A Byrd
2 days ago

Hey #Florida residents
There is still time to get your signature on the petition to add #abortion protections to the state constitution! Even better? There are multiple options on how to get the paperwork to them. You can also get the paperwork in English, Spanish, or Creole.
This is promoted and backed by Planned Parenthood Action Fund, SEIU 1199, ACLU of Florida, and many other organizations. Please add your voice to this cause to protect #ReproductiveRights in this state.
You can find out more, get copies of the proposed amendment, and find drop off locations here:

"In this moment of surging momentum for abortion rights ballot initiatives, with Republicans running from the issue, and Democrats seeing it as their saving grace for 2024, the anti-abortion movement is at odds with democracy itself. That’s why abortion opponents in Ohio started by attacking the democratic process when they tried to raise the threshold to pass a constitutional amendment in August."

~ Amy Littlefield

#abortion #Ohio #democracy #ReproductiveRights

2 days ago

#NorthKorean leader #KimJongUn calls for women to have more children.

If a government can prevent you from #takingItOut, it can force you to put it in.

In a different era, North Korea had forced its people from #puttingItIn.


In the 1970-80s North Korea had implemented #birthControl programs to slow a postwar population growth.

#abortion #abortionRights #reproductiveCare #reproductiveRights

John Mark
2 days ago

You may have noticed the name of this blog and wondered what this is all about. Am I going to scream at you that abortion is murder and stopping the baby killers? No. Well… unless the subject is infant and maternal mortality in the United States, in which case I will tell you that our terrible racist healthcare “system” and lack of reproductive rights does in fact put babies, and their mamas, at risk. The United States leads the industrialized world in infant and maternal mortality, and not in a good way.

There are a number of reasons why this is the case:

  • Lack of comprehensive health care – the US leads the world in bankruptcies from illness
  • Rampant poverty, especially among younger women of color of childbearing age
  • High rates of unwanted pregnancies (for a number of reasons – will go into detail in a future blog post)
  • Relatively poor health: high rates of diabetes and other chronic debilitating health issues as well as lowest life expectancy of industrialized countries
  • Lack of prenatal care (will address this in the future – know that this is connected to the US’ overall rejection of reproductive rights for women)

In every point made above, there is a readily available solution. In fact, every other industrialized nation has solved this problem, and it would be relatively easy for the US to address these issues. The irony is that those most opposed to abortion – those with the gall to call themselves “pro-life” – have resisted every opportunity to address any of the above issues. Every. Single. Time. In fact, they are the ones most vehemently opposed to addressing these problems. Sickening, no? Isn’t it odd that those who call themselves “pro-life” are actually ensuring that more women and children die?

One of the reasons I started this blog and named it “We Are Pro-Life” is because we, those of us who actually care about people in our communities, we are the real pro-life advocates. We are the ones who advocate for trans lives. We are the ones who defend black lives. We are the ones with the core belief that everyone is equal in the eyes of our creator.

We. Are. Pro. Life.

Not those other clowns.

#abortion #prolife #reproductiveRights

Voight Kampff
6 days ago

The Supreme Court Isn’t Done Messing With Your Reproductive Rights | The New Republic #ReproductiveRights #SupremeCourt #Tyranny

6 days ago

If a government can finance #puttingItIn, it can finance taking it out.

Corollary: If a government can prevent you from #takingItOut, it can force you to put it in.

#abortion #abortionRights #reproductiveCare #reproductiveRights

Celeste Ryder 🐾 🐀🏳️‍🌈
1 week ago

@abortionrights “Every abortion is a necessary one” is such a powerful message. I’ll definitely be spreading it. #Abortion #AbortionRights #ReproductiveRights

"The overturn of Roe has intensified the struggle between those who don’t want strict abortion bans to trump the life and health of the pregnant person and absolutists who see preservation of a fetus as the singular goal, even over the objections of the majority of voters. In the states where near-total abortion bans went into effect after Roe’s protections evaporated, the absolutists have largely been winning."

