12 hours ago

Unlock the Secrets to Personal Resilience 💪✨ Learn the Proven Strategies to Conquer Anxiety and Boost Your Mental Health. #AnxietyManagement #Resilience #MentalWellBeing"

Gunnar Grosch
17 hours ago

AWS Fault Injection Service launches two highly requested scenarios!

⚡ The AZ Availability: Power Interruption scenario allows you to determine how a multi-AZ application will operate while experiencing a complete power interruption in a single AZ.

🔌 The Cross-Region: Connectivity scenario helps you determine that a multi-Region application will operate as expected when it cannot access resources in another Region.

#aws #resilience #chaosengineering #awsfis

1 day ago

"Because that is when you love somebody – when you see them being game in the face of the worst. Not courageous. Not heroic. Just game." — ​Philip Roth — — — #PhilipRoth #quote #quotes #love #game #resilience #attempt #persistence

IRIS H2020
2 days ago

The Critical Infrastructure Resilience: News, Updates and Events #newsletter by @EU_Commission has just been landed 📌
There are interesting topics among which, ✔ the proceedings of RISE-SD 2023 where you can find IRIS paper "User-centric design and validation of a DLT/Blockchain-based auditing tool for incident response traceability and accountability"
#H2020 #resilience #cybersecurity

Reda Sadki
3 days ago

Health system transformation for #climate #health #resilience without health workers side-by-side with communitie leading change?

Again, global strategies for climate and health seem to be growing like #stalactites, from the top down.

We need #stalagmites.


Jeremy P. Boggess
4 days ago

The Mountain was there before the mouse and will probably be thereafter. But, the mouse is in reality more powerful.



#hope #change #persistence #resilience #ResilienceMatters


It was an honour speaking with Climb Your Mountain author Sir Ranulph Fiennes on lessons from an extraordinary life. It's our 100th episode so come celebrate with us!

Listen to the episode:
Watch the interview:

#books #podcast #Bookstodon #selfImprovement #resilience #failure #leadership

Sir Ranulph Fiennes wears an orange thermal ski jacket with hood up and covered in ice and snow. He stands behind a microphone with a yellow, blue and beige background that says How To Be Books Podcast.
5 days ago


Mes parents avaient la même ! C'est vous dire.
L'aluminium c'est pas top pour la santé... La cafetière, si tu la trouves en inox... Ça serait top.

#resilience #autonomie

Jens Notroff
6 days ago

Original study: B. Molloy et al., #Resilience, #innovation and #collapse of settlement networks in later #BronzeAge Europe: New survey data from the southern #Carpathian Basin, PLoS ONE 18(11), 2023.

Les Petits Trésors de Joué
6 days ago

#resilience #autonomie
À la demande de certains 😁
Notre cuisinière bois est une Deville (Avec four intégré ). C’est notre seul moyen de cuisson.
(En été j’utilise un ancien petit poêle de la guerre 40 en guise de Rocket pour les salades estivale)
Chauffe constamment dessus eau potable(pour boissons chaudes), eau non potable (vaisselle et toilettes ) et cafetière manuelle 😁😅

Stoicminds Channel
1 week ago

Stoicism and Empathy: Balancing Detachment with Compassion Revisited #stoic #stoicism #empathy #resilience #mindfulness

Jeff Schlentz
1 week ago

De neie Newsletter vun der Europäescher Kommissioun iwwer d'Resilienz vu kriteschen Infrastrukturen ass do:

#InfrastructuresCritiques #criticalinfrastructure #resilience #newsletter

Titelbild vum Newsletter mat Inscriptioun November 2023, Logo EC, Titel: Critical Infrastructure Resilience: News, Updates and Events
1 week ago

Successful in the Senate Committee Competition of the Leibniz Association: The new POUNDER project will investigate whether #adaptation of organisms to chemical #pollution improves the #resilience of urban #ponds and #ecosystems. Congratulations to our group leaders Lynn Govaert and Stephanie Spahr! #ecoevo

AI Automations Experimental
1 week ago

Capturing Untold Stories Watercolor Public Art Featuring People by Kara Walker

Using expressive watercolor techniques, Kara Walker brings to life powerful stories depicting the enduring strength and resilience of diverse groups through public art Bold colors and detailed figures evoke emotion and ...

