Andy Smith
4 hours ago

3.6 RCVD_IN_SBL_CSS RBL: Received via a relay in Spamhaus SBL-CSS [ listed in]
$ host domain name pointer

Oh boy.

#redhat #spamhaus

Daniel Schier 🐧🍪
1 day ago

If you still think that #redhat (the company, not RHEL the distribution) brought nothing to our desktop, makes everything behind closed doors and does not matter to you.

#opensource #foss #linux

hankuoffroad :fedora:
1 day ago

I gained tons of knowledge and industry practices from Ansible event "Automation Made Easy with Red Hat" hosted by TD Synnex and Red Hat UK & Ireland team.

"Community ideas became enterprise solutions".

"Upstream is community".

#local #redhat #ansible

Red Hat Ansible event
Chris :redhat: :fedora:
1 day ago

Hey, this is the stuff my team works on!

Really great to see #RedHat #OpenShift getting this kind of recognition. It's a *really* cool #k8s platform, including the Managed OpenShift stuff my team runs.

Harish Pillay
2 days ago

InnerSource is a critical step in the larger goal of being fully open source. So, the ringing endorsement and participation of Red Hat within the InnerSource Foundation means that we are a good place. A good place that values all types of contributions. All types of collaborations. All forms of engagements.

#foss #innersource #redhat

It's hard to *contain* my excitement for this news about container management from #RedHat. 🤭

There are tons of people working on making container orchestration and management much easier and more secure every day and I'm proud to work with them. ♥️ 📦

#containers #linux #openshift

Ilkka Tengvall
3 days ago

hehe, #redhat memo-list has 78k unread in the folder 😀 No wonder I prefer just chats...

3 days ago

@taoeffect While working at Google, I used #Cinnamon for a few years. It was unambitious but stable and usable. A bit of an evolutionary dead-end though.

At SpaceX, I've been using #XFCE on an ancient Ubuntu LTS. It was also more stable and usable than contemporary versions of #GNOME and #KDE.

Funny how large enterprise #Linux deployments spend time switching to a desktop environment which resembles classic Windows.

Clearly, #RedHat and #Canonical weren't listening to their customers.

ITX Mike
5 days ago

Yes, I know it's Twitter, but seriously. Why do the richest companies think they can pay beggars wages and everything will be OK? #MGM #RedHat #LivingWage

I sense that the influence several large companies have had on #linux, perhaps starting with #systemd #redhat, is making the family of #BSD increasingly attractive to outsiders.

🆘Bill Cole 🇺🇦
6 days ago

Just curious, for #Linux admins with long-lived #CentOS machines that really need to be migrated, where you going?

(Boost for reach!!!)
#Alma #Rocky #8Stream #9Stream #RHEL #RedHat #IBM

To what extent is the evolution of modern Linux operating systems shaped by a tug-of-war between #RedHat and #Ubuntu for control over developmental direction and system architecture?

#systemd #snapd

1 week ago

Socks are certainly a trend in marketing material #OSSummit #redhat #gitlab #synopsis

Pairs of synopsis, gitlab and redhat socks
1 week ago

Salesforce wprowadza standaryzację globalnej infrastruktury chmury hybrydowej na Red Hat Enterprise Linux #linux #redhat

@fedora I have had Fedora Budgie installed on my laptop, but then all that #RedHat source code stuff happened. And I thought to myself "Alright, let's move to a community distro".

It worked fine, but I'm not in the Linux ecosystem for the drama ✌️😎

#Fedora #FedoraPoll #Linux #OpenSource

1 week ago

📅 Retrouvez Worteks le 3 octobre au Red Hat Summit Connect France 2023 en tant que sponsor Gold et assistez à la conférence de nos experts sur OpenShift !


