Ian Robinson
3 days ago

I hit another Apple Music Replay milestone this week. The 50,000-minute listening one.

The Beaches ticked over the 5,000-minute mark as well. They comprise 10% of my Apple Music listening this year. Which might be a surprisingly small percentage given how much I gush about them.

#Music #AppleMusic #Replay

Screenshot from Apple Music Replay showing I hit the 50,000 minutes listing milestone on the 18th of September
Screenshot from Apple Music Replay showing my number 1 listened to artist was The Beaches on 5,152 minutes.
Screenshot from Apple Music Replay showing my fourth most listened to album was Blame My Ex by The Beaches as of 24th September 2023. It has 59 plays.

Today at 5 p.m. ET, 2 p.m. PT, and 10 p.m. UK time, "Mamalade4Soul" will broadcast a REPLAY on PULSE INT'L RADIO at
Nueron Rasean and John Marvin Brown, Shawn Della, Melba Moore, Diquan Julius, SAY SHE SHE, La Rombé, and many others are featured in the double play!
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Mario Guzmán 🏳️‍🌈
1 week ago

My top two most listened songs of the year aren’t in English. Although I’m a bit embarrassed about #2. Haha

Actually Käärijä should probably be #1 bc I’ve only been listening to that song since July while “Fluo” I’ve been listening since the start of the year.

#AppleMusic #Replay #Käärijä

Rémi Remouk
1 week ago

Et oui c’est la rentrée pour tout le monde, même les dinosaures que nous sommes… Contrairement aux apparences, on est pas encore à la retraite ! 👴 Gros changement cette année : maintenant on est en live le LUNDI midi sur twitch (avant c’était jeudi).

Bien sûr y a le podcast audio sur toutes les plateformes, et le replay vidéo sur Youtube. Voici les 2 premières émissions de la « saison » :

[youtube] [youtube]

#émission #podcast #rentrée #replay #reprise #twitch

📢 #NextcloudConf #Replay
Pour ceux qui ne l'auraient pas encore vu, voici le #LightningTalk du 16/09 de Clémentine Hemmel. Cette dernière a évoqué les bénéfices de tests utilisateur UX réalisés sur les partages #Nextcloud. #OpenSource #LogicielsLibres
👋 @nextcloud

📢 #NextcloudConf #Replay
Pour ceux qui ne l'auraient pas encore vu, voici le #LightningTalk du 17/09 de @jerome_herbinet. Ce dernier a cité des conseils et bonnes pratiques quant à la contribution à #Nextcloud sur #GitHub et #Transifex. #OpenSource #LogicielsLibres
👋 @nextcloud

September 14, 2023 - Day 257 - RePlay Review

Game: Aces & Adventures

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Feb 24, 2023
Library Date: Sep 13, 2023

Playtime: 52m (1h16m total)

Aces & Adventures is a fantasy RPG deckbuilding roguelite using poker mechanics.

Yeah, when I woke up this morning, I decided to give it another shot over coffee to see just how much of my ability to understand the game had been clouded by exhaustion.

Turns out, pretty much total.

When I played it this morning, it all made a hell of a lot more sense, both the way that the various kinds of cards work, and also the synergy between them.

In addition, I could actually remember a bunch of poker hands that evaded me last night.

Essentially, each round presents you with one or more cards with a bunch of hitpoints, health points, armor, etc etc. The cards also might have certain abilities.

You get one attack per round, but triggering abilities doesn't count as an attack, so if you can clear the board before your attack, you do that.

This morning's run had a card with first strike, and another set of three cards, that each time you kill one, the rest get stronger, so it helps if you have an ability card that synergises with your draw that enables you to hit all enemies for three damage at once.

Which I did, and required two spades to trigger.

During the attack round is when the poker hands come into play (pun intended); you play your hand and then the AI attempts to defend.

If you play a single Ace, for example, the best the AI can do is block that with an Ace. Play a King, and the AI can block it with a King, or trump it with an Ace, which means you take damage.

