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4 hours ago

Dezeen : Neri&Hu highlights simplicity and functionality at Shanghai art gallery #Interiors #Galleries #Shanghai #Neri&Hu #Retail #China #all

The Toy Detective
9 hours ago

Soft toy shop launches at Meadowhall selling brands including Jellycat and Disney (The Star)

It’s Soo Fluffy has opened in Meadowhall’s section for independent stores

#toys #business #retail #Meadowhall

16 hours ago

Bitcoin price hit 2023 high, so why are retail traders waiting on the sidelines? - Bitcoin price keeps going up but retail traders are not piling in yet. C... - #markets #premium #yardeni #s&p #retail #trends #usdt #yuan #okx

18 hours ago

Products returned to Amazon found at Toronto liquidation stores — along with buyers' personal info
Former privacy commissioner says it puts customers at risk of identity theft; Amazon says it’s investigating

#amazon #fraud #canada #toronto #usa #news #online #retail #business #resale #liquidation #returns #identitytheft

1 day ago

On The CTO Show this morning is Wonderful founder and CEO, Kieron James, talking about Open Banking payments, retail opportunities for reduced costs and friction, improved settlement and security and the company’s roots in the UK charity sector.

#OpenBanking #payments #Fintech #retail #charity

2 days ago

If you are relying on your bank to cover all your online credit card purchases you may want to read this:

"Amazon gives customer runaround after $2,100 watch missing from delivered package"

#online #creditcard #insurance #banking #onlinepurchases #amazon #scam #rcmp
#canada #news #fraud #delivery #usa #retail

@brad262run precisely...

"Inventory Losses" are so common in #retail that not only areall #retailers insured against it [that's why they have #CCTV systems installed because otherwise it would be trivial to commit #InsuranceFraud] but also they already price that in with their products - just like they price in #labour and all the other costs.

Poetry News
4 days ago

We sing of two stalwarts of luxury,
Saks and Neiman Marcus so snugly
A merger in sight
To keep them upright
And always looking so stately and spry.

#luxury #merger #saksfifthavenue #neimanmarcus #retail #ode #poetry

China Business Forum
4 days ago

[#TRADESHOW] #Hotel & #Shop Plus 2024 is a popular #trade show which presents these products in the #industry: #building, #décor, and #cleaning products, #retail, #landscape design, air #purification, and whole #house customization. 26. March, 2024 - 29. March, 2024. #Shanghai New International #Expo Center, #China.

5 days ago

The #RoyalOntarioMuseum is partnering with #IndigenousFashionArts to host a #PopupShop within their #ROMBoutique. #IFA is an #IndigenousLed #nonprofit organization that sustains #Indigenous producers of #fashion and #textiles by working directly with #IndigenousDesigners to promote their work, carving out new and innovative ways of public engagement and helping them access established modes of #retail.

#Canada #NativeFashion #NativeStyle #ShopNative #Ontario

Rob Pegoraro
5 days ago

My inbox needs a rest more than usual after the last few days. The annual deluge of Black Friday retail sales pitches is bad enough, but then we have “Cyber Monday” pitches (the entire name is obsolete, since it’s been years since most people would have had to return to office bandwidth to shop online after Thanksgiving), followed by “Giving Tuesday” pleas for charitable donations.

I understand why any one retailer or charity could decide to fire up their e-mail marketing machinery for these days; you want to find some way to get people’s attention. The problem is when the hundredth or thousandth retailer or charity decides to bet on their message floating above the flotsam in the average inbox.

Which in my case means “inboxes.” Too many marketing and communications types can’t distinguish between putting a journalist on their organization’s press-announcements list and also putting the same journalist in their marketing or fund-raising lists–thereby ensuring that I can see the same pitch in my work inbox as well as my regular Gmail.

All this cognitive overload bothers me throughout this time of year, especially since I’m also usually overwhelmed with CES PR pitches. But I have to admit–perhaps uncharitably–that because Giving Tuesday a) follows multiple days of mail inundation, b) isn’t subject to any gift-delivery deadlines that would require it to exist on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, and c) doesn’t come with any discounts, I resent it more than Black Friday and even Cyber Monday.

Besides, I can think of a much better Tuesday for giving to worthy charities: the last Tuesday of December. Saving your donations until then should ensure that any put on a credit card won’t land on the same statement as the expenses for all those holiday purchases that started with clicks on Black Friday and Cyber Monday messages.

#BlackFriday #charity #cognitiveLoad #CyberMonday #donations #fundraising #gifts #GivingTuesday #retail #sales

The story of #CREDIT as explained by Aditya Sehgal, ex-Global COO, #Reckitt!
even to run a #paan shop in #india one need understand be a good local culture fit , understand #supplychain #retail consumer #psychology #ads #pr #taxes
any retail or #wholesales business is hard esp the the small ones

or ephem for short.
1 week ago

Oh, how I wish to find another job outside of retail. Fell into the trap during the pandemic after loosing my office job (which really wasn’t that big of a deal since it was run by extremely racist folks). I was supposed to hear back from a great job interview I did before the recent holidays, but my impatient mind is tricking me into thinking I didn’t get it.


#ephemtalks #capitalism #retail

1 week ago

Sometimes it's hard to ditch Amazon.

Checking record stores in my city. Shipping is almost as much as the CDs.

OK, free shipping on CAD $50 or over.

Trying to look for some more things I'm interested and... there are so many things they don't have.

And I can't sort by price and filter in stock only, or filter by media (CD) and genre at the same time.

And when I open an album page, THERE'S NO TRACK LIST.


#amazon #retail #music

The Toy Detective
1 week ago

Profits rise at Smyths Toys in Ireland (Toy World)

Pre-tax profits at the Irish division of Smyths increased by 22.5% to €5.33m last year

#toys #business #retail #Smyths #SmythsToys

The Toy Detective
1 week ago

Colchester city centre toy shop Pirates and Princesses has announced plans to shut permanently (Gazette News)

Bosses at the shop, which has been in North Hill for 11 years, cited rising costs and a lack of footfall as their reasons for closing down

#toys #business #retail #Colchester

Port City Studios
1 week ago

Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade, undergoing a much-needed and wildly successful upgrade, 1989. #losangeles #santamonica #retail #architecture #photography #BlackAndWhite

The 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, under re-construction, 1989
KoffeeKrisp 🇨🇦
1 week ago

Who would've thunk retailers would ratchet back self checkouts? On related note, single line for cashiers is fairest & reduces risk getting stuck behind slow ones
#Retail #grocers #technology #CheckOut

Man of Sand
1 week ago

We did a cross-border shopping trip to the US yesterday. Thought we'd cash-in on some hot Black Friday Weekend deals... but came home mostly with just chips and candy.

Malls with light traffic, shoppers walked around empty handed, stores with minimal discounts.

Kind of depressing.

#adulting #blackfriday #retail

1 week ago

Saddened to see Brooklyn's Anyone Comics will close down on Wednesday. Dimitri had a dream and made it real for years. #retail #comics

1 week ago

I dreamt last night that I was rehired by the first #bookstore that I ever worked in (worked for that company for 7 years, and only left because a bad breakup left me wanting to move away from the city, which I did).

In the #dream I was just a lowly #retail grunt again, unpacking stock and getting stuff out on the shelves, and I was absolutely loving it.

It has made me realise (after years of #freelancing) that I never really appreciated the idea of just doing ones job, getting paid and going home. No bookkeeping, no trying to win new clients, no worries about if a new client is gonna pay their bills....

I don't think I would ever go back to retail again, but the dream has made me miss certain things about working a regular job...and made me miss working in a #bookshop by about 1000%.