#Worteks #Conference #OpenSource #LogicielLibre #Infrastructure #RedHat #Cloud #OpenShift @osxp_paris

Markus Eisele
1 week ago

Fine-tuning and Serving an open source foundation model with Red Hat OpenShift AI
#redhat #OpenShift #aiml

Bahman M.
1 week ago

Welcome @opensourcenet 👋 💚

🙶The Open Source Initiative (OSI) has become the new home for the former news site. Writers and editors formerly contributing to will continue their work under the umbrella of the OSI, posting content at a domain owned by the OSI: launched in response to the halt of operations by supervising entity Red Hat, which supports the move.🙷

#OpenSource #FOSS #OSI #RedHat

Red Hat Workers
1 week ago

The Red Hat Spain workers council will follow on from the established French council, and new councils this year in Germany and Austria.

This isn't the end. :solidarity:

#RedHat #WorkersRights #Union

Red Hat Workers
1 week ago

Today, 18th September, the process started some years ago and accelerated by layoffs in Spain will bring employee representatives to the country, with the elections happening today.

No matter who gets elected... the Red Hat Union Representative in Spain will become a reality to protect employee interests and use an Open approach to make it a better workplace.

🗳️ 🗳️ 🗳️ 🗳️
#RedHat #RedHatSpain #Unions

Linux ☑️
1 week ago

Linux boot times speed-up at works! 🚀

"We aim to capitalize on the cryptographic checks already performed on the kernel and initrd images during the secure boot process.

As a result, we can significantly improve the boot speed without compromising system security." ~Alessandro Carminati (Red Hat)


#Linux #kernel #boot #development #speed #RedHat #initrd

1 week ago

Be cautious with software choices. Everywone is talking about Unity, but remember what happend to Audacity and Red Hat, open source is not shielded from corporate greed either. Research the background, maintenance, and terms/licenses of your tools. If you see something that you dislike there, you may want to find an alternative, here's a website for that:
#foss #opensource #unity #audacity #redhat #alternativeto

2 weeks ago

I passed my #RedHat #RHCSA exam earlier in the week. They gave me a 15% discount code: AEEV4LZB

[nate@social0 ~]$ :idle:
2 weeks ago

It's Moar systemd on today's Into the Terminal. Check it out if you're free!

#redhat #rhel #terminal #linux #systemd #sysadmin #systemadmin

Carol Chen
2 weeks ago

A fun and enriching day at Red Hat Open Tour Vilnius last week. It was my first time getting to know many people in the Nordics team (outside of Finland), second time in this city, and third time speaking on this tour.

Slides from some sessions are available here:


A group of 15 Red Hatters, some wearing their red fedoras, some holding the fedoras high above their heads, most of us pumping our fists in the air after a long but successful event day. Backdrop shows Red Hat & Intel Open Tour.

Photo via Raminta Lukaseviciute
I was giving my presentation on "Open Source community driven development, case Ansible", with two monitors behind me showing a slide about the Ansible Community. This was in the lovely Danske Bank Campus in Vilnius.

Photo via Suzan Ismail

If you're interested in confidential computing, there's a tech preview from #redhat and #microsoft with RHEL 9.2 on Azure's Confidential Virtual Machine (CVM) stack.

#confidentialcomputing #azure #linux #rhel

More details here in the blog post from Vitaly:

Iridium Browser
2 weeks ago

Version 2023.09.116 builds for @fedora 37 and 38 as well as Red Hat Enterprise Linux / @centos 7, 8, 9 have been released.

learn more

#fedora #redhat #CentOS #opensource #PrivacyMatters

Kushal Das :python: :tor:
2 weeks ago

There is dark background but no dark web. #RedHat #OpenTour #Sverige #Stockholm

2 weeks ago

What is the difference between an Ansible Playbook and a Job Template for automation controller? Part 1 of the video:

#ansible #awx #redhat #automation #networkautomation

Red Hat Workers
2 weeks ago

A thread with some facts about mental health and well-being at work.

In 2022, Deloitte surveyed 2100 employees, managers, and C-Suite executives in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia as part of their Well-Being at Work Survey.

