1 hour ago

Intentionally visible repairs on moth attacked sweater. Next time they show up there is a bee to fend them off. Cute patches make sweaters last longer. #repair #clothes #sweater #bees

Bee patch on a brown sweater and a repair with multicolored thread.
multicolored repair patch  woven into sleeve.
Cycling Europe
9 hours ago What is this hole for? My Jamis Sequel has this oblong hole on the bottom of the seat tube. It has a removable plastic cover. Is this is to install an internal dropper post? It has external cable routing on the downtube, so is it meant to pop out here and then continue externally to the lever? #Bicycling #Bike #BikeRepair #Biking #Cycling #Repair

What is this hole for? My Jamis Sequel has this oblong hole on the bottom of the seat tube. It has a removable plastic cover. Is this is to install an internal dropper post? It has external cable routing on the downtube, so is it meant to pop out here and then continue externally to the lever?
Repair Together asbl
11 hours ago

As-tu déjà eu un appareil préféré qui soudainement a cessé de fonctionner ? Si tu te demandes ce qu’est exactement un Repair Café, ne t’inquiète pas, nous sommes là pour te l’expliquer.

@inforjeunes1 #repair #reuse #reduce #zerowaste

Un petit coup de chambre à air de #velo pour #réparer le chariot du #technicien de surface.
#mcgyverism #tinkering #repair #engineer

16 hours ago

I attempted to repair a Valve Index Lighthouse :/

#vr #furry #comedy #repair

Unfortunately, the screen is in very bad shape. It seems like the top layer is coming off. Any tips on restoring it are very much appreciated.

Do you think I could just stick a screen protector on top to smoothen the surface? It would bubble, wouldn't it? 🤔

#Retro #Repair #Restoration #AskFedi #postmarketOS #LinuxMobile #Linux #MobileLinux

A photo of a Nokia N900 smartphone from an angle against a light source to highlight the damage on the screen surface. There are multiple scratches and marks which look like a thin layer is coming off.
Cycling Europe
20 hours ago
Noticable wobble with brand new hub and cassette, everything is tight. Is my shifting gonna be fucked? Do I need a better hub?
Cycling Europe
1 day ago
Put a 44T on a 24-32-42 crankset. FD-M610 supports 40/42 top ring. Should I revert to 42T or I can manage with the 44T?
The Konsolist
1 day ago

New video is here! Can I transfer a Nintendo DMG screen? Hope you enjoy this one! #nintendo #dmg #retro #repair

Cycling Europe
1 day ago The saddle tilt/angle is now pointing up after going on a speedbumb too fast. I’m not sure what I need to do to set it properly again ? The black plastic thing inside the post doesn’t seem to move or have any bolt. When tightened, the saddle angle follow the edge of the plastic thing. Thanks! #Bicycling #Bike #BikeRepair #Biking #Cycling #Repair

The saddle tilt/angle is now pointing up after going on a speedbumb too fast. I'm not sure what I need to do to set it properly again ? The black plastic thing inside the post doesn't seem to move or have any bolt. When tightened, the saddle angle follow the edge of the plastic thing. Thanks!
Metin Seven 🎨
1 day ago

Another photo restoration experiment, using AI and some manual retouching…

A young Robert Crumb on the New York subway, 1968. Photographed by Harry Benson.

More photo restorations can be found here:

#photo #photography #restoration #repair #history #comics #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #ML #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #image

Original, blurry scan of a photo featuring Robert Crumb in a New York subway.
AI-aided repair of a photo featuring Robert Crumb in a New York subway.

@stuartl same reason why I'll stick with my #X230Tablet until I got either the #NUCbook done or it breaks apart...

I want my shit #repairable.

If I can'd #DIY and/or freely choose who to trust with my #repair, then I don't own it!

Doesn't mean the manufacturer is responsible if I f**k up unless the manufacturer decided to work against me and my interests on my property!

Muro deGrizeco :toad:
2 days ago

Next ham radio task was to rework the sad mag mount 10m whip antenna on top of junker commute car.

Checked connections, tighten bolts, cleaned corrosion of wavy parts. Used a beeping ohmmeter to make sure I had no opens or shorts in the wrong places.

Then up on top of the car, clunk!

Tomorrow, stupid early, I will put the Elecraft KX3 in the car and I will see who I can hear on HF.

Maybe someone somewhere!

#hamradio #repair

Elecraft KX3 HF radio
Natasha Nox 💙💛
2 days ago

working on its own, however the controller never makes use of it. Given I've checked all the other components I have to assume it's one of the ICs or the weird 4-legged thing on the top right, but I want to be sure. Since the I couldn't find schematics of this specific board… can someone give me a hint how to proceed from this point on? Also what that 4-legged thing on the top right could be (it says "DA OK"). #electronics #soldering #repair #playstation #sony #pcb

Muro deGrizeco :toad:
2 days ago

Trying to catch up a bit on radio things.

I recrimped another PowerPole connector onto the fused line from my car's battery, so I could get the VHF mobile rig working again.

Then I tightened the 2m/70cm antenna in the mag mount, stuck some polyethylene sheet on the magnet, using spray adhesive, and slapped it all back on top of the roof.

Plastic will photodegrade in the UV of the sunlight. But it will be hidden under the mount.

Local repeater hears my signal.


#hamradio #repair

weathered 2m mobile magnet mount antenna
base of 2m antenna.
Michal :verified: :btw:
2 days ago

Fellow Thinkpad owners, my T440s screen is slowly disintegrating. Not only do I have bottom backlight issues, today a bright green vertical line appeared on the screen (it seems blue + red pixels are dead/disconnected).

If I decide to replace the screen, what are my options for home repair? Do I need to get the exact screen that I already have, or can I go for an "upgrade" from a later model, e.g. get a fancy 1080p OLED instead of this old ghosting TN panel?

#thinkpad #diy #screen #repair

Bright green vertical line on Thinkpad screen
2 days ago

So our front door (which is on the side of the house away from the road, but that is another story) wouldn't stay shut as the handles wouldn't return after being used to open the door. Obviously an internal spring had failed but anyone's guess as to if I had a suitable spare. Turns out I did and we can now, once again, keep the cats, rain and the approaching cold outside. Result. #fix #repair

A dismantled 5 lever door lock showing the internal parts including a new spring and the old, broken one.
Nathan Williams
2 days ago

Romans, raac, maintenance, longevity and self repairing bacteria in concrete.

This one has got it all.

Interesting read.

#raac #Repair #Concrete #Bacteria

IT News
3 days ago

Saving a Scope from the Dumpster - If you read Hackaday, you probably get the title of [SunEstra’s] post: A Casual Da... - #dumpsterdiving #oscilloscope #repairhacks #toolhacks #repair

I got some help in 3D printing a replacement chain guard for a bike I'm fixing up. I think the printing was cost-effective versus shipping-and-handling. It helped that this person was skilled enough to easily adjust as needed the parameterized model from thingiverse.
This bike is cleaning up nicely. Last thing to do is tighten the rear bearing cones to fix some play, and maybe check the grease while I'm at it.
#bike #bikes #BicycleMaintenance #repair #3DPrinting

A 3D-printed chain guard, in black, mounted to the front chainring of a bicycle.
Arcturax 🦇
3 days ago

This is what happens when a clock capacitor explodes in your old XBox! No board pictures as I got these case components free without any insides. Clearly this one got ☢️NUKED☢️

If you have an old box you wanna preserve, get it checked by an electronics repair person soon!

#xbox #electronics #repair

Natasha Nox 💙💛
3 days ago

Got an old Android phone - like, really old, probably a Sony Xperia Z1 - that doesn't has a Recovery yet, got no wifi connection and is locked with a PIN. Interesting.

Might need a Nethunter device to bruteforce into this one (the previous owner is okay with it, found in attic). Although it got one of those physical camera buttons, I could swear there was an exploit to get full access on Android 4 and/or 5... 🤔 #hacking #electronics #android #smartphone #repair #Kali #Sony

Cycling Europe
4 days ago
What's this kind of stem called? I have some play in this joint, would like to be able to Google some options.
4 days ago

Samstags morgens und man möchte sich ein Toast zubereiten...