The Coding Beard
2 weeks ago

@radley I can only imagine. I fully believe that everyone (by law) should need to work in a customer facing job at some point so that as a #society we can all dial back some of the #crazy behavior we see in #retail.

or ephem for short.
2 weeks ago

Punching back in for four more hours of labor. :blobupsidedown:
#retail #blackFriday #ephemtalks

Mike Reader
2 weeks ago

Why several big-box stores have ditched their self-checkouts

One item that caught my eye: Out of 2,000 Americans polled online last month, 15 per cent admitted to stealing at self-checkout. Twenty-one per cent said they've accidentally taken an item without scanning it. #retail #theft #shopping #BlackFriday #Walmart #CanadianTire #UK #Canada #America #checkout #Stores #shopping #crime #jobs #cashier #Albuquerque #booths #Shoprite

@piratero @DrTCombs @notjustbikes OFC, and that means enabling more people to #WorkFromHome (which necessitates building #FTTB and #FTTH inevitably!), building #WalkableCities, #BikingInfrastructure and #PublicTransport.

Not to mention that we see #DeliveryServices to get more and more adopted and offered beyond #TakeOut and #Groceries and this will pnly increase as #Retail fails to deliver #AddedValue to justify it's existance for more and more occasions...

The problem of rising prices but declining volumes in #retail sales continues... no-pne should be surprised that as the #costoflivingcrisis continues & #inflation continues to shift prices upwards that sales volumes will decline - people only have limited savings through which to subsides their everyday spending.

What this suggests is that the UK is far from out of the (economic) woods yet....

Chart: British retail sales volumes fell 0.3% in October 2023. Volume & value index, Great Britain, Feb 2020 = 100

Chart shows volume & value closely tracking each other until mid 2021 when a divergence started and has grown to around 20 points now - value of sales is at around 116, while volume is around 96...
John Refior
3 weeks ago

"Pharmacists at retail drug chains have had about enough and want people to know about it."

#labor #unions #pharmacists #medicine #drugs #retail #Marketplace

Flipboard Culture Desk
3 weeks ago

As it's the holiday season, Vox has created this @Flipboard Storyboard that encourages us to buy less stuff — for financial and environmental reasons, and simply to get out of the endless, fruitless consumption cycle. Check out stories about how to mend the things you have, help your children be less materialistic, and break up with fast fashion.

#Christmas #Retail #Lifestyle #Consumerism #Parenting

Flipboard Culture Desk
3 weeks ago

Blaring music, fluorescent lights and bustling crowds can make shopping, vacationing, visiting a museum or going to the cinema challenging for people who have sensory issues. The Hustle reports on how some companies in the U.S. are trying to improve accessibility.

#Entertainment #Retail #Accessibility

Sebastian Müller
1 month ago

Gut das es mit venoi in #Freiburg einen #vegan Laden gibt. Ich war ja Teil der Kickstarter Kampagne.

Einige Impressionen. Schaut doch selbst mal bei Gelegenheit vorbei und probiert es aus. Ich finde es super, dass es so junge Menschen gibt, die so ein Konzept ausprobieren.

#veganstore #unternehmer #jungeunternehmer #canonm6ii #sigma56f12 #veganfood #retail

Karthik S
1 month ago

4/4 And to think Tata already has a lot of food-related brands under Star Bazaar (offline retail of groceries) and Big Basket (online)! Where did Croma come from, for sweets... is a real mystery!

#retail #brand #branding #diwali #brandextension

1 month ago

Today's #Shonky award has got me seeing parallels between groceries and politics.

On the one hand we have our favourite supermarket cartel blithely serving their shareholders.

And on the other we have the major #auspol parties more interested in pleasing their financial backers than public interest.

In both cases they are exploiting our loyalty and rabbit-in-the-headlights inertia. Go independents ✊
#oligopoly #retail #Australia

Man of Sand
1 month ago

Do people still buy stuff from Best Buy? Do they have deals? What’s the last thing you bought from there?

I have a bunch of old gift cards I’m trying to find an excuse to use.

#retail #retailtherapy #bestbuy #electronics

Open Forum
2 months ago

How COVID took the fun out of shopping

A QUT researcher has found that – in the post-COVID era – shoppers now seek functional and transactional value, rather than fun and social interactions when visiting a shopping centre. #retail

One of the reasons I'm concerned about #retail, is for decades (or more) high street retail has been an excellent arena for young people to get employment experience & find their way into the mores of #employment.... for so many of us, our first jobs as adults were in retail in one way or another, and certainly for me, it was a way to find out what work was actually about ... of course, it has its problems & issues, but it remains a vital source of work experience(s) for young people

We already know that in the competition between the #highstreet & #onlineshopping, #businessrates are a key issue impacting on shops ability to remain viable... so the prospect of an inflation-linked rise in business rates next year is already leading to concerns about the future of many retailers (big & small)....