Some takeaways:
- one-third of employees struggle with mental health and well-being
- while executives are not exempt from mental health issues, they underestimate how much their employees are struggling

#UnionizeTech #MentalHealth #Unionize #Unions #RedHat

A graph is titled "Around one out of three employees and executives are constantly struggling with fatigue and poor mental health."
A graph is displaying data collected in the survey.
The data demonstrates that 47% of employees and 36% of C-suite said that always or often felt exhausted, 42% of employees and 41% of C-suite said they always or often felt stressed, 40% of employees dn 35% of C-suite said they felt overwhelmed, 30% of employees and 24% of C-suite said they felt lonely, 26% of employees and 23% of C-suite said they felt depressed.

Source: Deloittle analytics

In the lower-right corner "Deloittle Insights |"
A graph is titled "The C-suite significantly underestimates how much employees are struggling with their well-being"

The graph displays columns that represent the responses from employees and C-suite on four topics about well-being. Employees were asked to report their own well-being, C-suite were asked to assess their employees' well-being. 
According to the graph 89% of C-suite assessed their employees' physical well-being as excellent or good, but only 65% employees reported that about themselves. 84% of C-suite assessed their employees mental well-being as excellent or good, 59% of employees reported that about themselves. 84% of C-suite assessed their employees social well-being as excellent or good, 51% of employees reported that about themselves. 81% of C-suite assessed their employees' financial well-being as excellent or good, 40% of employees reported that about themselves.

Source: Deloittle analytics

In the lower-right corner "Deloittle Insights |"

Just finished reading John “maddog” Hall’s write-up on the wider historic context of #IBM’s acquisition of #RedHat.

Warmly recommended reading.

Linux Is Best
3 weeks ago

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In contrast, take Regata OS and Gecko Linux, both based off of openSUSE, and although SUSE has made it clear it is an independent distro and officially not supported, they have gone out of their way to help the developers!

See for yourself on GitHub.

Although the developer of Gecko Linux, is not as active, there have been members of SUSE who aided them in improving their spin of openSUSE
That's the difference.

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#RedHat #Fedora #SUSE #openSUSE

Linux Is Best
3 weeks ago

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The difference between Red Hat & SUSE is Red Hat never truly embraced the open source community

Take the Nobara Project, for example. It's 1 guy trying to make a gaming spin of Fedora. Both Fedora & Red Hat have numerously told the poor guy he's on his own & anytime people have been spotted using Nobara, Fedora & Red Hat have often discouraged the use of the spin

It's one thing to say, it is unofficial and not supported. It's another to shun people

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#SUSE #Fedora #RedHat

Markus Eisele
3 weeks ago

Prioritizing Developer Productivity
My interview with Techstrong TV
#devx #developers productivity #redhat
Red Hat Developer Red Hat

Laziness is one of the three great virtues of any programmer according to Larry Wall, author of the book Programming Perl. Consequently, it is no surprise that Mario Fusco, senior software engineer at #redhat , highlighted the power of lazy evaluation in Java, which represents an interesting approach for code optimisation. The two ideas are in fact related: lazy programmers tend to delay things until they are really needed; and lazy evaluation consists of delaying the evaluation of an expression until its value is needed.

Shocked! What black magic is this? How come #SUSE #openSUSE is able to determine its future with this thing called "survey"? I thought distros (like #redhat #fedora) want to figure out what to focus on need to install spyware disguised as telemetry software using dark patterns.

Carol Chen
3 weeks ago

Heading to Red Hat & Intel Open Tour Vilnius. We have an exciting program, check it out:

Pasimatysime rytoj!

#RedHat #Intel #OpenTour #Vilnius #opensource #Ansible #Automation

omg ubuntu
3 weeks ago

🌟 Star e-mail of the week 🌟

Do keep your feedback flooding in. I learn so much from it - like I've drunk the #RedHat Kool-Aid, hate Ubuntu, and lost all my objectivity! 🙏

Plus, if there is an app, project, or news item you want to see me write about, try this person's winning formula 🏆:

1. See cool thing
2. Don't let me know
3. Wait a few weeks
4. Complain I didn't cover it

Everyone wins! 🙌🏻

screenshot of an email that, in summary, criticises me for writing about GNOME instead of the Budgie Desktop Environment, and claims I'm too negative about Ubuntu for having drunk the Red Hat Cool-Aid.
Retro Markus 🇩🇰🇩🇪
3 weeks ago

#Retrocomputing #linux #dld #redhat

Sollte man mal wieder installieren 😜

Entre Dev y Ops
3 weeks ago

¿Ya estás al tanto de la nueva política de #RedHat y los cambios sobre la distribución del código fuente de su SO?