But a poker hand? Double or triple your damage, particularly if you've collected some upgrade cards that stay with you until the end of the round. Maybe you pick up a card that's +1 damage per spade played.

It's a nice damage addition when you drop a single spade, but when you drop a straight?

That won me the round against a boss mob.

So with some sleep under my belt, it's fair to bump Aces & Adventures up to:

4: Good

#AcesAndAdventures #Fantasy #Roguelite #Deckbuilder #HumbleChoice #MastodonGaming #Gaming
#Project365ONG #Project365 #RePlay

2 weeks ago

Replay Boss Says Ongoing Labor Strikes Prove “Lack Of Visibility Around Content Is Untenable” & Claims Blockchain Platform Launch Provides Alternative
#BreakingNews #Streaming #Technology #TVNews #Blockchain #Replay #Rewardedtv

Marco Molteni
3 weeks ago

Discovered rr [1] (tool for recording, replaying and debugging execution of programs. This blog shows its power and simplicity! [2].


#debugging #flakyTests #replay

3 weeks ago

Had a great set of shows this past week! One of them was Pit Crew (Presented by Intel), which was a whimsical take on the "pros vs amateurs" trope. Pros got nerfed by hardware downgrades & 'discomforts' each round, while amateurs got hardware upgrades & pamperings.

I was the replay operator for the show, so I got to cut the fun highlights to review each round, as well as a day pack for rollout of all the shenanigans (what you see here).

#vMix #replay #broadcast #EVS

Brother Soul
1 month ago


Maybe these politician should just start listening to each others records. Probably be able to work some stuff out. "maybe not. but it's an idea"

Show in FULL will be up on the soon.


#labr #loveabrotherradio #radio #fediradio #Fediverse #replay #picknmix

Elan Hasson
1 month ago

I'm going to the #Temporal #Replay conference in September.

I haven't been to many conferences before.

Can seasoned conference goers give me some tips?

What should I bring with me? Don't know where to start 😅

#TemporalReplay #programming #development #conference #retoot

1 month ago

Nouveau record de vue #replay sur 🚨

Il passe à 140 🎉

C’est la deuxième fois que le record est dépassé en 2023 😉

Merci pour votre soutien au quotidien 🙏

Linux ✅
1 month ago

Gamer on Linux? Share an instant replay - GPU SCREEN RECORDER 🎮 💻 💥

Just as the more known ShadowPlay from Windows - instantly replay yer gaming glory.

Pulled off an amazing stunt, yes? GPU Screen Recorder already saved it!

Using GPU only - the fastest screen recording tool for Linux.


#gaming #replay #instantreplay #screen #record #Linux #ShadowPlay #GPU #GPUScreenRecorder #X11 #Wayland

Linux ☑️
1 month ago

Gamer on Linux? Share an instant replay - GPU SCREEN RECORDER 🎮 💻 💥

Just as the more known ShadowPlay from Windows - instantly replay yer gaming glory.

Pulled off an amazing stunt, yes? GPU Screen Recorder already saved it!

Using GPU only - the fastest screen recording tool for Linux.


#gaming #replay #instantreplay #screen #record #Linux #ShadowPlay #GPU #GPUScreenRecorder #X11 #Wayland

El Duvelle
2 months ago

Potentially very interesting #NeuroPaper in #Humans:
Backbone spiking sequence as a basis for preplay, replay, and default states in human cortex

(Thanks to my colleague Hung-Tu for highlighting this one!)

(I’m not sure we can really say that preplay has been “robustly demonstrated” in rodents though…)

#Replay #Preplay #AnteriorTemporalLobe #MicroElectrodeArray #NeuroHuman

August 7, 2023 - Day 219 - RePlay Review
Total RePlays: 7

Game: Road 96

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Aug 16, 2021
Library Date: Nov 16, 2021
Playtime: 40m (Total: 3h)

Road 96 is a cel-shaded procedurally generated first-person adventure RPG set in a vaguely midwest alt-American quasi-dictatorship in the summer of 1996.