See More Seeds:

#StableDiffusion #ai #ArtificialIntelligence #watercolor #public-art #people #stories #Kara-Walker #diversity #resilience

1 week ago

🌟💪 Strength shows not only in the ability to persist but in the ability to start over when needed.
Resilience and the willingness to begin anew are signs of true strength. 💫✨

#StrengthInStartingOver #Resilience 😊🌈🚀

Cancer Care Parcel
1 week ago

"Discover the incredible journey of resilience and hope as one individual shares how patience and persistence saved their life in an unexpected journey. 🌟❤️ #SurvivorStory #Resilience #NeverGiveUp"

Defend Democracy
1 week ago

We were honoured to announce #DefendDemocracy's new program:

'Coalition for Democratic Resilience', an initiative on building whole-of-society #resilience to hybrid threats to #democracy.

Stay tuned for more...

Mike McCaffrey :pdx_badge:
1 week ago

If I were ever planning on buying a new car, something like this would be at the top of my list. It is specifically designed to help in disasters, like the ones caused by all the other cars that have heated the earth!

#ElectricVehicles #EVs #Disasters #Resilience #Solar #ClimateChange

A cute angular van with tiny wheels and a happy face made by round headlights.
That focus on disaster resilience is front and center in the PUZZLE electric van as well, which features onboard AC outlets, USB ports, wi-fi internet connectivity, and emergency tools. Roof-mounted solar panels are included to ensure functionality even during prolonged power outages. There’s even a first-aid kit and a crowbar, just in case whatever disaster you’ve encountered can be helped by extra leverage.

Several vehicles in the US already come with AC outlets and first-aid kits, but the PUZZLE’s design makes these types of features outward-facing, meaning they can be accessed from outside of the vehicle to help others.
Diagram showing how panels open up to reveal a first aid kit, ports to charge devices, and even a crowbar.
1 week ago

3ème et dernier volet de ma série sur la #résilience #numérique
Les #risquesmajeurs liés aux défaillances des systèmes numériques
Responsabilité des communes et des citoyens
Acteurs responsables de la #cybersecurite
Stratégies face au défaillances des systèmes numériques, problématiques de communication et d'accès à des contenus numériques utiles en cas de crise majeure, durable.
Un exemple concret de mise en œuvre #raspberry d'un mini-serveur autonome portable sans fil

Todd Battistelli
1 week ago

It’d be nice to have less of this:

People who will never have to worry about where their next job will come from choosing to shame those who are buried under debt and bounced from contingent job to contingent job for not doing enough or not being joyous enough in their job-search efforts.

#work #workers #resilience #HustleCulture #bootstraps #JobSearch

Jeffery Harvey, DEL, CEM
1 week ago

My wife directs a non-profit supporting families. She works with the poverty-stricken, grand families, various parental arrangements, food security issues, health outcomes - you name it.

What surprises me is the lack of connection between these issues in a community and matters of #resilience as an #emergencymanagement concept.

I love EM and my EM colleagues, but we need to reframe our thinking. What does #preparedness look like when the base assumption is no one can adequately recover?
1 week ago

Join the Open Knowledge Foundation's efforts to co-design an electoral digital public infrastructure that promotes resilience and trust in elections. #OpenSource #Elections #Resilience

1 week ago

We are reframing ecosystems as infrastructure

"Living landscapes are a form of infrastructure in the sense that forests, for example, clean our water and our air."

"...It is not enough simply to restore natural systems to their former condition. “There is no ‘pure nature’ that’s outside of us, untouched up there in the foothills somewhere...We’ve ‘made’ the world what it is already, so now we need to take a very, very strong hand in the remaking. … A big part of climate adaptation may simply be unbuilding what we’ve already built.”

"A big part of climate adaptation may simply be unbuilding what we’ve already built. Rather than thinking of design as something merely additive or “beautifying,” we need to think about undoing our environmental mistakes, like damming rivers, bulkheading our shorelines, and concretizing streams. We need to start making room for rivers and floods."

