2 days ago


Yup. Techies have to do a better job of educating the non-technical among their friends and associates, otherwise they fall for this bullshit.

Basically, if using a thing means it has to phone home for permission, you do not own that thing, you will never own that thing, and that thing can, and likely will, be taken from you with no notice at some point in the future.

#ownership #drm #license #copyright #rent

foggy ruins
4 days ago

Reading Dr. Kaufman’s Transcend and I keep coming back to the cost of living. How many more of us could, *would* contribute to the flourishing of humanity (ending #poverty, eradicating disease, space exploration, etc.) if we didn't have to constantly worry if we could pay the #rent?

donAlvar_en :anarchoheart3:
4 days ago

📣 Calling all Partick Housing Association residents 📣

In April, #PHA (#PartickHousingAssociation) tenants and their fellow #LivingRent members won agreements from PHA to re-examine their #RentConsultation process, particularly its reach and security. But PHA have yet again released a survey that is badly publicised and not password protected. So, we are publicising their consultation event for them.

Go along this Thursday to ensure your views will be heard:
Thursday 7th December, PHA Boardroom
Two slots: 3:30 - 5pm or 6-7:30pm
All PHA #Tenants welcome. #Glasgow #Partick #Rent #Housing #SocialHousing

Register via this link:

@Toastie This is complete BS. Every NA deserves #UBI as reparation for the colonial genocide perpetrated against them.

I’ve coined a novel name for the payments: #RENT

Shiny Amygdala, ph.D
5 days ago

Landlord came in today with maintenance. Saw the mold and blamed us for it being there even though there's a leaky gutter on the other side of the closet wall. Our closet was tidy. I keep my mobility scooter in there and we store one of the children's extra medical supplies in there, protected inside black plastic garbage bags. The landlord saw what was in the bags because two of them were open and the medical supplies were inside. He literally called our belongings "trash" and that the mold was there because of all our "garbage" (medical supplies and my mobility scooter)

The maintenance man had to saw a hole in the wall and and look around.

He covered it with plastic and left.

We aren't hearing word back about when they are finishing the repair or what to expect.

We need to file a claim with our renters insurance because we had to throw out all the families shoes and winter boots, 4 coats and $300 worth of medical supplies that we were storing in there, because it was all covered in that mold.

The landlord called our belongings trash, all while tossing our things out of our closet (our belongings that were stored in there are ruined from mold)
We video and audio recorded the entire interaction

Here's what our wall looks like now, and we are expected to clean up the drywall and mold mess they left behind

#LandLords #Michigan #rent #HousingCrisis #disability #discrimination #CivilRights #Housing #ChronicIllness #Spoonie #Section8 #Families

View of inside entryway closet shows a large square hole cut into drywall
 Dust and dirt are on the floor beneath it. 

The hole is covered with clear plastic
Steve Maclellan
5 days ago

On the Brink: A Nova Scotia family and the ‘never-ending struggle’ to survive

On the Brink: A Nova Scotia family and the ‘never-ending struggle’ to survive
Rafa Font 🌻 🇪🇺 🏀
6 days ago

How AirBnb is driving prices up in Brussels:

For every additional Airbnb property added per 100 regular households in a neighbourhood – the increase in the rental prices overall was of 1.6% on average

Also, the attraction of tourists leads to an increase in prices in other areas, making life harder to afford for local residents

Source: study by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel about rental prices 2015-2020

From TheMayor.EU

#AirBnb #Rent #Brussels

6 days ago

"So let’s talk about #Flex.

I’ve been getting email from them and my apartment complex. Flex is a new #payment options where they take your #rent and divide it over two to four payments. But of course flex has it own #fee.

So essentially Flex pays your rent with a fee and you pay flex back. Sounds good right.

But I did some digging because they are pushing this so hard.

Come to find out, Flex is horrible. It doesn’t tell you how much the fee is until you sign up. Once you sign up it’s damm near impossible to get out of it.

So let’s say you need to split September rent, but in October you are fine. You still have to go thru flex and pay the fee.

Then I found this article. Not only could the lady not get out of flex, she ended up owing them about 1k in fees.

That #article also states that Flex as a #business has 1 out of 5 stars on BBB. Their customer service is damm never nonexistent.

But I think we are missing a bigger issue. #Apartments are pushing flex because they know people can not afford the rent. And because people can’t afford the rent there are more #evictions and loss of payment. So instead of lowering the rent they push flex. They want it to seem like they are helping when they are not.

Most people get evicted and the apartment never get their money. 7 years later it falls off your credit report.

So to keep people in these buildings and to keep a steady income they offer some shit like flex.