It is the third game in the August Humble Choice bundle, and the second of the games that I already owned, having bought it three months after it came out.

You play a succession of teenaged runaways attempting to escape cross-country by whatever means possible to reach the titular Road 96, the one route out of the country.

As you make each journey, you encounter a cast of characters, slowly piecing together their backstories as you make each journey.

Each journey can end in arrest, or (apparently) death, or escape.

So far, my first two chapters have resulted in being arrested each time, so at least I'm not dead?

The soundtrack is quite wonderful, and I find the storyline quite moving.

Between this and Disco Elysium, I think either game justifies this month's bundle, but if you don't have either, it's a definite buy. Even if you do end up with Chivalry II as well.

Road 96 is:

5: Excellent

#Road96 #FirstPerson #Adventure #RPG #HumbleChoice #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #RePlay

Daniel AJ Sokolov
2 months ago

Congratulations to Melissa Borjas, the #referee at #England v #Nigeria at the Women's #soccer #WorldCup. She corrected her erroneous penalty decision after viewing the replay. That takes a lot of #courage.

My call, after viewing the #replay: Holding outside the box. But inside the box, it was a picture book case of #diving . Feet higher than the buttocks.


David Hull 胡大衛
2 months ago

I support VAR and replay officiating in just about all cases. And yet, sometimes you really just wish you could yell at a human being.

#WWC #WomensWorldCup #USA #Sweeden #VAR #Replay

A replay review of a penalty shootout goal. The ball is maybe a pixel over the goal line. The result is a goal.

August 6, 2023 - Day 218 - RePlay Review
Total RePlays: 6

Game: Disco Elysium - The Final Cut

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Oct 16, 2019
Library Date: Nov 9, 2021
Playtime: 1h12m (Total: 3h)

Disco Elysium - The Final Cut is an upgraded version of the original Disco Elysium, a detective RPG. It's one of those games that seemingly everyone raves about. Reviews all give it a 9 or 10 out of 10.

It's the first game in the August Humble Choice bundle, and a curious choice for a AAA game, as most people who would be interested in it would already own it.

I've tried to get into it twice previously, and it just didn't click for me. I'd racked up 108 minutes of playtime, and just sat there in my library, taking up space.

The necessity to review it meant starting over again, and turns out to be third-time lucky. This time it clicked. Not sure what the difference is, but I "get" it now.

It's a largely text-driven affair, and I now understand that the dice-role checks are taken from tabletop RPGs, which makes a little more sense of what's going on.

You play a cop who wakes up drunk and with amnesia in a wrecked apartment. You, the as-yet nameless cop are in a pretty bad way, and your mission is to find out who murdered the man hanging in the tree behind the hotel where you woke up, and who you are.

It seems like you're not a very nice guy.

I paid more attention to the dialogue choices this time around, and nobody (including yourself) respects you, and as it turns out, you're on the verge of resigning.

Thank goodness for autosaves, because I've twice triggered an unintentional resignation from the police force, and ended the game unexpectedly.

Disco Elysium - The Final Cut is:

4: Good

#DiscoElysium #ThirdPerson #RPG #Detective #HumbleChoice #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #RePlay


Es ist noch simpler als die #Replay-Attacken von #KeeLoq - Funkschlüsseln...