Some may see this as special pleading by #retail, but when hight street retailers are closing we are losing a vital social resource...

A new #Magecart card #skimming campaign hijacks the #404 error pages of online retailer's websites, hiding malicious code to steal customers' #creditcard information.
#Akamai says the campaign focuses on #Magento and #WooCommerce sites, with some victims linked to renowned organizations in the food and #retail sectors.

Peter Riley
2 months ago

#Retail and #FastFoodWorkers Union, #RAFFWU #SuperStrike at #Coles and #Woolworths #supermarkets on Saturday 8th
And National #TertiaryEducation Union, the #NTEU, Melbourne Uni second week of #strike action on Oct 2 - 8 2023.

Wherever you are, whatever you do there is a #union for you.

#sticktogether #communityradio #3CR

Port City Studios
2 months ago

On Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, 1989, at the entryway to the Third Street Promenade. Of note, the Promenade was in the midst of a fabulous upgrade and facelift that would zoom it into the 1990’s. #losangeles #santamonica #retail #architecture #BlackAndWhite

The JC Penney store at the entrance to Santa Monica’s Third Street Peomenade, 1989
Warner Crocker
2 months ago

Just spoke with a friend who manages a large retail store for a major chain. (I had to stop by the store for a return.) She was behind the eight ball busy.

Asked her what was up. She said “when Amazon does these damn Prime days, we have to mark up/mark down everything to try and compete. It never works.”

Looking around there was nothing I could see that wasn’t on sale.

#retail #economy #Amazon #PrimeDay

In the UK (in Govt. & in the private sector) too often the amateur (or generalist) is appointed.

In Govt. we have the example of #GrantShapps who in the last year has had five different cabinet posts... whatever his knowledge & skills they can't have fit all five jobs.

In #retail Sharon White's lack of retail experience looks to have ended her stint at JLP

#MichaelGive once said we had enough of #experts;

Its yet another but of #Tory misdirection - right now we need experts more than ever!

2 months ago

#retail inhumane #design
At least you get exercise. Seems like they designed this place in a spreadsheet. 1of6
#target #wasteland #merchandise
Yeah, grid for inventory, not people
bizarrely long isles

A 1000 ft aisle at Target. A 10ft wide aisle with about 50 perpendicular 3ft aisles, loaded with packaged merchandise.
Democrats moving from Iowa to South Carolina for first vote in primary cycle means less money for Midwestern state.#Economy #BusinessandEconomy #Demographics #Politics #Retail #Tourism #UnitedStates #US&Canada
Iowa risks millions of dollars as it faces losing first-vote status
Lily Star
2 months ago

Target is lying to close stores, lay people off, and create a hostile atmosphere.

"Target is closing its stores in the University District, which had 87 police reports filed this year, and Ballard, which had 41 police reports. Meanwhile, Target will continue to operate nearby stores with more or similar levels of police activity, including in Northgate (172 police reports), downtown (68), and West Seattle (76)."

#Seattle #Target #theft #retail #layoffs

As #retail #inflation continues to fall (but of course prices keep going up, just more slowly), will the #BoE think its #interestrate policy is working or carry on taking the Catherine Mann position that more pain is needed to get down to the target of 2% even if this means a #recession...

It'll be more 'if its not hurting its not working' rhetoric from Threadneedle St. I suspect, claiming its all a 'price worth paying' when its not them that are paying... but hey, I've said all this before!

Labour strikes are taking place across North America as a labour shortage helps worker demand better pay and rights.#Economy #AutomotiveIndustry #BusinessandEconomy #FinancialMarkets #LabourRights #Retail #UnitedStates #US&Canada
Can autoworkers fuel a labour renaissance?
Eric the Flerken Ailurophile
2 months ago

"Now in a box." What will they think of next?