It’s #predatory and will most likely leave a #tenant in worst standing than before.

Please don’t use it."

I'm still waiting for outlets to pay me for #freelance work that I did in August. It's December 2nd and I don't know when those payments are coming. It's why I'm pushing #Substack subscriptions or if you wish, donations to my #PayPal tip jar. I've posted links out to both this week. I'm not going to make my #rent payment in January at this rate. I definitely won't make it to the awards show either.

1 week ago

Today in Labor History December 2, 2016: Thirty-six people died in a fire at the Ghost Ship, a converted warehouse in Oakland, California, serving as an artist collective. At the time, the warehouse was hosting a concert. However, the warehouse was zoned for industrial purposes. Residential and entertainment uses were illegal. Of the 80 to 100 people attending the concert, 36 died, making it the deadliest fire in the history of Oakland. The authorities arrested Ghost Ship's master tenant Derick Almena and his assistant Max Harris and charged them with felony involuntary manslaughter. After a series of mistrials, Harris was acquitted. On January 22, 2021, Almena pled guilty to 36 charges of involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 12 years in prison. With time served, he was expected to be able to serve his sentence in 18 months of home confinement while wearing an ankle monitor. A building inspector, a Child Protective Services agent, six members of the fire department, and three police officers had been to the building several times, but never mentioned any violations. Building owner, Chor Ng, plead the 5th, and never served any time. PG&E eventually paid some damages, as the fire originated with faulty electrical.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #fire #police #rent #housing #art #collective #GhostShip #oakland

12-2-2016 Ghostship warehouse fire in Oakland, Ca.By Janna487 -, Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
Xena Rathon
1 week ago

Reminder that rent is due!
#rent #cash #money #bills #due

Should You #Rent or #Buy? The New #Math.

For many #millennials, buying a #home has become almost entirely out of reach. Average 30-year #mortgage rates are hovering around 7 percent — the highest they’ve been since 2007 — largely because of the Federal Reserve’s efforts to tame #inflation.

You know rent is out of control in Toronto when some hotels are offering month-long stay packages for less than the average rent in the city (currently $2980/month).

The Don Valley Hotel is offering a month-long stay packages priced at $2k/month + tax and includes things like parking & amenities. Only major downside is that the rooms don't have a kitchen but has microwave & fridge.

#Toronto #housing #rent #hotels #Ontario #Canada

Neil Hopkins (He/Him)
1 week ago

Hey #bristol friends...

Does anyone know of a room for #rent which would suit a professional #Counsellor (Psychotheraputic Humanistic, to be precise?) on an hourly rate?

Would need to be private, clean, quiet etc - all of the things that you might image you'd appreciate if you were seeking #therapy

Any suggestions or pointers would be great!

F👸🏽 Trans :flag_trans:
2 weeks ago

Urgent I have to pay the rent right now🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️

There is only $100 left to cover the rent, we are very close, please, this is desperate, could someone send them right now, I beg you, I don't have more time💔🙏🏽

#MutualAid #TransCrowdfund #translivesmatter #HelpFolksLive2023 #fundraising #crowdfunding #trans #rent #urgent #Donate @lgbtqbookstodon @mutualaid


2 weeks ago

The looming threat of eviction is uh... not my favourite

#onpoli #housing #rent

Chris Henrick
2 weeks ago

Today I realized that as of this month I've been working on for 9 years! I started this project while in the MFA Design and Technology program at Parsons in #NYC when I was a fledgling web developer and UX designer. While the code is still a bit ugly I've been making small and large improvements to it over the years, and that has felt good. It's also still fairly popular (~50k page views last year). Github repo: #webdev #housing #rent #civictech

Screenshot of the output of "git log --resverse" showing the initial git commit on Friday November 21st.
Screenshot of the homepage of Am I Rent Stabilized dot com. The landing page / call to action states "Half of all apartments in NYC are rent stabilized. Find out if yours is on of them."
stephen m 🍞🌹🇵🇸
2 weeks ago

So wait, what happens if capital also doesn't like landlords...?

...spoiler alert capital can and will conflict with itself too #Boston #Rent #Economy

There's nothing more frustrating than needing to pay #rent and freelance outlets are behind in paying me. If you like my work and would like to show support to a #Jewish #transgender #film critic, please consider a paying subscription to my Substack. I need to get at least five new founding subscriptions this week or 11 yearly subscriptions. It would be nice to have at least 125 monthly subs but it's unlikely.

2 weeks ago

these #nazi #fascist #rightwing #parasite #landlords take #rent each fortnight then invite me to a #social gathering to rub salt in the wound.... fuck you landlords! :antifa_100:

F👸🏽 Trans :flag_trans:
2 weeks ago

Good morning friends, I am still behind on my rent, please I need to get the money soon otherwise you will throw me out on the street, I beg you for a little help since I need around $600 to cover the rent, I hope the good people can you help me in this difficult time🏳️‍⚧️💞
#MutualAid #translivesmatter #TransCrowdfund #trans #rent #HelpFolksLive2023 #LGBT @lgbtqbookstodon @mutualaid$BlackTransss

F👸🏽 Trans :flag_trans:
3 weeks ago

Urgent Rent Payment🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️

I have received my first donation ($50) I am so happy I hope I can make it soon I don't want to go back to the streets please help me get the funds for the rent any help counts, share with other friends who can help I hope the trans community can help me in this difficult time🙏🏼😔

@BlackMastodon @mutualaid #MutualAid #MutualAidRequest #TransCrowdfund #Transgender #trans #rent #LGBT$BlackTransss

@rms It helps in countries like #india , where the houses of not even rich landlords ( who #rent) are being trashed with government buldozer , based on their religious orientation and activism

3 weeks ago


TLDR: Ray White real estate agents try to make tenants use some service that makes them pay a fee (and provide their private info) to pay rent.

Tenants are allowed to refuse to use this.

F👸🏽 Trans :flag_trans:
3 weeks ago

I'm so scared I don't want to lose my home ever again it's the hardest thing in the world there are a lot of bad people out there who just want to hurt me just for being a different person please don't hesitate to help me stay in my home.
#BlackLivesMatter #rent #MutualAid #TransCrowdfund #translivesmatter #trans #crowdfund #MutualAidRequest
@mutualaid @Yehuda @IndigenousMutualAid

F👸🏽 Trans :flag_trans:
3 weeks ago

Friends, I need your help, it's almost the end of the month and I have to cover the rent soon because they could throw me out on the street again, please, I'm begging you for a little help because I don't want to go through another difficult time out there, I just want be safe, don't hesitate to donate and share as much as you can every help is a blessing💔😔

Rent Payment:750$

#MutualAidRequest #trans #TransCrowdfund #rent #MutualAid @mutualaid$BlackTransss

Big Cajun Man [aw]
3 weeks ago

You Want WHAT Information

As a guarantor for a renter, why must I give out enough information for anyone to create a fake identity?
#Rent #Guarantor

3 weeks ago

#rent : a break or breach made by force

- French: loyer

- German: mieten

- Italian: affitto

- Portuguese: aluguer

- Spanish: alquiler


Report an incorrect translation @

SubtleBlade ⚔️
3 weeks ago

'Find out where you can afford to #buy or #rent in Great #Britain

The typical household cannot afford to buy a mid-price home in almost half of postal districts, while renting is unsustainable in others. Use the map below to see where is affordable for you'
#ToryPoliciesInAction #Housing

Brent Pruitt :: Artist
3 weeks ago

i've been waiting 2 years for repairs from my #landlord
though limited in scope, any improvement in regulation of the industry of leeches would be well received…

#Rental #RealEstate #capitalism #uspolitics #uspol #biden #Rent #RentIsTooDamnHigh

Mom: Looking for a lighter so I can light my candle. Do you Have any idea where they ALL went? Me to my brain: don’t say it, don’t say it… me out loud: would you light my caaaandle! #lateNight #family #rent #musical #funny #candles

♦ Y U R E ii ♦
3 weeks ago

Hello Mastodon🧡 please your kind help/support is very much appreciated I'm 40$ short & Due for my rent bill payment 🙏🥺😢

Kindly boost/help

#MutualAid #rent #Mastodon #Fediverse #kindnessmatters #Toot #MutualAidRequest #today

Steve Maclellan
3 weeks ago

'Hard pill to swallow': Seniors respond to rent increases at southwest Calgary retirement home

'Hard pill to swallow': Seniors respond to rent increases at southwest Calgary retirement home
3 weeks ago

Hey everyone the holidays are upon us, in the US. This year of injury and unemployment has been brutal for backstory and some poetry.

I desperately need help remaining housed. Goal: 888 for a month. Please donate, share always, pray.

Please share, donate, pray. #rent #mutualaid and v: @ skillingmesoftly are fastest. Gratitude. @BlackMastodon #Writingcommunity #catsofmastodon fam please amplify. Gratitude to all. 🙏🏾🥹#federatedprofile

Collage of Sasha, a Russian Blue Kitty, in various stages of cuteness, posing on her favorite blanket. i miss her very much.
TastingTraffic Social®
3 weeks ago

📛 DISCLAIMER: We Don't Cover the News | We Cover the 'Way' the #News is #COVERED_UP! 👿



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See Pie chart attached. We were waiting for a name of the (less than 1% INSIDER ILLEGAL TRADER) USING OUT STOLEN HFT SOFTWARE.