Ein typischer Fehler bei Toastern: Der Toast, welcher durch einen Hebel in den Toaster heruntergedrückt wird, hält nicht mehr unten. Meist ist das Problem ein verbrannter Kontakt. Ein einfaches Reinigen schafft Abhilfe.

Hier geht es zur Reparatur:

#repair #reparatur

Cleaning the contacts inside a toaster
6 days ago

I think that all employees and volunteers working at @restartproject should get a #gold ring made from #recycled #electronics #waste. Hopefully everyone will still #repair rather than break items for gold 😂

Petra van Cronenburg
1 week ago

@priscillaharing And in keeping with your own style: #upcycle and #repair #fashion!
The movement for #VisibleMending meanwhile is a global trend and most of the methods are easy to learn.

Very colourful jeans became an individual artwork with patches and wild stitching to close the holes or strengthen the worn-out fabric. The patches are made of scraps. It's called visible mending because mending becomes a political statement against fast fashion.
Part of a jeans showing that people don't need exact skills of sewing. Fabric behind holes is stitched wildly and irregulary but with bold colours. Some stitches form stars.
A rose-red cord trousers is repaired with bright blue jeans fabric. It's made without sewing, you can buy these fabric scraps for ironing on. So visible mending can be done by everyone.
A zipper of a fleece jacket. The zipper seemed to be completely destroyed. Until I found out that you can buy zip fasteners which you can fix with one click. With some tiny movements the zipper closed again perfectly, and my favourite jacket was saved.
1 week ago

Got my hands on a 'Patentierter Schnellstrick Apparat' or Passap M-201 - a knitting machine build in 1954. The needles were all stuck, glued to the body by the old oil. Lots of cleaning ensued now its working again. Will try it out this weekend. :) #knitting #repair #vintagetech #knittingmachine

View over a Passap M-501 knitting machine
Messy worktable with tools and parts
Closeup on the needles beeing inserted
The removed needles, 205 of them
1 week ago

iFixit retroactively reduces the repair-ability score of the iPhone 14.

"It's Literally Not Re-Pairable."

#tech #geek #news #repair #righttorepair #technology #apple #iphone #ios

Jan Beta
1 week ago

New video! I'm fixing a yellow screen #Amiga500 that gave me quite some (unnecessary) headaches. #RetroComputing #Repair #A500 #Commodore #Amiga #VintageComputing YouTube: PeerTube:

Thumbnail for YouTube video, showing my workbench with an Amiga 500 board on it and tools and ICs scattered all about. The screen shows the DiagROM diagnostics software. The text on the thumbnail is "Amiga 500 Yellow Screen Repair".
1 week ago

Another #repaircafe yesterday. In Rugby this time. A quiet one, but a good one for sharing the #repair message as we had several people wander in and ask what was going on. They all left happy. Normally I limit myself to taking photos, answering questions, finding tools and parts for fellow repairs and PAT tests, but with only 4 #fixers I had to repair too.

Our repair white board showing the 11 repairs that we completed.
A spice grinder in bits getting fixed
A Henry Hoover in bits getting fixed.
A sewing machine in bits getting fixed.
Nathan Williams
1 week ago

Needed a long walk. Took a long walk.

Will now spend rest of the day fixing half broken stuff.

YouTube and bike repair videos on standby.

#Repair #Rest

Forest and open patch of grass in the rain.
Marcel Waldvogel
2 weeks ago

Mal schauen, ob diese #SSD ihre Daten rausrückt…
#M2 #Repair #Reparatur

M.2 SSD im 2280-Formfaktor
JW prince of CPH
2 weeks ago

I don't share my #maker stuff on Youtube because I'm great at it - I do it because I'm terrible 😂 join me as I fumble my way through some minor #3DPrinter repairs...

#ApartmentWorkshop #DubyaMakes #Creality #repair @3dprinting

Cycling Europe
2 weeks ago Do I have room to mount both full coverage fenders and a rear rack? Best way to do so if I can (I think there’s no fender eyelet on the rear stays)? #Bicycling #Bike #BikeRepair #Biking #Cycling #Repair

Do I have room to mount both full coverage fenders and a rear rack? Best way to do so if I can (I think there's no fender eyelet on the rear stays)?
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 weeks ago

You love to see it!

