Dan Vieira
5 days ago

Investors now own more than 50% of Toronto’s new condos — and experts say they’re driving up housing prices for everyone #tore #toronto #onpoli #cdnpoli #cdnecon #RentControl

1 week ago

Gov Newsom extorting SF: destroy rent controlled buildings and replace them with luxury units, or the state will withhold funds for low income housing and transportation.

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Alameda Post
1 week ago

In a landmark ruling, the U.S. District Court has confirmed the City of Alameda's Rent Control protections for houseboats and liveaboard vessels at floating home marinas.

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3 weeks ago

[ report by #FirstUnited, which #surveyed 700 #renters in the province between June 2022 and September 2023, has found #HigherIncomes are not insulating renters from #evictions. More than one-quarter of respondents who were #evicted reported #salaries of greater than $70,000, and nearly 100 of those people made more than $100,000 annually.]

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Ontario News Bot
3 weeks ago

@OntarioNDP: RT @dchapmanNDP: Rising housing costs are the single biggest driver of unaffordability in #Kitchener. We need to bring back #rentcontrol to…

Ontario News Bot
3 weeks ago

@MaritStiles: RT @dchapmanNDP: Rising housing costs are the single biggest driver of unaffordability in #Kitchener. We need to bring back #rentcontrol to…

Universal Hub
3 weeks ago

#RentControl backers fail to collect enough signatures for 2024 ballot; didn't help that an expected ally decided to fight the idea

Ontario News Bot
3 weeks ago

And if you think that's bad, wait until you hear about: tomorrow.

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Maine DSA
1 month ago

For the second time this year, #PortlandMaine voters have turned out in overwhelming support of #RentControl and #TenantRights and voted against a referendum designed to increase #landlords’ profits and decrease #tenant protections. We are so proud of this city of ours, but the fight doesn’t end here.

The text "Portland voters say no on a" is above the city of portland skyline. the city skyline is tinted red.

Our corporate landlord had been tearing down our tenant association posters posted on our own doors, so as a work around, I decided to ask a neighbour for their rusty bike that they no longer use, and strapped boards with tenant organising details to it, hugely increasing visibility. I think they gave up tearing down our posters after that. #redflagsforrenters #toronto #rentcontrol #housingcrisis #torontohousingcrisis

Yours truly standing in front of a row of bikes at a bike rack. Arms gesturing presenting one of the bikes. The bike has boards with writings  titled "RED FLAGS FOR RENTERS" and many tiny red flags attached to the top of the boards.

Didn't do the Daily drawing challenge in October, but was busy drawing comics fighting the man. #rentcontrol #toronto #redflagsforrenters #housingcrisis

A bar graph titled "Why the rental and housing market is OUT OF CONTROL (short answer: because there is literally no control in place)"

Y axis : rent
X axis: years/stages of housing despair
Legend: black=rent, red=rent increase 

First bar is all black, a stick figure next to it and his child moving boxes out of a truck, saying "this is a bit pricey but we will budget". Label "moving in"

Second bar is 5/6 black and 1/6 of red on top, labelled "rent increase (no rent control)". The stick figure looks up at the red part of the bar "Whoa! This leaves nothing but groceries!"

Third bar labelled "Economic eviction (forced to move out by unaffordability)" It has about 1/3 red on top, the black part is level with the whole last bar. The stick figure and his child moving the box back into the truck. Child shed a tear. "we can't afford here anymore. We have to leave"

Fourth bar's red top extends so high that it fades. There is a city skyline behind it in a distance of all the buildings having a huge chunk of red on top. It is labelled "Vacancy decontrol (no cap after home is freed up for listing, inflating rent and house prices)". The stick figure has his hands on his head, swirls around him "We can't afford anywhere!". The red part of the graph has a speech bubble "free to rise to infinity and beyond!"

MLive Curated
1 month ago

Michigan lawmaker faces $6,000 rent hike after introducing rent control bill

by Ryan Stanton

#Michigan #RentControl

MJ Muse
2 months ago I Live in My Car
Dozens of parking lots have opened across the country for working people who can afford a car but not rent. #HousingCrisis #RentControl #Homelessness In many cities, the “mobile homeless” are now the majority of the homeless population — people living out of vehicles make up about 53 percent in King County, Washington, About 45 percent in San Mateo on California’s northern cliffs, are in the same predicament. In LA, the number approaches 60 percent.

Here is a collection of ideas that address the #HousingCrisis. Controlling housing costs by making #RentControl rules is in my mind one of the causes of the current housing shortage. The present situation is terrible for both landlords and tenants. We need more housing not more rules. Trying to make rules to change costs is a mugs game. #cdnpoli

Maine DSA
2 months ago

This is the second #landlord -backed effort to gut #PortlandMaine #RentControl and #tenant protections in just 6 months. Vote NO on A (again) at City Hall from now until #Election day Tuesday, November 7th (or #VoteAbsentee by requesting your ballot online).

