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"The more green spaces there are in cities, the more accessible #nature and its benefits are to all levels of society.

"One of the greatest inequalities in society is health. #Rewilding can improve living conditions and mental and physical health for everyone, but particularly for those living in deprived areas."

#UrbanNature #cities #green #UrbanDesign #inequality #ClimateChange

(1/2) Victory Beach, Otago Peninsula. We took the loop walk through Okia Reserve, which begins between a pair of volcanic “Pyramids” (📷1). Here you can see basalt columns akin to those of the Organ Pipes nr. Mt Cargill (📷2). Noted trackside pikiarero/ Clematis sp. (📷3) & pōhiri/ Pittosporum tenuifolium (📷4). Cleared for pasture in 1800s, the area is #rewilding since 1991.

🚐 #VanLife #Motorhome #CamperVan #RV #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

Two basalt outcrops resembling pyramids; low scrub in foreground; cloudy sky
Almost horizontal basalt columns
White flowers against green leaves of bush this clematis is climbing on
Purple flower cluster at centre of green leaves
I Like Books
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"On the arctic island of Svalbard, the Norwegian government has just completed the largest re-wilding project in its history.

Polar bears, reindeer, Arctic fox, and many sea birds are now moving back into the Sveagruva mining town, where the depths of the island were plumbed for coal for 100 years.

Sveagruva was an industrial community nestled in a remote fjord, which before its closure had its own power station, wharf, water supply, and everything else that was necessary to house up to 300 workers and run mining operations on a large scale.

The Storting, or Norwegian parliament, decided in 2017 to wind down operations and clear the area to return it to its natural state. All traces of human activity since mining began in 1910 were to be removed, with the exception of cultural monuments and buildings from before 1946."

#GoodNews #Norway #Rewilding #PolarBear #Svalbard

Jake Rayson
2 days ago

The #WildFlower Society online meetings (UK time)

* Wed Oct 11, 7-8pm - Fern ID - Alison Evans
* Wed Nov 8, 7-8pm - The Knepp rewilding project - Dr Tony Whitbread
* Wed Dec 6, 7-8pm - A Ramble along the Arun Valley - Nick Sturt

To book any of these meetings email

#NativePlants #gardening #WildlifeGardening #rewilding

The Wild Flower Society logo, various plants around the writing
Richard Knott
4 days ago

Allshorts: Rewilding projects: Thank You for your Kind Support

J blue
5 days ago

Pawpaw pie

All those pawpaws, had to do something with them…

Loosely adapted from this recipe, see AltText for details.

#vegan #cooking #pie #foraging #gardening #cooking #GrowYourOwn #foodporn #ClimateChangeGardening #NativePlants #permaculture #rewilding

A pie is centered on a black background. The pie has an orangey hue and has a cracked surface that looks artful and rustic. The surface reflects light. 

I bought a pie crust instead of making my own bc I only get organic bread flour and didn’t want to waste it on a pie crust. 

I used half the recipe’s tofu and added one cup of pawpaw. Pawpaws are intensely flavored and sweet so I only had 2-3 Tb of maple syrup. I used one Tb of dark sesame oil and two TB veg oil and half the lemon juice, 45mL. 

I pressed the tofu bc the pawpaws are very juicy.

It was nice but I think I would not use the sesame oil again and only use a quarter of the lemon juice and add still more pawpaw. Even with half the lemon of the recipe, the lemon overpowered the pawpaw. 

The consistency was good and smooth. I don’t think it was supposed to have cracks in it, but I liked them and they added more surface area to brown. Also not too sweet so I would do this again since it’s high in protein and low in added sugar.
Rewilding Magazine
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"Everything that birds really need is provided by a healthy ecosystem: berries, seeds, insects and other invertebrates.

"It’s diversity that makes for a well-planned bird garden, which is very different from what many people have always done: put seeds in a feeder and call it a day."

