and this is what we got.

It also houses our #recycling stuff, paper and cardboard. And our bokashi.

I like it, I like it very much.
#BuildingStuff #craft #home #baker

A wooden baking table that houses all my baking gear, recipe books, bowls and other appliances. On top of it a wooden shelf with some decorative items on top and a few wall art pieces featuring nature things like berries and mushrooms.
A wooden baking table that houses all my baking gear, recipe books, bowls and other appliances. On top of it a wooden shelf with some decorative items on top and a few wall art pieces featuring nature things like berries and mushrooms.
1 month ago

Why your phone battery gets worse over time - George Zaidan

Explore the science of why single-use and rechargeable batteries die, and find out why recycling batteries can be challenging.

#batteries #TEDed #recycling

Tino Eberl ✅
2 months ago

"Obwohl in der EU immer mehr recycelt wird, wächst die Menge der erzeugten #Abfälle schneller als das tatsächliche #Recycling. Ein Grund: der florierende #OnlineHandel. Können #Mehrwegverpackungen im #Versand helfen?"

#Recycling #Kreislaufwirtschaft #Verpackungsabfall

2 months ago

Local folks, GreenHeart are doing great work, can you help them with their big move?

#recycling #charity #northeast

2 months ago

living on a #farm, i am often confronted with that most inevitable of problems: TRASH.

we don't get garbage service, so all the trash we produce, we have to take to the dump ourselves. and since i'm pretty lazy, i try to repurpose & re-use as much stuff as i can (to minimize trips to the dump).

observing this "lifecycle of materials" led me to the concept of the GREAT GARBAGE CONTINUUM: a great swirling vortex of materials in various stages of use and function.

we are all in the continuum. items flow into our homes, are put to use for some time, and then flow out of our homes via weekly trash pickup, toilet flushes, and donations to the goodwill.

given how much trash humanity makes, it would serve us all well to understand how to navigate this continuum.

so i made a series of 6 zines dealing w/many aspect of the GGC: from an introduction to garbage flows, to descriptions of the creatures that reside there, and ways to deal with Too Much Stuff.

this 6 pack of #zines is available for $15 here:

(there is no online version yet, my apologies!)

#ecology #trash #recycling #environment #diy #homesteading #offgrid #garbage #zines #MastoArt #ForSale #ClimateChange #cyberpunk #solarpunk

My family really likes to reuse things, so my mom had the idea to we give new life to these ~10 year old outdoor chairs by painting them and sewing new fabric seats. Spent yesterday helping her with the 1st. We thought the yellow was nice and bright 🌞 <3

Beats the landfill any day! (Although we would have taken the frames to metal recycling)

#recycling #reduce #outdoors

Outside on a patio, three outdoor chairs are next to eachother. The one on the left is brown, fading, old and tattered. The middle had the fabric seat removed and is painted bronze. The one on the right is painted bronze and has a bright yellow, new, fabric seat.
2 months ago

this news segment where they visit the #Hilo wastewater treatment plant is one of the more #Hawaii things i've seen. 😆​ if you want to know how people talk & relate to each other here on the island, watch this video:

#water #recycling

2 months ago

Ils sont fous ces anglais

Eine Zusammenfassung von Recyclingregeln, u.a.: Schwarzes Plastik ist nicht Plastik und muss in den Hausmüll.
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Second step in the #projectCarFree thingy (

Create a #sustainable rhythm or #habit that enables me to get rid of the waste I so far stored in my car's trunk (driving to the recycling yard every now and then.

Aiming for '#recycling cycling' every 14d 📦📰♻️ 🚴‍♀️

First tour done today. Might even result in slowly less waste overall. 💪🥳

#sustainability #minimalism

My big 75l backpack full of carton, paper, tetrapaks and bottles. Another flat huge carton lying besides my cycling helmet.
My bike parking on a bike parking lot at the local recycling yard. Helmet hanging on the handlebars, bike rear bag open and already emptied.
Light bulbs
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Recycling electronic devices usually means shredding their printed circuit boards (PCBs): “[…] the shredded boards pass through magnets, water, and incineration, to pull specific minerals and metals out of the boards. The woven fiberglass and epoxy resin the boards were made from […] end up as waste.”

Better: “UK-based Jiva Materials makes PCBs from natural fibers encased in a non-toxic polymer that dissolves in hot water.”
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Pro Jahr landen in Deutschland über 2,5 Millionen Tonnen Wertstoffmüll in der Gelben Tonne. Warum beim Recycling eine große Menge verloren geht.#Recycling #Müll #Plastik #GelbeTonne #GelberSack #Kreislaufwirtschaft
Gelbe Tonne: Wie viel wirklich recycelt wird | ZDFheute