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Tech Flails
20 minutes ago

So I signed up for #codium as a free alternative to a #copilot (which I don't trust but saves a lot of googling then flipping between programming languages).

Codium signup bounces me to discord. I don't have a discord account so I think why not. So I go through a stupid ritual of captchas and recognising planets and verification emails and phone OTPs and discord creates an account an then immediately closes and blocks it because I broke their T&C's. So I still don't have a discord account and now they have alienated me.

Facebook, twitter, discord and maybe soon #reddit, the list is growing.

codium is looking useful and has their own #emacs plugin.

Paul Schoe
21 minutes ago

Indeed what #Twitch, owned by #Amazon, is doing now, will scare many creators away from their platform.

Louis Rossman is right in his video: 'platforms need to be profitable to be sustainable' and most likely Twitch and #Reddit aren't.

But chasing away creators doesn't seem a smart move.


28 minutes ago
Categorical Imperative
45 minutes ago

#solarpunk #reddit #future #climatecrisis #hope #action #news

Doch was machen eigentlich so richtige Solarpunks? Auf dem Reddit-Kanal r/solarpunk hat jemand eine To-do-Liste für Solarpunks angepinnt.

55 minutes ago

Hold up...HOLD UP.

Because #lemmy has #activitypub you can follow "communities" (or groups in mastodon) via your mastodon account. How cool is that!

If you've joined our reddthat community, check us our also on mastodon here:


Bye #reddit | Hello #reddthat | Full #fediverse experiences

Categorical Imperative
55 minutes ago

#solarpunk definiert sich selbst als Kunstrichtung und als soziale #bewegung. „ #solar “ nennt sich die Bewegung, weil die Utopien, die sie entwirft, stets auf nachhaltigen Energien fußen. Und „ #punk “, weil die Grundlage für die Verwirklichung dieser Utopien eine radikale ökologische und gesellschaftliche #transformation ist.

Die Bewegung tauscht sich vor allem im #internet aus und formiert sich auf Plattformen wie #reddit oder #tumblr .

Hilarious that a #HackerNews top voted comment on a post wrt #Reddit censoring mentions of #Lemmy effectively argues that the latter is "too geeky and hard to use" and that the former two won't be displaced because they're well known and easy to approach.

These people have ZERO self awareness. Never mind understanding about the legacy of their forums.


Dave Rahardja
1 hour ago

#reddit going all-out to prep for IPO. Layoffs: investors *love* those, right?

“Reddit announces plan to lay off 90 workers as subreddits plan mass protest”

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Les #apps d'accessibilité ne seront pas concernées par la nouvelle tarification d'#API de #Reddit -

2 hours ago

«Reddit вмирає»: Що відбувається із соцмережею і чому користувачі протестують? #Інтернет #Reddit #Вибране #Соціальнамережа

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2 hours ago

I guess that makes it a really good game

#meme #funny #bot #reddit

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Never know when you’ll need easy access to this ass #PAWG #rPAWG #NSFW #Reddit #SexPervertSyndicate

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5 hours ago

#Lemmy going through some growing pains thanks to #reddit and I couldn't be more happy.

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I’m wearing red lipstick so you’ll have to make out with my pussy instead! [OC] #Curvy #rCurvy #NSFW #Reddit #SexPervertSyndicate

5 hours ago

More thoughts on #reddit

I left Facebook because they started messing with the timeline algorithm and refused to let me sort by newest.

I noticed I visited 9gag a lot less now that they messed with the timeline algorithm.

Though I think I'd survive Reddit without the third party mobile app, merely a massive drop in activity there, the actual last straw would be if they finally remove the old.reddit - which haven't happened, but it's a matter of time.

Additionally, with the death of #reddit, you can move to #lemmy which is a Federated FOSS alternative to what Reddit used to provide. There are multiple servers from which to choose: #linux #foss #reddit #fediverse

Christian Tietze
8 hours ago

How #Reddit Became the Enemy - w/ Apollo Developer Christian Selig @christianselig

Loved to listen to the discussion. That's still a mighy eff-up by Reddit, it seems. Hope this gets sorted out sooner than later.

