1 week ago

Within, we see the flatscreen TV. Playing is an advertisement for what a voice promises is an "unforgettable occult experience."

David Tennant stalks forward onscreen, wearing a lot of eyeliner and a cape. Wow, worth the price of admission already?!

In the living room, a dog hops up on a coffee table and eats an abandoned piece of pizza. #relatable

#SpookyMovie 4/x

Academic Hindsight
1 week ago
1 week ago

whoof isnt that the #relatable truth

happens to me when I encounter a little something I like to call "too many nasty learning curve surprises"

Alarmingly Bad
2 weeks ago

ARCHIVE COMIC: Self-Improvement

You don’t want to know how bad it gets by September

#comic #webcomic #alarminglybad #relatable #mastoart

Alarmingly Bad comic about the decline of motivation throughout the year
2 weeks ago

In light of a series of events this rings true. This is how it is - and they are aware.
#lifelesson #awareness #growth #personaldevelopment #relatable

Alarmingly Bad
3 weeks ago

COMIC VIDEO: Spider Plan

FUN FACT: I’m only able to process my honest fears and vulnerabilities through jokes

#spiderman #themesong #comics #webcomics #relatable #video #alarminglybad #mastoart

Alarmingly Bad comic video where spider man spirals
3 weeks ago

So true bestie #relatable

@Lizbon the spotty memory stuff is a whole other story 😂 #relatable

1 month ago

@toatrika Totes #relatable girl, so #quirky. Gets all the #likes.

It's very Twitter-esque in their wording, yeah. One thing that's nice about Fedi is you may just find people to converse with if you use those tags but you don't have any algorithms to worry about so there's no real 'gaming' the system.

Nola :ir:
1 month ago

Bananas 🍌🍌🍌 #relatable remembering to buy groceries you have run out of with a very short term memory 😭😏

Smol Bat, Big Spooky
1 month ago
1 month ago

ever run mach speed into a brick wall of a realisation that we have been living in hell for entirely too long and that the only problem with that is that im not sufficiently enthusiastic about that prospect?


1 month ago

@IzabelaKaramia I love your description of 🧠! #relatable

Cheryl Lindo Jones
1 month ago

Very #relatable post on #JobHunting. Why must it be so difficult? 😔

Chris Hallbeck
1 month ago
[2 people stand in front of a table with many scattered papers on it]

Person 1: Wow, we actually did it. 
Person 2: Incredible!

Person 1: It took a long time but I think it's gonna be worth it. 
Person 2: I feel good!

Person 1: You know, we're gonna have to do this all over again tomorrow. 
Person 2: Don't spoil the moment. Let's enjoy the pizza when it gets here and worry about what to eat for dinner tomorrow when the time comes.
2 months ago
Chris Hallbeck
2 months ago
[two people are in bed together]

Person 1: Goodnight sweetie. Did you remember to lock the front door? 
Person 2: Yes. Of course. I always do. 

[they close their eyes to go to sleep, but the second person becomes worried and then annoyed and gets out of bed]

Person 2: Ugh, now I have to look!

Validation Hoard
Old short comic doodle that I want to preserve on Mastodon

#comic #4panels #relatable #dragonsonmastodon #artistsonmastodon #art #doodle #dragon #furryart

2 months ago
Chris Hallbeck
2 months ago
[a person is looking out the window]

Person: Oh no, that's the moon…

It's nighttime… 

I’m starting to change! 

[they are now sitting on the couch eating snacks while browsing on their phone]

finally awake
Chris Hallbeck
2 months ago
[two people are sitting up in bed talking]

Person 1: We've been up way too late. What time is it? 

Person 2: I don't even want to know. Let's just go to sleep. If I know how late it is, I'll know how sleepy to feel tomorrow. This way I can pretend I got enough sleep and I'll feel better. 

Person 1: That's.. That's not how sleep works.
Person 2: Just give me this! 

Person 1: Look, it's only two am, you'll be fine. 
Person 2: Stop it! You're ruining my life!
Chris Hallbeck
2 months ago
A person is in bed at night looking at a tablet screen where a movie has just finished and it says “The End”.

Now, they touch the email icon on the screen.

Their face is blasted with blisteringly bright white light.
2 months ago

@ritamitsuko Rita, snack queen 🥰


Alarmingly Bad
2 months ago


Must be bad genes or something

#comic #icecream #relatable #webcomic #alarminglybad #mastoart #video

Alarmingly Bad comic where a man can’t lose weight
Cecilia Bell
2 months ago

Very intrigued by the brand name. #relatable

Amazon listing for a storage bench, called SOFT ASS.
2 months ago

Anyone else like to give their boots a good spit shine before they go out to the pub? #relatable #content

Photograph of my boots on the table along with shoe polish, a brush, and a cloth. I've given the boots a very quick polish and spit shine
ani betts
2 months ago

Playing through Metroid Fusion, I really enjoy this series lately because a woman stranded alone in a hostile environment where everything is out to kill her is extremely #relatable content to me in 2023

Chris Hallbeck
2 months ago

Why am I always so tired? #comics #funny #relatable

[a person is sitting on the couch at night looking at their laptop]

Person: It's getting late. I should get to bed. 

