3 days ago

Why can’t I remember my own mobile phone number yet I can remember the command line options for a program I last ran at least 20 years ago? #mysteries #remembering #commandline

Remedy Max
4 days ago


Name a song that you want others to remember you by?

#nostalgicsongs #music #songs #death #remembering

2 weeks ago

Reminiscing about the most eerie thing that ever happened to me and thinking about where people are now (though I know one party to the story is no longer with us because that's big part of the story that has a LOT of unanswered questions). #Life #Remembering is such a #bizzare blast from the #past. To a point every time I find that site again (basically #remembering it exists 😅) and read through some of the #text files. It gives a bit of #nostalgia. While some of the stuff are wayyy beyond my time I've seen references to them in forums before.

It's a nice read through perse. It got directories/categories of #ASCII art to #stories to the most fun... The #Anarchy section. Just remember anything in the anarchy section is uhhh... Don't try the stuff listed. 😂💀👀

The site in question:

2 months ago

#Remembering Gus Grissom, NASA's 2nd astronaut, on his #birthday.

The 2nd American in space (Liberty Bell 7), first Gemini mission commander (Gemini III), and Apollo 1 commander, he had all the "Right Stuff."

Do you have a favorite Gus Grissom photo or story? Share it below ⬇️

3 months ago

L'arte di vivere consiste nel saper mescolare bene il dimenticare con il ricordare.
The art of living consists in knowing how to mix well forgetting with remembering.

#artofliving #forgetting #remembering

Andreas Wiedenhoff
4 months ago

27 January 1945: #Liberation of #Auschwitz concentration camp. #WeRemember. We say #NeverForget. #NeverAgain.
#Remembering tells us where we come from. It guides us where to go, and where never to go again. How we deal with our history shows us, and others, who we are. Let us be clear and vigilant and firm. It’s about the essence of our civilisation.

4 months ago

rosemary of remembrance on a gray winter day…

#JanuaryJoy #FlowerPhotography #rosemary #remembering #herbs #winter #PayingAttention

Closeup of a flower on a rosemary plant
Jean-Philippe :1000:
5 months ago

December 31st isn't just New Year's eve! Let's see what happened on this DAY IN HISTORY.

Dec 31, 1937 - Anthony Hopkins was born

Dec 31, 1999 - Russian President Boris Yeltsin resigned, and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin became acting president; Putin was elected to the post the following year.

Dec 31, 1999 - The United States officially handed over control of the Panama Canal to Panama.

Dec 31, 2004 - Taipei 101, then the tallest building in the world, reaching a height of 1,667 feet (508 metres), opened in Taipei, Taiwan

Dec 31, 2019 - The WHO first learned of “viral pneumonia” cases in Wuhan, China; the disease was later determined to be COVID-19, which became a global pandemic the following year.

#december #december31 #newyear #day #history #news #newsworthy #learning #remembering #memories #facts

December 31, on this day in history!
George Julian
6 months ago

"Commemoration is an active process, and often a contentious one. When we memorialise the dead, we are sometimes desperate for the truth, and sometimes for a comforting illusion.

We remember individually, out of grief and need.

We remember as a society, with a political agenda – we reach into the past for foundation myths of our tribe, our nation, and found them on glory, or found them on grievance, but we seldom found them on cold facts"

#memory #remembering #history

ts thank you ☕
7 months ago

Pls work on using #hashtags here. It wasn’t as important when we were using other social media, but there is some great potential for things like #remembering or #remember , I think. (Just for example.) and for now the #fediverse doesn’t search basic text, so hashtags make a big difference if content is going to move around.

Broken Toyland
1 year ago

I'VE BEEN REMEMBERING YOU LONGER THAN I'VE KNOWN YOU, 8x10, multimedia on canvas. The large silvery patches on the mountains, and some of the flowers, are silver leaf. It just doesn't photo well. Looks cool in person though. #art #artwork #remembering #outsiderart #nobrow

It's in the shop: