Pixie Pain
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The first is rapidly approaching, we need $473 to make rent!

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Thank you so much!

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Remote Jobs
11 hours ago

New Remote Job: Software Engineer (L5/L6) – Low Latency Transport Design.
✅ Apply now:

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12 hours ago

👀👋 Is this you? Proxify is hiring for a Senior React Native Developer (Americas, EMEA) #remotejob #SoftwareDevelopment #remotework

12 hours ago

👨‍💻👩‍💻 Remote Job alert! - Work remotely as Senior Unity Developer at Proxify (Worldwide) #remotejob #SoftwareDevelopment #remotework

13 hours ago

Remote work, while still seen as a benefit, should be acknowledged as a fundamental right for roles fully capable of being conducted remotely. This shift is necessary for the advancement of humanity.
#remotework #remoteworking #WorkFromHome #workfromanywhere

17 hours ago

Remote work has emerged as a clear indicator, rather than a cause, that the traditional economic model, characterized by the dominance of major urban clusters and affluent downtowns, is becoming outdated.

#remotework #workfromanywhere #rto

17 hours ago

In my view, remote work holds the potential to:
- Distribute employees throughout various markets, thereby supporting underprivileged regions
- Reduce housing expenses as populations disperse
- Encourage individuals to invest in their local communities rather than upscale urban centers by saving on commuting costs
#remotework #wfh #workfromanywhere

17 hours ago

✨When office life claims to be a dream, why isn't Yahoo's 2013 #RTO mandate hailed as a triumphant tale 10 years on? Perhaps it's because it never soared to success?
#remotework #WorkFromHome #workfromanywhere #wfh

17 hours ago

Psychology: regression.
Key: monumental failure of leadership.
Return-to-office mandates aren't a testament to remote work's failure, but rather a retreat to familiarity amid economic volatility. Remote work has proven its worth; the pivot back is more about seeking the comfort of old norms than dismissing new efficiencies.
Return to office is “regression to office”.

#FutureOfWork #remotework #regression #returntooffice

1 day ago

👀👋 Is this you? Academia Europea International is hiring for a Online German teacher (Americas, Germany) #remotejob #Allothers #remotework

Option to work from the office: Cool!
Mandate to work at the office for xx% of the time: Tell me your company sucks without saying your company sucks.

#RemoteWork #Productivity

I just used for the first time for a co-working session — loved it! So much easier to stick to the task at hand when there's someone else around who's also working. #RemoteWorking #remoteWork

Open Source JobHub
3 days ago
Open Source JobHub logo with background of map with pushpins and lines
Tech news from Canada
3 days ago
Matthew Martin ☑ ✅📛
4 days ago

Do you want to work for a large organization for a meaningful mission?

I'm hiring again a Python Developer for my team.

#fediwork #FediHire #remotework #pythonjobs
We can hire if you're in DC, VA, MD, PA, TX, NC, GA, TN, RI, NM, WI, FL

See Python developer job listing here:

Max Leibman
4 days ago

My current role is hybrid, which means some days I work remotely, and other days I’m just distant.

#RemoteWork #HybridWork

4 days ago

And yet they just keep on building hulking towers of glass & steel that remain empty b/c #remotework is here to they lose $$$ & expect the city to cover their ass...greedy bastard exploiters. Wtf?
#StopthisShit #NYC #NYCCrime #WhiteCollarCrime

Aerial view of#Manhattan #NYC
Focus App
4 days ago

For everyone who loves to use the #iPad for work, Focus for iPad is now better than ever!

The new iPad app dynamically adapts and works great in Stage Manager, Spilt View, Slide Over, or full screen. You can place your Focus timer next to other apps, and make progress on your tasks!


#iOS #Productivity #Apple #Work #RemoteWork

Screenshot of the new Focus for iPad
Dan Shuman
4 days ago

One of the great joys of #RemoteWork is just being able to both live your life and get work done, without either interfering with the other.

Need to get to the bank, which can only ever be done during business hours? No problem, run out over lunch or during a slow period. Need to have a contractor out for something quick that takes 20 minutes? Answer the door, pay them when they're done, and off you go, spending the equivalent time of a bathroom break.

Alex Nedelcu ☕️
5 days ago

For #RemoteWork, at least corporations worry about inter-team communication, a legitimate worry.

The worst environment I worked in was a startup, who insisted on working from the office w/ very few exceptions. The kind that burned through other people's money. We'd gather around in a circle jerk, thinking of what to pivot to next, and how to spam people to trick them to try our shit, before we'll reach the “end of the runway”.

I'd be glad if we completely got rid of startup culture.

Alex Nedelcu ☕️
5 days ago

#RemoteWork / #WFH is not for every project or team. However, the teams that manage to do it have a competitive advantage.

▶ Cost of life is lower outside city centers of tech hubs;
▶ In tech hubs, you're competing for talent against giant corporations that over-hire;
▶ A culture of doing remote well, is a culture of flexibility;

And your ping-pong table & shared lunches can't match my home-cooked meals, or my cat purring in my lap while I think of hard problems, or the team-building retreats.

Joe Cardillo (they/them)
5 days ago

Not going to tempt fate by saying the name of it, but Jasmine Williams-Jacobs was recently nominated for a major award for their work with @blackremoteshe

Adding a thread below with a snippet from the letter of recommendation I wrote as an advisor, and the full letter is attached 🧵

HUGE congrats to Jasmine as they continue to drive serious impact 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

#Startups #Founders #Visionaries #RemoteWork #EquitableWork #Awards #BlackRemoteShe

Letter of Recommendation

May 15, 2023

Dear Awards team,

It is with great admiration and appreciation that I recommend Jasmine Jacobs, founder of Black Remote She, for an award. Simply put, their work is essential, timely, and precisely what our society needs at this critical moment.

| had the great fortune of connecting with Jasmine in mid-2020 and was instantly impressed with how they sprang into action, creating a platform for Black queer, trans women, and non-binary individuals seeking remote work.

Jasmine’s vision for the platform was clear and compelling from the start, and | readily agreed to serve as an advisor because it was obvious they were building something of deep value that addressed a massive opportunity gap I'd seen firsthand working for and hiring in startups for close to a decade.

There are many things | could say in this recommendation letter, but | prefer to keep it simple and say this: the results speak for themselves. 

Over the last 3 years, Black Remote She has grown from a list of jobs emailed to a handful of subscribers into a thriving community and leading advocate for flexible opportunities and equitable workplaces. 

1,600+ people are on the subscriber list, 60% of whom open emails on a monthly basis, the website receives 5,000+ visits per month, and Black Remote She is on target to increase revenue by 50%+ each of the last two years.
Equally powerful are the stories. I receive ‘I GOT AN AMAZING JOB BECAUSE OF BLACK REMOTE SHE” emails and social media messages 2-3 times per month, and I'm not even the founder.

| believe this is because Black Remote She not only fills a gap in the market, but it is also because of Jasmine’s unique voice, vision, and consistency in providing connections, education, and stable, secure job opportunities.

Additionally, Jasmine regularly reinforces job seekers through virtual coffee chats, surfacing resources & funding opportunities, and speaking about how equitable work environments can and should function. Their impact is clear not just because they choose to do this extra work, but because they do it with care, intention, and follow-through.

On a personal level, as a former marketing and communications professional, I've also been impressed by their work to build and scale a community, all while addressing racial inequity and bridging gender, gender identity, and economic gaps.

That is a valuable strategy in the context of marketing, and I expect their upward growth trend will continue to accelerate as the network effects of building a community kick in, something I've seen happen many times at the 3, 4 and 5-year marks in social impact organizations.

I’m pleased to serve as an advisor to Jasmine and Black Remote She and grateful for the opportunity to share my perspective on their work.
Mark Chandler
5 days ago

For the love of deity, people using walking desks during zoom meetings is distracting AF.

#RemoteWork #Zoom

InfoWorld :press:
5 days ago

Does #Zoom struggle in a #hybrid work environment? Find out more on in #TodayInTech with #KeithShawTekGuy

WATCH here:

#RemoteWork #futureofwork #press

6 days ago

Gran video resumen de la experiencia de Pueblos Remotos Te lo recomiendo. #remotework #lapalma

6 days ago

In terms of #remotework it’s not surprising - people dislike the commute. Childcare is also important.

Business leaders should be thinking about this (but they aren’t) as they trot out “productivity” falsehoods.

6 days ago

Jameson Alea is on stage addressing inclusivity through remote work - their first at #DevConf

#inclusion #diversity #remotework

Marina Kraus
1 week ago

Working remotely is not a benefit, it's a mindset but most companies stick to the principle: you only work when I can see you in the office. Makes me sad and angry. Really disappointing, this "digital world".

#RemoteWork #WorkAnywhere #NoCommute #StopCommuting #DontWasteYourTime

Larry Cornett
1 week ago

This place is more like a BearBnB than an Airbnb, amirite? 😂

Spending time in Juneau with my wife and daughter for a week.