"What we are trying to do is integrate many local projects into a larger-scale systemic approach, into a larger-scale resilience plan."
#extinction #biodiversity #nature #restore #depave #RegenerativeDesign #MobilityDesign #ReFraming #beautification #rivers #floods #NativeForests #transition #resilience #ClimateEmergency

Jill <><
1 week ago

Morning reminder. 😌🌸☀️

#breathe #pause #strength #resilience #compassion

🟡Michael Clifford Carter
1 week ago

When Life Feels Heavy, Remember It's Shaping You into a Diamond under Its Pressure. #LifePressure #DiamondStrength #Resilience #OvercomingAdversity #StrengthUnderPressure #TransformChallenges

I am on today's edition of the PagerDuty podcast "Page it to the Limit"!

Mandi and I were at AOL at the same time working in adjacent (but far-flung) teams, it was awesome getting to talk with her so many years later.

#sre #operations #PagerDuty #ContinuousLearning #CognitiveSystems #resilience

Just got my KDP royalty notification. I’ll never take for granted that people exchange their $$ for my thoughts. Thank you! If you haven't picked up a copy, here's the link:

ALSO: I keep stock on hand. If you would like an autographed copy, free shipping to US addresses. International? We can figure it out. Send $11 paperback $26 hardbound & your address to @mckra1g (Venmo) or $mckra1g (CashApp)

#FediGiftShop #author #writing #SelfHelp #resilience #LifeCoach #books

Petra van Cronenburg
1 week ago

Never underestimate #nature. After the terrible droughts in France, we have something like an autumn monsun (since the first days in October) and greenery in unexpected places.
#resilience #plants #minigardens #mosstodon #rain #seedlings #cars #ClimateDiary

On my car door at the window a green seedling and a moss.
Two green seedlings where rhe windscreen wipers come out.
Macro of the first photo.
Mark Burton
1 week ago

Strengthening the UK’s #energy #resilience and security

Policy recommendations:
Reductions in energy demand, particularly in sectors which are difficult to decarbonise such as aviation and freight.
More flexibility in the electrical system, additional energy storage capacity
More generation of domestic low-carbon energy.
Create an agency responsible for the UK’s energy resilience

1 week ago

2ème volet de la série de 3 billets sur la #résilience #numérique

Je traite des situations locales normales à dégradées (personnelle, professionnelle, communale) et des problématiques de #cybersécurité, sous l'angle de principes de la méthode de sécurité opérationnelle (OPSEC).

J'y décris des solutions concrètes avec un serveur informatique local et des exemples de mes usages pro : applications de bureautique, de prototypage et de tests UI...

Food system resilience tested
The impact of COVID-19 on a major node in North America’s produce supply chains

Sarah Elton
Evan Fraser
Ruth Siew

#Resilience #SupplyChains #FoodSystem #Markets #Covid19 #Produce

#OpenScholarship from CFS

#Read all you want! #OpenAccess
#Share generously! #KnowledgeSharing
#Grow your understanding of #Food

Article linked in stories or click the CFS link in bio to explore!

2 weeks ago

@lifewithtrees @ScribblingOn @actuallyautistic the neuroscience of you Chantel Pratt . Simply incredible. Absolutely our frames affect our reality.

Remember to keep and grounded and accept yourselves the way you are with all the love you can muster.

Try to slow a bit before making judgements. You can reprogram triggers, in a number of ways.

Once you have the acceptance and love, you’re sharing that experience with your whole brain body mind😍. 🫶healing.♾️❤️
#oneteam. #EEAAO #resilience

Nicolas Henin 🇪🇺
2 weeks ago

Faut-il montrer ou pas les #images de l’attaque du #Hamas ? Le maître de conférences en études cinématographiques, et spécialiste des représentations de la #Shoah, n’est pas favorable à leur diffusion publique et alerte sur la nécessité de surmonter la #sidération.