#rewilding #birds #nativeplants #biodiversity #insects #gardening #restoration #landscaping

Tony Hockley
1 week ago

Fascinating week in Transylvania. Many things in common with UK common grazing systems but: more land, apex predators & dogs (as guards) - much less people pressure

#commonland #rewilding #transylvania #pastoral #nature #wild #commoners #NewForest

Shepherd with sheep under trees in transylvania

@Antigrav Hadn’t come across that proposal, but did notice the DOC signage for the Aramoana Boardwalk & the Ecological Area it goes through. Seems #rewilding won that one!

I Like Books
1 week ago

"A strange creature was spotted in a trail cam scampering across the Matadero Creek near Palo Alto south of San Francisco.

Biologists were scratching their heads as they reviewed the footage. It was clearly a mammal, but there are only a certain number of mammals in the area.

“Finally, it hit me in the head,” Bill Leikam, president and co-founder of the Urban Wildlife Research Project, told SFGate. “Could that be a baby beaver?”

In the 21st century, the Bay Area has witnessed a number of mammalian returns and the Urban Wildlife Research Project has typically specialized in documenting the return of the gray fox, but breeding beavers haven’t been recorded in the Palo Alto area in 160 years."

#GoodNews #Rewilding #Beavers #BayArea #California

🌳 A #rewilding project has led to the return of a number of bird species that are in critical decline.

Seven birds on the #Conservation Concern Red List have been spotted at #WildWoodbury in #Dorset.

#Dorset #WildlifeTrust has been transforming the 170 hectare (420 acre) former agricultural site, near Bere Regis, since acquiring it in 2021.

The charity said it had logged more than 1,600 species on the nature reserve - 300 more than last year.

Doctors Point Beach nr. Ōtepoti/ #Dunedin is sectioned by sea caves, so best visited at low tide (📷1). Little blue penguin/ kororā nest here; daytime so only saw tracks (📷2). Nearby Orokonui Lagoon Walk is a 3.5km/ 1h loop around estuary (📷3). Bird life is scant, but area is actively #rewilding: replanting incld. this native red-flowering kākā beak/ Clianthus puniceus (📷4).

🚐 #VanLife #Motorhome #CamperVan #RV #Travel #RoadTrip #Nomad 🇳🇿 #Aotearoa #NZ #NewZealand 🤔🌲🧭❤️ #CREWmission 📷 #Photography

View from within sea cave, which has two exits onto sandy beach outside (at low tide)
Little blue penguin tracks (3 toes) in the sand, leading to hidden burrows
View over flax/ cabbage trees to estuary at low tide (no water); farmland beyond
Native red-flowering kākā beak/ Clianthus puniceus; flowers have beak-like shape
Sarena Ulibarri
1 week ago

How it started / How it’s going

The same field at the rewilding project I volunteer at, 6 months apart. I wish I had a picture from a year ago when it was nothing but invasive Johnson grass & tumbleweeds! Still a lot of work to do, but after sheet mulching, weeding, & planting, it’s coming alive.

#rewilding #solarpunk #bloomscrolling

A brown, muddy field with a bunch of dry tumbleweed in front, a house, barn, and truck further out. The sky is bright blue and three geese fly overhead.
A field with rich soil, dotted with grasses. Further back, hundreds of sunflowers below green trees. Still a few tumbleweeds, but many fewer than the first photo.
Little Green Space
1 week ago

Interest in rewilding is growing, with more and more people wanting to connect with nature and help to combat the climate and nature emergencies. These books inspire, inform, and encourage appreciation of the natural world!
#rewilding #nature #goodreads

Stack of rewilding and nature books
J blue
1 week ago

FREE SEEDS for native edible plants; eastern North America, zones 9-6

I’m near my goal of sending tree seeds to at least 20 people this fall and I still have many seeds left.

Besides the ones stated below, also added
Celtis occidentalis
Passiflora lutea
Passiflora incarnata (limited and only to zone 7)

#gardening #rewilding #NativePlants #FoodSecurity #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateDiary #permaculture

From: @jblue

John V Willshire
1 week ago

I found myself in the garden yesterday, shooting a to-camera piece and some footage of the garden. A while ago, I wrote a blog post on rewilding a new garden.