Phewstepsaway 🌹
2 months ago

Love this Stash. Outside of that, you may skip through the preceding tracks unless you’re into straight-forward studio-esque mid Phish. Similar to Mr Skin, this tip gets you to the good parts.
#phish #replay

Phewstepsaway 🌹
2 months ago

That was Tubular #phish #sirius #replay

Volexity :verified:
3 months ago

#ICYMI: At our May @volexity #CyberSession, @tlansec presented "Firewall 0-day Investigations", sharing two real-world examples of Chinese nation-state attackers using #0day exploits to compromise firewall devices. You can watch the #replay here:

#dfir #threatintel

Jordan Mechner
3 months ago

Une dernière séance de dédicaces de ma bande dessinée autobiographique #REPLAY, juste avant la fête #14juillet ! Demain jeudi 13 juillet de 14h30-17h, je serai à la Librairie Combo à #Roubaix. Venez !📕🖌️
Dans ces pages de REPLAY, mon père me parle du Touquet-Paris-Plage où il était réfugié à l'age de 9 ans en 1940. Pas loin de Roubaix !

Mes commentaires sur les recherches historiques pour ces pages dans l'annexe de Replay :

Poster for REPLAY book signing in Roubaix July 13, 2023
Page from REPLAY depicting Le Touquet in 1940 under the German occupation
Page from REPLAY depicting Le Touquet in 1940 under the German occupation
Page from REPLAY depicting Le Touquet in 1940 under the German occupation

@SolSoCoG #replay 🤣 Sehr bürgernahe wenn man so um eine anwort jongliert

kari hoffman
3 months ago

@elduvelle @LMPrida @biorxivpreprint @cogneurophys I’m stoked that it worked out so well! The assessment followed closely the methods in Navas-Olive CNN paper using F1 (balanced accuracy) to reflect both precision and recall (i.e. sensitivity). So both FN and FPs count against the score, equally. The human raters were around .7 and the monkey data started at ~.5 and reached ~.6 (same as mouse levels!) after retraining. A pleasant surprise, given visible differences in the SWR phenotype between rodent and primate clades!

I think Andrea will post more details soon, but meanwhile, some relevant keywords for interested folks (can you think of others we should use?)

#neuroscience #MemoryReplay #learningandmemory #hippocampus #ripples #SWR #replay #cnn #lstm #openscience #hackathon #oscillations

3 months ago

Women's Premier 15s 2022/23 Final - Gloucester Hartpury v Exeter Chiefs (24.06.2023)

#rugby #womensrugby #replay

🔴 #ESUPdays 2023 : Vous avez manqué la journée thématique sur #Nextcloud ?
💡 Dès à présent, visionnez le #replay de cette belle journée en accordant bien sûr une attention particulière à notre conférence portant sur #Workspace (dernière conférence de l'après-midi) ! 😊

Brother Soul
3 months ago

@demvoter Cheers Dem....

Just wanted to drop a line, and thank you for loaning us your ears. Here's a few you might've missed from all of our collective members.

Enjoy m8.

#labr #LoveAbrotherRadio #replay

Tanweer Dar (Tan)
3 months ago

New War Thunder video:

USSR single mission, 'Save the Neighbours'.

Taking on several Fw 190s in low altitude, turning dogfights (rate fighting), in legendary ace Aleksandr Pokryshkin's P-39N-0 Airacobra.

Longer video, but really nice to watch. Great flight and kill footage.

As you can see, the 'Shrike' was no match for 'Bella' (with the flaps down) on the deck!

#WarThunder #Gameplay #Replay #Aviation #Dogfight #WW2

3 months ago

📺 :rstat:
Comment exploiter les données de #Wikipédia et #Wikidata ?

Avec Pierre-Yves Beaudouin, wikimédien résidence, on vous a fait une MAGNIFIQUE synthèse, en vidéo et en PDF dans un tuto @mate_shs_cnrs .

Des exemples pratiques, un bilan des possibilités en fonction du niveau de chacun et de chacune, il y en a pour tous les appétits d'outils.

Thanks to @amelia for the answers!
Merci à @rcarto pour les suggestions !

#replay #Rstat #gischat

June 10, 2023 - Day 161 - RePlay Review
Total RePlays: 5

Game: Eternal Threads

Platform: Steam
Release Date: May 19, 2022
Library Date: Jul 4, 2022
Playtime: 30m (Total: 6h30m)

At last, the final game of the June 2023 Humble Choice bundle: Eternal Threads.