2 weeks ago

1er volet d'une série de 3 billets sur la #résilience #numérique pour poser les bases d'une réflexion.
Le second traitera des situations locales normales à dégradées (personnelle, professionnelle, communale)
Le dernier billet, des situations fortement dégradées ou d'isolement
Il sera question de niveaux de #sécurité opérationnelle (OPSEC), d'analyse des vulnérabilités, #risques et menaces, leur #prévention, la préparation et la construction de solutions opérationnelles

2 weeks ago
Alice Stollmeyer
2 weeks ago

Good morning from Warsaw, #Poland! 🇵🇱🇪🇺

I’ll be talking about a values-based #security strategy & the role of civil society in democratic #resilience in a closing key note of #EGA2023.

cc @DefendDemocracy

Melissa Roth
2 weeks ago

Monsters & dystopian death battles -- 2 of the biggest franchises in #movie dom -- arrive today. Check out our #cheatsheets at the Watercooler.
We learned that in a pandemic related study, horror fans reported greater psychological resilience.
So tee up Apple's #Godzilla series #MonarchLegacyofMonsters or #TheHungerGames - or escape into the 12+ new shows: #nowplaying #streaming #movies #resilience #tv #watching

Defend Democracy
2 weeks ago

Full house for an exchange on the urgent need to #DefendDemocracy in an era of sharp power.

Investing in democratic #resilience against hybrid warfare should be considered part of a country's 2% GDP #defence spending, if not deserve its own 2%.


Kelly Shortridge
2 weeks ago

my talk from Cloud Native #Wasm Day at #KubeCon is now online:

it covers:
✨ the beauty of isolation & modularity in complex systems
✨ the various forms of software isolation
✨ why Wasm is a thrilling step (possibly leap!) forward for how we approach isolating software — especially with the component model

the future is sandboxes all the way down #resilience

Blazing Minds ✅
2 weeks ago

Sometimes inspiration comes from the strangest places

#inspiration #resilience RT @muz4now

Transition Together
2 weeks ago

Every week Steve & Ben knocked on doors on their estate & offered to plant fruit trees in folks' gardens.

Their Transition group, Community Roots Permaculture Project in Bolton has a passion for bringing permaculture and growing skills working class communities like theirs.

They used a small transition seed funding grant, made possible by funding from The National Lottery Community Fund to give more than 80 families their own free, healthy, fresh source of local food right in their own backyard.

Read their amazing story in the latest Permaculture Magazine and hear from Steve himself, and more this Wednesday, 7.30pm at our Skillshare on how communities are addressing the cost of living crisis.

All welcome! Details here:

#transitiontown #transition #costofliving #community #bolton #food #growyourown #resilience

Steve stands in a coat and flatcap in front of small houses on the Great Lever estate. In his hands are a small fruit tree sapling and a current bush in pots.
3 weeks ago

Ever wondered how Cloudflare manages to work on multiple features & products concurrently?

It's all about #ApacheKafka!

Discover how they used Kafka to handle one trillion messages and the internal tools they built to ease adoption and improve resiliency:

#SoftwareArchitecture #Resilience #Scalability #Performance

Keith D Johnson
3 weeks ago

David Holmgren on RetroSuburbia: The Downshifter's Guide to a Resilient Future
"...what’s become more obvious is, in recent times we are heading into the multiple crises of climate change and resource depletion, geopolitical instability, pandemics, all of these things WITH what we’ve got now. We’re not going to wipe the slate clean & design new, gleaming, sustainable settlements because we actually don’t have time.

We’re going to be adapting in situ. And it turns out that suburban landscapes are remarkably good places for Australians [or whomever] to adapt in situ. Apart from knowing something about where you are & just the skills of gardening in a climate & soil that you’re familiar with rather than somewhere else, the fact that householders have an enormous amount of autonomy to get their act together & start doing things before the whole of society agrees that we need to live in a different way."
#permaculture #suburbs #downshifting #resilience

New post introducing the original charter I wrote two years ago for my weekly collaboration sessions, in which I point out the subtlety of defining what "Practice" means...

#PracticeOfPractice #SRE #complexity #resilience

Gunnar Grosch
4 weeks ago

I'm so excited to finally get to do a session with Seth Eliot at AWS re:Invent! Join us at our chalk talk Hands-on with multi-Region architectures!

