And lastly, a Remembrance Columbine, a plant created so we don't forget the Columbine High shooting.
#columbine #remembrance

Remembrance columbine has triplets of leaves on long stalks. Flowers have ten petals in a five-point star arrangement. White petals are rounded with dark purple streaks near stem and yellow centers. Behind the white petals, five dark petals make a five-point star as a background to the white flower.
Eugene McParland
2 weeks ago

Volodymyr #Zelenskyy President of #Ukraine addressed to the #American people on the occasion of the National Day of #Remembrance

(President Zelenskyy speaks in English in this address)

(3 Minute) YouTube📽️ 🔗

#Ukraine 🇺🇦 #SlavaUkraine #RussiaIsATerroristState
#СлаваУкраїні! #StandWithUkraine #USA

One of their chief weapons in this war for control is to stir up ethnic, national, racial, religious differences, to make us suspicious of and hostile towards those different from ourselves.

We owe it to our own family members who fought against the consequences of such ethnic hatred during WWII not to forget what they lived through. And not to succumb all over again to the lure of hating the other.

#MemorialDay #remembrance #fascism #WWII

"Before this you would have said those stories were propaganda, but now you know they weren't. There are the bodies and all those guys are dead."

We are living at a painful moment in world history in which some of us, the people with most wealth, are actively working — to serve their own interests — to divide the rest of us."

#MemorialDay #remembrance #fascism #WWII

One important lesson of the Gardelegen massacre is that it was perpetrated not by the Nazis, though SS officers were on the scene, but by ordinary German citizens.

We are all susceptible to hate.

When the New York Times and the Washington Post reported the massacre on 19 April 1945, they quoted an unnamed soldier who said,

"I never was so sure before of exactly what I was fighting for."

#MemorialDay #remembrance #fascism #WWII

He told me that when he and other soldiers arrived on the scene, the barn was still smoldering and what they saw was horrific — bodies everywhere, signs that those burned alive had tried to scrabble their way out of the barn.

We should not forget. We should not forget that this kind of thing is possible, when people are encouraged to hate each other.

#MemorialDay #remembrance #fascism #WWII

This Memorial Day, I think of my mother's brother William Z. Simpson, who was in the first unit of American soldiers who arrived at the scene of the massacre at Gardelegen, Germany, in April 1945. The citizens of that town had locked over 1,000 slave labor prisoners, mostly Poles, into a barn and burned them alive.

My uncle spoke to me of this experience only late in his life, at the urging of his sister, who wanted the information passed on.

#MemorialDay #remembrance #fascism #WWII

ShawnT 🐀
2 weeks ago

As we've discussed, #MemorialDay in the #USA is a day of #remembrance of those who died while in active #military service.

I have #family and #friends who served, but they all walked #home with their papers. I personally don't know anyone who gave the ultimate #sacrifice.

So I open up this #thread to you. Do you have someone you #remember on this #HolidayWeekend? Tell us their story.

Eugene McParland
3 weeks ago

On May 21, 2023, annually on the third Sunday of May, Ukraine commemorates the Day of #Remembrance for Political Repression Victims. It is hard to estimate the number of persons subjected to political repression in Ukraine; the scope of this tragedy is unparalleled.

It is known that between 1920 and 1980, while #Ukraine was under the Bolshevik-communist dictatorship, around 1.5 million individuals suffered imprisonment.

Read more here🔗

#SlavaUkraine #StandWithUkraine

On May 21, 2023, annually on the third Sunday of May, Ukraine commemorates the Day of #Remembrance for Political Repression Victims. It is hard to estimate the number of persons subjected to political repression in Ukraine; the scope of this tragedy is unparalleled.
On May 21, 2023, annually on the third Sunday of May, Ukraine commemorates the Day of #Remembrance for Political Repression Victims. It is hard to estimate the number of persons subjected to political repression in Ukraine; the scope of this tragedy is unparalleled.
On May 21, 2023, annually on the third Sunday of May, Ukraine commemorates the Day of #Remembrance for Political Repression Victims. It is hard to estimate the number of persons subjected to political repression in Ukraine; the scope of this tragedy is unparalleled.
On May 21, 2023, annually on the third Sunday of May, Ukraine commemorates the Day of #Remembrance for Political Repression Victims. It is hard to estimate the number of persons subjected to political repression in Ukraine; the scope of this tragedy is unparalleled.
Poetry News
3 weeks ago

White daisies, on the walls, in the windows,
Their blooms in a delicate show
Each missing a single petal, a poem in its sorrow
In remembrance of the ones that did not go

#uruguay #dictatorship #missing #remembrance #ode #poetry

Karen Kaspar
4 weeks ago

Every spring I enjoy the beautiful bright red poppies blooming everywhere in the garden and fields. They grow in many corners of my garden and always inspire me to paint them.

