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After a rainy start in Manchester this morning the lovely winter sun made an appearance for #FensterFreitag

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Glass either side of a walkway with the winter sun reflecting on the lower part. A pale blue sky with some clouds at the top
1 day ago
Video of tree reflections in the narrow little creek. The reflections are shimmering as the current and breeze ruffle the water surface. Sounds are loud bird cheeps and the distant sound of a ride on mower doing the park lawns (out of sight).
Nate Nolting
2 days ago

My newest #fxhash project, "Strange Terrain," is live! This project comes from playing with #waves, #gradients, and #reflections that resemble other-worldly landscapes. Have fun and happy minting! @fx_hash_

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2 days ago

It started raining while we were visiting LXFactory in Lisbon. It was lashing down and people hurried to get to shelter. Where one person sees a hindrance, another might see an opportunity, so I still had my camera out! I held it under my coat when necessary, but I got a few shots I’m happy with, including this one.

We were walking to shelter at the end of the street, to wait for our taxi, when I saw a puddle that was alive with colour! Of course, I had to take a photo. 🙂

Apertureƒ/2.4CameraGalaxy S23 UltraFocal length7.9mmISO2000Shutter speed1/35s

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4 days ago

"Beneath marble and gold, slavery persists. Success can sometimes confine individuals within self-made prisons. #Reflections #SuccessStruggles"

Eric ‘van’ Suesz
5 days ago

A frigid 4-hour, 1-degree ride up to Waterland yesterday, with patches of ice beginning to form on the canals and out in the polders. Still and quiet, with long reflections, both on the water and internally. #amsterdam #waterland #nederland #polder #swan #water #reflections #canal #mooi #holland

Michael Preis ☕
5 days ago

📷 spazieren ⛅❄


Unten vorne ein Flussarm, in dem sich die kahlen Bäume der Bildmitte spiegeln, im Hintergrund zuerst u. a. ein Basketballkorb und eine Tischtennisplatte, weit dahinter alte Villen im Bamberger Hain
George Steffanos
6 days ago

Pine trees reflected in Beaver Pond (its official name, capital B capital P), White Memorial Foundation, Morris, Connecticut. December 13, 2021

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A large gray rock outcrop along the shore of a lake. A few tufts of grass are growing on top. Stately pine and hemlock trees and leafless hardwoods along the far shore are mirrored on the lightly rippled lake surface, along with the deep blue cloudless sky.
1 week ago

Good morning Mastodon, and a fine Friday to you from a frosty river bank.

#river #reflections #clouds #photography #Scotland

A short loop of a riverside scene taken early morning when the sun is rising and turning some small fluffy white clouds orange. A strip of black cuts across the scene horizontally, the far riverbank with trees and some rooftops in the distance in silhouette. The river takes the majority of the frame, and it shows a rippling reflection of the blue sky and illuminated clouds.
1 week ago

BF’s neighborhood, super glowy on this last foggy, misty night of November. #trees #HolidayLights #reflections

White holiday lights adorn trees and topiaries, glowing in the fog,  in a neighborhood entryway on a foggy, misty night with a three-tired concrete outdoor water fountain flowing as the main centerpiece. All is reflected in the wet brick road and rain puddles.
White holiday lights adorn trees and topiaries, glowing in the fog, l in a neighborhood entryway on a foggy, misty night. All is reflected in the wet brick road.
White holiday lights adorn trees and topiaries, glowing in the fog, l in a neighborhood entryway on a foggy, misty night. All is reflected in the wet road.
White holiday lights adorn trees, glowing in the fog, l in a neighborhood entryway on a foggy, misty night. All is reflected in the wet road.
Martin Liebermann
1 week ago

Pond with Snow

Reflctions on old farmers pond surrounded by snow covered trees

ssnow #pond #trees #rural #reflections#landscape #Germany

Photography of an old pond surrounded by snow covered trees. The lower half shows the reflections of the trees in blue water. To the right, a willow hangs above the pond. The foreground shows frost covered twigs and nettles. The background consists of young trees and reeds, all covered in snow.

here's another pic of Mt Tam from last night, before the rain came.

#mttam #marin #reflections

Storm clouds gathering over Mount Tamalpias. In the foreground is a broad tidal creek and muddy flat, with office buildings along the bank. It's getting dark.
Joe Cardillo (they/them)
2 weeks ago

Like quite a few folks, my mastodon 1st anniversary was a few weeks ago – some reflections from the ride so far...

Joined just prior to John Mastodon founding & naming the platform after himself, and have learned a lot from the always gracious JM

Appreciate how artists sharing their work plus community/mutual aid are welcome here (there are, of course, some turdslaws about it, h/t @genderlessinsults, so we should all keep encouraging both)

#MastoVersary #Reflections #GoodThings

3 weeks ago

The calming stop on my walk to watch the reflections in the little creek had a side serve of lawnmower noise. Was still lovely though.

#park #walk #reflections

Video of tree and sky reflections in a small narrow creek. A little lead floats down and the water surface shimmies with the current and breeze. Sound is the buzz of a ride on lawnmower.
Derick Rethans
3 weeks ago

The Industrial Past

#Reflections #Canal #Photography #PhotoOfTheDay Nov 12th

An abandoned building, on the shores of the Aylesbury Arm of the Grand Union Canal. It is reflected in the canal with a clear blue sky.
Deb Oppermann
1 month ago

#KillarneyProvincialPark in #Ontario Canada is an iconic 645 square kilometre wilderness park that showcases the wild Georgian Bay coast of pink granite and the La Cloche mountains white quartzite ridges. This capture was taken at George Lake, the only campground in the wilderness park.
Autumn Reflections here

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Superb fall colors of red and gold on the trees in great light on the lake and stunning reflections
Michael Russell
1 month ago

Sunset light on Mount Shuksan reflected in the tarn at Huntoon Point in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie Forest, Washington State, USA.

For #MountainMonday
#Mountains #Landscape #LandscapePhotography #Photos #Photography #Reflections #Washington #NorthCascades

Peak of Mount Shuksan reflects in a mountain tarn near sunset

White River
Lafayette Trace Park
near Cicero, #Indiana
22 Oct 2023

Clicked the shutter a grand total of one time today on a day devoted to scouting for wildlife to prep for fall and winter. Splashes of #FallColors are always especially welcome in the largely brown and green palette in Indiana.

#landscape #LandscapePhotography #reflections #photography #NaturePhotography #nikon #NikonPhotography

A blue sky is reflected in a river, as are the trees on the far shore. A single splash of orange-red leaves is in the upper right of the image, with that splash’s reflection in the river anchors the image in the lower right. Leaves on the far bank’s trees are mostly a mix of green and autumnal yellow.
2 months ago

🧵 Paper 2/2 introduces a novel approach to #rendering #reflections in real time that combines the radiance probes of an existing diffuse global illumination framework (GI-1.0) and denoised ray-traced reflections.


See more papers from our Advanced Research Research Group at:

Forbidden Evil
2 months ago

The Obersee belongs to the Königssee in Berchtesgaden/Germany #reflections # #photography #lake #germany #bavaria #mountains

Mountains are reflected in a lake.