November 27, 2023 | 1:30PM - 2:30PM | MGM Grand
November 28, 2023 | 3:30PM - 4:30PM | Wynn

Link to the session in the catalog:

#aws #awsreinvent #resilience

Kelly Shortridge
4 weeks ago

Thank you to the lovely mortals who attended my #Wasm Day talk at #KubeCon 🖤

My slides are now up on my site:

If you missed it, my talk was "A Love Letter to Isolation" -- on the beauty of isolation (and modularity) in life, nature, and software, and how the WebAssembly Component Model represents the next big milestone in our love affair with isolation, ushering in a new, better era of software #resilience and #cybersecurity.

Stay tuned for the video & article... xx

A screenshot of my title slide. It says "A Love Letter to Isolation" with my name, social handles, and Cloud Native Wasm Day 2023. The background looks like a white, textured piece of paper with a kiss mark in red lipstick. You can just feel the presentation will be a steamy nerd fest.
John Sóos 🍉
4 weeks ago

The Palestinian children, en-caged & bombed mercilessly in their isolated, cut-off concentration camp in Gaza, experience a type of trauma unimaginable to those of us not directly impacted by Israel's racist, genocidal attacks. The psychosocial needs are massive. Gaza's mental health teams respond as best they can under the current appalling conditions.

#Gaza #genocide #trauma #resilience #psychology #ceasefire

Kelly Shortridge
1 month ago

This Thinky Thinky Thursday, I'm publishing my response (with frequent co-conspirator @rpetrich) to the U.S. Government's RFI on Open-Source Software Security:

This moment in spacetime is a critical juncture in software, not just #OSS, and we feel privileged to submit our recommendations for the requesting agencies to consider as they traverse software security challenges.

Direct link to the response PDF:

#OpenSource #cybersecurity #resilience

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
1 month ago

@erlend @jackwilliambell @elipariser @dev @0x0
We don't know if our #GlutPlug proposal is of interest here. Its for Fediverse #resilience so as fediverse scales instances don't have to shutdown due to overwhelming demands for content.

When a person boosts likes or replies to content they've downloaded they will also host it themselves for as long as it is in demand, over one of the three #I2P addresses provisioned for such. Server tells subsequent viewers to fetch content from these #I2Peers.

Petra van Cronenburg
1 month ago

I had grown this small northern #RedOak from an acorn in a pot. It is typical for our much too warm #autumn in #Alsace, finally with rain. Most #trees in the #forest are still green. After the terrible #drought and #heatwaves, the trees enjoy the water now. One month too late, the first leaves begin colouring. Red oaks are planted beside more native ones as an experiment for #climateCrisis #resilience. They need less water. #autumnLeaves #ClimateDiary

Small green oak with only one red leaf
CelloMom On Cars
1 month ago

"#Heatwaves are a complex #hazard and thus an integrated, collaborative management approach, consisting of risk assessment, care for vulnerable people, #UrbanPlanning, landscape management, emergency and recovery planning, community #awareness and #resilience and organisation and business resilience, is necessary."

Raymond Larabie
1 month ago

In the monochromatic dance of urbanity, the shuttered storefront stands resilient. The awning above, striped and weary, mansplains tales of countless rains it has shielded beneath its humble fabric. 🌧️


#streetphotography #streetphotographyjapan #griiix #ricoh_gr #aichi #nagoya #japan #resilience #awnings #monochrome

This black and white photograph, taken in Nagoya, showcases a closed storefront. It has a horizontally striped, slightly worn-out awning at the top, which looks like it has endured many rainy seasons. The central focus is a shuttered door with the same horizontal pattern, hinting at the uniformity of design. On either side are walls of buildings, and the ground is a plain pavement. The image captures the quiet, subtle beauty of an ordinary urban scene.
Florian U. Jehn
1 month ago

It lives!

I just published my first update post to my #LivingLiteratureReview #ExistentialCrunch:

The idea of a living literature review is to update it, when new papers come out or I learn something new about the topic. I started this project six months ago and by now I had enough new insights to gather them in an update post.