Otherwise, we can expect Reddit to go IPO as soon as possible to cash-out and then let the platform wither.

(To be honest, I could understand that line of thinking if CEO etc. have had enough. Still sucks.)

Jane Adams
8 hours ago

If you don't care about social media companies newly charging exorbitant fees for API usage for #disinformation research, maybe you'll care about this other kind of social science research. Consider all the quantified cultural heritage we are losing when only VC-backed LLM factories can access internet history. Dirthatted wankclownery. #DigitalHumanities #Reddit #PushShift #Culture #Sociology #internetculture #socialscience

Post from r/dataisbeautiful: frequency of rude compounds on Reddit as a heatmap in log scale. Popular words include dumbass, douchebag, asshat. Unpopular include libsucker, dirttard, trump stick. Source:
Maxi 7x 💉
9 hours ago

Wie brauchbar sind #Lemmy und Co. *tatsächlich* als #Reddit-artige Diskussionsforen? Ich frage nach einer realistischen Perspektive. Wie möglich scheint es, dass größere Reddit-Foren auf Lemmy (oder anderes?) umsteigen können? Wie sollten die Hostingkosten getragen werden?

I got my first #chat #spammer on #Reddit today. She must have read somewhere that I'm a caregiver Dom... #sigh.

I just clicked #ignore and went on my merry way.

10 hours ago

@natematias @sarahgilbert Nice, but missing the real reason WHY. Per the rules of #enshittification, ( #reddit ) surpluses will constantly be shifted away from users... what was good will become enshittfied, and get worse and worse.

chikorita157 🐰
10 hours ago

This is a very relevant article to why centralized platforms are turning into, well shit. It's the owner's way of attracting people to use their platform with the promise of making the platform valuable to its users.

When they realize their profits, they exploit their users by ruining the experience and requiring users to pay, hence the “enshittification”. After you realize this, it becomes impossible to leave because you risk losing connections, losing access to your puchases, etc. We are seeing this with Imgur, Twitter, and Reddit.

The obvious way to avoid enshittification is using the Fediverse. The Fediverse is Social Media as a utility, thus nobody can exploit the ActivityPub protocol monetarily. Sure, Mastodon/Calckey/Akkoma/Misskey instances can turn to crap if its not properly moderated or shut down, but you can always move to another one and still have your connections and access to the Fediverse.

It's a long read, but it can explain why Twitter, Imgur, Reddit, and other big centralized platforms are turning into crap.

No, #bluesky doesn't count since it's for profit and in theory, it have the same enshittification problem.

#reddit #twitter #tiktok #fediverse #imgur

Loki the Cat
11 hours ago

Finally some good news for non-commercial apps that address accessibility needs! I'm sure the cats using the screen readers are relieved, they can now browse Reddit without any obstacles. #CatFriendly #Accessibility #Reddit

chikorita157 🐰
12 hours ago

With Centralized Social Platforms in Turmoil, Another Reason to Leave Twitter and Join Mastodon at Sakurajima

(If you are still on twitter, be sure to share this link)

Tags: #Editorials #AniBlogosphere #calckey #fediverse #mastodon #reddit #twitter

IT News
12 hours ago

Reddit insists on being “fairly paid” amid API price protest plans, layoffs - Enlarge / The Reddit logo on a mobile device. (credit: Getty Images)
... - #socialmedia #reddit #tech

12 hours ago

#Reddit CEO: "I really want to be the Muskrat, he's a GENIUS" (impales self on API)

Anthony Dean
12 hours ago

Reddit will exempt accessibility-focused apps from its unpopular API pricing changes - The Verge


Bjoern Michaelsen
13 hours ago

#Reddit insists on being "fairly paid" while also dropping employees. Seems to be yet another VC business model that depended on vast credit and near zero #interestrates, it seems ...

Tore Julø
13 hours ago

I hope some Swift devs are ready to get cracking on an assortment of kickass Lemmy apps.

#lemmy #reddit #redditapi

Photograph by Rama, Wikimedia Commons, Cc-by-sa-2.0-fr

Lemmy Kilmister from Motörhead playing his bass at a concert.
chikorita157 🐰
14 hours ago

As mentioned, it appears that Reddit is staying firm despite all the protests.