#remotework #workingfromanywhere #workingfromalaska #bear #blackbear #InvincibleCareer #InvincibleLife

Two bears
Sebastian Walla
1 week ago

We at CrowdStrike are looking for a colleague that helps me study threats to the cloud! We are a remote first company, have a great data set, and I need some help to handle this influx of cloud cases. You would work as my direct counterpart in the Global Threat Analysis Cell which is focused on finding trends and clusters activities to adversaries with the intent of producing threat intelligence. The next SPIDER/…/PANDA/BEAR could carry a name that you chose:

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me via direct message.

I know the job description states USA-Remote but I’m sure we are more flexible on the location as I am based in Europe.
#cloudsecurity #cloud #threatintel #hiring #aws #azure #gcp #FediHire #fedihired #remotework #remote

Harald Walker
1 week ago

Elon Musk rips into working remotely. See what ‘Shark Tank’ host Kevin O’Leary has to say on CNN
#remotework #workfromanywhere #remote #musk

Ain Tohvri
1 week ago

A multibillionaire explaining the moral problems of #remotework to the “laptop class” of the society that lives in the La La Land.|twitter|main|verticalvideo #Musk

Pixie Pain
1 week ago

Ello! Crowdfunding rent for June as I am yet out of work, despite my best efforts.

Anything and everything helps, please share my post if you can't donate 💗.

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Franz van Betteraey
1 week ago

@womanintech Wie so oft sind auch in dieser Umfrage die Fragen nicht leicht zu beantworten. Aber das Thema ist ja auch nicht leicht. Ich teile den Aufruf gerne und bin gespannt auf die Ergebnisse. Vielleicht bringst Du das Thema ja auch mit zur #JSail ;-)
#HomeOffice #RemoteWork #Software

O the struggle to kick workers in the behind in order to make real estate and rental market function like it traditionally has.

#RealEstate #RemoteWork

NYC Skyscrapers Sit Vacant, Exposing Risk City Never Predicted

City says vacancy rate won't dip below 19% before 2026 
Office vacancies hit a record 22.7% this year amid remote work.

Image: Desks at an office in New York.
Photographer: Amir Hamja Bloomberg

By Laura Nahmias, Natalie Wong and Dayana Mustak May 18, 2023 at 10:00 AM EDT

The atrium at 60 Wall Street was once a thoroughfare for thousands of Deutsche Bank AG employees.
1 week ago

"Spacetop is an #AugmentedReality laptop for #RemoteWork on the go"

Awesome!! #Innovation like this will help adapt to #WfH & #WfWW!

Also exposes those demanding #ReturnToOffice as lacking the imagination needed to lead the #FutureOfWork

HT @engadget

1 week ago

Tomorrow is the first day of my summer job where I get to Remote Work. And it just makes me incredibly happy.

Don't have to get up at 6.30am to work at 8.30am.

Don't have to worry about packing lunch.

Don't really have to worry about clothes or make up.

Will be home at 4pm instead of 6. Will still have hours in the day to live my life.

Don't have to force myself to sleep at 10pm.

Don't have to deal with the everpresent openly coughing or sneezing people in the bus, there is always at least one these days.

Don't have to deal with people who come to work while sick.

Will not get sick.

Nobody will interrupt my concentration every five minutes.

Can have hyperfocus-burst and breaks in between in peace and get a lot done without pretending to be neurotypical.

Can listen to music to focus.

Can go to the toilet in peace.

Don't have to spend any money.

No shoes.

No bra.

Probably no pants.

#RemoteWork #adhd #HellYeah

Frederic Jacobs
2 weeks ago

“The share of job seekers who relocated to take up a new position fell to 1.6%, the lowest level on record”

- Remote/Hybrid Positions
- Higher interest rates -> especially when moving requires people to sell an existing home that’s financed with a mortgage locked in at low costs.

2 weeks ago

The anti-wfh/remote work thing blows my mind when it comes from VPs/execs.

I recall a VP at a previous company who didn’t allow any of his team to wfh, but he worked from home 1-2 times week because he lived an hour away and that was a crazy commute.

The hypocrisy 🤦🏽‍♂️

#wfh #remotework #productivity

Anybody need any help with vulnerability/ patch management or Microsoft PKI (if you have Active Directory in your organization you probably are already using ADCS or you should be)? Almost 20 years experience. I’m semi-retired and would love to do some part-time work helping out a charity or NGO remotely. I managed the Microsoft PKI for a large critical infrastructure/ utility before I retired last year. #fediwork #mastowork #fedijobs #mastojobs #remotework

Mathew Samuel
2 weeks ago

#RemoteWork, and the #RTO regression at Big Tech

It seems to me that this push for RTO has a few drivers.