~ Pro Publica

#abortion #ReproductiveRights #healthcare

"Donald Trump, who has bragged about being the 'most pro-life president in history,' now believes that he can convince voters that he’s actually a moderate on abortion rights."

~ Tori Otten

#Trump #abortion #Republicans #ReproductiveRights #SupremeCourt #BigLie #RoevWade

1 week ago

Some #Republicans Were Willing to Compromise on #Abortion Ban Exceptions. Anti-Abortion Activists Made Sure They Didn’t.

ProPublica reviewed 12 of the nation’s strictest abortion bans.

Few changed in 2023, as state lawmakers caved to pressure from anti-abortion groups opposing exceptions for rape, incest and health risks.

#Health #HealthCare #ReproductiveRights #Women #Pregnancy #GOP #News #Politics

Anti-abortion protesters march in front of the Supreme Court on the anniversary of the decision that overturned Roe v. Wade. 

Photo by Allison Bailey/NurPhoto via AP
nathans :ms_weed: :donor:
1 week ago

‘Michigan has showed the world’: Whitmer signs pared-down Reproductive Health Act into law

Underneath a digital billboard that said, “Today we are taking another bold step forward to ensure Michigan laws reflect Michigan values,” Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Tuesday signed into law bills that repeal several abortion restrictions in Michigan.

The ceremony, held at Schoolcraft College’s Vistatech Center in Livonia, featured dozens of reproductive rights supporters and elected officials, including Lt. Governor Gilchrist, state Sen. Sarah Anthony (D-Lansing), state Rep. Laurie Pohutsky (D-Livonia) and Dr. Sarah Wallett, chief Medical operating officer of Planned Parenthood of Michigan.

“Across the nation, the American people are standing up for abortion rights,” said Whitmer. “We’ve seen it again and again. They’ve looked to Michigan because we showed the world. When you speak truth to power, when you fight for the issue and fight for the people, you can win on this issue.”

#USPol #Politics #Michigan #News #Abortion #ReproductiveRights #ProChoice #GretchenWhitmer #Whitmer

Martin Nutty
2 weeks ago

5) This article was published 3 days prior to the #DublinRiots and gives a small sense of the odd alliance that is the #FarRight and how they use #SocialMedia to promulgate their dreck

What’s odd about the alliance? I find it head scratching that the associated ragey posts are directed at #Migrants, #ClimateChange, #ReproductiveRights, #Vaccines to name just 4 areas. All topics sure to drive wedges in #WesternDemocracy. The question is at the behest of who and why?

"You might assume that conservatives would heed this warning [i.e., that abortion rights are a highly motivating issue for many voters] after getting repeatedly creamed in elections for the last two years over abortion.

But some Republicans are undeterred. You see, they know better than voters."

~ Susan J. Demas

#abortion #ReproductiveRights #Republicans

Ohio commission approves fracking in state parks and wildlife areas despite fraud investigation

Holy shit. I know it’s been an exciting 2023 in #Ohio for some positive reasons, but there are important fights to continue or join now. You got this, Buckeyes! #abortion #climate #reproductiveRights #OH

at home in my head
2 weeks ago

Documentary airing tonight on AFAB reproductive health/menstruation specifically.

#misogyny #reproductivehealth #reproductiverights #pinktax

It's all about abortion, the US Catholic bishops reiterate — belligerently, since they know they have lost that battle in "winning" as Roe v. Wade was knocked down because their team on the Supreme Court.

Translated: It's all about assuring that (white) Catholics keep voting Republican. And it's all about controlling women.

#Catholics #abortion #ReproductiveRights

3 weeks ago

#Russian #feminist #protest & #PerformanceArt collective #PussyRiot have been spotted brandishing a giant 10ft-tall inflatable #vulva outside the #Indiana State Capitol earlier this week in the #USA.

The group are continuing their fight against the state’s #SupremeCourt and its #AntiAbortion policies with #GodSaveAbortion, which is a new Pussy Riot song & part of a bigger #ReproductiveRights #campaign of #ArtActions that Pussy Riot are launching.