#marketing #products #retail

a box of colloidal silver with "now in a box" printed right on the box
Eric Vitiello
2 months ago

Retail shrink, and theft's role as a share of it, is largely in line with historical norms, even as companies call it out more, according to a major NRF survey.

#Retail #Theft #Shrink

2 months ago

#TfL’s re-named #property company – Places for London - sets out programme to deliver thousands of new homes and workspaces across #London

Around 95 per cent of its extensive #retail and commercial estate is occupied by small and medium #businesses

Photo by Transport for London
Blackhorse View
Photo by Barratt London
Photo by Transport for London
John Refior
2 months ago

Turns out all the stories about a rise in #retail theft were #misinformation intentionally sowed by a retail #lobbying firm whose own data showed it wasn’t true + retail CEOs.

“I heard a #Walgreens executive walk back the company’s claims that shoplifting had gotten out of hand..Walgreens tried to use shoplifting as the reason behind their decision to close 5 stores in San Francisco in 2021..we know that these stores were planned closures"
#corporations #media

3 months ago

#WallStreet Bet Big on Used-Car #Loans for Years. Now a Crisis May Be Looming.

The used-car market’s hot streak may be ending as borrowers struggle to make payments and regulators say some auto lenders are “setting up consumers to fail.”

#Cars #Retail #PersonalFinance #Investing #News

Target's trying, but what a mess... #smarthome #lighting #retail

A whole mess of unorganized boxes appears beneath the Philips Smart Lighting display at Target.
Rhys! From KGW
3 months ago

Martin Castaway has been convicted of shoplifting in 3 Oregon counties and is the former leader of a retail theft crime ring that operated in the Portland area. We got to ask him his perspective on the theft problem in Oregon, here's what he had to say:

#portland #pdx #pnw #news #theft #retail #kgw #local #oregon #investigation #interview

Q. which sectors nominal #wages are rising fastest?

so in the three months to June this is what (annualised) rises looked like:

#Retail - 7.7%
#Hospitality - 6.5%
#Manufacturing - - 8.2%
#construction - 5.8%
#health sector - 6.8% and
#financialservices - 9.4%

none of these (even the financial services) are enough to make up for the fall(s) in real wages over the last decade!

#inflation is coming from somewhere else.... might it be the 'maintenance' of #profits do you think?


Friendly reminder that when a retailer offers to text or email you a receipt, it’s not for your convenience. It’s so they can…

1) Associate your purchase to you. Even if you don’t have an account with them.
2) Tie that payment method to you, so next time you use the card and decline the text/email option— it doesn’t matter because they already know who you are.
3) work with data brokers to sell/analyze your data across organizations
4) Save on receipt paper 😅

#Privacy #Retail #consumerism

RELEX Solutions
3 months ago

In 2005, a global issue sparked a revolutionary idea. Our founders – Johanna, Mikko, and Michael – were driven to tackle the overwhelming amount of #waste in the supply chain. They founded RELEX Solutions, an AI-driven, machine learning platform to do that and more.

📈 What We Do: We optimize #retail planning and supply chains worldwide, supporting hundreds of retailers and distributors.

🚀 Our Mission: To strive to reduce waste and make our planet a better place for future generations.

Video with RELEX Solutions founders in Nuuksio national park and some office shots, with voice-overs explaining the company.


🌍 Sustainability in Action: Last year, our technology prevented 1,000 truckloads of food waste, amounting to an estimated 11 million kg. We don’t just talk about sustainability; we act on it. 

💡 Our Culture: A vibrant community of innovators, united by shared values and the determination to create positive environmental impacts. It's in our DNA to adapt, innovate, and embrace change. 

🚀 Our Mission: To continuously strive to reduce waste and make our planet a better place for future generations. As the world evolves, so do we, creating technology with a real purpose. 

👉 Watch the full video now to witness how RELEX is driving change, one sustainable step at a time.

There is some evidence that #inflation may be easing in #retail, with a stalling of price rises for some goods & a deceleration of #foodprices inflation... but if you think that might stop the BoE ratcheting up #interestrates on Thursday, you Riley to be disappointed....