Pues te lo ponemos fácil, te lo contamos en el episodio 79:

#opensource #podcast

Red Hat Workers
3 weeks ago

Today is Labor Day for our American colleagues, and it's a perfect occasion to discuss reasons for unionization.

Some facts:
Workers' productivity has steadily grown in the past 45 years, yet their pay hasn't kept up with this increase. The workers generate more profits each year, but these profits do not return to workers proportionally to their productivity levels.

Relevant read:

#Unions #Unionize #UnionizeTech #LaborDay #WorkersRights #RedHat

A graph displays two lines representing productivity level and a typical worker's compensation. The lines start to diverge at around the 1980 year mark, and the gap keeps growing. The productivity line goes up, the compensation line grows slower and stays closer to the 1980 level.
Preston Maness ☭
3 weeks ago

The cost of official #RedHat EC2 instances is... FOUR TIMES the price of #RockyLinux or #AlmaLinux per hour. IBM can get bent. #AWS

Red Hat Workers
4 weeks ago

Our profile has been updated with contacts for organizers in the US and EU. If you're a Red Hatter, please reach out.

Keeping in mind it's the weekend and a very important US public holiday follows, we'll respond as soon as we're able.

#RedHat #WorkersRights

Red Hat Workers
4 weeks ago

In the coming weeks, we'll open dialogue on topics relevant not only to us, but to tech workers at large.

What topics are on your mind?

#RedHat #Union #WorkersRights

Markus Eisele
4 weeks ago

Red Hat Developer Hub! The internal developer portal: Scaffolding for cloud-native development
#redhat #Backstage #devx

We were grateful to have @rockylinux and @almalinux join Red Hat and @centos in a panel discussion on upstream collaboration in Fedora. Here's a recording of that session from Flock 2023 if you missed it!
#Fedora #RockyLinux #AlmaLinux #RedHat #CentOS #Linux


Red Hat Workers
1 month ago

When Red Hat was a smaller corporation, it was common to see the following quote — attributed to Mahatma Gandhi — used internally and in external marketing:

"First they ignore you.
Then they laugh at you.
Then they fight you.
Then you win."

Interestingly, this quote didn't originate from Gandhi at all. It originated from Nicholas Klein, a trade union activist addressing the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America.

#RedHat #Union #WorkersRights #FOSS

A photograph of Red Hat chairperson Paul Cormier presenting to an audience. In the background, a presentation slide with the misattributed quote bullet pointed.
Photograph of a Red Hat poster showing the misattributed quote.
Eric The IT Guy
1 month ago

If you still are aren't sure what to think about #RedHat and our dedication to #openSource, take a look at the recent @fedora #Flock talk! #RHEL #linux

Red Hat Workers
1 month ago

Hi Fediverse! We're a collective of international workers at Red Hat organizing for fair working conditions.

We'll be using this platform to discuss a range of issues in our industry, strengthen solidarity between tech workers, and dispel myths when it comes to unionizing.

#RedHat #Union #WorkersRights #Tech #FOSS #OpenSource

Illustration of a suited person in the sky, holding a platform of workers at an downward angle. One worker is falling off the platform while others look up from below.
[nate@social0 ~]$ :idle:
1 month ago

If anyone's interested, I'll be streaming live with Mr. John Spinks later today. We're covering Compliance with Insights.

This is part of a mini-series about Insights. If you haven't looked at insights in a while, its worth a watch!

#redhat #insights #compliance #sysadmin #management

1 month ago

🎥 @adamhjk explains the 3 money levers in #opensource and how #RedHat’s business model works so well:

1 month ago

We asked @geerlingguy for an unpopular opinion and he said he doesn’t worry about “Not Invented Here” syndrome and prefers to build his own stuff.