Skyline of Portland maine overlayed with the Maine DSA logo and text boxes. The top text box reads Portland landlords didn't succeed in gutting rent control in June, but that isn't stopping them from trying again. The next text box says Tell landlords that what we said in June remains. The bottom section of the image says Vote No on A. No Rent Gouging. No Rollbacks on Rent Control. Maine DSA for a Livable Portland.
Kyle Memoir
2 months ago

If the central bank can set interest rates with the goal of making life better for the nation, what is stopping us from applying rent control to also reign in greed?

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Alan Rycroft 🇨🇦
2 months ago

BC’s NDP government rejects vacancy controls as provincial rents surge between tenancies

Groups and municipalities across British Columbia call on the government to regulate the rent hikes

>>> Landlords evict us for unjustified higher rents and gov fails to build sufficient non-profit housing

#RentControl #VacancyControl #AffordableHousing #CostOfLiving #bcndp #bcpoli

Labour would oversee ‘biggest boost in affordable housing in a generation’ | Housing | The Guardian

Of course I'm pleased to see that Starmer recognizes the importance of housing.

I'm less pleased, but, alas, not surprised to see that the policy amounts to regulatory prodding of private developers.

That is certainly better than Tory policy, but falls far short of the measures needed to address Britain's housing problems.

Some policies that Labour should consider:

- a long term commitment to re-establishing social housing as a growing and major form of housing tenure in the UK

- a commitment to reducing private landlordism to a marginal role

- an immediate end to no fault evictions

- rent controls as a transitional measure

- ending the "right to buy" council housing

- the legal and financial empowerment of local councils and housing associations to build more housing

- a readiness to have a public discussion of the taxation policies necessary to finance a major social housing programme

- a determination to change property and inheritance taxation so that owner occupation is seen as a form of housing tenure, not as an investment vehicle.

#UKPolitics #Housing #Labour #RentControl #SocialHousing

The #SupremeCourt Could Eviscerate #RentControl --
#NewYorkCity #landlords have petitioned the high court to repeal the laws that have benefitted the city's #tenants for generations.

2 months ago “Between late 2018 and the end of 2022, the number of proposed rental units throughout the GTA nearly tripled from about 40,000 to more than 112,000, though less than a third were approved” #rentcontrol #housing #toronto #zoning #zoningreform #equity

Maine DSA
2 months ago

We are once again asking you to vote NO on Question A 🙄

If Question A passes, thousands of tenants will be stripped of their #RentControl and once again be left at the whims of private #Landlords We need every tenant in #PortlandMaine to turn out to #vote on November 7th to tell landlords No! (on A).

Bernie Sanders with text reading "I am once again asking you to vote no on a"
While Portland residents were out voting NO on A on June 13, 2023, landlords were collecting signatures to launch another attempt to roll back rent control.
Meet Question A (again):
Question A would kick thousands of tenants off of our city's existing rent control protections by making units run by a landlord with fewer than 10 units exempt from rent control.
We're mad, too.

Join us in voting NO on Question A on November 7th... again.

Ford's PCs rolled back rent control to spur new rental construction. Did it work? | CBC News #PCPO #AffordableHousing #RentControl #HousingCrisis #DougFord #onpoli @ontariogreens @onpoli

3 months ago

I pity the students of today. Still to finish listening and reading about recent mentions of #RentControl. But applying my farmhouse rules to everything that is part of the universe of essential #HumanRights, everyone gets what they equitably need, before anyone gets seconds.

3 months ago

#RentControl #CorporateOligarchy Started listening to #RichardWolff, sucked into the rabbit hole. From 75 to 79 I lived in a marvelous 6th Floor flat with views of the Golden Gate, all the way to the Farallon Islands on a clear day from each of three bedrooms. Very spacious. Shared with 5 others and paid a rent ~$900/mo. Ave rent in the UC area is now >$3500/mo.

jenifer daniels ♎ :verified:
3 months ago

@BlackAzizAnansi Pearl definitely had a 2 bedroom for her and Calvin. #rentcontrol

Lisa Vogt
3 months ago

San Francisco friends!

I haven’t done much research on this myself, but it sounds like rent control is being threatened by a board of supervisors item (nominally about demolition).

To protect rent control please read the link, file an online comment or cal in for public comment in the meeting today, 9/18 at 1pm.


Ontario News Bot
3 months ago

@JILLSLASTWORD: Bring back #RENTCONTROL now on all buildings and help tenants afford to live!

Alan Rycroft 🇨🇦
3 months ago

Advocates rally for BC vacancy controls, landlords say they won’t work

BCGEU calls for limits to rent hikes for new tenants as ‘soon as possible’ during legislature rally

>>> Massive rentals construction in BC has not kept housing affordable. We need real rent control between tenants now.