Sado-monetrism needs to see a proper #recession before its work is done & the rich have punished the rest of us for having ideas above our station (like earning a living wage, for God's sake!).
4 months ago

“Wachiya is a big part of the Cree nation, especially for the artist, because there's no other venue for them to sell their product.”

Eeyou (Cree) artisans in Eeyoo Istchee, primarily northern Quebec, are benefitting from the rebirth of Wachiya.

The virtual store, operated by the Cree Native Arts and Crafts Association, came online March 31 and there’s a promise for a brick-and-mortar location in Montreal by Christmas.

#Indigenous #Cree #art #online #retail #Quebec

Here's an interesting story of how to revive local #retail; a programme of two year rent-free shops for new businesses (wth added support & mentoring);

all it takes is a landlord with a clear(er) idea about long-term returns... and to be clear, as the story notes, they have already reaped significant wider rewards across their property holding nearby.

this might not work everywhere, but equally there are lessons for commercial landlords far from #Poole.

Christopher Mackay 🇨🇦
4 months ago

looking to buy a bunch of stuff from a hardware store. load website; play whack-a-mole with the search field as the layout keeps radically re-adjusting as it loads, which takes forEVER. find it on their website. costs a fortune. exactly how big is it? FU, that’s a secret (go Google it). Also, it’s out of stock. #retail

Alan Kotok
6 months ago

Infographic – Tech Layoffs Decline This Year

#Employment in the #technology industry is becoming more stable as #layoffs by tech companies overall have steadily declined since the start of 2023.

#News #Engineering #Business #Economics #Jobs #Statistics #Hardware #Consumer #Retail #HealthCare #Infographic

Bar chart: Tech industry layoffs by month, Jan. 2022 through June 2023
Ricardo Harvin
6 months ago

@LLS @pluralistic I first got online via #Prodigy, the service owned in part by #Sears (and superior to #AOL in nearly every way) so I can confirm firsthand that the company was absolutely ready and well-positioned in the mid-1990's to be a #retail leader well into this 21st century

Grateful Dread
6 months ago
Ben Waber
8 months ago

Last was the Africa #Retail Congress event at #Lagos Business School. The second and third panels are quite good for a local view of retail and economic development in #Nigeria and #Africa more broadly (7/7)

Kyle Anderson 💙
9 months ago

The year 1905 - when retailers plainly and preemptively told customers to quit their bitchin'. Absolutely savage!

#retail #customerservice #corporate #history #business

Clip of copy from the 1905 Larkin Company premium catalog. It reads as follows:


The rules governing the management of our business are the outgrowth of over a quarter of a century’s experience in this business, which is unlike all others. There must be definite rules to govern a business, as there are definite laws to govern a people. Each rule is the result of necessity and experience—not of caprice—and has a solid basis of common sense. Rules are made only to promote and expedite pleasant relations with and for the benefit of our body of patrons as a whole ; they must be enforced, to make them fair and just, as all should recognize.

Do not, therefore, vainly protest against our rules, which are just what you would make, were you in our place. You can read all of our instructions on page 2 in five minutes, and by observing them, you will find your  future business with us always easy and pleasant.

The #costoflivingcrisis in fine detail:

In the first six weeks of this year 14,874 jobs have been lost in the #retail sector; of which 11,689 have been from major/large retailers paring away at their #workforce (after #Christmas); some of this will be restructuring, some of it shedding 'seasonal staff', and as a proportion of the over 3m who work in retail, its a not massive retrenchment... but in every case of a lost job households will be hit hard at a time when no-one can really afford it.

Gia Scott
10 months ago

Okay, I'm curious...has ANYBODY bought from Temu?

A friend gave them a recommendation but their frequent ads on Facebook had made them a suspicious company to me. Of course, I'm a regular Zulily customer & I used to regard them w/suspicion for the same reason.

Too many scam ads on Facebook means that an ad on there is more likely to be a turn off than an attraction.
#Temu #Facebook #Ads #MailOrder #Internet #Retail