I bought Eternal Threads six weeks after it was released. It's a time travel game, and the most similar game that I've played to this is Tacoma.

Eternal Threads is a time travel puzzle game. Six people are dead in a house fire. You, through some wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey technobabble, you can save them. Maybe.

All played from a first-person perspective in the fire-damaged house, you can change the choices that each of the six folks living in the house made, and possibly change their futures.

Each decision you change has a butterfly effect on the lives of the other six residents, and ghostly 3D captures of the people bring those decisions to life.

You may save one, only to later save another but condemn the first victim back to a fiery death.

As a sucker for time travel stories and games, this was right up my alley, and I basically played it solidly for that first six hours. So far, I've managed to resolve the threads for three out of the six victims, and I'm still slowly plugging away.

Eternal Threads is:

5: Excellent

#EternalThreads #FirstPerson #Puzzle #TimeTravel #HumbleChoice #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #RePlay

June 8, 2023 - Day 159 - RePlay Review
Total RePlays: 4

Game: Ghostwire: Tokyo

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Mar 25, 2022
Library Date: Nov 25, 2022
Playtime: 20m (Total: 9h25m)

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a first-person action-adventure RPG, set in a rain-drenched nighttime Tokyo, that's as haunted as you are.

You play as Akito, a young man attempting to visit his sister in hospital, when a supernatural occurrence leads to the entire population of Tokyo vanishing, and Akito having a near-fatal accident.

Immediately after the accident, Akito is possessed by the spirit of a detective named KK... who'd mistakenly believed the accident to have been fatal.

You and your new sidekick KK must now try and solve the mystery of what happened to the populace, while taking on all manner of supernatural creatures, while avoiding the ever-present "corruption".

This is not a horror game, per se, but is horror-adjacent. The wet, nighttime Tokyo streets are gorgeous, the mobs are creepy as hell, and the sound effects send chills up my spine.

Best of all, you can pet the dogs (and read their minds).

Ghostwire is this month's AAA title for the Humble Choice bundle, and once again, a AAA title I already own. I'm going to give away the Steam key with the details in the next post.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is:

5: Excellent

#GhostwireTokyo #FirstPerson #ActionAdventure #RPG #HumbleChoice #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #RePlay

@glassbottommeg the only "recorder features" I know of are in-engine event recorders that don't record the screen output but re-render it.

Kinda like #GMod, #SUPERHOT, #Trackmania Nations Forever and every other game that has a #replay / #sharing feature integrated.

This also reduces the amount of data, since it's just rendering directions and coordinates over time and not a videostream.

Jordan Mechner
4 months ago

Hello! I'm releasing two new artworks today, in limited editions of 40 hand-signed and numbered prints.✏️

Details are in my blog post:

#tiragedart #artprint #retrogaming #retrogames #lastexpress #replay #gameart #train #gare #nice #illustration #drawing #bandedessinee #comics #art

Framed print "Departure" by Jordan Mechner
Detail of signed and numbered print "Departure" by Jordan Mechner
Framed print "Promenade des Anglais" by Jordan Mechner, Nice 1940
Detail of signed print "Promenade des Anglais" by Jordan Mechner

May 7, 2023 - Day 127 - RePlay Review

Game: Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Nov 16, 2018
Library Date: Sep 7, 2019
Playtime: 55m

I tried Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus at some stage last year, and I hated it; so much so, that it did what I do with any of the games that I "nope" out of: leave them running until I've got all the card drops, sell the cards on the marketplace, then uninstall it, and hide it from my library.

I reinstalled it today to see if maybe it made sense to me now, and it absolutely does.

While it's not as pretty as Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters, it does make sense to me now, but it's just not quite as engaging as CGD.