1. Power
2. Stealth layoffs -- cost
3. Incompetent management

Clearly remote work was very successful, and these companies made more money than ever. So I think really it's a combination of all 3 reasons.

Once they get rid of the Silicon Valley salaries, then they can hire in other cheaper locations offshore or in the US. I think this is the meat of it.


2 weeks ago

Manufacturing consent in full swing

#Remote #RemoteWork

Bloomberg headline reads:
Remote Work Comes With Daytime Drug and Drinking Habit
 — Remote Work Comes With Daytime Drug and Drinking Habits. Cocaine, benzodiazepines and other drugs are no longer after-hours activities.
Ben Waber
2 weeks ago

Last was a thorough talk by Bledi Taska on how #RemoteWork has spread across jobs, companies, and geography at the #Oxford Martin School. This is great work on understanding the demand side of remote work, and necessary for organizations to understand as they weigh talent tradeoffs moving forward (10/10)

3 weeks ago

Friendly reminder: we often overcomplicate our work and forget to appreciate life's simple pleasures. No fancy setup or powerful computers are needed to get the job done. Sometimes, less really is more.

#coffee #dev #remotework #wfh #codelife #developer #tmux #vim #nvim #development #devops #coffice #micropost

The iPad showing some blurry code session, airpods and a coffee on a cafeteria's table.

Stiamo allargando il nostro team, e stiamo cercando 🖥️ sviluppatori #Python / #Django / #FastAPI 🚢 appassionati del proprio #lavoro a cui piaccia lavorare in gruppo

#RemoteWork #Web

Pixie Pain
3 weeks ago

Crowdfunding employment costs


Please share if you can't donate 💗

I am presently trying to get money together to get licenses for software for decent-paying work and hopefully finally reach some self-sufficiency.

#MutualAid #Crowdfunding #immunocompromised #remotework #TransCrowdFund

Shawn Hooper (he/him)
3 weeks ago

I need paint colour inspiration for my new home office. Bedroom sized, not a lot of light.

What does yours look like?

#wfh #homeoffice #remotework

3 weeks ago

"@Microsoft #Teams getting animated backgrounds for your meetings"

Coz that'll fix #RemoteWork & #HybridWork issues for #WfH staff living a dystopian #FutureOfWork, right? 🙄

Tho @MicrosoftTeams could hardly get worse.

I'll take my downvotes offline.

The post-pandemic shift to #remotework, particularly prevalent in tech, has naturally impacted downtown #SanFrancisco, especially with its over-reliance on commercial real estate, more severely than other cities.

This is almost never part of the national dialogue.

Source: National Bureau of Economic Research

Chart from National Bureau of Economic Research March 2023 study on Remote Work across Jobs, Companies and Space. Trends show "Share of Postings Offering Hybrid or Fully Remote Work vary across US cities." While all have trended upward to varying degrees since 2019, San Francisco is shown as the clear outlier at roughly 30% of job postings being remote. The national average is about 1/3 of that at just over 10%.
bevuta IT
3 weeks ago

Effizient zusammenarbeiten mit Menschen, die man noch nie getroffen hat? Das geht! Tun wir jeden Tag. Und in unserer Artikelserie zu #RemoteTeamwork erzählen wir davon. #RemoteWork #HomeOffice #MobilesArbeiten

4 weeks ago

I'm going to share with you my best, most important, most secret #RemoteWork hack:

At lunchtime, I wear an apron

This trick has saved so many shirts from salad dressing and it works so much better than a cloth napkin tucked into the collar

So essentially, I wear an adult bib at home when I eat

You're welcome!

4 weeks ago

📢 Job Opening: OONI Project Manager ✨

Apply to join our team to help manage our software dev work, supporting a global community measuring internet censorship. 🐙

This is a full-time, fully remote position.

Applications reviewed on a rolling basis.

#ooni #hiring #remotework #opensource #projectmanager

Cody Walton
1 month ago

Attention #recruiters: I’m looking for a new #uidesign #uiuxdesign #productdesign job. #freelance or #fulltime. #remotework or #relocation. Let's build #designsystems in #figma . Get in touch for portfolio access.

Mike Buckthought (he/him)
1 month ago

“Remote work is here to stay, so let's get on with it. It's time for downtown Ottawa to reinvent itself.”