[now they are in bed looking at their tablet]

Person: Dang it. Just go to sleep already!

[now looking at their phone]

Ugh! what is wrong with me?!

[now looking at their watch]
Chris Hallbeck
2 months ago
Person 1: I gotta show you this photo I took of wendy. She tried lemon for the first time and her face is hilarious. 

Person 2: Oh my gosh are you kidding me? 
Person 1: Isn’t she precious?

Person 2: Look at how many dirty dishes are in the sink! 
Person 1: What? No, don't look at the background! 

Person 2: Why are there four open boxes of the same cereal?
Person 1:Give that to me!
Beverly Bambury
3 months ago
3 months ago
Chris Hallbeck
3 months ago
[two people are sitting around a campfire]

Person 1: Wow this is relaxing. 
Person 2: I love this.

Person 1: Pass me the marshmallows. 

Marshmallow: You should have started investing in your twenties, now you'll have to keep working until you die. 

Person 1: (seeing the bag actually says “Harsh Mellows” Oh, dang.
Kevin McShane
3 months ago

Touch some grass today, my friends
#comics #comicstrip #mastoart #wholesome #relatable #selfcare

1. Kevin lies in the grass of a field on a sunny summer day. "Aaaaah," he says, smiling with his eyes closed. "There's nothing like a lazy summer afternoon…"
2. Closer on Kevin's face as a strange shadow creeps over him. He opens one eye to see:
3. Kevin's POV: The Grustle Monster standing over him, blocking out the sun. Furrowed brow. Frowning.
4. Wider to reveal The Grustle Monster looming over Kevin in a menacing way. "Damnit I'm allowed to rest!" Kevin yells.
Devon Dundee
3 months ago

When a firmware update messes up your toothbrushing data. 😤 #relatable

all my post are #relatable, provided you’re a mentally ill white dude

PBS Spacetime zaczyna się wizualizacją prahominida leżącego pod drzewem i oglądajcego gwiazdy.

Alarmingly Bad
3 months ago


Nothing he does phases her anymore

#comic #webcomic #relatable #alarminglybad #mastoart #comicstrip #Funny

Alarmingly Bad comic where a dude goes to battle with a Tupperware cabinet
Chris Hallbeck
4 months ago
Person 1: Hey! How's it going? 
Person 2: It's been so long! 

Person 1 (thinking to themself): Okay wait... are they a hand shaker or a hugger? Better play it safe and just go for the shake...  no... I think they are going for a hug. Yes! I see signs of hug! Activate emergency hug mode! Arms out! Arms out!!!

[person one accidentally smacks person two across the face with their exuberant arm flailing]
Mignon Fogarty
4 months ago
Text that read "When you meed a guest who understands timezones" with a picture underneath of two men in their 20s who look like they are in love.
Alarmingly Bad
4 months ago


♪ ♫ You’ve gotta maaaaaaaake your own kind of music

#comic #dentist #flossing #relatable #niccagememe #mastoart #AlarminglyBad #drawing #funny

Alarmingly Bad comic of the Nic Cage/Pedro Pascal car meme where a dentist asks when the last time I flossed was (he was there)
Chris Hallbeck
5 months ago
[a person sitting in bed, looking at a laptop computer]

Person: Wow, that episode was intense! Only one left in the season! Ah, but it's late. Better get to sleep.

[they close the computer and lay down to sleep]

[their face changes to frustrated]

[they can’t sleep because their head is filled with thinking about what happens next on the show]
Chris Hallbeck
5 months ago
A doctor talking to a patient.
Isaac Halvorson
5 months ago

Can’t find my favorite shorts #relatable

Chris Hallbeck
5 months ago
Person: Why does everything always go wrong at the last minute?! 
Robot: Because you always wait until the last minute to start. If you would begin the project when you receive it you would have plenty of time to work around any unforeseen stumbling blocks.

Person: You're not helping! Why didn't you bring this up weeks ago?! 
Robot: You've hit snooze on my project reminder for 15 days in a row.

Person: Okay! Fine! I don't keep you around to make me feel like an idiot!
Robot: I would have left years ago but you still haven't assembled my legs.
5 months ago
yeah, matty, again
5 months ago

Urgh, Mondays amirite? #relatable #content

6 months ago

@cstross @ratkins #relatable

I am now of That Age where (1) I have opinions about the design reading glasses (and also specific brands of ibuprofen) and (2) spoke excitedly for a while about the wonders of a particular cheap and cheerful head mounted lighted magnifier until I realized just how boring I was being

Damon Thomas
6 months ago

Romance comics often have a sad person discover their love interest with another. Usually by peeping around a corner. I'd scoff but as a teen a girl I knew told myself and several others she was flirting with that she was no longer single by inviting us to a Halloween party to meet her new bf. #comics @comics #relatable #romance

Section of comic cover – Sad lady peeps around a corner.
Chris Hallbeck
7 months ago
[two people are talking]

Person 1. Wait, calm down let’s talk about this.
Person 2. No!

Person 1. Look, just hear me out, maybe you’ll change your mind.
Person 2. Ugh, seriously?

 Look, the thing you have to understand is, I don’t want to listen to your side. I don’t want your facts. I don’t want you to change my mind.

I want to be right!
8 months ago