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus is:

3: OK

#Warhammer40k #Mechanicus #Strategy #TurnBased #Tactics #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #RePlay

itgrrl :donor:
5 months ago

I finally finished #StrayGame the other day, time for a #replay 🙃

Sarah Jay De Rosa
5 months ago

En faisant de la pub très, très discrète, pendant que je travaille, je bois et je mange un croissant dans un café français 😎


#replay #comics #allez #read #noexcuses #ciao

A copy of "Replay", the latest masterpiece by Jordan Mechner, with a coffee, a croissant and a nice wi-fi password.
El Duvelle
5 months ago

Very early sneak peek on what I'm currently working on... Yes it's #PlaceCell #Replay !!

#Hippocampus #Hexamaze

Video made in Matlab of:
1) left: sequence of place cell spikes, with a moving time window going through it from left to right
2) middle: representation of a hexagonal-shaped maze seen from above with cumulated decoded positions shown as red dots over a black background (not super informative)
3) right: video of the peak decoded location (in red) shown starting from the rat's position (green dot on the top right arm of the maze) and extending around the maze center in a long replay event with a few occasional jumps
Jérôme Herbinet | Open Source
6 months ago

💡Documentaire :
"Cash Investigation - Marchés publics, le grand dérapage"
Réalisé par J. Nioré - S. Jobert - P. Lallemant en 2016
⚠️ Sujet consacré au Ministère de la Défense et au contrat "Open Bar" passé avec #Microsoft : 42:12
#LogicielsLibres #GAFAM #OpenSource #PeerTube #Replay #Documentaire #Documentaires #LogicielLibre #Linux

Jérôme Herbinet | Open Source
6 months ago

💡Documentaire :
"Nom de code Linux" (The Code)
Réalisé par Hannu Puttonen en 2002
#LogicielsLibres #GAFAM #OpenSource #PeerTube #Replay #Documentaire #Documentaires #LogicielLibre #Linux

Jérôme Herbinet | Open Source
6 months ago

💡Documentaire :
"LoL – Logiciel libre, une affaire sérieuse"
Réalisé en 2019 par François Zaïdi
#LogicielsLibres #GAFAM #OpenSource #PeerTube #Replay #Documentaire #Documentaires #LogicielLibre #Linux

We Love Speed
6 months ago

#Replay La web performance, c'est un peu de back-end, un peu de front-end, et beaucoup d'expérimentations. Découvrez comment @hsablonniere a mis en place un smart #CDN pour optimiser la distribution de ses #WebComponents.

Bientôt l'édition 2023, avez-vous votre place ?

We Love Speed
6 months ago

#Replay Comment décrire le Cumulative Layout Shift (#CLS) ? Comment l'optimiser afin d'offrir une meilleure expérience et voir Google collecter de meilleurs #CoreWebVitals ? Vous le saurez en regardant @Myriam :

Bientôt l'édition 2023, avez-vous votre place ?

We Love Speed
6 months ago

#Replay Quel point commun entre Les Furets, Ouest France, Cdiscount et l'Équipe ? Ils ont tous décidé de consacrer un budget à la performance web. Ils ont accepté de revenir, pour We Love Speed, sur leurs raison, leur organisation et leurs retour sur investissement :

Bientôt l'édition 2023, avez-vous votre place ?

We Love Speed
6 months ago

#Replay "Progressive Web Apps (#PWA) et Performance" de Raphaël Dardeau qui revient sur l'expérience de l'Équipe entre 2017 et 2019. Une intervention qui n'a rien perdu de son actualité !

Bientôt l'édition 2023, avez-vous votre place ?

We Love Speed
6 months ago

#Replay Alors que le dernier rapport du GIEC nous alerte toujours plus sur l'urgence climatique, regardons "Comment lier #WebPerformance et #Écologie ?" de Romuald Priol.

Bientôt l'édition 2023, avez-vous votre place ?

El Duvelle
7 months ago

⤴️ What are good reviews that explain the differences between #Replay and #ThetaSequences ?
Do post your own!