Do you agree with him? Vote and reply with your take!

#unpopularopinion #ansible #softwareengineering #redhat #drupal

Andrew Woods
1 month ago

Question for the Linux nerds: What pre-installed CLI program would you run to view info about your system - e.g. OS version, kernel version, Processor, memory, display

Assume neofetch is not installed.

Is there something better than uname?

Include your distro in your response.

#Linux #Ubuntu #Debian #RedHat #Distro #CLI

David Seidl
1 month ago

Dear #RedHat, no, your unsubscribe form shouldn't require company, department, job role, country, and language to unsubscribe. Really. Really really.

Heck, you shouldn't even need my first and last name to stop sending me stuff.

D'open source à BullShit Licence (BSL) -

Elle grossit un peu trop vite, cette liste de logiciels dont les licences vrilles :/

Via @zwindler

#redhat #mongodb #hashicorp #terraform #lxc #elasic

Travis Newton :node:
1 month ago

2023 will forever be the year of open source drama. 🙄 Just fork and move on. That's the beauty of open source.
#OpenSource #RedHat #HashiCorp #Terraform

1 month ago

#RedHat is concerned that rebuilders (like @rockylinux & @almalinux) have the potential to revert #opensource back into a #hackers and #hobbyists only actiivity…

To that @geerlingguy, @jerod & @adam say:

“Yes, please!”


After #Redhat and #Hashicorp changes in their #opensource policies, I'm now looking with suspect and reviewing all single-company #FOSS projects without a clear story of multiple contributions, without a foundation based governance and/or subject to copyright #hijacking for third parties contributions. (as the infamous MySQL one).
If you are strongly depending on such a project, it is time to sleep worried. We are living in very strange times.

Scott Williams 🐧
1 month ago

To those who are concerned that I'm going to talk about nothing but #Hashicorp for weeks, don't be. I was harder on #RedHat, not because I think that Red Hat had done something worse (they didn't), but rather that I frankly care about Red Hat more. The shop where I work is also a Hashicorp customer, but that relationship is far more expendable, IMO, and I had hopes that some in Red Hat would hear and consider feedback where I generally don't believe that to be the case for Hashicorp.

@ian yeah, but with shit like "Subscriber Agreements" [see #grsecurity and #RedHat] these "Rights" are literally useless as people can't really share the code or do anything with it.

Its almost as pointless as Microsoft offering Government Officials access to the Source Code of their Products but banning people from taking notes or even have any competent auditor accompany them...

I don't know who needs to hear this.. Stop building your businesses and/or way of making money on "free" land.

#redhat has had their moment, #canonical recently, #hashicorp touching the water. Them suckas don't care about community more than the success of their business.

Pick a pimp and pay them and go make some money!

#homelab #howifeelfriday #selfhosted #selfhosting

@geerlingguy *nodds in agreement*

Were the #GPLv3 not ideological garbage but actually comitted to #FLOSS remaining #public, it would've chosen #PublicAccessibilit to code as priority over illegally demanding surrender of all #Patents and #IP.

In fact, #grsecurity #paywalling the code was the first warning shot, and when that went through, others like #Elastic and #MongoDB and now #RedHat saw that they could get away with #paywalls on #FLOSS...

It's sickening.

@jwildeboer @SUSE @ubuntu @opensuse @SolarisDiaspora I think "Just clone #RHEL!" is kinda bad and unsustainable as a business.
Killing #CentOS and barring #OracleLinux was more of "glock-leg" / "shooting themselves in the foot" of #RedHat and IMHO it should get RHEL to decline in adoption similar to #grsecurity when they #paywalled access to their #SourceCode.

I think it's a bad move even tho no #GPL version demands said sourcecode to be publicly accessible to everyone.

@jwildeboer Personally, I think it's kinda bad that #RedHat was kinda becoming the de-facto monopolist.