Do we think it was #Warren_Buffet? OH NO.. >> but we would start your investigation with ( #DAY_TRADERS = #BINGO!) all the #NEW_YORK_STOCK_BROKERS that has done #BUSINESS WITH #WARREN_BUFFET in the last 10 years! There you will find all lowlife(S) #STOCKBROKERS for a Future #FIRING_SQUAD!




Here is why.

We Invented #HFT (High Frequency Trading) that this government or main stream news has not even mentioned the term SINCE 2007?? --bc it’s #STOLEN_SOFTWARE from our #Company (WEBTRAFFICBROKERS.COM AKA HIS ENTERPRISES INC.) btw 1999-2007. with MASSIVE PROOF.

Just ask AT& (#ATT.COM). We bought their EXPIRED domain name early 2000's in a millisecond when they allowed their OWN domain NAME to EXPIRE for #not_paying thier #RENT/lease. (before the #redemption_period was implemented and was policy ;)

You see folk this software trades in milliseconds and now with #fiber_optic will trade in #nano_seconds. (that’s a billionth of a second).


#Hanging the #Carrot and MANIPULATING Markets at the same time. (Creating a Hope of Gain; Fear of Loss Scenario;) In fact, this software can go back in time..(like a tape recorder: Stop, Play, Rewind and Forward within 1 millisecond intervals) like #Back to the #Future to #PREDICT (aka #SURE_BET) what they already know.. See attached images..

And why in the past you see BIG SPIKES and BIG JUMPS in USA Stock Markets (aka Massive #RED). Stocks Blinking from red to green and green to red. That's the our stolen HFT software making #IF and #ELSE #DECISIONS -that can be seen with a #trained #NAKED_EYE until the #algorithms are #dialed_in.


As Mentioned above folks we were able to see this fraud bc you need to actually #RUN_REAL_TRADES through the software to #DIAL IN the #ALGORITHMS to CONCEAL ALL TRADES TO THE NAKED EYE and is Goal!


The Treasury Dept. are currently the biggest money launderers on the planet.



This of course is a #complete_manipulation of the American Peoples #Trust involving A #Crooked #Treasury_Dept. AND crooked #Janet_Yellen WHO NEEDS TO BE FIRED ASAP!

YOU are not TRUSTWORTHY whatsoever to manage any #BANKING_SECTOR whatsoever. You lost your RIGHT to manage anything LONG AGO..


So what happens next..? For the next who knows how many month to years they will keep PUMPING UP these #USA_OWNED #BIG_TECH Stocks THROUGH USA OWNED MAIN STREAM MEDIA THAT THEY CONTROL.

Yes people you are NOW competing with your OWN Government to make money.


~I wonder what our #fore_fathers are now saying NOW?? surely --ROLLING IN THEIR #GRAVES.. as we speak!~

The Treasury Dept. has become a #CASINO! Just ask #Australia --#Bidens new found friend and his first #announcement almost at inauguration?? Its not about nuclear submarines-- its about a WORLD WIDE CASINO and Theft.

And what are #Casino's EXPERTs AT??


Btw I was a local in Vegas;) Learned how to eat and gamble all day with a 1 dollar chip..

Do not invest in these losing companies. If you do you will lose everything and we don't #lie.

I am going to tell you the future as plain as day.

META will be SHUT DOWN the day its actually launches. Either Physically or electronically or by Government order.


Because Mark Zuckerberg is spearheading #ONLINE_VIRTUAL_PORNOGRAPHY WITH #TOUCH_VISON that all other countries will NOT allow and WILL BLOCK AND OR SHUT IT DOWN.

👁️ 👁️ Btw back in the day the first pic I saw took 45 min to download onto my Panasonic laptop. I used by blackberry cell phone for internet connection >> 800 baud.
It was a naked woman. The Internet started with #PORNOGRAPHY and will #NOT END WITH PORNOGRAPHY -- NOT ON OUR #WATCH! 👁️ 👁️


Supporting Video here:

#White_Collar #Criminologist #Bill_Black

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See Pie chart attached. We were waiting for a name of the (less than 1% INSIDER ILLEGAL TRADER) USING OUT STOLEN HFT SOFTWARE. 

Do we think it was #Warren_Buffet? OH NO.. >> but we would start your investigation with ( #DAY_TRADERS = #BINGO!) all the #NEW_YORK_STOCK_BROKERS that has done #BUSINESS WITH #WARREN_BUFFET in the last 10 years! There you will find all lowlife(S) #STOCKBROKERS for a Future #FIRING_SQUAD! 