So, if you are curious what I learned about climate #TippingPoints and the relationship of #resilience and #democracy, go check it out.

A drawing of volcano in the background. Text with the title of the post and the name of the blog in the foreground.
Kelly Shortridge
1 month ago

tomorrowwww (Thursday Oct 26) at 13:30 ET / 17:30 GMT you can catch me live on the All Day DevOps virtual stage and ask me all your Qs about #resilience + chaos + secure by design — really I just love questions

I’m presenting on how eng teams can extend their existing practices towards Continuous Resilience as well as a few new opportunities for #inspo

It’s ✨ free ✨ and you can admire my trippy stable diffusion backgrounds along with my thot lederhosen

Register here:

👕 If you believe in creating your destiny through #hardwork, #determination, and #resilience, this t-shirt might be for you :)

Sally Strange
1 month ago

Llama poop helps restore ecosystems teetering on disintegration as glaciers retreat.

'“[Looking through feces] doesn’t sound like fun, but when you see vegetation sprouting out of that, and you recognize that the whole ecosystem goes back to this latrine,” [Geography professor Tim] Beach said. “Because the llamas go to graze there too … you see that these are little islands of fertility, that then lead to the stabilization of this ecosystem.”

...The work was done in collaboration with Llama 2000 Asociación, an organization of local Peruvian farmers whose land and communities had been negatively impacted by the receding glaciers."

#Climate #ClimateChange #resilience #Peru #llamas #farming #ecosystems #GlacierRetreat

Sally Strange
1 month ago

""Shelterbelts are really important in that part of the province … that has to do with the wind and the amount of precipitation that we get."

At the end of October, Project Forest will hold a ceremony in Siksika and plant 180 seedlings. By spring of next year, 180,000 seedlings will be planted.

Over the next five years, Toffan says one million trees will be planted in Siksika."

#Climate #ClimateChange #trees #TreePlanting #resilience #Indigenous #Canada

CelloMom On Cars
1 month ago

Much of the research so far has focused on catastrophe. But

"The new research suggests that #resilience is an ability that societies can gain and lose over time. Researchers found that a stable society can withstand even a dramatic #climate shock, whereas a small shock can lead to chaos in a vulnerable one."

Since #inequality makes a society more vulnerable to climate shocks, it makes sense to build #ClimateJustice into your action plan.

Kelly Shortridge
1 month ago

hello fediverse, here's my new infographic comparing two dynamics we can nurture when doing #cybersecurity things: security theater vs. #resilience

it's meant as a handy reference to validate that your org's security efforts are nurturing resilience rather than fomenting theater (and I don't mean writing your design docs in iambic pentameter, that's fine)

imo security theater is one of the core pillars holding up the status quo of security-as-gatekeeper... so let's do resilience instead <3

An infographic comparing cybersecurity theater vs. resilience in security programs. The security theater column has a backdrop of a red curtain with gilded molding. The resilience column has a cluster of glowing golden trees on a serene lake in front of a lush mountain. Security theater says failure is shameful and should be punished. Resilience says failure is a learning opportunity and informs design change. Security theater believes we can avoid failure forever, people must be perfect, and change is the enemy. Resilience accepts that failure is inevitable as systems evolve and understands human nature. Security theater uses policies, controls, and training to prevent failure. Resilience minimizes failure impact and reduces hazards by design. In security theater, the security team operates in a silo and lacks work context. In resilience, the security program is context-aware and enables the business. Security theater incentivizes saying no, hinders innovation, and resists empiricism. Resilience nurtures collaboration, system-level changes, and experimentation. Security theater creates a culture of fear, mistrust, and insecurity. Resilience creates a culture of curiosity and continuous learning. Security theater is rules-based and defaults to the status quo. Resilience is principles-based and defaults to adaptation. Security theater loves manual security reviews and gatekeeps software releases. Resilience , in contrast, loves security that aligns with software velocity.
not ch1c
1 month ago

Did an inventory of what’s in the nursery beds today and.. I have 47 trees to dig and plant this fall??