Somehow, BBC Gardener’s world found it, and asked me to submit something for their viewers section. Whether they ever use it or not, it’s nice to reflect again on the topic.

#rewilding #rewildinguk

A series of notes on Artefact Cards on the grass in front of me.
2 weeks ago

Via @jeffvandermeer The Accidental Activist. Looking for an escape, I became obsessed with restoring the #natural #ecosystem in my yard. Then a neighbor’s tree came crashing down—and kicked off a new battle. #rewilding #ecology #ClimateCrisis

2 weeks ago

As is often the case, helping to rebuild damaged natural habitat requires helping local communities and especially those most vulnerable within those communities. This article is about the efforts over two decades to rebuild the Horongosa National Park whilst also empowering women and educating girls.

#GoodNews #Mozambique #Rewilding #Nature #Girls #Women #Community #Wildlife #Habitat

2 weeks ago

I wrote a few months back about Suffolk Wildlife Trust raising funds to purchase land to create the Martlesham Wilds - they've finally raised the full amount!

#GoodNews #Suffolk #Martlesham #Wilds #Rewilding #Fundraising

Nigel Pugh
2 weeks ago

We need to rewild minds, and urban areas. Car dominance has to end, as they have deconstructed community.

#rewilding #photography #cardiff

An unused car that’s parked up in gentrified Pontcanna Cardiff, has be smothered in tree debris.
I Like Books
2 weeks ago

"NASA often brags about how innovation for space travel and exploration has provided the public with all sorts of downstream benefits, but they don’t typically mean that literally.

Now however, NASA is teaming up with ranchers in Idaho to monitor beaver rewilding projects on small rivers, streams, and other watersheds by adding remote sensing data to a suite of tools used to monitor beaver activities, track dam location and water dispersion, and determine ideal beaver reintroduction sites.

The project started when scientists Jodi Brandt and Nick Kolarik heard about “beaver fever.” Ranchers were beginning to actively restore beaver populations onto their land in states like Idaho and Utah."

#GoodNews #NASA #Beavers #Rewilding #Ecosystems #Environment #Satellite

J blue
2 weeks ago

Bombus impatiens on Impatiens capensis

For reals. This was not staged. The bee landed on this flower of its own accord.

Common eastern bumblebee on jewelweed

#InsektenSamstag #insects #bees #abejorros #abeilles #gardening #jardin #insectos #plants #plantas #bloomscrolling #fleuristonfil #florespondence #NativePlants #rewilding @plants @gardening

A fuzzy bee grasping on the side of an orange jewelweed flower. The bee is mostly black and has latte colored fuzz with a black circle of fuzz on its thorax. The flower looks a it scratched and sooty where the bee’s left top left is trying to hold on. There are some dark orange dots along the side of the flower. Jewelweed look a bit like beta fish but with a curved tail instead of hind fins. The flower actually naturally hangs “upside down.” The pic is taken from the side so you can’t see the three petals as they flare out of the opening of the flower. 

In the background is faded greens of seedlings and fencing.
J blue
2 weeks ago

Passiflora lutea, yellow passionflower.

Berries are edible but don’t taste very good. Like mildly sweet pen ink. A little gross. Starvation food, not very good. Flowers are edible.

Host species to many unique butterflies and bees.

Anyone who is collecting seeds from me this fall, let me know if you want these included. Cold-stratify these in a pot outside or in a garage.

#NativePlants #gardening #rewilding #foraging #ClimateChangeGardening #bloomscrolling #florespondence #fleuristonfil

Lots of green grape looking berries hanging on a vine with fig-shaped leaves. There is one black ripe one hanging behind a stems of leaves and berries. A tree trunk, green leaves and blue sky in the background.
A small greenish white passionflower. It is not have as many filaments as a maypop, and the filaments with the carona are thicker and white. The petals are thin and white and the samples are in light green and thicker than the petals. The anthers, styles and ovary are green. 