I know it's hard to move communities, but this is yet another canary in the mine that we should move on centralized platforms, and Mastodon and other Fediverse apps work to improve the UX and onboarding.

14 hours ago

Ich möchte auch gerne nächstes Jahr endlich mit mir Geld verdienen, so wie Reddit, Spotify usw.
Ich weiss nur noch nicht, was ich an mir entlassen könnte.

#rendite #arbeitsplätze #spotify #Reddit

14 hours ago

Reddit, social news aggregation and content rating company, is laying off 5% of its workforce and slowing hiring as part of company's restructuring efforts, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday, citing an email sent to employees by CEO Steve Huffman.

Bart Veldhuizen 🦄
15 hours ago

#Reddit #enshittification has begun: API prices raised to an insane level, killing off their highly popular 3rd party ecosystem apps, firing 5% of their workforce. Sounds familiar? Gosh, I wonder how this will end..

15 hours ago

Lo cierto es que no creo que me apetezca mucho entrar a #reddit tan a menudo en caso de que me acaben obligando a usar su app oficial.

17 hours ago

Along with the strike on #reddit, the organizing of volunteer moderators and contributors on #StackExchange feels like more and more people are realizing that it is their labour, which makes these digital places so useful.

It is digital labour, social labour, cultural labour and knowledge labour being exploited by commercial platform. Organizing and strikes are an important step in realizing this relationship of exploitation.

Feminist thinkers have a lot to say about the exploitation of social work, especially if it is unpaid and framed as not being work at all.

Laurel Ptak once made a clever remix of the "Wages Against Housework" manifesto from the 70s. Ptak called it "Wages for Facebook", and in it she writes:

> By denying our facebook time a wage while profiting directly from the data it generates and transforming it into an act of friendship, capital has killed many birds with one stone. First of all, it has got a hell of a lot of work almost for free, and it has made sure that we, far from struggling against it, would seek that work as the best thing online.

The first two paragraphs of "Wages For Facebook", which are:

"They say it’s friendship. We say it’s unwaged work. With every like, chat, tag or poke our subjectivity turns them a profit. They call it sharing. We call it stealing. We’ve been bound by their terms of service far too long—it’s time for our terms.

To demand wages for facebook is to make it visible that our opinions and emotions have all been distorted for a specific function online, and then have been thrown back at us as a model to which we should all conform if we want to be accepted in this society. Our fingertips have become distorted from so much liking, our feelings have gotten lost from so many friendships."

tHiS sUb iSn'T bIg EnOuGh To JoIn tHe #rEdDit bLaCkOuT

Do you not know what the fuck solidarity is, you sniveling little coward?

Devin Prater :blind:
19 hours ago

One thing I'd like to bring attention to is that not everyone thinks the same way, even in a single community. Take the blind community for example. Different people advocate differently. In the whole Reddit debate, some think that Reddit should allow API access, so that blind people can use whatever works for them. Others think Reddit should do whatever they want, so that Reddit can then focus on their own accessibility in their app and site. So for those who aren't blind, or disabled, you probably already know this, but don't take one blind person's word on things. I personally think it's amazingly naive to think that Reddit will focus on their own app accessibility once API's are gone, but it's whatever. See the comments on this post for an idea of the arguments.

#accessibility #advocacy #blind #reddit

heise online
19 hours ago

Reddit entlässt fünf Prozent der Belegschaft – Spotify zwei Prozent

Reddit will im kommenden Jahr in die Gewinnzone und entlässt dafür rund 90 Mitarbeiter. Auch Spotify trennt sich von Teilen seiner Belegschaft.

#Karriere #Reddit #Spotify #Wirtschaft #Wirtschaftskrise #news

Entlassener Angestellter mit Habseligkeiten in Papierbox
polarity :wig:
20 hours ago

Now you can see everyone complaining about #Twitch and #Reddit and how everything is going downhill. But in the end, everyone stays on the platform, fearing the loss of followers.