I'd recommend, as the most recent I know which addresses both: Decoding the cognitive map: ensemble hippocampal sequences and decision making by Wikenheiser & @adredish .
Also really like the figures in Hippocampal ripples and memory consolidation (yes, a bit old).
​Will post others as I come up with them but I also count on you!

El Duvelle
7 months ago

So... what are the differences between #ThetaSequences and #Replay (in the rodent #Hippocampus ?

Here is an illustration from real data!

Fig 1 shows ~70 #PlaceCells firing while a rat runs on a maze to reach a reward. See how the activity is different between running and pausing?
Fig 2 shows possible theta sequences.
Fig 3 shows possible replay.

Spot the differences & check alt text for more info!

PS: (very simple) #Matlab code to plot this is available here !


This is a screenshot of a Matlab plot showing a general view of place cell spikes along a trial in a maze. It shows other information like the speed of the animal (a rat), the LFP (local field potential filtered in different ways) and the multiunit activity. the main take home message is that there are two very different modes of firing: during running, when each place cell will fire bursts of spikes on the timescale of behaviour, and during which theta sequences happen; and during pausing at the reward site, when periods of silence are interrupted by periods of synchronous, brief firing of many place cells cells (replay).
Zoomed in version (from the same data) of the activity during running. There is a clearly visible theta rhythm in the raw LFP band (rhythmic waves) and the spikes seem to be organized in sub-groups (the theta sequences) with cells that are active close to each other in space, and in order of their activation on the maze, in a repeated manner, forming repeated "theta sequences". As time moves on, these groups recruit cells that are active later on the maze, always within these groups, such that the represented sequence moves forward in the maze, with the actual position of the rat.
Now we zoom in on the activity while the rat is pausing at the reward site. the LFP doesn't show theta waves anymore, instead it shows 'Sharp-Wave/Ripples' which are burst of very fast oscillations. They are also shown and computationally detected in the line below in ripple-filtered LFP band. 3 possible replay events are highlighted within green rectangle and their corresponding ripple is indicated by an arrow.
For each event, a large set of place cells is 're-activated' (remember, in this case the rat is not moving at all), and they seem to represent positions that go in reverse of what the rat did on the maze.
Also: they are beautiful :)
El Duvelle
7 months ago

#Hippocampus neuroscientists:
Do you think that hippocampal #Replay can truly represent a future planning trajectory?
Or that all replay trajectories are actually related to consolidation / generalization / other memory-oriented mechanisms?

Discussion & questions welcome!
Poll in Post 2 ⤵️​

Figure taken from Carr et al., 2011,  schematizing the activity of place cells on a linear track: reactivating in order of the upcoming trajectory during pausing at the start, then activating as expected during running in order of the places visited, then reactivating in reverse order at the reward site.
Note that both ends of the track hold reward and that the rat was continuously alternating between them.

Linux ☑️
8 months ago

::: ReplaySorcery - instant replay Linux solution - HELP!

** The developer Matanui159 is still signaling a wish for someone to take the torch **

"I don't want this project to die either.

It's about time I accept that I won't be working on this majorly anymore and start looking for someone to take over the project".

ReplaySorcery: as ReLive on Windows.

Interested developers, please reach out!


#ReplaySorcery #Gaming #ReLive #Instant #Replay #help #developers #development #devs #GitHub #Linux

Des Pommes de Terre au four ultra-croustillantes (et super faciles) !

#Replay 2016

9 months ago

Valve just made all your bad habits very plainly clear. How do you stack up?
#steam #streamreplay #valve #replay #yearinreview

I'm not one for "New Year's resolutions", but I am one for overly ambitious projects.

For 2023, Project365 is "One New Game Per Day".

Given that I have 634 unplayed games in my Steam account and {mumble} unredeemed bundle Steam keys, there's a reason my unplayed collection is tagged "Pile of Shame".

I'll pin this to my profile, and give a brief summary here each day (or x, if I miss x days due to work or stuff).