The flower is facing upward on a stem and there is another flower bud below it as well as curly tendrils all around. To the upper right of the flower is a dark green leaf with water markings. The background is a blurry green of leaves.
A small greenish white passionflower. This is the same flower at a different angle so that the flower is facing right. The flower does not have as many filaments as a maypop, and the filaments with the carona are thicker and white. The petals are thin and white and the samples are in light green and thicker than the petals. The anthers, styles and ovary are green. 

The flower is facing right on a stem and there is another flower bud to the right side. To the upper left of the flower is a dark green leaf with water markings. The background is blurry dark green of leaves.
A pic of the distribution of the yellow passionflower. It has a very wide distribution from Texas up to Kansas going eastward high as Illinois and Pennsylvania all the way to the coast and down to florida including all the states in between.
Rewilding Magazine
2 weeks ago

"By the end of our six-hour-long walk, we’d spotted 44 #bird species, along with plenty of leopard frogs, muskrats, a family of deer and the first raccoon I’ve ever seen swimming, dog-paddling through a shady zone.

"This huge #biodiversity is tied to the land’s own diversity: Scirbi has supported and developed six different types of #habitat thriving in a relatively constricted space, surrounded on all sides by agricultural and populated areas."

#rewilding #quebec

2 weeks ago

I finished work and got to ride through the park on my commute to my GF's. I shared the re-wilded section with white butterflies, bees and some weird flies that kept crashing into my face.
A good start to the weekend 😁
#ActiveTravel #BikeTooter #Cycling #Rewilding

The view over my handlebars, of a shared path through a park, with re-wilded long grass, under a cloudy blue sky.
2 weeks ago

Interested in nature and rewilding? Experience as a video editor? Then come join us at Mossy Earth :) Feel free to ask any questions. Please boost or forward onto your network so we can get a diverse range of applicants #Rewilding #VideoEditing #Conservation #Nature #Jobs #RemoteWork

2 weeks ago

"Farmers will just continue to raise sheep, eagles will continue to eat them, farmers will remain furious and angry, and it will just go on like that forever?" —Emma Marris for Hakai Magazine

#longreads #scotland #rewilding #nonfiction

2 weeks ago

【 Humans have wiped out almost 70% of animal populations in half a century: Let's make this next year the year we protect people and the planet.

No time to wait. #ActOnClimate

#climate #energy #biodiversity #nature #rewilding

Bread and Circuses
2 weeks ago

Very cool thread 🧵 here from J blue (@jblue) about #rewilding and #permaculture. If you're into that stuff, as almost everyone should be, this is a terrific resource. 👏

SEE --

J blue
2 weeks ago

I am just a person, gazing into a phone, asking pocket friends on mastodon if they would like to grow edible native plants.

#ClimateChangeGardening #gardening #NativePlants #rewilding #foraging @plants #plants #trees #food #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateDiary #FoodSecurity #permaculture

From: @jblue

J blue
2 weeks ago

Celtis occidentalis 1/🧵

Ecologically important native tree, produces berries that when steamed and ground taste like raisins+figs+dates+nut. The fruit is scant and all the nutrition is in the seed.

Not pest resistant. Everything eats it but it persists. The trees I collect from don’t seem susceptible to witches broom, none seen on any trees. And there are many. They are mast year type of tree.

Anyone want seeds?
#NativePlants #rewilding #permaculture #GrowYourOwn #gardening #trees

A pic facing upward showing the towering branches of the hackberry tree. It’s about 50ft high and full of leaves. The sky is blue in the background. 