层叠 - The Cascading
1 day ago

为抗议 Reddit 的高昂 API 定价,超过 1000 个 subreddit 宣布将在 6/12 修改为私有以关闭公开访问,其中包括数个拥有数千万成员的 subreddit。一部分 subreddit 将于两天后重新开放,还有一部分则会保持关闭直到此问题得到解决。参与抗议的 subreddit 管理员提到,第三方应用不止关乎一般用户的使用体验,也对管理员进行有效的社区管理至关重要。

有 Hacker News 用户称,在评论将自己的 subreddit 加入参与抗议的 subreddit 列表中后,其正透过 Airbnb 住所 Wi-fi 登录的账户被以「可疑活动」原因锁定并被要求重置密码。重置密码并登录后,这位用户发现此账户的所有帖子和评论均被清空。



#Reddit #Community

Telegram 原文

My Actual Brain
1 day ago

I’ve been using Lemmy for just a bit, and it seems that it would be easy to use it to replace Reddit.

I’m ready to move, are you?
#reddit #lemmy #redditapi

Dan York
1 day ago

Reading about #Reddit and their plan to follow Twitter into charging for APIs...

... I'm learning about Lemmy, , which looks very cool as a distributed #Fediverse discussion platform!

... although it does make we wonder - are we kind of re-inventing USENET? Just with newer protocols and UIs?


[P.S. SPOILER FOR REDDIT OWNERS: It doesn't appear to be working out too well for Twitter! Maybe not the best idea to copy.]

Evan Light
1 day ago

Anyone else looking to #Lemmy now that #Reddit is doing it's impression of Twitter doing it's impression of David Caruso's career (see also: South Park S1E01)?

1 day ago

I use #Reddit via Infinity. If #Infinity stops working, I stop using Reddit. I just don't get enough value from it to deal with their "Reddit looks better in the app" popup or use their app.

Earthy Tonez
1 day ago

Looks like #Twitch saw the #enshittification party and got mad they weren’t invited.

#reddit, hold my beer!”

Justin Ferrell
1 day ago

The list of absolutely massive communities on #Reddit that are going dark to protest what is being done to the API reads like the rollcall from the battle at the end of Avengers Endgame

Earthy Tonez
1 day ago

This whole #reddit fiasco makes me wonder, is there a way to build a sustainable business model around communities that doesn't rely on infinite growth? Maybe that's what the fediverse is. I get that it's hard to compete because money will be able to attract users with the new shiny.

Social Media is having it's #enshittification moment, and not trying to be a luddite here but do things really have to keep changing? Old reddit seemed to tangibly serve it's purpose better than new reddit.

Terence Eden
1 day ago

Saw someone asking if #Reddit had an API to export your own data.

I couldn't find an easy way to do that, but they do have an easy to use #GDPR form at:

I filled it in and got these CSVs a few days later.

account_gender.csv                 drafts.csv             linked_phone_number.csv   post_votes.csv               subscribed_subreddits.csv
approved_submitter_subreddits.csv  friends.csv            message_headers.csv       posts.csv                    twitter.csv
chat_history.csv                   gilded_comments.csv    messages.csv              reddit_gold_information.csv  user_preferences.csv
checkfile.csv                      gilded_posts.csv       moderated_subreddits.csv  saved_comments.csv           
comment_headers.csv                hidden_posts.csv       multireddits.csv          saved_posts.csv              
comment_votes.csv                  ip_logs.csv            poll_votes.csv            scheduled_posts.csv          
comments.csv                       linked_identities.csv  post_headers.csv          statistics.csv
Dan Jacob
2 days ago

A huge Reddit drama? Getting some 2010s nostalgia feels.


Lauren Weinstein
2 days ago

The #Reddit API pricing plan is a waste of time. If they really want to go in that direction, they can just let Musk take over and flush themselves down the toilet with #Twitter. Save a lot of effort.

Yeah, I can live without Reddit.