Ottawa Citizen: Let the public servants work from home

#Ottawa #RemoteWork #telework #PSACStrike

1 month ago

Good day netizens. My name is Blue, and May 2023 marks my 9th year in the IT industry. I have worked a variety of roles from hands-on computer repair to NOC tech to Sys admin and more. In that time, I have accrued several certifications including the #CompTIA Net+, Sec+, Pen+, and CNVP. I'm currently looking for #remotework ideally for anywhere in the #US . I'm targeting #cybersecurity roles, since that is what I am passionate about and have my certifications in, but I am also open to other IT roles such as sysadmin, netadmin, etc. I'm a #trans woman #caretaker trying to provide for her #LGBTQIA family and any increase in pay would greatly help us make ends meet as we try to #flee our unsafe state and live in relative peace. Boosts and sharing is welcome, thanks for your time and help. #getfedihired #breakingintoinfosec #infosec #informationtechnology #sysadmin #netadmin

Tom Jowitt
1 month ago

This is such a strange article. On one side, a disgruntled cafe owner telling people to toughen up so his business will be ok, and commercial landlords getting worried. Then a couple of small paragraphs towards the end outlining the greater good.

I don't want to see any small businesses suffer but berating people for working from home ain't it.

#wfh #remotework

Some of the financial repercussions of WFH will be that wealth is redistributed, with workers more likely to buy their lunch from their suburban eatery, rather than in the city. There is also an environmental upside that accompanies a reduction in commuting.

Gruen says the impact of any major structural change in society will be cushioned by low unemployment, with levels currently near record lows.
Cheryl Platz :verified:
1 month ago

#RiotGames rolled out some new company-level Google Meet backgrounds, and I've been using one of them to hide some clutter in my normally Pikachu-heavy office background.

Chaos #Pikachu is not having any of it. #gameDev #remoteWork

Cheryl is seen with a virtual background of the Riot office front door, but her giant Pikachu plush is bursting out from the AI removal.

What I find interesting about this new narrative is it completely ignores the data. CEOs “feel” or “believe” people are more productive in the office, at their desk, in a cubicle. But didn’t we also just boast the most productive few years even with Covid? So which is it?? Or is this really more about power and control than it is productivity? It’s about a lack of trust. #RemoteWork #Productivity

Of course a billionaire who made his fortunes off commercial real estate is going to say remote work is “bullshit.” #RemoteWork #RealEstate

1 month ago

Next month will be my 9 year anniversary in the #IT industry. I'm still somehow trying to break into the #infosec realm, but at some point if I keep trying, it has to happen... right? #getfedihired #remotework

Vayl Larkin (they/them)
1 month ago

Hey @Mastodon! My friend is looking for an entry-level copywriting or web-coding job with a remote option. He's not disabled, but I am vulnerable and he's trying to reduce exposure. He's in Pittsburgh and not looking to relocate, but happy to work remote anywhere. MFA from Rutgers, portfolio available on request.

#jobsearch #pittsburgh #copywriting #webcoding #remotework #covid

1 month ago

Repeat after me:


(a.k.a. 'this could've been an effin' email')

I (wrongly) assumed that after 3+ years practicing #remoteWork, this should've been a standard practice meanwhile.

*Especially* amongst seasoned fellow #agile coaches.



aka ginger
1 month ago

so yeah, if you have any websites for job searching that aren't indeed or linkedin

or actual jobs for me to look at

or are hiring

please feel free to reach out to me here.

if i don't fav your response, or reply to it, i probably did not see it (your instance may be blocked/silenced here in which case: please reach out on another instance or have a friend on another instance reach out)

#GetFediHired #FediHired #FediJobs #RemoteWork #RemoteJobs

aka ginger
1 month ago


looking for #RemoteWork

i am a quick learner and work well in teams or independently

i have experience in/with:
-data management and entry (inventory management, data organizing)
-researching, writing and editing (guides, papers, blogs, educational materials)
-community management/moderation and social media (tiktok, insta, FB, fedi, etc)
-office management and organization (quickbooks, shopify, google docs)
-counseling and crisis management (ehr)

Anders Eknert
2 months ago

Reminder: remote work does not equate working from home. It just means *you* get to choose where to spend your working time. If you prefer an office, there are plenty of options to choose from almost anywhere in the world. And as an added bonus, it’ll be an office that comes without the usual politics and drama.

#RemoteJob #RemoteWork #WFH

2 months ago

I’ve run into a few people who are salaried (not contracted) by more than one employer — taking advantage during the pandemic of remote work. One person boasted of 3 full time positions (the bosses were unaware of the other employers). So he’s pulling 3 good paychecks. Clever, but how ethical? Even if a genius at time management, these are jobs that others might need. Maybe a good reason to get people back on site? #Ethics #RemoteWork #Employment #TechSector

2 months ago

I love how GSuite logs me out at completely random times. Like, say, in the middle of a conference call on Meet.

#RemoteWork #GSuite #Google