"And as he again runs for the presidency, he brags about being responsible for the end of Roe and says he is proud to have been 'the most pro-life president' in American history.

Given all that, where would anyone get the idea that Trump 'doesn’t seem to care either way' about abortion [as the New York Times has suggested]?"

#Trump #abortion #ReproductiveRights #NewYorkTimes #MediaFail

"As president, he was the first president in history to attend the anti-abortion 'March for Life,' he barred abortion advice at federally-funded clinics, he threatened to withhold federal funding from California if the state required insurance plans to cover abortion and, yep, he appointed three Supreme Court justices who provided the margin to overturn Roe v. Wade."

#Trump #abortion #ReproductiveRights #NewYorkTimes #MediaFail

"When Donald Trump ran for president in 2016, he made a literally unprecedented promise during the third general election debate that he would appoint judges who would overturn Roe v. Wade, and he said women would have to be punished for seeking abortions."

#Trump #abortion #ReproductiveRights #NewYorkTimes #MediaFail

Jamison Foser notes that, though New York Times keeps offering its readers mendacious articles about how Trump is "moderate" or "less vulnerable" than strongly anti-abortion Republicans, his actual record speaks loudly and clearly:

#Trump #abortion #ReproductiveRights #NewYorkTimes #MediaFail

3 weeks ago

The press takes what the Dear Leader says at face value, even though what he while in office was totally different from his words. At least when he's not being so evasive that no one can tell what he means.

#Trump #lying #abortion #ReproductiveRights #press #NewsMedia

Vero Balderas Iglesias
3 weeks ago

#Democratic Party candidates who favor the right to an #abortion recently secured big electoral wins in several #conservative states. But to what extent could the issue of #reproductiverights influence how #Americans vote in the 2024 presidential #election ? We consulted with the experts👉🏼 #republican

Abortion clinic

"But at the end of the day, women voters are being fairly clear about what they want: the government out of personal health care decisions. They want the old protections of Roe back, and they aren’t going to settle for less."

#abortion #ReproductiveRights #women #Republicans

"So-called 'moderates' in the GOP want to show how compassionate the party is by leaning into all the exceptions they would allow for things like rape, incest, or the life of the mother. They want to talk about 'limits' and not 'bans.'"

~ Jay Kuo

#abortion #ReproductiveRights #women #Republicans

"(Trump claims to oppose a nationwide abortion ban, though it seems highly likely he would sign one if he was given the chance.) More to the point, no one in the country is more responsible for the repeal of Roe v. Wade than Donald Trump, who appointed the three justices to the Supreme Court necessary to do the deed."

~ Alex Shephard

#Trump #abortion #RoevWade #ReproductiveRights #SupremeCourt

3 weeks ago

Update. To block #abortion rights, #Ohio #Republicans first tried to make it harder to amend the constitution. They lost that fight. Then they saw a significant majority (including many Republicans) vote to adopt an abortion-rights amendment to the state constitution. Now they're trying to strip the courts of jurisdiction to interpret the new abortion-rights amendment.

#Democracy #ReproductiveRights #USPolitics

Rat Can't Read (she/her)
4 weeks ago

But as with anything, the opportunities cut short by #Jezebel's closing down may also open up new avenues. I don't know what those might be yet. However, given the way that #Twitter's slow demise has led more people to #Mastodon, as well as spurred larger conversations and organizing about what people want #SocialMedia to be and who they want it to be for. Maybe Jezebel's demise will lead more people, particularly #feminists, to consider what we want our online spaces to look like and how we want to reach younger generations. Maybe it will encourage us to reflect on what we wish we would have had when we were younger and spur some creativity to foster that kind of community. Maybe it will cause people to re-evaluate the importance of #writing and text-based platforms online. Who knows? I'm trying to be optimistic, but I also realize this could be another blow to #ReproductiveRights and new coverage online overall. I guess we'll see...

Rat Can't Read (she/her)
4 weeks ago

I'm still processing the news that #Jezebel is shutting down. Tbh, part of me is surprised it lasted this long, given the decline of text-based media on the internet and Peter Thiel's attempts to kill #GawkerMedia.