Find the painting here:

#poppies #poppy #noMowMay #MastoArt #art #AYearForArt #painting #FediGiftShop #artist #MastodonArt
#watercolor #watercolour #BuyIntoArt
#flowers #flower #gardening #garden #floral #nature #NatureLover #wildflowers #minimalism #WildflowerHour #minimalist #remembrance

Single poppy is a watercolor painting in portrait format painted by artist Karen Kaspar. A beautiful single poppy flower in vibrant shades of red, orange and yellow is painted on a white background.
Kevin Bowen :xfce:
1 month ago

'During the national commemoration of #Remembrance Day on #May4 we remember all who have been killed or murdered in the Kingdom of the #Netherlands or anywhere else in the world in war situations or during peacekeeping operations since the outbreak of the Second World War.’
For the occasion I visited the #bunker museum on #Vlieland island, an original bunker from the Atlantikwall built by the Nazis some 70 years ago. Dutch only:

Bunker museum square
Bunker museum lookout
Bunker museum beach entry
Renate van Stigt
1 month ago

Lest we forget.. vanavond ben ik niet in Nederland maar om acht uur ben ik twee minuten stil om te herdenken dat er nog dagelijks mensen worden vernederd en vermoord vanwege hun afkomst, huidskleur, geslacht, geloof. Onze verschillen zorgen ook voor hele mooie dingen en prachtige momenten. Laten we die koesteren, want die verbinden ons.
#remembrance #lestweforget #dodenherdenking #4mei

1 month ago

4 mei #Dodenherdenking Nederland #remembrance day

Empire Tips
1 month ago

Síjár Valarian remembrance tip:

A man lives after his life, but not after his honor.

#eldraeverse #tips #remembrance

WIST Quotations
1 month ago

A quotation from Virgil:

While rivers run into the deep,
While shadows o’er the hillside sweep,
While stars in heaven’s fair pasture graze,
Shall live your honour, name, and praise,
Whate’er my destined home.

[In freta dum fluvii current, dum montibus umbrae
lustrabunt convexa, polus dum sidera pascet,
semper honos nomenque tuum laudesque manebunt,

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

#quote #quotes #quotation #eternity #gratitude #memorial #remembrance

Jeff Zugale
2 months ago

For my dear friends from Armenia 🇦🇲 and all their sisters and brothers. Remembering. #armenia #remembrance #april24

Armenian Genocide Remembrance Forget-Me-Not flower painted in complex geometric abstract art style over bg colors from 🇦🇲
Hebrew by Inbal
2 months ago

Tomorrow is Israel's Memorial Day, officially starting this evening.

#yomhazikaron #yomhazikaron🌹🇮🇱 #memorialday #remember #remembranceday #remembrance #jewish #israel #israeli #mazeldon #mastodon

damian entwistle
2 months ago

Today's Flickr photo with the most hits: this Fayoum mummy portrait of a young Roman who died in the 2nd CE.

#fayoum #MummyPortrait #mummy #death #embalming #remembrance #coffin #FayoumOasis #roman #youth #portrait #encaustic #painting #egypt

Portrait of a young Roman created using encaustic painting techniques. He engages the viewer directly, looking calm and composed. He sports a head of dark, curly hair, and a sparse if equally curly beard, and moustache.
2 months ago

#Holocaust #Martyrs' and #Heroes' #Remembrance Day 2023 focuses on the #Jewish Resistance during the Holocaust: Marking 80 Years since the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

#Shoa #HolocaustMartyrsAndHeroesRemembranceDay #YadVashem #Israel #neverforget

Official Poster Marking Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day 2023
Helen H
2 months ago

A beautiful poem that reflects on the thoughts and emotions of losing a beloved husband or wife, family member, friend or pet.
#poem #poetry #remembrance #love #inspirational #memorial #peony #flowers #ArtOfTheDay #MastoArt #Fediart #art #artists #artwork #Fediverse #FediGiftShop #BuyIntoArt #SupportTheArts

Always In My Heart available here:

A beautiful poem that reflects on the thoughts and emotions of losing a beloved husband or wife, family member, friend or pet.  Seen on a background of soft, dreamy peach and cream peonies.
Yahia Lababidi
2 months ago

The purpose of #prayer is not standing, bowing and prostrating all day, for those moments of #spiritual union that possess you in prayer should always be with you.

Whether asleep or awake, #writing or #reading , in any moment, you should not be far from the remembrance of God.