#climate #FoodSecurity #FoodAnarchy #resilience #trees #plants

Kelly Shortridge
1 month ago

wanting to learn some nerdy things tomorrow (Wednesday the 18th) at 11:05 ET / 08:05 PT?

I’m presenting “Watering the Roots of Resilience—Learning from Failure with Decision Trees" virtually as part of the O’Reilly Security Superstream

We’ll cover the Resilience Potion Recipe™, how humans are the mechanism for adaptation in software, mental models, resilience stress tests, and how to use decision trees to support all these #resilience things.

Hope to see you there 🖤

Stoicminds Channel
2 months ago

The Psychology of Resilience: Bouncing Back from Adversity #stoic #stoicism #stoicphilosophy #resilience #adversity

Antoine BACK :verified:
2 months ago

Vendredi 13/10 c'est la Journée nationale de la #résilience.
A #Grenoble un forum rassemblera la plupart des acteurs de la **sécurité civile** ainsi que de la recherche sur les **risques naturels & technologiques**.

Un ***serious game*** inédit se déroulera de 15h à 17h : canicules, inondations, épidémies, incendies, ruptures électriques, accidents industriels, pénuries… face à la catastrophe, serrons-nous les coudes pour la traverser ensemble !
Infos & inscriptions ici 👉

Chiemgauer Regionalwährung
2 months ago

Do you want to know more about #ComplementaryCurrencies: A great Webinar with Christine Desan, Susana Belmonte and Will Ruddick!


Democratizing #Monetary Issue: Tools for #Resilience | Schumacher Conversa...

2 months ago

An eerie side effect of having used password managers for over 20 years, is that you become very aware of the fleeting nature of the web. I'm going through some of the older entries and over 60% of the websites simply don't exist anymore.

Store local copies of the content you value - it might just be gone one day #perishableweb #permacomputing #resilience

Kelly Shortridge
2 months ago

it’s rare I meet someone in tech who has a kindred philosophy / literary bent, so I had a blast chatting with the Scaling Tech hosts about my book recently

David totally picked up what I was throwing down when writing the book and it sparked much joy in my icy heart. Give it a watch/listen:

#resilience #chaosengineering #softwarequality #cybersecurity

2 months ago

So my second analemma picture in two days. An entire year shooting the sun out of my office window at midday or 1pm and I MISSED THE BLOODY TOP OF THE ANALEMMA. Annoying. So. We start again tomorrow. #ANALEMMA #resilience #beauty #astronomy

a solar analemma

A #RuralNewDeal for the 21st Century

#Progressive #Democrats of #America (PDA) in partnership with the Rural Urban Bridge Initiative (#RUBI) introduce the #Rural #NewDeal, a ten pillar #policy platform designed to reverse decades of #economic decline, and cultivate long-term rural and #smalltown prosperity and #resilience through federal investment in bottom-up solutions.

Sharon Murphy
3 months ago

You can't always get what you want! 😬
#Resilience #KeepTrying

A photo of an angry looking hippo is captioned "Reincarnation Disappointment". 
Beside the hippos mouth is a  speech bubble that reads "I said Hippie!"
Kelly Shortridge
3 months ago

I was asked today: what excites you the most in #cybersecurity rn?

As I answered (podcast will come out in a few weeks), very very little within the cybersecurity industry itself excites me these days.

But a *ton* of stuff outside it excites the everliving fuck out of me — in the realms of observability, modularity, isolation, simulating distsys, visualizing data flows and interactions, and other things that help keep systems adaptive in the face of failure (ie helps sustain #resilience).

ES Michelson
3 months ago

Dear Friends,

Read (or watch) this story about the Billion Oyster Project.

Landscape designer Kate Orff rises to the challenge of adding back resiliency to the built environment around #StatenIsland #NewYorkCity in the form of an artificial oyster reef.

#ClimateDiary #resilience #solutions

Kelly Shortridge
3 months ago

anyone in #Amsterdam next month for #IBC (Sept 14 - 17) — I’ll be there for Fastly customer meetings but would be delighted to nerd out on #resilience or sign books if you have your own, should you also be attending (or nearby)