Yes, sometimes it was too snarky and superficial. It wasn't always as #feminist as it claimed, but it had solid coverage of #ReproductiveRights and sometimes it was good for a laugh. Plus, it defined my generation of #Millennial #women, for better or worse, in a way that I'm still trying to understand a decade plus later. I learned a lot from the Jezebel writers over the years, some good lessons and some not-so-good. I wrote a huge paper in graduate school about the cultural significance of #LadyBlogs, including Jezebel, #XOJane, #TheHairpin and other publications that are now long gone. Now I'm left wondering what the cultural significance of Jezebel's demise is. Online media and online spaces are so often ephemeral.

4 weeks ago

@RollingStone it would be good to look at all the ways the GOP undermines democracy, call it the GOP assault on democracy. In #oregon the gop minority walked out for over 6 weeks effectively killing our short legislative session. Then a voter approved measure that disallows running again because of excessive absenteeism is challenged. I’m sure this is the modus operandi in many states. #orpol #democracy #ohio #reproductiverights #healthcare #abortionrights

I"’m sorry, Amy, this is insulting to insinuate that. It’s not like we all experienced a moment of collective hysteria after the Dobbs decision and all got our periods and got mad temporarily and then forgot that Republicans single-handedly overturned a 50-year-old constitutional right. Yes, voters are still angry about it. Yes, they see through the Republican misinformation. Yes, abortion rights are popular and always have been."

#Republicans #abortion #MediaFail #ReproductiveRights

Your Autistic Life
1 month ago

If you want an excellent analysis of why the #GOP lost on trans rights and reproductive rights, I recommend the following video.

#TransRightsAreHumanRights #TransRights #ReproductiveRights #idiots #backfire #USNews #USPol

mike johansen
1 month ago

@scalzi The marijuana and #reproductiverights maps were not identical. Marijuana did better in appalachia/rural regions and relatively worse in the metros.

Jeffrey K. Walker
1 month ago

The #GOP is, with every new election disaster since #RoeVWade was overturned, finding out what happens when the dog catches the car.
#reproductiverights #ImWithHer

After talking and talking and talking about abortion and "pro-life" this and that for decades, Republicans are desperate now to change the subject when abortion is being discussed.

And the media are eager to help them do that, by inventing false narratives that Americans are over the shock of the Dobbs ruling, and that the "real" subject is "the economy."

We need to ask why the media keep assisting Republicans in this way.

#Republicans #abortion #ReproductiveRights #Ohio #Virginia #media

"Reproductive rights turned Ohio and both houses of the Virginia legislature. This is a rebuke to all that whistling-past-the-graveyard talk about how the issue was losing the power it had gained in the wake of the Dobbs decision. It is going to be dining on conservative innards every election cycle for the foreseeable future."

~ Charles Pierce

#Republicans #abortion #ReproductiveRights #Ohio #Virginia

Rat Can't Read (she/her)
1 month ago

Of course, the #covid denialism has cracks. Sadly, more people are becoming disabled by #LongCovid. More people are dying. #Healthcare workers are burned out.

And beyond #covid19, attacks on #BodilyAutonomy continue. The US lost our one national #AbortionRights protection, paltry as it was, in #RoeVWade. Racist police violence continues. #Eugenics and #genocide continue. #ClimateChange continues.

People are fighting back. #Unions are fighting back and seeing major wins! #ReproductiveRights won in the #USElections last night! Protests across the US calling for a #Ceasefire in Gaza are only gaining momentum and putting pressure on politicians. There is still hope for a better world!

But we need ways to unify these issues and foster greater #solidarity. We need ways to articulate a compelling vision for a better world. We need to not leave behind those who continue to take #covid precautions. I think #BodilyAutonomy is the way forward for that unity and a way to articulate that vision.