Most of the hackberry trees are not producing many berries this year except one. Last year’s crop was intensely prolific.
Close up of leaves and branches of the tree showing unripe fruits that are orangish yellow but are reflecting light so they appear light brown. Most of the leaves are healthy but you can see a few leaf galls. This tree is an entire ecosystem. Many species produce galls on this tree but it does ok. There are many trees that are over 50ft tall and are robust. Birds, squirrels and other creatures eat the galls too. This is the host species to many butterflies and moths. Even deer forage on the leaves.
Map of Celtis occidentalis from dark green squares mean the species is present in county and native, light green means species is present and not rare, yellow means species is present but rare, and blue means the species is native, but adventive in state. 

The map shows that this tree species is native in almost every state except California, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Louisiana and Florida. It is also present in large swathes of Canada.
Rewilding Magazine
3 weeks ago

"Recovering animals encounter a world that is markedly different from the one in which they declined, especially in terms of how people think about wildlife.

"Here are several reasons I see why societal attitudes toward #wolves have changed."

#rewilding #restoration #predators #ecology #biodiversity #colorado

I Like Books
3 weeks ago

"A giant conservation NGO has purchased the largest privately-owned rhino herd on earth to rewild them in secret locations over the next 10 years.

More than 2,000 white rhinos had been bred in captivity as part of a project called Platinum Rhino, to flood the East Asian rhino horn trade with sustainably harvested horns in order to drastically lower the price, and thus disincentivize poachers.

However the breeder, John Hume of South Africa, ran out of money after the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) remained adamant that they would not grant him an exception for the sale of rhino horn—banned as it has been since 1974, and so Hume put all the animals up for auction in April.

On August 4th, Africa’s biggest wildlife NGO, African Parks, announced it had purchased the entire Platinum herd for the purpose of rewilding them across sites in southern Africa."

#GoodNews #Africa #Rhino #ReWilding

J blue
3 weeks ago


Eastern North America, zones 9-6

for easy native edible pest resistant plants whose crop is not sensitive to freak seasonal weather.

Asimina triloba
Boehmeria cylindrica
Diospyros virginiana
Physalis grisea

Please read whole thread and all the AltText.
#FoodSecurity #NativePlants #rewilding #ClimateChangeGardening #gardening

4 large Asimina triloba “pawpaw” fruits hanging in a cluster off a tree. The background is a forest landscape. 

I have the most seeds of this plant and it is the most pest resistant. It has a natural pesticide in its leaves, bark, roots, seeds and trace amounts in the skin of the fruit. It is the only plant that the zebra swallowtail caterpillars feed so if you do see a caterpillar, leave it alone bc destruction of these trees has decimated this butterfly’s population. 

The skin peels away easily like paper and you can eat it like a burrito. Or you can just cut it in half and spoon out the fruit. The seeds are very large and woody and slide away easily from the fruit.
Little yellow berries of Physalis grisea, sliced in half in a blue bowl with vibrant green sissoo leaves. There is a pale white dressing on the salad. 

When physalis berries’ husks turn papery or fall off the stem, the berries might still be a little green. They will ripen to bright yellow on the counter. Leave the husks on until ready to eat.
Boehmeria cylindrica leaves. The leaves are lanceolate with serrated edges. It is a leafy green that tastes spinach-y. This grows in shade or mostly shade. The plant is host to many beautiful butterflies but produces enough leaves to share.
Sorry for this underwhelming pic. The background is blue sky and the pic shows high-up branches of the American persimmon with hundreds of fruit still hanging on its branches. This is the tree I collect fruit from and this pic was taken in late October last year after the leaves had mostly fallen for the season. Frost does not hurt persimmon harvest. Some people say the fruit is better after a frost but our frosts are very late (December).
Rewilding Magazine
3 weeks ago

“There’s a lot of pressure and enough changes happening in the river that the Corps is going to be pushed to think more about how to be innovative,” says Renfro.

“Can we create a solution to Neptune Pass that balances the restoration needs of the area with the navigation needs? I don’t think it has to be one versus the other.”

#mississippi #restoration #rewilding #rivers

J blue
3 weeks ago

Collected around 15 pounds of pawpaws for the seed dispersal project this fall. Really hope a lot of people take seeds bc there will be loads.