As Reddit kills off independent app developers the fediverse has a ready-to-go alternative: Lemmy

#Reddit #Lemmy #FediDev

Jonas Voss
2 days ago

En driftig person der kalder sig SorteKanin har købt og installeret Lemmy på den, fediversets alternativ til websites som reddit. Så hvis du er reddit-bruger synes jeg du skal tjekke ud. SorteKanin er hurtig til at acceptere ansøgninger, lad os se hvad vi kan bygge.
#reddit #lemmy #fødiverset

Ed Howland
2 days ago

several of the #Blind #Reddit apps that are going to be affected by the new third-party API pricing structure are also going dark on June 12.
a11y #Accessibility

2 days ago

Sometimes the orange website manages to post some 🔥 takes. And this one is perfect 👌
#reddit #capitalism

Damon Outlaw
2 days ago

I believe those that built #activitypub and that have projects and or major influence within the #Fediverse should absolutely come together to provide education, information, stability and uniformity. Especially, as there’s this incredible growth is happening. It would clear up any misinformation. People by nature like things clearly defined. I believe with #Barcelona coming soon, Mozilla’s #Mastodon instance and those migrating from #Reddit now is an opportune time.

Linux Is Best
2 days ago

@nixCraft word is the option to disable subreddits, may not work for a while. So there may be no protests. There is also talk about demoting mods who join in this denial of service.


David Atwell
2 days ago

#Twitter is owned by a goblin now. #Reddit is trying to snatch closed-source obscurity from the jaws of open-source dominance. #Discord is allergic to making decisions its users like.

It might be time to admit that blogs, forums, and chat rooms were the peak of online discourse.

Kyle Anderson 💙🌼✊
3 days ago

Oof. Apple exemplifies Apollo for #Reddit in their #wwdc23 keynote days after Reddit announces steep API pricing that threatens the app's existence.

Michael Miller 🦆
3 days ago

@christianselig #HairForceOne telling #reddit to fucking shove those api changes

Dmitri Popov
3 days ago

I read #reddit almost daily using a third-party app. But if they kill off third-party apps because of their stupid greed, Reddit will be dead to me.

Devin Prater :blind:
3 days ago

Y'all know what, I'm probably about to say the quiet part outloud and I don't care. You know how them wheelchair users went up to the whitehouse and was like "Hands off my ADA!"? I mean I could be making it up, my memory is awful. But even if that didn't happen, it shows what I'm on about with this. Y'all know how hard it is for blind people who aren't well connected to get transportation to places? Hell, even buying groceries is hard in a lot of situations. On a bus? Oh no there's a rule where you can only cary on what can comfortably fit in your lap. Uber? Oh hey looke the driver doesn't wanna be held liable of the blind person like falls or something so no ride. So getting a few thousand blind people somewhere will be pretty hard. Yeah there's the yearly convention, but I'm willing to bet a good hundred thousand more joined by Zoom than went to the convention. And the Whitehouse, or Apple, or government offices, they have to see people in their faces to feel something, to change. Like, calls and emails? Those can be ignore, or put onto low ranking call center folks that can only send stuff up the chain or just nothing at all. But you see blind people up in your face, angry and willing to do shit? You gonna fucking listen. And that's why solidarity is so fucking important. Because a lot of us can't be in marches to the #whitehouse, or out there at #WWDC, or writing the latest news about #Reddit. All that. Solidarity is really, really important. And that's why when I see posts by black people, or trans people, I sit here and think "What if that was me?"

Terence Eden
3 days ago

🆕 blog! “Why did Usenet fail?”

This is annecdata - not a serious academic study. Adjust your expectations accordingly. When I first got online, the World Wide Web was still in its infancy - so CompuServe was my gateway to the Internet. I loved their well organised chat room. A couple of clicks and I could be discussing Babylon 5 with […]

👀 Read more:

#reddit #usenet

An old fashioned interface showing messages about Bob Dylan.
heise online
3 days ago

Protest gegen API-Preise: Große Subreddits werden tagelang stillgelegt

Reddit will für bislang kostenfreie API-Zugriffe so viel Geld verlangen, dass Dritt-Anwendungen wohl dicht machen müssen. Dagegen macht die Community mobil.

#API #Reddit #SocialMedia #news

Reddit-Logo auf Smartphone-Bildschirm
3 days ago

There's lots of talk right now about how #Reddit alternatives such as #Lemmy, #kbin and #Lotide fit into the overall picture of the #Fediverse, with some calling these link-aggregation sites collectively the "Threadiverse". But how does #Pinetta fit into the mix?