Pixel Tablet gets repair guides and replacement parts from iFixit

#PixelTablet #Repair #Parts #iFixit #Google #Hardware #TechNews

Someone opening up a Pixel Tablet to expose its internals.
Deborah Pickett
2 weeks ago

Technical advice solicited! The clasp on this much-loved bag has started to pop out because of continual abrasion. Please recommend a way to #repair it, bearing in mind that I have no #beading or #leatherwork or #jewellery tools.

Edit: from the responses, my pictures didn’t make it clear: the ball goes all the way through the loop and spins freely. When new, the ball was too big to come back out the loop; now it does because of wear.

The clasp comes in two parts which I don’t have names for.
It pops apart because the nail-head bit is no longer snug enough to stay in the hole.
IT News
2 weeks ago

Calif. passes strongest right-to-repair bill yet, requiring 7 years of parts - Enlarge (credit: iFixit)

California, the home to many of tech'... - #righttorepair #california #minnesota #newyork #repair #apple #tech

IT News
2 weeks ago

Putting the Magic Smoke Back into a Dodgy Spectrum Analyzer - The trouble with fixing electronics is that most devices are just black boxes — li... - #spectrumanalyzer #testequipment #repairhacks #noisefloor #toolhacks #diagnosis #frontend #pindiode #repair #rigol

@ardent_handsaw #Apple's #AntiRepairDesign can't be #offset - period!

Simply by virtue of #UseLonger and #repair being inherently more envoirmentally friendly...

zenlan :coffefied:
2 weeks ago

Twice a year I produce datasets from community #repair #data for publishing as #OpenData They get downloaded by some pretty impressive institutions and a lot of students. Today a very, very large manufacturer of domestic appliances downloaded the data saying "We would like to identify fault codes". This makes me so happy! :blobsmilehappyeyes: #CitizenScience #Data

2 weeks ago

I'm already very disappointed with my #AnaloguePocket, I haven't managed to start a single #GameBoy #Game until today. No matter how much I clean things or whatever I do, I just get an #Error screen. Does anyone of the #Tech
people here have an idea for me?

Use an eraser and 99%ISO did not help either.

I do not know more further
#repair #soldering #electrical engineering #fpga #retrogaming #retrogames #nintendo #analogue

Analogue Pocket
2 weeks ago

Ich bin schon sehr enttäuscht von meinem #AnaloguePocket, ich habe bis heute nicht geschafft ein einziges #GameBoy #Game zu starten. Egal wie sehr ich die Sachen Reinige oder was auch immer ich mache, ich bekomme nur einen #Error Screen. Hat vielleicht jemand aus der #Tech
Ecke hier noch eine Idee für mich?

Achja: @ThreeM auch Radieren und 99%ISO hat nicht geholfen.

ich weiß nicht mehr weiter
#repair #löten #Elektrotechnik #fpga #retrogaming #retrogames #nintendo #analogue

Ein Analogue Pocket
Cory Doctorow
2 weeks ago

#5yrsago Not in our name: Why European creators must oppose the EU’s proposal to limit linking and #censor the net

#5yrsago 12 year olds write a book on making afterschool mischief

#1yrago The White House has a plan for Big Tech: Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg and Joe Biden all agree

#5yrsago #CaliforniaFarmBureau sells out farmers, hands #JohnDeere a monopoly over tractor #repair


Sharing good Moments
2 weeks ago

As soon as we find a calm and save campspot we start to improve and #repair our stuff. 😅
This day in the #dinaricalps of #croatia we siliconized our bags to make them more #waterproof and Marc
fixed our #solarpanel with an usb powered soldering iron 😎
#diy #maker
#cyclinglife #nomadslife

Emelia 👸🏻
2 weeks ago

Today's first achievement: reupholstered my office chair.