I'll play 15-30 minutes of (at least) one new game I've never played before (or played less than 15 minutes of). I'll give every game at least 15 minutes, even if I hate every minute of it.

I'm also open to suggestions; if you reply to this thread with a game, I'll schedule it, or tell you what I thought of it.

One of the things that's come up is that I have a bunch of games that I've played once, and not touched again.

Unplayed games: #NewPlay
Trying a game again: #RePlay
Ongoing games: #PlayOn
Going live on Twitch: #GrissGames

I'll hashtag these with #Project365ONG so you can mute it if you're not interested.

#Project365 #Gaming

Łukasz Langa
10 months ago

Ooh, #AppleMusic finally released the annual #Replay playlist with a summary of what people listened to in 2022.

Look at those misfits!

"Echoes" is an obscure 2014 remix album by Front Line Assembly. Unlike pretty much every other remix album I know of, this one is full of non-lazy arrangements, surprising twists and turns, first-class production, and the two original pieces are catchy. Each top 10 song of the year in my Replay is from this album.


A screenshot of Apple Music replay with top 10 artists of mine: Front Line Assembly, Jeremy Soule, Sarah Blasko, Dominic Miller, Miles Davis, Skinny Puppy, The Birthday Massacre, Destroyer, Vangelis, Daniel Herskedal.
A list of my top albums of 2022: Echoes by Front Line Assembly, Weapon by Skinny Puppy, Fascination by the Birthday Massacre, Murmur by REM, Harbour by Daniel Herskedal, LABYRINTHITIS by Destroyer, INSIDE by Bo Burnham, The Velvet Underground & Nico, Slowdive by Slowdive, Bitches Brew by Miles Davis.
Terra Field
10 months ago

Oh no, I think I might be even more trans #replay2022 #replay #AppleMusic #themountaingoats

You're in the Top 100 Listeners for The Mountain Goats
Terra Field
10 months ago

Well, I don’t Spotify so I don’t celebrate #SpotifyWrapped but my Apple Music Replay is not really surprising. #AppleMusic #Replay #replay2022

These minutes made it big. Total Minutes 42,989 (of music played through Apple Music)
My top artists: 
Replay Music The Mountain Goats 12,068 minutes The Postal Service 659 minutes This Will Destroy You 639 minutes Halsey 540 minutes Better Than Ezra 501 minutes girl in red 478 minutes CAKE 462 minutes CHVRCHES 422 minutes Dave Matthews Band 396 minutes 10 PVRIS 379 minutes
My top albums
Replay 2 4 5 BLEED OUT 6 CAKE 9 10 Music Give Up (Deluxe 10th... The Postal Service 130 plays If I Can't Have Love, I Want... Halsey 97 plays All Hail West Texas... The Mountain Goats 91 plays In League with Dragons The Mountain Goats 91 plays Bleed Out The Mountain Goats 89 plays if i could make it go quiet (App... girl in red 89 plays Severe Tire Damage They Might Be Giants 54 plays Fashion Nugget (Deluxe Editio... CAKE 52 plays Better Than Ezra: Greatest Hits Better Than Ezra 50 plays Horizon Forbidden West... Joris de Man, Niels van der Lee... 47 plays
My top songs Replay Music 1 Younger (Jordan Lake Session... The Mountain Goats 70 plays 2 BLEED OUT Training Montage The Mountain Goats 65 plays This Year (The Jordan Lake... The Mountain Goats 51 plays 4 Sax Rohmer #1 (The Jordan... The Mountain Goats 46 plays 5 Amy aka Spent Gladiator 1... The Mountain Goats 46 plays 6 No Children (Jordan Lake... The Mountain Goats 45 plays 7 Cry for Judas (Jordan Lake... The Mountain Goats 42 plays 8 Until I Am Whole (Jordan Lake... The Mountain Goats 40 plays 9 Up the Wolves (Jordan Lake... The Mountain Goats 40 plays 10 Aulon Raid (Jordan Lake... The Mountain Goats 40 plays