Here is why.
PoliticalPuffin in the UK
3 weeks ago

@RedForkian @RedForkian We here in the UK feel ya 😞 The last option appeals to me. Trouble is we no longer have commons. Someone has 'property rights' of every square inch of the planet. You pay the rich one way or another, they've made sure if that. Reform will not change this. Only a new system will.

#rent #commons #Landlords #Socialism #Capitalism #Communism

Poetry News
4 weeks ago

Oh inflation, you wily yet fleeting thing
Your price rises are rarely a fling
Though gas prices are falling
Rent costs keep climbing
And so you stand strong and cling

#inflation #economy #gasprices #rent #ode #poetry

PJ Coffey
4 weeks ago

Today I learnt about rent strikes. Very interesting.
@neil - “Revenge of the Renter”

This is a fascinating, scary article, about the impact of investment-centric landlords on communities in Canada, and the risks and opportunities of ongoing rent strikes.

#rent #rentStrikes #landlords #collectiveAction #Activism

4 weeks ago

Vancouver leads the way as Canadian rent prices hit new high for 6th month in a row: report
😲 🤦 😬
Average rent for one-bedroom in Canada reached $1,906 in October; in Vancouver it was $2,872

#rent #canada #inflation #canpoli #news

4 weeks ago

#urgent #Update 90/230 #rent pastdue as of😖11/10 to remain housed for another week. 140 needed today to stay housed and avoid fees. goal for month. 800 Backstory and #Poetry @

Please share, donate, pray. #rent #mutualaid #urgent . and v: @ skillingmesoftly are fastest. Gratitude. @BlackMastodon @mutualaid #Writingcommunity #catsofmastodon fam please amplify. Gratitude to all. 🙏🏾🥹

Me and Sasha having a selfie. she would be 15. I miss her very much.
Alan Rycroft 🇨🇦
4 weeks ago

Revenge of the Renter in Canada

Hundreds of tenants, struggling to afford skyrocketing rents, are refusing to pay their landlords at all. They call it a rent strike. The landlords say it’s illegal. An inside look at the frontier of a growing class war

#rent #strike #rights #HumanRights #housing #affordability #tenant #union #organize #organise

4 weeks ago

"November 2023 Report : The annual rate of rent growth in Canada was 9.9% in October, moderating slightly from the 11.1% annual pace in September but representing the second fastest annual increase of the past seven months. Average asking rents increased 1.4% month-over-month in October, somewhat slower than monthly gains of 1.5% in September and 1.8% in August, due to seasonal factors."
#rent #housing #canada #rental

1 month ago

#update 30/230 needed tonight to avoid fees and remain housed for another week. 800 goal for month. Backstory and #Poetry @

Please share, donate, pray. #rent #mutualaid #urgent . and v: @ skillingmesoftly are fastest. Gratitude. @BlackMastodon @mutualaid #Writingcommunity please amplify.

Close up of an older man's smiling wrinkled eyes. Man is possibly of Middle Eastern Origin

And yes, #WeWork are at least in part responsible for the #Greedflation that increased espechally #OfficeSpace but generally all #rent prices across the board!

Jack of all trades
1 month ago

The jury's still out on whether American workers really see themselves as "temporarily embarrassed millionaires," but America's capitalists have a palpable, undeniable loathing for capitalism. The dream of an American "entrepreneur" is passive income: money you get from owning something capitalists and/or workers use to create value.

#capitalism #feudalism #rent #PassiveIncome #FIRE

1 month ago

Good afternoon, at 90/275. pastdue #urgent #rent Please continue to share, donate if you can, pray. #MutualAid or v @skillingsmesoftly are fastest for me. 🥹#caturday #CatsofMastodon fam please amplify. @BlackMastodon @mutualaid

My baby sister, Sasha, a Russian Blue kitty in various stages of adorkableness. She would be 14-15 years old. I miss her very much.
1 month ago

Update! 35/275 due 11/3, folks gave out of their need. Thank you, forever. Please continue to amplify, donate if possible, pray. or v: @skillingmesoftly are best. #Rent #urgent #Gratitude #mutualaid

Dark blue background behind a beautiful Black woman, skin drenched in the night's sky, face lit by the light of the solar system; with a photo of me in the foreground beside a photo of the anthology I contributed to called 2020: The year that changed America and a quote from my poem: Revelation 23: A Lament — in Verse for Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland, George Floyd, Ahmaud Abery & Others, that reads "Is this really it? Will it happen for us this time? Many times in history when the vile and deplorable became too much for the human psyche to bare, the world would screamed out in either agony, or joy."
1 month ago

Got a statement of account from our now previous #landlords. This was my response to them:

"$12K? Haha. So you want us to pay the entire balance of our lease after we were given 72 hours to get out in order to avoid attorney's fees in the midst of my family burying my father and now we don't even live there anymore?"