(Story in replies)

#upholstery #FirstTime #upcycling #repair

Photo of Emelia's office chair with it's new cotton seat.
3 weeks ago

Hey fedi I need like some ASAP help for my laptop repair

I took apart the laptop, but the battery was double sided adhesive to the frame. The adhesive stuck to the old battery and the new one doesn't have any. What do I need to replace the adhesive or what is a good solution until I can get a proper solution

pictures in reply. Also any tips for cleaning as well this is my first repair

#laptops #laptop #repair #battery #replacement #help

J'ai un Genesis CDA 20 2020 avec des jantes d'origine (Shining DB-31 32H) et des pneus d'origine (700x37C) mais j'aimerais y mettre des pneus plus fins qui conviendraient mieux à mon utilisation (route de campagne parfois cabossée + un peu de chemin gravier calcaire pour sortir de chez moi)

Comment puis-je savoir jusqu'à quelle section je peux descendre avec ma configuration (fourche et jantes) ?

#vélo #velotaf #bike #repair #gravel

zenlan :coffefied:
4 weeks ago

One of those serendipitous moments at today's Lambeth Repair Café. I was explaining to a lady that we had no-one on hand to fix her 100 year old violin when a chap walked in behind her to volunteer as a fixer of musical instruments, specialising in guitars. His brother fixes violins. 💫 #RepairCafe #repair #London

4 weeks ago

@ruralgloom And this is why #repair is so important. And to repair, you need bits. It's a big circle. 🙂

1 month ago

@ruralgloom I have hundreds of cables all hung up in the correct group and ready for action. Many will end up being used for things other than which they were intended. #fixer #repair #repurposing

Damon Thomas
1 month ago

Do you have a box of random cables off in the garage or wherever? I post here now to provide you with useful anecdotal evidence. If anyone tries to hassle you for keeping these "useless" things.. you can say you once heard legend of when a guy used one of these cables to fix a laptop. #computer #repair #legend

Box of random computer cables.
Josh Renaud
1 month ago

Our LG oven touchpad has cracked and broken, and now we get F-3 errors all the time. The control board replacement is no longer manufactured, so I'm wondering about replacing just the plastic overlay, and maybe cleaning the actual buttons behind. Anyone replaced this sort of plastic on their appliances? What material would work, and where could I get it?

#repair #fixit #appliance #oven #lg

1 month ago

Disassembly of a 1971 Olivetti Lettera 32 typewriter. Sadly a tiny plastic gear broke and I can't find a replacement. I'll be parting this out, hopefully helping someone else and restoring their own Lettera 32.

#vintage #retro #typewriter #logophile #repair #disassembled #photography #photo #repairwork #restoration #olivetti #writing #typography #type

Olivetti Lettera 32
Erin Whalen
1 month ago

I missed this last month: France has launched an initiative to reduce textile waste by paying people to repair their clothes instead of throwing them out.

Starting October, people will be able to claim between €6 and €25 of the cost of mending clothes and shoes. The money will come from a €154 million fund and is meant to support businesses in offering more apparel repair services.

Cool stuff! 🧵🪡

#sustainability #fashion #waste #environment #france #repair

Cory Doctorow
1 month ago

What is a new, good internet? It's an internet where it's legal to:

* reverse-engineer the products and services you use, to add interoperability to them so you can leave a social network without leaving your friends:

* jailbreak devices to remove #antifeatures, like #surveillance, ink-locking, or #repair-blocking:


Pseudo Nym
1 month ago

Help me lazyweb, you are my only hope.

I need replacement spring steel clips that hold a grease filter in an oven range hood, but the parts aren't made any more.

Model "j v324 003ad range hood" from GE.

The hooks are sort of J shaped, about an inch long, and 3 of them provide pressure to hold the filter in place. I have one remaining. See pics.

Any help to find some of these would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

#oven #repair #parts

Model / serial # of the hood
Picture of GE range hood
The piece of spring steel connector I'm looking for. Kind of a J shaped hook.
1 month ago

Repairs soon! Snagged my shirt on the back of a chair and tore it the first day I went to wear it. Relatively thin cotton lawn from Spoonflower.

The tear is not on a seam so will require a reinforcing #sewing #repair of some type, with button removal/replacement.

Repair will be hidden under the buttonhole side of the shirt.

Close up of the tear along the button band of my orange radio shirt.
Tim Newman
1 month ago

@realcainmosni I don't have an answer but some hash tags might help #repair #maker #datarecovery