#VacancyControl #RentControl #housing #AffordableHousing #bcpoli

Tim Richards
3 months ago

Good read, rebuts the arguments by vested interests. [gift link shared by me]
The case for rent controls

#Rent #RentControl #auspol #GiftLink

Sisters shocked when Toronto landlord raises rent to $9,500 a month

First the landlord raised their rent by $1000, then when they tried to negotiate, they were punished with $7000 increase, effectively an eviction.

This is what me and my neighbours at are fighting right now.

#toronto #rentIncrease #rentHike #rentControl #redFlagForRenters #dougford #DougFordIsAMassiveCuntWaffle

3 months ago

#RentControl laws on the national level? Biden administration offers a not-so-subtle push

by Medora Lee, September 6, 2023

"Rent control would prevent #corporate #landlords from profiting by using low-interest, government-backed financing while raising #rents and evicting #tenants, Hoang said.

"Though that may be true, critics say, rent control could hurt millions of people, including some who supplement their retirement with rental income.

"Among 49.5 million rental units, nearly 46% are small rental properties of one to four units, the National Association of Realtors said. More than 70% of those are owned by individuals, or mom-and-pop landlords. About 70% are also managed by them.

"'Cost of rental housing is expensive,' Geno said. 'If they can’t pass on expenses they don’t control, many owners will be upside down.'"

"Many mom-and-pop landlords were forced into forbearance during the 1½-year pandemic-related rent moratorium that allowed tenants to forgo rent payments without fear of eviction. Some even had to sell their properties and defer maintenance on their rentals."

And then corporations bought them up, tore down or gutted the places, then created condos or high-rent housing out of the reach of most people! Creating affordable housing would be great, but it takes time. And judging by the number of homeless and those seeking climate change and political asylum, this problem needs to be solved sooner than later!
#AffordabeHousing #HousingForAll #AffordableHousingForAll

3 months ago

Mike Connolly is interviewed on #WBUR #RadioBoston, on the #RentControl issue and their ballot petition. Sign this petition if it gets in front of you. They need 75k signatures.

#MApoli #SomervilleMA #CambridgeMA #yimby #MikeConnolly #housing

He points us to

Interview link:

Remember tht what's important is not which developer got which parcel of land at below market rates without tender and which #Ford family friend got which favors. We need to understand that building luxury homes has never resulted in making housing more affordable. We need to reverse th #greenbelt giveaways and deveop a strategy to build affordable urban #housing, with better #rentcontrol and #rezoning to provice units near transit. #onpoli

5 months ago

Trying a little video on here. This one's about #housing and #rentcontrol, and a little bit about the state of politics around the Democratic Socialists of America in #Massachusetts.

What do you think? Clips yes/no?

(and of course any thoughts you have about the subject as well!)

Two white men sit in a television studio, with a backdrop of the Boston skyline behind them.

The brutality toward #unhoused people in #Minneapolis is directly tied to the dirty politics scuttling the popular vote for #RentControl

They cannot destroy all initiatives for stable housing for people without also having every agency coordinating in chasing people who don't have housing out of the city.

Antidote Zine
5 months ago

This news is quite local and specific to #Minneapolis...we just want everyone to be able to see how dirty and racist the liberal (conservative)-dominated Democratic city government is where our editorial collective is based.

From a comrade:

"Absolutely breathtaking scam by the city council today. They voted 6-4 not to advance #RentControl to the legislative committee by rescheduling the vote for a major Muslim holiday. All three Muslim councilmembers were absent for the holiday and all three support the ordinance, it would have passed 7-6 otherwise"


(I heard #Minneapolis #Mayor of #lies, #police #killings, and #violent #gentrification, #JacobFrey, was also at the #pride parade. Remember, #Frey rhymes with "lie" not with "gay"— the handful of people who know his persecution of #houseless people and saw him told him off, but it's outrageous that any place #justice-minded people gather doesn't run off a #dangerous #grifter #politician like him. He's currently thwarting #RentControl while mercilessly punishing the victims of high #rent.)

Cory Doctorow
7 months ago

Maybe we could try *doing things* instead of "aligning incentives?"

Like, how about #RentControl.

God, you can already hear them squealing! "Price controls artificially distort well-functioning markets, resulting in a mismatch between supply and demand and the creation of the dreaded deadweight loss triangle!"


Benji Mauer
10 months ago

While the left gives us rallies for common sense policies fighting evil like #RentControl, the right trots out these utter nut jobs.

Benji Mauer
10 months ago

Let’s get #RentControl passed in MA. #mapoli #bospoli

11 months ago

I thought the #transrights "debate" would be peak absurdity for #Scotland but this is topped by the Scottish Association of #Landlords being absolutely unhinged, claiming that the #ScottishGovernment limiting rent hikes to 3% during a #costofliving crisis is somehow a breach of the European Convention of Human Rights

#scottishpolitics #rentcontrol
#housing @livingrent

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