#USpol #USpolitics

1 month ago

Update. First #Ohio #Republicans failed to jack up the difficulty of amending the state constitution. Then (yesterday) they saw a significant majority of Ohio voters (56.6% v. 43.4%) amend the constitution to protect the right to #abortion.

#Democracy #ReproductiveRights #USPolitics

Caroline Mala Corbin
1 month ago

"Ohio decisively passed a constitutional amendment guaranteeing access to abortion, while those in ruby-red Kentucky reelected a Democratic governor who aggressively attacked his opponent for supporting the state’s near-total ban on the procedure."

#law #lawfedi #fedilaw #abortion #elections #reproductiverights #equality #Ohio #Kentucky

Ohio Rob 🐶📻
1 month ago


As an Ohioan from the exact part of the state where Vivek was raised (he and I have no doubt sat in traffic on State Rt 315 together), I can assure everyone he is full of shit and should be summarily dismissed.

We know exactly what we voted for and it wasn’t for these extreme #fascist handmaiden tale policies of our gerrymandered #GOP overlords. #ohio #issue1 #reproductiverights

Mike Reader
1 month ago


Since Roe v. Wade was overturned in 2022, all seven states that have put the issue on the ballot - Ohio, Kansas, Vermont, Montana, Michigan, Kentucky, California - have voted to uphold the right of women to make their own reproductive healthcare choices.

Ohio voters enshrine abortion access in constitution in latest statewide win for reproductive rights
#WomensRights #Healthcare #reproductiverights #Ohio #Issue1 #election #voting #Democrats #CommonSense

Ohio Rob 🐶📻
1 month ago

Keep in mind as #Ohio legalizes #cannabis and restores #roevwade today, that

the motherfuckers in the Ohio #GOP who run this state tried to keep tonight — and I mean the will of the voters — from happening with a bullshit, anti-democratic special election to change the rules a few months ago.

They lost then and they’re losing tonight. Let’s see if they take their medicine and eat 💩 , as they really fucking should.

#issue1 #reproductiverights #handsoff

1 month ago

The #Boston Men's March to control other people's #ReproductiveRights recommended that attendees wear collars if they have them....

I'm working on mine today!

Join us to make their hum-drum lives more fun. Kazoo training on site.

#ClownMarch #ClownParade #AbortionIsHealthCare

A white ruffled clown collar is in progress on my work table. So far it has 2 layers of ruffle, one with blue edge and one with pink edge. The purple edge layer is awaiting attachment at the top, in a heap of fabric.
🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
1 month ago

DEE SNIDER Is 'Mortified' By Thought Of His Granddaughter Having 'No Right To Choose What Happens To Her Own Body'
TWISTED SISTER frontman Dee Snider, who was famously called to testify before the U.S. Senate...


Wren Birdie (she/her)
2 months ago

Some insight on Ohio's Issue 1 from The 19th.

If you're in #Ohio, make your voice heard and vote YES on Issue 1.


Philip Cardella
2 months ago

This should be the whole campaign for women's rights/pregnant people's rights. This woman was put in prison for "endangering" a fetus and ended up being told to "sleep it off" when she went into labor, told to "stop screaming" while in labor and eventually gave birth in the prison shower while experiencing a medical crisis that could have led to stillbirth.

The baby lived--and was immediately taken from her.

#reproductiverights #WomensRights

Tony the Mechanic
2 months ago

Remember this special election in August?

In November, #Ohio now has two ballot issues to vote on that have oppressed folks for far too long. A “yes” vote on Issue 1 will bring logical reproductive rights laws to the state. A “yes” vote on Issue 2 will bring common sense marijuana legalization to Ohio.