They also charged us $350 trash removal fee, because we didn't get enough time to finish cleaning out our apartment.. ya know, because my father had just fucking died.

We'd been led to believe We would only be owing our balance as of when we moved out. That was the whole point of us scrambling and leaving several important things behind. If I'd known they were going to pull this shit, I would have sat my ass there and waited until they had the sheriff throw us out. Seems like quite a nice arrangement for them, we pay for a year's #rent on an apartment they've just rented out to someone else.

Ang Black
1 month ago

14 big #landlords used software to collude on #rent prices, DC lawsuit says | Ars Technica

> Suit claims employees were told pricing outside the algorithm was "unacceptable."


1 month ago

A new report from the New York City Community Land Initiative found that only 21.6% of units built by for-profit developers on public land are affordable.
#Technews #housing #NYC #NewYork #HOUSINGCRISIS #affordability #rent

Alameda Post
1 month ago

City Council voted to revise the City’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) policy by barring properties with five or more units from qualifying for a CIP application. Ken Der explains the outcome of the the months-long debate, sparked by outrage from tenants of South Shore Apartments as the property owners attempted to recover $24M in construction costs through rent increases.

#alameda #CapitalImprovementPlan #CityCouncil #rent

Shiny Amygdala, ph.D
1 month ago

Just got off of a call with an attorney for free legal advice through the legal aid of Mid Michigan legal help line.

Weweee.. what a call!

So, I only have enough energy to write about ONE THING DISABLED PEOPLE MAY NOT KNOW:

that withholding rent in an escrow account until landlord makes repairs advice we all keep hearing from housing advocacy orgs--- that is NOT TRUE for disabled people on SSI!

After the first month, all the other funds in an escrow account count as ASSETS, even though it's meant for the landlord.

So, If you are disabled on SSI THIS IS NOT A LEGAL OPTION YOU CAN TAKE, not if you want to lose all your benefits.

If I remember, I'll tell you what the lawyer told us about section 8 in this situation--- actions that section 8 voucher recipients can take, what section 8 can do to "help", and what the risks associated with section 8 "stepping in" are

So, between section 8, Social Security Income, and the landlord, we are between a rock and a steel-spiked wall with a floor that's shaking and wobbling us around, while the walls are slowly closing in on us

#SocialSecurity #Michigan #Legal #LegalAid #Landlords #rent #housing #housingCrisis #Section8 #disability #Disabled #LGBTQIA

Hippie Scuba Steve
1 month ago

Musical movies released in 2005…pick your favorite.


#Movies #Cinemastodon #Cinema #Filmastodon #Musical

1 month ago
Peter Riley
1 month ago

#RAHU and #SwelteringCities panel event Heatwave Safe Homes, For Renters.

With climate change pushing our thermostats ever higher, it is a matter of urgency, a public health emergency for renters in Victoria, and all over Australia to have the right to cooling.

Join us: 6pm, Thursday, November 2nd.

#RAHU #Australia #Housing #HousingCrisis #RentersRights #Rent #KnowYourRights #Solidarity #YourUnion

Patrick O'Beirne
2 months ago

If the #AirBnB unit has no official license to operate as a B&B then under Los Angeles law the #Tenant can stay free, for as long as they like.
What's the position in Ireland?
#rent #rentals #accommodation

Philip Kiff
2 months ago

For those who want to learn more, here's a 13-minute companion video that explains the current crisis of housing and rental affordability in Toronto.

Includes quick explanations of rent control, vacancy decontrol, renoviction, purpose-built rentals, density, zoning, NIMBY, financialization, and the National Housing Strategy Act.

Again linking to YouTube version - apologies for the auto-generated captions.

#Toronto #Housing #Rent #TOPoli #CBC

3 months ago

"Five senior Tories accused of “blocking” a new law to ban “no fault evictions” for renters are landlords, the Mirror can reveal.

They include Chief Whip Simon Hart, who bought a buy-to-let flat in Pembrokeshire in April this year. It comes after Michael Gove ’s flagship renters’ reform bill hit the buffers - sparking Tory infighting over who was behind the delay."

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3 months ago

"In Scotland, where the government has limited rises for sitting tenants to 3 per cent, rents on newly-let properties jumped a record 13 per cent year on year, Hamptons said, as landlords tried to capture as much rental uplift as possible in between tenancies."