If you haven’t eaten one, the texture is smooth and custardy when ripe and it tastes like banana with a bit of vanilla.

#FoodSecurity #NativePlants #rewilding #ClimateChangeGardening #gardening #fruit

Four large pawpaws hang from a tree branch in a cluster in the center of the photo. The background is trees and leaves.
J blue
3 weeks ago

Melothria pendula, creeping cucumber

It’s related to the cucamelon (M scabra) and is also a perennial. Pictured fruits are ripe. When they turn darker green they are no longer edible and when they are black, are stinky and work like ipecac.

Please let me know if you want seeds to this when I pass out native edible seeds this fall. More in AltText.

#bloomscrolling #gardening #jardin #FoodSecurity #NativePlants #rewilding #plantas #VegetableGardening @plants #permaculture

A very tiny yellow flower illuminated by sunlight. It is poking through chicken wire and sunlight is illuminating bright green leaves in the background. The flower has five wide petals. 
A finger holding up a very tiny cucumber. It is round and looks a little bit like a watermelon.  the little melon is smaller than the fingertip. Behind it is a wooden fence. 

The creeping cucumber tastes exactly like a cucumber, small and crunchy. It does not store well and needs to be eaten within hours of being picked or it starts to get squishy. I’ve tried salt-drying them, and they shrivel to nothing like a little shriveled dot. I’ve also tried pickling them, and it’s not really worth the trouble since they are very small. Honestly, they are best just eaten raw.
Four tiny cucumbers in a wooden basket next to two native physalis husks to the right and pink okra to the left and an orange madhatter pepper to the far left.  
A bunny sitting in front of a fence. Behind it is a wall of chicken wire and heavier fencing. Small, delicate vines climb up the wire and they look a little bit like ivy, but the leaves are light green, and the vine itself is not woody, rather, it is thin, soft and breaks easily. 

The vines die back in winter and come up again in the late spring. The older the vine is the earlier it will fruit. If you start from seed in the spring, the vines won’t fruit until September, but for an established vine, it might start fruiting in late July. It is hardy to zone 8, possibly 7. It doesn’t transplant well and doesn’t like to have its roots tampered with. It is possible to grow in a pot and overwintered in a garage. It is a short-lived perennial. I don’t know how long it lives but probably not many years. The tuber is flexible and thin and the vines don’t get very long even on established plants. Needs a lot of sun. It fruits prolifically but the fruits are very tiny.
Abby Crisostomo
3 weeks ago

Finally had a chance to finish reading London in the Wild (in my local park of course). Great to have all London's exciting wildlife sites compiled in one place. Will have to make my way around to the ones I've not seen yet.

#London #wildlondon #londonwildlife #londoninthewild #londonwildlifetrust #rewilding

hardcover copy of London in the Wild book held up in front of a park
BrightFlame 🌟☀️🌙
3 weeks ago

"The dissolution of society was a peaceful thing to watch in many ways. In others, violent." One of the many standout lines in The Light Pirate by Lily Brooks-Dalton.

I'm about halfway through and highly recommend this #ClimateFiction set in (so-called) Florida amidst more storms and sea rise. #Nature #rewilding

#bookstodon #EcoLit #books #reading

3 weeks ago

Das zukünftige Flussbett übt nach dem Regen schon mal und hat sich in einem Teich verwandelt.

The future bed of the river, temporarily a pond due to the recent rains.

#rewilding #nature

A sunny day with blue skies, tall trees in the background, tall flowering plants and tree saplings surround a small stretch of shallow water that reflects the sky and some trees.

Ein sonniger Tag mit blauem Himmel. Hohe Bäume im Hintergrund, ein schmaler Streifen mit niedrigem Wasser mittig im Bild umgeben von wild wachsenden Pflanzen.
Dr Nathalie Brusgaard
4 weeks ago

Today I'm talking about beavers in the past and how exploring the past can help in current #rewilding schemes. Session 267 10:00

Photo of a beaver sitting and holding its front paws together
Rewilding Magazine
1 month ago

New newsletter alert! Saving superb fairywrens, restoring the soil and gardening the forest, plus a book packed with inspiring stories of wildlife recovery.