Help to make sure every Ohio voter is informed through a very effective organization. #PostcardsToVoters #ReproductiveRights


A stack of different colored postcards reminding voters of the voting period and to vote “yes” on Issue 1 in Ohio, including messages that thank them for being a voter. There are also pens in the photo.
2 months ago

I can't help but think the troubles caused by "your" government about who owns your body (#GenderAffirmation, #ReproductiveRights, etc...) can be traced to when the U.S. went off #GoldStandard.
The #FederalReserve wanted to know what would be used as collateral. Why of course... the American people ARE the collateral.
#BirthCertificate changes will only confuse the value of the loan/bailout since they believe there is a value difference between men, women and unborn children. 🤪


Three "prolife" criminals who blocked a clinic entrance that directly led to the death of a patient, have been convicted in a second trail.
Jonathan Darnel, 41, of Arlington, Va.;
Jean Marshall, 73, of Kingston, Mass.;
Joan Bell, 74, of Montague, NJ – were each convicted of a felony conspiracy against rights and a FACE Act offense.
#Prochoice #ReproductiveRights #ReproductiveAccess #TrustWomen #WarOnWomen and little girls

3 months ago


"The baby’s stomach and other organs were developing outside its abdomen, as well as showing signs of a lethal malformation known as limb body wall complex...[the woman's] vision deteriorated and she developed signs of life-threatening preeclampsia... After 32 hours of labor, she delivered a stillborn baby..."

Anyone who says "I'm not voting" or "I'm voting third party" is announcing that they're okay with atrocities like this. Please respond accordingly.

#USpol #ReproductiveRights

3 months ago

#Abortion rights group sues on behalf of women denied care in emergencies #USpol #ReproductiveRights

Zhi Zhu 🕸️
3 months ago

"The Center for #ReproductiveRights on Tuesday filed legal actions in #Tennessee, #Idaho and #Oklahoma on behalf of #women who say they were denied #abortion care in medical emergencies...

The goal, Hearron said, is twofold — to demonstrate that pregnant people are being denied timely medical care wherever abortion is banned, and to give clarity to doctors who he described as “terrified” of providing the procedure."

#WomensRights #WomensHealth #Healthcare #USA #News

News headline:
Abortion rights group sues on behalf of women denied care in emergencies
By Frances Stead Sellers
September 12, 2023 at 7:33 a.m. EDT
Jack Vance
3 months ago

"Several communities in the Lone Star State have passed or are considering measures that would make it illegal for people to use local roads to transport someone to get an abortion in another state, The Washington Post reported."

#ReproductiveRights #texas #humanism #secularism #ChurchAndState #abortion #law #ChristianExtremism

Tony the Mechanic
3 months ago

Live in Arizona or close enough to help out on the ground? Here’s an organization on the move you can volunteer with to collect signatures in order to get reproductive rights on the ballot in #Arizona. All who want access should have access.

Arizona for Abortion Access-

Support the cause but can’t volunteer? If you’re able, you can donate.

#AbortionRights #ReproductiveRights

3 months ago

⬆️ "It wasn't the court alone, it was them [protesting women]"

Context: Mexico supreme court decriminalizes abortion!

@lzg Gracias, hermana! 💜

#Mexico #Abortion #ReproductiveRights

Heidi Li Feldman
3 months ago

Can you imagine the incessant press coverage, from all journalism outlets, were a Democratic Senator holding the U.S. military hostage to his own religious beliefs? Here’s an op-ed from three Secretaries of the Armed Forces explaining how #Tuberville is risking U.S. security. Gift access #ReproductiveRights #AbortionRights

3 months ago

Today, South Carolina's all-male Supreme Court upheld the state's 6-week #abortion ban.

We recently reported on how #SouthCarolina became the only state in the US with a men-only highest court:

#ReproductiveRights #Pregnancy #Women #Men #WomensRights #News #Courts

Mr Snrub
4 months ago

Hey #Ohio, it looks like recreational #marijuana and reproductive rights are on the November ballot! Remember to get out and vote!

#reproductiverights #vote

A sign that says "vote yes on weed and women, November 7th, 2023"
Heidi Li Feldman
4 months ago

I’m constantly struck by parallels between slaveholders trying to force people in non-slavery states to participate in maintaining slavery (e.g. Fugitive Slave Acts) and this sort of behavior. #Alabama senator #Tuberville is holding up promotions to force the military to stop covering travel for medical care that includes #abortion. Gift access at #misogyny #ReproductiveRights