The FT article also mentions 5 UK whips holding up Westminster rent reforms because they are landlords. The Mirror named them today, I'll stick that in the replies.

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David August
3 months ago

A problem that needs to be solved. If it isn’t solved gently, then less gentle solutions will end up happening.

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When you've been apartment hunting for over a year, you see a lot of the same apartments coming back in the market. Just saw one 2-bedroom I looked at last summer at $1900 now posted at $2200.

Renters are facing around 15% increase on turnover rents compared to last year but #ottcity can't imagine asking homeowners to pay more than 2.5% increase in taxes.

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3 months ago

A new survey by the Kinder Institute at Rice University found that 1 in 4 Houstonians regularly worry about making rent.

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A sign is displayed outside a home for rent Thursday, July 30, 2020, in Houston.
I. E. LaBailey
4 months ago

Day three: already got 2 demos for new songs. One is a total sell-out dance track meant for #twerking. The other is good incidental #music. Now to flesh them out.

I have a
#Venmo by the way. If you'd like to help my family make #rent while I'm making music or art (and looking for another day job that doesn't allow for a coup). It's $Ayila-Bailey if you like to help and I need to get up $1300. Thanks!

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Flashback (Spring 1971):
Pic shows rent strikers rent striking.

Lauren Ipsum
4 months ago

By 9:30pm, the trailer is packed and someone's come to haul it away. I have a smoke with her because I think talking to her is the only way I'll forgive myself for any of this.

I wander the house picking up garbage and surveying the damage. It's been a while since we've been inside the house and things have changed. I feel nothing but despair. It reminds me of the house we fixed up for my parents.

Everything is filthy.
The kitchen was a nice, sunny yellow. It is now a dark blue of some variety.
Half the lights don't work.
A window is missing.
The neighbours have watched her climbing through the windows for a few months now. So we figure we can roughly pinpoint when she lost the keys.
The fridge stopped working and she didn't tell us. She also didn't take the food out. So now we have to deal with a fridge full of badly-decomposed food.
There is so much garbage.
Everything is despair.

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Lauren Ipsum
4 months ago

August 4
The deadline. Dave told her previously that if she didn't have her stuff out by the end of the day today, we were coming over and hauling it away. No response.

We arrive at 5:00pm. She's there and she's got a friend there, helping her haul stuff out on the deck. We go inside to look around. There is a lot of stuff still to be packed up.

I remark that she's filled all the holes, but she hasn't sanded any of them. I know it's ungracious of me, but I was incredibly upset.

Then the bathroom door opens and out wanders this lady we've never seen before. And there's a smell. Dave describes it as smelling sweet and chemical. I can't describe it at all, but it's strong and unpleasant.

We don't know what the woman was doing in the bathroom. She was in there for fifteen minutes at least, because that's how long we were in the living room for. There was no toilet flush and with no shower curtain in the bathroom, we decide she wasn't having a shower.

Dave contacts a friend who might be able to tell him if the smell was drug-related. The friend listens to his description and asks if it smells like "wrong candy". Dave immediately says that's the right description. The friend says she was probably smoking meth. But the good news is that the smell doesn't linger and soak in, like cigarette or pot smoke.

We work to get her stuff out of the house and on to the deck. Friends come over to help us. We take the stuff outside and our tenant and her crew pack it and put it on the trailer.

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Lauren Ipsum
4 months ago

July 31
We show up at the house after work to collect our keys from the tenant. There's no point in doing a walk-through because Dave's given her back her damage deposit already.

She hasn't started packing. I have a panic attack. She says she's lost the keys. I throw up behind the car.

August 1
Still no movement. She says she's trying, but she needs more time. We go home and I have a panic attack that we're never getting our house back.

August 2
Someone's parked a flat deck trailer in the driveway. There's nothing on it, but it's there. She still doesn't know where the keys are.

August 3
Stuff is being loaded on the trailer, but there's still a lot of stuff in the house. She tells us she's filled at the holes in the walls from the stuff she hung up. So at least there's that, I guess.

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Lauren Ipsum
4 months ago

So. We get my parents moved in. And you'd think that would be the end of the story.

Except it isn't.

Dave and I found ourselves stuck with three houses and we only need two (one for us, one for my parents).

So we put the little blue house from the first post up for sale. Everyone told us we should rent it out while we wait for it to sell. There's a big construction project going on in our town and all of the hotels are booked up with the workers. Everyone assured us that the house would be rented in no time.

We resisted because we both have issues with landlords, never mind actually being landlords.

But we listed it in the winter. And apparently no one buys houses in the winter.

By the time February rolled around, we were getting desperate. Remember how I mentioned we extended every available credit option? Well, now there were bills to pay. And a house sitting empty that no one wanted to buy that still had mortgage payments and utilities.