#rewilding #restoration #australia #wildfires #wildlife #ecology #biodiversity

J blue
1 month ago

Solanum emulans, eastern black nightshade

Ripened black berries are edible but poisonous in large quantities so don’t bake a pie out of it. Unripe, very poisonous. I only grow this for biodiversity in my native plant landscape, not for personal consumption.

Small, perennial. It can grow well in shade and is foraged on by all manner of animals. Also cute flowers.

#NativePlants #rewilding #bloomscrolling #florespondence #fleuristonfil #flores #gardening

Two white star-shaped flowers with yellow anthers sticking out. They are taken with a loupe so the green and brown in the background are very out of focus.
A pic taken at further distance from the plant. The flowers look like shooting stars or like comets with the white petals as the comets tail and the yellow anthers as the comet. There are small round green berries behind the flowers and green velvety lanceolate leaves.
Rewilding Magazine
1 month ago

Increasing the diversity of native plants in a single urban green space resulted in a sevenfold increase in the number of insect species after three years, Australian researchers have found.

#biodiversity #rewilding #urbanrewilding #nature #insects #gardening

Goldfinches and dragonflies out in force today at Winnemac Park.

#Chicago #UrbanPrairie #wildflowers #rewilding

Dirt path winds among towering native plants, including milkweed and purple-flowered ironweed.
Leafy clusters of Swamp Chestnut
White and pink flowers on Obedience Plant. They look like a cross between lupine, foxglove, and tiny orchids.
Bee balm’s pink fluffy flowers
Rewilding Magazine
1 month ago

"In Melbourne, the plan to stop this loss is surprisingly simple: Boost ecological connectivity by revegetating the beautiful Royal Park, band some fairywrens for identification, and harness social media and citizen science to find out exactly where the birds live in the city – and how many there are."

#rewilding #urbanrewilding #superbfairywren #urbanbirds #australia #biodiversity

1 month ago

The *conflict* of interests of political industry lobbyists

The "Junk" food industries Vs healthier diets

The "Fossil" fuel industries Vs #CleanAir, therefore mitigating #ClimateChange

The vehicle industries Vs clean air, bicycle lanes & EV public transport Inc. International EV trains

Sheep or Cow farming Vs #rewilding & a plant & fungi-based healthier diet

The "fossil" fuel plastics industry Vs plant-based plastics

Corporate power Vs Democracy

Honesty Vs #greenwash

#Science Vs dogma

I Like Books
1 month ago

"The curious British fashion for paving over front gardens got us thinking: surely there are people out there putting the trend in reverse?

So, we put a call out to the Positive News community to see if anyone had liberated a lawn or banished some block paving. Sure enough, plenty of you had – with the before and after shots to prove it (below).

It’s all heartening stuff given the statistics. According to the Royal Horticultural Society, three times as many front gardens are paved over now compared to a decade ago. It’s a disaster for biodiversity, of course, but it also increases the risk of flooding, and because tarmac absorbs heat, it makes neighbourhoods hotter. It’s also, frankly, rather ugly.

So, kudos to the good folk who’ve reclaimed their gardens from the tyranny of tarmac. Below are some of the best examples we were sent, with a few lines from respondents. Sorry we couldn’t publish them all."

#GoodNews #Rewilding

1 month ago

Super proud of the work we're doing, very fortunate to be able to work here #Rewilding #Ecology #Ecosystems #Conservation #MossyEarth #Climate

Can we panic yet?
1 month ago

Intro Post! 👋

Lefty panicking about #climatechange and #biodiversity loss due to #capitalism 💰

Proponent of #rewilding #renewables #degrowth and #ecosocialism 🌳

Member and active supporter of the #LGBTQ community 🌈

🤜 fascists, ✂️ billionaires, 🛡️ the vulnerable, stand with workers.