— Rumi, Fihe Ma Fih

#rumi #islam #sufi #ramadan #remembrance #faith #spirituality #meditation #Muslim #poetry #God #Allah

Poetry News
2 months ago

Co-founder, leader, gone
Intel's success his vision
Innovation, courage, remembrance

#intel #gordonmoore #innovation #remembrance #cinquain #poetry

3 months ago

Put together some photo albums for some keepsakes of my brother's/family and my own memories. Not a cheap endeavor as the inserts are pricey. I guess I understand now why my mom didn't like me messing with her family album. I'm not usually sentimental in this way but we're trying some new things lol

#keepsakes #grief #growth #remembrance

Two pink binders stacked on top of each other on a bed. One is a generic floral pattern and the other one is of assorted potted plants. There are black inserts peeking out.
John Ager
3 months ago

In this poem, Elizabeth Jennings explores the moment when grief over the loss of a loved one gives way to ‘healing’ and the possibility of a fresh start, as a new love comes along, not to replace the old, but to complement it.

Into the Hour (Elizabeth Jennings) – John Ager's Home on the Web!

#Grief #Remembrance #MothersDay

John Ager
3 months ago

A wonderful poem exploring grief which some might find helpful on Mother's Day...
Into the Hour (Elizabeth Jennings)

#Poetry #MothersDay #Grief #Remembrance

Margaret Lonsdale
3 months ago

He ironed all his clothes
I did not know
He did a lot of things
I did not know until
the after🪶

#remembrance #poetry

3 months ago

What should a #space for #remembrance look and feel like?

Incredibly thoughtful and informed conversation this morning at St. Anne's Cathedral with #youthwork students learning through Youth Action NI and @ulsteruni

#mastodaoine @norniron

Cards with handwritten words relating to how a space might feel or look arranged on a table in associated groups
Colin Steel
3 months ago

@PanScolipede and I were close for 10+ years since we first met after very long time friend of mine Draderico where he came through to contact me.

That's where it marked my journey into musclefur community & introduced me to friends in circle, inspiration, kinks, etc.

I missed you and will be remembered in my heart forever. RIP Truss...❤️

🎨 by: Kartos and @PanScolipede himself

#muscle #eel #dragon #PanScolipede #remembrance

4 months ago

Today's a Day of Remembrance: the 81st anniversary of Roosevelt signing executive order 9066, stripping the rights and freedom primarily from Americans of Japanese ancestry. Here's a picture from the location of Manzanar internment camp taken in 2015, a beautiful location with a shameful history. #remembrance #injustice #history

Cherry tree blooming with snowy mountains behind and a replica of a barrack from the days Manzanar was an internment camp.
R. Natale Fine Art
4 months ago

This one is in memory of my brother who passed away 1 night without warning. He had a dream of owning a fishing charter and that passed with him. Life is short! Let's LIVE our dreams.


#ayearforart #artmatters #fishing #remembrance #memories #art #MastoArt #delawareriver #dreamy #Photography #photo

B&W photo of 2 boats fishing on the Delaware River in dense fog.
4 months ago

On this day in 1959, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson died in a plane crash outside Clear Lake, Iowa in Rock ‘n Roll’s first tragedy.

Thanks to Don McLean’s 1971 hit song, “American Pie,” the event has come to be known as ‘The Day the Music Died.’

#music #history #remembrance

On the occasion of International Holocaust #Remembrance Day, the Bundestag commemorated the victims of National Socialism. For the first time, the focus was on people who were persecuted by the National Socialists because of their sexual orientation or identity.

With regard to the #Holocaust, Bas warned that it was dangerous to believe that the Germans had finished learning. "We must continue to deal with our past." A free, open society is not a matter of course.

4 months ago

My mother and her parents were among 979 Jews deported on transport VII/2 from Düsseldorf to Theresienstadt on 25 July 1942. Only 61 survived.

On this International #Holocaust #Remembrance Day, I would like to draw particular attention to the names of those of our (close or distant) relatives on that transport who perished in #Theresienstadt, #Treblinka and #Auschwitz.

#Shoah #FamilyHistory #Genealogy

Parents with their daughter in a garden in the early 1940s
4 months ago

And there are simply too many known victims in my parents' family trees (and too many yet to be identified, especially on my father's side) for me to be able to draw adequate attention to their lives and their suffering on one or two days a year.

But I do appreciate the intent and the impact a #Remembrance day can have, in particular given the decline in awareness and acceptance of the facts.

#Shoah #FamilyHistory #Holocaust

4 months ago

I've always struggled with the notion of dedicated days of #Holocaust #Remembrance.

As my niece once expressed it, wise beyond her years: in our family, every day is Holocaust remembrance day. Such has been the impact across the generations that there are increasingly few conversations with my elderly parents without the topic somehow coming up.

#Shoah #FamilyHistory

Auschwitz Memorial
6 months ago

In two weeks you helped us build here a community of over 42,000 people. Thank you for remembering with us.