Tho it's not as if @SUSE and @ubuntu could've made better offerings before, and I still think that unless one has a harsh #Vendor #LockIn #Ubuntu and @opensuse are the better options.

I just wished #SUSE and espechally #Canonical were more commited of building good distros than weird shite like this...

Not that I excuse RedHat from doing an #Oracle #OpenSolaris with #RHEL! @SolarisDiaspora

Michael McCallister
2 months ago

@geerlingguy Very interesting post. Thanks! #linux #opensource #redhat

2 months ago

Of RHEL-derivatives, only Rocky is probably a true rebuild now (like old CentOS was). AlmaLinux is merging fixes before RHEL, and advertises ABI compat, not bug compat, so there's probably no reason whatsoever to switch to AL if you don't use AL already. Oracle I'm not touching with my long metric pole. SUSE's response is a guess yet at this point, I haven't seen technical details.

#centos #redhat #sysadmin

2 months ago

Dust hasn't settled because we haven't seen what SUSE will do after their CEO's blogpost.
The problem with RHEL family is, people chose RH for stability, not for convenience (technically RHEL is a poor distro, it requires effort to glue packages together, which in Debian is already done by distro). That stability promise was violated twice (Stream 2,5 years ago and g.c.o now), so unless you need RHEL compat for some reason, I'd say you stick to Debian.

#centos #redhat #sysadmin

Hey #SysAdmin folks, now that the dust has settled, what is the wisdom of the crowd on how the recent #RedHat kerfuffle affects #CentOS long-term?

Is #CentOS still considered a ~sane choice for infra work?
Is it something to migrate off of?

I am mostly a Debian person, and I am not following the RedHat/CentOS space too closely. Can anyone help out here?

Gray 🩶
2 months ago

RedHat, Canonoical, and Valve are net positives to FOSS and essential to the pursuit of open technology.

All of these companies contain aspects I dislike. Valve is a digital market monopoly. Redhat has extreme profit incentives and poor communication skills. Ubuntu is leaning towards proprietary back-ends and limiting user choice in some projects (snaps).

Yet, these companies fund developers and enable them to work improving
#FOSS projects. These developers would not have been able to contribute the same amount of time into FOSS if they were doing it for free. Developers need to afford food and rent. A significant portion of #Linux development is bankrolled by these these titans of open technology.

It is essential to understand the source of controversy during a moment of drama, and direct steady and well thought criticism at the corporate structure responsible for policy decisions, not than the individual developers with minimal or no policy influence.

1. I will meme
#RedHat for them shooting themselves in the foot and alienating the Linux community, but I am grateful to the RedHat devs who have dedicated time and effort improving Linux and #Fedora. Their contributions are so significant and voluminous, It is difficult to quantify the sheer amount of work they have contributed upstream.

2. I won't use
#Ubuntu due to differences of opinion, but I still respect the time and creative energy #Canonical has spent improving the UI/UX of Debian and making Linux accessible to a larger population. Ubuntu is not my cup of tea, but it's a cup of tea that can reach people that have never tried tea before. Ubuntu is certainly a better cup of tea than the raw sewage of a Microsoft or Google operating system.

3. I am hesitant of
#Valve because I am wary of being dependent on a monopoly for media ownership, but their open source and open hardware contributions have ushered in an era of Linux Gaming that was previously non-existent. They have demonstrated sound ethics in most of their policy choices, so I invest a significant degree of trust and gratitude in them, even though I remain skeptical of their digital asset monopoly.

It is disingenuous to label RedHat or Canonical as evil. Neither company is anywhere close to the dystopian nature of Microsoft or Google.

It's a matter of when, not if, companies will make poor decisions. At the scale of these entities, problematic decisions are bound to occur more frequently as policy decisions become disconnected from their impact on the community.

Lately, both RedHat and Canonical have made unwise policy decisions. Yet, I believe the good of their developers' contributions far outweighs the bad of their recent policy decisions. That balance could change in the future, but for now, both are still a solid net positive to the FOSS ecosystem.

TLDR; Reality is rarely black and white. It's often a shade of Gray.