Studying and lecturing at #UCC with a focus on #Medieval Ireland and Celtic mythology 📚

Rewilding Magazine
1 month ago

"Like much of the Highlands, the estate had previously been privately owned by just one man, who used the huge space to hunt and as a vacation spot.

"A few small fragments of the ancient Caledonian forest were intact on the land, and the estate was overrun with deer.

"Now it vibrates with the life of more than 4,000 species, including golden eagles and wild pigs, and hopes to welcome even more visitors yearly."

#rewilding #scotland #biodiversity #rewildtheworld

1 month ago

---- #Rewilding asks us all to recognise that we are one species among many, bound together in an intricate web of life that doesn’t recognise lines drawn on a map. Our future is tied to the atmosphere, the weather, the tides and every other living creature on the planet---

#ClimateChange #SpeciesExtinction

#ClimateAction #EcologicalRestoration #CarbonSequestration

James Jefferies
2 months ago

Read - The Shepherd’s Life by James Rebanks whilst on holiday, he’s done a great job of documenting his farming tradition. found it hard to warm to him though, maybe because of trashing the school when there as a pupil, then ending up getting a 1st from Oxford 🙃

I can’t see the scale of upland sheep farming as being sustainable, either economically or as a hindrance to the #Rewilding of upland areas we so desperately need. So will be interested in his thoughts about that in his second book

Cover of The Shepherd’s Life by James Rebanks - a cloudy fellside with a border collie dog looking watchful
2 months ago

The #science of what action has to happen to solve #ClimateChange

Quickly reducing anthropogenic Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GGE)


1. End the burning of carbon based fuels (wood, coal, gas, crude oil derivatives such as kerosene, diesel & petrol) as burning carbon emits harmful (AKA toxic) air pollution.

2. A global ecological restoration project (#rewilding ) will sequester historic, present & future GGE & massively reduce the methane emissions caused by grazing farm animals.

Leanne J
2 months ago

"Reintroducing white storks is merely the icing on the cake.

Fencing has been ripped down, large mammals introduced, drains smashed, even a river rewiggled.

Reintroduced beavers have masterminded a whole new wetland."


J blue
2 months ago

Chionanthus virginicus, American fringe tree

Mine is a female tree but birds and squirrels eat most of the berries. The berries are awful, chemical tasting. 2 cycles of cold stratification needed to germinate seeds. Flowers smell faintly like honeysuckle with a little jasmine. Dried, they smell like floral fresh hay.

#gardening #rewilding #NativePlants #bloomscrolling #florespondence #flowers #plantas @plants #jardin #trees #arbol

Striking blue sky backdrop, a prominent branch of flowering fringe tree emerges out of the bottom right to bloom toward center and top of the pic. There are other sprays of flowers poking from the bottom and right side. Looks a bit like Van Gogh painting if it were photographic. 

The flowers are profuse with white tendrils. They look like soft pom-poms with a few green leaves poking through the fluff.
J blue
2 months ago

@plants this is a video of the seed pod exploding. You’re welcome ☺️

#nativeplants #rewilding #gardening #plants #plantas #jardin #boom

A small green seed pod of jewelweed exploding when it is touched. It is on a gravel road and is being poked by a finger.
J blue
2 months ago

My favorite wildflower is flowering now. 🥰

Impatiens capensis, jewelweed aka “touch me not” (the seed pods explode if you touch them)

#rewilding #NativePlants #bloomscrolling #gardening #jardin #plants @plants #plantas #florespondence #flowers

A close up pic of a jewelweed flower. It looks like a floating goldfish with a big gaping mouth and long, downward pointing tail instead of hind fins. 

It is illuminated by sunlight so it reappears to glow bright orange and it has dark orange spots covering its bottom “lip.” (The flowers actually hang upside-down.)

The flower is hanging by a long thin stalk from the top.