We caved. We advertised renting the place out. Lots of people were interested, so we'd arrange a time to show them the place and they wouldn't show up.

The only person who did show up was a relative of someone we work with. She's a young, single mother on benefits. She loved the place and our friend assured us she was a model tenant. All she wanted was a cozy little place for her child to feel at home in.

How could we say no? We dropped the rent for her. She said she had construction experience and asked if she could drywall the attic (which had insulation and plastic, but no drywall) for us. So we dropped the rent further to compensate for her work.

The only thing, which we made sure she knew and was clear on, was that the house was still for sale. There might be people coming to look at it. It might sell.

If it sold, we assured her that we knew, by law, she would need to be given 90 days notice. That would be part of any sale. So we did a month-to-month lease. She was good with that. She just really needed a place. We all signed the contract.

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4 months ago

Today, I signed my very first lease by myself. (In context, I'm in my 30s & have lived many, many places)

Although I feel old for this milestone, I'm reminded that many women will never experience this moment in their lifetime. Of the women in my family, I am one of only three.

"A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction" - Virginia Woolf, "A Room of One's Own" (1935)


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4 months ago

"Sex work is real work, being a landlord isn't"
Seen in Porto, Portugal*
Stolen from the xbirdsite profile of
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Graffit with "Sex work is real work, being a landlord isn't"
Alice Marshall
4 months ago

Economists Support Nationwide #Rent Control in Letter to #Biden Admin
"All the empirical literature suggests that the basic economic story does not hold" when it comes to anti-rent control arguments, said one economist.

Nonya Bidniss
4 months ago

@advisorybriefs A corporation is in the process of building an ENTIRE #rental subdivision of new single family homes a mile or so from me. They're not selling any of them. #rent

Jane Adams
5 months ago

This obviously is not relegated to grad students. Data show that across the country, the number of hours worked in order to afford median #rent has skyrocketed. It's no wonder that #unionization is on the rise. We're in an acute #CostofLiving crisis, and having a boat does not preclude you from also having compassion.

Chart showing hours of work needed to afford rent, from around 55 in 2015, to 58.5 in 2020, dip back down to 55 in 2021, now at 64 hours in 2022. Source: zillow

The average #rent for a single room in the UK has just passed £700 a month!

As you might expect this rental #inflation is especially acute in the UK cities, with rises in Edinburgh (up 25%), Middlesbrough (21%) & Manchester (20%) the highest rises.

For non-mortgage house-owning older people, the #costoflivingcrisis is a survivable calamity (for the most part), but for everyone else, the problems of the UK economy are increasingly serious & unmanageable.

We are sinking beneath the waves!

5 months ago

Sustainable living.
Buildings that should be divided into multiple dwellings and offered to #pensioners who can no longer afford their #rent due to inflation and especially for #WASPI

#pensioners #UKmap #pensioninjustice #sustainableliving #architecture #statelyhomes

Map of UK showing where all the royal homes are located.

We still need roughly $1200 to be able to pay our July rent!

Currently at $8883 we need to hit $10083 ASAP!

Please #Boost this so more people see it! You never know who may be able to donate.

#PleaseBoost #TransCrowdfund #Emergency #Urgent #MutualAidRequest #Beg #BegPost #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #queer #trans #TransRefugees #Nonbinary @mutualaid #MutualAid #LGBT #Pride #Rent #disabled

(I heard #Minneapolis #Mayor of #lies, #police #killings, and #violent #gentrification, #JacobFrey, was also at the #pride parade. Remember, #Frey rhymes with "lie" not with "gay"— the handful of people who know his persecution of #houseless people and saw him told him off, but it's outrageous that any place #justice-minded people gather doesn't run off a #dangerous #grifter #politician like him. He's currently thwarting #RentControl while mercilessly punishing the victims of high #rent.)

5 months ago

And we wonder why there is so much homelessness? Unemployed are almost totally excluded from private rental market and there isn't enough social housing

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Quinn Dombrowski
6 months ago

The 7-year-old continues to be inspired in his theatrical crossover ideas. I explained the premise of "Rent" (coming to our local theater next season) and he replies, "Oh, I know -- what if Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave the money to the poor artists?"

New ending for Rent: Robin Hood shows up, buys Benny out & pays for everyone's AZT in perpetuity, apartment becomes an artist co-op, everyone lives happily ever after.

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Terra Field
6 months ago

We’re 9 hours into pride month and I’ve already made a Rent joke #rent #pride #Pride2023 #PrideMonth

Me saying “only pay your rent if it’s $525600” (a reference to the song “seasons of love” from rent)