Much like a link aggregator, Pinetta allows users to collect and comment on various things like links, text, images, video, and so on. In that sense, it will interact almost seamlessly with federated link aggregators. The main difference, of course, is in the user interface. Pinetta will have a number of modes that users can choose to display content:

- As a "feed" chronologically or ranked based on most engaging posts (based on favourites and boosts);
- As a "grid" similar to how
#Pixelfed displays images in profiles;
- As a "masonry" layout - much like how
#Pinterest displays pins by default;
- As a "mood board", which will allow users to arrange pins visually to their liking in a freeform 2D layout.

Like what you're reading? So do we. Give us a follow and star our repos on Codeberg to keep up with development!

3 days ago


Yeah #reddit as a company has been on a fairly rapid decline as of late, but at least they didn't immediately shutoff #API access and gave a month unlike other companies.

Tim Chambers
3 days ago

Trying to find the best tracking for #lemmy usage after the #Reddit API and Apollo app ruckus.

Seeing anecdotal signs of lots of new users, but trying to find a place that quantifies it on a daily updated basis:

Here is Federation-info:

I don't think #FediDb is updated daily, but rather monthly for now.

Are there others sources for daily data over the last weeks?

3 days ago

The growth of our lemmy instance, without any advertising or spruiking. It was spun up as a test more than anything else, but it seems that it has become more than that!

Even though the graph shows the growth spike from April to June, in reality it's even more stark than that. We have gone from 20 users to 100 users in a week!

We'll be spinning up a kbin instance soon too, and when we do, we might shut down registration on the lemmy instance. We'll keep them up for now though, given the load on from reddit migrations

#lemmy #kbin #RedditMigration #reddit #fediverse

A screenshot of a graph from showing user growth for It shows 20 users in April, and 100 users in June.
Async Kyle
3 days ago

I also setup a #Lemmy account on

I’ll probably be leaving #Reddit coming the end of this month so I’ll be transitioning over there.

Follow me over there as well!

Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
4 days ago

Happy Sunday! Just wanted to remind you that this exists.

#dogs #DogsOfMastodon #elf #fae #storytelling #reddit

Meme of redditor who tells story of dog who is present at the time of death of his human (basing the analogy that humans are elvish in dog timelines).
David Chartier
4 days ago

Many subreddits will go dark on June 12 in protests of Reddit’s egregious changes to its API prices, designed to kill 3rd party apps.

Some plan to stay dark for 48 hours, through June 14.

Please join us all in refusing to visit, use, share, post, comment, think about, sneeze, or fart in #Reddit’s general direction.

Like, share, subscribe, repost, and tell strangers on the street.

Juan Carlos Muñoz
4 days ago

Just saw someone on #Reddit using #ChatGPT to answer a user's question — they didn't disclose it but it was painfully obvious.

Very on-brand, as a large portion of Reddit's user base consists of people who are confidently wrong about everything.

Still, I miss the times before #AI, when being wrong at least required some effort.

Dave Mark
4 days ago

Terrific interview from @SnazzyLabs with Apollo dev @christianselig.

A horses mouth detailed talk about Reddit following in Twitter’s footsteps in charging unsustainable prices for API access, killing 3rd party apps.


#Reddit #Developer

Telmo 🦕
4 days ago

What a time to be (digitally) alive. First was the exodus from #twitter to #mastodon. Now it looks like an exodus from #reddit is coming, but where to this time? Greed will always collect a lot, but never anything that really matters.
On a side note, I can't wait for the exodus when people realized that @pixelfed is second only to #instagram in data misuse.

Janne Moren
4 days ago

I don't think #twitter really cares if they lose advertisers or if they have to pull out of EU. They don't care about being a global platform, and money is just a possible side benefit.

What they do want is to control the political discourse in their home country.

The same is likely happening with #Reddit ; expect similar changes to other platforms. Same about stopping non-US platforms ( #tiktok ).

The long-term goal is to deplatform anyone not on the political far right. And it's working.

James Dreben :mw:
4 days ago

#Reddit better reverse their planned API pricing or they are going to lose a looot of users.

/r/Videos will be going dark from June 12-14 in protest against
Reddit's API changes which kill
3rd party apps.