#Auschwitz #memory #community #remembrance

Seán Costello
6 months ago
Luisa Gandolfo
7 months ago

Hi folks! An #introduction: I'm a sociologist based in north-eastern Scotland and my research focuses on #memorystudies, #memorialisation, #remembrance, #narratives, and #visualart in #WANA. Broader themes include #borders, #boundaries, #edgelands, #genderstudies, #culturalstudies, #memorywork, #landscapes, narratives (including #poetry, #photography, and #literature) about #land and #nature, #embodiment, #movement, #ruins, and #heritage. For more, pop over to 👉

As a member of the #CSDBerlin and as well as a vital part of the Bi+ Community (always B with the T) its important to me, to share this silent march invite in English for today in Berlin as well. #TDoR22 #TDoR2022 #trans* #inter* #NonBinary #remembrance #visibilitymatters

This Sunday people all over the world will be holding vigils for the annual Trans Day of Remembrance. If you don’t know what that’s like I made a podcast version of such a vigil back in 2010. You can listen to it here on my old podcast channel, ‘Just Plain Sense’ #trans #remembrance #tdor

7 months ago

This September, I had to say goodbye to a very dear friend. One who always kept me going when things felt particularly rough, and who always had love to give.

Goodbye, Antonio Zeppeli Powell.

You were a sweet, wonderful, beautiful cat. I love you, and will always cherish the time we had together.

#cats #pets #critters #remembrance #memorial

Antonio, a shorthair tuxedo cat, laying on a bed and staring at the camera with eyes wide open.
Antonio, a shorthair tuxedo cat, being a goofball and looking up at the photographer while laying on his back.
Antonio, a shorthair tuxedo cat sitting at attention. I can only assume begging for something - be it attention or food.
Antonio, a shorthair tuxedo cat, practicing his impeccable "resting bitch face" while laying in a cat bed on my desk.
Laura Ritchie 🌸
7 months ago

This morning I had the privledge of laying a wreath in the village. There were about 80 people who came for the remembrance commemoration at the war memorial - just on the edge of the sea. It was a wonderful setting and the weather was perfect. I helped a very elderly man (soldier) walk across the field to stand and watch. He would not sit, and was greatful for an arm across the long grass and bumpy ground. It is always a moving event. #remembrance

Smiling woman, hair blowing in face, wearing a formal dark coat with a poppy! She is holding a wreath of poppies, and there is a green field with people beginning to gather near an old stone war memorial. You can see the sea in the background. Blue sky above
View inside an old church. Simple decorations, wooden candlesticks, plain cross in back of building, large windows behind made of tiny little glass bits, but all clear. On the alter is a British Leigion flag to show remembrance and respect.
another view inside the old church. Metal outline statue of a soldier, trays of candles in front of the statue- a few are lit. Poppy decorations coloured by children hanging above on a railing on the stone wall. Also visible is the grave of King Cnute's daughter (not for the occasion, but it is just located there in the church). Nice flowers behind the statue.
NationalWorld News
7 months ago

It's #ArmisticeDay so here are some beautiful images from events taking place this year.


98-year-old D-Day Veteran Bernard Morgan, whose story is among those featured on the giant poppy wall, is given a poppy by Maya Renard, aged 6, during the launch of The Royal British Legion 2022 Poppy Appeal
Locals spent four years building a cascade of over 5,000 hand-made flowers flowing from the tower, window and door of St Peter’s Church.
Poppies project on the sails of the Opera House as a member of Australian armed services plays the The Last Post during a Remembrance Day Dawn Service in Sydney
Si Jobling
7 months ago

Remember to remember at 11am. 🌺 #Remembrance

Ian Alexander Martin
7 months ago

Over on :pixelfed: PixelFed, I have a collection of 32 images of the #Remembrance Day service at Vancouver’s Cenotaph. In Canada, the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month is when we honour those who paid the ultimate price during armed conflicts. I hope the photos help people to remember. #photography

Books & Ink Bookshop
7 months ago

Syston's latest postbox topper by the original Knitting Banksy. Lest we forget. #remembrance #Armistice #LestWeForget #Poppy #Syston #Leicestershire

Knitted covering on a red postbox of khaki green with 3D military boots and helmets on top with a carpet of red poppies just in front.
Lucy Betteridge-Dyson
7 months ago

Ahead of #ArmisticeDay I’ve posted an article I wrote last year on Commonwealth War Graves Commission epitaphs. I’ve always found them incredibly moving, but we can also learn a lot from them… #CWGC #Histodons #FirstWorldWar #MilitaryHistory #SecondWorldWar #WW1 #WW2 #Remembrance @histodons

Swansea Council
7 months ago

Join us for Silence in the Square on November 11: Our city's Castle Square will fall silent for two minutes on as the nation remembers the sacrifices made by the armed forces in conflict around the world. #Remembrance #Swansea